How Sexual Feasts And Famine Affect Your Quality

There are two conflicting drives within every player: the need to get laid versus the need to get laid with high quality. They are opposing forces that, when balanced out within any man, yields an average conquest that falls somewhere between his basal boner test and his dream girl standard.

My need to get laid with high quality is at its peak right after any lay. I am at my least horniest state and can therefore play a waiting game to pursue only the most attractive women. I can walk around a shopping mall for one hour and only do a single approach on the most beautiful girl I find. I can stand in a club for three hours only doing two approaches on gorgeous women. I can play the waiting game to aim for the heights of human perfection.

My need to get laid with a lower standard of women begins to assert itself if I haven’t had sex in two weeks. I am less patient to wait for the 8’s and up. I unconsciously gravitate towards 7’s, which my past results suggest are reasonably easy. By the third week of not having sex, I will even approach 6’s, using only the boner test to approach anything reasonable. My eyes become almost blind to the hottest girls because I’m too horny to fail.

Studying my past results, success with very beautiful girls happened to occur in two circumstances: (1) When I had recently gotten laid, and (2) When I had many other prospects to play with. In other words, they were when I could afford to fail. Scoring with a beautiful girl during sexual famines have been quite the exception in my life.

If you only want to lay 9’s, the logical move is to only approach 9’s, but laying 9’s is tough, and you may go a very long time without success, especially if you live in a middling city. Your noble goal may cause you to reek of sexual starvation, which won’t be particularly arousing to the 9’s you do come across. On the other hand, even a lay-up with a 6 takes an amount of time that you could have invested hunting for 9’s instead, putting your mind into the mentality of merely getting laid instead of scoring a trophy. It’s difficult—maybe impossible—to do both at the same time.

I have been unable to reconcile this problem. I have been unable to silence my sexual hunger during inevitable cold streaks to wait for a high value conquest, and because of that, my ability to lay 9’s will always have a ceiling that is determined by my strong need for sex. Therefore when you are sexually content, I recommend being extraordinary picky, because once the hunger builds in you, you won’t have the patience or will to work on more challenging girls. Instead, you’ll be ready to stick your dick in just about anything.

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