How To Meet Girls In Grocery Stores

Here is a grocery store excerpt from Day Bang

Approach a girl while she’s shopping, timing your movements to intersect either in an aisle or at some point around the perimeter. Just make sure to catch her before the checkout line, and preferably before she reaches the frozen foods section.

[Another] option is to plant yourself in a popular section (wine and cheese, produce, or bakery), hang out there for at least ten minutes, and approach girls who come within your tentacle grasp. As long as you’re slow in your movements and browse on your way to any girl, you won’t raise their guards. Also, don’t worry about what the staff thinks of your activities, in the grocery store or anywhere else. At nearly all establishments, especially corporate chains, staff members are instructed not to bother the customers.

While you should take your time moving through the store, you must act fast when you see a girl you like. Most girls have a shopping list and grab their items with the goal to get out quickly. They won’t wait all day for you to approach. In retail stores, girls are in browse mode, so you can take more time planning your approach angle, but in grocery stores girls know exactly what they want and won’t linger long, unless they happen to be making a complicated recipe. Therefore step up your hustle after you’ve identified a target.

In Europe, the grocery store has replaced the coffee shop as my favorite day game venue. Because the coffee shop culture there encourages social interaction with friends instead of going alone with a book or laptop, the most consistent place I find girls alone is the grocery store. Another bonus is that since they are focused on buying items, she won’t be on the phone or have on headphones.

The game I would run in foreign grocery stores is different than at home. In America, I quickly zero in on something in her basket and ask if it is good or not. The issue with this opener is that you don’t have time to leisurely check out the girl and then examine her basket—you have to be staring mostly at her items and quickly open when your paths intersect. You will approach girls who, upon closer inspection, may not be that good looking, but thankfully with indirect openers you can bow out immediately after she gives an answer by ceasing all ramble. You never have to commit yourself for more than 15 seconds.

Things become much easier when you’re a tourist. I’ve tried a lot of different openers and found one so easy that it feels like cheating. When you walk into a foreign grocery store, get a basket and walk straight to the bread aisle. Grab a wheat loaf. Then with that loaf prominently displayed either in your hand or on the top of your basket, do your shopping as usual. Put a confused look on your face and open with this: “Excuse me, do you know what type of bread this is?” You can use it on girls no matter where they are in the grocery store.

Here’s a common way the conversation turns out:

Girl: “It’s wheat bread.”

You: “I see. It was hard to tell because I don’t speak the Finnish language. Is this a good kind of bread?”

Girl: “I’ve never tried it before.”

You: “There were just so many options that I didn’t know which one to choose. Which bread do you recommend?”

Girl: “Have you tried the dark bread? It’s very common here.” At this point there’s a good chance she’ll walk you over to the bread aisle to show you her favorite bread.

You: “Interesting, I’ve never tried this bread before. What does it taste like?”

Girl: “It tastes like so and so.”

You: “Do you usually eat it with a spread or with lunch meats?”

Girl: “Lunch meats?”

You: “I mean deli meats like ham.” You can explain the etymology of the term ‘lunch meats’ and how people from ‘other places’ eat lunch.

Girl: “I eat it like so and so.”

You: “Cool, because where I come from we don’t have a lot of breads. It’s much easier to pick.”

If she has any interest in you at this point, she will ask you where you’re from and the chat gradually becomes more personal.

The above is classic elderly game that works a little too well when the girl is even mildly curious, especially in Europe. After she bites on your “where I come from” bait, you can move onto nightlife or restaurant recommendations and then hit her with “Where do you usually hang out?” before getting the number. If she doesn’t bite but continues to chat, you will keep dropping “where I come from” bait until she bites. There have been times where I had to drop it four times before the girl bit. (If you’re running game in your home city, you’ll have to mix up the bait drops.)

If the above sounds easy to you, that’s because it is. I’ve gotten used to leveraging my stupid tourist status in foreign countries to make these types of easy openers, to the point where it doesn’t even feel like an approach. On the other hand, American girls are much more conversational during the day, and running coffee shop game there is the easiest out of anywhere in the world. There are some disadvantages to European day game but since the quality is so much higher, I don’t really miss my coffee shop time back in the States.

For those of you who are envious about me running easy day openers abroad like “What type of bread is this?” or “What time does this place close?” then I have a solution for you: become a foreigner. The best day game is foreign day game.

The above grocery store article is 980 words. My day game book, Day Bang, is 75,000 words, with nine pages alone on grocery store approaching with an additional 191 pages that teach you how to approach, ramble, drop big bait, and close. If you want to learn how to effectively pick up women during the day, click here to learn more about my book.

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  • Jon

    Excellent post as usual :)

  • Eater

    Have you tried this in DC? How well did it work?

    [Roosh: Whole Foods on P street… works very well.]

  • Old Glory

    Wow, that is like cheating. Will give that a try. Seems like a winner… like the old person opener.

  • memcpy

    it’s even better if you speak the language and can hold a conversation in that language.

  • memcpy

    Here’s another easy opener you can use anywhere malls, grocery, etc, in a foreign country.

    “Excuse me, what’s this called in (Japanese, Russian, etc.)”

    Ramble on from there, you’re looking for a gift for your sister, etc.

  • Todd

    Best time to grocery shop is Monday or Tuesday between 5-7 pm. She’s too busy during the weekend and later in the week she is in the gym toning the body in setting up her weekend. Dress well, I always go straight from the office and look top notch. Opinion opener or ask about something on sale or layout of store as you’re new in town. Ask about other shopping in area and move that towards restaurant/lounge suggestions. Then be in a hurry, thank her, and say hope to see u around (plants the seed).

    Run into her again 5-6 minutes later as your leaving and say “hey this is kinda random but would you like to grab a drink later in the week?” She says yes or no, boom done. Eye contact is best prior to opening and she’ll show interest by shopping slow and deliberate. Three second rule does not apply, needs to be smooth and natural.

  • bodmon

    your paleo-eating users were all just like fuuuuuuuuuuu

  • bodmon


  • Turner

    I use this in Europe all the time as it can be a pain at first anyway to grocery shop due to the language issue. You can really stretch these convos and it is actually pretty genuine since some ingredients you cant get in a given country or you can segue into what type of stuff people make there and really draw out the convo.

    The girl that I recently smashed from Italy – I talked about food at the market and played super ignorant. Before I knew it I had dinner being made.

    This is even more money as girls who shop often dont live at home with mom and dad (not that matters if you are a dirty dog:))


  • Soltero en Madrid

    “The best day game is foreign day game.”

    haha true that

  • Necorochi

    Dear Rollo
    I recently moved in with my aunt who is letting me stay with her for free until I get shipped off to boot camp in a month.
    I got kicked out of my fathers house who I stayed with for 7 years because he was hellbent on making me go active duty air force (He was airforce active duty) when I myself wanted to go reserves so I can get my college degree. You only live once.
    My problem is that I have not been living with women like this for a while (My aunt and her 31 year old daughter with a 2 year old) and I don’t know if with this new knowledge of game and alpha if it would be appropriate to wash dish’s and clean up after my cousins baby because the baby makes a mess in the living room where I sleep on the couch.
    I carry grocery’s because they think since I’m a guy I should but when it comes to washing dish’s and cleaning they should do that write? Something just dose not seem write.
    Should I just suck it up and wash dish’s or could I game them to do them themselves?
    I really didn’t believe in gender roles but when I moved in this house they were almost forced on me..
    Also I want to display alpha the best I can but since I have not lived with women since I was 11(curently 20) when my mother died, I’m not used to how I would act in accordance to them, now more so since I have knowledge over game and alpha, It feels like if I become the aloof uncaring asshole I could be kicked out but at the same time I don’t want to supplicate, don’t get me wrong I will help if they need help I learned how to wash dishes and clean after myself when I lived with me dad and to do things for my self but I learned that being nice people tend to take advantage of my niceness and EXPECT it everytime… FUCK THAT, can you maybe shoot some articles my way( Database is huge ) or could you send me some personal advice. Help appreciated.

  • Necorochi

    Dear Roosh*

  • Mamba

    Or do like in the movie “Animal House” where you see some skag in produce picking a cucumber, so you pick one larger and come up to her and say “Mine’s bigger than yours”.

  • Thecaptainpower

    Grocery game is good, it shows you are a man that takes care of himself…..

    Roosh, getting errors on ur page for some reason today : (

  • George

    For those of you who are envious about me running easy day openers abroad like “What type of bread is this?” or “What time does this place close?” then I have a solution for you: become a foreigner. The best day game is foreign day game.

    Sooooo freaking true. Easiest way to instantly increase the calibre of the girls you’re pulling.

  • Zorro

    “Mine’s bigger than that.”

    “I beg your pardon?”

    “Oh, my cucumber. It’s bigger than that.”

    Animal House.

  • IndirectDayGamer

    Hey Roosh,

    I hope we’ll get the Day Bang audio book soon …

    Thanks a lot for this excellent and useful post.

    [Roosh: Yeah I need to get on that.]

  • Blunt

    Haha love the Greek Kamaki-style conversation script.

  • dannyfrom504

    one thing i’ve learned from “grocery game” is to approach at the sushi bar. say, “i never now which one to pick”. if she responds, your foot is in the door.

    game on.

  • budgetglobetrotting

    solid post.

    stereotypical dumb foreigner status makes almost everything in life game-able. grocery store, petrol station, restaurant, et al.

    I think one key is to remember that you’re ‘dumb’ questions aren’t that ‘dumb’ abroad. From my experience in countries where foreigners are generally highly (over) valued, dumb questions are seen as pretty normal, but cute. I find ‘Awkward’ approaches to be few and far between while abroad compared to American standards.

  • Giovonny

    Grocery stores are one of my main hunting grounds. I find approaching to be easier in grocery stores because there is so much to talk about.

    I have a simple method..

    Whatever she is looking at is what I’m looking at!

    Thats it! I see a girl I like looking at something, I immediately go over and grab the same item and/or ask her about it, like how she prepares it, etc.

    Stay away from the frozen section -haha- too cold!

    I want to buy a condo right above a Whole Foods!

  • Pat Cassels

    How would you run game if you worked at a grocery store?

  • Braedon

    You’re a weird person. You talk about setting a plan out to stalk women. People read your shit advice and then try to do it because some keyboard warrior who jerks his shit nightly wants to act like an expert. Of course they listen, because they are just as fucking dumb and desperate as you. Your article wasn’t even worth the full read. Stop giving advice to people who deserve better. 7 tips to lead guys to sex on the first date? Get a fucking life