How To Become A Multilingual International Player In 61 Easy Steps

1. Believe your family or Western culture when they teach you that women are infallible snowflakes.

2. Be ashamed of your sexual preference in thin and attractive women.

3. Be friendzoned enough times that you begin to question your self-worth as a man.

4. Get tired of masturbating, with little hope of having sex with an actual woman.

5. Listen to sappy music and watch romantic comedies, believing that they hold the key to sexual success.

6. Have a meltdown where you finally refuse to accept the pathetic existence you’ve found yourself in.

7. Stumble accidentally upon a game book or web site.

8. Study the game resource for weeks or months, soaking up its teachings.

9. Gather up enough courage to do a cold approach on a woman you don’t know.

10. Approach a hundred women to learn how to maintain a conversation, get a number, and plant the seed of attraction.

11. Get flaked on by most women who give you their number.

12. Learn how to get a girl out on a date.

13. Fail on countless dates to seal the deal while learning how to escalate the encounter to a kiss.

14. Spend countless hours on more failed dates until you eventually have sex with a girl.

15. Receive no reply to the text message you sent her.

16. Spend three evenings a week at the gym improving your musculature.

17. Learn how to properly kiss a girl by copying moves that girls do on you.

18. Spend years optimizing your appearance to maximize both your confidence level and your attractiveness.

19. Learn a new skill such as dancing, story-telling, or public speaking.

20. Gradually improve your wardrobe with fitted clothing that women notice.

21. Read a hundred books that increase your understanding of humanity and the world.

22. Improve your finance management skills and build a fuck-you fund of one years living expenses.

23. Take a trip to a foreign land with the goal of sleeping with beautiful woman. Fail utterly and contract a stomach illness for your efforts.

24. Return home and spend the next year learning a foreign language.

25. Date your first foreign girl after meeting her at a salsa club or international lounge.

26. Start an internet business that makes you a couple hundred extra bucks a month after 100 hours of effort.

27. Take a longer trip abroad. Perform your first successful pickup in a foreign language.

28. Continue to work on your foreign language studies, side business, gym routine, and self-improvement efforts while maintaining a full-time job and pursuing women.

29. Take notes on things that work for you.

30. Learn additional skills like cooking, martial arts, playing an instrument, or writing.

31. Go against the advice of all your friends and family by quitting your stable job and relying solely on your modest business income or freelance work.

32. Take one long trip abroad to countries that interest you.

33. Re-learn the game from a basic level every time you step foot into a new country.

34. Fight bouts of homesickness.

35. Spend 300 hours studying another language.

36. Experience several setbacks to your business and poon-chasing where both your income and sex life take large hits that only recover after months of recovery.

37 . Get hit with random illnesses and injuries that delay your goals.

38. Meet the girl of your dreams and then lose her.

39. Fall out of touch with old friends who don’t understand your life choices.

40. Make new friends.

41. Encounter problems that you simply don’t know how to solve.

42. Receive criticism from your countrymen based on the new beliefs that come from your changing lifestyle.

43. Experience moments of satisfaction and contentment.

44. Meet another girl of your dreams. Fuck it up again.

45. Study books on history and culture to help you make sense of differences you see in the countries you visit.

46. Get ripped off by a hundred taxicab drivers.

47. Develop a work and play routine that keeps you grounded when you’re hit with inevitable periods of loneliness and depression.

48. Gradually perfect both day and night styles of game in multiple languages so that you can get laid relatively easily in many different countries.

49. Stay in touch with like-minded men you trust.

50. Shock yourself with strange environments to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know beforehand.

51. Meet another girl of your dreams and know exactly what it will take for you to pursue the relationship to its natural conclusion.

52. Look back on past conquests and realize that your standards must have gone up since you wouldn’t now sleep with many of them.

53. Consciously accept that your sexual needs are changing and then re-adjust your game to meet this change.

54. Experience a new round of failure where you’re essentially starting over from scratch.

55. Watch as new technologies or changing consumer tastes hurt your business.

56. Start a new business based on what you learned from your previous one.

57. Sleep with a girl so beautiful that you experience a moment of insecurity and wonderment at why she chose you.

58. Learn another language, the hardest you’ve yet to try. Feel like a beginner after 400 hours of study.

59. Find a city that you like and wouldn’t mind staying for a year or so.

60. Work as hard as you ever have to maintain a steady income while having relations with the women you desire.

61. Pause every now and then and reflect in silence.

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