How Men Will Learn Game In The Future

The modern game movement was popularized by Mystery, a tall man who wore black nail polish, furry hats, and aviator goggles. In spite of his unique appearance, he spoke a lot of universal game truths that could be used by average guys. Most of it, however, did not resonate with them, especially his group approach techniques that required being interesting to four or more people simultaneously. His use of magic tricks and other theater proved difficult to reproduce.

There are an infinite number of methods to have sex with women, but any game teacher will only teach you one—the game that works for him. That game may still increase your results, but it’s not personalized for your unique personality and look. It’s not even personalized for the city or country you live in.

For game to increase its effectiveness in helping men, I believe it must be tailor made to a degree we haven’t yet seen:

  • Game for a black guy with a Kid Cudi vibe who lives in Washington DC.
  • Game for a former high school football player who likes Asian girls in San Francisco.
  • Game for a blonde surfer dude who moves to Brazil.
  • Game for hairy Middle Eastern guys in Eastern Europe.
  • Game for Indian guys who like white girls in Texas.

There should be at least one qualified guru specifically dedicated to hyper-niche markets like the ones above. It’s already being accomplished informally in game forums, but I expect it to become more organized in the next few years.

The game that I teach is generic enough to work for a wide audience. It’s specific but not too specific. It’s not quirky or strange that you have to be exactly like me for it to work. New gurus coming onto the scene will find it almost impossible to attract a large audience because of how saturated the field is. Second wave pickup must (and will) drill down to detailed niche markets. There will be less money in it, for sure, but unless you reinvent the wheel, you won’t get many eyeballs to yet another “dating advice” resource. You’ll be seen as a copycat at best, a spammer at worst.

I’ve cracked a door open by writing my travel guides. With a book like Bang Colombia, a small market has developed for further instruction, possibly in the form of workshops done by a man who has lived in Colombia and further hacked the code of Colombian women. If there was an American man who halfway understood Ukraine, I would’ve happily fork over a couple hundred dollars for him to teach me when I first arrived there. Specialized knowledge that takes months or years to obtain will become very valuable to men who are short on time.

The niche markets don’t have to be international. For example, there is a huge pent-up demand for guys who want to crack dating sites like OKcupid or Plenty of Fish. While a “How To Date On The Internet” book will do well, imagine if a guy cracked only OKcupid and put out something like “How To Bang One Girl A Week From OKcupid.” I hate internet game but even I’d want to check out that book. Or how about a book called “How To Pick Up Girls In Starbucks” with twenty openers and dozens of bait examples that are only used in that chain of stores.

In twenty years or so, when game theory is studied on the university level, I envision a man taking a 500-question personality quiz in order to tell him the optimum game he should spit. You would share your living situation, female preferences, race, style, and so on. Instead of a one-size-fits-all game that we have now, where you hope what you’re reading works for you, you’d have a detailed recipe that works specifically for you and only you. The only limiting factor in success after that would be how much effort you put in.

The macro discussion of game may be nearing an end as most of the general topics have been analyzed to death by bright male minds. Now it’s time to go micro.

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