How To Create A Local Poosy Playground

I used to live in Germantown, Maryland. For those of you unfamiliar with the DC suburbs, it’s a 45 minute drive from the center of Washington DC. In spite of this distance, I would drive to the city at least three times a week to prowl the bars and clubs for girls. Logistics were a constant nightmare, but I felt I had no other choice but to endure the long drives. My success rate was meager.

Fast forward ten years. I now use  the location of my current apartment as the “center” of my game universe. I attempt to solve all of my girl needs as close to my apartment as possible, even if there are superior venues in other parts of the city. Here’s my strategy:

1. Where is the nearest mall, park, or semi-busy street? This is where I do my one approach a day. I don’t need the best mall or cafe in the world to accomplish my approach. Women can be found everywhere so all I need is to find a place where 30 minutes of time will give me an opportunity on a 7 or above. There’s no need for a mega-club with 300 people. One daily opportunity on a pretty girl is sufficient.

2. Where is the nearest cafe? This will be my insta-date location if a day approach is going well (and also a place where I can work).

3. Where are the three nearest bars? These are my date locations. I need several because I may not get the bang on the first date and multiple venue changes may be required. At this point things start getting challenging, because if I’m living in an undesirable area, the nearest bar could be one mile or further away, which is death if you don’t have a car. Nonetheless, I sacrifice quality of venue for proximity, meaning I may have to take a girl to a more pedestrian or downright seedy venue that isn’t perfect than something better that is farther. On dates, proper logistics trump everything else.

4. Where is the nearest casual restaurant? I may need to throw in a dinner date. A pizzeria or basic bistro is more than acceptable. I would never take a girl to a fine dining establishment unless I had prior sexual congress with her.

I locate the above four within a few days of moving to any location by walking around the blocks near my neighborhood in concentric circles away from my apartment, trying to nail down venues as close as possible. Once that’s accomplished, I’m done creating my customized poosy playground.

Without having to explore the entire city to find the “best” venues, I now have a hyperlocal game sphere where I have absolutely everything I need to get laid within a 1-4 week time frame. Note that this strategy assumes you’re using day game to primarily get laid. If you’re doing mostly night game then you definitely need to pick an apartment near the clubs to take advantage of one-night stand opportunities.

I wouldn’t want to live in Germantown again today, especially since I was two miles away from the nearest commercial center, but I would definitely attempt to create a local poosy playground instead of driving to DC to meet girls. I would focus on malls, local cultural events, fairs, the bars in crappy chain restaurants like TGIF, and maybe even volunteer at the local hospital or community center. I wouldn’t have a huge pick of hot girls, but the ones I interact with would probably have a higher chance of ending up on my bed. If it was so bad that I couldn’t find any cute girls, then I should move. Some turd cities simply can’t be polished no matter your effort.

If you have to drive or take a cab to the place where you meet women, you’re already setting yourself up for a hill to climb when it’s time to seal the deal. It’s far better to visit crappy venues closer to your home than better ones that are far out, especially when you consider that so much of a girl’s decision to bang you will be impulsive (e.g. “I live one block away—how about we have a quick drink so I can show you my cat photo collection?”).

When I go to a new city, no matter the size, I stick as close as possible to my apartment when trying to meet girls. The selection may be a little lower, but for the girls I am able to approach, my odds of sexual success is significantly higher. In the property business they say that “real estate is local.” So is game.

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