How To Be A Good Clown

You’re probably working on ways to be a good man to increase your overall value in the hopes that this was also help you with women. It does help, but only indirectly, with no guarantee you will score your ideal girl, as tough and time consuming as becoming a good man is. A far more direct way to be successful with women, particularly in the West, is for you to be an entertaining clown. This—for better or worse—is what modern women want. Male clowns, regardless of their true value, get laid at far greater rates than good men.

Most women I’ve had sex with in my life didn’t even know half of the things that I think make me a modestly valued man, and the nastiest cold streaks I’ve encountered were when I did try to convey that value directly instead of running game. What women want from men is excitement, entertainment, and passion—the things that hit her most primal buttons. Being well-read with philosophy or history doesn’t make her wet, but teasing does. Being a prudent businessman who can close important deals doesn’t turn a girl on, but making her laugh does. Being a balanced human being without any mental disorders won’t get you laid, but having the skill to cold approach random women and display dark triad traits will.

If you’re anything like me, you are depressed at this notion. You are depressed because what you see as value is not valuable to a woman, and even “good” girls will be more attracted to essentially a smooth-talking con artist than a scientist who is working on a revolutionary cancer drug, but that’s how things are, and you shouldn’t waste more than five minutes of your life lamenting this fact. Sometimes the truth can cause pain, but at least in this case you’ll be rewarded more because of having it in your possession. I’ve used this realization to focus my personal self-development into two distinct areas: (1) being an excellent man for the sake of my own personal development, and (2) being an entertaining clown that gets women excited in order to provide me with a healthy sex life.

If you liken game to clown school, and women to a typical “fool” in PT Barnum’s circus audience, you’re already halfway there. Almost everything we do in game is how to entertain women and stir their emotions, which for whatever reason makes them attracted to us in a way that being virtuous, intelligent, thoughtful, and self-reliant doesn’t. Here are two important reminders so that you are the front-running clown in her life:

1. Be chatty

For every girl who is turned on by a shy or reserved man, there are ten who want him to be extroverted, expressive, and full of energy. When dealing with women, you must have a switch that creates diarrhea of the mouth, especially before sex. Thankfully after sex you can revert back to a more stoic presentation, but if you want to fornicate with a girl, you must use your words to entertain her and build attraction. Most of the self-development I’ve worked on in my life is mere fodder for a conversation—it’s just something to talk about to fill in air time so she doesn’t go to sleep.

It’s important to note that the only time I’m silent is as a strategic move. I get quiet as an excuse to maintain intimate eye contact or to test her interest in me by seeing if she attempts to resume the conversation. But my silence is never a result of me not having anything to say, because that would be “awkward.” She could easily rationalize there is no “chemistry” if there are too many silences, or that I’m a “boring” man.

2. Be unlike the other clowns

Westernized women want a man who is unique and special, one who she can brag to her friends about. This means have a backstory that she has never encountered before. When I tell a girl I’ve been to so many countries, that fact alone probably doesn’t get her wet, but she can now rationalize that I’m “cool,” a man that her friends may give her validation for selecting. Hit her with the more unique features of your life that differentiate you from other men.

Another way we are unlike other clowns is by not answering questions directly, not bragging about our jobs, and not asking girls things like “What do you do?” and “Do you usually come here?” Lately I like to throw in some melancholy game. In a club I’d say, “I’m here to drink away the pain. I’m starting to feel better but I know the pain will return tomorrow, stronger than before.” It’s way better for a girl to find you weird than normal, so I overdo some lines that immediately make me stand out from other clowns she has met. The only time a girl wants normal is when she’s past her prime and needs to reel in a sucker to commit to her after she’s done screwing alpha clowns. Younger girls who are still riding the carousel would love to meet a clown who is unlike other clowns she has fucked.

Understand that I’m not being ironic with this clown analogy. In fact, it’s so helpful to me that before a night out I remind myself to be a good clown, especially when entering a club environment. I don’t have a natural clown personality, but more than anything else, I know it offers the most straight-line journey into a woman’s vagina without any of that tedious labor of actually becoming a good man, and once you explore a new vagina and have gotten the best of what she can offer you, you can stop clowning around and be whomever you want to be. She can then take it or leave it, but this can only happen after sex.

In a perfect world, I would want a girl to sleep with me because I’m intelligent, analytical, deep, and so on, but few attractive 23-year-old girls with unlimited sex options and an active Facebook or Tinder account would be immediately attracted to that type. Instead I will dance and juggle for a while, giving her the entertainment she desperately needs until she permits consensual sex to proceed. God willing, I will be one of the more entertaining clowns that she has recently met.

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  • Nick

    Don’t forget the balloons..

  • Людмил Иванов

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Beyond entertainment value ‘modern’ women are simply not interested in you. Cads vs Dads, well now the job of ‘dad’ has been outsourced I guess cads will have a good run providing whatever vibrating toys don’t provide as of yet.

  • anon

    This is not really useful. It boils down to be chatty, be different. Duh. What are the other, more specific aspects of being a clown? Obviously, peacocking is one. Another is being funny. The “clown” pejorative implies a certain type of humour, more physical and slapstick, less sophisticated. I have noticed the same thing, that westernized girls like guys that are more “clownish.” But I haven’t broken that down into the elements that someone could emulate to get laid. And neither has this post. I think Roosh (and maybe the commenters) needs to work on this one a little, to really flush this idea out.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    ” I’ve used this realization to focus my personal self-development into
    two distinct areas: (1) being an excellent man for the sake of my own
    personal development, and (2) being an entertaining clown that gets
    women excited in order to provide me with a healthy sex life.”

    DISTINCTion is key. Women are not a part of our lives: we are not patriarchs to have them on adequate terms, though seduction is a category of HUSBANDry skill. Jews don’t lament that there are soooo many goyem. They are far more practical and successful. I’ll be the clown if that makes me the leader with an affordable, beneficial sex life. You must use the face of seduction in virtually all dealings, but be something distinct and self-serving on the inside. Women are clowns who follow clowns, vapid shells pretending to be societal beings, and they have been given free reign to run a circus. Nice audience members get no backstage passes.

  • Kish

    It all comes down to preselection. If you’re not a “clown” women assume you’re not getting laid.

    Young women only want the preselected in demand guys.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Interesting. I was thinking about the same problem but with a different solution. I think the issue is dominance, open physical dominance. Women are unimpressed by men who do not demonstrate a propensity to self-serving violence, and I think that will be the new Game, sexually and otherwise. It’s getting to the point that if I don’t have my hand on her crotch within 10 minutes in night game, I know I’m wasting my time. I think perhaps men are trying finesse when women hunger for viril masculinity. I’m experimenting with manhandling the chick. Seems promising so far. Got to have reading skills first, guys. Sit on a sidewalk bench and make up bios for the people who walk by. Really helped me. Then push the envelop without breaking it.

  • Purple Penguin

    Seems pretty far from what you wrote in Day Bang, did you change your game style or does this post only apply to night game?

  • Kevin

    One thing I’ve ways wondered is…
    how is the big brother/police state/mass surveillance culture like the Anglophere of fear is known for in the parts of Europe with the most bangable girls ( FSU, Balkans, Baltics, Scandinavia, etc.)?

  • Remy Sheppard

    At the end of the day, pick up comes down to attraction, comfort, and sex. Too many guys these days focus on the wrong things, or try to do too much.

    Open clever, build comfort, close the sale.

  • Peter North

    I agree with you. A guide on how to be a clown for beating bitches pussies up would be a great addition to game knowledge.

    Also, Roosh consider that you’re in the States and these girls and environment are affecting your thought patterns in superficial and negative ways. Now keep in mind how good the white poosy farm across the Atlantic is instead of these tv/film/Hollywood addicted silly Yank hos.

  • Tim

    This article has made me think and realized for game purposes-

    No one has ever broken down the differences between conversation threads that work on American girls vs European girls.

    What are those?

    Also, if game is like hunting- we are to understand our prey better- we know American girls like Starbucks, iPhones, Cosmo, flip flops, cupcakes, mainstream vacation spots, codependent superficial mutual bitch crew affirmation in virtually everything in their lifes, etc.

    The better question is-
    What type of things do the girls in Europe like?

    And for me Norway because I like stacked blondes the most.

    Consider that you may find deeper truths about female psychology if you can uncover their primal reasons for doing the things they do.

  • Prowler

    What’s depressing about women is they are only usually in the cock hardening/ she looks so good I want to bang her brains out stage for a few years (18-24).
    Even the baddest porn girls seem like they look more busted after that.

    What’s a guy in his 30s do to still be tapping that fine demographic as he ages as well?

    Ps- If you’re 18-23 in college and struggling with game- get your ass out and approach at least 3 girls/day. No excuses- buy day and night bang and hustle hard- dont piss away prime game years because of fear, laziness, or some other lousy reason.

  • TC

    Quote: ” It’s way better for a girl to find you weird than normal”

    You got that right.

    I have also found that it’s best to leave a girl either liking you or hating you. Hate is in the same area of love, one of the passions. Leaving a chick where she is indifferent to you means you might as well not exist.

  • TC
  • anon

    It’s the same.

  • Pantalones

    I don’t it me or doesn’t this contradict what Roosh has said in the past: That women don’t like dancing monkeys or am I mistaking him with someone elsr?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Roosh is maturing like all thinking men. I suspect he is ready for the riches of family, but there is no way to do it without taking the role of a clown in divorce roulette. I think he has to work out a new version of himself, plus the unpredictability keeps readers engaged.

  • greenlander

    Nail, meet head.

  • Tom Dane

    Clown game..sad but true..what has this world come to !?

  • Tom Dane

    Roosh is constantly changing his game because the environment changes all the time as well.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    16. Dancing Monkey Hate

    Hater: Men who run game are just doing the bidding of women. Alphas don’t entertain women.

    If you want success with women, you are going to have to entertain them… one way or the other. The same is true of women. Once a woman stops entertaining men with her body, her femininity, and her commitment worthiness by getting fat, old, ugly, bitchy, or single mom-y, she stops having success with men. We are all doing the bidding of our biomechanical overlord, and on our knees to his will we surrender, by force or by choice. You fool yourself if you believe you have some plenary indulgence from this stark reality.
    Or: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

  • Tom Dane

    Good advice but what happens when all men approach 2-3 times a day ? bitch shield goes up (even) further, and then you’d have to approach 5-6 times a day..and so on and on. It’s a vicious circle.

  • Tom Dane

    This post is really the truth. What more, women today want someone who display a certain kind of submissive vibe, eg., I’m a clown and you’re the empowered superior women and I will do anything to get you. So the game has changed from simply being entertaining to also acknowledge her superiority to you. This is something I have noticed here in Denmark.
    Note, he said “clown”, not a standup comedian. The difference is a clown is funny , dumb, and worth less than his surroundings. A standup is just funny..

  • Arvin

    Get the book Lawyer Proof your Life and if you got a big stack of c notes put it in a trust or corporation in an off shore Swiss bank. Read Bob Bauman and Mark Nestmann. Lets she a little shysty ho try to hustle a players paper in divorce court under the aforementioned method. Also if you get a good bitch in Europe Never bring her back to this shit Country of feminism and police state bull shit.

  • anonymous

    “who display a certain kind of submissive vibe”

    I’ve noticed this as well. “Game” theory generally says you shouldn’t use any self-deprecating humor, yet I personally get better reactions when I do.

    If you’re too smooth, she goes on full alert and draws out her bitch shield.

  • Tim

    I don’t accept that at all.

    It’s location x3 like real estate.

    The European girls (even Germany) I’ve met far outshine Yank his every way imaginable. To me American girls are like an sports car engine built in Mexico vs Germany when you get the authentic Euro slit.

  • G Hustle

    That’s why an intelligent novel approach coupled with raw masculine energy makes them go smoother. If you act like a random clown yeah it will be a spam fest but if you are relatively mehodical and passionate- it shines through.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    That’s why you’ve got to read the situation, push the envelope, and let empericism do the talking.

    The Bad News: Women will NEVER want the bottom 99.5% of men, as they measure it, for sex.

    The Good News: Women worth casual sex will ALWAYS want the top 0.5% of men, as they measure it, for sex.

    For pussy on life support, it’s all relative. We are in competition, but we are sharing the same pool of ‘quality’ women, and that is exactly what is needed to evolve a subculture that can become the leading culture of the world.

  • anonymous

    In other news, millennials are having less sex than previous generations, according to studies.

    “The results of University College London’s recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestylessuggested that the frequency with which 16- to 44-year-olds are “mingling limbs” has been steadily decreasing over the past two decades. It found that women were having sex an average of 4.8 times a month and men, 4.9. Ten years ago this was 6.3 and 6.2, and 10 years before that, 6.1 and 6.4.”

    For women, that’s a MASSIVE 24% drop from just a decade ago.

    So much for this manosphere myth that sluts are rampant. It’s actually the other way around. There’s a motherfucking scarcity reality out there, folks.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Nice find. I had argued this recently, but without any quantitative numbers. If alphas are awash in more pussy than they can handle, and if women eschew all others, women are being serviced less and the average for both sexes must go down. Corruption is bounty for the elite at the expence of not just everybody else, but of the whole itself, making decline unavoidable. This petri dish of seduction empiricism has numbered days. Break the top half percent and I’m sure its a fun luxury.

  • anonymous

    Agreed. I’ve been arguing the same point for a while myself. The manosphere does itself a huge disservice by spreading the myth that the number of cock carousel riders is at an all time high. No, it most definitely is not. The number of cock carousel WATCHERS (ie, waiting and waiting and waiting for the absolute top guy she can get, nothing less), however, has never been as great as it is today.

  • PeeWee

    I don’t think I’m a “funny guy” but do enjoy humour and see the artistry of the great comedians as they perform. So while not attempting to be funny my predilection for humour combined with my blunt and taciturn demeanour ( though I have improved on these to be more social when necessary) make me a unique clown.

  • Людмил Иванов

    I’m from the Balkans so it goes something like this:
    Balkans – a cross between Somalia and East Berlin. Poverty + Police state, the old communist dynasties are still around. Most bangable girls have moved to Monaco and such places in search of a better life (better betas).
    Baltic states are the best of the bunch but are quickly rotting like the rest of the place.
    Sweden – ground zero for cultural marxism, once I got to know a swedish girl whose parents were doing some charity work for the palestinians in Israel, loons.
    If you are looking for attractive girls and a relatively decent culture maybe you should be looking to Slovakia, Hungary… stay away from Greece, I learned how screwed up the dating scene is the hard way.

  • rider vs. watcher

    How do we define a carousel rider versus a carousel watcher?

    Does a woman who waits until she can nab a top guy only to be pumped and dumped and waits until she can nab another top guy only to be pumped and dumped again count as a rider or a watcher? She is riding with certain (top) guys, but she is spending most of her time watching. Watcher or rider?

  • C.Contrary

    “Being well-read with philosophy or history doesn’t make her wet.” Very true. In fact, it will do the opposite, and I know this firsthand. There may not be a hotty on the planet who can appreciate an erudite man.

  • beantown hustler

    I always thought of approaching women at my university as practice. If I got anywhere with them great and if I didn’t I learned from my mistakes. Most of my success came from other campuses though. Went out on the weekends and cleaned house. Boston is a good city to go to school with so many schools fairly close to each other.

  • C.Contrary

    Most men will never approach that often. They don’t have the work ethic, confidence, thick skin, etc. Endless approaching is the player’s primary trait.

  • Tom Dane

    You say most men but game has becoming epidemic in places like Toronto (I’ve heard)..result, terrible bitches with high bitch shields. So teaching everyone game is not the answer to our problems.

  • General Stalin

    …But there has been a huge increase in the number sexual partners over a lifetime, earlier age of sexual activity, and wider-range of sexual acts and experimentation. Look at the important numbers in this report. Just because people had sex more frequently two decades ago is not indicative of a non-degenerate culture. The surveys shows people were generally having sex more frequently 10-20 year ago, but typically were having sex with the SAME partner. Nowadays people “hookup” more, meaning more irregular sexual activity in lieu of promiscuity.

    Having sex younger, having sex with more partners, doing more sexual acts. Check out the entire report

  • C.Contrary

    No one is trying to teach “everyone” game, and it remains true that most men would never approach with the frequency of the player.

    How you got from my comment that most men would never approach as often as the player to the claim that “teaching everyone game is not the answer to our problems” I am unable to see. It does not follow logically.

    And with that I end my part in this discussion. Be well.

  • C.Contrary

    Try this next time you see a hotty in a bar club with her tits and ass hanging out: “Did you come here straight from church? You look like the girl I have been dreaming of bringing home to Mom all my life!” The insult here may be even more effective than the wit.

  • anon1

    i think moreover its like everything is a heuristic and there are exceptions. Also i think roosh changes his post coverage depending on the way he feels about things. so clown school is today because he’s thinking about the rote entertainer structure he’s experienced to get the lay. earlier work with a better/happier mindset and a different environment would give rise to a different post. it’s born in experience but the focus of the conversation in the articles he presents shifts depending on his demeanour at the time of writing it.

  • Theodore Logan
  • Tom Dane

    Again, you say that most men wont, when in fact they do (some places)..

  • ladderff

    Roosh, would you comment on Roissy’s longstanding claim that lizards prefer laconic men?

  • anonymous

    Sure they do… if the guy looks like Randy Orton.

    Otherwise, better put your clown shoes on.

  • Jason

    I’ve tried this out so many times. Normally, I’m not big into small talk. I feel it’s a waste of time and there’s nothing really meaningful in the discussion. I get bored and tune out of the conversation. So at times I get bored with most pop culture conversations.

    I agree that trying to have logical conversations with women just doesn’t work very well. So i turn on the pop culture switch, load myself up with energy and just babble about little small mundane things and it’s win almost. The more absurd the conversation, the better. It’s almost like playing with your kids. With that sort of reality, it can make any red-pill guy wish he had a mental disorder.

  • Blue Tropic

    The question is, where is the limit between entertaining and making her entretain you? I find that if you don’t make her invest in the interaction and entertain you since very early she is not going to take you seriously

  • Anonymous Anonerson

    Typically people in steady relationships have more sex. I’d bet money the decline is sex has a strong correlation with the decline in serious relationships. Feels bad man.

  • Rubix

    It’s all the same, as you say. But “watcher” is a misnomer; our rider is just as much a participant. She just waits longer in line for a better mount, desperately seeking a better alpha.

    I get the feeling these guys are being disingenuous. Their distress at the “myth” of sluthood is just another form of pedistalization.

    “They’re not all like that!”

    What is the difference between a girl who plays the game poorly and a girl who plays the game well?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Great point. I think we go by notch count to get a quantitative measure of carousel riding that can be interpreted relatively (more or less riding) if not absolutely (a rider or watcher). We would have to qualify to a time period and any casual sex in that time period is cock carousel riding.

    I think we agree (or should) that the per capita notch count is up but the per capita instance count and cumulative time of PIV is down. The sex being had is less, yet the partner counts are up. This is not hard to understand. Women resist, fuck someone new, resist, fuck someone new, resist more and more by ‘being friends first’ and other bs that does not change the type of man she ultimately chooses, and finally a miscalibration hardened spinster not providing sex service at all. The lack of sex is very bad for social fabric. Ownership of pussy by men makes pussy valuable and social fabric (cultural transmission and accountability) possible.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Q: “What is the difference between a girl who plays the game poorly and a girl who plays the game well?”

    A: Looks. (lol I know it was obvious, but what the hell. Might be a revelation. The question assumes same instincts let loose as locus of control. Good assumption for Western women except those married to Jesus.)

  • scratche

    I worked with a guy that was a former gang member and professional boxer; he never smiled or laughed and he had everyone’s respect. Even he had to turn into a clown around women (and he was the best player I have ever seen). This was a 5’6″ 50yr old Puerto Rican guy that I saw absolutely demolish a 6’3″ 220 corn-fed redneck; most badass guy i ever met would turn into the world’s greatest clown on cue because it worked.

  • Chokmah

    Roosh, what can I add to your post other than offering this piece of music?
    Send in the Clowns. All the best.

  • Kingsley Davis

    “Women would rather be beaten to death than be bored to death”.

  • poorroosh

    Roosh, I looked through your pictures and you actually remind me of a guy I friendzoned and then ignore once I got married to a breadwinner alpha, because well the friendzoned guy was a creep. Like you really your body language in the picture is stoic completely unnatural your eyes lack life and you seem uncomfortable or fearful of these females you’re with. You’re body language does not dominate nor would it really make any panties wet except for for pity sex or super drunk sex I guess since american girls like that I guess. I don’t know I really pity you. I wish you would do something better with your life. Haha guess that’s the mommy in me.

  • Jackreacher

    This is true on so many levels. I only have to remember some of the times when I worked a room, became the center of the party, getting everyone riled up with a few quips and making everyone feel good like they’re part of something exciting for the night. The pussy just loves it to bits. But in the end, it’s just because I performed well for the night. Another clown for the show.

  • Roosh_V

    It’s hard to trust studies based on self reports, but it’s possible that an addiction to technology/attention would mean lower notch counts for girls.

  • bucky

    i had a fair amount of success by being an american in europe who can actually speak the local language and discuss high-culture stuff like literary classics and artsy movies.

  • anonymous

    Who knows how accurate the absolute numbers are, but it’s the relative results that matter. I don’t think there’s a reason to believe that women (or men) were lying more/less a decade ago than they are today. So assuming fraudulent self-reporting is consistent across the years, which it should be, the result stands: less sex today than yesteryear.

    It will be interesting to see if the downtrend continues throughout the next decade.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I have to disagree here, as an older man. Young women will look up to older men who know philosophy and history in a practical way, of what to do and when to do it based on why, principles proven by data/experience. The philosophy and history per se is not exciting, but a man who can see and navigate the world, who ‘just knows’ what to do, is exciting to women. Basically the “Most Interesting Man in the World” archetype. Erudite + Confidence = Masculine Mystique (chick crack). If you can get her to discover things about herself or life by just thinking about things in a correct but nonconventional way, she will question herself more and you less. I admit at times women just want hedonistic pleasures and impressive convo is not always appropriate, but just having mental hand in her mind is a step in the right direction. Relate modern feminism to the flappers, the US to Roman Empire, masculinity to sovereignty, collectivism to obesity, fertility to fashion and sex appeal, psychology to political bent,…

  • Cedric G

    My 2 cents on the erudite philosopher king mindset-
    Do all those books really mean anything?
    Isn’t it better to be stacking c notes?

    Stacking paper>reading paper

  • preppin


    I’ve been getting a consistent stream of response from girls that I either am a bit weird, or was weird in the beginning. I knew that I was just *outstanding* and *extraordinary* in the truest sense of the word. However, since most people put a negative spin on weird, I was starting to take the label negatively.

    Now I’m certain it’s just my inner-clown coming out.

  • RedSunBlue

    2014’s PUA movement: Scary Clown Game

  • Ornament

    Sorry but that sounds like trading your dignity for pussy. IMHO not worth it.

  • Kristoff

    ROOOOSH !. Enjoy reading your posts. The way you present 88% of your concepts inspires me. The research work you have done on particular subjects is in my opinion valuable contribution to evolutionary biology from the “kitchen door” Truly amazes me how it is possible to transfer social, gender science terms in to linguistically approachable form like yours. Exceptional Advantage of your findings compare to “dry” science facts and theories is it’s practical straight forward experimental dimension.

  • EmergingArtist


    When a skag asks a guy what he does for a living, most men go into their job descritption etc, adnauseum. Then sweetie gets bored and leaves.

    In America if a chick asks you what you do for a living, make it up; tell the cunt you don’t have a job because you just got outta jail due to kiling a cop. You have to look the part, so you best learn to put on your prison look in your face (cold, souless look in the eyes).

    The goal is to get her to say something like “man…. you’re psycho….!” That’s stupid American twat speak for “I’ll be fucking you in 20 minutes.”

  • Joaquín Maldonado

    Skag? You mean slag, ignorant

  • TC

    Quote: “Skag? You mean slag, ignorant”

    Ha ha what a chode you are.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    lol Generally true for the quick lay. However, the rich man without wisdom on female nature gets the Yin shiv, a la Donald Sterling. I recently read a post about affectionate women rolling over betas of abundance who get or could get laid like pipe: important concept. The classic example given was John Lennon by Yoko Ono. lmfao

  • Robo

    Remember while being a clown, do not mention anything that’s considered sexist or misogynistic in contemporary society. Refer to sewing as something feminine, feminist women yell “SEXIST!” On the other hand, order a Long Island Iced Tea, feminist women yell, “THAT’S A GIRLY DRINK!” You have to be both ‘manly’ and ‘feminine’ when it’s most convenient for her.

  • jim

    Don’t you worry about diseases? I realize that this website is all about moneymaking from some desperate men who are trying to get laid. You have a full package for them. On the other hand what about diseases? What about aging, when your penis going to take a holiday?

  • roman43

    wtf are you dating immature airhead 23-year-olds and then whining??

  • Esteban Holder

    You have bought into the AIDS Hoax, hook line and sinker. Stick with your porn and wait for a virgin bride, you’ll be safe that way.

  • Thetruthhurts

    LOLOLOL. So true. that one had me laughing out loud.

  • fucknutz

    sounds so easy, I like that.

    Over my life, I have seen the perils of over-analysis of a challenge. I guess as men we are forced to grab life by the ballz and naturally rely on mental capacity (ie, we are not stupid fucking cavemen) to make the world a better place.

  • sky

    simply amazing! the best i have read about women’s world nowadays.

    How all have changed… some time ago simply being yourself and a good nice man with a good future to maintain a family was more than enough

  • gabriel

    Of course a 20-year-old party girl wants a clown! She is a clown too! How many 20 year-old guys you met are not clowns?

    The problem is you are close to your middle thirties. You have more things in common with a 38-years-old single woman than with a 20-year-old party girl.

    And for middle thirties and older woman that are still decently looking you dont need game, you need real money, good sex and a decent sense of humor. This or just become a beta provider…

    When woman are young they try to hook with decent guys but their inmaturity prevents them. When they are mature enough, they just dont care anymore.

  • Giovonny

    I consider you more of a professional comedian.

    Entertaining the crowd for your own benefit!

  • circling the drain

    Yay. More babbling, brainless, self-absorbed millennials that refuse to shut up.

  • Tom Dane

    No no, just say to her “You look tired, let me hold your tits for you”.

  • : fvaetha: el

    Painful article to read, but based on everything I’ve ever observed, I have no choice but to agree with you, Roosh. And exactly as you said, my knowing this does allow me to free up my mental faculties and reserves toward becoming a fully developed man purely for its own sake. The task remains to get my ass on the streets, in day and night venues, and generally being social if I want a regular supply of sex. I have to say. It’s a damn hard pill for me to swallow, but it’s true. Thank you for this.

  • Robert W

    What if she’s afraid of clowns? Har! Why so serious?

  • Jarrod Pietras

    That’s because 20 years ago, more people were committing to relationships. Sex happens more often in relationships than it does among the single/serial monogamous. That study only reinforces the fact that people may be having sex less frequently, but with an ever-increasing number of different partners. In other words, a married couple in 1990 may have had sex 4 or 5 times a week, but it was only with each other. Today, single men and women may only be getting sex 1 or 2 times a week, but its with a new partner every other week/month.

  • Jarrod Pietras

    These numbers will continue to decline right along with the declining numbers of young people getting married. As more and more men figure out how badly the western family court system is stacked against them, more and more of them will avoid divorce rape by avoiding marriage altogether. And the frequency of sex will decrease right along with it, which will lead to ever lowering birth rates. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

  • gu

    ” once I got to know a swedish girl whose parents were doing some charity work for the palestinians in Israel, loons.”

    The enemy of my enemy…..

  • mclovin

    cool whats the fighters name? whats his record? In case youre wondering im a fight fan

  • TheRiz

    It’s wittiness that really matters. A confident, blazing fast mind is the most attractive to women.

  • d18kv178

    “The problem is you are close to your middle thirties. You have more things in common with a 38-years-old single woman than with a 20-year-old party girl.”

    absolutely not true.

    if you aged inside, became senile and rusty – then yes, you have more in common with middle-aged women.

    if you stayed young inside, have exciting life experience, keep yourself updated with evolving trends of the modern world while maintaining your own interests according to your personality, and can offer something to learn from – young girls will find you exciting at any age. and you don’t have to be exclusively a “clown”.

  • d18kv178


    you don’t have to be anything except for what you want to be.

    if she says “GIRLY DRINK”, just tell her that she appears to be stuck up and should stop thinking in pathetic archaic standards.

    or just tell her that you are in fact very feminine and offer her to feel up your boobs.

  • Hank Mortar

    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    I’ve had quite a different experience.
    I find women like honesty above all else. If we consider that a
    woman’s breasts are for nursing babies, and also that males are
    attracted to large, firm, well-formed, pointed-up breasts, because
    they want their infant children nursed on them; then we have the
    makings of a great opening line:

    “I’d love to see my baby nursing
    on your spectacular breasts!”

    This combines the wisdom of the natural
    sciences to a simple, honest, and uncommon understanding of the
    female and her natural function.

    Women act up as a mating signal, any
    and all of which translates to, “Do you need an engraved
    invitation! Prove to me that you’re a man! Give me the pleasure
    without the guilt! Pin me down and get me pregnant!”

    I also try to reframe the context of
    intimate relations, which gives rise to, “I’d like to share with
    you an intimate gift—a gift I made myself—the intimate gift of
    masculine love and forgiveness!”

    It’s no secret that women suffer
    sensual guilt, but men don’t. Feminism is organized penis-envy;
    women seeking acquisition of masculinity for its promise to liberate
    the woman from guilt for sensual pleasure.

    To offer a woman true
    liberation—liberation that only a man can offer—in an honest and
    straightforward way is nearly irresistible to her.

    To gain a girl’s trust I simply offer
    her the opportunity to recite the the holy Rosary together!

    For some reason this makes almost every
    girl want to bear and nurse my offspring, preferably manchild! But it
    won’t work with females that hate puppies and/or Christmas.

    Before I expend considerable effort to
    bathe her sinful but contrite fertility in my seed of masculine
    forgiveness, I have the girl kneel at my feet and confess her sins.

    If she can’t think of any, I just go
    through the Ten Commandments. Because the nature of female sensual
    pleasure is physical, and the Heavenly Father will not hear His Own
    daughter confess sensual pleasure, it is usually necessary that the
    woman a ask for a firm, masculine hand like so,

    “I’ve been a naughty girl! Could I
    please have a firm masculine hand on my small, firm, round bottom?”

    Suddenly, sensual guilt is expiated,
    and the woman is free to be truly feminine! Demeaning women is a poor
    substitute for manhood. Unless both male and female are free to
    fulfill their respective natural function they will both be robbed of
    their gender identities.

  • InfoShinobi

    I have to comment on this. I’ve been experimenting with different approaches lately, and raw physical dominance seems to work wonders.

    First example: A few weeks ago, I was at a bar with my friend and we’re gaming the whole place (watching us drink and hang out is like watching a fucking comedy routine, we’re jokers and both love to fight). This waitress is hanging around a lot, but I notice her attention is drifting to my buddy. Something comes up about girls asses, and on a whim (I was pretty buzzed) I decide to slap her ass, hard. Like lift her off the ground and throw in a squeeze, hard. Then I took a drink, and said “You need to do some squats,” and turned around and ignored her. Needless to say I got the number and we still see each other on occasion.

    Next example: A month or two ago, same friend different bar. I’m being loud as hell, not giving a fuck. Looking to fuck or fight, I don’t care which, particularly. My friend says, “Hey calm it down, you’ll get us in trouble.” To which I reply, “I can get away with anything I want, watch.” I stand up and walk to a server, the hottest girl in the place. Big titted blonde, tight tube top. She’s typing something into the computer, so I walk up to her, get eye contact and grab one of her tits, never breaking eye contact. Give it a good squeeze and hold onto it. She looks down, then looks back into my eyes without even blinking. Never says a thing, moves away, nothing. So I smile, take a drink of my beer, shrug and go sit down. After that she came to an after-hours bar with us. Again, I see her occasionally.

    Final analysis: 2 approaches, 2 closes. 100% conversion. Strongest game I’ve ever run, on paper anyway.

  • InfoShinobi

    This is true. Since I have the time and resources, not to mention freedom, to keep myself up to date on modern things (especially music, which I love in 2014), I’m still right on the cutting edge of things I enjoy. I’m happy, feel fit and young, have nobody to answer to or ask permission of, etc. My strongest age group to run game is 19-22 yr olds, hands down. And I’m 33. I’ve never once experienced a roadblock because of the age difference, indeed it has made my life easier. I’m not a horny 24 year old working at McDonalds, paying off my baby momma. I’m a confident man with the ability to do whatever I feel like on my own schedule. It’s hard to compete with, even if you’re 6’3 and I’m 5’9. And if it comes to physical conflict, well there’s a reason I can get away with acting so arrogant. It’s just one less thing for me to have to worry about.

  • G B

    Can a man alternatively be attractive if he has a brooding attitude?

  • dilettante

    That only works if you look dominant enough (6’4 jacked etc) I don’t think it works for all men

  • InfoShinobi

    I’m 5’9″ with no shoes on, and weigh in the neighborhood of 150. I’m pretty fit, but that’s it. I’m toned, not jacked, I haven’t started my new lifting routine yet. This “you gotta be 6’4” argument doesn’t hold water. Still, whether I look like it or not, I’m not intimidated by big guys, and maybe that shows through. I mean, if you’re making waves you better be able to handle yourself. But I’m pretty sure my friends hit me harder for fun than most guys could muster in a real fight. In fact, I know this from experience. Even jacked dudes have it mainly for show, they aren’t trained fighters and they aren’t real warriors. They’re usually stupid manginas, as easily outwitted as beaten. My 5’9 ancestry survived, and thrived, for a reason. C’est la vie.

    Other than that, I’m telling you, the physical stats thing is kind of an afterthought. I’ve dated professional models that were conservatively 6’0 without shoes, hell I lost my virginity to a chick like that. It’s a short guy/tall chick thing, it’s just a niche I can fill. Power is an intoxicant to hos, and when I’m pulling hotties that are taller than me, it raises eyebrows. Other girls must be thinking, “Wtf does this guy have that makes him think he can do that? It must be something pretty serious, I should check him out.”

    Plus my give a fuck button is broken, so I hit on whoever catches my attention, which is not many chicks. I like challenges, it’s the only thing that excites me in game. So I go for chicks that have never been with a guy like me, which usually works because chicks crave variety. Then they realize I have excellent, shall we say, bedside manner, and now I have a new friend for a while. I should get pics of some of the girls I date, you’d probably never believe it because it’s nonsensical. We all know it’s ridiculous, but hey, I’m the clown. I just say it with a straight face and everyone is hanging on for the punchline.

    Just get out of your box and get down to business is all. There are no boundaries, only what you believe in and create for yourself.

  • Anon

    How often on dating sites do women say ” must have sense of humour and make me laugh” — explains it all really

  • Gallan

    I’d argue ability with women is more of a side effect of knowledge and wisdom than a direct cause. Wisdom and knowledge make you colder, more disciplined, more dismissive of women. Helping you with the indifferent game angle.

  • clown

    speaking as a clown, everything you say is true.

  • Misandry Bubble

    QUOTE: “Young women will look up to older men who know philosophy and histor”

    How “young” are these women? Only females under 30 are what we in this forum are focusing on.

  • Relampago_2013

    Western women are not worth all this effort. I’d rather just buy a plane ticket to a less degenerate, less gynocentric culture.

  • Haz

    What’s a good notch count to have or is it personal depending on the person. For some reason I wanna hit the 250-300 mark or higher

  • Haz

    What’s a good notch count to have or is it personal depending on the person. For some reason I wanna hit the 250-300 mark or higher

  • Markos

    Most Eastern and South American women I’ve met react exactly the same as north American women to the clown act. Then again, these are usually middle-class women in their twenties. Worthwhile read.

  • coach1173

    Didn’t want to believe this, but it’s true. I’ve seen it first hand the last couple of weeks. I’m too old for that.

  • Harry Mann

    If a guy can entertain a woman by playing the fool, then he is a genius in her eyes. I was cock blocked by a guy who ran across a room and aggressively approached a woman who had just lifted her dress over her ribs, so that I might see (what a fine body she had) a few tattoos on her torso. The guy had nothing to say, so he resorted to gibberish, like a two year old; from there, he progressed up to about the psychological age of a six year old. Meanwhile, she forgot all about me. They say that a smile is infectious, well he was smiling from ear to ear while talking gibberish, and she ate it up. He was one clever fool.

  • Harry Mann

    Feminism had created a huge market in personal vibrators, dildos and assorted sexual toys.

  • Harry Mann

    Any man with self respect would flush that idea.

  • Harry Mann

    If you can do that then you should stop drinking, because it is likely that women find you attractive. The booze is cause you are kind of a coward without it. You are trying to overcome that with booze. Overcome it without booze; talk to more women, they will invite your approach. They will drop their panties, like it was their idea. BTDT.

  • Harry Mann

    A woman yawns in a guys face.
    The neurotic / anxious type is upset because she’s showing an indication that he is not entertaining enough.
    The manipulative type yawns as well.
    The ballsy type doesn’t lose the opportunity to clasp her face in both hands and shove his tongue down her throat. Close.

  • Harry Mann

    aren’t you a ray of sunshine

  • Harry Mann

    a nice wedding present: Three Dog Night’s, “The Show Must Go On”.

  • Harry Mann

    That’s when you are trying to be smooth, and that’s when her gas mask goes on, because you may be talking but, all she smells is bull shit.

  • Harry Mann

    Visit a sex toy store. With so many vaginas tingling at the site of vibrating dildos, you can practically hear a dull hum, as freshly painted nails examine lengths, girths, pulse settings… There is even one device that straps to a woman’s heel, so that she can hold and read a romance novel while she fucks herself from behind. Just as there is a limited supply of alpha males, there are a limited amount of highly fuck worthy women. You might say that women in general are less attractive today than they were in the past, if you want to fuck a bunch of fat ugly women in order to boost survey results, be my guest.

  • Harry Mann

    Just great. A bunch of self described clowns watching a carousel. And wondering when they get a turn to play horsey.

  • Harry Mann

    They couched it in the term of “mingling limbs”. Many people may have found that puzzling or confusing. A woman’s mouth, vagina and anus are not limbs, for example. No, very few people engage in Twister sex these days.

  • Lucky

    Anyone a fan of Marc Maron? He often refers to stand up comedy as “building your clown.” The parallels between stand up and game are numerous.

  • Stadtaffe

    ..and that’s not something that new, possibly depends on the country but I was living somewhere very westernised and it was the case in the nineties too. Maybe it became that way somewhere in the late eighties..