How To Be A Great Man

One problem that Western men have today is a lack of masculine role models. Men don’t know how to be a man because there are so few great men to look up to. Today’s man is thrown into a gender equal, androgynous world where displays of masculinity are labeled creepy or misogynistic. Their environment dooms them before puberty to be weak men who grovel before unattractive women that end up becoming more masculine than them.

I believe there are three main components to being a great man, that when possessed even in small quantities, will lead to a rewarding life. Here they are:

1. Game. This is the ability and know-how to interact with women in a way that leads to sex. For most men, it will involve studying game theory and approaching a large sample size of women.

2. Lifestyle. This is all the value you build as a man, helping you work less to get more of what you want. With women, it makes you an interesting, desirable man before you even spit your opening line. A good lifestyle, which will involve some type of career, also stimulates your brain with valuable experiences and learning.

3. Testosterone Management. This is the fuel that feeds the fire. Without testosterone, you will be less motivated and productive in your game and lifestyle efforts.

Note that all three must be present to some degree to put you on the road to greatness. Game only would make you an approach monkey. Lifestyle only would make you a mere interesting beta who spends a bit too much time in the friends zone. Testosterone only and you’re the meathead who has to get drunk just to do a basic approach. When you’ve gained competency in all three components, you’re a man who has women, money, an interesting life, a fruitful social and professional network, and respect from your fellow man. You have it all.

The model I’ve presented to you is dependent on factors that make up Western society today. Sixty years ago, the model would look something like this:

Your father was a great man in his time, but for today’s woman he would have almost no value. He would have trouble just getting laid.

Now let’s predict the model for sixty years into the future:

We’re already experiencing some degree of it today. You’ll have to put in obscene amounts of work and be a masculine caricature to get basic sex. Competition will be insane. This is the inevitable result of worsening demographics, giving women choice, and eliminating gender roles.

The requirements for being a great man in Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia would be a combination of the first two charts, meaning that merely having a stable job will help you much more than in America, where you have to be the most interesting man in the world with tight game to bang a 7. In Eastern Europe all I need to be is a chatty dude with balls who doesn’t live with his parents, though of course this will change in time.

The path you end up taking will partly depend on your source of income. If you’re anchored to America, you must work on game, lifestyle, and testosterone management full-time to get reasonable sex, but I believe it’s far easier to fly to another country where the bar is lower in order to gain the favor of attractive women. As you can see, being a great man is quite relative, and chances are you’re reading this from a country where women demand the most out of any female in the world. Soon, their demands will outstrip what the human male is even capable of.

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  • Pickernanny

    no no, by the year 2070 most of the populations wealth in amurika will be leveled. you’ll only need a good career again

  • Big Dick Bandit

    …so apparently part of being Masculine is being a whiny little bitch. good god. this is the whiniest, pussiest article yet! congrats!

  • The Turk

    Hey Roosh just sent you something I know you’ll like, check your e-mail…


  • Demian Gottlieb

    “Testosterone Management” = Brilliant term.

  • mage

    This is truthful, but no observation of problem is complete without solutions to problems.

    The way I see it the only way to combat female expectations raising so high that they become humanly impossible is to raise the expectations of men. Men must demand that women – women up. There fore I would add a fourth circle of activities that would be especially useful to young guys who still want this world to be bearable for them after twenty or forty years. The fourth circle of – fat shaming, beta ridiculing, feminist undermining and truth exposing.

  • litte roosh

    this shit is getting old

  • Stray dog

    Yes it is.

  • litte roosh

    ….but it’s true:(

  • litte roosh

    … to a certain extent, but i don’t think it’s worth constantly bitching about. Just do what you have to do be happy for yourself.. I’m a 39 year old average looking dude with a 20 year old latin gf… If you’re not happy with american women just go elsewhere and let the dudes left behind deal with them…. no need to constantly hate just do what works for you… live and let live or live and let die however the expression goes…

  • Deebos

    For those not paying attention this article targets the subtle depression many experienced players encounter particularly when they’ve topped the 100 notches mark. At what point is enough of what I do acceptable for attracting a quality woman? The balance has shifted to men must achieve more while women achieve less while complaining about the little they actually do. The balance of quality is seriously fucked. I am almost 40 and every one of my friends wives are fat, complaining bitches. These men work 50+ hour work weeks for what? To come home to some war hog who won’t cook or clean and gives them honey do lists? Fuck that…I’ll pass, but let me tell you the game gets tired after awhile…what more must we accomplish, what other non-sensical fuck goal will we set and actually achieve, what other ridiculous notch will we chase? The most elusive notch for us is meeting a quality woman worthy of settling down with, sometimes that hurts.

  • Aurini

    For that projection to hold true, it requires the consent of the average guy. Not just the Alpha Males with the Fame/Riches/Bonobo approach, but the “Betas” (in this future we’re all Betas) who wind up funding the lifestyle.

    That pattern is what presently exists in the black ghetto, but the only reason it’s sustainable is because of welfare premised upon misplaced white guilt, and a prison-industrial complex that isolates the upper-Betas from the society, both of which are huge social costs.

    Before it got to the point you describe – assuming all else is equal – the average Beta will drop out, go Grass Eater, MGTOW, and just generally stop putting up with women’s shit. Women need constant attention and forgiveness from these guys to sooth their brain tubes, and guys are doing it because the real world – or at least, the real world perceived through television and Hollywood – seems like it’s not so bad.

    Eventually even those guys will have to admit what’s going on.

    Caveat: post-scarcity would result in precisely what you’re describing, if the current idiots in charge do the “natural” and “democratic” solution to things… this might be offset by realistic virtual reality, however, winnowing the active male population…

    Goddamnit, I should just write a blog post. Great article, Roosh.

  • Blackhawk

    In 1946, because of WWII drafting and relocating so many men outside of the USA (plus the enormous destruction of males world wide in the same war), there was a male shortage –all it took was being a man. In 1956 this effect was still in place, plus the US was still occupying Germany and Japan while just withdrawing from the Korean war. I think it’s a bad data point to use.

    The 1920s is a better equivalent for 2013. There was new media –movie theaters and magazines –disrupting society and people initially overvaluing these channels because of their novelty. These new media lead women astray selling a hypergamy fantasy –women wasted years of their prime in a fantasy relationship with Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, or other movie idols, ignoring the obtainable real life men around them. It takes society a while for the novelty to wear off and to start ridiculing and shaming poor behavior, generally using the same new media channels –and you find a series of 1930s into the 1940s movies making fun of comically naive women in unobtainable worship of their cinema idols, or poking fun of how what was carefully edited for the screen had little to do with the real life actors, who were only reading rehearsed lines and playing a character.

    Likewise in the 1890s you see novels and the gaslit theater creating innapropriate hypergamy among women –and both Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Patience” and “Princess Ida” ridiculing the pants (skirts?) off of these peaking social trends that again were misleading women into wasting years of their life chasing after unobtainable hypergamic ideals rather than having real life relationships.

    Social media itself is already starting to be used to ridicule and shame poor behavior and bad real life choices being made from overvaluing communication through social media over real life. By 2023, cliches and tropes about social media and the stupid choices people made by paying too much attention to it will be firmly in place.

  • Nomad77

    I disagree. I don’t think these are enough. A great man MUST also possess great character and a decent personality. A great man must possess the ability to love and care about others and the world around him.

  • Inside The University of Melbourne

    God, I pity the men of 2073.

  • Mebus

    Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgments.

  • samseau

    Your projections for 2073 are only true if trends do not change. I think America will become much more poor, and be like the “alpha man paradise” Russia is today.

    The Russians do not need any steroids, now do they? :)

  • Revo Luzione

    Excellent Venn diagram, Roosh.

    I don’t think the 2073 Venn will come to pass. Why? Because a massive shift is underway in the youngest generation.

    Young men and women are rebelling against the feminized male/masculininzed female culture. We’ve had the (mis)fortune of living through the nadir of western civilization.

    It’s a slow turning, but things are improving. More & more men are realizing their true masculinity, and more & more women are realizing they want to be led.

  • Arthur

    Who gives a shit what women want? Surely a great man would set his own values, develop his own philosophy and live according to that? Only weak men care what other people think or live according to their values. A great man sets his own values. He would laugh if someone told him to amend his values to fit what some stupid woman wants.

  • jesse

    Verily, this is not the measure of the great man as found in Thucydides and Herodotus. Testosterone injections, the practice of game, a job in middle management, and a hobby women find interesting can only improve upon a man’s genetic destiny so far.

    Gentlemen, these are dark times in which we live.

  • seth

    Its already been true in the uk past few years, apart from the fame bit. And thats with my male model friends.

    Women here don’t care about job, even if you’re a doctor. Its a waste of time to get an edumacation. There is actually no way to improve your odds with women short of working out and spam approaching. The women also are awful and have gotten worse over the last 10 years.

  • Amanjaw Marcuntte

    Nomad77: “A great man MUST also possess great character and a decent personality. A great man must possess the ability to love and care about others and the world around him.”

    On the contrary…

  • Berria

    We live in a winner take all society, and it’s only getting worse. Either work hard to become the 1% and be left with the crumbs.

  • Berria

    *or be left with the crumbs

  • ZekeSchrempf

    What is wrong with Americanized, western women?

    1) Bitchy, entitled attitudes

    2) great percentage of them are significantly overweight

    3) Their relationship philosophy could be summed up as it’s the man’s job to defer, serve and cater to her. They have an exhaustive laundry list of requirements for what they want in a man, but when it comes to what they’re supposed to bring to the table, all they think that’s required of them is to show up. Can you imagine if men had extensive lists of things they required in a woman and didn’t put any care or concern into what they should contribute? Even if you decide to let her be the boss and attempt to “serve her” she will eventually come to see you as weak and dump you anyway.

    4) A lot of times it’s really like walking a tightrope. If you make one mistake, if you say or do something dumb, or you do something in a less than elegant way, you get kicked to the curb. I’m not talking about major dealbreakers like abuse, repeatedly getting caught in lies or other irresponsible, reckless behavior, but just generally being human and not being suave, sophisticated and debonair at all times 24/7. You get dropped like a hot potato over superficial, silly stuff without any kind of consideration to what sort of man you are, what you bring to the table, what kind of partner you make in terms of being kind, supportive, generous, having character and integrity, having a good job, etc.

    I had a fourth date with this girl last night. We had fooled around a bit before a couple of weeks ago at my place and stopped just short of the bang, but I didn’t get the bang until last night. So we’re laying there afterwards doing the pillow talk thing. I mentioned something along the lines of how I was born with a cleft palate and endured a lot of surgeries as a kid. She says “You know you told me that two weeks ago when we were fooling around.” And then she proceeds to flip the fuck out:

    “I feel so cheap, I’m just one of those girls to you, I must be the Sunday night girl.”

    “I think maybe I should put my clothes on and go.”

    According to her I was repeating something I told her two weeks ago when she was naked in my bed, and it was insulting that I didn’t remember telling her that, and that if she was special enough to be naked in my bed, I should remember details like that, or something…whatever.

    She was super fucking pissed. She says “How can you not remember anything we talked about during our last pillow talk?”

    The fuck? Then the topper, the turd cherry on this shit cake: “Redeem yourself. Tell me something good about yourself so I can forgive you.”

    I mean fine, putting myself in her shoes, it’s annoying when a guy repeats himself but I think she made a mountain out of a pebble.

    “You told me something special and personal and you didn’t remember.I must be nothing more than the Sunday night girl. I feel so cheap and stupid.”

  • Dirty Harry

    @11 Aurini

    Hey Aurini, I’m calling your ass out. I am gonna whip your ass, you pussy Anton LaVey satanist looking sonafabitch.

    Meet me in front of the saloon tomorow at high noon, for a draw. That is, if ya ain’t yellow.

  • Amanjaw Marcuntte

    Off-topic but awesome:

    Too bad Roosh wrote his “15 reasons why Toronto sucks” post before this specimen crawled out from under its rock.

  • Zorro

    Currently reading “Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha.” All about fat loss, muscle development due to hormone management.

    Would love to hear Roosh’s take on it someday.

  • Quintus Curtius

    Right on. The great man needs to have all these 3 “spheres” in balance. It’s hilarious that we’ve come full circle. If you showed Roosh’s diagram to Socrates in 4th century B.C. Athens, he would recognize it at once. “Know thyself”, he would say. And if you showed the diagram to Cosimo de Medici in the Renaissance, he would heartily endorse it.
    Nothing is new except arrangement.
    We are rediscovering the model of the adventurer-scholar-seducer that previous ages celebrated.

  • Loki

    In 60 years, most males will see the lose/lose in the escalating demands of women and go their own way. Anyone with a shred of alpha will have all the poon they want. Only SR10 females will have a marriage partner.

  • Ben

    Haha I laughed when I saw the ’2073′ image. Problem is it might actually not be too far off… unless we start a revolution.

  • ZekeSchrempf

    @30 Ben

    What is the revolution? We complain about women squandering their beauty and partnering potential by riding the Carousel too long, while at the same time we strategize to be part of the Carousel. And if any man decides to step back off the Carousel, there are plenty of guys all too happy to have one less member of the Carousel to compete with. I guess most men decide the Carousel is the only game in town, even though most guys at some point want to partner up long-term with a woman they find worthy. I don’t know what the answer is.

  • RootlessTorontonian

    The dating culture has changed a lot since the 1950s. Before, a middle class income, which could be earned through blue collar work (no high school diploma), was enough to attract a good-looking woman. But with the rise of feminist multiculturalism, woman has been liberated from her role in the household. She no longer has to rely on a man’s pay check for her survival and is free to pursue her most primitive biological urges without restriction. Because every woman secretly craves dominant Alpha males, men are required to have handsome faces and thick wallets if they wish to avoid the police and the court system in their search for female companionship.

  • Richard

    “Soon, their demands will outstrip what the human male is even capable of.”

    well that’s why men will invent robots….

    but if the women don’t calm down, WW3 is going to be a battle over the incubator technology and the embryos and spermbanks….

    the men against the women…..

  • Alpha Mission

    Doesnt spam approaching come with the consequence of negative social proof with every rejection?

  • Indian_hotguy_Bholu

    All the words written between the red Quotation marks “ ”: describe the relation between me and my mother and the word between the black quotation mark describe the relation between me and anyone else.
    There are words between quotation marks are translated and others between quotation marks but not translated. What does that mean? And why I did so?
    It means, I offer the girl what i wrote between quotation marks and is translated, if she accepted my offer I would give her what I wrote between quotation marks but not translated.
    I did so, because I just wanted to know if she would love me for myself first.

    I also used a technique of programming in writing the letter. How?
    There is a sentence in the letter starts with (if I came late or if you are not interested sorry but deprive me from your smile)
    And in the end of the letter there is sentence (I’m coming to you now….)
    In programming, there is technique of called recursive modules/functions and it needs a header and a caller. In my letter I imagined the header is (if I came late…….)
    And the caller is (I’m coming to you now….),why I did so?
    I just wanted to write something from my imagination, and I imagined that when the reader reaches the caller statement (I’m coming to you now….) her mind will jump to the header
    (if I came late…) and keep reading the letter again, and by that, I would have implemented a technique of programming in the letter. It’s something from my imagination.

    Since in programming every recursive function should have stopping condition, in my letter the stopping condition exists in the header (if I came late in your life or you are not interested sorry but not deprive me from you sweet smile…) how?
    Stopping condition 1: What I meant by (if I came late in your life) is, if you have a boy friend or in love with another person
    Stopping condition 2: What I meant by (or you are not interested) is, if you are not interested in me.
    What I meant by (but not deprive me from you sweet smile) is, just to be normal acquaintance
    Hence, if any of the two stopping conditions is true or achieved, then of course, the offer will not be valid.

    Also, in the caller at the end of the letter (I’m coming to you now, “kiss on this side” and “kiss on this side”). What did I mean by “kiss on this side” and “kiss on this side”?
    Since the words between black quotation mark describe the relation between me and anyone else but not between me and my mother, I just wanted to tell you, even if there will be agreement between us you will never love me as my mother loves me. I just imagined that the (kiss) indicates agreement between people.

    After I finished the offer/letter I wrote:
    1-I’m not crazy and if I’m crazy they would not accept me in a master program: I wrote so because I know that I wrote something obscure and can’t be easily understandable and I’m the only one who knows the meaning.
    2-I’m not a kid….: I just wrote so because I just was afraid to tell you directly that I love you.

  • thecaptainpower

    I don’t know, my father and grandfather had an easier time finding a real wife, but I think it’s a million times easier to get laid today.

    Besides the 4 years he spent in WWII, he probably never got laid.

    Todays society: Good for sex, bad for wives.

  • Dcman

    someone posted one of your videos on city data in the dc forum asking “is this guy right about dc” I commented yes lol

  • AFemaleCat

    Lol…good post.

    I was in a room where someone was watching ‘Defiance’ this SyFy tv show. The first scene was a white male who was standing up for himself …and the main ‘hero alien’ characters then threatened the living shit out of him, as well as the female alien was rude as fuck and in my opinion deserved to get her ass beat back to her planet bigtime.

    Then the next scene was the Main Hero White Male character chasing after this oddly pre-pubescent alien character asking her “Are you ok?”

    From then on I tried to tune it out….but later I caught a glimpse of the main male character chasing after this girl yelling “I’m sorry!”

    It was sickening. Truly sickening.

  • Richard

    Deebos makes a good point…. the game does get tired.

    The challenge is to get a good woman and school her, real fast and real hard from day one. Just show her what you want and what she needs. Make her need you and want you and more importantly make her serve you.

    Find a keeper and try to make it work, what is the risk ?

    The guys that have warhog wives, dull lives, kids climbing the walls and a 50% loss of capital hanging over their heads if they so much as sniff another pussy, didn’t start like that day one, they got cooked like the frog in warm water.

    The player knows the game, but is tired of the transient nature of it.

    So set yourself up to install a keeper in your life.

    Rent an apartment don’t buy. keep cash, not deposit accounts stay liquid, put your money out of reach, and make her sign papers really fast, spin her head into your world, just like you do for a one nighter. you just keep her on the move, keep her beholden to you. get her used to you having other women casually, you can do it.

    if you can afford it, get her pregnant. use the woman for what she is built for.

    The long term game is exactly the same only based around building something for yourself that is stable.

    Think of it like driving a rental car, it’s never yours, even if you get a brand new one, you’ll have to hand it back.. and mostly you get tacky used cars with some mileage on the clock. Plus its time consuming picking up rental cars and dropping them back all the time.

    better and cheaper and easier to own a car and park it in your garage…..

    it’s worth a try…..

  • LOL

    You mean, “how to mimic a great man in order to fool the heart, soul and brainless bimbos to sleep with you”.

  • al_jihad

    Funny: I have no game (albeit considered “charming”), yet I’ve had 2 dates with a senior Goldman lawyer who makes about 3x what I make.

    She already bought me cologne.

    Is this the part of feminism where I scream in agony? lol

  • al_jihad

    She doesn’t sleep around, though, and so if you seek easy sex, you have to consort with those you provide it, aka whores, not mothers.


  • Jason

    I really enjoy this post and had one slight update. Perhaps call testosterone management “health” and throw the importance of staying in touch with family and good friends and you have the recipe for being a great man. maybe a dash of community service as well.

    I think any friend, regardless of their knowledge of game or not, would agree that being a great man takes into account: Lifestyle, Health and Game (or you could just say Attraction)

  • Tom Dane

    “senior Goldman lawyer” sounds old, cougars getting young men is defo one of the parts of feminism where you should cry out in agony.

  • Openbar

    If any man of 2073 has issues, it’s only because you failed your job as his father.

  • Anonymous

    having a job it is still important in today’s life. so i believe that having money and having game or good lifestyle are all important the same way cause without any of them it would be hard for picking up girls.

  • al_jihad

    33 isn’t old.

    “senior” is relative, of course, but compared to most drones in the world, she is.

  • Tom Dane

    33 is near cougar and is not interesting for LTR…dont spent your time on it unless you’re at least 40 yourself and you dont want younger woman anymore, for whatever strange reason.

  • al_jihad

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • seth

    The guy who thinks dating a lawyer or a medical student/doctor means quality is an idiot. Most of those women are crap which is why they’re single and have been p and d’d many times. Also, they cheat on their fiance/boyfriends a lot, even with other guys on the same small campus. I’m a med student and seen it. Quality girls can come from any social class but they are rare.

  • Keith

    How to be a great man in 2073:

    Apply alcohol.

  • brazilianbutthead

    i will make a nice pc-wallpaper with this Roosh’s chart. very inspirational.

  • Vaughn

    Love the “1953″ Venn diagram.

  • Cad and Bounder

    The 2073 scenario need not be reached if men (and particularly the elite alpha men who are the big part of the problem) decide to become truly ‘feminist’.

    As such the divorce laws and welfare state were structured with the fundamental assumption that everyone’s implicit aim was the nuclear family. And so little Johnny Beta thought.

    The reality is now that one gender has an inordinate amount of power and is gaming the other while being morally fuelled with the hate ridden ‘ideology’ of feminism, whose starting point is that women are the victims.

    The solution is for everyone to become feminists. Real ones. Not gamers. Here is my feminist empowering agenda.

    1. No single mum has the right to claim maintenance payments from the father. Women are empowered now and can work and face the consequences of having a kid out of wedlock.
    2. A reduction of welfare payments and benefits to single mothers.
    3. Divorced women are not entitled to a penny. Women are empowered and can work and face the consequences of divorce.

    Let’s empower women to free themselves from the patriarchy and go forth and pay their own way in life!

    Do these three things and I suspect you might see some changes…

  • al_jihad

    I agree with you in general, Seth, but you’re assuming she’s a Western girl OR has Western values.

    She doesn’t, but she isn’t some broke wench, either.

    That’s my point: I wanted to demonstrate the existence of a counterexample.

  • S

    Nice article; I like ones like this. Gym + approaching.. Got to do more of both based on the recent articles..

  • Anonymous

    I love the Venn, Roosh.

    Bring back the 2007-era MS Paint illustrations!

  • Tom Dane

    @Revo yes I noticed this as well. Young women here in Denmark are getting increasingly friendly. But I mean only the youngest, 24+ are still spoiled. It’s in the around 18 years old girls I see the shift. So it will take some time.

  • jesse myner

    Measure of the great man of today: to be remembered by women.

    Measure of the great man of the past: to be remembered by other men.

  • seth

    I bet you the 2073 pic happens in 2023.

  • Short man

    What about the short 5’4-5’5 man who is buff and has money and social skills? is his work to pick up girls worthless because of one genetic trait( I don’t believe height is a flaw, but many women i met reject me for my height).

  • seth

    Come to London. I know Roosh said the girls are often busted, but I’ve seen enough decent girls dating shorter guys. How long this trend will last, i dont know, but in the UK a lack of height isnt a deal breaker. Same with many central European countries (eg Hungary).

  • Guest2073

    I disagree with your 2073 projections. Why will competition be insane? The amount of women isn’t going to decrease, there’ll be more men, and more women. Also, my perception is Western women have been getting sluttier and more easy with each passing decade, many women first born 20-60 years from now will never anything of being conservative or monogamous. Sex will continue to further saturate media and pop culture, porn becoming more and more mainstream, and sex itself becoming more and more devalued and seen as something special. The future I envision looks sex filled with more and more open minded-ness, with ever decreasing standards for what a guy has to be to get laid, certainly not more challenging than the recent past, or present.

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun

    As such the divorce laws and welfare state were structured with the fundamental assumption that everyone’s implicit aim was the nuclear family. And so little Johnny Beta thought.

    The divorce laws and welfare state were structured with the assumption that people would be honest, and not use them for unfair advantages or personal gain.

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun

    “Come to London. I know Roosh said the girls are often busted, but I’ve seen enough decent girls dating shorter guys. How long this trend will last, i dont know, but in the UK a lack of height isnt a deal breaker. Same with many central European countries (eg Hungary).”

    I can’t understand this WASP-American obsession with height and muscle. The British don’t seem to have it – and most definitely Meditearanean people, Jews, Arabs, Greeks, and Turks don’t have it.

  • Quintus Curtius

    And this is why Return of Kings is focused on providing examples and exemplars of masculine virtue.


    The elements of being a great man have definitely changed from past decades.

  • pup

    Great man 2073: One circle. One item required… “Vagina”

  • Ty

    “Soon, their demands will outstrip what the human male is even capable of.”

    Are we not there already. I spent the past 18 months getting back into shape. I am cut and put on 17lbs muscle. Women are noticing, but still not enough to get above a 6. For a man living near Los Angeles though i guess this is excellent. In my city the men are much more fit than the females and outnumber women. I saw two men within the past hour, obviously they work out. Both of their women where overweight.
    I would say the name of the town but I don’t wan’t to invite a school of whales hoping to get a fit guy with minimal effort. Its bad enough already.

  • danish girl ;)

    you clearly dont know what a real man is! soooo afraid of real intimacy and then creates this superficial identity where its all about getting sex. You are a scared little boy, who doesn’t even know what masculinity, realness or love is.. sad.. feel the emptiness?

  • Braydon
  • FG

    Western women who are slutty are only slutty towards alpha males…an average male is not getting any sex from a slut.

  • FG

    If your like my 5’0-5’1 friend…impossible to get laid today….I put in no work and get laid thought, but I’m 5’11 and good looking.

  • Bigblue

    Yeah I feel the emptiness especially when divorce comes and I have to give up my house, half my net worth and oh yeah only see my kids 10 days a month…………get a clue Danish girl.

  • minoculus

    This was once called Mind/Body/Spirit, but the PUAs have replaced spiritualness with pussy.

  • a

    Exact same thing in Denmark. So many guys become in better and better shape, while so many fat ugly woman easily get a good looking guy in good shape. While many other guys nothing wrong with their look and who eat healthy and in good shape is not good enough for those woman because they have too hight expectations of how a guy should look like.

  • (; lrig hsinad

    Intimacy is somewhat enjoyable, in small to moderate doses (if the girl is both particularly beautiful and particularly talented)

    SOMEWHAT enjoyable .. to a man.. with things to do

    With a world to change.

    However, I never forget anymore what I’ve come to realize on my own:
    - girls value my intimacy far more than I value theirs
    - girls use intimacy as their “trap” to gain access to my plentiful resources
    - if I were to stop providing utility value suddenly, they would sooner or later (probably sooner) give up providing me intimacy, because they would need to use it to gain access to another male’s value. I am replaceable, in other words, just as they are to me..

    To turn the mirror back on you, what are you doing that is so deserving of praise? Insults, shaming, offering no help to the universe..

    Mere criticism. You know what they say about critics.

  • Beibz

    naw dog remembering the beibz is important

  • JJ

    You got that Eastern European thing 100% wrong. I am from Eastern Europe and I know why it’s easier for you there: because you come from the first world (USA), so your status is very very high. Don’t forget that Eastern Europe is a second world country. They would die to marry you, get a green card and get the hell out of there.

  • Ben hur

    Yes, the same way very few women will try and obey to the “8 things American women should do to be more attractive to men”, but here we are, following the advice of some kind of pseudo-enlghtened pick-up artist guru.