How To Be A Great Man

One problem that Western men have today is a lack of masculine role models. Men don’t know how to be a man because there are so few great men to look up to. Today’s man is thrown into a gender equal, androgynous world where displays of masculinity are labeled creepy or misogynistic. Their environment dooms them before puberty to be weak men who grovel before unattractive women that end up becoming more masculine than them.

I believe there are three main components to being a great man, that when possessed even in small quantities, will lead to a rewarding life. Here they are:

1. Game. This is the ability and know-how to interact with women in a way that leads to sex. For most men, it will involve studying game theory and approaching a large sample size of women.

2. Lifestyle. This is all the value you build as a man, helping you work less to get more of what you want. With women, it makes you an interesting, desirable man before you even spit your opening line. A good lifestyle, which will involve some type of career, also stimulates your brain with valuable experiences and learning.

3. Testosterone Management. This is the fuel that feeds the fire. Without testosterone, you will be less motivated and productive in your game and lifestyle efforts.

Note that all three must be present to some degree to put you on the road to greatness. Game only would make you an approach monkey. Lifestyle only would make you a mere interesting beta who spends a bit too much time in the friends zone. Testosterone only and you’re the meathead who has to get drunk just to do a basic approach. When you’ve gained competency in all three components, you’re a man who has women, money, an interesting life, a fruitful social and professional network, and respect from your fellow man. You have it all.

The model I’ve presented to you is dependent on factors that make up Western society today. Sixty years ago, the model would look something like this:

Your father was a great man in his time, but for today’s woman he would have almost no value. He would have trouble just getting laid.

Now let’s predict the model for sixty years into the future:

We’re already experiencing some degree of it today. You’ll have to put in obscene amounts of work and be a masculine caricature to get basic sex. Competition will be insane. This is the inevitable result of worsening demographics, giving women choice, and eliminating gender roles.

The requirements for being a great man in Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia would be a combination of the first two charts, meaning that merely having a stable job will help you much more than in America, where you have to be the most interesting man in the world with tight game to bang a 7. In Eastern Europe all I need to be is a chatty dude with balls who doesn’t live with his parents, though of course this will change in time.

The path you end up taking will partly depend on your source of income. If you’re anchored to America, you must work on game, lifestyle, and testosterone management full-time to get reasonable sex, but I believe it’s far easier to fly to another country where the bar is lower in order to gain the favor of attractive women. As you can see, being a great man is quite relative, and chances are you’re reading this from a country where women demand the most out of any female in the world. Soon, their demands will outstrip what the human male is even capable of.

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