How Culture Affects Game

By now it should be obvious that you wouldn’t game an American girl the same way as a Russian girl. It takes most men only a couple international trips to realize that game is not a one-size-fits-all routine. The more you understand the type of girl you’re dealing with, the more bangs you’ll get, and the best way to understand a girl is to understand the culture she’s from. In particular there are two parts of culture that matter to us most: (1) attention span and (2) how much access men have with women.

A culture’s collective attention span determines how women respond to stimuli, whether it’s a man approaching them on the street or a news headline displayed on a computer screen. How do they give their attention to that which interests them? How efficient are they at multitasking? How addicted are they to a steady stream of new information? In my travel research I’m finding that knowing the attention span level almost entirely tells me whether I should pursue a short ball attempt (one-night stands, fast kisses) or long ball attempt (phone numbers, dates).

How would you describe the attention span of an attractive 25-year-old American woman living in DC? Let’s take a look at her day:

  • Wake up to an alarm with no time to spare. Shove a Pop Tart in the toaster before running out the door.
  • Be greeted at work with urgent emails.
  • Have concentration constantly interrupted by meetings, emails, and phone calls.
  • Spend lunch break catching up on news and social media, but only have time to scan headlines and skim articles.
  • Pop an adderall or other brain altering drug.
  • Begin leisure activities after work, such as happy hours and kickball club.
  • Grab a big bite to eat from Chipotle.
  • Wind down day in front of television with iPad in lap, scanning through a dozen new messages on OK Cupid and POF.
  • Reach for iPhone and reply to three guys recently met the past weekend.

The American girl is bombarded with information and attention all day long. For all her faults, however, she’s able to multitask a large amount of information without suffering a nervous breakdown. Now let’s take a look at the day of a Russian girl, who while even more beautiful, happens to be poor and living in Siberia.

  • Roll out of bed with a completely clear schedule. Mill around the kitchen talking to relatives.
  • Check old Nokia brick cell phone for text messages. Nothing new.
  • Take a slow walk to the market for provisions.
  • Cook lunch for the family then hang out in Nastya’s apartment since her parents aren’t home. Flirt with the stupid local guys who are destined to become alcoholics.
  • Flip through magazines that feature the fast paced-lifestyle of New York City and other cosmopolitan cities.
  • Receive a call from oil man Gregor who gives her spending money in exchange for sex.
  • Fantasize about Prince Charming.

The Russian girl has many hours to do as she may and most of that will be spent hanging out with her friends in the neighborhood. Needless to say but she would welcome a new man into her life that meets her low standards. She’s free almost every night of the week starting at 5pm.

The American girl doesn’t have the time because she’s just too busy. If she goes on a date with you on Tuesday night, how will her kickball team defeat the KFC Krushers? Her attention and time is valuable. Assuming you pick her up at lunch time in the coffee shop and get her number, within four days that event will almost seem like a distant memory because of how much more stimulus she has received since then. But if you pick up the Russian girl in the same way, two days later you will be fresh on her mind (she would have spent a couple hours thinking about you). Which girl would you go for the kill immediately upon meeting and which girl would it be acceptable to play it slow knowing that you won’t have to compete with her social calendar?

Now take a look at the following three headlines:

  • 10 Things I Learned From Living In France For Fourteen Years
  • Musings From Living In France
  • I Didn’t Like France So Much After Living There

If you were faced with these three on Twitter at the same time, which would you click? Probably the first. Now imagine that a girl has ten new text messages on her phone from guys. Who is she going to “click” first? The guy who already gave her the good dick. The more daily stimulus she receives, the more you need to stay in the picture by having sex with her as fast as possible. To rise above the noise, her pussy you must quickly destroy.

Besides attention span, it’s also important to look at how much access guys have to women. In the recent past, a woman’s options were limited by her immediate social circle and the occasional man who approached her. If she met a guy at a dinner party on Friday night, that man could call the following Thursday and be assured that she didn’t meet anyone else since. Her standards were within reason and flaking was less, simply because she didn’t have a lot of guys hitting on her.

This is roughly how it was when I was in Ukraine earlier this year, where I almost never got flaked on and girls always wrote back to my initial text. My phone number to date ratio was well over 50% assuming I had at least 15 minutes for the initial pickup. This means if I wasn’t feeling “on” during a certain night, I could get a number and have a healthy chance of setting a date. I wasn’t punished for taking a more leisurely pace.

Compare that to today in America. Women who I wouldn’t fuck with your dick are now getting hit on a dozen times a day on the internet. Social networking sites allow her to build a constellation of orbiters who constantly feed her with attention and make her feel more desirable. Technology, particularly the smartphone, allows them to field male attention all day long. While the proliferation of game hasn’t helped things, since she’s now approached in person a lot more, the rapid adoption of internet and mobile devices has instantly made every average girl a near celebrity in the amount of attention she receives compared to her counterpart 30 years ago. Sadly, there’s no reversing this thread. The world is copying the American model and within our lifetimes even areas in South America and Eastern Europe will be corrupted. It’s happening as we speak.

So attention spans are getting shorter and girls have exponentially more options than before. What can you do? The solution, which I hope you currently practice, is to go for the fast kill by pushing interactions as far as you can, not only to rise above the information overlord she experiences with modern life but also to squeeze out all the guys who are hitting her up, mainly via the internet. For the longest time I’ve been telling you to go for one-night stands to avoid flakes, cockblocking by friends, and other supernatural reasons, but now we know why you need to work so fast: to stay in the news. If you run night game, push the interactions fast and furious to the end. If you do day game, go for instant dates and contact them soon before you get bumped down the list by all the other guys who flood her inboxes before you even make first contact.

All those beta males who used to stay at home listening to Lionel Richie, too scared to approach a girl, now have Facebook and OK Cupid to hit on women, and they are doing so in high numbers. All those girls who would’ve taken up knitting or scrapbooking now have constant entertainment options and Tumblr. Your stellar pickup at the bar will mean absolutely nothing in three days when you’re already a fading memory because of the spammer men flooding her electronic devices. We’ve arrived at the point where the only way for her to take you seriously is if you already fucked her. The long ball game is dead. Give her the dick, and give it to her fast.

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  • DDR

    Man, Roosh I have to hand it to you, your analysis is spot on.

    I’ve started gaming the last year and have unfortunately come to realize that you have to be willing to do a ONS every time you meet a girl you’re interested in order to keep her around. This is not applicable to every girl, but applies to your average American attention whore below the age of 26. Thus, logistics are more crucial than ever because if you can’t make an SNL happen, your odds of seeing her again greatly diminish.

    I wrote unfortunately in the previous paragraph because how are you supposed to meet a potential mate when in order to get her she basically has to slut herself to you right away? Which means that this was likely not her first rodeo, i.e., she’s not long-term material. This is a Catch 22 that will not end well for our society.

    I recently met a Baltic 23-year-old (I’m much older) through friends and ran long game on her. The reason I did that was because she rarely goes on Facebook, has an old Nokia phone, and is very traditional. She’s now become my girlfriend and is the most feminine woman I’ve met in a long while. If I had tried for the SNL, however, I don’t think it would’ve worked out.

  • Vice from SoSuave

    A lot of good points here. But have you been outside of DC much in the states? Me and a buddy visited DC and concluded that it’s the “Hollywood for ugly people”. Lots of lazy self-important government workers, and based on your writing, it looks like DC might have tainted your outlook on the entire country.

    Truly hot girls do not need attention from Facebook (and other online outlets) because they get enough in real life, and in fact, they tend to despise it because they can’t log onto their Facebook without being bombarded by instant messages. My girl cannot get ANYTHING done on Facebook, and she does not log onto it anymore because of it.

    Women are also intelligent; they can sense when a guy is “different”. The hordes of chodes and betas that try to get her online can be eclipsed by a bold approach in the street. In fact, never has it been so much easier to eclipse these guys.

    However, girls of lesser beauty do indeed cruise Facebook and other online dating websites for validation, but they aren’t worth much more than a quick fuck and dump.

    A guy I know tried to get me onto online dating saying that it was a “great way to leverage time” (he was a computer programmer geek). This guy had very little social intelligence, and one time had a fattie pick him up for the night because he was decieved by “the angles”. It took him quite afew dates to realize that to get the actual hot girls, he needed to sack the fuck up, hit the gym, and APPROACH.

  • Gattuso

    Two things:

    1. Adderall addiction is actually an underreported problem among big city professional females. Quoted from an article from the village voice:

    “Andrew claims to sell about $8,000 worth of Adderall every month, but only clears about $2,000 in profit. He says that his clientele is “60 percent female,” made up of “mostly students and professionals between the ages of 23 and 45.” He suspects that may of his customers use the amphetamine as an appetite suppressant.”

    Probably explains irritable behaviors in cities like DC and New York. Adderall makes you irritable as shit. Continuing on the culture angle, though, mid-size and smaller cities in the US, or non-east coast large cities, tend to have much more laid back females, due to the lack of career status pressure.

    My second point is that this post reads as a denunciation of roissyism philosophy. I thought the influence of culture was supposed to be minimal?

  • the passenger

    Dear Lord, chipotle crap again! Other than that, Roosh- this is extremely insightful post.

    its precisely what we have now. Its not only the technology which is changing social dynamics fast, its the big cities. What % of worlds population lived in 1M+ cities 50 years ago? Now we have mega cities, ability to travel fast and cheap. Instant communication. Instagram. Pinterest. Smartphones,but not smart societies.
    Online marketers knew it 3-5 years ago: there is a huge battle for ATTENTION. its the most precious commodity these days. Who will make the news. And for how long.

    Men also have such abundance of options. Girls will soon realize that there are millions of orbiters willing to bang her or even buy her a dinner, etc. But not for a long term, we also have other pussies to crack;) its fun when they are in their 20s, but after 30? I wonder what girls strategies could be? Any ideas? Thousands of guys building their muscles to fuck ’em, nobody wants a long term, exclusive relationship or marriage.

    Guys didn’t change that much over millenia- we still want to fuck as many pussies as possible.
    What would the girls do in current ultra techno superfast world?

  • Carl

    Excellent insight.

    Men and women want different things. Men simply want sex and females need to have their egos stroked and feel validated. Esther Vilar wrote in Manipulated Man that although women enjoy an orgasm, its not the most pleasureable experience for them. Things like a Gucci bag or a cocktail party rate much higher. Ms. Vilar stated this of course decades before internet technology, but I would wager that now social networking technologies and infrastructures will probably replace men alltogether, or typical fucking techniques will consist of the guy ramming his Johnson rod in and out of Suzy Sally Stinkbox while, at the same moment she looks at her smart phone getting off on recieving all the texts, PMs etc that feed her little brain the drug that she needs to feel bliss.

    It’s getting seriously fucked up out there.

  • Basil Ransom

    Roosh deserves a place alongside our generation’s sharpest critics of technology, a man whose name should be mentioned in the dame breath as say, Bill Joy, for profiling the profound dysfunction sowed by modern technology.

  • the passenger

    yeah, Esther Vilar was an immensly great read.
    i think western economic system is here to blame.

    The chick knows she will always be supported, no matter how dumb or lazy she is. Either she will land a gov. job, or gov. social benefits, or her daddy will send her $ till he is dead. Think USA, Scandinavia, UK. Girls there don’t need decent men for life support. They can always work some shitty jobs, at Starbucks, whatever. This situation is a WHOLE LOT different in muslim countries.

    Adapt or Die… pretty much we have two options:
    1. bang her fast and change pussies frequently (roosh strategy)
    2. find a traditional, slow, facebook unconnected old fashioned, vintage girl…. who loves to fall in love, have children by the age of 28, likes to cook natural food and so on. perhaps she is into some spiritual stuff like tantra, new age, veganism, etc. Where to find such a bizzare creature? Hipster-bohemian circles, poor villages, Cambodia?

  • Oregonziggy

    Even women my age over 40 are glued to their phones, getting tons of messages from the many dating sites they are on. Posting crap on Facebook like they are 16.
    It is actually pretty sad. Their egos are off the charts. All because a bunch of desperate morons troll the dating sites messaging every women in their age group. The women take it as they are desirable and wanted by tons of men.
    When mostly it is guys looking to fuck anything they can. Crazy

  • madmax

    America is a very consumistic culture. In Russia or Bulgaria almost no one gives a fuck about Twitter, Facebook, an Iphone or any of that stupid shit. People don’t have time for that shit

  • Billy Wolf

    While it is understandable to be concerned about how technology enhances women, making them less dependent on men, there is no way to stop this trend. It is not an american model, it is universal since technology and innovation is the driving force in todays economy. Our lives depend on technology to the point where we are socially constructed cyborgs, given that we are the product of the technology we make. We create technology that shapes our environment, which dictate the primes for our experience. And since we are the sum of our experience, we create our self when we create technology. There is no way to stop the cycle.

    The only thing there is to do, is to adapt.

  • Mage

    Here in Baltics people generally know and most (bun by far not all) are registred in Facebook, Twitter and stuff. Things like Tumblr are not so well known trough. Still people can tell the difference between electronic communication and real life communication. Most girls I know check these sites rather rarely and irregularry and usually ignore guys who hit on them online (mostly those are foreigners that tells by the way that local guys don’t try to use internet for dating as much as americans and europeans). I guess our girls just know better and are more busy/know how to entertain themselves more.

    I believe there is something else to the fact that American girls take electronic suitors for just as real as guys who hit on them phisically in clubs or on street. There must be more to it some deeprer reason. Dig deeper!

  • Gattuso

    Adderall addiction is an underreported phenomenon among 20-something career women in DC/New York.

  • Nomad77

    Even giving her the dick is no longer any guarantee that she will see you again.

  • Raj

    Also chicks nowadays change their minds so fast that even phone numbers don’t mean a whole lot.

    She can actually like you but flake because her friend told her so.

    Faster you can hit it, the better.

  • Dacian

    Masterpiece analysis.

    We ultimately realize that information age technology is altering our brains. Common people have become mere antennas to pass on trivial stimulus.

    Women as usual are only tools in the process.

  • Boy Gamer

    Very good analysis — I agree that the competition for attention is different.

    However one thing in your comparison: Are the woman you comparing to of different social levels? Seems like your Ukrainian example is an uneducated, unemployed chick, while the American example is a hard-driving type-A employed chick with lots going on.

    Sort of seems like an unfair comparison — what is a typical day like for a Ukrainian chick with a real job and responsibilities? Is she rushing around all the time also?

  • International College Student

    Uh, how about places like Tokyo Japan, where girls are bombarded with social networks on their smartphones too, and are busy with their hectic office job schedules into the night? Yet it is not uncommon for these girls to set up a date with you 2 weeks after initial contact.

    Or girls in metropolises like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok?

    It’s the attitude aspect of American culture more than attention span, though I tend to agree with point no 2. However even with an online dating scene and low attention span, girls from the above cities are still more receptive to “slow-burn” game than Americans. Values and upbringing are still the most important factors.

  • Stuki


    In addition to constant connectivity, American Big Coastal City girls also stand out by having absolutely no shame about being pumped and dumped. In fact, if you’re a “hot guy” to their hen circle, they’ll brag about it like Monica bragging about Bill.

    Even in Scandinavia, things aren’t quite so crass that girls are proud of willingly being used as cum receptacles. While here in the US, it sometimes seems as if part of the thrill is simply to be dumped, so that she has a new story to tell her friends about how “horrible” guys are nowadays.

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    I’m betting $20 on the KFC Krushers.

  • Brandon

    “her pussy you must quickly destroy”

    Are you becoming the Jedi Master Yoda of Poon?

  • Hencredible Casanova

    Incredible analysis.

  • Thomas

    I feel you’re understating Day Bang…
    I read your book and put it to the test and the routines from bang and day bang I feel put me way in front of the AFC’s who would piss the girl off on the web. I feel that my bold street approach or lack of smiling like a goof at a bar makes me stand out in her mind…

  • Light

    KFC Krushers? Did you make that up on the spot? Because that is actually an icy drink sold at KFC in Asia.

  • Brian Mark

    Excellent article Roosh. I have been thinking about this a lot. The kind of Game that is described in the “Mystery Method” or “The Game” where you entertain girls with magic tricks, just won’t work in the bars I go to. The places I go, girls get hit on by 50 – 100 guys in a night and have a 30 second interest span! That old kind of game will no longer work. Way too slow!

  • Anonymous

    Good analysis. I’d like to see some follow-up posts with more specifics on how to run this fast-and-furious night game.

    I agree that there is a growing need for it.

  • gunslingergregi

    Esther Vilar wrote in Manipulated Man that although women enjoy an orgasm, its not the most pleasureable experience for them. Things like a Gucci bag or a cocktail party rate much higher.”””””””

    woman live to be fucked all the time by the dude they love

  • Sparks

    You’ve written in the past that South American women are very flakey, but presume they don’t have the schedule that American women do. What is the reason for this then?

  • TD

    This is a fantastic article. Really articulates a point that I’ve been kicking around in my head, but could never quite put into words.

    The kickball hate is funny but I will say that kickball is great if you do it right. Just like everything else, you need to ignore what people tell you to do (“Just have fun”) and instead do what you want to do, which is kick everyone’s ass. As long as you remain relaxed and funny, the girls will all try to join your team, much to the dismay of the un-athletic guys who thought they could escape the horrors of 5th grade recess.

  • Dude?

    Excuses. You want change? you make it. You don’t like where you live? Fucking leave. Stop blaming other people for the sad state you’ve left yourself in.

  • Mark

    It already happening everywhere. I think the “two years” you refer has already been ticking away in most places. While eastern Siberia may be affected by both, distance and visa restrictions, from the global inundation of attention from beta admirers that can and will travel to kiss her behind, most of the world is not eastern Siberia. Russia in one of the few destinations for which a Blue US passport is not all that is required to enter.

    As has been noted on this site, Colombia is already fucked. Even with a female population that exceeds the male due to drug violence, jail, emigration, war, and also due to poverty, almost 30% of Colombian men lack to ability for household formation, still Colombian women have turn into flakey bitches. It certainly was not like that when I went there for the first time in 2005. In 2010, the flakes were more common than not.

    I can see even on MillionaireMatch, where the women outnumber the men, poor Romanian bitches without a pot to piss in have headlines that read “I am royal, treat me like a queen” and “Looking for what I deserve”, both typically a common headline from a California entitlement princess.

    I have something from a 40 year woman in Paris who looks definitely post-wall with lines on her forehead and ruts under her eyes. She has a PhD in philosophy from the Sorbonne and demands a millionaire to support her so that she may write.

    “My status: Success wiewed by 1000 in 2 months for beginning!Favorite of 20.But No one Who’s of high-level”

    She certainly doesn’t have a clue about what those OKCupid studies show. 1000 views isn’t shit and stalkers “favorite”. A great percentage of the men on MillionaireMatch don’t pay the fee and could never email her. Most are just looking at the profiles for a hobby.

    She doesn’t yet really understand that a post wall 40 year old is a post wall 40 year old, regardless of having 50 degrees from the Sorbonne. I fucking viewed her and certainly have no intention of supporting an uppity entitled bitch like her when for the same cash you could bring a 20 year over from Romania. Any millionaire with the cash she seeks might take her out and pump her and dump her but she won’t find what she thinks she is entitled. But hey, its a big world and maybe 1 guy in 7 billion has that yang money and a desire for a Sorbonne PhD bitch.

    Bu, for now, she has her delusions and her 1000 views are enough for her to stroke that ego. She would be shocked to see the hot girls getting 10 times that many.

  • Necorochi

    It’s funny how you say american women are like that because it’s true,

    I was being nice to this Hb6 and in no way was I hitting on her and boom she dis’s me.

    I’m way more attractive then her and go for girls way hotter.

    It’s true how American girls get all this attention, even the semi-ugly ones!

    Social media is making the ugly’s rise to power.

  • Necorochi

    “Rise of the Planet of the Ugly’s”

  • Necorochi

    Maybe the story of how you got caught being Burt would be a great book story.

  • Ronin

    It’s not just girls, everyone in the US is allways in a hurry and never have time for anything. Life in Europe is much more relaxed.

  • tart

    I agree. women in US is too tough to get

  • tart

    women in america sucks!

  • Anonymous

    your comparing a 20 – 24 yr old american “girl” with no brain or ambition to a woman in impoverished russia that has no job – of course she has more time to pay attention and of course this type of american girl is an idiot – try finding some quality dude – it does exist in the states – plenty of educated, pretty and socially aware women –

  • thecaptainpower

    Roosh, I cant believe you invited everyone out to DC and nobody got laid…

    Next time the Captain Power is coming and I guarantee some action…

    I’m doing 2000 situps a night to get ready…

    Power out..

  • Carl

    @ gundlingergregi, who is a fat dyke troll, who stated: “woman live to be fucked all the time by the dude they love”

    You are full of shit.

  • gunslingergregi

    then ya got the wrong chick dude drink some more hateraid it will make ya feel better

  • OlioOx

    Roosh I have a broad (so to speak) question for you. Have any of your main opinions changed since the beginning of the Game phase of your life? Any major updates in general outlooks on various things? (I know it would be possible to answer this question by seeking out and reading everything you’ve put on the internet for the last 10 years but perhaps you could help speed up this process a bit by linking to a few important past writings, or writing a quick summary of what you think nowadays if anything new needs to be said. I think a lot of readers, especially recent ones and even not-so-recent ones, might be very interested to hear).

  • the passenger

    Its sad to admit, but this state of affairs is a 100% creation of western men.
    We’ve made ourselves obsolete to women!

    First and foremost: life and financial support. Over the whole history of mankind women needed men for protection against rapists and as a providers of food and shelter. Now, with the gov. jobs, social security and rich stupid daddies, they no longer need men to survive.

    Once the girls feels safe economically she must fill her dull life with something. Her ego cries for the illusion of WORTH. Ego must be satisfied and is always hungry. When you fight and struggle for surviral other things are more important. But when you’re safe, warm and secure- it rises its ugly head.
    So first, she will begin to accumulate LV and Gucci bags, all kinds of shoes and jewellery.
    The more she has, the more *value* can be atributed by her ego. A women does not derive self worth out of herself- she needs external validation. Material things are generally valued and envy by other girls. Simple. Its why western economies are booming and are sinking in debt- women are spending!

    However, with the invention of social networks, she no longer has to get validation based on material possessions. Now she can feel the demand from horny males on the Internet! Its the same process- she feeds her ego based on how much online interest she receives.

    What we end up with are legions of bitchez who don’t require a men as a life partner, essentially. She is busy with her career, online fans and communication, shopping, art, books or pinterest crap. Not with you! You’re the least exciting item on her schedule. Besides, there are so many of you orbiting around… the value of each male individually drops thousands of times.

    Whats more, this is the real reason behind obesity- she does not feel like it makes any difference in her meat market value. After all, dozens of guys still want to bang her and even if not , she will still have means to live and prosper.

    Whats the solution?
    1. Remove yourself from online dating and fbook.
    Don’t feed bitchez egos.
    2. Reject even the shadow of a contact with a fat or obssesed by material things bitch.

  • shiva1008

    ^ That post was awesome.

    I have been critical of PUAs in the past, but I admit that the online thing does a lot more to contribute to the inflation of women’s egos than PUAs mass approaching does. They’re both signs of desperation of american males, but the PUAs are insignificant in number compared to online orbiters. They will always be in the minority, because practicing PUA is too hard.

    It would be nice to say, everyone dial back the amount of attention you give to women so we can reset market values. But, as in so many other sectors of Western society, we are in the midst of a race to the bottom. Everyone must find their own solution that works for them. Mine is to stake out a space far from the craziness and make tactical strikes from time to time from a place of strength (ie building my own value and strengthening inner game, ie non-dependence).

  • Giovonny

    Damn. This is a hell of a post!

    Very interesting and insightful.

  • Marcos – Brazil

    Roosh does what many people today do. He uses abortion as a substitute for a condom.

    It is a choice: he puts a small increase in physical pleasure above the life of his own son. If we think about it, it is as low as human being can go. Come on, if one doesn’t have a little consideration for a human life, what meaning has everything else, his trips, his girls, his books ?

    Roosh, you are an intelligent guy and you write well, but if there is any kind of karma, God or moral standard in this universe, you are pretty much fucked up.

  • the passenger

    Marcos- children need two parents to be rised properly and healthy. It seems Roosh did not come across a good wife and mother material yet.
    Man can become father at any age. It is girls who waste their prime years and opportunity to bring healthy children to the world

    Besides, who cares about western people, muslims, hindus and chinese are booming and the world is far from being underpopulated.

    However, i can smell that Roosh puts his attention on negative side of western women too much. I’d suggest to focus only on positive sides. It may not bring as many visitors to the blog however. Most people want drama, conflict, etc.

  • Superman

    Give her the dick, and give it to her fast.

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  • Anonymous

    The best example you have of ideal living is an impoverished Russian prostitute who lives in an apartment full of relatives? There is got to be a better scenario you can dig up than that.

    And, there is no such thing as a slow walk to get anything in Siberia. The temperature in Norilsk right now is NINE DEGREES F.

    Sounds like a dream.

  • YB13

    I also posted this under 20 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Live in America, but will do it again here. Doing so bc it pertains to the shortcomings of our own society in the US as well:

    Great pics. I’m personally a fan of American women, and could possibly settle down with one when I hit my of now at age thanks.

    Here’s why:

    1) Travel for work 20-25% of year to places like Atlanta, NYC, Vegas, San Fran where I meet some high quality women for gaming outside of business as well
    2) 4-5 Weeks of Vacation time per year I want to use on intl destinations on my bucket list
    3) So why waste that time/money even on a banging American chick possibly in Dallas/FW area

    Pros of an American GF at age 28:
    1) Guaranteed action every night

    Cons of an American GF at age 28
    1) Since 2009 have traveled to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, HK, Brazil, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland where flags have been captured
    2) None of those travels take place with an American GF
    3) Use all of my hard earned money on one gf
    4) Use my spare time hanging out with other couples, doing boring shit
    5) Use all my vacation time on lame ass out of town weddings and overpriced beach resorts with no culture bc of a gf (these lame ass weddings are even worse for ppl with only 2 weeks of vacay time per year)
    6) As a result of all this lameass wedding fever be pressured into an overpriced mortgage, kids, etc preventing me from going back to grad school to alter my current dead end career path
    7) Likely end like a lot of ppl in their divorced mid 30s with regrets about what they could’ve done in their 20s instead of wasting it on one pain in the ass preventing me from pursuing bucket list travels/other aspirations
    8) Not being able to afford intl destinations i desire bc of an uncultured swine American gf

    I get that my lifestyle preferences are not suitable for everyone as the priorities of others might not necessarily be for me either. In this instance, I just had to explain why I refuse to settle down with an American gf at this pt bc I can’t afford to waste money and also precious time , which flies by oh so fast. Obviously, the pros heavily outweighed the cons as you can seen :)

  • Dragon


    My only apprehension towards following Roosh is that he quickly uses his European travels to contrast American Woman. I’ve lived in Spain for two years and EVERYTHING he says about European women is spot on. The problem I’m having however is American woman! It’s crazy hard, relatively speaking to pick up on American Woman.

    I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, but what are your thoughts on the mystery method as your approach seems much more direct?

  • Boz

    If you’re going to admonish your readers/students to exclusively pursue the high-risk strategy of the same night lay, then supplement this article with sound advice on avoiding STDs.

  • mini-me

    Absolute BS showing that Rossh has no idea about realities of life of Russian girls.
    Russia has very high percentage of working females,and higher percentage of women in management than the USA.
    Their lifestyle is pretty much similar to the described american one,if not tougher since she will have to travel to work in overcrowded “marshrutka” and than in overcrowded subway,through the muddy snowy streets and zillions of kiosks selling cheap snacks.

    her reality might be close to the described only if she has a rich beta willing to provide like there is no tomorrow.and that is the reason for the high competition among girls in russia-they are all in search for an AFC (or “a deer” as Russian men call them),stupid enough to be enslaved by her.Russian women have played the feminism game for 70 years during the communists time when women were supposed to work beside men,not being shy from the most masculine and shitty professions.USA arrived there only some 20 years ago.

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  • Veni Vidi Vici

    I wish the USA would legalize prostitution already then a lot of this nonsense would end.

  • Joshua

    “First and foremost: life and financial support. Over the whole history of mankind women needed men for protection against rapists and as a providers of food and shelter. Now, with the gov. jobs, social security and rich stupid daddies, they no longer need men to survive.”

    BS, lets change the approach, women where bought by men or given into marriage by their fathers, women were usuful and productive servants, now they are not, they are expensive luxury items nobody wants.

    Women don´t need men and neither men need women, we need one each other as member of the comunity, we need nurses, police men, farmers, etc… but not as a couple, traditional relationships belong to traditional economies.

    According to University of Montreal study.

    In 1913, the vacuum cleaner became available, in 1916 it was the
    washing machine, in 1918 it was the refrigerator, in 1947 the freezer, and in 1973 the microwave was on the market. All of these technologies had an impact on home life, but none had a stronger impact than running water.

    “We often forget that running water is a century-old innovation in
    North America, and it is even more recent in Europe. Of all innovations, it’s the one with the most important impact,” says Cardia.

    In 1890, 25 percent of American households had running water and eight percent had electricity. In 1950, 83 percent had running water and 94% had electricity. According to Cardia, in 1900, a woman spent 58 hours per week on household chores. In 1975, it was 18 hours.

  • Lyn

    This is true. Then be prepared to cyberstalked if she likes it. No gain, no pain.

  • Joe

    I do not think legalizing prostitution would change things that much, Canada and Australia have legal prostitution and the women there are just as screwed up as those in America. I traveled to both countries and have had first hand experiences with their women, would never go to such places for pussy at all.
    It really comes down to culture, Western Anglo culture is very empowering for women, these days I see commercials for “real women”, those featuring overweight women in their underwear, its also not common for mediocre women to get attention from more attractive men. It was once the case where less attractive men were with good looking women but that does not work anymore.
    Prostitution is just a way of saying that male-female relationships are so bad that men are turning to pay directly for sexual services. Some countries like Germany have massive amounts of prostitution, but their women are “Meh” at best, fyi most German prostitutes are actually from Eastern Bloc nations but to most you would have hard time telling who is who based upon their appearance.
    I punted in Germany for a while because I thought of it as a good starting point, I gradually discovered that most the attractive women I met there were often immigrants from Eastern Euro countries. I also realized that Germany has a massive prostitution industry, every town and city there has brothels and red light districts. As an American I found it to be a novelty at first and then realized it was a product of feminism, German women on the outside are different from feminist women from the US, but inside can be just as vindictive and nasty.
    There were some German women that were open and looser than most American girls, but for the most part these women have a very Westernized frame of mind. All the quality pussy was from the Eastern Bloc and Southern European countries, I think because they were immigrants, they had lower social standing and therefore easier to lay.
    If you bring the Russian girl that Roosh mentions to America, to some big city, she will change, American culture has a way of changing people. I have met plenty of Eastern European immigrants in the US, I would say their women tend to be more attractive than those born here in USA but really between the ears, they have learned the vicious ways of most American women, honestly there is no difference between a woman born in the US and a foreign immigrant woman who has lived here for three years or more.
    I dated a Chinese woman who came from Taiwan and was living in the US for a decade when I met her, she turned out to be one the most scheming devils I ever met in my life.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Since when exactly has abortion ever been openly promoted here? There are plenty of methods existing for birth control.

  • Fred

    ” Sadly, there’s no reversing this thread. The world is copying the American model and within our lifetimes even areas in South America and Eastern Europe will be corrupted. It’s happening as we speak.”

    Indeed this is happening as we speak and I’m starting to wonder whether the islamisation of the EU and maybe even the US should be embraced rather than feared. I can’t think of a worse nightmare for feminists and their mangina minions LOL. I’m a strong atheist and I hate religion but ultimately I hate the empowerment of women happening at the expense of men a lot more. Note: I don’t mean embrace something like ISIL or Boko Haram which destroys entire cities and leaves only rubble behind, but a Pakistani-style islam, where you get to marry a cute, submissive, feminine girl 15 years younger than you and who can cook round chapatis. Why would any average western man not want this?

  • AngelMCunningham

    Free Freedom rooshv For More Details