How To Have Sex With A Virgin

I’ve had sex with four virgins in my life, from America, Colombia, England, and Poland. I believe this is statistically above the mean so I’m probably doing something right when I meet these girls. I attribute my success to these three techniques:

1. I show disappointment when she tells me she’s a virgin. I make it clear that I value fun sex, not virginity. I state that it’s a “shame” she doesn’t have any experience whatsoever on what I consider to be one of the most enjoyable behaviors that a human can have. Something must be wrong for her to still be a virgin.

2. I tease her virginity. I make light of her experience by saying things such as:

  • “So you don’t know how a penis works? It’s not a muscle, you know. :)”
  • “So what do you do on weekend nights—play with your doll house? :)”
  • “You’ve lived 20% of your life and haven’t experienced sex? That’s depressing. :)”

Under no circumstance should you convey that her virginity is a benefit to you, but don’t flat-out insult her either.

3. I disqualify myself from being the right man to deflower her. Yet at the same time, I will hint that I am a professional de-virginator who would do a great job. Say the following:

I have some virgin experience and honestly I didn’t like it. The sex will be horrible, there will be a lot of blood [when isn’t there?], and it will hurt you more than anything. You will want to scream and cry. It’s such a thankless task for men that they should get paid to do it. I would have to be extremely patient and gentle, but I’m too old for that. I don’t think I’m the right guy. Too bad, really, because you’re not an unattractive girl.

In spite of saying this, you’ll still escalate and get her to the bedroom.

Sex with virgins is quite awful, but they’re so insecure about it that they will do just about anything you tell them. They have no experience to dispute your assertion that doggy style is “the most popular” position, or that blasting inside their mouth is “normal.” So while it’s great to train her into being your own sex doll, understand that it takes about one month (roughly 8 sex episodes) to get her up to speed. Therefore unless you can see yourself dating her for at least a month, there is absolutely no point in banging her—you will never get a return on your investment.

If you will be in town for a while and she’s somewhat cool, go for it. The month after you take away her virginity, after your manhood is etched into her memory until she passes into the netherworld, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your student has learned to please you in the exact manner that you desire. Her pace of learning may even cause you to believe that the human female evolved for millions of years to sexually satisfy men, and not much more.

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  • david the jew

    where in colombia roosh? Medellin?? I had some good luck there, parque lleras and poblado were great hunting grounds…

  • Gavin Madden

    yep, fucking virgin is definitely a no go for me these days. Having girls scream in agony whilst i struggle to keep an erection isn’t exactly fun.

  • Jack

    just plainspoken great advice.

    posts like these are the reason I started reading you in the first place, Roosh. Keep em coming.

  • GP

    I personally find that having sex with a virgin is like smashing your soldier into a brick wall. I didn’t know she was a virgin, and went through the Homer Simpson motions of scratching my head and repeatedly doing the same thing while the girl lie there, grimacing in pain. Not fun.

  • http://squidlaw CaptainCaveman

    I wah-wah-wah wonder if readers have lost the image-based “innocent” female fetish that seems like an auxiliary to virginity when deflowering turned out to be so awful. It’s an open question.

  • michelin

    I see it as getting a flag, because there is indeed little fun to it for both the girl and yourself. I agree the fun will start after a few episodes, but it takes a lot of patience to get there.

  • Matt H.

    Sex with a virgin is indeed weak sauce. Pun probably intended.

  • someone

    that wouldn’t work with me hahaha… not every girl is the same, you can’t find a ”key” way.

  • Peter M

    Ive been living in Poland for 4 years, ive had about 7 virgins. Its shocking that in Poland you can still find attractice 20 year old virgins. This number is slowly decreasing as they are getting americanized. I used to date virgins as to convert them into long term relationships which guaranteed at least a year of stability or so before they started thinking about other guys. I do agree with Roosh, the best method is to make them believe that its something that you don’t like and that shes far behind all her adventurous friends. When i was younger, virgins were great because you didn’t have to think about all that cheating, trusting bullshit, but ohh god are they boring…Nevertheless, I can see why Muslims adopt the whole “virgin philosophy”. They do make good wives/gf indeed.

  • Senorbeta

    I do not know to agree with this or not. Recently I get a bang with someone who claimed to be a virgin…

    Long story short, meet in a pub, make out, go to my place, put the rubber on my thingy and try to put inside…. no way to inside.

    Exploring with the finger I can put one finger inside but two is too painful for her so handjob (no blowjob) and she told me that is still virgin but with some experience with men (the handjob was quite good… to be a handjob thought).

    Met next week and with more relax and lubrification finally get the bang, tigh pussy should I say, but with no blood at all.

    Repeat two weeks later and after that, just let it go, got something better the night before.

    Still wondering if she was really virgin or just had some vaginismus…..

  • Anonymous

    HUgo Shwyzer says you should let her ‘peg’ you:


  • Um, really?

    There was no blood when I lost my virginity. 😉 and though I was slightly insecure, it was not so much that I would have been willing to do anything someone told me.

    Also, one can have some knowledge of sex before having had it. Virgins don’t live in a vacuum in which no one talks or writes about sex.

  • JJ

    I’m currently dating a virgin.. She’s my 2nd virgin flag. The first time certainly isn’t fun, with both of them I struggled to stay hard.. I’m still seeing this one who is a solid 8, we’ve banged probably 7-8 times and its starting to get damn good. Nice feeling knowing that no one else has been there before.

  • Hugin

    If you haven’t taken a girls virginity before, and the topic comes up in convo with a virgin. What should you say? Lie? Fake it till you make it?

  • Anonymous

    Why any man wants to be first thing the baby chick sees after it breaks out of it’s egg shell (momma!) is beyond me. Then you’ve got this baby chick following you around yelling momma for weeks on end, until you have to be a asshole to regain some peace of mind.

  • Brianmark

    I think I know I’ve done at least 8, all in my younger days. No blood ever. Most American girls don’t have hymens. Probably lost them in school athletics. Four of the girls never did it with me but once and the other 4 became my girlfriends.

  • Pussyhoundonthedole

    What? Hiatus over, already?

  • the hymanator

    Has anybody ever seen Pierre Woodmans casting series? I have, and it seems that he legitimately deflowered dozens of girls in that series. Most of them in the course of just a few hours. Some in under a half hour. And most of them don’t bleed or scream in pain. They scream alright, but definitely not in pain. Does anyone have any idea what his secret is, and if indeed hes absolutely 100% legit?

  • Indianman


    I have been touched a a women after 27 years, but someone caste black magic on her and my Testicles disappeared overnight.

    since her touch i have no erection,I consulted a Hindu priest to cure my sins and get my erection back, pls help me to get my testicles back,I have seen the guy who has done black magic on me, now i see visions of animals when ever is see a women,

    How can i save myself,The black magic guy took my soul and replaced it with soul of Fox , somehow i took that soul and he was angry and he put back a Soul of snake and some Small baby’s soul.

    Help me

  • rell

    ”the hymanator” layoff the so called ”reality porn” it isn’t real..

    On another note i never done a virgin but i wouldn’t mind.

  • dannyfrom504

    i devirginized an indian chick when i was stationed in charlest. had NO CLUE she was a virgin until the first time we fooled around. after a week, she decided she wanted to have sex.

    the technique you stated above is absolutely spot on. i told her i didn’t think i was the right guy to be her first, and told her about my past (in jr high/high school) with virgins.

    funny thing is- after we did the deed, she became a complete cock beast. she wanted to fuck ALL.THE.TIME.

    got sent to cuba for 6 months and by the time i got back she had fucked 2 other guys. i dropped her. but it’s cool. i had it when it still had the “new car smell”. and she was a solid

  • Mike

    Ahhh….freshman girls in college. Of course it all depends, some have had a good enough experience of it all but quite a few are virgins.

    They literally will do anything to please a man as long as YOU do not seem needy for it or like Roosh said above “convey that her virginity is a benefit for you.”

    As long as you man up and maintain poise and control of yourself, it’s not too hard gaining a virgin’s trust 😉

  • Experienced Guy

    Hey Indianman…Go see a psychiatrist. You are obviously psychotic and you require professional help…Seriously.

  • rocky

    This is kind of sad guys…. I mean no one is forcing you to be with virgins. I treat girls how id want someone to treat my sisters or daughter ( if I had one) cause karma is a bitch!

  • Egg-Beta

    Indianman is fucking hilarious!

  • Blaize

    havin sex with a virgin is real fun, but having more of such sex with virgins makes you happier and healthier.

  • lab

    still need more ans

  • confused

    i have a sweet girl friend, she is 18 years old. we enjoyed a lot when we make-out, but recently when i was trying to sex in ma bedroom, she told me that she is virgin, i tried a lot to put inside to it, but she refused and she is starting to cry, to my opinion she may be not a virgin, she just make an act.

    what should i do…????????

  • Always Erected

    I had a girl friend while I was 17 and she was 13. I tried to have sex with her but she didn’t let me do so. She asked to wait for 3 more years and we could have sex when she will be 16. In the mean time, we would be on bed and we made our bed sheets and body wet many times. When she turned 16 we tried many times to have a sex but she was crying every time. Once I got a chance to have a sex with an experience lady while her boy friend was outside for a couple of weeks. I had a sex with that lady for 6 times and I tried to use that experience and suggestion of lady on my girl friend still she was crying. I really became fade up and I pushed my Penis forcibly and It totally entered. she was crying and when I took out my penis, she has bleeding very badly, After that we had regular sex for 6 months and broke up with her as she got a rich boy.
    So Mr confused, pushed on her hole, otherwise you will be waiting and waiting her permission.

  • nt nyc

    im facing a very big problem on hw to break the virginity

  • http://[email protected] ok


  • Anonymous

    I jerk off…piss on dah vegans!

  • Sanmight

    I hv a problem on how to break virginity and stay long when having sex

  • bhavin

    agree mam, gone mad to explain her everything, dont know how will see able to become strong

  • Rex

    I think it’s disgusting the way anyone could make a girl feel like “there’s something wrong with her” for being a virgin. She’s plainly waiting for the right guy to come along, if y’all don’t like it, don’t lay down with a virgin, simple as.

  • Ditte

    Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? You treat virgins and girls in general as if they aren’t worth anything! You should be ashamed of yourself! Some girls can’t help they aren’t as skanky as the ones you obviously prefer. FUCK yourself

  • Suck it bitch

    You know, you’re a fucking asshole.

  • Arian

    Too stupid to read? The article says HOW TO HAVE SEX WITH A VIRGIN.
    Not how to make her feel better

  • tonyronymacaroni

    And it’s still an awful tutorial for how to do that. This is a tutorial about how to be a misogynistic failure of a person, not about how any action related to sex. Learn to read critically and grow up before you stick your penis inside of someone. The world does not someone like you to procreate.

  • A New Man

    I think you missed the purpose of this post.

  • m

    I accidently rated this up when it was meant to be down! you fucking raped her! you are disgusting and make me sick to the bone!!! poor girl!!! your dirty and slimly basted. Just because no one wants to actually have sex with you- gives you no righy to do that you sick fucker !!!

  • djace

    Woah dude, you sound like a douche. I’ve had sex with five virgins in my life and I’ve never done something like this. You absolutely do not talk to a virgin like that. You have to be sweet and gentle. Not talk to her as if she is incoherent…

  • Virgin

    Well this shit confused me more

  • Robin Nichols

    She wanted it, silly. Not rape.

  • Fuck you

    Well that was misogynistic.. what an asshole

  • 2 time de-virginator

    Uhm I think its the girls curiousity on sex. But I had a friend and became a ” FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS ” bcoz of sex. . . . After a 4th or 5th time, I think she’s good tho

  • joe cris

    Thats horrible. Me and my girl friend are both virgin.. well. What im after is her love, not her verginity. Stupid if you say but that is love. Im not gay, that’s just how i love..

  • christian

    If u giv ur life to Jesus, he can help cast out the spell…

  • Pissed of Virgin Woman

    Uh wtf? Let me put a broom up your ass, thrust it a few times and grimce in pain and bleed. You guys are more fucked up than rotten damn ketcup. Shit got me fucked up and twisted, like a damn twizler.

    For shame my nigga for shame😔👌

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  • honey laurio

    yeah its real…there’s so many bloods coming out

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