How To Bang A 9

When you go out over the weekend and get a batch of numbers, you’re almost guaranteed to get a response from the ugliest girl you picked up while not getting a response from the hottest one. It only makes sense that lower value girls will see you as higher value.

For example, say you went to the clubs this weekend and got five numbers. Three of the girls were 6s, one was a 7, and one was an 8. Come Monday when you start contacting them, which girl would you want to agree to go out on a date with you? Of course the 8. Even if the personality of a 6 was superior, your desire for beauty transcends personality and you will be more inspired to bang the hottie. But by Tuesday, only two of the 6s contacted you. You didn’t get a response from the others.

Now fast forward one year later where you have some type of niche that puts you into contact with beautiful women. You go out to some exclusive parties and get five numbers. Three of the girls were 8s and two of the girls were 9s. The ugliest girl of that bunch contacts you and you eventually bang her. The “ugliest,” of course, was an 8. A girl of her caliber wouldn’t have hit you back the previous year, but now you banged it.

A lot of guys ask me how to bang 8s and above. It’s pretty simple actually: get a lot of numbers of 8s and above. If you’re getting numbers of 9s, that means two things: you have capable game and you have access to beauty. It’s just a matter of time until you smash top shelf.

Sadly, the average guy has neither access nor game. He interacts with mostly 6s and talks to a bonafide 8 maybe once a month if he’s lucky. He gets super excited when he meets that 8 and hopes that it will translate into a bang, but of course it doesn’t, because the top end of your number closes will rarely convert. If it does, it’s more luck than skill. Guys treat the phone number of an 8 like gold. They spit needy game without realizing it and are then disappointed when the girl doesn’t even reply back to a text, when that result was easy for me to predict.

Instead of relying on luck, it’s better to rely on math. Get a lot of numbers of hot girls and eventually one will come through, just like how you can get a 6 to come through today because you have approached a lot of them. You need to play the numbers game with a 9 just like you are doing now with 7s and below.

“But Roosh, I don’t get opportunities with 8s and above. I don’t meet enough of them to play the numbers game.”

Then you won’t get them. What do you have to do where talking to 8s on a weekly basis is routine? I’ve put myself into some nice Eastern European cities, but even then, access is an issue. There are 9s in Zagreb, but I was only able to do one solid approach a week on them, which wasn’t enough. Until you’re doing at least 5 approaches a week or more on the talent you want, the math won’t compute in your favor.

A few weekends ago I got six numbers, all low to high 7s with one high 8. Did I get excited when I got the number of the 8? Nope. I don’t play the luck game, I play the math game. And the math game says that I need to put myself in front of much higher talent and get more than just one number of an 8 or above.

I’m sure you get a little jealous when you see a guy with no game and no muscles with a smoking hot girl. Don’t be. He had the access you don’t have, and played the numbers game on a tier of women you don’t see often. Look at that man and ask yourself how you get math on your team just like he did. Then it’s just a matter of time.

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