How To Create A Manosphere In Your Own Country

The manosphere is primarily an American phenomenon. While you do see some men’s rights activity in Canada, UK, and Australia, the fusion of game, biology, and truth-seeking in the “red pill” genre of knowledge has been mostly cultivated and developed by Americans. This is odd considering that feminism and political correctness has not been as crushing on the American bachelor compared to those from Scandinavia, Spain, and Britain.

How did this happen? How did America become the epicenter? Why aren’t Swedish men voicing their concerns about a push to feminize their movies or to sit like women on buses? Why aren’t British men countering laws meant to limit their speech? I think it comes down to two reasons:

1. America has a culture of liberty. We have a problem with authority. We chafe at government attempts to limit our behavior. Consider that a sizable portion of the American population have guns and are ready to kill those who step on their rights. The manosphere is composed of many Americans who despise the encroachment of the state and PC police on their pursuit of happiness.

2. American women are the worst. Both in their appearance and attitude. They are loud, confrontational, entitled, fat, and power hungry. They are terrorists who are showing absolutely no empathy for the needs of men, no willingness to compromise. Their ongoing war against us is creating an angry generation of men who are tired of their behavior and corpulence. These men are now active in trading notes on how to either find better women abroad or how to use these unfeminine specimens for easy sexual gain.

Even accounting for these two factors, it is surprising to me that there is no foreign manosphere even 10% the size of the one in America. From my conversations with foreign men, it’s not so much that these issues aren’t important to them, but there hasn’t been a show of leadership in their country to take initiative in facing the establishment. I would like to help these men with advice on how to create their own manosphere:

1. Follow the path laid out by those before you

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Start a blog, update it several times a week, correspond with those who share your belief system, attack those who you disagree with, and leave comments on other blogs and forums related to your topic. Your blog will be the foundation of your message while social networking will be the bullhorn that helps spread and amplify it. Copy things that the American manosphere bloggers are doing and then add your own insights to create a formula that helps you build and retain an audience.

2. Write in your native language

Even if you live in a country where most people speak English (e.g. Germany, Sweden), you should still write in your own language. This will increase the chances that your articles get shared and reduce any doubt that your site is not locally made and sourced.

3. Create a community

Encourage commenting by your readers, but be quick to ban those who don’t share your beliefs. It’s important you have an unobstructed safe space where you can optimize your message without interference from those who only want you to disappear. It’s okay to have some disagreement, but don’t let people hijack your comments and derail the conversation. Once your blog gets about 20,000 unique visitors a month, start a forum and participate in it daily. If your forum ends up like mine, it will serve as a think tank for ideas that may slowly filter out into the mainstream.

4. Translate the best manosphere articles into your native language

Grab articles that have influenced you and translate them for your readers. Many writers have already destroyed a lot of feminist arguments so there is no need for you to duplicate the effort. You can probably start a successful site only through translations of the manosphere’s greatest hits. Be sure to give credit to the source to not offend the original author.

5. Publicize incidents where local men are being attacked by feminism and political correctness

Make a big stink of any attack you see on men. Find out the source of the attack and call them out on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Include full names in the headline of your articles so that  attackers can be easily found on Google. You’re doing a good job when your response becomes part of the story, further increasing exposure for your blog.

6. Seek allies

Men who read you will want to start their own blogs. Be generous with your traffic and link to them. Communicate with them via email to coordinate your attacks. Write guest posts on their blogs and let them do guest posts on yours.

The American manosphere had such a swift response against a hit piece on ABC News that—in my opinion—they pulled the piece from television because of it. Attacking a media company from only your blog won’t scare them, but an attack from over ten blogs with additional reinforcement from Twitter definitely makes them think twice before broadcasting sloppy reporting. It forces them to be more accurate and fair.

7. Fight with character

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your cause. Don’t be stingy with wanting credit for certain ideas. Don’t attack those on your side because of minor differences. Don’t backstab or gossip. Don’t let the influence you gain serve as a license to exaggerate or distort the truth. Your public writing is a donation to the people, not a way for you to feel better about yourself.

8. Commit for one year

For all the internet projects I’ve attempted, it takes about one year for things to really gets off the ground. If you quit before a year, you quit too soon. Even if your readership is pathetically small six months into your project, you must persist. The popular blogs you read right now are done by men who have committed many years of effort into what you enjoy weekly.

9. Stand firm in the face of attack

It is natural for you to be scared when the mob comes pounding on your door, especially when they dishonestly say you’re breaking the law. Take a deep breath, contact your allies, inform your readers about what’s going on, and stand strong in the 3-6 days it will take for things to die down. Do not apologize. Do not change your views. Each attack will make you stronger and more able to deal with bigger ones.

10. Compile your best writing into a book

After a year of blogging, you will have probably accumulated at least 25 articles that resonated strongly with your readers. Expand on them and put it in a book that you sell through your web site for a fair price. The goal here is not necessarily to make a lot of money (you’ll be lucky to make your monthly food costs), but to put your most important beliefs into a permanent form that can be passed on from one man to the next. Books survive longer than web sites.

I wonder if I am doing the foreign man harm by sharing the above tips, because if he was really serious about improving the plight of his countrymen, he wouldn’t need an article like this to do it, but I understand that that’s my American mentality speaking. My experience in many countries has shown me that men have been made impotent by their culture’s efforts to shame and disparage any effort to speak out against the harm being done to them, and I hope this article lights the path for those who are angry with the direction society is headed. I’ll just end this by saying that it is inspiring to see how a small group of vocal, persistent men can really make a difference. Good luck.

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  • capt D

    agree with your reasoning, but i submit another reason: americans, men and women (but women mostly), are the most loud-mouthed people on the planet. i cannot vouch for all of us europeans, but at least in my neck of the woods people are taught that being obnoxious only adds to the initial misery, whereas when americans have a problem, they speak up then and there. i’m not trying to insult anyone, just stating a fact – i do hope you will judge the message and not the messenger :)

  • thecaptainpower

    Even better idea, get your books translated into chinese…

  • Purple Penguin

    The american manosphere works well because americans have a mindset allowing them to work in team for a shared goal, here’s how it works here (western europe) :

    -There’s a few semi-redpill blogs (not nearly as pure as RoK but enough to piss off the media)
    -Blog 1 gets some exposure from hate reading and sharing
    -Other similar blogs hear of it and urge to publish an article putting Blog 1 down to make sure the media doesn’t put them in the same bag as Blog 1.
    -Blog 1 is now considered as an outcast, while the other blogs are extra-careful remaining as PC as possible.

    I’d still like to give it a shot because as there isn’t any full-on redpill blog, I could get a lot of exposure. But being on the verge of a high-flying corporate career (yeah, I know what you think of the corporate world), I’m worried about anonymity.

  • A New Man

    I join you on this. Just wondering what country are you from?

  • Tom

    As someone who has lived in the US and half a dozen other countries, let me tell you: the US is unique in its ferocity and hatred towards men and fathers. There is no other place in the world (not even Sweden), where men’s lives are destroyed so thoroughly and so brutally as in the US.

    Example: I am not aware of any country, that sets impossible amounts of child support on “imputed” income and then jails fathers for not paying. I am not aware of any place where consenting teens can found themselves (I mean the boy, not the girl of course) charged with child porn and end up on the sex offender list.

    The number of men’s lives destroyed in the US, the brutality, and the grotesque human rights violations are unique to the US (we all now at least a few guys whose life has been ruined). No other place even comes close, not Sweden, not Spain, not France.

  • Bob

    quotation: “As someone who has lived in the US and half a dozen other countries, let me tell you: the US is unique in its ferocity and hatred towards men and fathers. There is no other place in the world (not even Sweden), where men’s lives are destroyed so thoroughly and so brutally as in the US.”

    This is very true.

    As well the USA has the best constitution in the world when the government follows it, and freedom of speech is among the liberties, wheras such freedom is never mentioned in any othe nations constitution, especially such nations over run with feminism.

  • DJ

    I completely agree with this. I’m living in Sweden right now and the type of feminism that exists over here is more about genuine equality than it is about women coming out on top. Of course that means women are placed in jobs that aren’t necessarily as qualified for as certain men are for the sake of “equality.” But the bitterness and man-hating aspect of American feminism is conspicuously absent. The women (younger generation in any case) are actually fairly pleasant and feminine here; even the ones that you would expect to be die-hard femists based on their appearance (short hair, tattoos, piercings, etc.).

  • Tom

    Exactly, Sweden’s feminism is f’d up because it negates natural differences between men and women, but it is not as hateful as the US kind.

    Divorce in Sweden = no lawyers, quick, presumption of shared parenting, typically no alimony or child support.

  • Purple Penguin

    I prefer not to say, sorry. But from what I’ve seen, western europe can be considered as a whole on that topic.

  • DAP

    Roosh is like the John Conner/ Marcus Garvy (Google Him) of the Manosphere.

  • psyrus

    In Brazil, the closest thing to the Manosphere is Mundo Realista.

  • hellioo

    You forget one reason/ English is the global communication language, so the form the biggest international community and native speakers are more likely to enter this community.

  • merkins87

    Unfortunately there won’t require as much language training as you may think: the majority of these issues arise in English-speaking countries

  • seth datta

    I really applaud the minority of Americans for their culture of liberty, leadership and intelligence. Both the US and UK have fallen by the wayside in recent decades, along with many other Western nations.

    I do disagree that American women are the worst – they have to be a distant second to British women, who are far far worse. They expect more from their men whilst delivering little to none at all, and make us put up with all sorts of bullshit all fucking day long. I have to deal with 70%+ women that make up doctors over here, not to mention other female-led healthcare fields and the HR departments of the hospitals I work in. It used to be hell, though the cunts have improved their attitude a lot in recent years after noticing that men don’t want to work with them.

    I think the manosphere is great in being decentralised, as like feminazism, not having a center of control makes it harder to destroy. We’re all in this fight together, around the world, in this sideways attack on our liberties by insane inbred banking/globallist families. We can ‘restore balance to the force’, get some poosy and tell Rothschilds and co. to go suck it via this force for change.

  • Erick

    Why few man start a manosphere blog like yours outside of the US ?

    It starts by the problem to register a website anonymous so easy and cheap like in America. In other country’s it’s full transparent who is behind a website and you need pay much to make it anonymous in the first place. I think not much men want start a manosphere blog with there name on it known to the whole world. This is the first obstacle to think about before even start. I think this holds many man back including myself in the past.

  • Guanyanyo

    Agreed on everything except the weapons thing. When you look at the USA and the USAns the facts are sobering, as you have the worst dictatorship on earth over there despite all your weapons. You don’t get rid of a dictatorship with weapons, you get rid of a dictatorship by thinking, what is far beyond the ability of most USAns.

    Nonetheless, I’ll commit to publishing an article a month on my blog for the next 12 months and see what I can do in RL in the way of organizing ppl.

    BTW, I crashed into a forum where I’m a regular with some red-pill ideas and ppl went crazy.

  • splooge

    this would great to see i. other nations,latin america is seeing feminsts presence like in the middle east now. india is just overrun with them in day to day life and east asia can learn the effects and not allow it to happen.

  • Joosh

    That would be a good way to get his sites banned in China by the Great Firewall. Avoid pissing off the Chinese government

  • Ron MFing Paul

    I hope someone in Japan starts a manosphere because they have the most pathetic males in all of history. Well…probably.

  • Feminism=Zionist Bank Control

    Remember throughout history it’s only 5% of a population that has the will to fight and only 1-2% that actually make an impact- most are sheep sitting on the sidelines waiting to take orders.

    The Illumianti khazar “Jew” central bankers created feminism/political correctness/etc. —–Dr. Henry Makiw has expounded upon this well on his site-
    And in his Book “Feminism- A Cruel Hoax”.

    The more blogs that are started the harder it is for the system of
    Global mental slavery to reinforce itself. It’s all about psychological control from the central banks, government, and major corporations. Help shift public opinion to free hearts and minds one blog entry at a time.

  • Lacedric

    Ethnically- what are the bulk of Brazilians- African, Indians, Portugese, or Indiginous natives???

  • joe

    Damn. Things really are pretty bad over there. Those little Nip bastards better get their shit together quick, or their society is going to run off the rails. These “men” deserve no respect.

  • Armchair General

    Manosphere is an American phenomenon, primarily because Americans like to do things with a lot of voice.

    Tbh, i don’t think manosphere in it’s current form will stand the test of time. I think manosphere is about group of smart men who figured out they do not need to be sexually, emotionally, and financially ripped off for the rest of their lives. Everything else pretty much comes naturally out of it. When it becomes tough for women to get a good marriage deal, because men will opt out to go solo and rich for the rest of their lives, they will pretty much hit the ground.

    Point is, west and world generally, is full of dumb, shallow, insecure and indoctrinated men who will sacrifice anything for a wife. Literally.

  • Ron MFing Paul

    The birth rate in Japan is already at depressingly low levels. It’s so bad over there that there are more people buying adult diapers than infant diapers….

  • Lacedric T

    That’s the Rockefeller Foundation Lifestyle System for Hegelian Dialetic Bull Shit Wars and Tyranny in effect.

  • Lacedric T

    Are these guys high??? What are they on???

  • therealwomantruth

    Man: “God, why did you make woman so beautiful ?”
    God: “So you would love her.”
    Man: “But God, why did you make her so dumb ?”
    God: “So she would love you.”

  • John

    The UK man who went to jail (for 60 days) for a twitter post did so because he posted a racist joke. Contrast that with the three Somalian girls who got drunk and attacked a white girl while shouting, ‘kill the white slag’ and only got suspended sentences.

    Other than that, the USA is the country that send THE MOST people to prison (apart from maybe Russia) and for the longest time. Before the Romeo and Juliet statutory rape laws (meaning a three year difference around the age of consent results on a misdemeanour) the USA would send a boy to jail (in a man’s facility) for ten years for having sex with a girl a day under the age of consent. See Wilson v Georgia (though public pressure got him out after two and a half years, probably the biggest price ever paid for a consensual blow job from a 15 year old girl to a 17 year old.

  • fjod

    I’ve been translating some into Russian, its here

  • fredflintstone

    I dare you to go to Australia. It’s WORSE than America.

  • thesickmanofeurope_com

    Maybe things in Socialist UK is not as bad as in the US……but we are closing the gap pretty quick….

    This is what we are having to deal with:

    The guy is rich and in a coma…. and sometime ago stored his sperm.
    His GIRLFRIEND went to court in order to get pregnant using his stored sperm because that is what he “would” want…..and also supposedly they were getting married “soon” (no doubt after the baby is born she will be entitled to loads of child support).

    Make NO MISTAKE folks…the war on men is UNIVERSAL.
    You are a sperm/money donor…WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT they will take it from you….if you are in a coma and unable to consent to it…it does not make any difference.

  • Lars_Viker

    I don’t know, man. You say the US is unique because the anti male punishments are harsher, but that’s a characteristic of the US penal system, not its misandry. In the US people do life for 3 crimes that police wouldn’t even bother using time on in Norway, here criminals regularly do 2-3 years for manslaughter and the maximum penalty until recently was 21 years in an all inclusive 3 star hotel with training facilities, free education etc. And noone convicted to 21 years would actually serve more than 12 except if they refused their pardon or was Varg Vikernes.

    Scandinavia has a lot of craziness the US has yet to see, and caters more to female (lack of) demands. Sure, the US destroys more male lives in the name of male hatred, but it destroys more male lives in any name, so it’s not really an argument.

  • Kamal Kay

    Thanks bro for this. You know how much I need it here.

  • john

    I’d say it is misandry (in my opinion, no offence) because women are treated with a lot more leniency by the criminal justice system.
    A good example would be that little lesbian Katie Hunt not having to register as a sex offender and being let out of prison for a crime that would have had a man the same age registered and incarcerated faster than anything you’ve ever seen. This unequal application of the law is institutionalised gender bias. Another example would be that in the instance of any drunken sex the man is the default rapist, a fair system would value a man and a woman’s bodily integrity equally.

    Basically, men’s sexually behaviour is subject to legally scrutiny and women’s more to social scrutiny. There are hardly any instances of mutually consensual sex resulting in only the woman being sent to prison, most of those hot teachers just got a slap on the wrist, a couple served about 12 months (nothing in the USA) and a few had to register as sex offenders. Most just had to resign. Men would have had the book thrown at them.

    I do agree it is the legal system that affects these punishments, but if you read ‘legalising misandry’ you’ll see that feminists like Andrea Dworkin have has a HUGE influence over the law in the last 20 years, which is why the characteristics of the penal system do discriminate against men. Remember nowadays women are dominating universities and feminism is infiltrating every government agency while politicians are genuflecting to women who make up the majority of voters now.

    Rape shield law is a great example, and also the laws on drunk sex. ‘A person cannot consent when they are drunk’ is basically coded language for ‘men can consent when they’re drunk and women can’t’ – how many women have even had a caution/misdemeanour/ slap on the wrist for taking advantage of a drunk man?

    Check out ‘legalising misandry and I hope you’ll agree.

  • john

    Read men on strike too guys, good book and a quick and easy read

  • salu

    American manosphere is essentially defensive. In other parts of the world feminism is not perceived as being aggressive enough to cause a defensive movement, is more about women’s issues not a fight for supremacy, so it doesn’t affect your every day interaction.

  • What city does this???

    In Eastern Europe-
    My ideal game trip is a place that’s cheap, has big tit white girls with good facial symmetry and aren’t fat or act like bitches, and has good quality food (even some ethnic places like vietnamese, turkish, french) and house/trance music with good cheap drinks.

  • Lars_Viker

    No offense taken, perfectly legitimate disagreement, man. :-) We can probably both learn something even if we don’t end up agreeing.

    “I’d say it is misandry (in my opinion, no offence) because women are treated with a lot more leniency by the criminal justice system.”

    But women are universally treated more lenient in every kind of prison system, not just the feminine ones. Prison is a place for males, and usually young ones! It’s not like Middle Eastern and Russian prisons are full of women. Prisons are full of men because it’s in the interest of everyone to keep women out of them.

    “Basically, men’s sexually behaviour is subject to legally scrutiny and women’s more to social scrutiny.”

    Again, that’s how it is all over the world, women everywhere tend to avoid the penal system because noone wants it and likes to view male sexuality as dangerous, but in Scandi countries, there’s hardly any social scrutiny left. Anyone trying to scrutinize will simply look like a dinosaur and it will backfire on him. Hypergamous sluttery is above criticism, because criticising it is critcising women, and that’s hating women.

    “Another example would be that in the instance of any drunken sex the man is the default rapist, a fair system would value a man and a woman’s bodily integrity equally.”

    That kind of craziness is even worse in Scandi countries.

    Bottom line is:

    - The US has a lot of rights and liberties, which ultimately benefit men, because it means men have legally protected rights to say and do what they want, and not what the feminist government wants. In the US, if you own a company you can fire anyone you want with a minimum of problems, guess who ends up with a free seat when the government decides who stays? Hmmm… Not white males, that’s for sure. Etc.

    - In Scandi countries taxes are much higher, which means wealth redistribution from males to the feminist state and women is much heavier.

    - The US is a highly meritocratic society, which benefits male winners, who are naturally higher represented at the tail ends of the Bell curve.

    - You point to harsh prison sentences and punishments, but what this means in the large majority of cases is that non contributing/deadbeat men created and sustained by the deficient feminist state are treated a lot worse in the US than they are in Scandy.

    I’ll try to check it out later. Thanks for the reading tip!

    Anyway, regardless of who has it the worst it’s a universal problem, and we need unity and a universal solution. :-)

  • Lars_Viker

    High? They don’t even have decent weed there. :-( ((

  • Lars_Viker

    All of the above. Also, check wikipedia …

  • Las Vegas T

    You know where they REALLY need a manosphere to the point of emergency? Japan. I think they might be beyond help and I feel sorry for Japanese men. Does anybody think theres any Alpha males in Japan?

  • Dig This Documentary
  • Jerry

    Why do Scandinavians think they are so special?

    To me they are a bunch of pale
    Albinos who invent or produce lite (think ill call Germany or China in that dept) who like to philosophize. If I gave a flip what 20 million passive aggressie albinos in pine tree woods and drab cities thought I can book a flight to Washington State, Idaho, or Oregon.

    Get over yourself- all the arrogance is really just oh look at me im blonde and blue eyed-white power supremacism over all the “mud”people, right?

  • Lars_Viker

    We’re all special, Jerry. Even you <3

  • acomment

    antarctica based on his avatar

  • NoName

    Register it anonymous through an American company like GoDaddy and no one in your country will know it is you.

  • Guest

    11. If your manosphere produces anything good translate it into English and post it on RVF.

  • Ron MFing Paul

    If you get caught with weed in Japan you go to jail for at least 5 years. You get thrown in a cell with Yakuza thugs. Yet they have alcohol in vending machines all over the place…

  • ironthumb michaelangelo

    That’s a good idea actually.. China has a very large readership.
    I don’t know why but a bunch of my traffic come from china per awstats

  • Swedish Women Suck

    Really? Well, one of your Swedish women basically hijacked and destroyed an entire thread over on Return of Kings with her vacuous vitriol.

    I would have thought the a country that gave is Death Metal would be a little more in control of their female vermin.

  • guest

    The Swedish woman on RoK basically described all Swedish males as arrogant beta hipsters. Lol. That explains a lot.

    Men are not allowed to raise their voice in Sweden. About anything. Because women say so.

    Men are also required by law to urinate sitting down so as not to make a mess.

    Lol. Sweden = Land Of Betas

  • guest

    RedPill Nation is growing exponentially. A year ago there were a handful of YouTube videos related to MGTOW, Mens Rights etc.

    Now there are there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos and channels there.

    The word is getting out.

  • guest

    So we have heard.

    Sorry for you “mate”

    Come suffer with us in the USA. Weed is legal here now : )

  • guest

    Sure. The regular salarymen fuck all the Filipina “japayukis” in the karaoke bars.
    Not really “alpha” and they do have to pay for it — but better than lying around hugging pillows with anime girls faces drawn on them

  • guest

    You really dont want to see this.

    Frilly flowery lingerie.

    For Japanese men.

  • leader

    we are genetically engineered to fuck your girlfriiend

  • Shenpen

    I think Eastern Europe too has a culture of liberty, but of a different kind: Americans want legal liberty, when it is explicitly legal to be free, while we are happy with simply having an ineffective enough law enforcement system that we can get away with breaking the law without consequences. Example: anti-tax activism in the US vs. silent but all pervasive tax cheating in EE.

    So Hungarian, Polish etc. men don’t go the way of activism. They simply break the laws and get away smartly.

  • Gravity

    I would argue that the U.S. is the only place you can actually make a living being a blogger and there are enough people to sell books to that you can become quite comfortable in life.

    Americans have have this culture where a mere hobby like watching Star Trek and playing video games have a big enough following to make money. In my country (Israel) and other small countries there is simply not enough money in the “manosphere” and folks just worry about their paycheck. I might like the ideas here but I won’t be able to start a viable business spreading them around enough to build an entire culture around it.

    People are too busy surviving to try and fix the world.

  • ItalianMRA

    “The manosphere is primarily an American phenomenon”

    Not really. The manosphere has been in Italy since at least 1998. We have had authors writing books, we have journalists talking about misandry and false rape accusations, and we have a lot of MRA groups (at least 4 official organizations). So the manosphere in Italy is as old as the internet. As soon as the internet became available to the masses, you had the manosphere in Italy. Don’t know about other countries though.

  • AnonPanTasvuLol

    Manosphere is an American concept but you should look at what Alain Soral has written in French even long before the manosphere was born. His theories are very close to those of the manosphere, yet I would say a lot stronger an more elaborate. Look him up on youtube, you might find some translated videos. He talks extensively about feminism, among other topics.

  • Barry W

    If you think that you have not been to the UK recently. The Scottish government is about to abolish the requirement for corroboration in cases of alleged rape. Not enough men are being jailed apparently so the goalposts are being moved. In cases where it is just her word against his there are no guesses for who will be believed.

    This comes after other changes to the law which mean that a woman’s sexual history can not be raised in court during rape cases.

  • No Idea

    In America, both men and women get punished for participating in prostitution.

  • Roi

    We have a small stock of “Radical Feminists” who are living in their own little bubbles of hate and misery. It coinsides to a great degree with comunism, as well as with highjacked women shelters that becomes becomes natural breeding grounds for the paranoid brand of victimhood.

  • Roi

    AVfM recently opened up a Swedish franchise. I’m sad to inform you that they already have preexisting competition in the ‘reverse feminism’ field, but not from any kind of lifestyle blogging. The closest would be the nationalist/reactionary/identitarian movement(s) who occasionally makes pushes in the cultural fight to restore masculinity, but even that is in a more political context.

    Of course, you also have Flashback Forum, which is best described as a gigant, slightly right-leaning discussion forum about everything. The relationship part of it defintly talks about these things, but there is a whole lot of idiocy mixed in with the occasional gems, leading to overall confusion.

  • Jios

    Many Italian women are snobby man haters but i thought that was due to a toxic mix of class and tradition rather than feminism.
    plus most Italian guys i know married good looking women without being good looking themselves or rich.

  • zombiekiller117

    What’s next, you going to call him a naziwhowantstokill6millionjews ?
    You are just a bitter Anti-White.

  • screaminjay

    Actually false, Alain Soral in France wrote THIS in 1996:

    Sociologie du dragueur, Éditions Blanche, 1996

    It was his outing as having bedded 700 women… and how he did it. The Manosphere is a rehash of early Soral writing against feminism and on seduction.

    He even made a movie about it:

    He has had many disciples since who have repeated his ideas, such as Éric Zemmour: Le Premier Sexe, 2006, Denoël

    Even a woman followed suit in 2008:

    Sorry to say, but it is not strictly anglocentric.

  • George Tasker

    You should read about the Japanese herbivore. These are men that are not interested in having anything to do with women. Apparently they make up about sixty percent of the males in their demographic.

    In terms of dealing with feminist bitches they are way ahead of the west.