How To Choose The Best Prospects For Fast Sex

This Saturday night I’m not going out not to practice my game, build my skills, make a girl laugh, entertain her friends, or have a good time. I’m going out to fuck. Everything I do after the moment I leave my door will be to find a girl who is open to having sex with me that same night. During the day I’m content with phone numbers, but at night I intend to go all the way, even on weeknights. Anything less than that is a complete, utter failure.

There are two things that need to be in place for me to fuck same night: the right game and the right prospects. The right game on the wrong prospect will lead to rejection. The wrong game on the right prospect will also lead to rejection. It’s when you have both that sex will happen. I already got the right game for girls in America and a handful of other countries, so getting laid for me is now entirely dependent on finding the right prospects.

To maintain a high one-night stand conversion rate (one for every three or four times going out), I remain hyperaware of my fuck funnel. The word funnel comes from web marketing. Here’s a definition:

A ‘funnel’ is a series of pages through which a visitor must pass before reaching the goal conversion. The name comes from a graph of visitors who reach each page—the first page counts the most visitors, and each successive page shows less visitors as they drop off before reaching the final goal.

Your fuck funnel is the series of steps you take from the approach all the way to sex. Most girls will drop out as they go through your funnel by losing interest, declaring they have a boyfriend, flaking out, throwing up, or a multitude of other reasons that prevent sex. This means that for ever one girl you fuck, you have to approach a lot of girls. This is the basic law of averages, where no man fucks every girl he interacts with (even serial rapists have a failure rate).

Most guys allow the girl to remove herself from his funnel. For example, a guy will talk to a girl for two hours in the club and then have the girl disappear to the bathroom. Or maybe he will kiss her at the bar, be content with it, then not get a response when he texts her a couple days later. In either situation, a whole night is wasted.

Now imagine that you can predict when a certain girl will allow her ugly girlfriend to cockblock. Or you can predict if a girl is flakey when it comes to going on dates. Or you predict that a girl is not interested in one-night stands. What happens? Well, if you like fast casual sex like I do, you drop her from your funnel. This means that you walk away from the interaction at an early stage well before she does, all for the goal of saving your time to focus on another girl that will be a better prospect. My goal is to get laid every night I go out, something that can only be reached by passing on girls who are not good prospects.

How do you know when to walk away from an interaction? How do you know when a girl is not a good candidate? First, you’ll need at least twenty notches of experience from cold approaches. You will then pick out the patterns of how those twenty girls responded to your game. If you meet a girl who responds in an opposite way from the pattern, stop talking to her. In essence, you’re testing her to see if she responds in a way that other girls you’ve fucked have responded.

Let me give you two examples from my foreign fuck funnel. When I’m abroad, all girls ask me the same types of questions, which I have scripted answers for. I have found out that girls who want to fuck me the same night tend to give eerily similar responses to my stock answers. This is how I know whether I will fuck her soon or not. If she gives me a response that strays from the optimum, I politely wind down the conversation and find another girl.

Example 1. A girl asks me what I’m doing in her country. My stock response is “Sex and drugs.” If she laughs or says something like “And rock and roll?” then it’s possible she may fuck me that night. If she doesn’t even smile and says, “No, really, what are you doing here,” or gets clearly offended, then she will not fuck me within the timeframe that I desire. Because this question comes within the first five minutes of every approach, it’s a reliable way to quickly eliminate bad prospects before I invest a lot of time.

Example 2. About 30 minutes into an approach, well after touching has commenced and I’m getting close to the kiss, I ask her if she’s getting drunk. She’ll say no and then I respond, “Well then how about I buy you ten shots of vodka and then take advantage of you?” She’ll laugh at this and say she doesn’t want ten shots of vodka. Then I joke, “How about I put a drug in your drink?” I mime the act of drugging her drink. If the girl stiffens up and says, “No drugs you rapist!” then she will not fuck me that night. If a girl laughs, and then soon leaves her drink unattended in my presence, I guarantee you I’m fucking her. It has happened to me countless times where I hit her with my drug joke and she asks me to watch her drink while she goes to the bathroom. Think about that for a second: she’s leaving her drink unattended with a guy who just joked about raping her. Guess what she wants to do in the not so distant future?

With the use of several other tests, I will know within 30 minutes and with 75% certainty if I will get the one-night stand or not. Compare this to my past, where it was common to waste over two hours on a chick to only get a number and not even a kiss. Today that simply doesn’t happen to me because I have my funnel tests that I stick to regardless of how pretty or interesting she is.

Even if you read Bang frontwards and backwards, my game will not be identical to yours. Copying and pasting my tests will not work. What you must do instead is identify the responses that girls you’ve fucked gave to your early lines and routines. Unless you have a sample size of twenty bangs this will be hard to do, but if you’re a beginner you can create newbie funnels that deal with getting numbers or kisses instead of one-night stands. For example, what pattern of responses did the last twenty girls who threw you digits give to your beginner game? The only thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure your tests are all executed within the first thirty minutes, the longest amount of time you should waste on any girl.

The hardest part of a good prospect strategy is walking away from a girl who is warm to you but not giving good funnel responses. Players are so used to pressing on until a girl walks away from them that it’s almost foreign to walk away first, but truth is approaching ten girls a night is easy. Plowing is easy. Walking away from a girl who your history dictates is not a good prospect takes guts. Yet this is what you must do. It stings when a pretty girl takes offense to one of my tests in an otherwise solid interaction, but I have the history of all my bangs at my back, reminding me that I’m making the right decision. Continuing to talk to a girl who fails your test is the same as putting her on a pedestal, meaning you definitely won’t fuck her. The irony is that more that I walk away, the more girls I fuck.

Study your previous bangs, identify a handful of tests to sprinkle in your early game, and then follow them to make one-night stands as common as getting numbers or kisses was for you in the recent past. A sign you’re doing it right is when all your bangs start to look like copies of each other, as if you’ve cracked the code and developed a template that works powerfully well for your game and personality at your current location. This is what has happened to me.

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  • Amour Fou


    Poland is uncovering a dark side of you.

    Good… hehe.

  • nguyenimproved

    roosh you give good life advice.

    you’re good at distilling your knowledge honed from years in the field into stuff the layman can use.

    i can see you branching out into other fields of interest.

  • Tampa

    My god you are good…..

  • nguyenimproved

    amour fou
    i dont think its a dark side. he’s not a real rapist.
    but the jokes about rape/sex etc early on get rid of time-wasters.

    roosh has a load of cool stories etc and he wants to doa litmus test early on to which girls want a dancing monkey and which want a connection.

    girls squeemish about sex/their bodies/reality will most likely react to those incendiary comments.

    a lot of ‘normal’ girls might also. but i guess roosh is getting so much action he’s doing some tricky shit early on to weed out anything but definitely dtf girls.

  • Amour Fou


    I think Roosh’s work is amazing. I know he is no rapist, and I use “dark side” sarcastically. I am a forum member, he knows I mean well.

    It is just that he landed two insanely “to the point” posts on a row, and I am crediting that to “the Polish air” in his lungs.

    Just plain well written and broken down real life-advice. With some dark humor that not everyone appreciates.

  • Ian

    Hey Roosh,

    You are teaking pick up science to a whole new level. And with a very pleasant writing style. This is coming from a french guy, by the way.

    I have one question:

    You base your theory on the law of averages, which requires you to approach in massive numbers and filter the girls. But don’t you think that your behaviour is noticed by other girls and that this lowers the success rate of each new interaction?

    Maybe the 5th girl you approach rejects you because she saw you approach tha 4 previous ones, but wouldn’t have rejected you if she had been number 1.

    How do you account for that?


  • Marco


    I dunno, I just picture a guy talking to them, saying bye politely and talking to other girls.

    I think thats pretty neutral or even a plus in other girls eyes. Means you’re social.

    Of course, if you’re getting ugly blowouts left and right and acting like a creep, I think it would hurt you.

  • DoesNotMatter

    Gold! absolute fucking Gold……It takes balls to joke about drugging her though. Real balls….. or lots of whiskey

  • Towards speed bang

    Fast Sex. Just what I needed. This is a first step to a book on Speedbanging…i can sense it. Elaborate it. Put it all in a book or two.

    Go for it, roosh!

  • RV739

    Could you give an example of your domestic fuck funnel?

  • Anonymous

    This is all very well in good if you are in the business of fucking sluts. If your ‘game’ was any good you’d be able to aim a little higher. I’d rather spend time gaming a quality girl than banging sluts. Do you never tire of their mediocre faces and weak personalities?
    P.S. Im not a hater.

  • dickbutt

    so basically… roosh’s advice on how to get same night lays: get a same night lay and repeat it


  • Anon

    Basically, it’s sexual escalation.

    If she responds positively, then continue to escalate to sex.

    One night stands are a smooth, one way street. Hitting a speed bump means you need to turn on to another street.

    “so basically… roosh’s advice on how to get same night lays: get a same night lay and repeat it”


    All human interactions have a pattern, like a scripted dance. The more lays you get, the more information you have about how the dance is scripted and how it all goes down. Girls that stick to the script mean that you will get laid. Girls who deviate from the script will not put out.

  • samseau

    Believing in “quality girls” is like believing in “quality beach balls” or “quality soap”. 90% of them are the same

  • The G Manifesto

    Always qualify the prospect.

    This can be done subtly or in an obvious manner.

    And read the signs. Always read the signs.

    Ian –

    “But don’t you think that your behaviour is noticed by other girls and that this lowers the success rate of each new interaction?”

    Depends on how you play it.

    If you play it like the man of the hour has an air of great power, then no, it won’t hurt.

    If you play it like a sniveling chump, then yes, it will hurt.

    – MPM

  • gringochileno

    hall of fame post

  • Virgle Kent

    “Most girls will drop out as they go through your funnel by losing interest, declaring they have a boyfriend, flaking out, throwing up, or a multitude of other reasons that prevent sex.”

    wait wait wait…. when did throwing up prevent sex… you must be living the good life because the Roosh I used to know ….. ahh never mind

  • Joy Stick

    Roosh, what do you do when the girls actually do want you to start buying them vodka shots after you joke about it?

  • Falcon

    Roosh you are the Terminator of pick up. Binary decisions at every step from approach to penetration… lol

    But seriously, this is very good advice actually.

  • Rambo

    Excellent post and just what I have been trying to fine tune for my style. Efficiency baby!

    @ 11, The idea that the girls are more “quality” because you cant fuck them the same night really sounds like you making excuses. If your game was “tight” enough you could be fucking miss quality all night the very night you met her while the orbiters fall over themselves lookin weak.

  • Neil Skywalker

    Great advice, i should try this here in Brazil because its a hit and miss here. All kisses, no bangs.

  • Anonymous

    Quess what I call someone who has to go up to 100s of girls to get one nibble on the line. That’s right — a loser. If you were really that great girls would be approaching you right and left. If you have to use game and never get approached, you’re only getting pity fucks from drunk women, ugly chicks, and probably chicks with a sex addiction. Just sayin’ — the truth hurts.

  • Anonymous

    why do you erase everything except “great advice!” “excellent post!”??? It’s like reading the same comment x 10000

  • Fireworks56

    The next step is being able to scan the bar and read body language to guage the optimal girls to approach.

    @22 obviously never picked up. Women don’t know how to approach, it’s laughably awkward.

  • Fireworks56


  • vf33

    If you are doing the same routine over and over again, isn’t that basically like marriage except with the added bonus of social diseases?

  • JM

    the exceptional writing in this post is duping posters into thinking it is rich in substance. the jist of the post is basically, ‘ you need a method to screen girls, therefore figure out your own method to screen girls.’

  • OGNorCal707

    Roosh you’ve been on some next level game shit with these past two posts. I need to read them over and over again, to truly absorb and internalize what you’re saying.

    I think I mentioned this before, but an “advanced level game” book would be greatly appreciated, expanding and going beyond Bang for guys in the intermediate range.

  • T&A Man

    Roosh, good advice, in the clinical sense of pick up.

    Anon#22, your post indicates a level of stupidity normally found in the female of the human species.

    I mean, this is fuckwittery of the highest calibre…

    “If you were really that great girls would be approaching you right and left. If you have to use game and never get approached”

    It appears you do not understand what game is, or why men seek it.

    We can’t all be universally ‘that great’. We will be measured, we will all be assigned in a pecking order. Women will seek the top 10%, they will never endear themselves will cold approaches to the bottom 90%, we know this.

    90% of men are not going to stand by and let women dictate this, knowing they will lose out. Unless of course you think that 90% of men should remain celibate.

    To overcome this, for the sake of both men and women, men have to approach. To prevent this from being a gut wrenching, belittling waste of time….

    We have game.

  • Jax

    …and game goes full circle. Five years from now women will be reading blog posts about how to deal with guy’s shit tests.

  • Anonymous

    #29 — If you have to resort to game to get fucked — then you are a loser. There is a difference between approaching someone and asking them to dance and reciting some rehearsed line that anyone can tell is bullshit. I don’t turn down anyone that asks me to dance, but I would laugh in the face of someone reciting some dumb line — a “rape” joke come on. Who would want to continue to talk to that person, let alone leave with them. If it works for you though, whatever. Good luck with that.

  • T&A Man

    Anon#31, ‘someone who asks you to dance’, thus confirming you are female.

    Now please, stop trying to convey that you understand ‘game’. It’s non a schedule, or an action-item list to follow.

    Now as far as you proclaiming yourself as someone who can assess the validity of a line, as if it were rehearsed, the saying goes ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

    It is inconsequential if it doesn’t work on you.

    Repeat that to yourself.

    “It is inconsequential if it doesn’t work on you.”

    Then read this contribution again.

    Then understand, your pussy isn’t that valuable. To think a line about slipping a date rape drug into YOUR drink is Solipsism as it’s finest.

  • T&A Man

    #33 Anon, well I don’t visit nightclubs anymore, but in my early 20’s I was a professional podium dancer in nightclubs.

    I do not know of any peer that was asked to dance by a female as much as I was. That said, the number of women who ask men to dance is mighty slim indeed.

    Where you’re demonstrating your lack of comprehension is the post wasn’t about slipping drugs into drinks. A fool would think that, but alas… you think that.

    His post is about apply filters during the rapport process.

    If a woman is attracted to you, as opposed to wanting to waste your time and money for gratuity and attention, she will not punish your for seeking sex.

    A line can be;

    “Drink up”

    “Why ?”

    “Because I want to take advantage of you pretty soon”

    A similar play to the slipping a drug into the drink.

    It is a filter. A woman who is undeterred, even keen for sex to occur, will understand the primacy of sex in your message, and rapport will continue.

    If if gets a negative reaction, it means her pussy is not open and that you are not her priority.

    ‘Drug in your drink’, is noise, not the message.

    Where you did think it was about you, and where your hamster has lied to us, and yourself by claiming in post #33, is that because you felt that because it is something that wouldn’t work on you, it CAN’T possibly work on anyone else.

    As I said, solipsism.

  • 22n22

    I’m curious…is Roosh a closet beta or is he trying to sell his ebooks?

    Any woman with a vagina is fuckable, anytime, anywhere.

    You want to maximize your chances?

    The only thing an alpha has to do, is decide, I’m going to bang that.

    Then you come up to your prey.

    You are a lion in the fucking serengheti.

    Thats it.

    You take what belongs to you.

    I close the majority I approach.

    If you need clarification, google the bruce lee lost interview “be like water” clip on youtube.

  • speakeasy

    This post will go down as a classic.

  • Lumiere

    Problem with such test is that girls will fail them if their buying temperature is low not because they are not SNL material.

    Pumping their BT is your job.

  • Ambiguity : vector of progress

    When you starts bedding a lot of women, you will find your standards to unconsciously raise at an exponential speed. Since the average number of life notches for a westernized homosapiens is less than 10, when you are above 50 it just doesn’t mean the same thing.
    So when a “player” tells me he wants to get laid every nights he goes out, something is wrong : I rarely find girls that meet my standards, and i’m only 24.
    The end goal of game is when you find THAT woman and you are able to catch HER. The kind of woman that makes the time stop when she enters the room. Not to bang a lot of easy girls who giggle all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Applauds. Expect better for yourself, if they are not meeting your check-points, move on.

  • The Lightning Weasel

    Just goes to show that it all comes down to experience. The more experience you have to draw upon, the better your intuition becomes.

  • Anon

    “If you were really that great girls would be approaching you right and left. If you have to use game and never get approached, you’re only getting pity fucks from drunk women, ugly chicks, and probably chicks with a sex addiction.”

    @ 22,

    Shut the fuck up bitch. The only guys who get approached in a club are famous celebrities or super good-looking guys. The former get approached by gold-diggers. The latter, by drunk, ugly chicks. I am guessing you are ugly. Your comment is the typical misandry spouted by women who despise 99% of men, i.e., the average man. Go tell your dad you hate him for fucking your mom.

    “If you are doing the same routine over and over again, isn’t that basically like marriage except with the added bonus of social diseases?”


    Um, no. Marriage is a long sexual dry spell, where a middle-aged woman rapes you with a dildo & leaves with over half your stuff. That’s like the exact opposite of a one night stand.

    “So when a “player” tells me he wants to get laid every nights he goes out, something is wrong : I rarely find girls that meet my standards, and i’m only 24.”


    It’s ok, come out the closet. No judgments.

  • Ian

    @7 and @15: Thanks.

    Anyone else has an opinion on this? I really beleive that massively approaching can affect the perception of girls, whether you’re classy or not about it. Am I wrong?

    “I have one question:

    You base your theory on the law of averages, which requires you to approach in massive numbers and filter the girls. But don’t you think that your behaviour is noticed by other girls and that this lowers the success rate of each new interaction?

    Maybe the 5th girl you approach rejects you because she saw you approach tha 4 previous ones, but wouldn’t have rejected you if she had been number 1.

    How do you account for that?”

  • Timothy

    Here’s an interesting piece that touches on so much of what we discuss here…

  • Gmac

    Funny, I’ve been using a custom roofie line of my own for months with varying degrees of success. Looking back, I could have probably gauged the responses and saved myself a lot of trouble by weeding out the girls it didn’t work well on.

  • Giovonny


    This is one of my favs of the year so far. Reminds me of the great soccer player Zinedine Zidane.

    They called him the “scientist of soccer”.

    He would score a goal and the announcers would say it was “clinicially executed”.

    Beautiful work.

  • MK

    Nice marketing analogies drawn into a solid principle for your short term goal of the bang.

    Very advanced stuff indeed. Perhaps 80% of the chicks that are dtf can be had with only spending 20% of your time.

  • Phoenix

    Simply put – it goes like this…

    You joke with a girl about something, and she doesn’t like it. She gets cold, distant, and starts going aloof.
    -Don’t fucking care! Let her go. It’s still pathetic for me to see guys chase a girl down, apologizing, and hoping not to lose her because he made a bad/snide comment.

    If she’s offended, tough shit. You can’t take it back, nor should you.

    If the female is DTF, she won’t lose the opportunity with the guy. She’ll deal with his shit.

    In relation to Roosh, Assanova has a similar post. No dating, just get the sex.

  • BTD

    Roosh, you’re the man.

    But you confuse me with your Cuddle ebook. Was that a joke or were you serious? Sorry if this is an old topic, but I just found out about you and your books. You may think what you’ve written had ill intentions and consequences, but I can assure you you are doing a public service to millions of dudes who were so close to the scores with women but just didn’t understand the little things that would have sealed the deal and saved a ton of frustration and confusion (even for those guys who did good enough numbers wise). You’re helping millions of fathers by giving them knowledge that they can pass to their sons. Sure, like any tool, people can use it in harmful ways, but gun dealers sleep good at night and so should you.
    Thank you.

  • @BTD

    great comment. I agree. This shit helps a LOT of people around…both fathers and sons!

  • Johnny Milfquest


  • Peter

    When I started reading the article I thought you would talk about fast physical escalation to weed out the chicks that have low interest. Very interesting with the questions, I will start making my list. Very usefull because I came back to my country and my cavemanning ways are not yielding results. This will be a great addition to my game!

  • actual_millionaire

    I’ve been a reader for quite some time. Used to think your hatred/scorn for American women was a bit over the top, to say the least, and merely a romanticization (sp?) of foreign women.

    Not so.

    As someone who has only dated other Americans, I got used to behavior that was in hindsight nothing short of sociopathic and highly rude.

    Example: a girl who BEGGED me to fly her out to the city I live in (I’ve hooked up with her once before) and spend the weekend… although the ticket was expensive, I figured what the hell she wants to see me. Booked it.

    Over the past few weeks she has been calling and texting me telling me how excited she is to visit, asking how the weather is, if I’ll have enough time to show her around fully, etc.

    Then today, literally 4 hours before her flight is to depart, I get a simple text saying she doesn’t feel ‘right’ about visiting anymore. She isn’t coming, sorry, no discussion.

    This is beyond flaky for an adult woman, but it’s all too commonplace among Americans of a certain age (post-college to early 30s, I’d say). She probably got a marginally more interesting offer from another man, so she drops me without a moment’s thought for what her word means — or the fact that it’s too late to get a flight refund now (if she’d told me even yesterday, I learned, the airline would have refunded almost all of my money as a flight credit).

    This is not something I’ve noticed as common among foreign women especially of Mediterranean and South American descent.

    They care very much about their word, and understand the basics of integrity. American women who claim to be professionals will sleep with a guy even if it means only marginal advancement within the company. I’ve seen this many times before.

    Excuse the long rant, I’m not as talented a writer as you when it comes to being succinct. But point is: American women = shallow, extremely flaky, integrity entirely up for discussion.

    Foreign women = tend to have some depth, honor their commitments usually, don’t instantly whore themselves out for the chance at a new account or promotion (work isn’t everything to a European girl; in fact, she despises men who only think work, work, work).

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Roosh. Find your niche and then do the same things over and over. It should be like mass-production. Efficient and predictable. The only way to achieve it is through experience, theory will not help at the higher levels.

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  • Brian

    I was reading the other day that very masculine men are attracted to very feminine women – therefore, accept that these women are usually also wild/bonkers/crazy, but this comes with the territory of the entire package of her being a highly sexual feminine woman, thus be cool with her being a crazy slut because it’s a turn on and then ravish her because it’s the normal/natural result of this highly sexual connection. This sounds like the Buckcherry song Crazy Bitch. I “heart” sluts in the sense that these DTF women are open to have sexual experiences. Thus, screen women for being more feminine/crazier/with more openly expressive body movements/receptive to flirting, and go for a crazy wild ride.

  • XXL

    there is much much easier way than asking tricky questions after 30 minutes of some touching. and that is.. going for the makeout 1-5 minutes in. why? to get the point across.

    if she resists for real and wants to go away she’s screened out.

    if she kisses you back and stays she’s down for the most part

    if if she’s dodging but stays with you it’s all good cause the message is sent and the messge is that you’re the guy who will take his dick out.

    that’s basically it. physicality is screening tool to see who’s DTF. cause the thing is.. there are so many girls out there NOT DTF. if you’re horny and you spend 30min with her to see what’s up that’s a major waste of time IMO. if you’re horny you’re dicking around if you’re not like this:

    he’s smooth he’s reaching out hands he’s intuitive about physicality but it’s there and chicks not down with that with you are just not down with anything with you later (usually)

  • Luz

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s posts all the time along with a mug of coffee.

  • Ty

    “If the girl stiffens up and says, “No drugs you rapist!” then she will not fuck me that night.”

    Funny, and true.

  • Awesome Possum

    You’re retarded. You think women are watching you at the bar? That’s highly arrogant of you. Most people can barely cross the street without getting hit by a car, their heads are shoved so far up their own asses. Trust me when I say: Unless you are doing something highly unusual or drawing attention to yourself is an extreme way, no one is paying attention or caring what you are doing.

  • roman43

    Women become what they are because of how they are treated by men, it’s not their fault but OURS, in this case specifically YOURS. WHY did you pay her ticket?! You’re doing all men a disservice by spoiling her just because she has a vagina. Serves you right.

  • Kemikal

    After living in Miami for numerous years, I got divorced in 2008 and moved back to NY. Specifically N. Y. C. I got a job bartending in Midtown Manhattan and got the opportunity not only to bag local NY honeys but out of state and foreigner chicks also. My coworkers would joke about me always having chicks flying in to visit me for the weekend. One thing I never ever ever did was pay for their flight. Never! You want to fly in from L. A? GREAT. I’ll pick you up at the airport. Puerto Rico? That’s amazing. But since your flight comes in on my thur night $$ bar shift why don’t you catch a cab from the airport, (that I will pay) and come straight to my job. Toronto? Come on down baby. But I aint paying. Eff that!!! I’m already paying for them to be in my presence all weekend by taking them out around the city. They can go to Expedia. Com and book their own flights. Only one time did I make an exception and it was because I had not slept with her yet. I told her to pay for her flight and I would give her half the $ when she got to NY. That same night after we finished fucking and were smoking a blunt I pulled out my phone and emailed her a paypal payment for half her flight without her knowing. 2 min later when she looked at her phone and realized what I did, she smiled, said thanks, and proceeded to give me the type of head that made my toes curl. Never ever pay for some chick to come see you at all. That gives them the chance to flake. If they pay half, they ain’t flaking.

  • Kemikal

    I agree.

  • Cassie

    No, if you joke about raping her and then she laughs and leaves her drink with you…all it means is that she’s a dumbass. Just no brains whatsoever. Not that she wants to have sex with you, just that she is incredibly, INCREDIBLY stupid. And I feel sorry for her.

    For crying out loud, all these women you’re banging – how many diseases do you have??? Gross!!!

  • js27195

    Yea, I’m not sure about the “drug in the drink” joke… might be a little creepy LOL. I do understand his approach though, just probably need another question.

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  • Realist

    fucking most ridiculous shit ive heard, bullshit. Only thing your fucking, is your own asshole.

  • Amy

    It’s so creepy that there’s this army of creepers on the internet looking for systems to bed women and then toss them.

    For the record, I’ve had quite a few one night stands. Sometimes I just wanted sex. If any of them had of made a joke about putting a roofie in my drink I would have just walked away. I don’t sleep with creepers.

    I usually wait when I genuinely like someone in addition to just being attracted.