How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

American girls primarily pick their sexual partners based on feelings instead of logic. She fucks you not because you’re a good man who matches her reasoned compatibility criteria, but because you made her pussy wet with a cocky attitude and aloof nature. The problem with selecting sex partners based on feelings is that if she happens to get a bad feeling about you right after sex, she’s going to back-rationalize and find a way to blame you for it. You’ll be in for days of anxiety wondering if those bad feelings transform into the worst-cast scenario: a false rape accusation. You patiently wait for her to send a text message that you can use as rape defense.

It’s not uncommon for American girls to “flip” after sex and make a 180 degree turn once her emotional high of attraction comes down. She can go immediately silent, ask you to leave, start crying, or get angry. I’ve had degrees of all four happen to me, leaving me in a stressful state on how to deal with a girl whose feelings could bring the judicial hammer upon my head even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Should I be nice to her? Should I storm out? Should I have recorded the interaction with my phone?

The best thing you can do when a girl flips on you after sex is be firm and mature. In other words, act like a stern father whose insolent child is throwing a temper tantrum. Don’t escalate the encounter into nuclear war, but don’t lay down and let her get away with acting silly.

  • If she’s being suddenly combative, say, “You’re acting immature and rude right now. When you’re done with your temper tantrum, let me know.”
  • If she’s giving you the silent treatment, say, “You’re acting strange all of a sudden. Were you a virgin?” She will say no and then you can respond, “Well it sure seems like it by the way you’re acting now.”
  • If she’s crying, say, “Crying after sex is not a typical response unless you were hurt. Did I physically hurt you?” She will say no. Then say, “Okay well let’s act like adults. If there’s something on your mind, you can say it. I’m not a mind reader.”

The message you want to send is, “I don’t accept the way you’re acting right now.” You’re not insulting her, you’re not escalating the encounter, but you’re insisting on an adult atmosphere where feelings without explanation are not permitted. In essence you are dragging her out of a child-like state and bringing her back into the adult world. If she can’t handle that, you should end the interaction.

The last thing you want to do is be weak. Women who flip after sex absolutely hate weak men, and like a piranha sensing blood in water, the weakness gives them permission to escalate. I believe that false rape accusations are done primarily on men who put out a weak signal that hints they’d bowl over in the face of an accusation. Women don’t accuse fighters—they accuse men who they think won’t fight back.

Keep in mind that there should be a slight hint of compassion in your response because, after all, your penis was inside her and there was obviously some sort of connection for the sex act to occur, but don’t let her get away with acting immature because she will milk it for all it’s worth. Appeasement didn’t work on Hitler, and it won’t work on American women either.

Live by feelings, die by feelings. When women let sex be determined by little feelings inside their tummies, they will inevitably pick partners that will make them feel regret afterwards. Unfortunately for men, the repercussions from her feelings can have real-world consequences. Be firm in the face of those negative feelings to survive the whimsy of her hamster brain. These days not only do you need game in fucking American women, but you also need to be a psychologist to deal with the unpredictable aftermath.

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  • michelin

    Golden post. Stuff like this should be mandatory in every high school to instruct our future generations of men.

  • Jon

    Your next post:

    “Avoid American Women and Go for Foreign Women, If You Don’t Want to Go to Jail”.

  • Alpha

    You just compared American women to Hitler.

  • Professor Mentu

    Gold. I should retweet this every three months like I do Roissy’s 16 Commandments.

    I’ve only had one close encounter, but I accidentally handled it correctly. I wasn’t prepared.

    The other close call I had was false “domestic violence” which I handled well – again, accidentally because I wasn’t prepared. She literally said in front of a crowd “…like that time you hit me.”

    I’m going to write about both. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • JackSchitz

    I have to think that the best way to deal with this is to put an audio recorder in your bedroom (check your state laws first before doing this to ensure that one party knowledge is sufficient and DON’T put a video recorder in your bedroom). Then, the morning after, upload the audio recording to some service that time stamps your files (DON’T EDIT THEM). Also, establishing a “safe word” on tape may be good idea as well to show the cops that you were actively looking to prevent an unwanted “affection” situation.

    I could go on regarding tactics here, but I think you guys get the point.

  • memcpy

    The future of game, covering your ass.

  • La mouette

    No need to worry guys, if you are actually clean the worst you can go through is some bureaucratic BS.

    The Hells Angels have been accused of rape countless times by some psychos who came to search for trouble in the first place. Even if they definitely ain’t choirboys they got away 99% of the time.

    Show her that you don’t give a damn when she is acting like the pyscho she is.

  • doclove

    This is one of the most awesome articles written. The advice here offers you the best possibility to save you from a horrifying amount of trouble. It may not be enough so keep that in mind. Some women aren’t worth having any kind of a relationship with and an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Sometimes you don’t know any better and get involved with a toxic evil insane woman and you need to minimize the damage. However, it is best to avoid toxic evil insane women. I’ll try to read Professor Mentu’s articles when he write them and suggest all of you do the same. You may not follow Roosh’s or Professor Mentu’s advice, but you better really listen read and seriously consider it if you know what’s good for you, the man in today’s USA.

  • David Lee Roth

    As been previously stated, the only sure fire way to avoid a false rape accusation is to avoid American females all together. Thanks to the incredibly dysfuncional and screwed up society the USA has become, the feamles are sick as fuck and are walking around with worms in their heads. 60 years ago anybody who exhibited the behavior that we see today in women would have earned them doing time in the sandbox wearing a straightjacket. Seriously.

  • David Lee Roth

    at 7 La mouette, who stated:

    “No need to worry guys, if you are actually clean the worst you can go through is some bureaucratic BS.

    The Hells Angels have been accused of rape countless times by some psychos who came to search for trouble in the first place. Even if they definitely ain’t choirboys they got away 99% of the time.”

    Dude it’s only decent men who end up getting a false rape accusation thrown at them. Nobdoy, not even the legal system wants to fuck with the Hells Angles.

    Having said that it might behhove all men to get more organized on such matters.

  • Garth

    This is a good article but you must factor in that the system is no longer logical. The name of the game in todays “justice” in the usa is “Throw a man in jail, even if he is not guilty” There are many, many cases where a guy proves in court that he is innocewnt, but the gavel wielding fascist pig judge inprisons the accused anyway.

    IT IS THIS that makes it so scary. You have to understand that ANY MAN in the USA IS A SITTING DUCK, period. Could be a jack booted goon with a badge willing to Rodney King your ass on the street, or some sick cunt deciding she is not resposnible for her decisions in life and throws a false accusation your way.

    In the final analysis, this is a good reason to get the fuck out of what was once the USA and find solace in societies that are sane.

  • ladderff

    Appeasement didn’t work on Hitler, and it won’t work on American women either.

    Best Hitler comparison in Internet history (being sincere).

  • HeManMasterofthePooniverse

    Been there as well. Some broad said she was gonna tell the cops I raped her. We didn’t even have sex, just finger blast and handjob middle school type bullshit.

    I always had to walk on egg shells with her bc she was such a lunatic.

    Finally she sent me a text saying she was sorry she was gonna try to frame me for rape. I saved it and never talked to her again. Girls are bazerk

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, rooshiepoops,

    have you ever eaten a bean and cheese burrito before sex and then cut the cheese?

    How did you deal with that embarrassing situation?

    It needs it’s own blogpost…

  • Georgia Boy

    My main trick for this is the good old Rogue’s Refrain (But it seemed like you wanted to … It felt to me like you wanted to …). If you’re not escalating before attraction and comfort, she’s dropped signs and hints for you, so don’t forget what those were. And if you’re rolling with buddies you can make sure they see and hear about the cues before you have sex with her. I would say definitely don’t just run off if she starts to turn on you, that just signals the hamster that it’s free to run whichever way it wants. Don’t show weakness, but don’t talk down and imply she’s immature either. Give the rogue’s refrain and the signs you got from her. Help the hamster justify the hookup like usual so she doesn’t feel bad about it.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t fuck a girl from a Scandanavian country, that’s another part of it.

  • masculineffort

    I guess one must go for same day lays and not exchange phone numbers for this to work. That being said, I have thankfully never been in a situation where a girl might scream rape. Hope that sort of thing continues.

  • NYN

    If you guys are not familiar with it, read up on the incident with Greg Kelly, TV anchor and son of NYPD Commish Ray Kelly. See how easily a whore can damage your reputation and career with mere words.

  • j

    and just like hitler nobody will believe what is happening, or do anything about it, until it is too late.

    the real alpha males either run america as oligarchs, have left the country, or are locked up in its prisons.

    all you game guys complaining about american women under assumed names on the internet, afraid of losing your feminine office worker cubicle jobs, are just waiting for the gas chambers. the definition of beta is sticking around america and complaining about it on the internet while you watch it go to shit.

  • Bob

    Do what men are now doing in Sweden in order to avoid false rape accusations which are extremely prevelant here and have destroyed many men’s lives. Prior to sex film her consent statement with your smart phone and email it to your friend.

  • Kleyauf

    “The last thing you want to do is be weak…Women don’t accuse fighters—they accuse men who they think won’t fight back.” This is the most important part of any relationship, and no matter what other mistakes a man has made, he has to get this part right. Works for divorce, too.

  • La mouette

    -> David Lee Roth

    You should read Hunter S. Thompson’s book about the Angels.
    “Law” has never been afraid of fighting them, they are just hard to control when they all gather to go on a booze/LSD marathon.
    The random dude should be more afraid of Angels than policemen or lawyers.
    Most of them ended up in courts actually, even for petty things.

    TL;DR : Hells are as vulnerable as you and I, just don’t provoke them if you don’t wanna to realise that you are actually a lil’ more vulnerable than them.

  • Fred

    It’s for this very reason that I keep all texts/emails I receive from the woman post-sexual encounter. Let’s see how credible her rape accusations sound when I have a text from her singing the praises of my cock and wanting to know when she’s going to get more.

  • Professor Mentu

    “J”, if you’re the “jesse” that just dropped that little nugget of wisdom over at UMan (just a guess – same style and rhetoric), we’d very much be interested in hearing your alternative.

  • J Doe

    In todays world, if a woman even THINKS rape without saying it at any point in your interaction, then it’s considered rape. Listen to what the late great Patrice O’neal had to go through:

  • Yep

    Off-topic, but the forum isn’t updating for me. I’ve flushed my DNS several times over several days, but I’m still getting the red announcement bar. Not sure what else I’ll need to do to alleviate this.

    [Roosh: Your ISP is crappy… everyone made it to the new server. Try a proxy service like or proxify in the meantime.]

  • Fubsy

    And nowadays we have the accusations of “rape by deception.” Could misstating your income before sex = rape? Stay tuned…

  • jesse

    @ professor mantu

    you leave. that’s the alternative. but all i read from many of you guys is all the excuses for why you cant. you live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet money is the reason you cant get out.

    even minimum wage jobs in the USA are dream jobs for 80% of the world. most of you guys are too soft to try it, but its possible to work a year at a couple minimum wage jobs and by living extremely simply save enough to live two years without working in most parts of the world, places where women cook and clean for their man and have never heard of feminism or date rape.

    80% of the world would love to hold your passport. you’re sitting on the winning lottery ticket but are too bitch to cash it in.

  • painter

    Excellent advice. Roosh keeps it real, as always. The irony is that nobody here is out raping anyone, yet it’s important to be prepared if a female decides she wants to run you through the grinder for any reason besides actual rape. Just being accused of rape is devastating enough. What’s really hideous is that girls will actually play the rape card to fuck with a man with no regard to reality or the consequences.

  • J Doe

    What these women who come up with false rape stories or call rape at every turn don’t understand is that they are actually expressing a hatred of women. When you start calling trivial things “rape,” you diminish the suffering of victims of ACTUAL rape. Rape is taking the pussy by force. It is not sex that a woman decides she regrets after the fact.

  • Fat Man

    @jesse I agree. I have lived in the US and abroad. Girls everywhere have their pluses and minuses. If you don’t like the situation where you are, then move.

    I almost feel like some guys take the easy way our. American women may not be as easy as women in country X, but isn’t the challenging hunt part of the fun?

  • Mike

    Two guys from my home state were at a party, one girl was all over them, kissing grabbing them. They took her to a bedroom had sex. She cried rape, they were arrested. Put on TRIAL even though all the people at the party said they saw her willing go. Even though both guys had the same story about her being willing.

    They didn’t go to jail. But came damn close!

    Too much power

  • Mike

    Have to agree also, in allot of countries you could live well for a couple years on what you could save up working even average paying jobs in America.

  • Hot Alpha Mom

    Where do you get off giving tongue-in-cheek rape advice?!

  • American Man

    @Fat Man– I too have lived in both the US and abroad and have dated both Americans and Europeans.
    in regards to this: “but isn’t the challenging hunt part of the fun?” Absolutely it is. On average I get 6’s and 7’s in America and abroad I get 9’s and ten’s. I’m good looking and make over 60 thousand a year and am in my early 20’s. My point is that the “hunt” of hooking up with and spending time with a 9 who has a better personality than her American counterpoint is waayy better than hooking up with the American 6’s that I get.
    The 9’s and 10’s I get in Europe really enjoy spending time with me and I enjoy spending time with them. I can’t seem to crack the 9’s and 10’s in the states. So am I taking the easy way out? I guess. But if someone is like me whose personality just doesn’t mesh with the type of girls he wants in the states, but his ideal woman jumps all over him in a different country it’s just a no brainer that I’m going to go to the different country.

    One thing you miss the point on. The European girls who I’ve gone with who are better looking than the girls I get in the states are not “easier”. Their most certainly less perverted than their American counterparts, sweeter, and more feminine. It takes more work to get them than it takes for me to get the 6’s I get in the states. This is why I think your an American woman trying come off as a man. I don’t want to play head games the whole time I’m in a relationship. That’s what happens in the states. In Europe once you’ve won your girls heart she becomes your girl. She lets you lead, is happy to see you, and roots for you to do well in your endeavors. The hunt IS fun, but what’s the point if the prize sucks? The point is your hunting for a prize that you want. In Europe I get the prize I want. She’s on your team so to speak. Yea they might leave, but their not like the best looking women in the states who don’t know how to love.

  • ATC

    @David Lee Roth
    “Thanks to the incredibly dysfuncional and screwed up society the USA has become, the feamles are sick as fuck and are walking around with worms in their heads.”

    Progestin/estrogen poisoning from FreeBirthControlPills(TM).

    Makes women bloated and irrational, while demanding “NOM NOM NOM give me more pillz pay for them now NOM NOM NOM,” also gets peed into the water supply and hurts Western men’s T levels.

  • juan

    awful advice and lol at your examples of mature.

  • krautz

    Hey, your tweet saying:

    “I just can’t get on board the MRA crusade that women raping adult men is a problem. Don’t get drunk around land whales? I don’t know.”

    The reason why from a PUA perspective you would want that is you would get valid double convictions for rape where both participants will be prosecuted for raping each other. They both wanted each other when they were drunk and so on. As a result, bullshit regret ‘rapes’ wont be reported, because men out of survival will get the woman convicted back. Maybe.

  • Luis

    Good post and it show how vrazy thease gringas are getting.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Part of the reason false accusations are a problem is that they’re part of the larger “victim culture’ that’s evolved with modern feminism.

    Women are now claiming that online harassment is a big problem, even though men have been getting “flamed” for years. The below Al Jazeera video is a good example of what’s at play here: making it seem as if any slight is some sort of “violation against women.” (Be sure to DISLIKE this video so we don’t get more.)

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™


    always covertly film your sex acts to prove it is not rape then post it up here for us all to see…

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    always covertly film your sex acts to prove their not rape then post ’em hear for us all to see…

  • OldHornDog

    Much better alternative: Move abroad and stay away from American women. Done. And the quality of the ass you get will be higher with much less effort.

  • Dean

    On average I get 6′s and 7′s in America and abroad I get 9′s and ten’s.

    I have a question about this. If Game guys can’t get 9s and 10s in America who is getting them? Rich guys? Famous guys? Statistically, there aren’t that many rich and famous guys around (as % of the total population). Jerks? Who?

  • Jay in DC

    Couple things—

    1) American Man- I’m pretty sure “Fat Man” and “Zak” from the previous thread are the same sock puppet. I.E. Dumb ass ‘merican bitch.

    2)33- Hot Alpha Mom- This is the manosphere. I have seen women give advice on how to maximize their “winnings” in divorce court settlements against men. “Raping” the man for at least 18 years of his earnings and livelihood. I give a fuck about your outrage. Feel me??

    3)43- Dean- Alpha males get 9 and 10s. You are 100% correct in your analysis. Rich and famous is less than .1% of the US population. So what is left then? MANY men who are of above average looks and treat women like dogshit. I have a close friend who can barely hold down a job. He is in his late 20s, he is an on and off drug addict (mostly on), and fucks some of the baddest bitches I have ever seen. They are not SMART, mind you, they are just hot, and young. Baltimore girls… which are 20X as easy to bang than DC girls who really aren’t from DC like most people here, they are imported for their fancy brain and busted ass pudgy bodies. Back on topic, my man is handsome, athletic, and has sick ass natural game. It fucking amazes me everytime we hang out. He is not a big tall dude, he isn’t even 6 feet tall but he works out, dresses well, and has 1000% confidence. He slays pussy from 18 (remember he is 29) to about 40 (he loves some hot-bodied MILFs too).

    Again, goes from job to job, on and off drug habit, but this is America 2012. Women under 30 will let him smash all day. This is why this ship has basically sunk here, the USA. This is why foreigners laugh at us, and they have every right to do so.

  • madmax

    most women are seriously fucking crazy. They are incapable of dealing with the ‘hole’ they have inside (no I am not talking about their sex holes). They are really fucking selfish because they don’t understand we guys have our own fucking problems to deal with.

    No, I’ll never feel guilty just because a woman cries or any of that shit. I have done nothing wrong and I don’t give a fuck. I’d rather dump her. Women are constantly craving for drama fucking bullshit. 70 years ago it wasn’t like that, they had to deal with serious shit. Guess how many of them falsely accused their husbands of rape.

    Seriously, it’s fucking ridiculous. Before I ever get married, I’ll think it over a zillion times.

  • Anonymous

    I once said to a woman who flipped: “Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you”, which made her double the hysteria. Showing weakness/friendliness gives her full allowance to shit on you, no matter how hard you try to bring her back to her senses

  • Born Again Alpha

    I always try to create a post-sex alpha connection with women. It’s very effective to make them feel good about whatever sordid sexual encounter happened. I also find it’s good to set up the expectation in advance so that they don’t cut and run while your man seed is still dripping off of wherever it landed.

    My classic is to offer up the promise of brunch at a nice restaurant. It works for me because it would probably be what I would be doing anyway and the cost of brunch is no biggie for me. But it can be as simple and inexpensive as sharing a cigarette after sex or driving her home on your motorcycle. The reason I do it is not to avoid false rape accusations but to make sure that her message to whatever social circle she is part of is a positive message. Girls are competitive about men and you want the word to get out.

    One way I like to think about it is by imagining how she would describe it to her friends. You want to leave her with a really positive spin for her friends. A good rule of thumb is also to avoid doing anything that wouldn’t be a positive story for her friends. Girls tend to lie and exaggerate about men. You want the story to be: “We had sex six times and in the morning he took me to Fancy Restaurant for brunch. It cost $500.” or “After sex we sat on his deck and shared a cigarette while we looked at the stars. He’s so romantic.” You don’t want the story to be: “He had a really small penis so I rolled out of bed and went home.” or “The sex was mediocre and he wouldn’t even share a cigarette with me.”

    None of these stories are true of course (like false rape accusations) but based on my observations women will feel a compelling need to tell an exaggerated story. So make sure it’s a good one that will get you laid again with her or someone else.

  • Dean

    Back on topic, my man is handsome, athletic, and has sick ass natural game.

    Jay, awesome comment. Could you give just a few bullet points of what his natural alpha game consists of. I think I already know but I’m just curious. My guess is it involves a cocky as fuck attitude and alot of Kino.


  • skilaki

    These days not only do you need game in fucking American women, but you also need to be a psychologist to deal with the unpredictable aftermath.

    And a good lawyer!

    I am beginning to wonder if women are worth the trouble. False rape accusations to getting raped by the divorce courts.

  • Jay in DC

    48- Dean

    You nailed the big picture. The guy is well-groomed and well-dressed, he works out, so he “looks” the part even though he is broke as fuck most of the time. He doesn’t give direct compliments ever, and I agree, that particularly for American sluts that is usually the kiss of death. But he will drop an indirect compliment within a few minutes of the approach. Kino starts within another 5 minutes sometimes less. He talks to them as conversationally as if he had known them for 10 years and doesn’t miss a beat.

    I was at a concert with him recently and in front of us was a pretty hot MILF. She had brought her kid to the concert and he just tapped her right on the shoulder. “I love how you came out with your son to this concert!” She smiled, and that is where you know you have the in. He started throwing game on her with her son, standing 2 feet away! Constant touching throughout the concert. Got her number and she was texting him the whole way back from the show. By 2 days later he sent me a bunch of really nice photos of herself in lingerie she had sent him. This woman was REALLY put together even though she was in her 40s. I’ve seen him run this same basic shtick on teenage girls too. Find some inane situational shit that girls care about, approach and attack. Again, being a pretty good lookin’ dude stacks the deck in your favor completely so YMMV of course.

  • COCO

    Roosh, let me just explain this to you- the reason why that happens is because you’re ugly and they regret having sex with you. I’m being honest…I’ve had the same experiences, I cried after sex because I was REPULSED with myself for having sex with a loser whom I did not find attractive. Also, didnt you boast on on of your blog posts about having held down a girl on more than one occcassion during sex? That IS rape Roosh.

  • Paranoia keeps me FREE

    The only thing a man needs to avoid false DV, false rape, false feminist bullshit by bitches with too much legal power and no accountability for how they use it in an insanely man-hating society is an air-tight set of anonymity precautions that you use from the moment you first meet her to the moment you break up, and a fucking pair of balls to be dominant over her in the relationship. Obviously, you need to be a details-oriented person and knowledgeable about what bits of info a private or police detective could use to discover your identity in the event a bitch accuses you of rape, violence, hurting her feelings to the police.

  • Wilson

    Put a crime scene photo of a naked partially decapitated chick (a 9, of course) around someplace where she’ll see it after sex. When she disgustedly ask what it’s doing there, say that it’s just your ex. Serial killer game: it not only gets the girls, it keeps them quiet.

  • Benny


    Such a good comment!!


    WTF? That is possibly the dumbest idea ever!!

  • J Doe

    @COCO, you feeling regret after sex is NOT rape. You’re a pretty disgusting individual if you would accuse someone of a heinous crime based on your irrational feelings after the fact. Rape is TAKING the pussy by force. Nothing else. Holding a woman down during sex is fine if she’s cool with it. Get your crazy emotional nonsense out of here COCO, nobody wants to hear it.

  • MiGHOW

    Whats worrying is the fact that the womens generate this frequently enough that Roosh has had the opportunities to work through different strategies.

    What % of women are pulling this stuff?

  • Nonsense!

    Happy Nourouz Roosh Sahib.

    You’re a fool if you think “talking” will prevent a woman from making a false accusation.

  • masculineffort

    Keep a voice recorder and activate it at the time of intercourse. That should prove consent

  • turbo

    This article would have been better named “How to deal with emotional upset after sex.” Just because a woman is upset does not mean she is going to go to the police.
    Rape is an under-reported crime in the first place, so false accusations are less likely to happen than this post implies.

    If you have actively and clearly sought consent, it is highly unlikely you will face legal trouble.

  • tyciol

    “didnt you boast on on of your blog posts about having held down a girl on more than one occcassion during sex? That IS rape Roosh.”

    Links or it didn’t happen COCO.

  • FuckinHell

    Well, as someone who is going through this bullshit after 2 girls decided to press rape charges against me (5 and 10 years after the fact) and am currently waiting to go to court over it, I figure I am qualified to talk here.

    Both allegations are complete crap. One chick says we had sex (which we didn’t) and the other was a fuck buddy that went mental after I got a girlfriend (that I’m still with 5 years later).

    At the risk of sounding alarmist here, you’re not safe. Not from any of this shit. Bitches be crazy (as my g/f says) and it sucks that I’m losing my sanity over it. I’ve spend night after sleepless night thinking about this shit. Anger. Disbelief. Raw fury.

    It’s all shit, and as a guy, theres fuck all you can do about it.

  • Anonymous

    And if she does say yes to being a virgin and being hurt? What do you do?

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  • Loghorn

    There’s just two words that’ll fix everything about it: Rape kits.

  • Pete

    “Crying after sex is not a typical response unless you were hurt.”

    It’s a very typical response to the changes in a woman’s brain chemistry while she’s being fucked. Then again, why would and 35-old wanker and a psychopath undertand anything about how NORMAL human beings behave.

  • N0mad

    @turbo. Rape may indeed be an under-reported crime and indeed i know of know acctual rape cases in my region, however I know three cases were guys have been falsely accused so one wonders where the statisticians actually glean there info from!!

  • Joe Dick

    ‘Hamster brain’, no shit, man. How deranged for a bitch to agree to fuck and then blaming it all on the man.

  • Joe Dick

    66 Pete,

    ‘It’s a very typical response to the changes in a woman’s brain chemistry while she’s being fucked.’

    I thought women had hamster brains, but you have the brain of the size of a leprechaun’s brain. Kill yourself, idiot.

  • Venom Froggy

    “I am beginning to wonder if women are worth the trouble.”

    They’re not.

  • Jimmy Da Fuk

    Kill yourself, please. Preferably in a not so messy way.

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  • To Doosh V, sorry roosh I mean

    I thought the guy who wrote the last article that had the link to this was a detriment to society. You are exponentially worse. Do you give seminars to spread this misogynistic ignorance? I’d like to attend wearing a suicide bomber vest. You stupid fuck, people like YOU are the reason women are all screwed up in the head and file rape charges against undeserving people who happen along after you’ve played your little games. I was falsely accused and NONE of the things you wrote are good advice, with the exception of the words “be firm and mature”. If you had done this earlier instead of thinking only of getting laid, it would have kept you out of 90% of these issues. But yes, it’s women’s inherent faults that both justify your lack of integrity, character, and conscience, and are to blame for the reaction they have when they discover the real you is just a fraud who passed for attractive in low light, and seemed interesting when no conversation was possible due to noise. I know what you’ll say. I’m jealous because I can’t get laid. Actually I can, even without the tricks and lies. Where I have trouble, is finding someone who hasn’t already been taken advantage of, lied to constantly, and led to believe all men are like you and your followers, not to be trusted or believed.

  • Davie

    Certainly older less desirable ones, single moms, etc. aren’t.

    Go hot or don’t go at all. The rest can enjoy their cats, they cannot force a man to have sex with them.

  • David

    It’s OK to lie about your income or job or pretty much anything except impersonating someone else, and you would not be committing rape by deception.

    If you have sex with a prostitute and then refuse to pay, one of the comments says that could be rape by deception (rather than just fraud I guess which is what I think it is) but then she also says that if you have sex with someone underage who tells you she is of age, she might be committing rape by deception against you — you wouldn’t have fucked her if you had known, and her lie actually is impersonation — of a woman of legal age.

    Seems we don’t have to worry about rape by deception (for the usual white lies about income, etc.), the law is on our side unless we impersonate someone else to obtain consent. The article (by a female law professor) considers lying about income no worse than a woman wearing perfume.

  • David
  • Venom Froggy

    Oh yeah. Just go hot, that’ll solve all your problems. I’m sure the judge will go real easy on you during the rape hearing because the chick falsely accusing you was, like, really fucking hot, d’ood.

  • Oliver

    After my first encounter I think take the blame but confuse the bitch by blaming her too and make sure you pretend to be her friend but it won’t be easy all the sleepless nights shit. Anger. Disbelief. Raw fury. Will eat you up…i think prostitution is safer after all this shit

  • Oliver

    Must be a girl

  • HYFR

    This is no joke. My cousin was accused of rape back in the late 1990’s. The girl falsely accused him of rape and the whole school turned on him. They even wrote about him in the school paper. He tried to commit suicide, but failed. In the end, everyone found out the truth( that the girl was a lying slut who had slept with the entire football team). Still scary tho

  • Michael Y

    so because she slept with the whole football team…that negates the potentiality of her being raped?


  • Daniel Ramos

    It means her honesty was in question, you dolt.

  • Jalil Middleton

    I fucking agree. I should go look for a Russian woman right now. That or an Afro-Brazilian woman.

  • Jalil Middleton

    Again, that is the reason I don’t date much, if at all.

  • 7th Fleet

    Do not have sex with American women. Problem solved.

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  • Jack Strawb

    “How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught?”

    You smirking chimp. Pathetic.

  • Jack Strawb

    ABR. Always Be Recording. A pocket recorder one third the size of a pack of cigarettes is unfortunately essential these days.

  • Jack Strawb

    I’m nowhere near as certain as you that a video recorder in the bedroom is ipso facto illegal. 38 states have one party consent laws (wikipedia is good in this regard), but it’s not clear to me that you cannot continuously audio record in your own home in all-party consent states. I believe it’s also the case that even in all-party states you can record without anyone else’s consent in public places where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. It may further be the case that you can record in all-party states without consent if you believe a crime is being committed, and possibly if you believe a crime will be committed.

    In short, read up, everyone. It’s a tricky area of law, but one that is sufficiently finite that anyone with a brain should be able to spend an hour or reading and have an excellent idea what his state allows.

  • Chris Wicker

    Or just don’t have casual sex with sluts. This post is ridiculous. It ignores the option of just not living the stupid, boring, American hookup routine.

    Is your dick so tiny and your confidence so low that you need to have worthless chicks hit rock bottom with you so you can feel like a “man?” Author is a pussy, get out of here.

  • William o’neal

    I think men sleep around because the rule is to sleep with a lot of women to look at all kinds of naked women, naked vaginas, see how another woman sucks you off, moans, screams, they want that out of their system before settling down and having a baby. What’s sad about this is the women that marry these guys are in the absolute dark. Every damn doctor, lawyer american dream husband was a manwhore before marrying her.

  • js27195

    seriously every guy should just put their phone on record when things start escalating sexually and record it… keep it, don’t share it, keep it to yourself… but in the end if she accuses you of rape you can use it not only as defense, you can use it to press charges on her for making false allegations. In some states, it may be illegal to record her without her knowledge, but in most states only one of you has to know about the recording… that being said, even if you were convicted of recording her without her knowledge, its WAY better than a rape conviction which it can prevent.

  • js27195

    At least you knew Hitler was evil up front…

  • js27195

    I’d rather get charged with an illegal recording than rape any day.

  • js27195
  • js27195

    check out this story… this is what guys out there face today… terrifying.

    I guess it’s at least good its getting national attention.

  • Mary Rae

    So I’m not the type to falsely accuse anyone of anything, so I found this article interesting. I just read it now because you have just been brought to my attention. (No such thing as bad media, eh?)
    I like that you put it on the woman that they (this type) tend to choose a guy that is wrong for them (and then tend to regret their choice and do something unthinkable). However, I hope you have advice for how a guy picks his woman too. He should be careful, and not just pick a woman based on his “feelings” either. He should use logic as well. (I quoted feelings because, well, from my experience men really do think with their penis’ as woman use their emotions).
    Also, I dont think talking down to a woman after sex is going to calm her. If it was me, things would get worse quickly. That’s just me, but I’m sure im not alone. Be nice, be firm, but be respectful. Calling it a tamper tantrum implies she’s an immature child. If you’re trying NOT to fight, then don’t imply that.
    However, if you picked a real freak, then I hope you get out okay and learn your lesson. Ditto for the chick too.

  • white lightning

    The best way is to videotape the encounter. If falsely accused, get a trusted person to leak it. Once the obvious falseness if the accusation becomes public, no jury will convict and the sociopath will be ostracized.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Wow there is no way of saying this without being rude, but that was terrible advice. Acting like a jerk is not going to avoid a false rape accusation, or being ” tough” , the fact is you don’t seem to get women at all. There can be a million reasons for her crying or being silent after sex, from guilt to lack of satisfaction. She might be cheating on her boyfriend or maybe she wanted romance and you fucked her like a prostitute.

    Some more rational advice, first off, if she’s been drinking, don’t even risk it. If she looks under 25, check her I.D. And make sure it really is her I.d. Make sure YOU are not drunk or high. Avoid pissing her off with derogatory comments etc, trust me , if you piss a women off that you took home with disrespect or throw her out of your car in the middle of nowhere, don’t be shocked if she feels violated and makes false charges, I’m not excusing such behavior but one way to avoid it is to show the lady some respect. Do you really have such low self esteem that any lady that is willing to touch you, you treat like a dog? Even if it’s purely a carnal one night stand, offer her something to drink after, pay for her cab home, a little goes a long way, especially if she gets weird after! And it wouldn’t hurt taking a picture of you two together smiling earlier in the evening, or even record her giving consent (even if it’s pretty obvious , the best way to ensure she doesn’t feel like she’s been raped is to ask her straight up in a non-douche way if she is ok with going all the way. And don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you basically. Just because she says yes to sex doesn’t mean dildos anal beads and scat. ( you want her fisting your ass without your ok? Don’t assume she will be ok with being strangled hair pulled or anything beyond vanilla unless she expressly says so! If you are into that sort of thing there are clubs to meet people with your shared fetish, or pay a sex worker extra if she’s willing. And the obvious. If she says no or starts pushing you off her at any point in time, stop, zip it up, ask if she’s ok and apologize if necessary and be civil. Just because she agrees to fuck doesn’t mean you are guaranteed an orgasm. Suck it up and go wank off ( not on her near her or in her viewing range) or find someone else with less issues to deal with. Take some psychology courses so you can spot the crazies early on. The younger the girl the more likely she’s going to feel confused used or hurt after a one nighter so go for mature adults of legal age, and trust your instincts , if you feel guilty or paranoid about what you are doing, then maybe you needn’t be doing it. Respect goes along way, and best to look to mature women for advice on these issues, no offense but guys are admittedly clueless when in comes to female emotions. And rarely does sex come without it.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Thank you , finally smart AND sane advice, I don’t know what some of the people here are thinking…

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Terrible advice. piss her off and treat her like an over emotional female and why would she have any malice toward you??? It’s like you are asking to get a false accusation. Read my advice, trust me pissing off crazy people will get you bad sex and more chance of ending up in court. Respect goes a long way. I knew one girl that was totally ok with giving this guy head in an elevator no strings attached, until they got off the elevator and he publicly humiliated her by pretending like she was not there and didn’t even respond to her goodbye as she left ( although she was the center of his attention BEFORE they got in the elevator ) if I didn’t talk her out of it he would have gone to jail. ( she had his semen all over shirt and in her mouth) and even if he got away with it, it would have badly scared his reputation and the restaurant he just opened would have got some really bad press. All he had to do was give her a hug, buy her a drink and walk away and she would not of thought twice, he couldn’t even be bothered with a goodbye because he was cocky and full of himself. A goodbye could save a business reputation and freedom. Even if all it cost him was his girlfriend, it still seems like a lot to lose for the need to disrespect someone. We must decide what’s more important, game or your freedom.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Huge mistake. Women fake rape 90% of the time because they are pissed off. And whenever a guy has to consciously try to macho or manly, he comes across as an asshole instead. Trust me on this one. It’s something a Young boy or inexperienced virgin would think of. When getting advice on women get it from men that are successful with women, or from older or sexually experienced women, it’s only logical.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    You object now but wait and see how you feel when you just found out the curvaceous women you had sex with was a forty year old bald man before the sex change. I would not call that rape exactly but I think someone has the right to know.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Not paying a prostitute is rape. Let’s say you are a heterosexual male prostitute, and you just sucked a guy off because you need to pay rent, if he finishes and then walks away and buys himself a bottle of expensive champagne and leaves you high and dry, isn’t that serious violation? For the simple fact you would not willingly have had sex with him for free?

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    What went on in the room? Are we saying she has to give in to any and all of THIER sexual whims because she made out with them? I don’t know how old she was Maybe she didn’t know that making out would lead to sex, maybe she said no, maybe she agreed but they started hurting her bad and wouldn’t stop. Just because a women makes out with you is not a blanket invitation for everything that you want to do , if she likes it or not. On the other hand she could have been making a false accusation, but where could they have prevented it? The party tells me it was a young girl, mistake one, likely drunk or high, mistake two, and unless it was a swingers club, just the fact that she was publicly making out with two guys and willing to go alone with them should have tipped them off that maybe this girl has issues. Situations with multiple partners public sex and parties complicates things and there needs to be a line of communication ( however unsexy) to insure false accusations don’t come from shame and regret. ( I don’t know the statistics but I bet false rape charges are higher with three ways or sex involving two or more men and one women.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    LOLZ for the record, I feel the same about American men. Mostly less attractive, lazy, unromantic and less generous. Less educated and impolite. And European men are not so sexist. But alas I lucked out and found a great American but I think if we didn’t work I’m on my way to Spain France Geemany or Italy!

  • Kristinalovesthebay


  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Exactly what I am saying! Ha ha!

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Oh fucking hell, this is not a discussion on feminism, it’s about false rape accusations take that shit somewhere else please. There are people here of both sexes and widely different views on the topic and we don’t need your whiny insecure ” women are emasculating us” discussion, it’s tired and it’s pathetic

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Good point. I call bullshit myself. Smart beautiful women in Europe are not that different than Anerican women, although maybe less Puritan guilt than Americans carry around, and Europeans male and female are eating healthier ( less garbage and synthetic junk added to THIER food) and walk more adding to thier appeal. Americans can be more superficial but once again it’s not the women but men and women, but the world has grown smaller with the Internet etc and Anericas bad habits are spreading over there and have been for a while. But you gotta look at the advantages of American women, nicer teeth, for one…

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    You are the smartest person on this chat. That is EXACTLY the way to avoid a crazy angry bitch. This insanity about “not letting her get away with a tantrum”is just the stupid shit that will get an already half cocked girl to fully lose it and have her crying rape. Thanks for giving some mature advice because this issue is too serious to let 14 year old boys give life lessons on.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    My ex was like that, but not cocky, he pretended we were soul mates and acted like he was into all this stuff I was. But being naturally good looking usually helps, if not that sweet and generous. The problem with this advice about being cocky, is yeah it might get you laid, but with exactly the insecure immature and emotionally fucked up girls that would fake rape. Trust me, emotionally stable women find rude and cocky men a turn off. Such is the problem.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Listen to yourselves! One guy says women are not worth the trouble another is ruling out single moms and older as undesirable! What does that leave you? Men or 16 year olds? No wonder you guys are having issues with rape accusations, what you find desirable in a women is exactly what is going to get you in trouble. I feel I’m wasting my breath here. I thought this room might need to hear from an adult female on the matter of the ways of women but if you guys are insistent on dating little girls you have to accept the downfalls and consequences ( and no wonder you think women are crazy mental unpredictable bitchy etc, you probably never dated a real women before!

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Exactly. You compliment without falling all over her.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Ha ha you said exactly what I was thinking! I have not cried since I’ve become a mature adult but the few times I did was because I was sickened by Whom I had sex with, not because I had sex! Ha ha!

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    A dame man with game doesn’t need to worry about private detectives tracking down his real identity, and anonymity with a one night stand is smart, in a relationship,? That’s called INSANE. Seriously that isn’t normal…

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    She didn’t say it was rape, retread her comment.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Maybe Roosh is just doing something to attract it. Seriously, once or twice, but after that he must be either crossing a real line or doing exactly the wrong stuff with the wrong girls. I’m telling you as a women the advice is not sound, in fact some of it will result in the very thing you are trying to avoid.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Except it’s not even good advice for dealing with emotional upset after sex.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Can you maybe she’d some light on why you ended up with two false accusations when many guys don’t get any? Is there a type of girl that you date or something, or do you think you just got bad luck here?

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    First tune in to clues during sex, if she’s laying there with a blank look on her face she is not enjoying herself . Ask her if she’s hurting during if you have to ( and find out if she’s a virgin before you have sex) if she’s hurting stop. If she’s crying stop, if she doesn’t tell you until after, your best bet is to be as upbeat as possible, apologize and ask if there is anything you can do, drive her home or get her a cab. You don’t have to kiss her ass but don’t be rude. If you are still nervous call and check in with her the next day, if you really didn’t rape her, and you showed her the minimum level of respect, that’s really all you can do. Especially if she’s upset and you check on her the next day. After that you just have to hope she is sane. If you get consent prior on tape, it should go a long way. My advice is stay away from minors intoxicated or high girls. And if she seems crazy before sex, trust me something as intimate as intercourse will only make it worse. Oh, and use a condom.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Ha ha awesome

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    How intelligent, tell people you disagree with to kill themselves. So much easier than winning a debate through facts and logic!

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Thank you! Someone with brains. I was wondering if there were any intelligent nice guys in here accused of rape because I know it happens, with some of these guys you have to wonder how fake the accusations were.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Listen to yourself!

  • Kristinalovesthebay