How To Be A Man

Fifty years ago you would’ve probably received a basic education, created a family, and then supported it with a menial yet well-paying and stable job. Not only were you considered a man by society if you achieved all three of these milestones, but you would’ve felt like a man as well.

Times have since changed. After educating himself, the modern man is lost on exactly what to do or be so that he can have a sense of pride in who he is. Creating a family with masculine women who are eager to rob you blind in a failed marriage doesn’t make sense anymore. Being secure in a good job where you don’t have to worry every few months about getting laid off is a thing of the past. What can you do so that you feel like a man in today’s culture? I’ve determined six things:

1. Fuck 25 girls. After 25 notches, you will have a strong understanding of female quality and psychology, giving you needed tools to make good decisions when it comes to relationships and commitment. Before that number, you run the risk of entrapping yourself in a toxic relationship that takes away from your manhood instead of feeding it. You’ll have a nagging doubt in your head about whether the girl you’re with is ideal for you or not. Also, there is no other way I know of that builds a man’s confidence than fucking significantly more women than the average man.

2. Intimidate others with your physical size. Is it possible to be a man if others think you are weak and non-threatening? Is it possible to get respect from others when you look frail? As fast as I’m sure your newest smartphone can dial 911, it’s hard to feel like a man if you don’t think that other men would fear getting into a fight with you. This doesn’t mean going on steroids, but it does mean getting strong and taking weightlifting seriously.

3. Don’t be afraid of getting your ass beat. You’re not a man if you win a fight, but you are one if you’re not scared to get into that fight. When you realize that you’re not made of glass, you stand up for yourself in all situations, whether they possess threats of physical violence or not. You push back at disrespect even if you think you may get beat up. The irony is that the less scared you are of getting beat up, the less likely other men will ever fight you. Accepting that a beatdown will happen almost guarantees that you’ll never receive one.

4. Give back to those who took care of you. When you were growing up, who looked after you? Who helped make you who you are? Chances are you’ve yet to return the favor. Starting with our parents, we take for granted those who have helped us along the way. Right now they could probably receive help with something that you’re able to give. Repaying them is a surefire way of increasing their happiness, which in turn will make you happy. While I’m sure there are many starving kids in Africa who could use your help, there are people closer to you who could use it, too. Help them first.

5. Accept that you will die. Western culture does a great job of making death a painless afterthought, an event that might as well never arrive. It teaches everyone to deal with death by turning into obsessive-compulsive automatons when it comes to diet, exercise, and risk avoidance. Instead of living the best, most pleasurable life they can, people waste their time by hedging their bets in order to maybe live a longer, more unfulfilling life. Accept that you will die, sooner than you think, and get to work on those things that you want to accomplish right now, not ten or twenty years down the line. By doing the things you want without delay, you listen to your nature and become a stronger person in the process.

6. Do something worthy that other people admire. A genetic bug in the male genome is that we want to be admired. It’s not enough to do something great, but we also have to be acknowledged for doing something great. Until then it’s hard to feel like a man. Don’t do just the bare minimum. Don’t go easy on a project or hobby that means a lot to you. Don’t stop until you’ve gone farther than what most other men who have attempted it has. After you’ve reached a high level of achievement, share your knowledge and allow other men to accomplish what you have. When others want to do what you have done, you will feel like a man.

Do all these things and you will come into your own and be comfortable in your skin. You’ll also serve as a role model for those young guys trying to find their place in the world.

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