How To Pick Up Danish Girls At Night

I made a response video the criticisms coming out of Denmark. Click here to watch.

Night game should be any strapping young man’s bread and butter. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to visit a bar or club to pull pussy for the night. Unless… every venue is a fucking sausage fest.

Going by my hypothesis that all the attractive women left Denmark to pursue a modeling career, what remains in Copenhagen is tons of sausage. It was rare to see less than a 2:1 ratio of males to females, but often it was much higher. The only time I experienced a favorable ratio was when I mistakenly went to a lesbian bar. The amount of sausage was close to unbelievable, and definitely worse than Washington DC.

Another negative hit to night game is that most bars allow smoking. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were actually decent women amid the clouds of smoke, but that wasn’t the case. My typical night in Copenhagen was drinking in a smoky bar with a ton of dudes and ugly, masculine girls.

The optimum night game to have is this: nice guy who approaches a lot and isn’t shy about going for the one-night stand. I understand that this is a bit contradictory, since nice guys don’t go for one-night stands, but that’s the best way I can put it. Be aggressive about approaching and sealing the deal, but be passive and slightly meek while in conversation. It’s better to be a generic, neutral, pleasant guy who wishes for world peace than one who has strong opinions and wants to share deep wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of rich experiences. Don’t rock the boat if you want to get laid in Denmark.

So what do you talk about? What do you share opinions on? Anything but Denmark. If you want to talk about Denmark, frame it so that you’re asking her for help, not that you’re sharing observations. From a getting-laid standpoint, being self-deprecating about your own country to fit her stereotypes is much better than criticizing hers.

What I ended up doing was complimenting the things about Denmark I liked: the kebab shops and the cradle-to-grave services. I lamented how I didn’t have health care and how everything in Denmark seemed fair. This went over really well because it validated the superior feelings she had about her country. She would then modestly bash Denmark so that Jante Law karma was preserved. Simply nod your head as if you’re a student of her land (nodding is tight game in Denmark, if you haven’t already figured out).

To get along great with Danish girls, I would have to regress to a beta male, which is what I was back in the year 2000. Even if Danish girls were worth making that change for, which they’re definitely not, it would take years of work to go back to being a scared little boy. In other words, if you’re an alpha male, you’ll only be able to make window dressing adjustments that will still put you far away from having the optimal nice guy game to connect with Danish women.

Even if you keep your nod game tight and don’t accidentally turn girls off with comments that seem innocent to you, there’s no guarantee you’ll be sexually successful. There were too many times where I saw a Danish guy with top 1% nod game only get a chick’s number before watching her ride home alone on her bicycle. While I do think a nicer Roosh would have gotten laid more in Denmark, I’m skeptical if it would have caused me to love the country instead of hating it with all my being.


Indirect game will be your best bet, since the girls are so cold that they won’t know how to handle your direct game. The good thing about Denmark is that the indirect approach style I use in the States remains effective. Feel free to bring out your more creative openers.

Be a little bit careful about giving too many humorous responses to the personal questions they ask, because Danish girls are very sensitive to cocky humor. By not answering directly, she may think you’re making fun of her, thereby breaking Jante Law. My advice is to give one playful answer and then calibrate to see if she went along with your joke or not.

When a girl asked me what I was doing in Denmark, I would say, “I bought a farm in Jutland. It’s always been my dream to be a farmer.” Some girls would give me a stone face, as if saying, “Look, asshole, just cut the shit and tell me what the fuck you’re doing here.” In that case, if you still want to talk to her, you’ll have to be more “boring” with your conversation by giving direct answers. The younger girls usually get taken in by humorous responses, which you can milk for a while before revealing the truth.

Opening girls should be easy for you, because your opener will be “normal” and not some of the lame shit Danish guys say or do. They approach toward the end of the night with stupid drunk game, increasing female bitch shields as the night goes on (this is a reason why I advise going early).

One time I saw a Danish guy open a girl by getting on his hands and knees and crawling between her legs. He went through, stood up, and tried to dance with her, but the frightened girl quickly rebuffed him. I almost dropped the drink out of my hand from pure shock. That’s the level of game you’ll have to beat in Denmark.

Conversation & Escalation

Starting conversations will be pretty easy because of your exotic status. Color me surprised at how interested girls were to know that I was from America (apparently not a lot of Americans visit Denmark). The fact that we’re in Denmark, when most Americans don’t even know that Denmark is a country, helps set us apart from our countrymen.

What didn’t help was that I’d usually get cockblocked during the rare times when things were going well, almost with the same frequency as in America. Danish girls have such a hardcore feeling of loyalty towards each other that they’re reluctant to ditch their girlfriends for a chance to get laid. More than anywhere else I’ve visited, it seemed like maintaining group cohesion throughout the night was important, whereas in America most nights end with some type of drama of who left who and whether Stacy is so drunk again she’s going to be a slut and fuck some guy without a condom. Even Danish guys had this group cohesion, sacrificing their own dick for the sake of being a “good” friend. Morons.

Just like in America, I recommend you feel for the kiss on the same night you meet. If you’re at a bar during the weekend where alcohol is involved and you’re having a conversation that isn’t interrupted often, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get a kiss from a girl under the two-hour mark. For an average Danish girl, two hours is a sweet spot for the length of time it takes to kiss her, assuming she likes you and you know what you’re doing.

The biggest problem in getting one-night stands is logistics. Since all girls ride their bicycles to the bar or club, it becomes a pain in the ass for them to ditch the bike, go home with someone, and then pick it up the next morning. For a guy, having to pick up his bicycle the morning after getting laid is no big deal, but girls are overly worried about their precious hipster bikes and deathly averse to taking an expensive cab (medium-length rides are more than $20 US). One thing you can do is suggest that both of you ride to your place, but if she lives far from you, she’ll be resistant. Only if she is really horny will she be willing to overcome bad bicycle logistics, which is already stacked on top of the group loyalty problem I just mentioned.

The best logistical solution to the bicycle problem is to live within walking distance of where her bike is parked. When it’s time to go for the afterparty move by inviting her over for a drink, you’ll state how you live only “five minutes walking distance” away. The hamster in her brain likes this because she knows that regardless of what happens in your place, she won’t be far from her bike.

Therefore when it comes time to game at night, go to spots that are near your place, even if it’s not as good as a more distant spot. More than half of the battle in banging a Danish girl from night game is logistics, so get that settled from the start. When she asks where you’re staying early in a conversation, you better believe she’ll note your “down the street” answer in her head.

Hater Routine

My hypocrite hater routine was meant to trap a girl who was trying to call me out for generalizing about Denmark. Early in a conversation, I’d make one of my observations about the country with a barely perceptible tone of annoyance. I’d say, “I’ve noticed that everyone in Denmark likes to wear earthy colors, like doo-doo brown and dark green. Also, the girls here are big fans of dirty military boots.” The girl would get annoyed at that statement because I used the word “everyone.” There is nothing a Danish girl hates more than when you generalize or stereotype, especially her own gender.

After she told me I needed to open my eyes to the awesomely unique and androgynous Danish style, I would offer a pseudo-apology: “I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”

Let a couple minutes go by then tell her you’re planning a trip to Poland. Say, “I hear the girls there are very nice and charming.” Since Danes look down on Poles, she’ll say something to the effect that Poles are dumb, trashy, or ugly. Now you’ve got the bitch. Say, “You’re stereotyping an entire country even though you criticized me for doing the same just a couple minutes ago. Are all Danish girls hypocrites?” Before she can respond, finish her off by saying, “In America, there’s nothing we hate more than a hypocrite.” Shake your head sideways as if you pity her, then turn away. Fatality. While I don’t expect women to have much in the way of character, they should at least be consistent.

Long-Form Dating

If you’ve dated in America, you’ve dated in Denmark—it’s just about the same shit. Text a girl two to four days after meeting her to plan for a first date around Wednesday at a bar near your place. Run your standard game without any cockiness and escalate from there.

Danish girls definitely open up more after they’ve known you for a while, so don’t worry if you’ll run out of things to say or not. Just let her tell you all her crazy opinions while nodding and casually touching. Go for a venue change to your place at the end of the night or try to weasel your way into hers.

The bright side is that girls are sincere in insisting to pay their share, unlike the fake “Oh I can pay” thing American girls do. Danish girls feel empowered in being able to afford their own alcohol, and thankfully the chance of banging her won’t go down if she contributes like may be the case with American girls. Being too heavy-handed with your insistence to pay the entire check actually breaks Jante Law because you’re implying that she’s poor or that you have more money than her. Let her pay.

Even though I’ve just described to you the basics of sleeping with Danish women, my hope is that you’ll never have to use this advice. My Danish friend Henrik did hint that Copenhagen wouldn’t have what I wanted, but I was arrogant in thinking that I could overcome all odds with my experience and game skill to find a diamond in the rough. What a fool I was. If I lived in Copenhagen, I estimate it would take one year to land the caliber of woman that would only take me two or three weeks to find in Brazil or Poland. Thank god I’ll never know for sure.

The best indicator of whether you’ll like Denmark or not is if you enjoy American girls who lean toward the hipster side. If that’s the case, you’ll probably enjoy Danish girls, since they are less fat than American girls. They’re a tad harder to get into the sack, mostly due to logistical issues, but other than that you shouldn’t experience any additional difficulty. God bless you if you prefer masculine women who dress sloppily, because the pool of available women you can date in first-world nations is much larger than for me.

I’d understand if you wanted to move to Denmark to raise a family, but if you still want to visit with sex as your primary goal, consider yourself warned. I ignored all warnings and proceeded to needlessly endure two months in a country that made me miserable. Believe me when I say that I’ve learned my lesson.

The above article was adapted from my newest release, Don't Bang Denmark, a 72-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. It gives you all the information you need to dislike Denmark with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in both paperback and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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