How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

American girls primarily pick their sexual partners based on feelings instead of logic. She fucks you not because you’re a good man who matches her reasoned compatibility criteria, but because you made her pussy wet with a cocky attitude and aloof nature. The problem with selecting sex partners based on feelings is that if she happens to get a bad feeling about you right after sex, she’s going to back-rationalize and find a way to blame you for it. You’ll be in for days of anxiety wondering if those bad feelings transform into the worst-cast scenario: a false rape accusation. You patiently wait for her to send a text message that you can use as rape defense.

It’s not uncommon for American girls to “flip” after sex and make a 180 degree turn once her emotional high of attraction comes down. She can go immediately silent, ask you to leave, start crying, or get angry. I’ve had degrees of all four happen to me, leaving me in a stressful state on how to deal with a girl whose feelings could bring the judicial hammer upon my head even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Should I be nice to her? Should I storm out? Should I have recorded the interaction with my phone?

The best thing you can do when a girl flips on you after sex is be firm and mature. In other words, act like a stern father whose insolent child is throwing a temper tantrum. Don’t escalate the encounter into nuclear war, but don’t lay down and let her get away with acting silly.

  • If she’s being suddenly combative, say, “You’re acting immature and rude right now. When you’re done with your temper tantrum, let me know.”
  • If she’s giving you the silent treatment, say, “You’re acting strange all of a sudden. Were you a virgin?” She will say no and then you can respond, “Well it sure seems like it by the way you’re acting now.”
  • If she’s crying, say, “Crying after sex is not a typical response unless you were hurt. Did I physically hurt you?” She will say no. Then say, “Okay well let’s act like adults. If there’s something on your mind, you can say it. I’m not a mind reader.”

The message you want to send is, “I don’t accept the way you’re acting right now.” You’re not insulting her, you’re not escalating the encounter, but you’re insisting on an adult atmosphere where feelings without explanation are not permitted. In essence you are dragging her out of a child-like state and bringing her back into the adult world. If she can’t handle that, you should end the interaction.

The last thing you want to do is be weak. Women who flip after sex absolutely hate weak men, and like a piranha sensing blood in water, the weakness gives them permission to escalate. I believe that false rape accusations are done primarily on men who put out a weak signal that hints they’d bowl over in the face of an accusation. Women don’t accuse fighters—they accuse men who they think won’t fight back.

Keep in mind that there should be a slight hint of compassion in your response because, after all, your penis was inside her and there was obviously some sort of connection for the sex act to occur, but don’t let her get away with acting immature because she will milk it for all it’s worth. Appeasement didn’t work on Hitler, and it won’t work on American women either.

Live by feelings, die by feelings. When women let sex be determined by little feelings inside their tummies, they will inevitably pick partners that will make them feel regret afterwards. Unfortunately for men, the repercussions from her feelings can have real-world consequences. Be firm in the face of those negative feelings to survive the whimsy of her hamster brain. These days not only do you need game in fucking American women, but you also need to be a psychologist to deal with the unpredictable aftermath.

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