How Sexual Feasts And Famine Affect Your Quality

There are two conflicting drives within every player: the need to get laid versus the need to get laid with high quality. They are opposing forces that, when balanced out within any man, yields an average conquest that falls somewhere between his basal boner test and his dream girl standard.

My need to get laid with high quality is at its peak right after any lay. I am at my least horniest state and can therefore play a waiting game to pursue only the most attractive women. I can walk around a shopping mall for one hour and only do a single approach on the most beautiful girl I find. I can stand in a club for three hours only doing two approaches on gorgeous women. I can play the waiting game to aim for the heights of human perfection.

My need to get laid with a lower standard of women begins to assert itself if I haven’t had sex in two weeks. I am less patient to wait for the 8′s and up. I unconsciously gravitate towards 7′s, which my past results suggest are reasonably easy. By the third week of not having sex, I will even approach 6′s, using only the boner test to approach anything reasonable. My eyes become almost blind to the hottest girls because I’m too horny to fail.

Studying my past results, success with very beautiful girls happened to occur in two circumstances: (1) When I had recently gotten laid, and (2) When I had many other prospects to play with. In other words, they were when I could afford to fail. Scoring with a beautiful girl during sexual famines have been quite the exception in my life.

If you only want to lay 9′s, the logical move is to only approach 9′s, but laying 9′s is tough, and you may go a very long time without success, especially if you live in a middling city. Your noble goal may cause you to reek of sexual starvation, which won’t be particularly arousing to the 9′s you do come across. On the other hand, even a lay-up with a 6 takes an amount of time that you could have invested hunting for 9′s instead, putting your mind into the mentality of merely getting laid instead of scoring a trophy. It’s difficult—maybe impossible—to do both at the same time.

I have been unable to reconcile this problem. I have been unable to silence my sexual hunger during inevitable cold streaks to wait for a high value conquest, and because of that, my ability to lay 9′s will always have a ceiling that is determined by my strong need for sex. Therefore when you are sexually content, I recommend being extraordinary picky, because once the hunger builds in you, you won’t have the patience or will to work on more challenging girls. Instead, you’ll be ready to stick your dick in just about anything.

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  • Phil

    —-What was your internal game like prior to having the ability to succeed with a 9?
    —-I’d like to know how much your thoughts have changed????(ie maybe you used to say I’m a loser and will never get a 9 to man she’s gonna live it when I throw her against the wall and swarm her with my passion)?
    —-What was closing you first 9 (or couple of 9s like)? Was it- oh man I can’t believe she’s as easy as that 7? Or I hope this works on her? For game rookies do they pretty much have to get 6 or 7s when they start as they’re too thirsty and not naturally alpha (say like a hs or college star football line backer to naturally feel they deserve such quality automatically with no hesitation)???

  • seth datta

    I used to have standards when girls were much cuter 10-12 years ago. But now the situation is FUBAR in all sorts of ways and I don’t mind doing a girl that is a ’5′ if she is thin and is relatively young. Standards are overrated these days -as long as she is average (thin) and has no STDs, that’ll have to do. I’m not thirsty, just realistic, and if others’ amongst you can consistently score top talent, then good for you.

    I did notice that after the financial crisis, the girls shifted their attention from only going after good-looking (=tall) guys to half the cute ones going after these guys, and the other half (insecure) ones going after the shortest, most unemployable dudes availible as the girls could be sure that these ‘providers’ would never leave them (an irony as the guys exist only due to the welfare state). This completely disincetivises guys who are real ‘providers’ as the state provides for the girls, who are free to make poor relationship decisions that disempower them and men in the long run. Any changes to this situation will take too long – the only way women will want a hard working ‘provider’ man is if welfare ends – which means society has collapsed.

    So we have a society over here of too many useless, government-dependent men and women. Your choices in the UK are to:
    (a) slave your life away for 0-1 women, who may be fat, and get divorce-raped and have your kids taken away from you
    (b) try to f*ck lots of women, for almost 100% of them are irresponsible/hypergamous parasitic sluts who are not fit to be wife/mother material. The feminists would hate this one, but its true and the reason why many UK guys date the EE and other women who have moved here. Often times, even they get corrupted by the society.

  • WallStreetPlayboys

    Suggested Solution: keep a 7 girlfriend. They are easier to maintain compared to the 8+’s.

    Now that you have one regular the rest of your approaches will only be on 8-9′s. They are all crazy so you get the best of both worlds. Casual sex with high maintenance 8/9, low maintenance girlfriend and no reek of sexual starvation.

    If the girlfriend falls through well that’s just part of the game.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Well analyzed and articulated, seth datta. Anyone using seduction to turn the tables and get money from women? I think men who are socially savvy and highly desirable from the inane collectivist female perspective are trophies already. They are the carousel. Seems like only a matter of time to me before the game illusion of a real man is worth subsidizing when money is easy for a vapid vagina, and who wouldn’t want material subsidy with sexual subsidy?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    There was a comment on Rok about how this is the breakup time of year when men don’t produce enough for the princesses who go back on the market from Xmass to Valentine’s Day. Part of the game indeed. ROI matters to a man.

  • Ninja Man

    Having lived in the UK all my life I second this 100%… I have not one guy friend that hasn’t had to deal with tremendous bull shit from average looking (6) picky demanding hard to please women here it’s incredible, you have to keep gaming her non stop to have the edge in a relationship as she is constantly reminded by society that she can do better.

  • Jesse James

    I use to when I was living in Hawaii (2002-2007) with everything from tourists, locals, and military/civillian students and workers. But I noticed two things: The first, was that usually women who bought things for you, wanted to speed up the process of getting laid. This meant they were either married, or in a serious relationship (read stuck with a former alpha turned beta provider, or just plain old vanilla beta) and needed a quick fling to satisfy the cravings they were not getting at home (listen to song all I want to do is make love to you by Heart in the 80′s I think; truly, a woman’s hamsterbation music group if ever there was one). The other was one of two types of women, a girl who took the idea that feminists only espoused in words, and had the brains to actually carry it through, or was a low quality chick in some regard that needed dick and would mysteriously morph into harpy goddess of level 7 in hell when she felt the tingle-assassination which is when you were beta enough to allow her crap to continue via a relationship status.

    The problem with getting women to support you is that it is on par with the guy who buys lottery tickets over starting his own business. Great if you are the one in 100 million who cash in a big prize; sucks for the rest. Like any business venture though, you have to learn how to overcome the risks before you get to spend the big paychecks on the mcmansion and trophy wife. Who will onvince you that she is with an affinity for your penis alone to sow in the seeds of marital bliss. How often does that happen?

    Yeah, right, not very often. A woman who supports you, even if you are getting a degree or starting a business, will secretly resent you because she feels her money is her own; and you need to take up the traditional provider role. She never should have had too, if she does, you owe her! If you can’t do that, women throughout history in that position will only have so much time before their biological clock tells them to invest their vagina elsewhere. This is where the saying “marriage is where men’s dreams go to die!” comes from. A man had better have his dreams finished pre-nuptials, for a woman’s real dream, feminist cunt, and holly homemaker are truly equal here, will both demand your dreams take a back seat “for the children.” So make that paper boy!

    Living at home is for girls, and it won’t be until there are artificial wombs, and RISUG for all that women will finally get the hint that they better get with the program or become obsolete!

  • Dr.F

    Exactly sir, and I don’t know why Roosh and others don’t do this. He just has to keep his real identity from his GF. Frequent main course 7 pussy augmented by occasional side dish 8-9 pussy. Plus, there’s always some P4P pussy that can be thrown in for shits and giggles. I live with an 8.5 and have to put up w/ her BS, but have a few other irons in the fire. Further, I head down to Tijuana every few months and dine on 9-10s at about $80 a pop. Puts things in perspective nicely and keeps my game sharp and fine tuned. Gives me that little bounce in my step and cocky grin on my face.

  • Max Hammer

    A friend and I had similar discussion to what you wrote here Roosh. We compared game from now to 5 years ago. I think the one major difference from then to now in regards to the boner test, for me at least, is not being able to withstand running game on dumb girls. I would plow through it in the past and pick up her slack by keeping things going because she was such a uninteresting person it would give me a headache.

    These days I am able to live comfortably, have a car, a motorcycle, financial investments. If I meet a 8+ who can’t even hold a conversation I will shut her down and move on to the next one. The Manosphere here is vocal about their distaste for fatties and feminists, which I am on board with, but I am on my own quest to shame girls who are just dumb and think that is okay.

  • yohami

    “If you only want to lay 9′s, the logical move is to only approach 9′s”

    No, because the 9′s will only go with the aphex alphas, and swimming in pussy and accordant behaviour is required.

    If you only want to lay 9′s, the logical move is to bang a lot of 7′s, and treat the 9′s like the 6′s they really are.

  • TKOMDwolf

    I know this older guy who fucks 9′s on a consistent level. He’s 32 and I’m 24. He’s good looking as fuck, genetically fit, and has been on several celebrity TV shows in Asia. No biggie.

    I remember driving around in his maserati (he’s rich as fuck as well), and I shamelessly asked him how many girls he’s fucked and how he does it.

    He kind of took his sweet as time answering me and kind of mumbled “I don’t really, I don’t know… like 300 or something.” It’s as if we’ve reached a very meta discussion and having to approach it from a quantitative evaluation was a lame endeavor in itself. I realized at this point that this guy was too cool to even break down how he gets lays.. it’s just a part of him. I knew he knew that he was part of this awesome genetic and familial lottery. His fate is that of constant fucking with minimal game.

    He’s always fucking hot, white chicks anywhere from 18 to late 20′s. He makes fun of the older 20′s girls to me saying they’re thirstier than young men.

    But he also said something to me which was interesting. “If you want to fuck the best girls, do something interesting with your life because all the girls want to be with someone who has an interesting life.”

    That’s all he said. And we never spoke about girls again.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Interesting field report. On YOUR business, everything is The Trust. You think it’s YOUR business that you will start and keep. Better off looking at every income possibility as a mooch. She resents me? pfft The resentment between the sexes is baked in until rank-and-file men assert themselves as a brotherhood of patriarchy with balls. I am not speaking of long term solutions but of immediate necessities in a fucked up world that has yet to burn out of the way. At this stage of my life and of The Decline, ltr is not something I take seriously. A man would have to have political and economic power to make that work just in terms of acquiring merely feasible female quality, but it would be no bargain. If variety was a better play than intimancy 10 years ago (and in hindsight I believe it was), it will only be absurdly more so going foward. Now is not a time for pride on lifestyle. The pride well worn makes one more formidable to one’s opposition, and stealth is the only viable way. Emotionally experienced women will never reform. They can only break or be proud spinsters. Women will ‘get it’ when they die if they don’t coming out of adolescence. Stubborn things are women. I owe them nothing. I will never recover what I lost. It is amazing what field testing Game will do to and for a man. Time to look out for #1 until it’s time to recover and rebuild.

  • Noah

    Touche-some player gospel here

  • Jesse James

    Sad, but true.

  • Chris Santander

    Lets hope Roosh will learn a lesson from what the guy told you, and He will start doing something valuable and worthwhile with his life. Moving arround poor european countries, looking for cheap and drunk teenagers is a sign of mental illness, many lunatics and psycho maniacs have tried it and they have ended up in big disaster. Roosh, Roosh, listen and take heed, start doing something interesting with your life. Time waits for no one

  • seth datta

    Let me tell you a story about 2 brothers I know. One of them is a working class prole, 43 y/o , but is alpha as hell with women. Alpha males aren’t necessarily thuggy guys – this guy says he’s afraid of cops. But he is a lady-killer. He has sarcoid (chronic lung disease) but lifts weights so has a six pack a great body, at 5’11 tall. His wife of many years does not put out and is ugly. He has had a vasectomy and has zero kids. Used to be a player in his youth until he got married. He runs a betting shop and is using his situational position to sleep with an 18 y/o ’7.5/8′ who works at the counter of the same shop. A few weeks before he had travelled to hungary for a weekend and laid a hot 26 y/o.

    Your friend may be a good guy, but ‘riches attracts bishes’, so let me tell you about the second guy. The second brother is 32 y/o, rich, but only because he offshores British peoples jobs to hungary, which he again offshore to India (an idea he came up with to get rich, so he is essentially deconstructing his own society). He sleeps with women due to his managerial position, and he lives an ‘interesting life’ travelling, from all the money made from offshoring his fellow citizens jobs. The girls he gets are hot, but he relies on position and wealth solely. He is also 6′ tall etc, but his lifestyle is built on destroying others lives. And women reward him for this with sex etc.

    Now, arguably, both brothers may be destructive for society as none of them would make great dads, amongst many other issues. But the second (wealthy) brother is rewarded by society and women, for betraying his countrypeople. All the hot girls want rich men who are (almost always) sociopathic liars. This may or may not apply to your friend. But it does to this brother out of these 2 guys I know.

  • Will

    You can have a woman support you in a stealth fashion. I’ve had women let me stay over repeatedly while making me dinners and breakfasts. This can be slowly increased. Regardless of my experience, the media reports 40% of marriages have the women earning more (not sure how accurate this is). Certainly, men should start reversing the co-habitation dynamics and let the women be the leaseholder/home-owner.

  • Masta solanas

    I wonder how many men have actually had a 9 or above? Those girls are always in relationships (and it looks rarely with alphas), they date men in their close knit social cliques.

  • Nick

    The best success I’ve had is while spinning 4-5 plates. Whether we’ve had sex or just been on a date, having multiple girls in the mix will influence your behaviors in ways you can’t consciously control and other girls pick up on. I also think any girl you’ve slept with will drop at least a point in your mind, after sex. Her initial unattainability added to her attractiveness.