How To Pick Up An Ethiopian Girl

I think Ethiopian girls are disproportionately beautiful, with their mahogany skin color, large eyes, high cheekbones, huge breasts and ass, and wild exotic hair. But unfortunately for non-Ethiopian men everywhere they keep to their own circle, judged by the fact that I have never seen a white guy with an Ethiopian girl. It’s not fair but that’s life.

My postings on game and girls are from experience, but I’m going to have to branch out here and share with you a plan on how I’m going to get my Ethiopian flag. As a Caucasian man limited by his non-Ethiopianness, the plan is based on… exaggerations.

Once I find an Ethiopian girl to approach (shouldn’t be hard considering that Washington DC has more Ethiopians than any other city outside of Ethiopia), I will attack with this two-pronged strategy:

1. “My old roommate was Ethiopian.” I’m going to talk about Girma and how he taught me a few curse words. Unfortunately I only remember the word “sharmuta,” which means bitch / whore (apparently in many languages).

“The Ethiopian girls he dated would always cook for him and even come over and take care of him when he was sick. It was weird to see because American girls didn’t do that. The American girls had many masculine traits, while the Ethiopian girls didn’t.”

This shows I am an insider and “get” the culture. I was so curious that…

2. “A few years ago I visited Ethiopia for fun.”

“I had a week of extra vacation time to kill. I went to Addis Ababa, among other cities. I really enjoyed the market there—it was huge. I bought a large sugar cane stalk. I wish I could have stayed longer but I worked a corporate job at the time and I couldn’t get off more than a week.”

By now she will be exploding with curiosity, but I will be restrained in showing interest. Her being Ethiopian is not enough and she will have to prove that she isn’t corrupted by the American culture. I’ll go for the kill after a round of cocktails at an Ethiopian restaurant where she will communicate with the staff in her language while I sit there and stare at the interesting decorations on the wall.

If all else fails I’ll just say I’m a speechwriter for Obama.

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  • Hammer

    The Asian Playboy has a couple of Ethiopian girl routines where he talks about how Ethiopia is the African equivalent to Sweden as far as female beauty is concerned and references his ex who was Ethiopian. He also has a routine where his mother forgives him for dating whatever race of girl he is talking to at the time which is very powerful for overcoming race objections.

    Hammer’s last blog post: The WAR On FRUMPINESS.

  • Lisa

    A few years ago one of my cousins came here for an Ethiopian soccer tournament and it was the craziest week of my life. They do not sleep!! ever!! They spare no expense!! And the women are the most regal, and beautiful women ever created. Which is funny because the men were pretty metro. Don’t get me wrong they’re cool as hell but the women tower over them like amazons with their heels and big hair, so I’m surprised to hear that they don’t date Americans.

  • Anonymous

    You are back!

  • roissy

    godspeed. you are venturing into uncharted waters.

    roissy’s last blog post: Hints Your Relationship Is Doomed.

  • C
  • speakeasy

    Roosh, guess you never heard of Iman and David Bowie?

    You did briefly touch on a key point that you have to do to overcome objections when talking to women that may view you as an “outsider” for some reason. I remember talking to a Mexican chic at a bar once. She was one of those Guadalajara Mexican women that looks more Argentine than what you’d typically think of when you think Mexican.

    We got into a conversation about music because she coordinates concerts for latin bands. I started name dropping all these latin alternative bands I’m familiar with and she was just dazzled that this black dude knew all about these latin alternative bands. Not that I’m a huge follower of the genre, but I’m somewhat familiar enough to have a conversation.

    She gave me her number without me even asking.

  • mike says

    Mission impossible. They do. not. deviate.

  • Arjewtino

    I’m starting my own workshop to help people be more like me.

    Just letting you know…

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: Being Arjewtino: A Workshop.

  • mala

    Iman is Somali, a different country.

  • illin it

    “If all else fails I’ll just say I’m a speechwriter for Obama.”…..hilarious. hah just mention that you know where to obtain food…..ok famine jokes are’nt funny anymore

  • James G – Expat Rock Star

    Sharmuta is Arabic, it sort of means “the rag a woman uses to wipe her menstrual discharges with”

    James G – Expat Rock Star’s last blog post: Hotel Review: La Di Da Di, We Like to Party at the Shangri La, Jakarta.

  • Georges St. Pierre

    I’m sorry, but I just cannot find black women attractive.

  • Anonymous


    Who gives a shit about your racist opinions. If Roosh wants to bang an Ethiopian girl, what’s it to you?

  • sonchai

    “sharmuta” is also used in hebrew

  • Jon

    Seems to me like you’ve discovered a working formula.

    You: Oh, you’re from COUNTRY. I had a roommate from COUNTRY once

    and then a few minutes later

    I visited COUNTRY or other COUNTRY close by.

    You’d just need to memorize whatever pertinent details you needed about each country.


    Jon’s last blog post: So very c-ld.

  • The G Manifesto

    I wrote a genius comment to this but I think it got caught in your spam filter.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • spaceman

    ethopians are beautiful.
    but your basically lying to get in her pants , unless those statements are true.

    either way…. thats awesome.

  • Anonymous

    For excellent ethiopian music, check “The Ethiopiques”, a 15 or 18 CDs release of 60s and 70s Addis Abebba music. It’s been made famous by Broken Flowers, which soundtrack uses some of thoses tunes – but there’s more to it than just a soundtrack. It’s actually very, very good music, and a condense of ethiopian culture in the 70s. It should impress the chick if you can talk about Tezeta love songs and Tigris traditionnal music.

  • Zictor

    Your post reminded me of a story that happened to me ages ago.

    I am no pick up artist but I did figure out something about “International Game”. I will define this as dating girls outside of their homelands.

    To build a quick connetion to them, show some kind of knowledge about her home country. The amount of knowledge will depend on how much a girl expects you to know ANYTHING about her country. Of course this isn’t news to anyone, but I don’t know if people are aware of how quickly this builds rapport with a girl.

    For girls from more normal countries (Germany, France, Spain, China, etc.), speaking a little bit of the language to be able to maintain 5 minutes of conversation can take you very far. My girlfriend tells everybody that I won her with my “French with a Brazilian accent”. Now, I’m almost fluent but she still gets her kicks of teaching me her culture and correcting my mistakes.

    For countries that are less famous (Brazil, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.), just knowing small tidbits of information about the country help. But if you really go beyond knowing the capital of the country and its geographic location, you will really shine in her eyes.

    Two episodes to illustrate this:

    This Finnish girl was once all over me just because I knew stuff about Finland that I learned from watching this documentary about Lord of the Rings. I shit you not, nerd knowledge did the trick. Tolkien loved Finnish culture and the language was used as a base for Elvish. Basically, what I knew:

    * The name of their national epic poem (The Kalevala)
    * That their Language almost disappeared during the XIX century under Swedish rule.
    * Their language is related to Hungarian and Estonian.

    In another episode, I caught the attention of this HB10 from Ukraine because I knew that an Eastern part of their country spoke Russian as a mother tongue (and her father was from there). This was before the war in Georgia and all that shit, but I believe it still works.

    After that, you just need to ask a few questions about the country to show interest. BTW in both episodes, I didn’t do anything because I am always faithful to my girlfriends.

    Naturally, this doesn’t work very well on American women. But most of you guys are American anyway.

  • The G Manifesto

    “Roosh, guess you never heard of Iman and David Bowie?”

    Iman is Somalian, skippy.

    “I’m sorry, but I just cannot find black women attractive.”

    Your loss.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • A
  • The G Manifesto

    Now that is a title of a post.

    No more of this “I lost my purpose” drivel.

    On to Ethiopian Girls:

    1. Learn some of the language. Lesson one: “Salaam” is hello.

    2. Dress sharp. Custom Suits. (This really works on all girls).

    3. Know your way around Adams Morgan. Know the owners of the spots and where to get an illegal cocktail at 4:30am.

    4. No a little history about Ethiopians and DC. For instance, Know that most Ethiopians in DC are from the Capital Addis Ababa. They are city slickers. Conversely, most Ethiopians in LA and San Diego are from the Country. Different dynamic. And a small piece of knowledge like that will bring you above the fray.

    5. Take it slow and be genuinely interested in their culture.

    6. Don’t act like every other idiot in DC when you talk to them. Be smooth. International Playboy style.

    7. I got to keep some moves to myself.

    I used to be The Prince of 18th Street when I was younger.

    Side note:

    These tactics also work of Eritrean girls, and Somalian girls although each has there nuances.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • Roosh

    Spam filter was in a bad mood today. Pulled the comments out

  • happy pharmer

    You should also check out Eritreans. They are every bit as hot. It might also help if you know about the never ending wars between these two countries.

    For the average honky that has never been with a black chick before, here are a few things to have at your house when she comes over:

    1. Lotion – black chicks always pile it on after a shower

    2. Showercap – washing hair is a big ordeal for black girls, so it doesn’t happen often

    3. Mild soap – nothing too harsh

    4. A large penis

    happy pharmer’s last blog post: The Clock is Ticking.

  • James O.

    Hate to bring this up, but…
    I nornally take DOS pronouncements with a grain of salt, but I have no reason to doubt them on this one since it seems very widely corroborated.

  • Lance

    when seducing women from the horn, i just say something like this:

    let’s pretend we’re in the gulf of aden. i’m going to board you like a somali pirate, and hold your booty for ransom.

    Lance’s last blog post: “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    try Harrys Taproom in Clarendon. Two best friends/ both Ethiopian/ hot chicks bartend there. I was closing in on one before I moved back to Richmond.

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Signs That Maybe I Should Cut Back On The Drinking.

  • Angelo De La Vega

    Make sure to drop in a comment about Haile Gebrselassie and how beautiful it is to watch him run. He’s a national hero and I’ve never met an Ethiopian who didn’t appreciate his achievements.

    Oh, and do a bit of research so you can pronounce his name correctly.

    Angelo De La Vega’s last blog post: Alarming Aftertaste.

  • MT

    That’s funny but I always thought that “getting into her world” is a big no-no in the seduction community. Another words why would she care whether I know a thing or two about her country? She might be impressed for 5 mins and then be done with it.

    On the other hand, if I try to “pull her into my reality” and by her getting more invested in me, that might be more successful.

    I’m no player, but I’ve met some int’l chicks by not caring where they come from but instead of focusing on my unique ancestry or something else instead 😉

  • Anonymous

    Our girls are not interested in deviant crackers.You may find a low class sharmuta but never a decent Habesha girl.
    The children of Saba shall not mate with the wicked Euro heathen.

  • speakeasy


    It’s all about building RAPPORT.

  • Anonymous

    “Children of Saba”

    That sounds like Indiana Jones 6.

  • Anonymous

    I see ethiopian girls with white guys. If I see an ethiopian girl with a non-ethiopian guy, most likely its with a white american than a black american. Just be yourself man and show interest in other things about her and not only her beauty.

  • Amir

    Hey Roosh just pretend like you’re some big shot business man with lots of wealth , If the girl is anything like most Ethio girls in diaspora , she’ll drop her panties on the 1st night and make u promise you wont tell anyone .

  • daniel


    Oh, those Habesha girls have their weak spots too, my friend.

    I spent a month in Ethiopia and my GOD the women are unbelievable. It’s like walking around in a modeling agency. The country girls (organic style) are ravishing, but still pretty old-fashioned. In Addis, though, it’s suuuuper easy to find beautiful, friendly, feminine, girls who smell amazing and have gorgeous hair and eyes to go out and have fun with and then nail. Some of them are gold-diggers, but you those ones are easy to spot and there’s always a sweetheart right around the next corner.

    Mad respect to the Habesha girls, anonymous, but they loooove the Faranji lovin.

  • ferdina

    to those of you,who has no idea about ethiopia just shout mouth and lishen,befor you died.and the second one to(2 Lisa)hay you are one of the most stupied girl i never seen in my life.if you have a problem 2 lisa let me know.

  • Danny

    Well, when I traveled from Paris to Adis Ababa in Ethiopian Airlines, I realized that the flight attendants, all of those girls were beautiful. I never heard anything about that. During 10 days in Ethiopia, I realized that the most beautiful girls in the world are those from Ethiopia, now, they are my favorites. Before, i thought that the colombians, scandinavians, those from Sevilla and Barcelona were the most, but no, i’m sorry, but most beautiful girls in the world are the Ethiopian Girls. I LOVE ‘EM.

    Before, i didn’t like black women, but now, Oh my God, oh my God…!!! i liked to bring with me one ethiopian girl to marry her and everything, but let me tell you, those girls aren’t easy. I want to go back to Ethiopia to get a wife, for all my life, and i wan’t to have Ethiopian daughters, because i want to be proud of the beauty of my daughters, and i know an ethiopian girl could bring me a beautiful daughter, no one else.

    Oh my God… and what great bodies. Nonononoo, it’s amazing how beautiful are the ethiopian bodies.

    The most beautiful girls in the world: ETHIOPIAN GIRLS.

  • belaynesh

    I like Jamaican and Ethiopian men. Do ethiopian men date Jamaican women?

  • des

    Ethio and Eri girls are tough to deal with.

  • White Rasta

    OK, forget everything else you’ve read. No pick up line or made up story will work with an Ethiopian girl. Not wired that way, different world, different values. Unless you’re looking for serious relationship, forget it. Best advice, find yourself an Eritrean or Somali girl. They’re somewhat similar in appearance to Ethiopians, but more daring…and temperamental.

    #38 Yes, Ethiopian men love Jamaican gals, when they’re not scared of them.

  • Brandon

    Man, I’ve banged chicks from all over the world, but never had me a black girl. Right now we have a bunch of black women at our hotel, and some are smokin’ hot. That is my next goal for sure.

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  • correction

    People —- Eritreans and Ethiopians girls …same….they are both Habesha (abyssinian) …. somalis are not…

  • Anonymous

    This is the most ridiculous nonsense i have ever read in my life. Being an Ethiopian women myself who just recently starting living in Washington DC, I am surprised to see the lack of respect most of you men who are writing on this post have for women, and yes women, Ethiopian women, they are all the same.

    If you want to date an Ethiopian women, why don’t you just ask her out like you would any other women. Why should there be a need to fabricate lies and trust me, she will know that you are lying if you lie about going to a place who have never seen.

    Go read some books to diversify your perspectives!

  • ANON

    #44 U ARE TOTALLY RIGHT !And this is from the same guys who go to brazil /latin america to get those “easy women” they are of african descent too.Allot of these men are racist and bigoted but want some black tale ..go figure.Roosh i do not know what kind of caucasian u are with that dark skin and hair lol..doesnt look white to me .

  • ANON

    oh and roosh u are very sexy !!i’d hit it lol.

  • Anonymous

    I am ethiopian I am married to a white man

  • Makeda

    Hey im an ethiopian girl and find your comments so funny i mean ive never laughed so much. Just tell them the trouble u went through and u might have a chance! Im from england so white british guys are not as layed back and brave as americans to approach us oh unless theyve had a few to drink. I know what you can ask the ethio girl, ask her if you can race her lol

  • sobanoodle

    Yeah the men are pretty metro, but for some reason the women stick to them like flies on sugar. My idea, befriend some Ethio guys and get the insider story that way.
    They key is to understand the culture. Ethiopia is an introverted culture, somewhat like the Japanese. You be too harsh too soon they be seeing you like a wide eyed crazy American who mumbles meaningless shit. Be cultured, bow dammit till your back hurts, haha, and memorize the word “Konjo” it worked for me.

  • sobanoodle

    Oh, one more thing, show her you respect elders. That is what my ex-girl once told me. She says she measures a mans integrity by how he treats elders. Don’t ask me for explanation.

  • Konjit

    pick the one you like at

    good luck!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve dated a ethiopean girl for two month – she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and for sure will…definetly has to go to Ethtiopia in the future1

  • Anonymous

    I met one through Great ethiopian website

  • Anonymous

    with wat i have read i goin to ehiopia for my wife

  • Simrekinus

    This is pretty funny. I’m an Ethiopian/Eritrean guy living in DC. You all seem to be forgetting that the women you’re talking about aren’t some sort of alien, feral, wild-eyed amazons here to satisfy your little sci-fi geek-boy fantasies. They’re people. Try talking to one. It might work.

    And wow, I feel kind of traitorous even revealing this information, but hey, it’s all in the name of love right? And if there are any Latinos on here, I fully expect you to reciprocate *smile*:

    Ethiopian/Eritrean (collectively known as Habesha) girls generally won’t talk to you if there are there are other Habeshas around. We’re a fairly self-conscious people, very collectivist, and the impression of the group we’re with definitely counts.

    And there are generally two types of girls willing to deal with you “Ferenj” (foreigners). Yes, I understand the irony of calling other races foreigners while in their country, but it speaks to the arrogance of our culture. Come to think of it, that sort of sounds like Ferengi.

    Anyway. You’ve got your dirt poor girls looking for a green card and your upper-middle to upper classes that were received enough exposure in their youth to be willing to try interracial dating.

  • Lidet

    If you want to get an ETHIOPIAN GIRL here is what you should do (trust me I am will work)

    1 BE YOURSELF- save both of us time…we don’t want to see your representatives…we want to see the REAL you. (if you turned out to be a crackhead….Tough luck)

    2 HAVE PATIENTS- I know you are probably saying the heck but the trick is first you gotta be the friend type. Even if some guy is trying to take your girl…. just wait ..she will always come to you (build the trust)

    3 GET IT OUR OF YOUR HEAD THAT WE ARE IMPOSSIBLE- if you want to ask out an Ethiopian girl..go up to her like you do with any other girls and ASK HER OUT! Be a man! …don’t just sit home and youtube some Ethiopian words. I have to admit it sometimes work…I know a guy who tried play that trick on me..,,BUT YEAH I got bored after 10mins…If the girl likes you back…she will offer to teach you some words..and you say…how about over coffee.

    4 MAKING YOUR MOVE- first date is always us trying to see pass you. freaking ROMANTIC! most Ethiopian guys are not. (for the brothers who are reading this I used the word “most” not “all”)and also make it SIMPLE..phrase a walk after dinner (all girls like that)..and YES GET THE GIRL SOME FLOWERS. and yeah…the 3 DATE RULE..does NOT apply for Ethiopian girls..there is NO FREAKING WAY you are sleeping with an Ethiopian girl after the 3rd date. YEP, IF YOU WANT A DECENT RELATIONSHIP YOU GOTTA WAIT. I dated a white guy (has a nice personality) but, he just couldn’t wait..he wanted to get into my pants after the first week. WE DON’T WANT TO BE A FACEBOOK STATUS! OR THE TALK OVER BEER NIGHT. another thing is that the Ethiopian culture is not open about the sex talk (this is where you should do your homework) I never had that talk with either of my parents before I moved to the states…don’t bring it up EVER… YOU GOTTA RESPECT THAT IT’S PART OF THE CULTURE. again it’s all about building the trust.

    5 FRIENDS- PLEASE DON’T FLIRT WITH HER FRIENDS (this applies for any types of girl) you will be sending the WRONG message. most of Ethiopian friends teat each other like sisters.

    6 COME UP WITH A SOMETHING NICE TO START A CONVERSATION WITH – I hear that all the time walking around are beautiful..oh your that a weave? (seriously..that is not the way to start a conversation…no girl should be put in this kinda situation)…when can you make me some injera mama?..yeah I got that once..are you Ethiopian? (as if they haven’t done their research already)…SO PLEASE BE CREATIVE.. DON’T BE STUPID.

    ONE LAST THING I CAN THINK OF…not all ETHIOPIAN girls are the same. some like to cook some don’t…most take care of their men..same don’t. don’t forget inner beauty is hella important too…I HOPE THIS HELPS.

  • arden.

    Hilarious post. To Lidet, I really appreciate your post, but Habesha women are an interesting riddle nonetheless.

    I lived in Addis for a year teaching English. I too noticed that girls in Ethiopia are unique and beautiful. That being said I learned eventually that those qualities needed to be treated with respect.

    As a white guy from the west I carried with me the notions of partying and socializing with me, assuming that they would carry over to Ethiopia. I also thought that the same way i’d meet girls back home would be the same I would meet them in Ethiopia as well. Also untrue.

    Do they like westerners or “white guys”? sure they do, but you’ll never know it. First few weeks into my trip I started making eyes with a girl who worked at a bank. I quickly made friends with a guy that worked there and we would meet up for beers. He told me that the girl who worked there was interested in me and I should pursue. I went up to her one day and asked her out for tea. She said “let me think”. Confused, tail between my legs, I walked out not expecting that kind of answer, especially if my buddy gave me the green light. Later the guy at the same bank told me to ask her for her number and call her. So I did, she gave it to me and went back to work. I called her a few times, we chatted, but she seemed reluctant to make plans and meet up. Still not used to the culture, I gave up. Much like in the west, if a girl just refuses to go out with you you move on. This Ethiopian girl didn’t straight out refuse but was playing really hard to get.
    A few weeks go by and i’m starting to forget about her. I bump into my friend who works at the same bank and he asked me why I don’t talk to this girl anymore because she keeps asking about me and so on. I told him that I was tired of this chase and i’m not used to it. He then replied “man, this isn’t Canada”. Where you come from the path find a girl is like this *draws a straight line in the air with his hand*, in Ethiopia, the path to find a girl is like this *draws a super squigly complicated line in the air*. It all started to make sense over the year I stayed there and it also shed light on why most if not all of my Habesha guy friends are single as well.

    Nonetheless, with the respect I developed for the culture and the traditional values expected from me as a foreigner, I met a wonderful habesha girl and we had a beautiful relationship. I bonded very well with her family as well.

    Even after my stay, I found out that some of the girls I worked with were interested as well, but I would have NEVER guessed in a million years from my interaction with them.

    Am I still interested in Habesha women? of course. Once you learn how to approach them properly, it is well worth it.

  • yoseph

    iam an ethiopian what i frankley wanna tell u is that u have to be no more cheater than u are now u will be weelcomed by them. by the way u can trie eritrean too because we are one people raised by two father.

  • Kevin

    Somali’s came from the Ethiopians, their history is ony 800 yrs while the Habashis have been around for 2000yrs.

    Harar is where they migrated from moving south to kismayu and kenya, they are related to Borana too.

    They embraced Islam over 700yrsago, therefore no Habashi no Somalis[Hamatic and kushtic ppl is what they both are].

  • Alberto

    I hate to be the one to break it to you guys but you will NEVER date a habesha girl. same goes for women, if you are not habesha you are probably just a phase.

    it’s funny to watch you gringos talk about how much you know about habesha culture. it doesn’t matter, plain and simple. I’ve dated several ethiopian and eritrean girls ONLY because I look eritrean/arab and I’m in medical school (and their friends and family never found out, which is the difficult part).

    The only way to be with habesha girl is to meet her in dubai or adhere into her world, and even if you do you will eventually realize that you aren’t interested, so save yourself the trouble.

    by the way..ethiopians are NOT the same as eritreans..sorry

  • Alberto

    but I will tell you, for those of you who are able to figure it out, that once you are able to pick up a habesha girl you will be able to pick up ANY girl, and respond to coldness in a way you never thought possible.

  • Caleb

    I’m a white American guy who moved to the Twin Cities in 2009, and shortly thereafter fell for one of those disproportionately beautiful Ethiopian girls in my apartment complex.

    After reading your blog, I resigned all hope of ever getting her to go out with me. However, I finally manned up, talked to her, got the ball rolling, and I’m proud to say that as I speak (or type), she is here in my arms, and we’ve been having a great time together for nearly a month with all signs pointing to longevity in our relationship.

    I’ll have to send you a picture so you can finally say that you HAVE seen a white guy with an Ethiopian girl.

    Dreams do come true 😉

  • Anonymous

    WHY, is it real LOVE, or just a whole lot LUSTTTT!
    (just like histroy)

  • df

    Hey! I’m an Ethiopian girl and I have never dated an Ethiopian guy, well I dated one but I really try to forget. I felt like I was dating my cousin or something, it was really wired. From that moment on I decided I was done with Ethiopian guys. Hopefully that was encouraging to those of you that believe that Ethiopian women strictly stay within their own kind.

  • Anonymous

    I am Ethiopian and happily married to American white for the last 20 years. Love has nothing to do with colour. You don’t have to lie . If you meet the girl, be honest to her love her truly she will love you back. By the way i have plenty of beautiful cousins . for the guy who said he is not interested in black women. If you read history Ethiopia created all of you that means you all have a little of Ethiopian in you.

  • mo mud

    Dont do it, unless with a 11 year old girl, having a white small penis you would embaress yourslf and maybe become a passive homo. HBASHA LOVES LONG SEX WITH BLACK PENIS and so many stupid white men think they satisfy the african girls but they are being used only and after you go to work there is a nigger in your wife. My advice stick to using your 2 fingers on your micro man.

  • Justme

    Dudes…..I’m Mexican and I’ve had a few Ethiopian friends but I’ve only had 4 (if you know what I mean). Nice…very nice color especially when all the cloths come off. One thing is for sure you have to respect them around people because that’s the culture thing, but they are the same as other races when it comes down to it except a little sweeter. In any case you should respect the girl not because you want to get in her pants but because you are interested in her, not only her body…. I think that to get an ethio girl it helps to be just as passionate as they are. Nothing better than maken love to a sweet Ethio girl with some scented candles, Astere music in the back ground… Respect all girls no matter where they are from but if you want some sweet Habesha then the respect must be genuine and the love and the interest must be genuine…..unless of course she’s the type that will give it up to anyone and who wants any of that…no matter where she comes from…..

  • Justme

    I forgot to mention. Ethio girls are not all the same and Ethio guys and girls will tell you the same, some you don’t want to be with. Trust me not all are good. It would be like saying that all beautiful girls are good and we know this is not the case. I know plenty that are beautiful but like girls from anywhere , some have rap sheet that would scare you. But don’t be turned off by those cus there are so many nice ones….Again the interest in all of her should be genuine…..her culture, music, food, etc…

  • konjo

    hey, we ethiopian are more than beutiful. i think u jealus. and we are different from world. different language, different color, differnet beauty…. shut the **** up .

  • konjo

    To tell the truth dating Ethiopian girls is very hard. mean, the culture and the ppl here are so difficult. starting with me,am an Ethiopian (Female) and 18year old and Student of Addis Ababa University. and it hard to date guys. to tell the truth most of guys here are single. coz we Ethiopian girls need more respect, treatment, care and love. and Most Ethiopian guys will never do that and to date White is a kind wierd for us. ITS ABOUT NATIONALITY.
    this is us.

  • Jase

    I live in Denver,CO. There are alot of Ethiopian women there. I’ve tried to converse with a few of them. One time the girls friend I was trying to talk to attempted to pull her away. I was offended but I could tell the one I was talking to was somewhat interested. Needless to say I did’nt pursue the conversation. I am a black american and one told me one time that she did not like black americans. Then she showed me the wedding ring on her finger that looked like it came right out of the Blood Diamond movie.

  • Anonymous

    I am an Ethiopian girl too, but I was raised for half of my life in America so I’ve adapted to a lot of the customs here more than Ethiopia. I totally agree with everyone in that Ethiopian women are held to higher standards because of how strict our culture is. My parents made it clear that my siblings and I aren’t allowed to date anyone who isn’t Ethiopian. It’s pretty tough, but I promise you Ethiopian women are so worth it!

  • Jase

    I believe that any woman is worth the try if you are interested. I was raised in the US and so was most of my family. After what alot of my ancestors have been through, alot of my family are prejudice, some are just hateful. My granny is 94 so she has her views. I’m 33 and I have grew up with this US culture. It is my culture. I don’t like the term African American used in context towards me because I am not African.I was not born in Africa but I am Black so it is hard for me to understand when other blacks have a prejudice against me. I don’t think it should be like that. Especially if you are from Africa. I feel that we have so much to share, so much to learn from eachother because we are the same people, same blood from different lands, same heritage. We all come in different shades but one shade is obvious no matter where your people have been, there is only one nation of us.

  • Fatima

    I am ethiopian and I find white men completely unattractive. They are all rude, racist and from most of your comments i can see you are pigs as well

  • Caleb


    I posted a comment 3 months ago (#62). I’m sorry to say, (no offense) but you sound like the one who is rude and racist; you’re overgeneralizing white men. It’s just as ignorant as white people being prejudice against black people.

    I’m a white man, dating an Ethiopian woman; race & ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

  • arden.

    Fatima. I’m a white guy and I lived in Ethiopia. “Rude, racist, and pigs” can EASILY be applied to what i’ve experienced with Ethiopians there. I was called “fucking white man” to my face, had rocks thrown at me almost on a daily basis, and absolute rude and ass-backwards behaviour from people working in the public and private sector. Actually, if it wasn’t for my courage and desire to make the most of my work there, I could’ve left after a few weeks-like most “ferenjis” do with their tails between their legs. You think the “nech” are pigs? You can’t even begin to imagine how Ethiopian men treat their women there. Sorry, not buying it for a second.

  • http://= temnit

    Ethiopian girl pls do not belive white man they are like snake they have a nice skin but posioner

  • Gizani
  • USAEthio

    I am an American guy living in the Middle East and recently met and have fallen for a classic Ethiopian beauty. Though her outward beauty attracted me initially (her friends, tell guys trying to approach her, that she was Miss Ethiopia), what has really drawn me to her is the fact that she is very conservative and has such a wonderful manner about her. I really count myself fortunate to be at the right place (Starbucks) at the right time (I had taken the day off) and willing enough to get out of my comfort zone to approach her.

    Though, I am far from being even a novice on dating Ethiopian women, I already can see that some of the advice about Ethiopian women above is good stuff, especially what follows:

    1. I was fortunate, again, very fortunate to get a “yes” on the first try, but I’ve learned from our conversations that it is good to be persistent in asking for a date; one of her long term relationships in the past had to do just that…
    2. It also appears that you are better off approaching an Ethiopian woman when she is by herself; if she was with a friend, I am positive I would have gotten a “no”.
    3. They know they are beautiful, and as almost every woman does they like being told so. They really want to hear more about how beautiful they are on the inside because that is what is most important, at least to my friend.
    4. I am sure that there are many exceptions, but if you want a real lovely Ethiopian girlfriend, you need to be very patient about the sex thing. I’d love to sleep with her, but she isn’t going to do that until she gets to know me a lot and I mean a lot better and I’m OK with that; like I said, I’ve fallen for her and would be delighted to do some serious necking after the 10th date and I am not that kind of that waits even to the 3rd date to score!
    5. My friend loves talking about her culture; our most interesting conversations have been about the Ethiopian calender (you get to be 7 years younger!), the traditional coffee ceremony, Orthodox weddings, holidays and other family things. When we talk about her culture and family things her eyes light up like hundreds of bright stars. Think about it, Ethiopian culture is the oldest and perhaps the richest in the world, I would be proud of it as well…
    6. My friend tells me that there are lots of her friends with white guys in Addis and they have no issue with dating non-Ethiopian guys so be positive about being white and ask her out; 2 or 3 times if that is what it takes for her to say yes..
    7. Haven’t done the flower thing yet; what an idiot….but. I’m going to have a dozen roses for her on our next date.
    8. Lastly, respect her, respect her, respect her.

  • Abyssinia

    Please all my Ethiopian girls that are commenting on this that feel the need to be racist, do not integrate the Ethiopian culture and family views with you and your views. I am proudly Ethiopian and as u can see from my name, my parents are too, but they do not really care about the color of the skin of my boy freind or my future husband. And the guys lmao not all Ethiopian girls wanna talk about their culture!! but overall this blog and all its comments are HILARIOUS!!

  • demeke siber

    i am happy if u send me advice.
    thanks u.

  • USAEthio

    Just an update to my post #79 above.

    My Ethiopian friend and I have made a lot of progress since the post, including 4 days in Addis Ababa with her to meet her younger sisters and tour the city which included a great dinner at “Yod Abyssinia” (look it up on YouTube). I am extremely impressed with Ethiopian culture, traditions and people.

    I don’t want to give the impression that my recommendations above apply to all, but in my case they have helped. My friend is due back in Kuwait, where we both live and work next week and then we fly to Istanbul for a short vacation the following week.

    Afterwards, who knows but it looks like our time together will be good for both of us….

  • Lupo

    Hit an Eritrean; it ain’t hard, and its the same races. Eritreans will be thrilled you’ve heard of their country. Even more thrilled if you read the war nerd article on their awesome war and stuff. Finally, if you can guess whether she’s Tigray or Afar, you’re pretty much in. Met mine at my buddy’s kid’s birthday party at a Chuck E Cheese kind of place. She lived with her mom, was 18 years younger than me, and she now strips in Atlanta.

    Lupo’s last blog post: Credo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how many people here never got it that they guy who wrote this post probably never had an Ethiopian girl, anyway. Maybe he’s even a virgin… 😉

    I could write something like that, too, and I openly admit that I’ve never slept with an Ethiopian. 😉

  • Anonymous

    @59 (Kevin):
    You’re stating ancient history as a fact where historians are nowhere near certain. But you’re right insofar as all Horn Africans share the same ancestry somehow. How, that isn’t really a question anyone can answer with certainty…

  • ethiopian girls

    nice post.. ethiopian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world there is no doubt about it… just look at this

    ethiopian girls’s last blog post: Beautiful Ethiopian model wearing a white dress.

  • Dawit Haile

    Ok !! , So are you looking for a Wife are a one night stand ?? (lol) Im joking to you OVC, Because its, Not that hard to get a Ethiopian Wife. You must be bad with every woman you meet, (lol) because all you need is to know Amharic and like Coffee –JK/JK ..

    -But really, just learn Amharic – its Easy, if you can learn any language of the wife you dream to have. You well have a dream come true, (to say this easily, Light African Americans and White Americans can find it so easy to marry a habesha Woman, ”if thy know Amharic, Tigrinya are even Oromia-

    – It helps if you like to go the country side to know Oromia and Tigry ..

    Ps. My Wife is Afar and she knows three languages Amharic, Dutch and Oromia, We meet because i can Spike Amharic, Dutch and Tigrinya not really Oromia .. well i know some words now. But im telling you for Habesha people Language is a big thing, unlike others around the world – So in Ethiopia its big – also learn there way of life as in Family means too, you have to really love to become Habesha/ meaning Ethiopian (lol) for thous that are lost …

    Habesha is for any person who follows the way of Ethiopia – So you can be pick, blue, black, white, yellow any color and be habesha (lol) this is what thy say .. (there are a-lout views on the word but that is the meaning i like to give it)

  • Dawit Haile

    Also, what, 75 Caleb (says is true) but unlike some people there are always a deviation to thought that is why state my post the way that i do, *you must keep in mind – that thing change from plays to plays and not all Ethiopian people are the same just like not all Americans are the same and not all Europeans are the same, we all have something that may defr.

    But its not seen in some Ethiopian family as a good thing to marry dark-Africans *I dont know why this is but that is the way ”some Ethiopian’s are” (so just like to state that)

  • Dawit Haile

    Also – 79 USAEthio (this person, put it in the best of English) what he says – i have to mostly agree with …

    – post this every where (Lastly, respect her, respect her, respect her.)

  • USAEthio

    Thanks Dawit for your concurrence with my previous comments.

    Respecting Ethiopian women, along with patience is perhaps the most important suggestion; at least it has been in my case.

    I must also be very fortunate in my relationship with my beautiful and charismatic girlfriend because one of the most difficult things (just kidding) for me to get use to is her insistence to put me first whenever she sees that I have a preference. I don’t imagine that this is the case with all Ethiopian women, but if you’re blessed enough to find one wherein it is, you’ve found a woman worth more than a treasure chest filled with gold…

  • Pan African American

    Ethiopian women are cool. I think that some, well quite a few like white men because there are more white men in America than black men, thus it is logical. They have more chances to date white guys, plus caucasians are something different and something that they can’t find in their home country.

  • EthiopianGurl

    U know what? if u go call ethiopian girl ‘shermuta’, she will never wanna see your face again, i am ethiopian and I know. the ethiopian guy, your roomate, told you that on purpose just to get you hated by ethiopian girls, coz ethiopian guys hate it with passion when any non-ethiopian guy wanna date ethiopian girls. my fiance is white, we have been together for almost 10 years since 1st year of college and we are about to get married and each and every ethiopian man i come across hate me for it, ethiopian men are too ugly and dont know how to love a women, thats why all the pretty and educated ethiopian girls dont wanna me with ethiopian men. I would rather be married with a respectful african american or white man, given that he is classy, than date an ethiopian man for a single day. by the way i have never dated one but i know how they are. bottom line is if u wanna date ethiopian girl, all u have to do is be nice and respectful, they all would rather be with anybody than an ethiopian man, oh by the way we dont like middle easterns either, coz they dont know how to treat their women.

  • Lika

    >>thats why all the pretty and educated ethiopian girls dont wanna be with ethiopian men.

    That’s pretty much the case all over Africa, from my experience, where women prefer to be with white men. Therefore African men hate white guys. It’s pretty much the same hate that white men in the US have when they see a beautiful white girl with a black guy. It’s quite normal and sad.

    As a white or Middle Eastern man, it is very easy to date a black girl in Africa or Europe but in the US, it is much more problematic, as Roosh says.

  • Konjit

    Roosh, your roommate is a classless shermuta himself. What was he thinking when he thought you these curs words. You will not stand a chance to date one if you use curs word with Ethiopian girls. Regardless or our economic status, we have a pride of who we are. Our men understand that and that’s why we like to stay with them…


  • Selamna

    OMG here i am desperately looking for a white man and you are saying it is hard to get a Habesha girl. Can’t speak for all the etho girls but I just have to say what i want for me from a white man. Ok first thing and the only reason I have given up on habesha men is that they lie, lie and lie. This is not to hurt any one but it is just their nature. Ofcors not all but most soooo and from what i heard most, not all white men are to be trusted I think? Other than that I would want the dude to be cute. HE HAS TO HAVE A JOB or money ya…. I think all ethio girls look for this, not b/c she wants u to pay for everything even though I probably won’t fight it but b/c it shows that the man is responsible. Very attractive. Need him to respect my family, friends and my country(culture). I do not like it when a foreign man tries very hard to sound knowledgeable about my culture b/c I can tell and frankly I don’t care if u don’t know or like my culture, it is mine not yours (also i dont know much my self). Please don’t tell me abut Haile Gebresilase the runnier, I like him but I personally don’t care about running. Now if u talk to me about Teddy Afro the singer and about the song that he rote for Haile I might grab and kiss u on the face, well maybe not but I will be very touched. Oh ya he will not have a chance with me if he has a cocky personality, even jokingly unless he also makes fun of his self.
    Personality that some etho girls including my self can’t dill with:

    – Liar
    – Cocky
    – Cheep
    – Insensitive
    – Moody

    When I think about it no woman wants a man with these type of behaviors, unless we are getting old and desperate.

    Sorry about my lengthy message, I’m bored at my night job.
    Well good luck!

  • Lika

    No disrespect Selamna but…

    You sound like a fat girl.

    How much do you weigh ?

  • Selamna

    112ish, and i aint bad looking neither. If anyting i could be considered a twige. It is just alsways a problem if you are desperate for anything. But don’t blame me for being desperate b/c i frickin hit 30.

  • Anonymous

    Is the 112ish in Kilos or Pounds?

  • Lika

    Selamna, you seem like a nice girl, very straightforward and honest. You deserve a nice guy…

    Too bad you’re a bit too skinny for me :-)

    Are you in Addis ?

  • Konjit

    Selamna, I love your brutal honesty. Please read konjit advise at and let me know what you think about this and similar topic.

  • Anonymous

    Hay Lika, It’s ok if I’m not ur type. And I leave in the US but working hard to move back in a year or two. Also check out Konjit’s website there are lots of voluptuous ethio chicks.

    Konjit, I was not able to see your advice on your website. I also wasn’t able to sign up, any tips?

  • http://0223312449 heni

    i like it

  • Konjit

    Login issue at is now resolved. Try it again…

    Thanks for the heads up

  • mat

    just weave a couple of dollars around they’ll b on u like honey on bee,wats even more intresting is the flashy/pretty 1s are extreamly dumb,the less flashy 1s on the other hand can rock ur world,theyr wild,smart n got z hottest body.

  • maria

    culture always passes through the woman never the man thats probabley why they are so picky when it comes to marrying and dating if the man is willing to learn her culture and respect it then she will marry him whatever race he is. In the west most women just accept any old loser that asks them out or look for the wrong things in a man like looks or wealth, women need to be more picky and weed out all the trash such as ego etc they should learn that from Ethiopian women. Its never a bad thing to be picky if most women were it would prevent confused children being born

  • USAEthio

    Check out the YouTube video link to start, of our 3 1/2 wonderful days in Istanbul. There is an old adage that goes something like this; “If something appears to be too good to be true, then it is”. Well, that was the case with my Ethiopian love. Four months of bliss then it turns into a train wreak in a week. Actually, I had a dream about a week ago that was the warning about the wreak, only it was a Airbus 340 crash (thank God I survived)! Please check out my comments above at 79, 82 and 90 for context. I will provide much more about “train wreak” in the near future Also, I would appreciate suggestions of other blogs like this so I can share the story and upcoming areas of “caution”.

  • USAEthio
  • U9

    I’ve been to Addis a few times. The chicks are self-confident, happy, they are permanent fun-seekers, independent, certainly not desperate even though they are generally poor (as opposed to Asia/West where gals are relatively easy to pick up), to the point of them taking passing interest in you at best. If they look at you, it’s because you are an oddity (very few crackers visit there), in this part of the world and not because they like you. Ethiopian guys are after all far better looking that white guys, but no surprise there since white gals are generally horrific by comparison as well. But it’s not mission impossible as someone said.

  • 4real

    Wtf! do you mean we Ethiopian men are metro? Sure they are a bit shorter than average westerns but… Actually, I agree most Ethio men look and act girly. Here are the few pointers:
    – Long nails on pinky fingers
    – The whole scarf, t-shirt and tight pants thing (specially around DC)
    – Gossiping and news-mongering…that’s why Ethio sisters don’t want to be seen out on a date where there are habesha mens around.
    – Short statue, skinny legs, and frail body except their big belly.

  • Selamna

    A little harsh but very true what 109 4real said, and at that most of them are leirs.

  • prettybitch

    damn straight we’re fricken pretty and we know it don’t be a p***y and APPROACH

  • Ray

    Just my opinion based on my own experiences. This is not to say that it applies to all Ethiopian women. I have met only a few terrible ones and was quickly able shut down the conversation and move on before it really got started. The few that I had actually dated while still single was what I would consider a good/decent person.

    I just recently got married to an Ethiopian in Ethiopia. We were introduced by a friend, but had never known about each other. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time but was actually kinda getting tired of running around if you know what I mean. Anyways, we spoke over the phone, briefly, and agreed to meet the next week. However, I could not make it. So, we agreed to meet sometime in the near future if possible. I went on about my business and actually left the area for a few months but I would for some reason think of her just out of the blue. So, when I returned to the area, I decided to call, I later found out that it was actually her birthday. I had no idea. After our 2nd date she asked me why I decided to contact her on the day that I did and why I did not wish her happy birthday and I had no idea what she was talking about.

    Our 1st meeting was at her work, I had no idea what she even looked like. But upon entering her work, I noticed a few Ethiopians here and there. One in particular stood out, so, I decided to ask her about the woman I was there to meet, she looks up at me and that was all it took. I knew instantly that this was the woman I was going to marry.

    By the way, I am African American, and have never had a problem getting a date with an Ethiopian woman, so I can not understand when some men say that they do not/will not date an AA. Was it difficult to win her trust, Wow!! It would have probably been easier for me to become President of the USA. I mean, she took great care of me, but caring about someone and even loving them is not to say that they truely trust you, but when it happens, you will know it because there will be absolutely nothing she will not do for you.

    She is fiercely independent, giving to a fault, sincere, jealous, a little iinsecure the 1st couple years but I think that was only because it must be so difficult for an Ethiopian women to be in a position of vulnerability when in love, especially with how proud they are as a people.

    I hate to see someone suffer, so, probably what also helped me win her is that when we were out and about I would give a small amount of money to homeless people or just kind words. Without me actually thinking anything of it. Also, her friends seemed to always really like me, and thought I was really down to earth despite me being American.

    I have always treated her with respect, I said a bad word once and I swore to myself that it would never happen again, not because I was afraid but because I totally hurt someone who had loved me so much.

    We dated for three years before I asked her to marry me. We normally took turns taking each out to different places, this night she took me to an Italian resturant. I took a piece of tissue under the table, rolled a small piece into a ring shape, sat next to her and ask her to marry me as I placed this tissue ring on her finger. The look on her face was priceless, we laughed, she said yes and to this day, she still has that tissue ring locked away along with a letter I wrote her two years ago.

    She is absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world, but her inter beauty is even more beautiful. We have came a long way in understanding each others culture but we do not judge and always respect our differences. We never fight about money, she understands her role in my planning for our future, and follows my lead without question.

    So, guys remember that with a great woman, you will never, ever be able to match her kindness and love. Be open to patience and learning what makes her happy, tell her you love her every chance you get, be playful and compliment her cooking and care she takes with the making a house a home and you will not regret it. Ethiopian women can seem like a closed book at first, they don’t share to much to fast, but you will be hard pressed to find a better wife and friend after you have won her loyality.


  • Demissie Tulu

    Never person compare to Ethiopian Girls!

  • King

    Ray after your comment i think im going to get myself an ethiopan woman

  • manal

    LMAO!! haha this is funny. im an ethiopian muslim girl and i love my country but this made me laugh. lol keep tryin:D

  • Anonymous

    ethiopian girls are really pretty, checkout miss ethiopia 2010

  • Anonymous

    ethiopian girls are really pretty, checkout miss ethiopia 2010

  • Anonymous

    I am a white guy and just started to date an Ethiopian woman. I just found myself in front of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I just had to try.
    We have seen each other every day since. I respect her and her values, and when she came to my place I cooked for her. I did not try to get her into bed because I know she is not like that and I have too much respect for her to insinuate otherwise.
    I just be myself. I am interested in what she has to say and show her I want to take care of her and listen to what she has to say.
    We are a lot alike, in that we each grew up without the parent of the opposite sex to us. We are older and have both been married and we know what we are looking for.
    These are indeed the most beautiful women in the world. But you have to approach each one as she is, and trust that she will spot you if you are not real.
    Even my cat adores her.

  • Sella

    It’s just wonderful to read what each one of you had to say about Ethiopian girls/women.
    I am Ethiopian girl and i have always been interested and is still attracted to white men for their respect. am not saying other ethnicity men are rude or stuff like that but the the way white men treat Ethiopian girls and their love towards their culture is nothing i could ever ask for.
    in response to your thoughts, not all Ethiopian girls love white men. Some say they don’t date blacks Americans. i think its just rude to judge men by their color or ethnicity.
    and for those nice gentle men out there in seek of Ethiopian women, i appreciate that and just be yourself and talk to her. We love men who romantically connect with us in a way where you be patient to get us to bed; because we love long term relationship, not a one night stand!

    ohh well, Good luck! :)

  • Sella

    ohh and one last thing, please make sure you call her everyday just to attract her more in to you.

    much love.
    :banana: =

  • p

    I just started to date a woman from Ivory Coast, and everything ray said about his Ethiopian girl applies to her. It is crazy how good she looks, if I’m on a date and leave her for a few minutes, guys will just start approaching her out of nowhere and then scatter off as soon as I come back. Its pretty funny. But her personality is were her real beauty is. I’ve never met an American girl as sweet as her, and doubt I ever will. Btw, I’m white, and for those wondering the main thing when approaching African girls from my experience is just being confident, and being alot more direct than you would with an American girl. Be yourself also, thats very important, don’t try to be a showoff. I’d describe my approach as direct yet laidback, and cocky but in a very playful way. If that makes any sense. I dunno, I know I’m gonna have to stay on my A game to keep her so we’ll see how that goes. But I was firmly against marriage before I met her, but I could completely see myself spending the rest of my life with her given the chance.

    As far as the AA thing, from what I can tell their only against the stereotypical AA male. If you don’t speak ebonics, dress well, know how to carry yourself, and have a decent job/education, you’ll be fine.

  • p

    ohh, and yes, I call her everyday and we always have a great deep conversation.

  • ML

    This all sounds like cultivating a dusky, timid peahen with a taste for luxury. Pass if you’ve any salt in your character. Ethiopes aren’t for real men, and that’s why their men are “metro”.

  • ML

    “I have always treated her with respect, I said a bad word once and I swore to myself that it would never happen again, not because I was afraid but because I totally hurt someone who had loved me so much.”

    Mark this well, comrades. Do you wish to embark on a life en pointe, apologizing like a whipped dog should you sully her grace with a “bad word”?

  • Vahak Sakadjian

    Ethiopian Women or Girls , They Are beautiful ,Confident And Polite At the same time. Your technics or what ‘s so ever is not going to work . They are wise and smart and great observers too. So Stop with your nonsense Technical stratgy and plan to creat a trap as if they are a wild animals. Instead try to Treat them like a woman not like …. Did you ever heard of a song ” A woman needs to be loved”. This is A sign of under estimating people. Love, respect and Honesty is the key To success of having a beautiful or any woman woman in general .

  • USAEthio

    #125 Vahak’s comment is great. “Love, respect and honesty is the key to success.” Having been in one relationship with a beautiful Habesha woman that to my great regret didn’t work out, I immediately set my sights on meeting another for the exact same reasons he has posted…”They are beautiful (both inside and out), confident and polite….They are wise, smart and great observers too.” I still have great feelings and respect for my first Ethiopian love and pray that one day the wounds of our breakup will be healed. In the meantime, I am very thankful that I now have met another that will be a better blessing yet….

  • Anonymous

    hi i want to be fucked so bad

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i’m glad i read this. Now, no other man will win me over by saying these lines. I think you just informed us, Ethiopian girls, and ratted out all those “poor” and Ethiopian-loving non-Ethiopian fellas strategies. haha nice try though.

  • USAEthio

    Not sure if “#128 Anonymous” is speaking about the site’s comments in general or one or more specifically.

    Either way winning any woman over by lines is not a way to develop a relationship. Though Habasha women have there share of issues as we all do, all and all many and perhaps most should be considered women of choice over those of other cultures for quite a few reasons, including their beauty, sincerity, faithfulness, willingness to commit themselves to marriage and family, if that is what you want, desire more sexually conservative than most (which means they are not easy to “pickup”) and above all they have generally have very kind hearts.

    I say this with the experience of being having been married at different times to British and American women and dated women from several other cultures. I have also had long discussions about the subject with friends married to Asian, European and African women. However, it would be interesting to listen to anyone that would have an argument otherwise….

  • Anonymous

    Why’d you say that? Because I didn’t seem furious? If so, I was not furious because there’re many issues out there to be sad about and dwell on. Lastly, I would like to add that the discription is incorrect. As an Ethiopian girl who has many girlfriends from all around the world, every girl is more alike than you think. Yes, we have different cultures but once you spend time with us for about a month or two, you’ll start to see the flaws of your white,black,Asian .. Ex.

  • USAEthio

    I agree with your comment that there are similar flaws of people from all ethnic backgrounds.

    But, cultural background and the way one is raised as a child play a significant part in behavior and relationships. For example, in Europe and America feminism has made a major impact on relationships, for which some think is good and others don’t; in the Middle East a number of countries that allow men to have 4 wives, other countries still consider women as chattel, in Africa and Southeast Asia FGM is still widely practiced in rural areas, in still other parts of the world matriarchy is common and in Ethiopia the Orthodox Church plays a major role in society. When I tell my ferengi friends that there are virginity clubs and beauty pageants in Addis they are as amazed as I was when I first learned of them! These points and others like them just illustrate some of the reasons why women in different parts for the world behave differently in relationships…

    No one should be blind to the potential of personality flaws of people from any culture, however those flaws in some cultures are more tolerable than those of others, at least to me. Having fallen for an extremely charismatic and beautiful Ethiopian woman and then have that relationship end in an very unfortunate way (see my earlier posts), I am well aware of her flaws as well as my own. It took 2 of us to develop our relationship and both of us to ruin it! My 1st Habasha girlfiend’s shortcomings have not swayed my good opinion of Ethiopian women but only reinforced determination to look for the one right for me. The good news is I have found her and we are doing very well together…

  • Peace

    131, did u tell her u have posted her on utube and wrote the whole world about her? I dont think so. Anyway there are a bunch of them that are not worthy mainly due to situations in their lives.however, u are not to be trusted. Thats one of the reasons why almost all ethiopian women are not interested in ferenjis: they know that down in the line u can never be trusted with anything. And they can sense u real quickly

  • USAEthio

    Actually, she was told… And, when she said she would rather not see the YouTube post, it was removed after only being watched a total of 18 times, most of which were by herself and me (YouTube has great tracking software). And yes she had read at least the earlier posts and was pleased and agreed with my comments!

    Sounds like you know her because of your harsh words about not being trusted! Issues of trust or lack thereof usually work both ways. There are quite a few truthful quotes about one who condemns another, especially if they don’t know all the facts. Perhaps the trust was broken by both ….

    As far as “almost all Ethiopian women are not interested in ferenji’s” that might be but, unless a survey has be taken recently it would be hard to really know…

  • USAEthio

    By the way…since the post is about picking up Ethiopian girls, a good place to start is by joining and search Ethiopia on There are quite a few beautiful and lovely Ethiopian women, a few of which are good friends now, on the site that will be happy to meet ferenji.

    Just be honest about your picture and other details. A few of them that I have met have shared stories of being very surprised to meet a guys that were less than they portrayed themselves to be.

    And, if you are not from Ethiopia and going to Addis Ababa to meet them I would suggest the 1st meeting at the Hilton or Sheraton. You should also have dinner at least one night while you are there at Yod Abyssinia in Bole. If you like spicy food have Doro Wat with some Tej to wash it down. You should also learn to eat Habasha style with only your right hand using injera…

    Also, I would suggest staying at a less expensive hotel or guest house like the King Hotel or Z Guest House. There are some other good recommendations of places to stay at Either way, be forewarned if you are ferenji (meaning an American or European that is either white or black) expect to pay at least 50% more for just about everything.

    Having spent over a month in Addis in the past year there are quite a few other recommendations I can give; just ask and I will do my best to respond…

  • Peace

    By the way, ferenjis and nechachibas are terms used to refer to whites only! it have never ever been used to refer to blacks sinces ethiopians are blacks. the women u pick at places u have mentioned above are know as “setenga adaares or shermutas” meaning prositutes. Its a widly known fact that shermutas are with ferenjis trying to get out of the country or for money. Thats why u dont see girls dating nechachibbas in the states. Thats no matter how poor they are. If a women ends up merring a ferenji she is seen as there is something wrong with her or she will never be truely happy in her life. To prove listen to tedi afros 2010 single song ” anget kemeseber baybelas beeker”,”genzeb lemagignet ine alatam selam” the bottem line is women that are with ferenjis are the low/pit point of their lives. Thanks

  • Lika

    >>If a women ends up merring a ferenji she is seen as there is something wrong with her or she will never be truely happy in her life

    So much racist bullshit.

    I have many white friends in Europe married to high class Ethiopian women (some of them are from famous respected Ethiopian families…). They have children and there is no problem at all.

    But, of course there are always racist assholes like you in any country ready to give them shit.

  • USAEthio

    Thanks for the support Lika….

    I agree with your statement about white friends married to high class Ethiopian women. And can also specifically share that of the 5 Habasha women I have met in Addis in many ways the also respectable women. They are high class, including an attorney, daughter of one of Ethiopia’s high court judge, daughter of a Ethiopian army colonel, nurse etc. And all were conservative and about as far away from being prostitute as possible…. either virgins or had only slept with one guy. Also, they pretty much uniform-ally said they planned to stay that way until they were married.

    “Peace’s” (what an inappropriate name) facts are not anywhere close to being correct and Rooshv would do us all a favor to delete her comments and ban her from this blog….

    I was attempting to be polite but have come to the point of agreeing with you that her comments are “racist bullshit” etc….

  • USAEthio

    Linguistic note: The name “Ferengi” is an Indo-European word meaning “alien” or “foreigner”. From it comes the word “Varangian”, which was the Byzantine Greek name for the Vikings — history’s archetypal raiders-and-traders. (The Russians called the same people “Variag”.) Arabic can play, too; see “Ferengistan”.

    Amharic adopted the word during the 1st Italian occupation of Ethiopia. Traditionally it was used to refer to white foreigners, however the it is now also often used by Ethiopians when they refer to black Americans or Europeans and thus not specifically reserved for Caucasians.

    As far as Ethiopian genetic make-up #135 is wrong again…. See…. and read

  • USAEthio

    Ethiopian beauty speaks for itself….

  • rita89210

    hai friends any one can give a good friend ship

  • Peace

    Millions of whites all over the world stand againest interracial marriage. Are they racist? u threatened to remove my comment and ban me. Ur action goes to prove my point why women wont be happy a nechachiba/ferenji. Where is my freedom of speech? The name ferenji is not greek as u claimed it. Ferenji is a geez/tigrigna/amarigna word. It literally means ” a man who gets scared”; fera_ enji. The name came from a war zone. When ferenjis tried to invade ethiopia on the famous battle of adwa. Ethiopians defeated the ferenjis and saw the ferenjis getting scared.

  • Peace

    You tend to claim that we ethiopians are not black. The name ethiopia itself means dark skin people. So any black person in the world is ethiopan. also whenever u refer to ethiopians dont forget about the millions ethiopians that are darker skined than any blacks in the world such as the south oromos,shanklas, north benshangus,hadeyas,kenbatas,hammers,gambellas and many more. These ethiopians are mainly farmers and stay in the country.

  • USAEthio

    First, a reference to the prejudice of millions regarding interracial marriages in the form of a rhetorical question, provides no basis for an argument regarding the merits of those marriages. And, secondly regarding deleting your unestablished, baseless, inflammatory and incorrect comments and asking Roosv to consider banning further ones from the site, the statement was an expressed opinion and not anything otherwise.

    The response regarding the definition of “ferenji” is incorrect. Tenured professors of linguistics, diachronic linguistics, semantics and etymology have established the origin and meaning of “frenetic” as quoted from Wikipedia and noted below:

    “Ferengi” and similar terms are,Arabic,names for,European,traders, or for Westerners in general. The name is likely derived from the,Arabic,word,faranj,or,ifranj, “Franks”, or possibly thePersian,word,farangi, meaning “foreigner”. In,Ethiopia,,ferenj,or,ferenji,has the same meaning, as does,farang,in Thai. The source of the name is likely from the,Byzantine Greeks,who were the Westerners’ neighbors; this usage spread to the Near East, Asia, Africa and even China.[3],Greeks still sometimes use,fra[n]gkoi (φράγκοι),as an,exonym,for Western Europeans, and the modern Greek term,ferengios (φερέγγυος),literally translates as “financially solvent”.

    The attempt to define ferengi otherwise appears to be a cultural based reference that was used to instill a sense of Abyssinian superiority at the time. Which coincidentally goes back to a previously established and now reiterated point that “many” Ethiopian women are in superior in attractiveness and other ways to women of other cultures and ethnicities!

    Ethiopians are black, and no one disputes that ………………
    But, their ethnicity as noted in and dozens of other studies by doctoral ethnologists is quite different than other Africans. This is further established at wherein the makes the referenced statement in the genetics section as follows “Autos DNA – Ethiopians are also among the most genetically diverse people in the world. A 2001 study based on cluster analysis that looked at a combined sample of,Sahara,and,Promo,found that they share 62% of their genome with Caucasians (Ashen Jews, Norwegians and Armenians), 24% with other Sub-Saharan Africans (Bantus), 8% with Austro-Melanesians (Papua New Guineas), and 6% with Far East Asians (Chinese).[5]”

    It is foolishness to state that Ethiopians are not “black”. What is important to understand is it is also genetically established that the Jamaica and Promo people of Ethiopia, which make up approximately 61% of the population have a some 250% more Caucasian genome than they do other black Africans in the Sub-Saharan region of the continent!

    Again, this is a blog titled and about “HOW TO PICK UP AN ETHIOPIAN GIRL”…..enough said….

  • USAEthio

    Spelling corrections…

    “Sahara” should be “Amhara”
    “Promo” (used twice) should be “Oromo”
    “Jamaica” should be “Amhara”

    ….sometimes spell check is not always a good thing…

  • lika

    >>Millions of whites all over the world stand againest interracial marriage. Are they racist?


    What else is racism?

  • Lika

    Of course, you have the right to be against interracial marriage but you don’t need to insult people who do marry inter-racially.

    European genocide:

  • Lika
  • USAEthio

    Lots of great reasons to study… “How To Pick Up An Ethiopian Girl”

  • Just Curious

    USAEthio, I really wanted to see the youtube video, but it is not there. I would love to find out what happened with your first Ethio girl. You sound like a nice guy and I was rooting for you :)

    Curious Ethio Chic

  • http://nada I-like-big-macs

    I’m not ethio and I’ll tell you that while there are many many ethiopian girls who are very beautiful, you don’t want just any one (ask your ethio friend if he would marry the girl he’s banging and the look on his face will tell you how big of skank/shermuta she is). Just listen to an ethipian girl talk ghetto and you’ll see what I mean. Nothing can make my kula softer than that. I don’t need to tell all, that it is the same with EVERY culture (usually)…if you get the more prettier girl to give you some attention then you know she at least likes something about you. I’ve notice that the average looking ethio girl will not give you the time of day but the more nicer looking girls are a bit more pleasant to talk to. I think it’s because the beautiful girl is confident and even though she may not be thinking about giving you some at least she’s confident enough to be nice about not giving you some (lol). I’ve had a (nice looking) friend of mine tell me in my face that they love their men and they don’t mix etc., all while she was giving me some. Maybe it was her way of telling me that she wouldn’t stay with me because our differences and while a bit offended, I was not about to complain (lol)….As long as you’re discreet you can get some (plenty). You just need to like and respect the culture….they are very proud (who isn’t). And don’t let NO ONE tell you they don’t phuc. My ethio friends are getting some but they do it very quietly. No other way around that. Go for the real pretty one she’ll be more stable trust me..Case in point…all think they are beautiful (I tend to agree), notice how many average girls want to be models and beauty queens nothing wrong with that…the problem is that the not so good looking girl will need her ego stroked and thus phuc the next ethio guy who gives her the slightest bit of attention. I’m working on number 5 (lol) and I’m somewhere between not so good looking and ugly (lol)….so being respectful liking the culture and not being desperate goes a long way…going over board on any of the above is being desperate. I guess learning a bit of the language goes a long way also…And once they find out you can treat them a lot better than the typical ethio male (sorry not generalizing )you’ll be closer to the goal (pun intended). But if you’re only looking for a little emis, then you are just like any other dick in the world and that is Uninteresting to any girl in any culture.

  • http://no NA

    sorry for evry thing bt ethiopian girls are for sex only ,yes they have beauty, bt some of them are cheating the one how care of them, i had astoy abt one girl she stay with aguy more than 2 years and she dosent want to marry him and she make baby from him, now she make hiS life black… always she wants money and too much things from him other ways she wl tell his wife abt the kid…. blackmail his life… so I HATE ETHIOPIAN GIRLS FOR EVER AND ALL BLACK AFRICAN GIRLS… ALL MY LIFE

  • USAEthio

    To “Just Curious”… thanks for your support. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, things didn’t work out with Seni…

    The good news is from being with her, I learned to appreciate Habasha women and culture. As a result and partly to get over our breakup, I went down to Addis for 2 weeks in late November to meet a wonderful Ethiopian woman that I got to know online. I also went to Addis again just after Christmas and we spent a week together on a driving adventure and staying at Haile Gebrselassie’s hotel in Awassa. We had a great time and in 2 weeks, I plan to return again to meet her family and friends.

    As far as the video of Seni and me and our summer affair, I took the original offline at her request but plan to put another on to memorialize a wonderful relationship that unfortunately ended in a wrong way; just can’t decide on the appropriate background music. Seni is a beautiful woman that will always be thought of by me as “the one that got away”. But, perhaps for the best because my friends tell me that my girlfriend and I will really be a better for each other in the long term then it might have been with her…

  • David Bowie

    u mad, roosh?

  • Anonymous

    So I am an Ethiopian female, living in D.C at the moment. I was born and raised here, and for those of you who don’t know those of us born and raised here are very open to interracial dating. I can honestly say i have been with more non-Ethiopian guys than Ethiopan guys, and i can say the same for all of my Ethiopian-American friends.The reason why is plain and simple, dating an Ethiopian guy is like dating a cousin were, its so redundant .. i like spontaneousness. Yes there are Ethio girls who are very introverted and will only date Ethio men, the reason why is this: they do not know how to read you, they do not know how to read your intentions, they don’t like change. I’m sure if you pursued her she will give in though, it’s all about seeing your genuine side. Do not be discouraged, we are like all women.. we just don’t express our feelings too often. I have three words for you BE A MAN.. go up to her and just talk … if she gives you the cold shoulder (please know thats an act… especially if shes with her friends). I’m guilty of doing this, and afterwards i regret it, but for the guys that were brave and continued talking to me … i tore down my guard… now take that bit of advice and run! lol

  • USAEthio

    Great comment “Ethiopian female, living in D.C.(154 Anonymous)” You probably could give a lot more good advise about Habasha women! Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    USA Ethio- Ethiopian girls are not cheap as you think- They are very cultural, disciplined- attractive and have good manner- I am a typical ethiopian who were born and raised in ethiopian and lived few years in USA. Frankly speaking, Every human being is repected regardless of his skincolor- country of origion and ethinicity- But, when it comes to america, america culture- the way they think- behave- talk and personality is very different from that of ethiopians- I found it very difficult to communicate with African americans- nonetheless,I am sociable- and easily can be a friend to any one. It is hard to go along with them- For these reasons you cannot many girls for ethiopian men date african american- Those of whom i knew who dated AA,could not resist longer their rough behavior and all of the sudden that became the cause to break their relationship- Most date or marry their own country men because of many reasons- and few date white people- but, I doubt there are even very few girls who want romantic relationship with African americans or marry them.

  • USAEthio

    Anonymous…. I have never thought Ethiopian girls are cheap and if I have given that impression in something I have said, I apologize. After dating one which unfortunately turned out to be a disaster I am now soon to be engaged to another whom I respect more than any other woman I have known…

  • Aldo net

    not Ethiopian but i was born in Italy. I would love to hear about Ethiopian girl everyday. That is why I joined this site. I have been in Ethiopia 2 months ago. They are so beautiful and honest. I have met a girl looks like model. She is so attractive and proud. She introduced me with her family. They have good hearts all of them. I would love to go some where with her to spend some time. i am counting a day to go back to her. I miss her a lot.

  • endy

    all have been said about ethiopian girls some are true some are not but i have some reality to write about ethiopian girls so this could be good answer for #92 EthiopianGurl first of all we should not use “all ethiopian girls are beautiful” because like #92 wrote ”all ethiopian man are too ugly” there are some ugly ethiopian girls too. if they apear to be ugly, they have no good chance to get ethiopian man and the best way is stick with other circle and crticize their ethiopian man saing ”ethiopian man are too ugly and they dont know how to love—‘ we have no chance to see #92 photo she might be in too ugly category.good quetion does # 92 mean her father is too ugly too?

  • Aldo net

    I don’t agree with you at some extent because some people are beautiful some are not for all over the world. But most Ethiopian women are very beautiful. When I say this I mean majority you don’t get this % from the other country. Also the guys are not bad. They are not muscular but they are ok.
    The reality is No women hate their country man. Maybe different women has different test they have different reason to be with foreigner. I saw handsome man too.
    Generally women are kind, honest and beautiful.
    My own love is so pretty and trustable. I am so blessed about this

  • Aldo net

    my replay is for # 158

  • USAEthio

    Good for you Aldo….. yeni fikir is Habasha and kind, honest and beautiful as well….

  • endy

    ThE past few years I heard many news how White and african American man did crime on their wife and childrens. some of them are ‘a huspband killed his wife and children, a husband gave chemical through food to his wife so she could be affected in a long run and finaly died, too many girls have been killed by their boy friend ……
    next story what they did to ethiopian girl is one white man brought ethiopian girl to usa and locked her up and systematically he remove all her contacts addreses and finally this poor girl scaped from his house and gave her to the police the story ended deportation and jail for the smart white man. I will let all you to add up . the point of this message is we ethiopian man feel mad when we see Ethiopian girl with white and African American man. Ethio Girl #92 are you rady for this? by the way why he wait 10 solid year to merry you? he is waiting until he buy a million dollar house rite?
    now #92 you know how they handl their girl

  • USAEthio

    Base on endy’s statement at #163, it seems this blog is become a little political and that is fine.

    However, it should be pointed out that “we ethiopian man” doesn’t include “all” or perhaps the majority of “ethiopian” men. Additionally, hearing one story of a Habasha woman being abused it tragic, but tragic as it is, it doesn’t give cause for one race to judge another. Not to undermine the extent of a woman’s abuse by any means; abuses by one race towards another and even towards people of their own race are unfortunately committed multiple times a day. Thus, basing a general opinion on American men, in this case is somewhat bias.

    In my case, I am well accepted and liked by my Habasha fiancées family including her brother and father so there maybe some Ethiopian men that don’t appreciate us ferenge but not all….

  • Aldo net

    Thanks USAEthio, You are luck that you have already fiancée. All the best man

    I wish the day come to me to call my love as a fiancée then wife. Everything is ok still. We are working on our future. Her family are very strict about the thing. Am ok with that. They need big weeding party. Because as I understand that is very important thing. It will be my 2nd weeding party. Already I had one.
    Yes by the way I spend 6 days with her in Bahr Dar city 500 km from Addis Ababa. It is close to the sea. It was more that my expectation. The people are friendly and original. I drunk TELA and taje. It made from barely and hopes. I LOVE IT. I ate enjera be shero. I know about Ethiopian culture more or less. My love is teaching me Amharic. I know now “how are you” means “Tenayestelgn”. You can use it almost anytime.
    Some times things are difficult in life. But after you passed all the problem you get something very nice. I had a very hard time with my Spanish ex-wife. But my love changed my life and I have piece now. One day I will take my ex-wife and my daughter to Ethiopia, if my love agrees.

  • konjit

    “I know about Ethiopian culture more or less” really Aldo? If you know about Ethiopian culture you don’t even dare about bringing your x with you! Kids, should be okay…

  • konjit

    Do you want to meet open ethiopian women like “(154 Anonymous)”? visit my site at http

  • somalistar

    what about somalis dont we get any love

  • Anonymous

    Don’t generalize! I am Ethiopian and absolutely LOVE white men. I don’t think love has anything to do with color. Seriously, Ethiopians are very chill people. You don’t need all that strategy.

  • Anonymous

    How do i ask an Eritrian girl out.She works at a grocery store.
    P.s am from Tanzania

  • fikirfikirfikir

    I love usaethio and Aldo net’s posts I was born in Ethiopia and I was raised half there and half here and I am open to any race but my preference is Greek or Italian…from what I have observed I believe that most ethos girls are afraid to be with AA’s because of the typical black man stereotype…. I have seen interracial marriages with Ethiopians and Asians,as well as Indians and it is all about the woman’s preference. USAethio I am rooting for you and I enjoy the way you think I hope it lasts forever. Aldo net I hope you guys get married…but some advice as an Ethiopian I will tell you that we girls are typically kind of jealous and bringing your ex wife would be a EXTREMELY bad idea. Hope all goes well…I read these posts just for your two welcoming and intelligent responses not the other racist butt-holes.

  • fikirfikirfikir

    ethiopians all the way!!!!!!!!!!!


    i am married man from UK but fall in love with Ethiopian woman ,i adore here and always fell as Ethiopia is my country despite i never ben there ,i feel stuk between my home ,life and Ethiopia ,i adore every single Ethiopian lady

  • USAEthio

    Just an update about me and yeni fikir…. Early this month, I spent another 2 weeks in Addis just chilling with my precious habesha woman. I stayed at her family’s house one night (they are always so gracious), bought a goat for a family meal, went to the local orthodox church for a holiday day service, played a little football with her 11 year old brother, ate lots of enjara, firfir, gomen, wot, tibs and gumfo, drank quite a bit of tej, St George’s beer and Axumite wine and of course buna at at least a dozen traditional family ceremonies, even cooked for the family (they are not so traditional as to not let men in the kitchen), filled a few pot holes in the local road (had to explain to the family and neighbors that it was ok for a ferenji to do some work around the house), looked at some real estate, spent time with my love’s friends and perhaps best of all went for a few nice walks… After 5 trips in the last year and spending over 6 weeks in Ethiopia, I can honestly say living in Ethiopia we be perfectly fine with me, if I could find a good job…..

  • Anonymous

    I am not an ethiopian girl, I am white but just run into these postings and couldn’t stop reading.
    I am interested for the exact opposite: how on earth can you understand an ethiopian man?
    I am dating someone from Ethiopia for a few months now and am absolutely crazy about him, but I have a serious problem understanding his reactions. So I need help from all ethiopian women reading… Please!!!

  • LetLuvRule

    171 fikirfikirfikir… haha I agree with you!
    Wading through So much BS..( also various interesting stuff. ) … I find myself rooting for UsaEthio. and aldo, good luck guys,

    UsaEthio… You should consider starting a business there or something. Maybe its not what U R used to money wise, but might be worth it…. Just a thought..

    So, Ethiopian ladies like to be respected, and Loved and do not like liars..? Ha ha Wow!! ..Sounds pretty universal to me guys…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the complement.

    I think my girl and I will most likely start a business in Addis one day, but doing so takes time.

    Though she wants to marry which we will do soon, and travel and live in places other than Ethiopia, I believe she will always have a stong desire to settle in her country, which when the time comes will be fine with me. Ethiopia has many opportunities for business and Addis has beautiful climate, except for July and August when there is a little too much rain. So, all in all, whether my home is in the Middle East where I am now, in America where I was born and raised or elsewhere I am open to it.

    One thing I do know is that I can make plans, even grand plans but, life is really about taking one day at a time and making the best of each…. In my case, I hope to do that with my habesha girl at my side…

  • Arabic Ingara

    To 175 ano,,,,
    i advise you to use Ethiopian fourm topix and ask ,there is alot of women there who will help you it contains thousends of topix for discution

  • http://[email protected] ONE LOVE
  • http://[email protected] elshaday

    ow i forgot im 18 :)

  • http://Facebook Demelash abegaz


  • NigLover

    LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TIME if you are considering banging a Habesha chick. I lived in Ethiopia for 2.5 yrs and quickly developed a case of jungle fever. It is not nearly as difficult to bang an ethio as these people are trying to make it sound. Ethic girls are quite naive and almost universally stupid.
    I simply told the women that I was an international model scout and I’d be honored if they would let me take a few pictures to send my clients. Most were quite eager to leave me with a lasting impression. I can’t understand why no one has mentioned this but, Ethio women have the most foul smelling snatches known in the animal kingdom.
    When I relieved the first girl, Ayana, of her panties. An invisible cloud of stink bitch slapped me and made my stomach lurch. It smelled like she had been using her cunny as a compost bin for rancid meat and collard greens.
    I figured this was a fluke and pulled the same “modeling” trick again about a week later once my penis had forgotten about the visceral betrayal with Ayana. The next girl, Desta, was a real firecracker and I was really looking forward to diggin her guts. I cautiously pulled her underwear off and thought we were in the clear. Not so! To my terror her clam had crusted shut. As soon as I broke the seal of her labia majora, out burped a hellish hellish fume that immediately caused me to vomit on her stomach. Some flies got too close to her gurgling sewage hole & actually dropped dead in midair. I doubt that douching with a commercial grade pressure washer could have helped this girl.
    I got drunk and fingered a couple more girls with similar results before I gave up on going near Habesha poon. No wonder all Ethiopian men are at least half-gay. I spent the rest of my time in Ethio settling for blowjobs and cornholing young boys.
    When I returned to the US I thought I’d give it one more go with an Americanized ethio. I explained my previous negative experiences and she was quite understanding. Before I came over for our liaison she had taken a thorough shower and douches 3 times. It seemed that all systems were go but as soon her lady juices began flowing, the familiar dizzying bouquet ripped through my nasal cavity and brought me to my knees. I had to soak my peen in tomato juice for a week to get that smell off.
    So, the reality of the matter is not that Ethio girls don’t require more “respect” or “closeness” to screw. The truth is they have rancid vaginas that should carry some kind of biohazard warning. They’d bump uglies within minutes of meeting you but, they know that the smell of their clam will separate an average man from conscience within seconds of exposure.
    I suggest to those who choose not to heed my warning to do some preparation before proceeding. I would volunteer at your humane society and bang as many animal corpses as you can shake your cock at. Good luck. May god have mercy on your olfactory system.

  • EritreanCanadianGirl

    NigLover ???… your name alone already foreshadows what a complete imbecile you are. Reading on you did nothing but confirm that notion. I’m saddened to hear that ANY woman (Ethiopian, Eritrean or otherwise) would even give you the time of day let alone engage in consensual sex with an individual as disgusting as yourself.

  • zom

    Ethiopian women are feminine. Thanx to feminism American women are powdered loud mouth bitches It feels to guy he is with a man. I hate it. American women walk and talk like men. WTF. Where is the soft attitude, the soft feminine walk. The first time I felt like a man was when I went to Ethiopia as a tourist. The women are women, feminine, soft, relaxed, beautiful and have that attractive feminine swag.

  • jack

    Women are human. They have all the behavioral habits we men have. Some pretend, others show off, play hard to get, act all that, want respect, want fun, welcome teasing. If a man has no confidence he can’t see these thing. The issue with most good men is that they act all nervous and weird when they face beautiful women. They feel and adrenalin rush, elevated heart beat, they hyperventilate and end up showing a fucked up body language and say things that don’t make sense. If me just feel their real self when approaching a pretty woman and brush off rejection not to affect them emotionally, most women will accept them. Most women will accept them. Most women will accept them.

  • I hate albino pussy

    This is a true story. I was in college and this white girl came on to me. I am not used to the bleachness and so I hesitated. I should have stayed away. When we got down to business the smell fumed out of her behind was the smell of hell, I couldn’t believe a human being could ever smell like that, it was foul, it was sharp, it was persistent, it was all around me. Anyway My buddyboy never attempt to rise because of the weird bleached look of her skin and the foul smell added to that, I just went outside and stood by the balcony. Her bleachness came out and tried to console me. I was like, what the freak are you turning what you are eating into… I told her time to leave, no explanation necessary. Anyway I am now scarred for life. I can’t get it up with white women. The albino look and that foul smell still in memory.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Roosh,

    First of all, thank you very much for visiting Ethiopia. Howevr, we Ethiopians are proud of our good culture. How do you want to fuck Ethiopian girls? You are familiar with fucking dogs. So, please insist on fucking on dogs and other animals which you prefer most. Otherwise, please don’t flirt Ethiopian beautiful girls for rubbish fucking purpose. We Ethiopians are still enough to fuck well our beautiful and checolate Ethiopian girls! I hope that this make sense for you. Please go and fuck your American supersexy ladies.

  • Anonymous

    182 NigLover

    I read through your notes. I am really felt unhappy with all your ideas. I know that you are a guy who licks pussy like a dog! In Our culture, that is really a shame. You better commit suicide instaed of licking pussy and ass! The native Ethiopian girls don’t like to suck cock unless she violets her indeginous culture. However, you are always dreaming to get your cock sucked. That is really shame in our Ethiopian culture. You might be interested in fucking ass. Anal sex is also prohibited in our culture. You are really violeting natural laws. I can conclude that your comments are based on racisim and rubbish ideas rather than based on facts. Anyway, let God open your eyes to see things frankly! I also hate the white girls because most of them used to get fucked both their pussy and ass by dogs and horses. It is really shameful. If you have any more idea to react, please upload it!

    Have good day!

  • Anonymous

    Dear 182 NigLover,

    I read through your notes. I am really felt unhappy with all your ideas. I know that you are a guy who licks pussy like a dog! In Our culture, that is really a shame. You better commit suicide instaed of licking pussy and ass! The native Ethiopian girls don’t like to suck cock unless she violets her indeginous culture. However, you are always dreaming to get your cock sucked. That is really shame in our Ethiopian culture. You might be interested in fucking ass. Anal sex is also prohibited in our culture. You are really violeting natural laws. I can conclude that your comments are based on racisim and rubbish ideas rather than based on facts. Anyway, let God open your eyes to see things frankly! I also hate the white girls because most of them used to get fucked both their pussy and ass by dogs and horses. It is really shameful. If you have any more idea to react, please upload it!

    Have a good day!

  • Meronawit

    I just came across this blog by accident & kept on reading. It is quite interesting to read various perspectives on Ethiopian women. I really like some of the comments here especially USAEthio, Aldo net and Ray’s. You guys sound pretty decent and your respective Ethio ladies should be very proud of having such respectful, loving, caring & decent men.

    As for NigLover, you are obviously very racist, rude, foul and disrespectful. I don’t believe for a second that what you say actually happened at all. You were either rejected by ALL Ethio chicks you tried to hit on, dumped by one Or you are probably GAY white supremacist angry at Ethiopian women because they are taking the white men away :) In any case, most Ethiopian girls/women are raised to be hygienic especially to look after their lady —-. Its TOP PRIORITY. The tradition is to even wash every time females use the bathroom so you better stop talking garbage.

    … Coming back to the topic, Ethio women/girls are just like any other women. They just want a loving, caring, decent, kind, romantic, honest man just as any female in the world. No need to pretend/lie when approaching because you will eventually show your true colors and that will end your fake relationships. Be honest, straightforward, confident and approach nicely. Most Ethiopian ladies stick to their own men but there are many who date outside of their race so guys just be yourselves.

    All the best in finding your dream Ethio ladies.

  • Jamal


  • unknown

    l am a Black American and l am always asked if l am Ethopian or Etriean. l am neither but l have features that are so mixed. l am beautiful, have a good shape, look good and highly educated but l am proud of my native american, chinese, black, white and french heritage.

    l am from the southern part of the us and l am confident, beautiful, gifted and black american..

  • fatima

    u crazy sharmuta is not ethiopien its arabic and i knnow becuz im arab

  • Ray

    Just thought I would give an update from my previous post# 112 if anyone cares to refer back to it.

    My Ethiopian wife and I will be celebrating both our 2nd wedding aniversary and the birth of our first child in June 2012, God willing. Our love and appreciation for each other continues to grow with each passing day. When my head is resting in her lap, there is no other place on this earth that I would rather be. Her Ethiopian family, and my American family love each other so much because they are of the same quality, and value the same things in life.

    We live in a world where we are often times judged by popular opinions of our nationality, and color within that nationality, be it American, Canadian, European, and even African. Television and the internet has also contributed to this bad image. What some people do not realize is that by limiting ourselves to a certain group of people, we miss out on who we were naturally meant to be with. I believe in faith, and being open-minded to all possibilities and all nationalities in the world.

    Just to give an example, My wife and I know from a restaurant that we visit often, a Ethiopian woman, who only dates white guys. Although she seems like a nice person, her close-mindedness probably has a lot to do with why she keeps meeting and getting hurt by the same type of guys. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain race or skin color, but atleast take the time to get to know someone before giving up what you should be saving for your future husband. My wife has advised her to take her time and look inside the person, after the initial physcial attraction.

    About a year ago, I was going to introduce her to a very good friend of mine, who just so happened to be a black american, but she was not interested, even though she had not met the guy, and knew what type of people my wife and I were…she was simply too close-minded. This brother had it going on, nice personality, great job, really humble and down to earth, a really good guy. Fast forward, just the other day she asked me about this same friend, saying she was now interested in meeting him. I took out my wallet and showed her a picture of him and his beautiful Ethiopian wife. They are both very, very kind, respectful, romantic and career minded people from very different cultures who found each and are doing great. The Ethiopian woman working in the restaurant tried to play it off, but we could see that she was disappointed.

    So, Ethiopians women are not all alike, different women simply value different things in this world. I sincerely hope faith bring you all what or who you are searching for.


  • John Jones

    I wish I could have sorted out the gold digger from the genuine ladies.

  • Guramaele

    Roosh, I imagine your advice was offered in humor, and it is pretty funny if taken that way. And like all good comedy, some truth also lurks in there about how anybody’s attention can be drawn – even if just for a fleeting moment – when a stranger appears to be familiar with things very near and dear to us.

    I realize that Roosh did not offer his advice as a way to be in a relationship with an Ethiopian woman – just how to pick one up. Still, there is one big problem with the premise: Ethiopian women are generally averse to even the idea of being picked up. I should know; I am one. Born and raised.

    All you men seeking beautiful Ethiopian women for a meaningful relationship, don’t take his advice to heart. Listen to the Ethiopian women who wrote here about just being yourselves and say that you would like to take her out. Sure, sorting out some of the responses might require turning on a little charm; but if you understand that there is pride and a cultural element in the hesitance, it will be worth it in the end. I would add that the chances of your success in the long term hinge on how true you are to values such as humanity, loyalty, honesty and selflessness. These values are key ones to live by in your relationship with any Ethiopian – whether a love interest or a friend. Don’t say things you don’t mean, or pretend to be truly interested in something if you are not (such as the Ethiopian culture) just to impress during the initial phases of a relationship. You know you can’t keep up that level of energy, and this will not make for a good foundation for a lasting relationship.

    An example about not saying things you don’t mean (to present a counter-point to Roosh’s suggestions): I was married to a great guy once — American, caucasian, and my enduring best friend — and one of the first things he told me was that if he was going to learn another language, it would not be Amharic. His reasons were that we both speak English, as does my family, and were not planning to live in Ethiopia, so he would rather spend his energy on learning a language with more practical advantage in the global economy. I knew he wasn’t saying he didn’t want to know about me or my culture; he was being his honest and practical self. And I loved that he was confident and honest enough to say this in the early stages of our relationship.

    Another big one that I don’t often hear talked about is men’s attitude towards money. Like most people, we habesha women appreciate frugality. However, I think anything resembling greed, “cheapness,” or feeling like a man is taking advantage of our generosity is a major turn-off for us. And we tend to be very sensitive to such behavior. For instance, I have been on dates with men (who grew up in the US, of different “races”) who would get overly preoccupied over the restaurant bill, stick me with a good chunk of their expensive orders in presumably splitting the bill, and to top it all off, not leave a fairly decent tip (forcing me to make up for that, too). This kind of behavior was so unattractive that I couldn’t wait for the date to end. They are then surprised when they realize there will be no follow-up date, then go on to perpetuate the notion that Ethiopian women are stuck up. I am saying that we come to understand a person’s values through little things like these and run in the opposite direction. To me, these are some of the clashes with really ingrained cultural traits that can make or break your success in a relationship with a habesha woman.

    On the other hand, having seen really vicious, mean-spirited and embarrassing comments posted here by my fellow habeshas, I can’t really generalize about the virtues of all of our culture, nor vouch that we all had a decent upbringing.

    Good luck to all you good men of all races seeking equally good women!

  • woyegud

    I was just couldn’t stop reading this. it is funny. Ethiopian women are good and beautiful women and hideous but then we Ethiopian man know our women so we are conscious about our women.i broke up with my girlfriend after i found out that she have sexual relationship with her boss from her job place. i am sure that white men that she gone out with have came to this site read some about how to hit on Ethiopian women. so yea Ethiopian girls are for everyone But it is my intention that any white guy or black guy or any guy should not just hit on any Ethiopian girls just because she is ethiopian. Ask her if she is single or not. In fact that the reason Ethiopian girls want so hideous relationship with their sex partner or boyfriends this that they always looking for advantages beside sex. you have to be provider anyhow ,So when you start thinking an Ethiopian women love you and give you some ems is when she see your money or your advantage specially if your White.Also its a good example,i am sorry to say this to my Ethiopian sisters, i have seen many white or other race men gone over to Ethiopia find a women of they love and bring them here live married happy and on the other hand there is a lot of Ethiopian brothers live in america for long time ,went back home and bring the one they say she is the love of their life then after sometime here she is gone. So for typical Ethiopian guy like me or others, Ethiopian girls should not only be the choice to marry. Explore to see the difference.

  • Ethiopian Guy

    Hey tnx for de tip though ….I am an Ethiopian guy who is interested in Ethiopian women far no luck . If Ethiopian women likes you .That means you have class .They don’t like pump ass ignorant man . They like to be respected like other women . Other than that i don’t know why u make a fuss about our women .i think every women regardless of their ethnic back ground or color are beautiful .

  • Anonymous

    Give the Ethiopian girls bread, no problem you can fuck any hole in their body.

  • http://ER qJKEUHK\R


  • Anonymous

    Wise words Guramaele, you should be awarded for this speech.

  • CHAD

    Only under the global system of racism/white Supremacy would I white man deem it “unfair” that he cannot easily sex an Ethiopian woman.

    He is surprised because his white card which usually allows him first access into most non white pussy worldwide is often DECLINED when it comes to these women.

    It would be interesting if white men had to compete on a LEVEL playing field.

    I suspect that under a JUST system that does not value everything “white” over non white, whitemen would get much LESS pussy.

  • Mike

    Arab/Muslim immigration = cockblocking en mass. I mean their woman are always SURROUNDED by a huge crowd of aggressive men who want to murder you.
    On the other hand, they have no problem hunting YOUR women.

  • Anonymous

    loooooool, this whole debate makes me laugh. the fact that they are ethiopian, does not define them. different ethiopian women are attracted to different things, just as different british women are. the following tips are suitable for any woman of any race.
    1. respect is KEY.
    2. don’t insult them, even as a joke. it will make them feel self-conscious, and they will doubt themselves.
    3. take a genuine interest in her. this doesnt mean you should base your first conversation on ethiopian history. her race does not define her. find what does. her hobbies, her desires, her loves.
    4. unless she initiates it first, do not make any jokey racist remarks.
    5. compliment her. every women will warm to you if you tell her how lovely her hair looks, or how beautiful her eyes are or just simply how nice she looks. appearance compliments are safest to start with. dont jump in with, you are such a good-hearted, kind person in the first hour that you meet her. she will think your only objective is to get in her pants.
    5. honestly, go by the bibles cardinal rule: treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. dont take this too literally and delve into topics of sports and whatnot but: be kind, open, honest, and inviting.

  • Anonymous

    # 92, what a disgrace you are !!! “ethiopian men are too ugly “, Don’t you have an Ethiopian father ???


    The thing I want to recommend too my fellow latinos, seriously checkout the African mamis.they’re hot and are more curious about hispanic men than any other. Especially Ethiopian and Nigerian. collecting sweet soft tender brown hymens left and right. Ah! Goods times!


    And they definitely have the tastiest pussies this side of the Atlantic. Mmmm. Good times!

  • dominincano pero estoy en mexico

    ok; i been seeing all these comments about how to get wit ethiopian girls..i really just whats so speacial about ethiopian girls… their just girls.. yea their different culture and what not but their just girls…. reason why i say this i get randomly get people from ethiopia and they starting talkin to me in amharic??? which i dont anything about and i tell them.. “noooo, im dominican”?? they look shocked… sometimes when i talk to some of my friends in spanish. they look at me and say oooo your ethiopian, you speak good spanish??? im like noooo; im dominican..

    i heard this one girl from ethiopian saying dominicans look like the same as us???? im like nooooo.. dominicans dont look nothing like ethiopians they are two different cultures…

    yea ethiopians are ok people… … for guys; ask them out their just like any other girl.. if they say noooo move on… theirs another girl for you.. because im reading these comments and its like you need a plan or speech to talk to these women…. if ethiopian talks to you that means you have class??? ethiopian are most exotic women?? stop that… stop putting these women on pedestals.. their just girls.. theirs good and bad, theirs beautiful and ugly..

  • Kebessawi

    It is shame my Ethio neighbours willingly try to sell their women to these deranged lunatics who have brought nothing but misery to our peoples. How can you sell your women like a cattle market to foreigners?? It is beyond my belif! The ethiopians of today have no backbone and honor everything is about money and pleasure. To you ladies how dare you talk down on your own brothers and give yourselfves up easily, as if the foreigner really cares for you he only wants something exotic and new. If he really cares then why dont the african american love his own woman the same? Why the white man talk about 4,5 or up to 10 of the ethio women he has sex with?? And you the men how can you give up yours sisters like this instead of defending them against these beasts?? its shame!!

  • lina

    AM E

  • lina


  • dom

    ethiopian girls are the hottest girls on the planet damnn i wish i was ethiopian so i could holla at one lol but i feel ya pain bro. There are many white guys that i have seen dating or married to an ethiopian girl though so good luck

  • dmoney

    ethiopian girls have value and respect for themselves from what i have seen. That’s what really separates them from other girls so be careful how you approach them lol

  • Anonymous

    I am a 32 year old Ethiopian woman, recently moved to the US. It’s really interesting these posts. What’s funny though is that I never thought that guys would trouble this much to talk to a woman they like. I thought if they didn’t, then it must be because they’re not interested. Frankly, I feel I am beautiful and intelligent person but still single. ( maybe because I’m constantly challenging myself and always on the move). But as in any relationship for any race, what’s really important for me is(and I think for most women) is finding a GOOD man who is mature, intelligent, and with similar intersts. I think race would be the last thing I would think about because it’s hard enough to find good person leave alone limiting it by race.

    But about what someone said about us ( Ethiopian women) looking for constant attention and
    “playing hard to get” I think I agree to some extent….but I don’t think it is so much about “playing hard to get” (at least in my case.)It’s more about the sense of respect/worth I have for myself (and a little pride I guess, which may not be a good thing) that I want to see how much much the guy really wants me. I just don’t like to feel like I have thrown myself at him. It’s about testing the guy how much he really wants this. I have losen up as I got older though, cause I learned that it’s impossible for people to know me that much and want me that much overnight. It’s a longterm process. But still I want a guy who understands my worth and treats me with respect. Because I know I will do the same.

    But anyway, the point is, if you see a nice beautiful Ethiopian woman out there, just go talk to her. She may be seriously looking for someone like you to talk to her and wondering why you’re not doing that.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe I just wasted half an hour looking through this entire thing. I have now learned two things:

    1. Ethiopians are illiterate. It’s not a simple matter of English ability but rather the way the thought process is always so jumbled up and disturbingly askew.

    2. All men who have managed to get an Ethiopian girl are, for some reason, sentimental, schmalzy, disgustingly corny little pussies. Like this EthioUSA guy or whatever the fuck his name is. “Respect her, respect her, respect her” — did you really have to write it three fucking times? Then things go downhill, you find another one, and start the same bullshit about how much you “respect” this one.

    None of the exchanges here, positive or negative, have made Ethiopians or their precious culture sound particularly appealing or even remotely interesting. Just a bunch of idiotic “we stick with our own kind” and “that’s not true, I got an Ethiopian girlfriend!” hogwash from obviously ignorant and, in many cases, creepy illiterates.

  • Anonymous

    African-american brother who loves all black women- whether they’re from Detroit or Addis Abbaba. As for Anonymous #209-WAKE THE HELL UP!! Black men from another part of the planet are not beasts. To call another black man a beast is to call yourself one idiot! I appreciate the different cultures and ethnicities within the universal black family but we are all family in the end as black people. Stop being xenophobic against other black people simply b/c they are of a different nationality/ethinicity, etc. and get to know the person on a case by case basis. I love all my black sisters no matter the nationality. I’m not some pervert on a mission to get someone exotic as other black people are anything but exotic to me-they’re just family from another part of the world. All my gf’s have been African-american and I love them although I am open to dating/marrying any other kind of black women too-Ethiopians included. Question is are Ethiopian women open to dating respectful, intelligent, educated african-american men?

  • Anonymous

    Yes we are, if he’s really a good man.

  • WatchOut

    Well informed people can make wise decision. As a concerned human being and a married Ethiopian male, I want to drop little advice to all those who are attracted by those beautiful Ethiopian/Eritrean girls and want to build a cross-cultural or inter-racial family. Though most Ethiopian/Eritrean females would either deny what I am going to say or criticize me for doing so, I decided to share this to all because I am a pro-family Christian man who does not want to see either a suffering or broken marriage where innocent children would suffer due to lack of premarital preparedness, awareness or miscommunication among their cross-cultural parents. For me not doing so does mean both social and spiritual irresponsibility.
    So, if you are attracted by a gorgeous Ethiopian/Eritrean girl, please, do not be either sympathetic or sentimental. Just calm down, relax, think critically and value the future of your kids and yours own. Before marrying any Ethiopian/Eritrean female please get yourself familiar with the following realities and make sure whether you could go through them. The realities I am going to share you are the pre-existing social norms and group thinks that are involuntarily imposed upon your future family and children. Whether you are in Ethiopia/Eritrea or in the west you need to note them down because, deviation from the norm always produces undesirable social consequences even in Hollywood families:
    • In most cases, both of Ethiopian or Eritrean females are gorgeous, compassionate and family oriented.
    • Unlike the west, Ethiopian/Eritrean women are feminine.
    • They may have some attitudinal and social differences, which are not negligible and almost the same.
    • Even in the west, where I reside in this 21st century, our communities are not yet individualistic. Believe it or not, we still are very collectivist, where the impression of the group we’re with definitely counts. Due to lack of communication and other reasons outsiders are not welcomed in the group. I am tired of regularly noticing some interracial couples being excommunicated, isolated or left alone during community get together. How tragic, backward, arrogant and stupid this is? But this is the reality you need to deal with which your Ethiopian/Eritrean female partner either do not recognize or take it easy not to let you know it in advance! That is why they also would not have the confidence go together with their partner in public places like Ethiopian/ Eritrean churches, restaurants and community meetings. Would you so please stop for a moment and imagine how your future children tolerate or deal with such an issue?
    • Unfortunately, I do not agree with what some people said, “… Ethiopian women are held to higher standards because of how strict our culture is….” What does it mean by “high standard”? Does it mean just sexual purity? Personally, I look at such premise either as pure prejudice or misguided pride which is not based on humility, rationality, fairness and knowledge. First of all, most Ethiopian/Eritrean parents are not teachable of either their own mistakes or open to learn new way of thinking than their own. They are not interested to read either. So what kind of “high standard”, spiritual or secular legacy they pass to their gorgeous kids without being honest to their own instinct? Unfortunately, most (not all) Ethiopian/Eritrean families failed in passing positive legacy to their kids because of their lack of humility and extreme ignorance of either spiritual (Biblical) or secular knowledge.
    • Unlike other Africans or Southern Ethiopians, you cannot figure out the personality of northern Ethiopians/Eritreans based on their facial expression. Both of them, of course, have nice looking, friendly, smiley and welcoming face because both cultures strongly value in welcoming gusts at their home, which is a positive trait. For that matter there is an Amharic saying which goes, “kefitfitu fitu”, which literally means “your facial expression matters”. So,in our collective culture everyone is expected to look his/her best no matter his/her condition is. However, this also regularly has a negative effect. From experience, I can tell you that it could be pretentious and insincere. I hate to tell this, but in most (not all) cases, Ethiopian/Eritrean women and their families look at their daughter’s foreign (aka ferenji) mate as a cash cow. … Marrying an Ethiopian/Eritrean woman also would mean marrying the rest of her immediate family. What does this mean? This means, you would be expected to get concerned as well as involved in most affairs of your Ethiopian/Eritrean family which may include financial, immigration … etc. Why? Because, as I already told you this is a collective culture in 21st century. Beware; “this is not my concern!” type of mentality may have negative impact on in long run.
    I wish everyone a blessed, happy and long standing family

  • WatchOut

    Well informed people can make wise decision. As a concerned human being and a married Ethiopian male, I want to drop little advice to all those who are attracted by those beautiful Ethiopian/Eritrean girls and want to build a cross-cultural or inter-racial family. Though most Ethiopian/Eritrean females would either deny what I am going to say or criticize me for doing so, I decided to share this to all because I am a pro-family Christian man who does not want to see either a suffering or broken marriage where innocent children would suffer due to lack of premarital preparedness, awareness or miscommunication among their cross-cultural parents. For me not doing so does mean both social and spiritual irresponsibility.
    So, if you are attracted by a gorgeous Ethiopian/Eritrean girl, please, do not be either sympathetic or sentimental. Just calm down, relax, think critically and value the future of your kids and yours own. Before marrying any Ethiopian/Eritrean female please get yourself familiar with the following realities and make sure whether you could go through them. The realities I am going to share you are the pre-existing social norms and group thinks that are involuntarily imposed upon your future family and children. Whether you are in Ethiopia/Eritrea or in the west you need to note them down because, deviation from the norm always produces undesirable social consequences even in Hollywood families:
    • In most cases, both of Ethiopian or Eritrean females are gorgeous, compassionate and family oriented.
    • Unlike the west, Ethiopian/Eritrean women are feminine.
    • They may have some attitudinal and social differences, which are not negligible and almost the same.
    • Even in the west, where I reside in this 21st century, our communities are not yet individualistic. Believe it or not, we still are very collectivist, where the impression of the group we’re with definitely counts. Due to lack of communication and other reasons outsiders are not welcomed in the group. I am tired of regularly noticing some interracial couples being excommunicated, isolated or left alone during community get together. How tragic, backward, arrogant and stupid this is? But this is the reality you need to deal with which your Ethiopian/Eritrean female partner either do not recognize or may take it easy not to let you know it in advance! That is why they also would not have the confidence to go together with their partner in public places like Ethiopian/ Eritrean churches, restaurants and community meetings. Would you so please stop for a moment and imagine how your future children tolerate or deal with such an isolative culture?
    • Unfortunately, I do not agree with what some people said, “… Ethiopian women are held to higher standards because of how strict our culture is….” What does it mean by “high standard”? Does it mean just sexual purity? Personally, I look at such a premise either as pure prejudice or misguided pride which is not based on humility, rationality, fairness and knowledge. First of all, most Ethiopian/Eritrean parents are not teachable of either their own mistakes or open to learn new way of thinking than their own. They are not interested to read either. So what kind of “high standard”, spiritual or secular legacy they pass to their gorgeous kids without being honest to their own instinct? Unfortunately, most (not all) Ethiopian/Eritrean families failed in passing positive legacy to their kids because of their lack of humility and extreme ignorance of either spiritual (Biblical) or secular knowledge.
    • Unlike other Africans or Southern Ethiopians, you cannot figure out the personality of northern Ethiopians/Eritreans based on their facial expression. Both of them, of course, have nice looking, friendly, smiley and welcoming face because both cultures strongly value in welcoming gusts at their home, which is a positive trait. For that matter there is an Amharic saying which goes, “kefitfitu fitu”, which literally means “your facial expression matters”. So,in our collective culture everyone is expected to look his/her best no matter his/her condition is. However, this also regularly has a negative effect. From experience, I can tell you that it could be pretentious and insincere. I hate to tell this, but in most (not all) cases, Ethiopian/Eritrean women and their families look at their daughter’s foreign (aka ferenji) mate as a cash cow. … Marrying an Ethiopian/Eritrean woman also would mean marrying the rest of her immediate family. What does this mean? This means, you would be expected to get concerned as well as involved in most affairs of your wife’s family which may include financial, immigration … etc. Why? Because, as I already told you this is a collective culture in 21st century. Beware; “this is not my concern!” type of mentality may have negative impact in long run.
    I wish everyone a blessed, happy and long standing family

  • http://[email protected] H

    Yes respect them, fvck them and treat them like dirt, and it you beat them and give them money they respect you. And just call them when u need it. You treat them right the piss on you. Thats honest gods truth. He made the curl and heartless. You don’t fvck them, you get fvcked get ahead Ethiopian

  • Gophile

    i just read this article not long a go you might find it helpful but its written for the natives guys…

  • hernanday

    If your blonde and white and good looking with a bit of a tan you can do well with ethiopian girls, any other white guy will fail. Ethiopian girls won’t go for Persia guy who look white, the only ones who have a chance are the dark looking persian guys

  • Rachel

    I’m Ethiopian and i’ve been with my boyfriend who is white, for 8 lovely months. its not mission impossible.

  • Ethiopian Loving 101

    Hello sir,

    While a vast majority of people here have probably parted enough tricks and tactics for you to publish a book on how to successfully woo the “untamable and unattainable” Ethiopian woman by individuals outside her own cultural group, I fear that one simple, but glaring, possibility in this endeavor has been overlooked by the vast majority:
    Now, you mentioned that you had an Ethiopian roommate who, for all intensive purposes, I’m assuming you’re still in contact with. Therein lies your answer.

    If you are a decent person who genuinely would like to date our Ethiopian women and try your hand at a long and decent relationship, then why not simply ask your friend to put in a good word for you or to introduce you to an Ethiopian woman? It really is as simple as that. Instead of going straight to the women and hurling some predetermined, half-baked dictions on how they should give you a chance romantically, have a man that they know, and probably trust, do a bit of the leg work for you.

    I have to urge that you keep in mind the following as well:

    In most cases, unlike American women, you will be hard pressed to find an Ethiopian woman who would agree to go out on a date with you if it’s blatantly obvious that it is an attempt to conclude the journey in some kind of romantic relationship. You have to approach the situation as a friend, build the trust, break the defensive barrier and then transition into the next step. Granted this may not be true of EVERY Ethiopian woman out there, you will find that most Ethiopian women would be more attainable through that approach than a straight forward “listen, wanna go out sometime and do something together?”

    I know that it probably isn’t convenient for you. But, if you think it isn’t worth the effort, honestly I wouldn’t want to see you with our women anyway. However, if your intensions are pure, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem, would it?

    Peace and good luck.
    Let us know how it goes.

  • Alexis

    Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is
    excellent, let alone the content!

  • deedee

    That is crazy. Why the hell would you freaking lie. As a foreign french caribbean woman I hve seen foreign white men t ry to score with the local women so fucking corny. SHit just be your damn self and be polite and you would get the girl. And most likey as a foreigner most of the irls yourl score are the not so clean ones

  • UKethio

    Where has USAethio gone? I need his help!!!

  • UKethio

    I’ve been privileged to have been loved by the most konjo emebet in the world for 2 years: she is also Habesha.

    Reading some of the kind and considered comments about Ethiopian ladies has really made me smile because they are so true. When an Ethiopian lady loves you, man do you know it, and man are you lucky.

    The love, the generosity, the kindness, the looking after when unwell, the food, the feeding, the being put first, the being made to feel so special, the fun, the intellect, the talking (!), arguing, the fighting, the love-making. Truly the most loved
    anyone can ever feel.


  • benignbullet

    “How to Pick Up an Ethiopian Girl”

    I’ve found that 2 fingers is usually sufficient (or both arms and help from a stout buddy if an American girl has “taught” her how to eat).

  • fahat

    i want to pick ethiopian girl as wife

  • Karl

    you MET your Ethiopit in a Gulf Arab country? Chances are 40-60% that she was making money on the side doing what it takes to get money from guys. The salaries they receive are quite small, lower than the Filipinas. Etiopiot do not go to the Gulf because they admire Arab men’s dispositions, my friend. They go to get money to make sure that their children back in Addis or the boondocks can eat at least several times a week.

    Our Hebrew Etiopiot girls here in Israel are way classier. Careful to not hit them, they have all been through the Military. The Border Police is popular with Etiopiot girls because it counts as combat job (higher pay, better Veteran’s benefits), but they usually can go home to Mom’s cooking frequently, not have to live in a barracks like the actual Army girls. The Border Police is the unit that gets nightstick-distance with rioting Arabics.

  • Thabsco

    Guys & girls.. I am krazt about this people, i dont understand how god created them. But one thing i know is i want a wife from the etiopian Nation. I pray to Jesus he bless me with a wife from this divine nation

    Just hope when i meet her she wont play hard to get.

  • Play The Pretend Game

    The only thing that made sense on this blog is the person that mention them being in a collective.
    Don’t even try when they have plenty of their country people around.Even your best Ethiopian guy friend don’t even want you getting some,and will do everything to sabotage it.I don’t even talk to the 10+ and counting that I have hooked up with when they are in a group.Don’t let the shyness fool you,they know more than they pretend to know,Just get them alone without their country people.FYI:You will have a hard time getting raid off them once you in.

  • Anonymous

    People are always asking y Ethiopians don’t date black huys but we do it’s just very hard to understand our culture so that’s where the issue stands but if ur understanding then no prop just dress nice and that will get our attention

  • respect

    Before 20 years ago, this wouldn’t be the subject and Ethiopian women and men will live together respecting one another although there is nothing wrong with having relationship outside of your race.

    The talk of talking degrading our women and men today has to do with globalization the bad leadership going on in Ethiopia selling our women in order to humiliate our men. Just read the post from one ignorant saying Ethiopian men are “ugly” or talking negative about Ethipian women. Thanks to the bad leadership in Ethiopia. The subject has to do is how to get Ethiopian woman for what ever reason not about how to “Court” Ethiopian women in respectful way.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Ethiopians should date Ethiopians only but some posting is really trying to degrade both Ethiopian women and men and such a shame for the type of leadership in Ethiopia today who has sold out and is in self hatred mode that is even against its people. If we don’t have respect for ourselves, let us not expect respect from others.

  • Anonymous

    Yo Georges St. Pierre,

    You are sorry, GAY , or stupid and just don’t know, or maybe your a racist ?

    But Then I say the same thing bout most white girls. Their mostly genetically inferior and just dam ugly. And could never stand up to the superior beauty of Ethiopian women. Or even the LASTING beauty of Black African American women.

    And thank you , that’s just one less perverted white boy trying to get at our superior women.


    Saint Maurice

  • 116

    I’m ethiopian and my aunt is married to an Asian guy

  • Anonymous

    This post must be purely for jokes because I literally laughed out loud. First, Ethiopian women are more than the psychical features which you have chosen to describe in detail. Don’t diminish their value by making them “objects” to be desired or collected. They are not items to that you admire or fetishize. They are HUMAN BEINGS with complexities, intelligence, values, and feelings. They (like all women) should be respected and treated with decency.

    Don’t be ignorant enough to believe that they will be awed by the fact that you visited Ethiopia or that you know someone who is Ethiopian. Why would that fascinate them? You really think they are that easy or simple? I don’t think you’ve ever really tried to hit on an Ethiopian woman. If you did, you’d know they can easily read through your bs. That’s like an Ethiopian man trying to hit on a Caucasian American woman by telling her he’s visited Washington D.C. before and has a friend who loves to read Harry Potter…cause that’s very “American” right?

    This is extremely disrespectful and IGNORANT.

  • vanil

    Hello Rachel do you have a girl for me?

  • SM

    As an ethiopian woman, I’d like to say how offensive and ridiculous this was.
    I hope you don’t actually use these “tips” it won’t get you far :)

  • Exploring

    Are there any Beautiful Ethiopian Woman that just want to have some casual romantic encounters?

  • Bergsturz

    My first trip to Ethiopa as a Westerner was for business. One evening we ended in a location anywhere in Addis full of young women who apparently offered themselves for money. It was hard to say NO but I made.
    In my second trip to Ethiopia I came as a tourist. I travelled through the north of the country, walked through the mountains, talked to the local people and I was impressed by the beauty of the country (and of course by the beauty of the Ethiopian woman) – but woman as sexual object did not play any role during that trip. I guess if you want to have a short adventure you can find it anywhere in the world. If you want to get a feeling of a country you can get it everywhere too. It depends on you!

  • hernandayoleary

    I’m going to try that one…. hey baby I knew an american guy who read harry potter want tog et a date

  • Your mums fucker

    Who ever you are fuck you and your fucking all ancestor i fucking hate white.

  • benvad

    This has got to be a Black American because the Habesha don’t act this. They are not angry at Caucasians, to tell you the truth only American act like that. Ignorant!

  • benvad

    Very hospitable kind people, who know how to treat guests. Many Africans are like this but the culture really comes out from Abyssinians.

  • kkb

    In dubai dheira area wer I get good ethoipian girls

  • DJ Trevy Trev

    Just be an ethiopian/eritrean guy or a pretty-boy white guy and they’ll date you.

  • Masearte Abraha

    Hey I’m Ethiopian born in America. I’ve see plenty of Ethiopians who have dated other races, I have as well. Their are also plenty of blogs that talk about it and even a Facebook page titled Ethiopian mixed, I’m sure you will meet an Ethiopian woman who will good luck on your search!

  • Carolyn

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