How To Build Your Own Groupie Harem

A form of sex that eludes many men is groupie sex, where a specific accomplishment or creation has built enough attraction for a girl to fuck you. The only game needed in that case is “don’t fuck up” game. In Western culture, where being known is more important than having skill, cultivating your own groupie harem is a reliable way to get easy sex from girls in the 5-7 range. Here’s how you can do it…

1. Start a nightlife, party, and game hybrid blog for the city you live in. Write about going out and having fun. Skip the philosophy and politics.

2. Once in a while, post a picture of yourself. It doesn’t even have to be a clear picture of your face, just something that hints at the strapping man behind the mirror.

3. Blog five times a week. If you’re starting from scratch you have to amp up your quantity to get noticed. Make your content a little sexist, but you don’t have to go full-Roosh.

4. Share a couple sex stories that hint at you being a desirable, experienced man. One of your stories should have the following line: “She told me that no other man made her cum as hard as I did.”

5. Connect with your scene’s top bloggers by commenting on their shitty blogs. It’s okay to be a comment whore as long as you’re giving value. The better your comments are, the more likely someone will click over to your site.

6. Cultivate your audience. After six months and at least 100 blog posts, you should have at least 300 unique visitors a day, half of that from locals. You will get occasional emails and comments from girls that you can follow-up on. If a girl is leaving comments on your blog with her email address, it’s acceptable to contact her privately (in fact, she probably wants you to).

7. Attend local blogger meetups. Among the local set your half-Roosh sexist content should have helped built a reputation that will no doubt precede you. If there are no meetups in your city, coordinate with two other girl bloggers to plan one (they have mostly a female following). Throw a happy hour in a centrally located part of the city.

8. Fuck all the groupies.

I had the most amount of groupies when I ran DC Bachelor, when over 60% of my audience was from DC (now it’s less than 5%). There were monthly happy hours with a freshly rotating crop of vagina that passed my boner test. By 2007, my blogger buddies and I had banged most of the cutest blogger chicks and their readers. (Fun fact: it came out later that both Roissy and I banged the same groupie—what a lucky girl!) Sadly, the quality of groupies soon took a huge dive and the happy hours became more of a support group for fatties once they found out they could get easy attention in spite of their unsightly appearance.

As my readership has gone international, so have my groupies. When I was living in Colombia, I started getting hit up by a Brazilian girl on Twitter. She was gorgeous, so call me beta for making sure to stop by her horrible city in the Northeast for one week of magnificent love-making. Unfortunately, my current crop of lady fans live in random parts of the world. My groupie days have come to an end.

Your first groupie will probably be a thickie blogger chick who wears flip flops, but don’t worry—your quality will increase with your notoriety and blogger status. Soon after that will come the paranoia, where you’re not sure if that chick is looking at you because she likes you or because she knows you. Probably both.


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