How Culture Affects Game

By now it should be obvious that you wouldn’t game an American girl the same way as a Russian girl. It takes most men only a couple international trips to realize that game is not a one-size-fits-all routine. The more you understand the type of girl you’re dealing with, the more bangs you’ll get, and the best way to understand a girl is to understand the culture she’s from. In particular there are two parts of culture that matter to us most: (1) attention span and (2) how much access men have with women.

A culture’s collective attention span determines how women respond to stimuli, whether it’s a man approaching them on the street or a news headline displayed on a computer screen. How do they give their attention to that which interests them? How efficient are they at multitasking? How addicted are they to a steady stream of new information? In my travel research I’m finding that knowing the attention span level almost entirely tells me whether I should pursue a short ball attempt (one-night stands, fast kisses) or long ball attempt (phone numbers, dates).

How would you describe the attention span of an attractive 25-year-old American woman living in DC? Let’s take a look at her day:

  • Wake up to an alarm with no time to spare. Shove a Pop Tart in the toaster before running out the door.
  • Be greeted at work with urgent emails.
  • Have concentration constantly interrupted by meetings, emails, and phone calls.
  • Spend lunch break catching up on news and social media, but only have time to scan headlines and skim articles.
  • Pop an adderall or other brain altering drug.
  • Begin leisure activities after work, such as happy hours and kickball club.
  • Grab a big bite to eat from Chipotle.
  • Wind down day in front of television with iPad in lap, scanning through a dozen new messages on OK Cupid and POF.
  • Reach for iPhone and reply to three guys recently met the past weekend.

The American girl is bombarded with information and attention all day long. For all her faults, however, she’s able to multitask a large amount of information without suffering a nervous breakdown. Now let’s take a look at the day of a Russian girl, who while even more beautiful, happens to be poor and living in Siberia.

  • Roll out of bed with a completely clear schedule. Mill around the kitchen talking to relatives.
  • Check old Nokia brick cell phone for text messages. Nothing new.
  • Take a slow walk to the market for provisions.
  • Cook lunch for the family then hang out in Nastya’s apartment since her parents aren’t home. Flirt with the stupid local guys who are destined to become alcoholics.
  • Flip through magazines that feature the fast paced-lifestyle of New York City and other cosmopolitan cities.
  • Receive a call from oil man Gregor who gives her spending money in exchange for sex.
  • Fantasize about Prince Charming.

The Russian girl has many hours to do as she may and most of that will be spent hanging out with her friends in the neighborhood. Needless to say but she would welcome a new man into her life that meets her low standards. She’s free almost every night of the week starting at 5pm.

The American girl doesn’t have the time because she’s just too busy. If she goes on a date with you on Tuesday night, how will her kickball team defeat the KFC Krushers? Her attention and time is valuable. Assuming you pick her up at lunch time in the coffee shop and get her number, within four days that event will almost seem like a distant memory because of how much more stimulus she has received since then. But if you pick up the Russian girl in the same way, two days later you will be fresh on her mind (she would have spent a couple hours thinking about you). Which girl would you go for the kill immediately upon meeting and which girl would it be acceptable to play it slow knowing that you won’t have to compete with her social calendar?

Now take a look at the following three headlines:

  • 10 Things I Learned From Living In France For Fourteen Years
  • Musings From Living In France
  • I Didn’t Like France So Much After Living There

If you were faced with these three on Twitter at the same time, which would you click? Probably the first. Now imagine that a girl has ten new text messages on her phone from guys. Who is she going to “click” first? The guy who already gave her the good dick. The more daily stimulus she receives, the more you need to stay in the picture by having sex with her as fast as possible. To rise above the noise, her pussy you must quickly destroy.

Besides attention span, it’s also important to look at how much access guys have to women. In the recent past, a woman’s options were limited by her immediate social circle and the occasional man who approached her. If she met a guy at a dinner party on Friday night, that man could call the following Thursday and be assured that she didn’t meet anyone else since. Her standards were within reason and flaking was less, simply because she didn’t have a lot of guys hitting on her.

This is roughly how it was when I was in Ukraine earlier this year, where I almost never got flaked on and girls always wrote back to my initial text. My phone number to date ratio was well over 50% assuming I had at least 15 minutes for the initial pickup. This means if I wasn’t feeling “on” during a certain night, I could get a number and have a healthy chance of setting a date. I wasn’t punished for taking a more leisurely pace.

Compare that to today in America. Women who I wouldn’t fuck with your dick are now getting hit on a dozen times a day on the internet. Social networking sites allow her to build a constellation of orbiters who constantly feed her with attention and make her feel more desirable. Technology, particularly the smartphone, allows them to field male attention all day long. While the proliferation of game hasn’t helped things, since she’s now approached in person a lot more, the rapid adoption of internet and mobile devices has instantly made every average girl a near celebrity in the amount of attention she receives compared to her counterpart 30 years ago. Sadly, there’s no reversing this thread. The world is copying the American model and within our lifetimes even areas in South America and Eastern Europe will be corrupted. It’s happening as we speak.

So attention spans are getting shorter and girls have exponentially more options than before. What can you do? The solution, which I hope you currently practice, is to go for the fast kill by pushing interactions as far as you can, not only to rise above the information overlord she experiences with modern life but also to squeeze out all the guys who are hitting her up, mainly via the internet. For the longest time I’ve been telling you to go for one-night stands to avoid flakes, cockblocking by friends, and other supernatural reasons, but now we know why you need to work so fast: to stay in the news. If you run night game, push the interactions fast and furious to the end. If you do day game, go for instant dates and contact them soon before you get bumped down the list by all the other guys who flood her inboxes before you even make first contact.

All those beta males who used to stay at home listening to Lionel Richie, too scared to approach a girl, now have Facebook and OK Cupid to hit on women, and they are doing so in high numbers. All those girls who would’ve taken up knitting or scrapbooking now have constant entertainment options and Tumblr. Your stellar pickup at the bar will mean absolutely nothing in three days when you’re already a fading memory because of the spammer men flooding her electronic devices. We’ve arrived at the point where the only way for her to take you seriously is if you already fucked her. The long ball game is dead. Give her the dick, and give it to her fast.

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