How To Bang A Girl While She’s On Her Period

One part of the game that used to depend on luck was if a girl I wanted to bang for the first time was on her period or not. Because sex for women can be so impulsive, waiting for the opportunity to bang after her period clears may result in failure. I estimate I lost out on about four or five notches in my life because of this.

The solution was right in front of me all along: go for the notch while she’s on her period. In Scandinavia I had a streak of three one-night stands in a row of girls who were menstruating. If I was a beginner player, I would have probably lost out on all three.

There are two components to running period game…

1. Get over the blood. If you’re wearing a condom, you won’t notice the difference in sex quality. As long as you wrap it up and don’t bang heroin junkies, you’re safe.

2. Run some game to let her know you don’t care. A girl can be extremely insecure when blood is leaking from her vagina, so in clear terms you must assure her it’s something that doesn’t bother you. When a girl hints she wants to have sex with you but can’t because of her period, hit her with some of the following lines:

“I don’t care. I’ll drink the blood.” 😎

“I’m at the age where it really doesn’t matter. I don’t let a normal bodily fluid get in the way of an intimate moment.” 😎

“I’ve had enough sex with girls on their periods that I can’t even tell the difference anymore.” 😎

“I find guys who care about that to be more immature than average. They see sex as a sterile act while I see it as something more animalistic. It’s okay if it gets a little dirty.” 😎

“Do you have a towel? … Then it’s no big deal.” 😎

Once you let a girl know that 1) you won’t judge her for the blood, and 2) you see menstruation as human nature, she will actually be overeager to get on with the deed. I once had a girl go from “I’m sorry I can’t have sex” to “Let’s do it, my sheets are dark.”

I banged a Finnish girl who produced a huge amount of blood (small drops of it actually squirted from her vagina). Afterwards my bed looked like a scene from American Psycho, but I couldn’t tell during the amazing sex. She was sheepish but I gently assured her, all so we could do round two in the morning, which we did, with just as much blood. I was almost able to make a donation to the Red Cross. Besides the extra thirty minutes to wash the sheets after she left, I wasn’t bothered or disgusted one bit. Truth is I’ll drink the blood.

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