Horniness Solves Small Game Problems

When you’re just starting out with game, any failure you experience can usually be attributed to a lack of skill, but once you get to a competent level, failure below your typical result can be due to reasons outside of raw ability. You could be failing simply because you’re not horny enough.

When I’m not horny, I exhibit behaviors and have thoughts that hurt attempts at meeting women:

  • I’m unable to brush off stupid things girls say
  • I’m unable to patiently put in the required amount of time before inviting a girl back to my apartment
  • I’m quicker to walk away from an interaction that is not going the exact way I want
  • I approach a girl because I feel that I have to, not because I want to
  • I take rejections more personal, hurting my mood
  • My efforts are meant more to achieve a non biological goal (the bang) instead of relieving seminal pressure in my testicles

When I’m really horny, all these issues magically disappear:

  • I tease a girl when she says something stupid
  • I’m ready to go all night long to successfully get the bang
  • I blow through any low phase of the conversation to get it back on the right track
  • I approach a girl because I want to definitely fuck her
  • I forget about rejection quickly
  • Everything I do is aligned with the needs of my penis to have sex

While having game skill is important, it’s barely effective unless you have the sex desire to go along with it. If a man has high horniness but zero game, there is a chance he will still get laid as long as he follows the directives ordered by his cock, but if a man has low horniness but perfect game, the chance of him getting laid is no higher. His perfect game simply won’t be released because it doesn’t match with what his body truly wants.

I figured out how to know when I’m horny enough to approach women: when I can’t come up with a reason not to approach them. If it’s Saturday night and I’m not sure if I want to go to the club or not, I’m not horny enough. If it’s Monday afternoon and I wonder if it’s too cold to approach women on the street, I’m not horny enough. If there is any hesitation for me to apply a game I already know, it is best I do something else until the horniness asserts itself.

Recently I experienced a stretch of three weeks where I had continual hesitation and doubt on whether I should go out hunting. Instead of force myself to go out, I did other things, skipping out on all forms of game. I was anxious to deliberately put myself in a cold streak, but I felt no need or desire to interact with women. Then one day I woke up and had an urgent thought: “I got to get laid!” My ensuing horniness made it hard to concentrate on work. I started approaching and building prospects immediately, having sex six days later. Because I was so horny, it didn’t even feel like work, and it was even fun to be back in the game after a break.

I get a lot of emails from guys who describe their game problems, and it’s not much different from mine when I’m not horny. The fact that they care about trifling issues suggest to me that getting laid is not a high enough priority for them to steamroll the anxiety, difficulty, and time commitment they see as barriers. Increasing their game should be just as much about maximizing their horniness through proper diet, exercise, and masturbatory self-control than it is learning what line to open a girl, because when you’re horny, the right lines often come out on their own. After all, you are the product of a line of ancestral men who failed not even once in getting laid.

The skill is already in you, somewhere, and there’s nothing like the unquenchable need to have sex that will bring it out, because only when an animal fears starvation will he do what it takes for a successful hunt.

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