How Many Notches Is Enough?

If you’re banging girls from a specific region or city, there comes a point of diminishing return where an additional notch no longer improves your game. Your earlier notches quickly help you realize something new about human nature or what you like in women, but eventually new conquest will stop adding value beyond physical pleasure.

This fact isn’t a justification for you to slack off, because there is a notch milestone you need to hit that allows you to build a foundation of game. This foundation is needed to not only develop the skills for landing women, but also be able to identify what quality is. Because America has so many substandard women, you need to bang quite a few of them to pick out quality while simultaneously learning how to feed their hamster brains (i.e., pass tests, tease, put out an aloof air, and send text messages with grammar mistakes). Most importantly, hitting this number prevents you from getting tricked into committing with a low-quality chick that robs you of your happiness or ruins your life in a failed long-term relationship.

The minimum notch count for America is 25. Until you hit that number, you don’t know enough about women in order to make correct decisions that satisfies both your mind and penis. Note that this number is only for the United States. In countries where the standard of women is higher, you need to bang far less women in order to possess the right tools for successful game and relationships. Let’s go over those counts for other countries I’ve lived in:

Argentina: 6 notch minimum
Brazil: 8
Colombia: 6
Croatia: 8
Estonia: 6
Iceland: 22
Lithuania: 4
Poland: 4
Sweden: 18
Ukraine: 6

The lower quality the women, the longer you need to be a player in order to gain enough experience to have successful long-term relationships (or even get into one). There are guys in Eastern Europe whose first bang is with a beautiful sweetheart who blows away the first 25 notches of your life. They are walking hand-in-hand with their girls right now, totally oblivious to the fact that men of better means are finding it extremely difficult to get what they got in spite of having more game, money, style, and muscles.

If you hit the minimum notch count, and then decide to be a game hater or men’s rights activist, I will wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. But if you’re living in a big American city, have two notches, and are posting “only looks matter” comments all day, you still have a lot of work to do. The reason is because you don’t understand your country’s women and you don’t have the level of experience needed to criticize those who understand the women and culture enough to know how and why the sex act occurs. The irony is that I would be skeptical of an American MRA with ten notches, but pay closer attention to one from Estonia who has that same count.

Going past the minimum notch count for your country will not uncover some deep truth of humanity or unlock a treasure chest of happiness or game enlightenment. In the States, banging 100 girls will barely put you in a better boat than banging 25. The extra 75 will be mostly for entertainment, stories, or laughs. In a country like Lithuania, where the girls make for great girlfriends, being a player is actually a waste of time. You will spend all that upfront energy to get bangs but not receive the relationship benefits that Lithuanian women provide.

Countries with low quality women will create a class of men who play the game permanently, warranting calls of “man up” by those same women who would grind to dust any man who made the incorrect choice to get into a relationship with them.

An unfortunate double bind exists in America. Getting the needed 25 notches to make correct relationship decisions will also tell you, clearly and unequivocally, not to get into relationships with American women. Compare that to Eastern Europe, where every new notch makes it clear that being a cutthroat player will bring you less happiness than relationships. There are less benefits when chasing notches in Eastern Europe since most girls you get into bed are indeed relationship material.

The player is not born. He’s created in broken societies where early experiences made it all too clear that relationships with his women would be far from his best interests. The more time I spend away from America, the less I want to be a player.

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