How The Game Changes When You Get Older

There hasn’t been a lot written about what happens to players as they age, especially ones that have been brought up on current models of game that originated in the late 90’s. The reason is that most players actively using game are relatively young—the average age of my reader is around 26, and most of the older guys who message me are looking for wives more than casual bangs. I’m in the unique position of having a good amount of experience on aging while gaming. Here are some changes I’ve noticed:

1. What you wanted in the past is not what you’ll want tomorrow

If you’re learning game, chances are you want to have a lot of sex with different women, but once you accomplish this mission, your goal will likely change into laying higher quality. The value of random sex will decrease once you’ve had it so much. One-night stands with merely cute girls have become almost meaningless to me because of its large upfront labor without a long-term payoff. Most of the approaches I do now are on girls I suspect I would want to have sex with several times. When you are young, you can get drunk on any no-name vodka, but once you get older, you start to appreciate fine scotches and cognac. Experience teaches you what value is, which is what you then seek.

2. A girl will be attracted to you for different reasons

When you were 24, a girl fucked you because you had big muscles and high energy. At 34, she’ll fuck you because she likes your stories and you have a nice apartment. Women hold you to different standards based on your age, so trying to retain your youthful game into your mid 30’s is a mistake that will cause girls to label you as immature or having an age complex. Instead, you should ease into displaying refinement, class, and even sophistication. You also should be more open about sharing your surplus resources. Buying a drink for a girl when you’re young could be a fatal mistake, but doing it when you’re older could be a solid move that builds attraction. Same with dinner dates. While you don’t want to become a beta male, you can start to give a touch more provider game to build the comfort that facilitates sexual escalation.

3. You won’t be able to approach as much

Your energy will drop sharply. You won’t be able to go to a club, have six vodkas, and then approach ten girls. Your limited energy must therefore be harnessed into a sort of sniper game or a niche. Younger guys can use more of a brute force hack game where they approach a ton of girls until getting lucky, but older guys have to be more methodical about their approach targets so they don’t waste needless energy on bad prospects. Fortunately, this will be easy for the older man because he has a wealth of experience to tell him which girls are likelier to receive his approach or not. More importantly, his game will be at a high enough level where he simply gets “lucky” at a faster rate. I’ll let you know at what age that luck starts to decrease, but thankfully my quality is still increasing every year (I’m currently 34).

4. Your libido decreases

Even if you stay on top of your weight-lifting regime, you simply won’t think of sex as much as before. Of course you’ll still greatly enjoy sex and want to sleep with beautiful girls, but you’ll be willing to spend one less night a week going out. You’ll pass on the easy 6. You’ll be less motivated to push through flakiness to get through the bang, and you’ll start flaking out on girls yourself simply for not being in the mood. It will be impossible for you to maintain the sexual hunger you had at a younger age when sex was novel and amazing.

What’s interesting about game is that you spend so many years to perfect getting sex and then by the time you get really good at it your needs change and you have to modify your program. Just when I got really good at club game, I started to hate clubs. Just when I got good at one-night stands, I received less value in them. Just when I got good at banging 7’s, they were no longer satisfying. The worst mistake you can make it to continue the same behavior even though your needs have changed, which means you’ll always be learning game. You won’t be able to coast long on what you know now, no matter how long it took you to learn.

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