How To Be A Good Clown

You’re probably working on ways to be a good man to increase your overall value in the hopes that this was also help you with women. It does help, but only indirectly, with no guarantee you will score your ideal girl, as tough and time consuming as becoming a good man is. A far more direct way to be successful with women, particularly in the West, is for you to be an entertaining clown. This—for better or worse—is what modern women want. Male clowns, regardless of their true value, get laid at far greater rates than good men.

Most women I’ve had sex with in my life didn’t even know half of the things that I think make me a modestly valued man, and the nastiest cold streaks I’ve encountered were when I did try to convey that value directly instead of running game. What women want from men is excitement, entertainment, and passion—the things that hit her most primal buttons. Being well-read with philosophy or history doesn’t make her wet, but teasing does. Being a prudent businessman who can close important deals doesn’t turn a girl on, but making her laugh does. Being a balanced human being without any mental disorders won’t get you laid, but having the skill to cold approach random women and display dark triad traits will.

If you’re anything like me, you are depressed at this notion. You are depressed because what you see as value is not valuable to a woman, and even “good” girls will be more attracted to essentially a smooth-talking con artist than a scientist who is working on a revolutionary cancer drug, but that’s how things are, and you shouldn’t waste more than five minutes of your life lamenting this fact. Sometimes the truth can cause pain, but at least in this case you’ll be rewarded more because of having it in your possession. I’ve used this realization to focus my personal self-development into two distinct areas: (1) being an excellent man for the sake of my own personal development, and (2) being an entertaining clown that gets women excited in order to provide me with a healthy sex life.

If you liken game to clown school, and women to a typical “fool” in PT Barnum’s circus audience, you’re already halfway there. Almost everything we do in game is how to entertain women and stir their emotions, which for whatever reason makes them attracted to us in a way that being virtuous, intelligent, thoughtful, and self-reliant doesn’t. Here are two important reminders so that you are the front-running clown in her life:

1. Be chatty

For every girl who is turned on by a shy or reserved man, there are ten who want him to be extroverted, expressive, and full of energy. When dealing with women, you must have a switch that creates diarrhea of the mouth, especially before sex. Thankfully after sex you can revert back to a more stoic presentation, but if you want to fornicate with a girl, you must use your words to entertain her and build attraction. Most of the self-development I’ve worked on in my life is mere fodder for a conversation—it’s just something to talk about to fill in air time so she doesn’t go to sleep.

It’s important to note that the only time I’m silent is as a strategic move. I get quiet as an excuse to maintain intimate eye contact or to test her interest in me by seeing if she attempts to resume the conversation. But my silence is never a result of me not having anything to say, because that would be “awkward.” She could easily rationalize there is no “chemistry” if there are too many silences, or that I’m a “boring” man.

2. Be unlike the other clowns

Westernized women want a man who is unique and special, one who she can brag to her friends about. This means have a backstory that she has never encountered before. When I tell a girl I’ve been to so many countries, that fact alone probably doesn’t get her wet, but she can now rationalize that I’m “cool,” a man that her friends may give her validation for selecting. Hit her with the more unique features of your life that differentiate you from other men.

Another way we are unlike other clowns is by not answering questions directly, not bragging about our jobs, and not asking girls things like “What do you do?” and “Do you usually come here?” Lately I like to throw in some melancholy game. In a club I’d say, “I’m here to drink away the pain. I’m starting to feel better but I know the pain will return tomorrow, stronger than before.” It’s way better for a girl to find you weird than normal, so I overdo some lines that immediately make me stand out from other clowns she has met. The only time a girl wants normal is when she’s past her prime and needs to reel in a sucker to commit to her after she’s done screwing alpha clowns. Younger girls who are still riding the carousel would love to meet a clown who is unlike other clowns she has fucked.

Understand that I’m not being ironic with this clown analogy. In fact, it’s so helpful to me that before a night out I remind myself to be a good clown, especially when entering a club environment. I don’t have a natural clown personality, but more than anything else, I know it offers the most straight-line journey into a woman’s vagina without any of that tedious labor of actually becoming a good man, and once you explore a new vagina and have gotten the best of what she can offer you, you can stop clowning around and be whomever you want to be. She can then take it or leave it, but this can only happen after sex.

In a perfect world, I would want a girl to sleep with me because I’m intelligent, analytical, deep, and so on, but few attractive 23-year-old girls with unlimited sex options and an active Facebook or Tinder account would be immediately attracted to that type. Instead I will dance and juggle for a while, giving her the entertainment she desperately needs until she permits consensual sex to proceed. God willing, I will be one of the more entertaining clowns that she has recently met.

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