How To Get A Flag In 5 Days Without Pipelining

Many of you are short-term travelers who need to get in and out of a country while capturing its flag—but without using internet dating sites. The strategy I’m about to share with you has a somewhat high failure rate, but I believe it’s better than anything else out there.

We will assume a flag mission of five nights where you arrive on Tuesday and leave on Sunday.

Before The Trip:

1. Pick one city and do extensive reconnaissance. Research the nightlife to identify the top three or four clubs in that city. Three resources you can use are the travel forum, WikiTravel, and Google. You’ll be looking for places that pop up repeatedly. Night game is a key element for the mission.

2. Find an apartment or hotel that is within walking distance of the best clubs you’ve researched. It will likely be in the nightlife district. You should be no farther than 0.6 miles from this area (a slow 15 minute walk). If your place is so far that you must take a taxi, the game is partially lost. You can’t skimp on lodging, so forget about hostels.

3. Don’t masturbate for five days before your trip. You want to go in with a loaded gun, aching for sex.

4. Leave your ego at home. You should not devote your energy to bitching out girls, calling out cockblockers, and getting into beefs with guys who step on your shoes in the club. Let things slide to remain focused, because even the most minor of distractions can take your eyes off the prize. Pretend you are being sent on a covert military mission to destroy a strategic bridge but encounter random enemy units along the way. It’s better to slip away unharmed than engage them in battle where you can be mortally wounded.

During The Trip:

1. Approach like a motherfucker. The whole purpose of your existence for those five days is to approach women. Do not take your work with you or bullshit around on Facebook. Do not take Anna Karenina and plan to read it in your spare time. If you’re usually a low energy, slow-roll kind of guy, take some caffeine. Set up music playlists and watch motivational videos on Youtube to keep you in the mood.

2. Use day game approaches to continue your reconnaissance. Day game is great for building prospects, but it’s weaker than night game when it comes to fast bangs, which is what we need in such a short mission. The worst thing you can do is set up dates with girls for prime time Friday or Saturday night slots and then get denied. Unless your antennae is sharp and knows when a girl wants to fuck, use day game to…

a) Continue mining for nightlife information. Keep searching for triangulation so that the venues you pick on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are gold.

b) Warm up your game. Day chats give you a hint to what you need to run at night. It also keeps your brain locked in game mode so you’re always “on” and ready to approach.

c) Line up girls for bangs number two or three. If you get your flag before the weekend, chances are you’ll be too tired to keep approaching after that. Use your day meets to set up weekend dates for lazy lays.

The biggest problem with day game is that it’s less effective when your timeline is tight. Attractive girls tend to have shit going on and may not be able to drop everything for a date scheduled too soon after you meet. If you do manage to get a quick date, schedule her early in the night around 7pm. After three drinks, be bold and ask her if she wants to return to your room for some bullshit activity. By 10PM either you’re about to fuck or you’re out the door to another venue. In a five day trip you should screen for party girls who like alcohol.

3. Visit a lot of venues early in the week, and then drill down so that you know what the best venue is for Saturday night. In the beginning of your trip you should methodically scope out the venues you’ve researched. By Saturday night, generally the easiest night to get laid anywhere in the world, select the best venue you’ve encountered as the place you stay to grind out the bang. You don’t have time to hit all the clubs of the city so you must trust your research and stay in the one that is reasonable. Understand that in large cities it can take months to properly research the nightlife, so you’re going for acceptability, not perfection. It’s very likely that the Saturday night venue you select is only 50% as good as the city’s best venue, but still good enough to get a bang.

4. Do the approaches. You should be doing five day approaches every day and ten each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (do five each on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, if possible). This should come out to a minimum of 50 approaches for your stay. Because it’s so labor intensive, you have to eat right, get a full eight hours of sleep every night, and go easy on the drink. One way to know if you’ll succeed or not if you can get laid in less than 50 approaches in your own country. If not, you should not be attempting this mission. Game newbies will need at least two weeks to successfully capture their flag.

5. Consider every night to be do-or-die. Don’t go home early on Wednesday night with the excuse that you will hit it hard on Friday or Saturday night. Every night you must take advantage of every approach until all hope is lost. If the clubs close then you must walk up and down the streets and visit the late night fast food shacks for additional attempts. Either you get laid or you go home feeling like a pathetic loser. There is no middle ground.

If the clubs close on Saturday night and you still don’t have your flag, you can’t go home for at least another two hours. This means you must be the last man walking on the streets like in a zombie apocalypse before you can go home and accept failure. I repeat, you can’t go home until you’re a beaten man, until you feel like a sack of worthless shit for not completing your goal. This is what it takes to get a weekend flag in a place you’ve never been before. I want you to ask yourself right now if you have the will to do this. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

If there wasn’t a voice inside you that screamed “Fuck yeah” then close this browser right now and go play some video games. Understand: most guys can’t do this. Most guys are too scared to even attempt it. They can’t handle going to a country with the expectation to get laid in such a short amount of time. They say they only want to have “fun,” that they don’t want to take it seriously, and then all they have to show for it afterwards are pictures of gay ass churches and a new girl on their Facebook that they will never close. I take the game seriously and in return I get serious results. Ask yourself if you want the same.

As you can see, this method is a brute force hack. There is no elegance, finesse, or social engineering to it. The main determinants to success are iron will and hard work. Since you’re going into a country whose culture is new to you, you don’t have much opportunity to create a custom-made game for the locals. You also don’t have time to find a niche or run sniper game. Your job is to keep going until you meet a girl who digs your game and foreign vibe. It helps if she’s horny and not on her period.

While on the surface this may seem like spamming a city with approaches, it’s actually the hardest game challenge I know of. When so many guys shudder at the thought of doing a single cold approach, you’re expected to do at least 50 within a few days on alien women in an alien city without a wingman, support, or a single prospect in the pipeline. You’re expected to cut through a billion logistical hurdles to squeeze out a bang on a woman who makes your dick stand up when you put your hand on her ass. It will take absolutely everything you got and afterwards I promise that you’ll need several days to recover. It’s the Superbowl of game, where you’re down by five and driving from your own 20-yard line at the two-minute warning. There is no do-over and there is no extra time.

The only thrill I have left in life are flag missions without pipelining. I don’t judge the man who pipelines, but internet notches don’t give me the same thrill as hitting a brand new city with nothing and beating up a fresh pussy in less than 100 hours, of going through the up and down emotional roller coaster of experiencing frustration, disappointment, delirium, rage, and bliss within mere moments of each other. Even if you fail, the skills you learn increase the chance of success for the next mission, meaning that over time you will become extremely skilled at high pressure lays. I have yet to fail a mission, but I’m sure it will happen. I will be crushed but I will learn from it, and then I will be even better and stronger than before.

The feeling I get from a successful flag capture is nothing short of exhilarating. The quality of the sex is irrelevant, because this is the closest a modern man will get to what it was like for his ancestors to go hunting for a cavewomen. In today’s world, I can’t think of anything else that makes me feel more like a man.

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