How To Bang A Girl While She’s On Her Period

One part of the game that used to depend on luck was if a girl I wanted to bang for the first time was on her period or not. Because sex for women can be so impulsive, waiting for the opportunity to bang after her period clears may result in failure. I estimate I lost out on about four or five notches in my life because of this.

The solution was right in front of me all along: go for the notch while she’s on her period. In Scandinavia I had a streak of three one-night stands in a row of girls who were menstruating. If I was a beginner player, I would have probably lost out on all three.

There are two components to running period game…

1. Get over the blood. If you’re wearing a condom, you won’t notice the difference in sex quality. As long as you wrap it up and don’t bang heroin junkies, you’re safe.

2. Run some game to let her know you don’t care. A girl can be extremely insecure when blood is leaking from her vagina, so in clear terms you must assure her it’s something that doesn’t bother you. When a girl hints she wants to have sex with you but can’t because of her period, hit her with some of the following lines:

“I don’t care. I’ll drink the blood.” 😎

“I’m at the age where it really doesn’t matter. I don’t let a normal bodily fluid get in the way of an intimate moment.” 😎

“I’ve had enough sex with girls on their periods that I can’t even tell the difference anymore.” 😎

“I find guys who care about that to be more immature than average. They see sex as a sterile act while I see it as something more animalistic. It’s okay if it gets a little dirty.” 😎

“Do you have a towel? … Then it’s no big deal.” 😎

Once you let a girl know that 1) you won’t judge her for the blood, and 2) you see menstruation as human nature, she will actually be overeager to get on with the deed. I once had a girl go from “I’m sorry I can’t have sex” to “Let’s do it, my sheets are dark.”

I banged a Finnish girl who produced a huge amount of blood (small drops of it actually squirted from her vagina). Afterwards my bed looked like a scene from American Psycho, but I couldn’t tell during the amazing sex. She was sheepish but I gently assured her, all so we could do round two in the morning, which we did, with just as much blood. I was almost able to make a donation to the Red Cross. Besides the extra thirty minutes to wash the sheets after she left, I wasn’t bothered or disgusted one bit. Truth is I’ll drink the blood.

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  • Anonymous


  • elDuro
  • playmuc

    Heh, yeah it’s not a big deal. Last time it happened after fucking and when our breathing returned to normal I said: “Ok, Stone Paper Scissors, one round, looser puts the bedsheets in the machine.” :)

  • Tyler

    I typically apply her blood like Indian war paint to prove I don’t care.

  • JJ Roberts

    I like the Hank Moody line – “Dont worry, I was in nam”

  • Eddie Morra

    I see you go for the “red badge of courage” there Roosh!

  • Ray

    How to bang a chick when she’s on her period?

    It’s very simple: you don’t

    If I’m with a skank who’s on the rag it’s going to be blowjobs for me until her vaginal hole stops flowing.


    [Roosh: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man say “yuck” before.]

  • Berria

    Reminds me of Louis CK…starts at 4.30

    “I’ll drink the blood, lets party”

  • gp

    Not with you on this one Roosh. When I was younger I would happily bang away. But I vividly remember the last time I tried that. When I pulled out, there was a large chunk of solid blood and tissue on the condom. Not nice.

  • jack

    I don’t always agree with Roosh, but posts like these will keep me coming back forever.

    A+, Gold Star, I will print this out and read it to my grandchildren one day.

  • Turner

    @ Roosh for “yuck” comment – haha

    Strange, I find a lot of women when they are on the rag to be way more ravenous, must be the underlying reason for all this vampire, twilight craze.

  • k


    I love you man, but you have a problem dude.

    What in the world is your obsession with banging broads on their period ?

    You have mentioned this enough times that it is obvious that this is your fetish.

    Not with you on this one …….

  • Brandon

    I just want to shout out to the ballbusters not to judge. This post is for intellectual purposes and I’d encourage the author to continue to cover every angle of Game possible for his readers.

  • jack

    I’ve actually gotten three new notches while they were on the rag.

    All the game I’ve needed:

    Her: I’m on my period
    Me: I don’t care

  • litte roosh

    anybody else like eating girls out on their periods?? I live for that shit.

  • Wilson

    Miscarriage is 10x better, little roosh.

  • The Chrome Microphone


    Sounds like it’s less about banging girls who are on their periods than it is about circumventing a common obstacle that most see as insurmountable

    Doubt Roosh would be be asking hopefully “are you on your period?” then slinking away disappointed when she wasn’t

    Although I would

    If she’s not squirting blood out of the cooter I’m not interested

  • delicioustacos

    Yeah, if you can take it, more power to ya. I’ve found that as I get older Aunt Flo skeeves me out more and more. But then, I never wrap it up and I do bang heroin junkies.


  • zoso

    The reason you want to bang a girl on the period is she can’t get pregnant. So if you don’t wear a condom, unload like the Guns of Navarone. Bomb that beach.

  • Poke

    Never understood why guys are squeamish about this. It’s just blood, and you don’t HAVE to drink it, just put your dick in it.

    Hell, if we’re going to be talking about filth, ANAL sex is more “dirty” than period sex, and most guys have no problem with anal.

  • Red Pill

    Red Wings? Nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to be proud of either.

  • bb

    Many girls get very horny when they’re bleeding. I used to have a girlfriend who had a fetiche about me removing her tampon before sex. I don’t mind the blood that much, though I have found that vaginas are less tight during menstruation.

  • Licra

    Blood and sex don’t mix. Anal sex isn’t dirty if she deep cleans her ass in the tub with soap before you poke her with your cock. Period sex is uncleanable. Obviously, all of this requires the man to have control over his female otherwise she just won’t do any of it.

  • Radoslav

    Damn Roosh, chill out with the period shit, you must have a thing for it…

  • V for Vampire?

    “Truth is I’ll drink the blood.”


  • Anonymous

    banged a brasilian yesterday, she came over for a bang, said she was on her period but no big deal. I’d wish it were always that easy…

  • Brian Mark

    I got a good one. Once, I banged a girl with a tampon in, because she wouldn’t take it out. She didn’t complain it hurt so I guess she enjoyed it!

  • Flary

    Like Roosh, I just won’t go down on her when she’s bleeding, that’s all.

    Er, wait.. he didn’t actually stipulate that… does he? 😀

  • The manager

    I do this often, I’m turned on by blood.

    “I’ll do my indian war facepaint with it, then” is my line

    Fuck, washign sheets suck tho

  • AneroidOcean

    “I typically apply her blood like Indian war paint to prove I don’t care.”

    Fucking winning line. Look, I don’t prefer to have sex when the girl is bleeding (because it CAN affect how it feels), but any guy that is missing out on sex because he’s too squeamish is pretty lame. I’ll take a girl that keeps herself clean and is on her period versus a girl that isn’t and has the dreaded funk.

    Nothing like getting slapped across the face with a dead fish when she pulls down her pants.

    Give me the blood any day.

  • monster221

    used to be against it. then one day i banged a girl into her period. like she wasnt bleeding when it started and then when we were done there was some.

    after that i was like “aaah fuck it its nothing i have not done before”. i wont turn down pussy over it anymore. unless it is massive leakage. like MASSIVE. since i banged like 3 girls on their rag, nothing nasty enough that i couldnt handle it.

  • http://blah blah

    dude, ima huge fan, but this was a bad post. 2 steps? this requires no explanation to do if you are not a complete moron. its about as understood as banging your pregnant wife. no offense, but please come back with some quality

  • Disgusted

    Roosh, the truth is you’re a bad influence on our kids!

    I am a woman and during my period, the last thing in my mind is to have sex. The thing is, you should not pressure a woman into having sex, after all, it’s a bloody mess.

    You should respect the woman and wait until her her period is over. Then sex is way better because she is hot, hot (and fertile) but hey, that’s when women are at the peak of their sexuality. And the wait is well worth it.

    After all, isn’t an incredible bang what you are after?!

  • The Chrome Microphone


    This isn’t a post about raping girls on the rag

    If sex is the last thing on a girl’s mind she’s not going to jump into bed with a guy on the first night

    Strike when the iron’s hot, who knows what she’ll do if you wait

  • savage spartacus

    That’s gross. Girls bloody pussies reek. I don’t think I could do it.
    At the very least I would do it in the shower

  • Anonymous

    I won’t even let a woman look or touch my food when she’s menstruating, you’re sure to get diarrhea if you let one prepare or serve your food when they’re on the rag. Women emanate negative energy when they’re on the rag, that’s why they’re declared ritually unclean in every major religion in the world during menstruation. If you want to feel shitty and contaminated, screw a girl on her period, I won’t even sit beside one, I can feel the bad vibes soaking out of her! Period fucking smacks of desperation, there’s a lot more interesting things in life besides women, they’re value goes negative when they’re on the rag.

  • Moose

    Why is it a big deal? My experience has been they’re hornier and more self-conscious when on their period. Its just extra lube.

  • Anonymous44

    Didn’t I read on some Game websites (Roissy?) that women on their periods seek the Beta, and seek the Alpha during their fertile periods?

    Roosh, are you going Beta these days?

  • Anonymous

    But, Roosh, how do you clean your bed afterwards? That stuff seeps through the sheets and into the mattress!

  • jurko

    I hate paying the extra hotel charge for bloody sheets.

  • DoesNotmatter

    This blog is pure slapstick comedy, yo!

  • Paper

    Once upon a time, you could demonstrate to a chick that you were a considerate and caring person by saying: “…thats ok, lets just chill tonight.” if she said she was on her period. Chances are she would fuck you in the morning, or on your next date a few days later. But alas, with the bitches we have these days, that will probably be the last time you see here, especially if she owns an iphone. With bitches these days, you have to fuck them now, and fuck them fast, cuz some other dude will be right in there the next day and you will be history. So just in terms of being practical, you can’t worry about blood. But for GOD’S sake, you better wear 2 ply. And I don’t understand the insanity of “raw dogging” chicks either. fuck that. I like life.

  • Lemont

    Anyone who fucks bloody girls on their period is an unclean motherfucker. Girl blood is said to cause emotional and spiritual castration. So if you fuck red, you’re weak and sad.

  • Poke

    “Girl blood is said to cause emotional and spiritual castration.”
    “Women emanate negative energy when they’re on the rag, that’s why they’re declared ritually unclean in every major religion in the world during menstruation.”

    …and the Giant Pumpkin in the sky says bad things about it too, so stay away from the eeeevil womanblood. What a bunch of fucking ignoramuses. Look: if you’re squeamish about this kind of thing, stay way from it. But don’t try to justify your squeamishness by appeal to bullshit authority, you just look pathetic.

  • OttoAu

    If it does your head in, you can always roll her over and do her in the pooh hole…lol

  • Mikeraw

    Gross line, dude. “I’ll drink the blood.”?

    Wouldn’t that be a turn-off or a sign of desperation?

    For te record, I don’t mind the blood.

  • thespiral

    Is this a fetish for you, Roosh? Because it seems like you’re constantly talking about banging girls on their periods and how you’re happy to drink the blood. (Although you don’t eat pussy? How does that work?)

  • thefuckinrancor

    A girl I knew was once heard to say…

    “I’m on the blobs, but you can crack me in the shitter”

    Became an injoke, maybe it’s only funny to us.

  • Johnny

    Ar drink tha fucking blood and her pant was down thats yesterday.

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  • bigmanb

    I agree with you man but my girl doesn’t.:c

  • http://fkdfk fvidjgi

    oh, u guys r sick don’t u love ur girlrend and if u do then u won’t hurt herby fuckinh would u and

  • http://fkdfk fvidjgi

    aneway specially when she’s on her period sine men the girls just don’t hurt them if u care for ur girlfrend

  • http://fkdfk fvidjgi

    and in some religions having sex is gross

  • http://fkdfk fvidjgi

    think twice befoure u fuck DON’T HURT THEM!
    trust me they hate it to have sex

  • http://fkdfk fvidjgi

    come on guys i mean im a doctor soo im telling u it’s not good 4 ur body or ur girl’s and if u think that ur gf’s blood is gross then tell me from that very sentence ne1 can realize that u don’t love her

  • Julia Cullen

    Who cares if their bleeding i just want to have sex. I love sexy girls and guys. Anyway I’m gay so who cares. Im a dirty girl. Give m your address and ill come over take your ass and fuck you so call me

  • kZX

    YOU ARE FOOLISH FOR SAYING “ive banged other chicks on their periods..” I WOULD SLAP YO STINKY ASS FACE. PIG FACE!

  • HEllojoe!

    would she get pregant, if you banged her, and squirted your semen inside while she is on her period?would she get pregnant?

  • anonymous

    Bloody pussy or not my girlfriend don’t care if u fuck her on her period she enjoys a thick dick in her pussy she told me she likes the pain.

  • Cazzalina x

    Personally i’ve never had sex with my boyfriend while on my period on purpose, i didn’t realise till after that i was on when he had a tiny bit of my blood on him, it honestly feels the same, and yes your right if she wants it go for it, but you shouldn’t push her into it, plus saying you have “banged chicks” on there period before would be such a massive turnoff lol

  • Cazzalina x

    the odds of her getting pregnant are not as high but sperm stays fertile inside a woman for up to 72 hours so there is still a chance wrap it before you tape or get her on some form of birth control

  • Lina

    That is just disgusting! I would never, ever let man have sex with me when I have my periods. It’s way too humiliating. I wonder what kind of sick game is it, trying to convince women doing it while menstruating! I would say NO, no, and again N O !

  • Boy in a shirt

    Your a doctor but you type like a 5 year old lol

  • OldManTakeALook

    no thats hilarious to me too LOL

  • rmwayne

    I’m always extremely horny right before and at the beginning of my period. And thankfully my boyfriend is always ready and willing during that time too. In fact I just started my period yesterday and he was teasing me a couple of days ago about my being horney and about my moans and sighs being louder than normal while he was doing me doggy style. Rachelle

  • slambamKang

    thats 100% real shit.. my girl hardly bleeds.. i beat the fuck out of it and its just a little bloody not even red dark blood just a lil.. and hardly any smell at all so fuck it..

  • Jensen

    If you think it’s gross, it’s totally fine. I think it’s kind of uncomfortable for me personally, but when it comes to having sex with ANY girl, as in a PERSON (see: not a SKANK) I’m not so immature to make a girl feel disgusted about something that is completely natural to her and of her body, and though unappealing to me, think I am entitled to having her suck my dick.

    Especially if your dick isn’t up to par with cleanliness either. Like a lot of guys (I’m guilting of it too) I doubt you don’t fondle them with your bare hands after touching something else, or wipe after you pee rather than just shaking it off and thinking that’ll do.

    So consider yourself lucky when a girl can look beyond that rather than being a raging wanker, or just politely declining.