Hello Iceland!

Let the new adventure begin!


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  • Snoeperd

    Read up on icelandic poetry, I heard it’s big over there, you might make a favourable first impression despite being american :)>

  • Jay Gatsby

    How cold is it?

  • Matt

    Glad to hear you made it. Any delays?

  • That1Guy

    hey roosh!

    Colin over at http://exilelifestyle.com/ is also heading to iceland soon. You should check out his blog and even meet up with him if u can.

  • Roosh

    It’s not that much colder than D.C., but it’s windier and darker. Sun came up at 10:30am and went down five hours later.

  • Nick

    Jay gatsby:

    Iceland is actually sub tropical and the winter high are 10C

    A lot warmer where I am right now. The 10cm of snow is pissing me off.

  • Carl Sagan

    good luck man

  • Anonymous

    Yea if you get bored read some Icelandic Sagas. They are actually quite entertaining and always contain some manipulative woman leading some man off to destruction.

  • Chad

    Where can i buy the new bang book

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    There should be a pool to see time till first notch

    I’m in for 2 weeks

  • Chad

    i say he gets his first notch there in one week

  • Marmot

    I wish you good luck and a great time on your trip! :)

  • Morpho

    I say he gets his first notch this weekend from a pick-up at Kaffibarinn.

    Have fun Roosh! :-)

  • turks suck

    his first notch in one week,,yes….with a fat american girl.

  • Bernie

    Say hi to Bjork if you see her.

  • samseau

    When I was at Iceland, the sun never went down. It was daylight 24 hours a day. Strange but true. Right now you are in the dark season.

    The capital city is so small you can walk across the city in less than two-hours. Have fun at the public baths, you get to see some nudies there

  • Timothy

    A good friend of mine worked at Travelocity a few years ago, and he actually talked up the Iceland packages. It’s definitely one of those interesting out of the norm type destinations worth seeing, even if it’s just to experience the odd day/night cycles.

  • Chad

    How much does a trip to Iceland cost?

  • Anonymous

    Icelandair flies roundtrip from DC/Seattle/whatever for as low as 400 euros roundtrip…

  • Hamster

    The odd day/night cycles are common all over the world, not only in Alaska. Go to Tierra del Fuego in South America, Alaska, Siberia, Finland… anywhere far south or far north. Iceland isn’t as far north as Norway, Sweden or Finland, or Alaska. Awful destinations, though. So boring.

  • Pepini

    2 days for da flag.

  • tjuan

    Can’t wait to hear about your iceland trip.. I’m planning to go this year, please post/write a trip report!!

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


  • Steve Lurkel

    Have fun, Roosh!

  • John

    Did TSA squeeze your balls? Or did you walk thru the radiation scanner?

    USA… “land of the free” *LOL*

    Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to your reports.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only heard bad things about Icelandic girls. The scenery is supposedly beautiful, but the girls might as well be American from what I hear. That’s pm;y coming from one source though. I can’t wait to hear your take on it.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the point?

  • Jabb

    Include photos in your posts or even videos of your travels.

    If you are doing travel updates, this is a must.

  • Jabb

    Another thing: It is strange that Roosh chose to visit Iceland.

    It is a fairly expensive country to visit, COL wise.

    Hardly a smart choice for a budget traveller.

  • DrG

    Bro, I don’t think you’ll have much success in Iceland. Lack of sunlight, very cold winter (outside Reykjavik), your dark looks, and finally complete lack of local language experience is gonna doom you.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    DrG,as long as you are “the man” you dont have to worry about the culture specifics.

    Girls everywhere crave foreigner alpha men, and gather on the places where they can find them. I bet Roosh will be able to turn the “obstacles” you mention on his favor.

  • Anonymous

    whats the pot up to ? i’m throwin’ in $10, less than 2 weeks

  • http://naughtynomad.wordpress.com Naughty Nomad

    Awesome, have fun mate.

  • http://sjones84.blogspot.com/ Solo

    Take pics and vids or it didn’t happen


  • http://www.flaggingheadquarters.com Atlas Al

    @DrG: you couldn’t be more wrong. Scandos love guys with dark features. The opposite is true as well (as Roosh has pointed out in some of his previous posts), that Latin women (usually with dark features) like guys with light features, ie blond with blue eyes. Roosh will pull in Iceland, and sooner than later.

    @Roosh: Looking forward to some insight about the Icelanders. They’re not quite the same as Scandinavians, but they’re similar. Have fun.

  • Sarah

    Everything here is so wrong and simplistic. One truly wonders if this man ever had an education, and if he’s ever been out of America at all.