I recently signed up for my first NRA gun training class. I will soon be taking the NRA Basic Steps Pistol class. People who have known me for a while would probably be surprised by that. I didn’t grow up around guns and I have not touched a gun in years.

My only experience with guns was back in college. I took a rifle class for P.E. credit. I used to lift weights on my own and I didn’t want to waste P.E. credits on some athletics class, so I figured I would try something different. The rifles in that class were long barrel .22’s meant for target competition. Somehow those rifles didn’t feel like real guns because a .22 is such a small bullet that when fired from a long gun like that, there was no noise at all. It was just a light pull of the trigger and then “click”. I never thought a gun would go “click”. Guns were supposed to go “BOOM!”.

Now that I am in a serious relationship and getting past my college years, it’s looking like I could be a husband and father within 5 years. That realization has caused some powerful “Defend My Family” DNA programing to kick in. I am obsessed with the need to defend my future family from harm. If a bad guy broke into my home and hurt my future wife or children, I would feel like a complete failure as a man.

I know what every anti-gun person is thinking right now. “But guns are dangerous!”…”You could have an accident and shoot yourself!”…”The criminal could steal the gun and use it against you!” Whatever. I could get into a car accident too, but we don’t think of cars as dangerous nor ever suggest a family shouldn’t own one because 40,000 people a year die in car accidents.

The gun control advocates crack me up. Oh sure, let’s ban guns in a nation full of guns. That logic worked pretty well during Prohibition and the War On Drugs, didn’t it? Ban guns and all those guns just disappear like all that marijuana did. And, of course, a gun ban makes all those criminals suddenly stop breaking the law and agree to commit crimes with without them. Great thinking, man.

I suspect this post will piss everyone off because so many people think guns are pure evil. To some, saying one is pro-gun is like saying one is pro-child abuse. I don’t care. I do not intend to throw myself at the mercy of a criminal who invades my home and intends to hurt my family. If I take on the responsibility starting a family, I also accept the responsibility of protecting my family through every legal means at my disposal.

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