How Important Is The Attractiveness Of Your Wingman?

When it comes to your pick-up success, should you go out with a guy better looking than you or worser looking? From the feedback I get, many guys want to go out with guys who are worser looking, but that’s probably not in their best interests.

The initial response you get from a girl is partly (some will say mostly) dependent on your looks. If you are a great-looking guy then you will get a more positive, warm response than guys who aren’t as good looking. It’s the nature of the game that better looking guys don’t have to work as hard.

Say you’re at a bar and standing with your good-looking wingman. Girls constantly check out the scene and will discreetly notice both you and your friend. If you approach a group, they will be slightly warmer to you because they know that your hot friend will eventually join the conversation. His attractiveness “rubs off” on you to give you better responses. If you’re wingman is unsightly they may respond more tepidly in the hopes that you don’t bring him over.

The rule that all wingmen should have is that the guy who does the approach has dibs on the hottest girl in the group. If you do the approach and your studly friend comes to join, you still get a chance at the hot one. Assuming your game is tight there’s a good chance you’ll still get her. I’ve pulled the hotter girl in a group many times when I was hanging out with a better-looking friend. I mention this because if you view your wingman as potential competition then you’re limiting not only your results but how hard you improve your own game.

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