How To Create A Local Poosy Playground

I used to live in Germantown, Maryland. For those of you unfamiliar with the DC suburbs, it’s a 45 minute drive from the center of Washington DC. In spite of this distance, I would drive to the city at least three times a week to prowl the bars and clubs for girls. Logistics were a constant nightmare, but I felt I had no other choice but to endure the long drives. My success rate was meager.

Fast forward ten years. I now use  the location of my current apartment as the “center” of my game universe. I attempt to solve all of my girl needs as close to my apartment as possible, even if there are superior venues in other parts of the city. Here’s my strategy:

1. Where is the nearest mall, park, or semi-busy street? This is where I do my one approach a day. I don’t need the best mall or cafe in the world to accomplish my approach. Women can be found everywhere so all I need is to find a place where 30 minutes of time will give me an opportunity on a 7 or above. There’s no need for a mega-club with 300 people. One daily opportunity on a pretty girl is sufficient.

2. Where is the nearest cafe? This will be my insta-date location if a day approach is going well (and also a place where I can work).

3. Where are the three nearest bars? These are my date locations. I need several because I may not get the bang on the first date and multiple venue changes may be required. At this point things start getting challenging, because if I’m living in an undesirable area, the nearest bar could be one mile or further away, which is death if you don’t have a car. Nonetheless, I sacrifice quality of venue for proximity, meaning I may have to take a girl to a more pedestrian or downright seedy venue that isn’t perfect than something better that is farther. On dates, proper logistics trump everything else.

4. Where is the nearest casual restaurant? I may need to throw in a dinner date. A pizzeria or basic bistro is more than acceptable. I would never take a girl to a fine dining establishment unless I had prior sexual congress with her.

I locate the above four within a few days of moving to any location by walking around the blocks near my neighborhood in concentric circles away from my apartment, trying to nail down venues as close as possible. Once that’s accomplished, I’m done creating my customized poosy playground.

Without having to explore the entire city to find the “best” venues, I now have a hyperlocal game sphere where I have absolutely everything I need to get laid within a 1-4 week time frame. Note that this strategy assumes you’re using day game to primarily get laid. If you’re doing mostly night game then you definitely need to pick an apartment near the clubs to take advantage of one-night stand opportunities.

I wouldn’t want to live in Germantown again today, especially since I was two miles away from the nearest commercial center, but I would definitely attempt to create a local poosy playground instead of driving to DC to meet girls. I would focus on malls, local cultural events, fairs, the bars in crappy chain restaurants like TGIF, and maybe even volunteer at the local hospital or community center. I wouldn’t have a huge pick of hot girls, but the ones I interact with would probably have a higher chance of ending up on my bed. If it was so bad that I couldn’t find any cute girls, then I should move. Some turd cities simply can’t be polished no matter your effort.

If you have to drive or take a cab to the place where you meet women, you’re already setting yourself up for a hill to climb when it’s time to seal the deal. It’s far better to visit crappy venues closer to your home than better ones that are far out, especially when you consider that so much of a girl’s decision to bang you will be impulsive (e.g. “I live one block away—how about we have a quick drink so I can show you my cat photo collection?”).

When I go to a new city, no matter the size, I stick as close as possible to my apartment when trying to meet girls. The selection may be a little lower, but for the girls I am able to approach, my odds of sexual success is significantly higher. In the property business they say that “real estate is local.” So is game.

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  • Pete M

    The Pareto principle at its finest

  • Inside UoM

    Welcome back!

  • Nick

    When I lived in Palo Alto I rented a tiny studio (~160sq ft.) for $1025 a month. It was surprisingly comfortable and made me realize that there’s really only so much space a bachelor needs. The big plus was that it was 2 blocks from University Ave. and the Stanford Shopping Center, the best places for day game and dates. I now live in downtown Warsaw, two blocks from the center of the city and a 10-15 minute walk from the clubs (numerous date venues are within a block or two). Having great logistics helps you focus on the girl, and makes returning to your place after a date a natural thing.

  • Michael

    Cool post Roosh! I am interesting in reading the post you said you write about your latest visit to America…

  • runsonmagic

    Great post Roosh. Glad to have you back. This is key. I’m convinced 90% of my early bangs just came from the fact I was always walking distance from where I met girls and had cool things at home to lure them back. You broke down systematically, what I stumbled into accidentally early on, so now anyone can set it up deliberately from day one. Gonna use this during my upcoming move to a new place.

  • Mike


    Poland and Ukraine-
    What are the top 3 cities for game in each of those Countries?

  • Roosh_V

    They’re coming.

  • Zelcorpion

    Location, location, fornication.

  • Steve M.

    Any American suburb sucks ass for finding poon. The hotter looking females are to be found in the cities where they are parading their pussies for wealthy suitors.

  • pussies on parade

    Pussies on parade.
    Good one.

  • sammysamsam

    It seems to me that in America it becomes pay to play to some degree once you’re over about 23 years of age. You have to live in an expensive urban neighborhood where the single women are. Otherwise you are “commuting” to where the women are at a major cost in time and hassle.

    I suppose that’s not quite true if you like Latina chicks or such like, but it seems to be the case if you’re looking for a reasonably intelligent, single college educated white woman. They self segregate in neighborhoods with ridiculous rents and stupid restaurants. I think most of them either save nothing or are getting money from their parents.

  • Brian Mark

    I agree your methodology and use it myself. How do you prevent getting caught since all
    the girls know where live and where you go?

  • Bang Guides Reader

    Can you help bang guide readers like myself out and tell us the best couple of cities in Ukraine and Poland overall (girls, logistics, culture, activities, etc.)?

  • seth datta


  • SirLoinDeBeef

    If you live near the water and have access to a marina, slip fees for live-aboards can be a lot less than a luxury apartment – chicks like guys with boats, particularly those boats that move (sail or power).
    At least, they did back in the day.

  • coach1173

    Houston is one of those cities you can’t polish…

  • tyler

    But what if they actually live in a more urban and crowded place and wont bother meeting you again in the rural place you first met them?

  • Roosh_V

    If your city is small, this strategy would be best for dating only 1 or 2 girls at a time. For a big city, you should be able to evade capture.

  • bourne

    Roosh, great post. I recently moved to a good area, like what you’ve described — good talent walking around, with lots of cafes and cheap restaurants. But I have a hard time running day game in my immediate area. I already know the area inside and out, and I’m being recognized by more and more locals, so it’s getting harder to pull off the elderly opener thing.
    What do you do? Double-down on the clueless act, go a bit further away from your apartment to run game, or do a more direct style of day game?

  • bourne

    Just get out. If you can’t do it tomorrow, make it your 2-year plan and stick to it. Use your next two years to get the training, capital, and connections you need to move and work overseas.

    I don’t know about Chile but I can definitely say that Costa Rica will be a huge improvement over the UK/US/anglosphere.

    I do software contracting for Angloshpere-based companies that I used to work for, to support myself overseas. That is not an immediate option for everyone, I had to pay my dues in the Angloshpere to get the skills and credibility to do it remotely, but if you focus on it, it can be done. I know several other guys who do this as well.

    Other options I’ve seen from guys who are living overseas in Asia and Latin America:
    English teaching: very easy to get into, though you’d be better off getting some training and certification so that you can come into it at the higher-end business-level and/or open your own school.
    Travel-related businesses: I met one guy who runs a cross-fit camp in Latin America. If you are very good at surfing or a martial art or something like that you can try this angle.
    Real-estate: I met one guy in Costa Rica who makes a living selling real-estate mostly to foreigners. He was doing well for himself.
    Oil and Natural gas: These are big businesses in many developing countries where local companies and governments will pay top-dollar for foreign expertise.

  • ED

    Same thing in Canada. It’s like the best men have to be penalized a bit and the dregs/uglies/losers get sympathy. That’s Socialist BS for you. In America, the women may not be any better than Canada/UK/AUS (even worse) but they will reward you for being good-looking or successful.

  • Roosh_V

    Go direct.

  • bucky

    ukraine: donyetsk, lugansk, slaviyansk.


  • Johnny

    Donetsk!? No way!

    Ill pick Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan (closer to Germany the better-Gdansk people suck!-wanna fight for no reason-if I fought id turn the butch into South Atlanta- nom sayin?)
    Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa (or say F it and go to Bucharest and Belgarde) closer to Poland the better in Ukraine. Kiev is mind blowing!

  • Johnny


    As players age this sounds realistic for EE-

    What do you think about sponsorship game for older guys (gotta be cheaper than an American marriage)? (1-2k/mo in EE vs 3-4k/mo in Murica)

  • Stef

    America is just pay to play in general man. Plenty of hott and easy women are everywhere, but they’re totally spoiled by feminism. But you’re on point about paying a premium to live in the good neighborhoods. However, the southern US is much cheaper. You can live somewhat near southern city centers for $400-700/month.


    The answer is BANG BUS

  • Cat


  • College Park After Dark

    Author as much as I hate to admit i you’re right about American women in your bang guides. Hey have hateful virulent combatative vibes and even in the suburban hole I’m in young foreign women (most recently Russian Filipino and Korean) are way Better to deal with. Even in America I find foreign women better and all my friends and family act like I’m crazy for bitching about the hollow materialistic culture and feminazi women- they all echo improve yourself, be the change you want to see in the World, why would you want to visit and live in all those foreign shit holes, etc. -sound familiar?

  • Giovonny


    Our bed should be the center of our Gaming Universe!

    My preference is to always live among or very near to large university housing/dorms.

  • Stuttie

    On your spring hiatus I read Bang and Day Bang.
    I’ve always done OK in clubs/bars but really want to do well at day game because I’m about to start a new job where there is poosy galore.
    I do have a question though. What if there is no prop or obvious environmental prop? I’ve been looking for opening opportunities in local flea markets, street etc but I just don’t have a prop to work with (other than maybe her handbag). As you say, there is NEVER a optimum time to open. But this seems so very very hard. Your brilliant elderly opener and rambling is very reliant on props – can you give tips to still open indirectly without props?

  • test bot

    Lol, that must have been 20 years ago! A tiny studio in Palo Alto nows runs over $2000 a month! Here is a tiny 600ft apt in MT VIEW for $1700/mo

  • Nick

    I lived there since last year and moved out this March. It was a quarter of the size of the place you linked to though, but only about 40% cheaper, no kitchen either. Its rare, but depending on the season and checking Craigslist regularly, you can still find something affordable, but there will be tradeoffs. Location was excellent in this case.

  • Roosh_V

    There is always something you can open with, but when in doubt, having one direct default opener will help.

  • David Berman

    Lived in PA for years. Horribly expensive and not a great place to game IMO lol.

  • Nick

    yup, one of the reasons I’m in Poland now

  • pleasefireuridiotsers

    You are paying to live in bum-fuck-middle-of-no-where if you go to the South. Manhattan or London’s West end or you are a piece of shit.

  • plsfireuridiotsers

    Exactly. Not even the women, the largest cities are the most sophisticated and the best. People who have never lived in New York City or London need to realize they are living poor lives. Especially if they make over $300,000 where they are living which isn’t that much.

  • Ternarydemon

    “But the other half of the cuties (due to low self-esteem?) pick the most
    physically unattractive, unemployable and weakest guys availible, where
    the women often lead. This leaves guys in the middle with nothing.”

    Many UK girls have such a low self esteem that they fear rejection by the alphas and cads. Specially over 22. At 18 they are still exprimenting. Having a useless fuckup for a boyfriend means no drama, loyalty and control, but not a wet pussy. That is why girl nights out are for, including the drunken fuck with an alpha in a bathroom or alley.

  • Superman

    Game is local for sure. The further you go away from your spot, your chances of getting laid decrease exponentially.

  • anonymous

    Yes, London and Manhattan are exciting, but some people don’t feel the need to live around the ‘best’ museums, most upscale restaurants, trendiest bars/nightclubs, and highest population density.

    A mid-size city, like Austin, Raleigh, Nashville, or Louisville, offers a lot of attractive women, some local cultural flair (fairs, gastropubs, minor-league sports), and friendliness.

    Some industries require their workers to live in one of the largest cities, like NYC. But if that’s not required, and you prefer day game, or don’t need to stay up clubbing until 4:30 am every weekend, while live there?

  • anonymous

    Some smaller cities do have boat slips near the main nightlife area. But it’s tough to find. Even in a ‘boat town’ like Fort Lauderdale, the restaurants/bars with the best looking girls are not near the water. The ‘boat bars’ have the skanky, leather-skin 37 year olds looking for a rich man with a boat.

  • anonymous


    An American man could save that cash and just travel as necessary to southeast Asia or even Eastern Europe, and find a girl on his own — a girl who doesn’t already have a mindset of ripping him off.

  • anonymous

    Flea market — as the girl is walking by you, just stop her, pick up the nearest item for sale, and ask — “hey, what do you think of this as a housewarming gift?”

    If you are *truly* not able to grab an item right away, go direct — “hey, I know this is random, but I had to stop you to say hi or I’d kick myself.. [blah blah blah]…. [drop bait:] When I lived on the east coast, I could never find a flea market to go to without a 2 hour subway ride…” Drop more bait and go to GALNUC.

  • anonymous

    run some tighter game and be the small-town-hot-fuck they want