I haven’t taken a blog break since July 6 of last year. It’s time for another one. I got a lot of good stuff coming, including a new book. In the meantime I’ll be around Twitter, the forum, and ROK. You can also check out the archives for older posts you’ve missed.

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  • michelin

    enjoy your break, Roosh. Keep us posted when the Ukraine show is online.

  • http://30daystox.com XDAYS

    Flip-flop sales are going to double now that you’re taking a break.

  • http://pussyhoundonthedole.blogspot.com PussyHoundontheDole

    Maybe I should take a break from being a welfare king as well. Hahahahahahaha! God! I crack myself up some times.

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    nice. it’s always good to unplug.

    enjoy the time off brudduh. you heading down to lauderdale anytime soon?

  • Anonymous

    how long of a break?

  • http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com 3rd Millenium Men

    I’m feeling a bit the same. Enjoy recharging.

  • NDC

    Please make more youtube videos.

  • Quoc

    RIP, RoK.

  • anon1

    Obviously Rok is going to be taking up much more time. It’s a bit sad for roosh.com though (really enjoyed the well thought out long form articles and full book review posts).

    i’d rather have it burn out in a blaze of glory than fade away, each hiatus getting longer, till you decide its gone dc batchelor and needs to go :/

  • Ciao!

    Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    Game over, game boy. GAme over :(

  • gunslingergregi

    Beta males want to be players and players want to be… bigger players. #

    never ends does it

  • IamscaredoflifesoIliveontheinternet

    Isn’t that a type of hernia?

    Best of luck with the surgery Roosh ole buddy. I knew someone who had a hernia. Every time he coughed it looked like Kuato was coming out to play

  • http://squidlaw CaptainCaveman

    Run for office.

  • brdude

    I suggest concentrate all efforts in RoK and make it the greatest online “bible” for man.

  • someone

    could you guys rate this girl 1-10 scale?


  • Bill

    to 16 someone: You´re only giving us a face shot. So not much to go by in the pic. Facially i´d rate her a 6.

  • madmax

    I am curious about the book, I find all your books interesting

  • madmax

    16 someone

    to me she’s an 8.5, pretty latino-ish face. Great thin hair. In person she’d probably look better as the pics don’t seem exactly pro.
    Dressed all sexy she’d easily be a 9.5 in my opinion. I think she’s pretty.

    Of course, it’s the halo effect. Personality-wise she might be a silly bitch, or a stupid person, who knows, so the rating would drop to 2.

    Conversely, she could be a friendly, happy girl, and the rating would go up to 16.

  • Anonymous

    “Here’s the scoop on this fool —
    He grew up in Montgomery Co. Went to school at UMD. Never had too many friends in high school. Didn’t get a lot of girls. Awkward. Spent years reading and running “Seduction” bulletin boards. Determined to become an Alpha Male. Plays the usual “pick up artist” game and tries to reduce the behaviour of women down to their uncontrollable genetic desires. Boring, Sydney. Boring. Spends a lot of time working on his game. Reading stupid seduction techniques on the internet and making up his own equally idiotic techniques. Thinks that he is being clever, unique,or iconoclastic. He’s really just a chump that lives in his dad’s basement and has sex with drunk girls. Intersperses his bullshit alpha male stupidity and lame pick up advice with moronic and childish musings on life and the rat race. His bullshit musings on life remind me of the scene in Revenge of the Nerds II, when Ogre gets stranded on the Island with the Nerds and they get stoned. The nerds are all waxing poetic about the cosmos and Ogre says “what if C-A-T really spelled Dog?” If Ogre had a blog it would be similar to RooshV’s. Although Ogre is kind of likable in the end. Not so sure about Mr. V.”


  • Anonymous