How I Planted The Seed Of A Revenge Cockblock

Recently I was at my Poland “hack bar,” the place where I can run the same old game week in, week out and get consistent results. Once I find this bar in a city I don’t even bother going to other venues because of the huge risk involved in not hitting up a place where I pull like a champion.

I was standing in my usual spot, checking out the local talent, when a nice brunette (7.5) came up right next to me and smiled. We started talking. She had a large group of friends with her, one of whom was a little girl with a thick British accent. She was arrogant, trying to make fun of my American accent by saying it wasn’t “proper.” Then she used the word “hearer.” I politely corrected her and said the correct word is “listener,” since I’ve never heard of hearer before.

“But hearer is a word in Britain,” she said.

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“It’s much better than listener. I only use hearer.”

I turned on the sarcasm: “Yeah I definitely came out tonight to have a gladiator battle about the word hearer. Are you British?”

“No, I’m Polish.”

“Well you seem British,” I said. “You’re cocky like them.”


“No, that’s not a compliment. It’s ugly when a girl is cocky. I don’t know any guy who likes that. Polish girls are ten times better, so you should act more Polish.”

“Whatever!” she said.

Then the brunette’s beta orbiter wanted to practice his English with me. I felt like the American clown for a little while, engaging the entire group, until finally I settled into a one-on-one with the brunette.

I’ve banged Polish girls who showed half the interest that she did. She approached me (practically), laughed at my lamest jokes, and remarked how she has never met an American guy who looked Spanish before. Polish girls like both Americans and Spaniards so I was like the best of both worlds. Her smile was constant and bright while talking to me. I may have been her dream man.

Then suddenly another one of her friends who I hadn’t noticed before squeezed through the circle and grabbed the brunette, pulling her away to dance. It was a blatant cockblock by an ugly broad who I guarantee lived abroad in England or America. Where else would she learn such anti-social behavior?

The brunette turned her face toward me and smiled, as if saying she wanted to stay. She said, “I’ll be back,” then let her friend finish off the cockblock. I began to wonder if the hearer orchestrated it from afar.

I’ll admit I liked her. She was a girl-next-door type whose slow stares and pouty lips hinted toward a ravenous slut lurking somewhere inside. But she made the decision to end the conversation at its peak, saying in so many words that her friendship with the ugly girl was more important than meeting a man she liked. I have no sympathy for girls who make this decision. If she can’t tell her ugly friends to back off for a night then she’s not serious about fucking.

It took 20 minutes for me to meet another girl, a blonde (6.5). I don’t know if I’m giving her a lower rating because I’m partial to brunettes, but she was looking good in four-inch heels and a tight top. Her breasts, I would later find out, were E cups, but she had such low body fat that she looked like a lollipop. She understood the power of her boobs, and started touching me with them, nearly knocking me over because of their immense size.

Within a few minutes my boner was raging. She playfully hit me when I told her I wanted to take her home and make sex with her, but seemed disappointed when I told her I was an ass man. She let me inspect her ass with my hands. “It’s nice, but very average,” I said. She hit me again. We were having a great time flirting, and all signs pointed to a happy ending for the night.

The brunette came back, about one hour after she first left. She stood right next to me and stared, looking annoyed. I decided that I was going to help her.

“Hey blonde, this is my friend, the brunette.” They chatted for a while until I eased back into talking to the brunette. She tried to position herself between me and the blonde. The blonde saw this and got agitated, but I put my hand on her side to let her know that I wasn’t trying to ditch her, that she was my ho for the night.

“We were talking and you just left,” I told the brunette.

“My friends wanted to dance,” she said.

“It was rude how your unattractive friend interrupted like that. Is she your babysitter?”

“No she’s not, but we can talk now.”

“I would, but I met someone else. Sorry.” Her face dropped. I took the blonde to the dance floor.

I hurt the brunette for one reason: so she could directly see the damage that her supposed “friend” did to her. I clearly pointed out the cause and effect relationship of her friend’s cockblocking that even a retard could connect. She will now resent that friend and cockblock her sometime in the future, meaning my revenge seed is already planted and will be delivered without me even knowing.

Should I have given up on the blonde for a girl that I liked a little better? Should I have made an attempt to at least get the brunette’s number?


The best any man can do is give a girl an opportunity to connect with him. If she passes on that opportunity and he continues to pursue her, he needs to explain to his dick why he only likes imagining about getting pussy instead of actually fucking pussy. I’m in the business of getting laid, not waiting for girls to finally come around and realize I’m a decent guy. We’re not in the age of Casanova where multiple letters over a span of months is required to fuck women. Courtship is as dead as the telegram. Tonight you can meet a girl, talk for a couple hours, and take her to bed. There’s no reason to jump through hoops, and the more hoops you have to jump through, the more likely you’ll walk away empty-handed.

I took the blonde home and beat up her pussy like I just came out of prison. She had to tell me several times to slow down because I was thrusting like a demon gorilla. Condom use was sparse.

Needless to say but her breasts were the biggest I’ve ever experienced. Watching them flop around while she lay on her back getting pounded was one of the best sexual highlights of my time in Poland so far.


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