How Baking Soda Changed My Life

Since my mid 20s I’ve struggled with armpit odor. I’ve tried several solutions:

  • Trimming my armpit hair. I’ve read that the odor comes from bacteria on the hair, but taking it off only marginally helped.
  • Aluminum based deodorants. I sweat so profusely that the aluminum barely puts a dent on the river-like flow.
  • Deodorant stones. Two applications a day definitely helped, but the odor stubbornly remained.
  • Direct application of 70-90% isopropyl alcohol. I got this idea from working in a laboratory where we used alcohol as a sterilizer. If I washed my armpits twice a day and sprayed afterwards, the smell was greatly reduced, but it was too labor intensive.

I normally shower at night so thankfully I don’t put out an odor during my night-time approach sessions, but by the following afternoon I reek. Sometimes I’m lucky to have 6-8 solid hours of smelling okay until the odor returns.

One day I was searching through natural remedies for a sinus infection on a site called Earth Clinic. I browsed around the ailments page and noticed body odor. Their top solution was baking soda. I figured it’d be worth a try.

I went to the grocery store (I was in Copenhagen at the time), and paid $1.50 for a small container. That night I showered, dipped two wet fingers in the baking soda, and rubbed it into my pits. I figured that it would take a few days to see a noticeable effect, like was the case with the deodorant stone.

The next afternoon I stuck my nose under each arm and couldn’t pick out a smell. Later that night, a full 24 hours after initial application (at a time when I would be a biohazard), there was absolutely no smell. For the two months I’ve been putting baking soda in my pits I’ve forgotten how it’s like to have odor. I repeat, I am no longer odorous.

For a minute I wondered if my armpit odor was a key to my sexual success. Was my odor releasing arousing pheromones in the environment? Would I get laid less if I smelled nice? This has not turned out to be the case. I’m ready to conclude that body odor is not an attractant, and if it’s something that chips at your confidence like it did to mine, you’d be best served getting rid of it.

For many years I stuck with commercial chemicals that didn’t work and merely masked the odor, so I’m amazed that such a common household product has the potential to wipe out the world’s body odor problem (other guys on my forum also can’t believe it works). I’m so excited at this development that I’ve become a baking soda evangelist. I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen how to be odor-free and proud.

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  • Craig
  • Tampa


  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Antiperspirants with aluminum work for me odorwise but I hate the caked on residue that accumulates as a result, so I’m going to gladly give this a try. Thanks. The amount of things baking soda, regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar are good for is mindboggling.

  • Anonymous

    Baking Soda makes a underarm deoderant from arm and hammer…

  • Aaron

    It also works great as an exfoliant if you mix it with whatever you wash your face with. I know this sounds faggy, but it’s good for blackheads and smooths your skin right out.

  • Ugslayer

    Curious. Did you ever try completely shaving the hair off?

  • Dirt Man

    Interesting. I use this deodorant ( and spray a small amount of cologne into each armpit, as well as my chest and neck. Seems to work well enough for me.

    So you just wet your fingers, put in the baking soda and then spread that into your armpit? Seems easy enough. Messy? Does it get onto your clothing at all?

  • Capital of Peru

    The natural solution is always the way to go

  • The Rookie

    what about wetness? my deoderant has an anti-perspirant, which I definitely need. does baking soda help with that, too?

  • PUAVault

    Talcum Powder?

  • Odor Cause

    You were on the right track with the alcohol application. The odor is caused by bacteria that live on your armpits feasting on the sweat you pores realease. So you basically have 2 options.

    1) Kill the bacteria (probably impossible to do)
    2) Limit the sweat.

    You might want to look into under arm botox. I sweat so bad that even using Dr prescribed 20% aluminum-hexahydrate solution did nothing.

    The armpit botox costs about $600-1000 dollars and lasts for 9-10 months. It’s totally worth it as it completely stops your armpits from sweating.

  • Odor Cause

    I guess my comments are blocked. Look into armpit botox it will change your life. Nothing ever worked but this fixed it.

  • romeo maldino

    “The natural solution is always the way to go”

    yeah. with food too. processed food is a killer.

    gonna try baking soda instead of tom’s.

  • Rebel

    Bacon Doda is amazing for whitening your teeth. Mix about a spoonful of bacon soda and enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Brush away and after a couple of weeks, you will notice a difference.
    Cheap and effective.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Rebel, you’re so right. I paid for a professional laser tooth whitening job and I swear I got much better results from just a month of homemade cheap baking soda and peroxide paste.

  • VI

    Earthclinic is an awesome site. Glad Roosh linked to it.

  • Roosh

    Rookie: No it doesn’t stop perspiration.

  • Rick James

    Your stanky armpits are also created by a poor diet.

  • Riker

    Guys! This shit is magical! You can brush your teeth, clean your hair, drink with water to cure a hangover, and clean your sinks and bathroom with it!

    Best item ever!

  • Shark

    Do you think it would work on Vaginas? One of my exes had toxic fumes spewing out of her vagina, I often felt bad boffing her because of the displeasure it must’ve caused my dick.

  • (R)Evolutionary


    Have you noticed that when you bang you get particularly floral armpit scent? Seems to be a trend, and I’ve noticed that chicks generally tend to like it, and when they like it, they really like it, as in they sniff their sheets & pillows after I’m gone and tell me they can’t get enough of my smell, but when they don’t, they’re really not jazzed by it at all.

    This alone tells me that there’s something to the body smell that is pheromonal. So I tend not to want to erase it completely, nor even to mask it, but enhance it. So I took an aromatherapy class where you learn to blend up essential oils in complementary ways. So I play around with essential oils, and wear them in my pits, on my wrists, chest, and neck. Not a lot, just a bit, you don’t want to smell like a french whore. I tend to use more woodsy oils, like cedar & sandalwood, and mix in just a touch of a masculine floral scent like ginseng or vetiver, not something feminine like rose or jasmine.

    I get a lot of of compliments. Just the other day, and older chick came up to me in a coffee shop & asked what I was wearing. It was a particularly expensive blend from India, at $40 for just a few drams, but I’ve got so many compliments on it that I’m going to double down on this next order.

    I think I will try the baking soda thing for when I work out. There are times when, especially if I’ve had caffeine (Coffee is the worst!), I’ll tend to smell very strong. That’s when I get a bit nervous about it, because it overpowers even the oils, which are strong themselves.

  • speakeasy

    You may have to experiment with mixing the baking soda in different concentrations. For me, using it full strength causes my armpits to dry out, crack, flake and become raw, even though it works as promised on odor. I’m going to try mixing it with corn starch. Baking Soda by itself can have somewhat of an exfoliate effect on the skin.

  • clot

    baking soda & vinegar for volcano armpits bro

  • Falcon

    The aluminium in deodorants is rumored to cause alzheimers in the long run.

    Plus, the alu leaves ugly yellow stains on your clothes which can’t be removed.

  • Jake

    Also great to wash your hair, do laundry, brush your teeth, clean just about anything. I replaced almost all chemical stuff with just baking soda.

  • Fubsy

    I’ve read that a side effect of underarm electrolysis is a (permanent?) reduction or elimination of u/a sweating…if that’s not your cup of tea, search for a device called “drionic”, I’ve used it on for my hands for decades. They also make a device for the underarms.

  • Simple is best

    I have Two plastic squeeze bottles in my shower. One has a few table spoons of baking soda, the other has a few ounces of vinegar. Add water to fill the bottles and use the soda instead of soap for hair and body, and the vinegar instead of cream rinse for your hair.

    Your skin will be super smooth, chicks will notice and comment, and your hair will be super soft.

    Stumbled across this combo a few years back and stuck with it ever since. I think the scents of shampoos and soaps interfere with your natural pheromones. This not only works better but leaves your own attractive manly aroma intact…

  • Johnny Milfquest

    Shaving your pits is another way to go. I’m serious. It works.

  • vomit sex

    Roosh –

    I agree baking soda is great. You can also make a strong solution with water and rinse your mouth with it. Then you have to rinse your mouth again with water to purge the strong taste, but this method is better then using an alcohol based mouthwash which will kill bacteria in your mouth that you need.

    Other uses: cleaning your battery plugs and leads on your car. No I’m serious.

  • Viralata


    You should try going for an entire month without saying or posting anything negative about your own country. Think of it as a mental exercise. It will be tough at first, like squats, but you can do it. Keep it up and eventually you just won’t care.


  • diesel

    riker. you are misinformed. baking soda absolutely will not cure a hangover.
    baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, hangover are caused by the lose of fluids associated with drinking alcohol. sodium also robs your body of fluids, so if anything. baking soda will make your hangover much worse. the only cure for a hangover is water.

  • Robot Oeuf

    I was just reading your blog that you linked to on your twitter when you were 22. You were so sweet back then.. surprising how much your views change in the space of a few years though, “I’ll be 22 in a few hours (still sorta young), but I can easily be attracted to woman up to 40 or so. The older a woman is, for some reason the more I count her body. I guess there is something nice about the older, more experienced woman.”

  • Roosh

    Robot: I think it’s common for young guys to be more impressed by “experienced” older woman. Now I’m reluctant to date over 25.

    “this method is better then using an alcohol based mouthwash which will kill bacteria in your mouth that you need.”

    Baking soda can tell good bacteria from the bad?

  • Anonymous

    Skin grafts.

    An unexpected benefit of having skin grafts on yer pits is that you never have BO again. Read up on what causes BO and you’ll see why. Just be sure to get lots and lots and lots of pain meds because skin grafts, as you might expect, hurt. Bad. But you’ll save a fortune on antiperspirant and never stink again.

  • cortez


    offtopic request:


    Thank you.

  • Arcey

    In addition to exfoliant for oily skin it also works w/ laundry. Throw approx. 1 tbslp in with your laundry occasionally or if your clothes have odor. In addition to making clothing smell better it helps remove stains and soften the water so you can use less detergent. Don’t use it w/ every wash because it will increase wear on dyed cotton.

  • Anonymous

    I say Read a book called”how to Date young women: for men over 35″ by R.Don Steele.

    he breaks down how women behave in age brackets.18-23,23-26 according to how society looks at them and expects of them at those ages etc..not so much his opinions.
    its not just for guys over 35.its pretty informative for any guy.
    in the same book he mentions how women after around 27 or so start to become”ball breaker”cunts .Roosh is right about chasing the under 25 years old women.they are less cuntier and generally more pleasant to be around than older women with baggage,wrinkles+a loose pussy with a laundry list of what they want in an “IDEAL MAN”.like that “Man”even exists.
    Im gona try the baking soda thing.Thanks

  • Anonymous

    fukck I just bangesadnd an g ugly

  • Anonymous

    not okr…fuck

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  • quepaso

    I use it to clean bathtubs and bathrooms…it’s ultra efficient (baking soda)

  • Anonymous

    Had the same problem … Certain Dri solved it for me … I swear by it now.

  • diesel

    i tried this last night, thanks to roosh, and am proud to report it works perfectly and exceeded my expectations. i tried it thinking it would reduce smells, but wouldnt completly eliminate odor, and i can definitely say that there was zero odor. it should also be noted that i spent the entire night on a sweaty dancefloor. very impressive. keep up the good work roosh.

  • Guavaberry

    You silly Americans, we swear by this in latin america.

  • Anonymous44

    Went dancing tonight here in Canada. It worked as advertised. Thanks Roosh!

    Am also using it for jock itch. Itchiness is gone, but testicles are bright red and groin area are bright right. Will try it for another couple days before doing the cortisone treatment. Hope it works!

  • lazy guy

    To each his own, enjoy your choices, ‘live & let live’, etc… However …

    Stinky perspiration results from an unhealthy diet — junk food, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, salt, maybe coffee too.
    When your diet does not include any of those toxins, your perspiration can be just about odorless.
    You may even be told that your skin tastes sorta sweet.

    Having a very healthy natural diet has so many rewards, when you experience the difference, the toxic options may lose a lot of their allure (when you view them in terms of the penalties they impose on your).

    Best wishes to everybody making his own choices for himself.
    It’s great to see people exchanging helpful info.

    [I have not read all the comments yet because I’m in a hurry now]

  • Bigfoot

    Thanks Roosh, I wasn’t sure you were being serious the first time I read about it but I see it works.
    I’m gonna try it out since I do get body odour after 8 hours not showering.

  • Timothy

    One thing I did learn about deodorant/anti-perspirant – it collects in your pores and remains for days, even after you stop using it. It doesn’t wash off when you shower at the end of the day. When I was off from work for a week or so, I didn’t put any on (I use Right Guard Clear Gel). After a few days, I starting getting odor from my underarms, and even after showering the faint odor was still there. It had been ages since I smelled any underarm odor, and I realized that after ceasing use for a few days, that’s what I REALLY smell like! I used powder, just to see if that would stop it, but it only worked for a little while. I’ll do an experiment with the baking soda and see what the results are. I know it’s used as an odor controller (people put an open box in the refrigerator to try to control food odors), so it stands to reason that it might work for certain body odors too.

  • romeo maldino


  • romeo maldino

    i thought it would work somewhat

    but it works AMAZING

    just testing it for the second day


    thanks roosh

    a personal thank you on this one

  • Thomas

    Damn Roosh bad breath and smelly armpist you were all kinds of fucked up.

  • ve

    I tried this over the weekend and it burned the f out of my pits after a few hours. I now have giant red rashes under each arm that sting like crazy. All I did was shower, dip two wet fingers into baking soda box and smear the past under my arms. No smell, but its burning. Maybe I used too much? Anyone else have this problem?

  • Eddie A

    You mention looking for a fix for a sinus infection. Did you find anything from that site that works?

  • hydrogonian


    Im late to this article, as I haven’t been around much to check out the site. But I wanted to pass on a recommendation that far, far surpasses Baking soda. As a man that has strong ‘pheromones’ under his right arm, specifically, so much so that it was cutting through everything including baking soda (tried it on the recommendations in the forum), I went on a hunt for a solution and I found it.

    Get this: Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream

    It 100% eliminates all odor through a mechanism that, from what I can tell, repopulates your odor causing underarm microflora with microflora that prevents odor (or perhaps the prevention is just due to the killing off of the odor causing microflora).

    The best part:

    Because it works at the very root of what causes odor, you can use an amount the size of a half-pea and not have to reapply it for days. I’m averaging four days or more, with no smell, without reapplication of the deodorant. This is how it is meant to work. Additionally, when some smell does begin to return, its much, much milder than before. It looks and smells more natural than any other type o deodorant as well.

    When you get to a place where you can order and wait for delivery, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

  • [email protected]

    Do a candida cleanse. UPI won’t have body odor anymore

    Type McCombs plan on the Internet, it takes a while but it really really helps. Also improves overall health tremondously

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  • anonymos

    I am a woman. I have tried different essential oils. But I have found that I attract more men AND women with just baking soda under the arms. Has anyone every heard of this, being able to attract both men and women with I believe pheromones. No, I’m not lesbian or BI sexual. I am just able to attract both sexes. It was strange to me at first.

  • Anonymous

    I applied baking soda liberally for crotch rot and woke up with nasty burns down there.

    [Roosh: Genital area is very sensitive. Try a 50/50 mix of baking soda to cornstarch.]

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  • http://[email protected] tammy

    I’ve used this….after many years seeing my mum use it to remove stain off her teeth due to smoking…and believe me it works….I’ve now started using it in my home, my son and hubby have stinky feet lol..we simply sprinkle some dry powder into the takkies and it eliminates odors as well..we use it as a germ killer when brushing our teeth as well…I think its an amazing product and its so affordable as well….

  • RR

    Aluminum Silicate causes long term health effects.

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  • Anonymous

    I have had the same experience. The same day as first use of baking soda there was absolutely no smell. And it lasted for many days after the first application. It’s incredible and easy and cheap!

  • Anonymous

    Coconut oil kills bacteria when applied to arm pits. It keeps me dry for a couple of days.

  • Anonymous

    .. Hi, I tried the baking soda scrub with lemon juice on my vagina to try and lighten the color like this site told me to do :( … It’s been like two hours since I did it and when I pee it burns like hell. It even burns when I sit down. I tried to put Neosporin on it, but it still burns… How can I get rid of the burning? I was fine before I did the scrub.

  • Anonymous101

    Can I try using baking powder instead? Would it have the same reaction? If not why? Thanks anyway! :)

  • Ruthless

    Please shower in the am, you spend an entire night sweating when you sleep. Wash off the night grime. If you want to stop excess sweating use drysol, it’s hard on your skin though. Or Botox. But your body will sweat more elsewhere to make up

  • Suttonkat

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  • Anonymous

    you guys are totally hilarious and not in an amusing i-want-to-bang you way. creeps of the world unite; no wonder you need essays on how to deal with flaky girls and how to “love tour” foreign countries ’cause you certainly aren’t going to land any other kind of woman for longer than one night of (her) desperation. hahahahaha!!!!

  • valmont

    Baking soda is very effective in putting out fires and grease flames

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  • A Finn – just wondering

    I was thinking about trying the baking soda, but does it stop the “river flowing”? I use a regular 48-hour anti perspirant from a brand called Nivea. It neutralizes the odor but only decreases the amount of sweat coming out slightly. I have used many products from various brands and some don’t even neutralize the odor as well as Nivea’s products do.

    Back to my initial question, does the baking soda stop the river flowing?

  • Grace

    I am going to try this tonight. I just showered and used baking soda for exfoliating dead cells on my body and i scrubbed in gentle circular motion and iit works and my skin is super smooth. The girl probably burnt down her private area because she scrubbed so hard. I tried it there washing with water and it didnt burn at all. Now i also used baking soda for brushin my teeth and also spread the baking soda paste on my underarm.. Normally i would stink when i wake up,but i will see the result tomorrow morning.. Thank you for sharing this :)

  • Anonymous

    I also had a problem with stinking armpits i then used sodium bicarbonate for 2 weeks. After i stopped using it they then started stinking again this time they were uncontrollable they were even worse when i came across car gas (nitrogen dioxide )… please help

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  • singalongbanana

    Ahahaha! I heard this guy Daryush Valizadeh is short and stinks. No wonder he hates women so much heh?

  • singalongbanana

    Rather false I would say. Under 25 is usually the raging feminist age among the women who are under education.

  • singalongbanana

    he probably got dumped, and now he hates anything with a brain.

  • BBR

    cant tell if troll, or just very stupid

  • Mike

    I thought changing my diet helped me with body odor issues. I removed all dairy products, meat and meat products, added in more green vegetables and chlorophyll supplements. This has helped me a lot because it flushed out all the toxic things, I felt a lot healthier and also smelled and looked better.

  • nony_nonymous

    Hello there, I really need help. Every morning, I DO put some baking soda under my pits but my classmates are still trying to avoid me! And so are my family! It’s that bad, guys. Like, they keep on gossiping about me, and I’m also scared and trauma (kinda) to lift up my arms whenever my teacher asks questions. And sometimes my friends also act ignorant to me. It hurts! When the first day I tried putting baking soda, I was all like happy cause I didn’t smell anything bad, and I still put it till now ( i sniffed my clothes and it didn’t smell anymore ) but why do people surrounding me act like as if i stink alot, when I can’t smell anything from my shirt? Feel free to reply to me, thanks !

  • YosarriansRight

    I trim the pits and use baking soda; works perfectly.

  • nonymos

    Guys please help, I used this method and the first day I did it and smelled my clothes I really didn’t smell but after few weeks people say I stink. How, and whyyy? Please suggest what I should do next. No bad comments please.

  • tony starks

    smelly arabs #stereotypes XD lol

  • OG

    Baking soda is indeed a miracle. Great for many things, from stomach acid, to teeth brushing, to dandruff. BUT, I have to say mixing it with water it irritated my underarms. that may have been the way I mixed it. Next time I’ll try it the way you did. But in the meantime there’s Arm and hammer Baking soda deodorant (which i got at $1/per stick) and also mitchum unscented (try to catch it on sale).

  • i am cunt. hear me roar

    its just proof in the pudding… women read these blogs with their dumbfuck airheaded nature which is so remarkably well documented on this site. They are oblivious to the most simple and obvious fact that having a man stick a cock in them is like finding (salt) water in the middle of an ocean whereas for men (even for the prez of the USA) plugging a woman’s hole is like finding a bottle of urine when abandoned in the middle of gobi desert.

    Ok, the analogy is cliche, but i like it. I would like to see more satirical writing which make the points clear please, maybe short stories. Now I gotta get back to chokin me chicken cos my armpits smell like hell

  • BBR

    Whoa man, theres definitely a way to sleep with people regularly like it’s not a big deal. It’s all in the mindset, your body expresses what your thinking about. There’s definitely an epidemic of unfucked pussy just as there’s an epidemic of shitty beta’s that can’t get fucked, they’re those girls that can’t get guys to approach them, no femgame. The better your mindset the better the mindset of the girls you’ll actually connect with, the girls you connect with are just a mirror of yourself.

    Considering your apparent mindset I can see why you believe it’s hard for men to get laid. Wait, aren’t you a troll? Man I shouldn’t get baked then check my email………

  • selfabuse

    A smatter of Lemon or Lime juice will do it as well. Anti bacterial. Learned it on youtube. Don’t use anti-perspirents, it is unnatural and blocks pores as well as applying chemicals to your limp nodes glandes seems carcinogenic.

  • Luwiza

    Hi try Milk of Magnesia. After washing in the morning, shake the bottle of MOM and apply a small amount under each armpit. You can apply it twice under the same armpit, just to make sure every part of your underarm is covered. I also washed my armpits at night with diluted white vinegar and in the morning MOM. It works :)

  • Luwiza

    Hi try Milk of Magnesia. After washing in the morning, shake the bottle of MOM and apply a small amount under each armpit. You can apply it twice under the same armpit, just to make sure every part of your underarm is covered. I also washed my armpits at night with diluted white vinegar and in the morning MOM. It works :). Also try some essential oils. They are natural with no added ingredients which irritates your skin even more

  • Horus El Bey

    Great info

  • Will


  • stinkyroosh

    But you still REEK of fear of intimacy.

  • bree

    I work out 5 days a week and eat very healthy amd I had an underarm odor problem so your theory is Invalid.

  • Jocelyn

    water and sugar my friend

  • n2whyteguyz

    Really? You brag about how cool and sexy not washing your hair for a couple of week made you but you’re too shy to stink up the joint with your actual bodily scent?

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  • happiestwomanalive

    been a week now that am using virgin coconut oil and over the top of it is baking soda…its great! no odor now. i can raise my hands freely now and no smell at all. my miracle. thank God i finally found the cheapest cure to my smelly-before-armpits.

  • Duncan

    I had the same problem and found the same posive result.. Wow world reallinis a simplier place , we just get caught up in all the roar business to solve our problems… Another tip gargle hydrogen peroxide for bad breath

  • Duncan

    The arm and hmmer deordant sadly didnt come close to solving this, , need 100 percent baking soda not Powder… There s an interesting story about Armin Hammer the guy in the 1920s who made arm and hammer a commercal product … Googke it sometime

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  • Der Mac

    Belief in commercial products is one of the additives in the blue pill. The Peru man talks straight in the comments when he wrote that the more natural a product is, the better.

  • junkfood

    did you try changing your diet?

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  • Jose

    Diet is a huge factor in your body odor, and disease as well. Western diets tend to make people smell bad because they are high in dairy products, red and processed meats, and low in vegetables and fruits. I went to Japan during the summer and I noticed that people there used little or no deodorant yet did not stink even in the summer heat, and it was crowded over there. The Japanese eat a diet very different from those of us in the West, mostly fish, rice, and vegetables, but also fruit (even though it is very expensive). Although Japanese people are eating more Western foods its still nothing like what it is in America or in Europe.
    I noticed that I cut out things like cheese, butter, red meat, and spicy foods, and added in vegetables, fruit, and lean protein, I smelled a lot less.
    I also would agree that baking soda is very useful for personal hygiene, its great for your teeth and gums.

    Even that being said, some people have said that people of different races tend to smell different, I know black people that say they notice a particular odor on whites, many Japanese say whites smell like milk or cheese. Some Westerners say Asians also have a smell too but is faint.

  • Robert Collins

    How come when I have body odor I seem to get laid more than when I don’t have body odor and these women are sucking and licking on me when I don’t feel clean but when I am clean they are not interested. How come?

  • matt

    what about on your crotch…when you get sweaty?

  • Thaddeus Kavonia Jones

    Thank you for your example and pioneering….you changed my life too!

  • Edy G Soto

    I’m a female that has just switched from regular deodorants/antiperspirants to cruelty free products, and I am wreaking. ..😷 These cruelty free brands do work, but I do have to re-apply 2 times a day. Anyhow this never happened before with my usual one day application of Mitchum, but I felt that I didn’t have to contribute to the cruelty, hounds/rabbits/cats and other animals have to endure for my sake. So my question is, you said you dipped your wet fingers in the baking soda? Can you be more specific and give me a how to? Sort of speak, to applying this? I’m trying to visualize how you are applying it but I’m thinking it all crumbles off your underarm… Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Phyllis

    I’ve experimented with baking soda a few times but I can’t really find a home-made deodorant recipe that works for me. Stumbled across a brand called Lavilin, – works pretty well. All-natural.

  • Pete

    If my pits smelled that bad I would probably use the baking soda, but women love my natural scent. I trim my pit hair and never use deodorant, unless I know I will be going at least a full day without a shower while traveling. I have had a lot of women tell me my scent makes them horny. Even I like it.

  • Jack Burton

    Do you sleep on a sponge?

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