How The Male Sex Drive Is Being Manipulated

How much of your sexual desire is innate, based on a natural human urge, and how much of it is based on influences from living in a cosmopolitan environment? I asked myself this when attempting a short break from sex in order to prepare for my recent summer tour, where I decided not to focus on women at all. This mild chastity experiment has forced me to conclude that my natural urge is being strongly affected by my surroundings.

I’ve already commented how watching porn can actually increase your perceived need for sex, but there’s something much more ordinary that is tempting you every day: the sight of female skin. Once summer finally got around to Poland in early June, girls walked the streets in little booty shorts and tank tops. This may have been a welcome sight for the horny man on the hunt, but for a man attempting to complete an important project on deadline, it was an impossible distraction. I could not help but think of sex when instantly viewing their bodies—and then how to get sex from them. This wasn’t as big of a problem for men thirty years ago when women were less eager to show their bits in public.

1980’s Fashion





Today’s Fashion



While porn is doing a fine job to increase male thirst, you don’t need to load up a gangbang video to become aroused when most women are competing with each other to present themselves as sexual objects. At the same time they whine at misogynist men for not viewing them as intelligent and empowered creatures, they are wearing yoga pants where you can clearly see the mound of their vaginas, their individual labia, and even whether or not they’re shaved. Men have no immunity to viewing half-naked women in public and not thinking of sex, which instantly manipulates their sex drive. The reason you are hornier in the summer than in the winter is not due to air temperature, but because in the summer you are seeing 100 extra pairs of bare legs a day.

If you were to live in a village without internet and only three of four attractive women were present within a 50 mile radius, would you think of sex more or less than if you lived in a Western city with internet? The answer is obvious. This means that while you live in cities, your sexual urge is being amplified to a level that may be difficult—if not impossible—to sate.

A man’s behavior is far easier to control when he is in an extreme state of either sexual frustration or sexual excess. He’s so concerned with a blinding sexual urge that he is less able to direct his masculinity onto becoming more independent, self-reliant, and free-thinking—traits required to fight against corrupt forces that surround him. It’s no surprise that Hollywood productions aim to whip up the sexual appetites of men to a level that they can’t possibly satisfy.

The encouragement of in-your-face female sexuality and the pornification of our society is merely a new version of a program to control men. These men think they are “free” to do as they want, and certainly feel privileged to have casual sex with the object of their desires, but so much of their time is now occupied towards sex, based on a urge that is being deliberately manipulated by their environment, that they have no leftover energy or will to dedicate towards more serious concerns like the improvement of their neighborhood, city, or nation.

I wish I could say that men have the strength to resist the delicious naked flesh that cavorts in front of them every day, but like all other animals, we are not immune to our environment. I now fully understand why Islamists insist on covering women in public—to prevent the true sexual objectification of women. If women of the West want to prevent this, they are more than free to cover up their skin so that the men who catch sight of them in public will not think of sex. And then maybe us men could get some more important work done.

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