How To Become An International Playboy

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent article called Death Of A Playboy. It argues that cultural and economic factors have put an end to playboy lifestyles of the likes of Peter Beard, Gunter Sachs, and Porfirio Rubirosa. This is no surprise if you consider that a big part of that lifestyle was the pursuit of elite hobbies like car racing and polo that get little interest in today’s internet age. Yesterday’s culture was also more inclined to embrace the mild chauvinism that came with being a playboy. If those playboys lived today, the media would simply highlight how badly they treat their mistresses and publish gotcha shots of their hairy naked asses on private beaches.

What can be achieved today is a form of a playboy-lite lifestyle, where fewer men can become true playboys but more can experience a taste of what real playboys had. You no longer need to be a millionaire with special connections to hit the hot spots of the world. You don’t need to be the most interesting man in the world to sleep with beautiful foreign women. It’s true you won’t have access to supermodels and high-society events, but you will experience things that your dad could have only dreamed of.

Here are the steps into becoming a lite playboy:

1. Set your own work hours. You can’t be a playboy if another man is dictating how you must spend your time. You should be at liberty to hop on a plane to explore a new city whenever you desire. This probably means you need to start an internet business. Come up with an idea this month, put at least one hour a day into it for the next two years, and you’ll be on your way.

2. Stay in centrally located apartments. Hostels are great for backpacking but horrible for the playboy lifestyle, and hotels are expensive and not comfortable for long trips. A recent innovation that makes it easier to stay in affordable apartments is Airbnb, where homeowners rent you their places at prices that are cheaper than hotels. The first apartment I rented through them was nicely decorated and got many compliments from the women I brought over.

3. Play the numbers game. You won’t truly leverage your strengths unless you’re putting yourself in front of a lot of women. Whether via internet, day, or night game, you should be always prospecting for talent and squeezing them through your fuck funnel. There’s no escaping the game grind.

4. Pursue a unique hobby. The playboys of old kill us with their sportsmanship and artistic endeavors, but that shouldn’t stop you from spending at least one hour a day on photography, writing, music, or language. There has to be something in your life that is not just about pussy and money, that gives you meaning when—for whatever reason—you need a break from the two. If there’s nothing more to your existence than ass and cash, you set yourself up for depressing periods of emptiness and frustration.

5. Assemble a good crew. You should be extremely selective about the men you invite into your world. Unless a man is in the same boat as you, or vigorously working to get there, he should be no more than an acquaintance, because there is a high chance he will bring you down and sabotage your efforts. I prefer rolling with a wingman, but if the man isn’t of high character and worth, I’ll go it alone. Thankfully, the internet has a way of bringing together men of like-minded interests. I’ve met many men from the forum who I trust and I’m sure I’ll meet many more.

Living the playboy-lite lifestyle can be done for only $2,000 a month. You can find a nice apartment for under $1,000 a month in most European cities and walk yourself to the best bars, cafes, and clubs to drink to your heart’s content for modest prices. You can’t afford to get bottle service in the hottest club every weekend, but you can put yourself in front of beautiful women and let your game, which you’ve honed in the West, do the rest. Making $2,000 a month via the internet is not easy but very doable. The good news is that many cities in South America and Eastern Europe open up to you starting at $1,500 a month.

I don’t care for the playboy term or even want to say I am one, but as my years living abroad stacks up, it’s getting easier to compete with the local men to get desirable women. I could go into a city and within a week, have my finger around what it takes to enjoy it, both emotionally and sexually. As I continue traveling and the number of girls I maintain correspondence with goes up, I realize there are now many cities I can step foot in and have a good chance of getting laid within 24 hours.

I didn’t accomplish this lifestyle overnight. I pounded the pavement for years, first in my own country and then through visits in more than twenty others over the course of several years. I can tell you that it’s great to hit a club in a foreign city and look around at the men and realize that I’m not a little fish like I was in the past, that all I have to do is put in the work and get what’s coming to me.

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