How To Pick Up Danish Girls At Night

I made a response video the criticisms coming out of Denmark. Click here to watch.

Night game should be any strapping young man’s bread and butter. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to visit a bar or club to pull pussy for the night. Unless… every venue is a fucking sausage fest.

Going by my hypothesis that all the attractive women left Denmark to pursue a modeling career, what remains in Copenhagen is tons of sausage. It was rare to see less than a 2:1 ratio of males to females, but often it was much higher. The only time I experienced a favorable ratio was when I mistakenly went to a lesbian bar. The amount of sausage was close to unbelievable, and definitely worse than Washington DC.

Another negative hit to night game is that most bars allow smoking. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were actually decent women amid the clouds of smoke, but that wasn’t the case. My typical night in Copenhagen was drinking in a smoky bar with a ton of dudes and ugly, masculine girls.

The optimum night game to have is this: nice guy who approaches a lot and isn’t shy about going for the one-night stand. I understand that this is a bit contradictory, since nice guys don’t go for one-night stands, but that’s the best way I can put it. Be aggressive about approaching and sealing the deal, but be passive and slightly meek while in conversation. It’s better to be a generic, neutral, pleasant guy who wishes for world peace than one who has strong opinions and wants to share deep wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of rich experiences. Don’t rock the boat if you want to get laid in Denmark.

So what do you talk about? What do you share opinions on? Anything but Denmark. If you want to talk about Denmark, frame it so that you’re asking her for help, not that you’re sharing observations. From a getting-laid standpoint, being self-deprecating about your own country to fit her stereotypes is much better than criticizing hers.

What I ended up doing was complimenting the things about Denmark I liked: the kebab shops and the cradle-to-grave services. I lamented how I didn’t have health care and how everything in Denmark seemed fair. This went over really well because it validated the superior feelings she had about her country. She would then modestly bash Denmark so that Jante Law karma was preserved. Simply nod your head as if you’re a student of her land (nodding is tight game in Denmark, if you haven’t already figured out).

To get along great with Danish girls, I would have to regress to a beta male, which is what I was back in the year 2000. Even if Danish girls were worth making that change for, which they’re definitely not, it would take years of work to go back to being a scared little boy. In other words, if you’re an alpha male, you’ll only be able to make window dressing adjustments that will still put you far away from having the optimal nice guy game to connect with Danish women.

Even if you keep your nod game tight and don’t accidentally turn girls off with comments that seem innocent to you, there’s no guarantee you’ll be sexually successful. There were too many times where I saw a Danish guy with top 1% nod game only get a chick’s number before watching her ride home alone on her bicycle. While I do think a nicer Roosh would have gotten laid more in Denmark, I’m skeptical if it would have caused me to love the country instead of hating it with all my being.


Indirect game will be your best bet, since the girls are so cold that they won’t know how to handle your direct game. The good thing about Denmark is that the indirect approach style I use in the States remains effective. Feel free to bring out your more creative openers.

Be a little bit careful about giving too many humorous responses to the personal questions they ask, because Danish girls are very sensitive to cocky humor. By not answering directly, she may think you’re making fun of her, thereby breaking Jante Law. My advice is to give one playful answer and then calibrate to see if she went along with your joke or not.

When a girl asked me what I was doing in Denmark, I would say, “I bought a farm in Jutland. It’s always been my dream to be a farmer.” Some girls would give me a stone face, as if saying, “Look, asshole, just cut the shit and tell me what the fuck you’re doing here.” In that case, if you still want to talk to her, you’ll have to be more “boring” with your conversation by giving direct answers. The younger girls usually get taken in by humorous responses, which you can milk for a while before revealing the truth.

Opening girls should be easy for you, because your opener will be “normal” and not some of the lame shit Danish guys say or do. They approach toward the end of the night with stupid drunk game, increasing female bitch shields as the night goes on (this is a reason why I advise going early).

One time I saw a Danish guy open a girl by getting on his hands and knees and crawling between her legs. He went through, stood up, and tried to dance with her, but the frightened girl quickly rebuffed him. I almost dropped the drink out of my hand from pure shock. That’s the level of game you’ll have to beat in Denmark.

Conversation & Escalation

Starting conversations will be pretty easy because of your exotic status. Color me surprised at how interested girls were to know that I was from America (apparently not a lot of Americans visit Denmark). The fact that we’re in Denmark, when most Americans don’t even know that Denmark is a country, helps set us apart from our countrymen.

What didn’t help was that I’d usually get cockblocked during the rare times when things were going well, almost with the same frequency as in America. Danish girls have such a hardcore feeling of loyalty towards each other that they’re reluctant to ditch their girlfriends for a chance to get laid. More than anywhere else I’ve visited, it seemed like maintaining group cohesion throughout the night was important, whereas in America most nights end with some type of drama of who left who and whether Stacy is so drunk again she’s going to be a slut and fuck some guy without a condom. Even Danish guys had this group cohesion, sacrificing their own dick for the sake of being a “good” friend. Morons.

Just like in America, I recommend you feel for the kiss on the same night you meet. If you’re at a bar during the weekend where alcohol is involved and you’re having a conversation that isn’t interrupted often, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get a kiss from a girl under the two-hour mark. For an average Danish girl, two hours is a sweet spot for the length of time it takes to kiss her, assuming she likes you and you know what you’re doing.

The biggest problem in getting one-night stands is logistics. Since all girls ride their bicycles to the bar or club, it becomes a pain in the ass for them to ditch the bike, go home with someone, and then pick it up the next morning. For a guy, having to pick up his bicycle the morning after getting laid is no big deal, but girls are overly worried about their precious hipster bikes and deathly averse to taking an expensive cab (medium-length rides are more than $20 US). One thing you can do is suggest that both of you ride to your place, but if she lives far from you, she’ll be resistant. Only if she is really horny will she be willing to overcome bad bicycle logistics, which is already stacked on top of the group loyalty problem I just mentioned.

The best logistical solution to the bicycle problem is to live within walking distance of where her bike is parked. When it’s time to go for the afterparty move by inviting her over for a drink, you’ll state how you live only “five minutes walking distance” away. The hamster in her brain likes this because she knows that regardless of what happens in your place, she won’t be far from her bike.

Therefore when it comes time to game at night, go to spots that are near your place, even if it’s not as good as a more distant spot. More than half of the battle in banging a Danish girl from night game is logistics, so get that settled from the start. When she asks where you’re staying early in a conversation, you better believe she’ll note your “down the street” answer in her head.

Hater Routine

My hypocrite hater routine was meant to trap a girl who was trying to call me out for generalizing about Denmark. Early in a conversation, I’d make one of my observations about the country with a barely perceptible tone of annoyance. I’d say, “I’ve noticed that everyone in Denmark likes to wear earthy colors, like doo-doo brown and dark green. Also, the girls here are big fans of dirty military boots.” The girl would get annoyed at that statement because I used the word “everyone.” There is nothing a Danish girl hates more than when you generalize or stereotype, especially her own gender.

After she told me I needed to open my eyes to the awesomely unique and androgynous Danish style, I would offer a pseudo-apology: “I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”

Let a couple minutes go by then tell her you’re planning a trip to Poland. Say, “I hear the girls there are very nice and charming.” Since Danes look down on Poles, she’ll say something to the effect that Poles are dumb, trashy, or ugly. Now you’ve got the bitch. Say, “You’re stereotyping an entire country even though you criticized me for doing the same just a couple minutes ago. Are all Danish girls hypocrites?” Before she can respond, finish her off by saying, “In America, there’s nothing we hate more than a hypocrite.” Shake your head sideways as if you pity her, then turn away. Fatality. While I don’t expect women to have much in the way of character, they should at least be consistent.

Long-Form Dating

If you’ve dated in America, you’ve dated in Denmark—it’s just about the same shit. Text a girl two to four days after meeting her to plan for a first date around Wednesday at a bar near your place. Run your standard game without any cockiness and escalate from there.

Danish girls definitely open up more after they’ve known you for a while, so don’t worry if you’ll run out of things to say or not. Just let her tell you all her crazy opinions while nodding and casually touching. Go for a venue change to your place at the end of the night or try to weasel your way into hers.

The bright side is that girls are sincere in insisting to pay their share, unlike the fake “Oh I can pay” thing American girls do. Danish girls feel empowered in being able to afford their own alcohol, and thankfully the chance of banging her won’t go down if she contributes like may be the case with American girls. Being too heavy-handed with your insistence to pay the entire check actually breaks Jante Law because you’re implying that she’s poor or that you have more money than her. Let her pay.

Even though I’ve just described to you the basics of sleeping with Danish women, my hope is that you’ll never have to use this advice. My Danish friend Henrik did hint that Copenhagen wouldn’t have what I wanted, but I was arrogant in thinking that I could overcome all odds with my experience and game skill to find a diamond in the rough. What a fool I was. If I lived in Copenhagen, I estimate it would take one year to land the caliber of woman that would only take me two or three weeks to find in Brazil or Poland. Thank god I’ll never know for sure.

The best indicator of whether you’ll like Denmark or not is if you enjoy American girls who lean toward the hipster side. If that’s the case, you’ll probably enjoy Danish girls, since they are less fat than American girls. They’re a tad harder to get into the sack, mostly due to logistical issues, but other than that you shouldn’t experience any additional difficulty. God bless you if you prefer masculine women who dress sloppily, because the pool of available women you can date in first-world nations is much larger than for me.

I’d understand if you wanted to move to Denmark to raise a family, but if you still want to visit with sex as your primary goal, consider yourself warned. I ignored all warnings and proceeded to needlessly endure two months in a country that made me miserable. Believe me when I say that I’ve learned my lesson.

The above article was adapted from my newest release, Don't Bang Denmark, a 72-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. It gives you all the information you need to dislike Denmark with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in both paperback and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • Neil Skywalker

    I went out in Copenhagen once in my beta days, it must have been in 2006. Me and my buddies wereon our way to a Football match in Sweden and we stopped in Copenhagen on a friday night. we went to a place called Rosie Mcgees, don’t know if its still there. Me and my best friend ended getting half a kiss from some Norwegian girls but no contact what so ever with the Danish ones.
    On my trip i tried several times to lay a Danish but only came close in japan.It was between me and a butt ugly but very funny guy. She actually banged that leprechaun of a Scottish guy that night.I was furious. Its only a 6 hours drive to Copenhagen form my hometown so i will take my revenge some day

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    “I almost dropped the drink out of my hand from pure shock. That’s the level of game you’ll have to beat in Denmark.”

    Laughed my ass off at this.

    I’d also recommend lying and saying you’re from New York City or LA. These seem to be the only two cities that Scandinavians are familiar with, and they’re always impressed if you say you’re from one or the other.

  • dickbutt

    “One time I saw a Danish guy open a girl by getting on his hands and knees and crawling between her legs. He went through, stood up, and tried to dance with her”


  • dragnet

    “In America, there’s nothing we hate more than a hypocrite.” Shake your head sideways as if you pity her, then turn away. Fatality.

    I lol-ed at “Fatality”. God I love Mortal Kombat.

  • Invictus III

    @Neil yeah Rosie’s is still there. I’m good friends with one of the bartenders. I can get hooked up with drinks whenever I go there but it’s mostly a ‘tourist’ bar so not many Danish folks hang there. I saw more Brits than anything whenever I was there.

  • Mike

    I wonder how danish girls will react to a view of sand n%gger guy stinking up the whole block.

    Roosh, make sure you wash those underarms of yours with baking soda at least 3 times per day.

  • jorts

    lol @ mike

    danes are such classy principled liberals

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Gee, based on what you wrote about them previously, why would anyone want to?

  • The Glee Manifesto


    Roosh is of Persian descent. Wrong racially profane epithet. Sorry…

  • Zak

    Roosh I have no idea why you give that irrelevant, frozen over little hell hole of Denmark the dignity of publicity. It’s a horrible little backwater with truly vile women. Let’s talk about warm, friendly, attractive, charming, sexy women somewhere else – you will not find this combination anywhere in Norther Europe and most certainly not in Denmark.

  • Zach

    The Glee manifesto:
    Persians are wannabe n*ggers!! therefor sandn*gger!!

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Actually they’re not.

    Anyway, do they have those tasty pastries over there, Roosh? (the Danish)

  • Anonymous

    Roosh your hair is crazy!!! But I like the suit

  • pantalones

    How hard would it have been to revert back to your original beta status so’s to get laid in Denmark,man?

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Roosh rockin’ out to Danish hits at the club…

  • beta_plus


    On Pastries: Not so much anymore. Most “fresh” pastries in Denmark are frozen partially baked and then completed in the bakery. They’re OK, but not worth going out of your way for.

    If you want great pastries, there are MANY other European countries that have far better fare. I’d start with somewhere like Germany or Belgium.

  • Standby

    God enough with the ugly, fat, manly-ass pig vomit females of Denmark and their sick fucked up jante law. We get it: avoid Denmark.

  • nsw

    Here are some ways to insult American girls:

    1. If she is fat, say:

    “Are you pregnant?”


    “Are you sure you should be eating that?”

    2. Pretend like you are talking to a friend on a mobile phone and complain loudly about fatties near fat chicks.

    3. If she has a tattoo, say:

    “Is that a bug or dirt on your skin?”


    “I thought tattoos were only for bikers, criminals, or whores.”

    4. If she smokes, say:

    “Gross! Smoking is such a turn-off. Lung cancer is not sexy.”

    5. If she wears flip-flops, say:

    “Wow, girls in other countries like Russia and Brazil dress like women.”

  • Samuel

    “Nodding is tight game in DK”

    fuckin hilarious.

  • William

    Danish women are not women – they are a third sex. There are 3 kind of them:

    1. a young peach, imposible to distinguish from her friends – they are all alike, drink-and-party-all-the-time
    2. a 25-35 masculine and perfectionistic robot, stressed and dressed in a danish-label cloth (bitch believes that ONLY danish is good enough)
    3. an older dried fruit, cigaret and red-wine addicted, easy going and laid back. She is ” very happy” – even if she is on anti-depression pills

    If you meet one of each category – you have met them all. I say: no, thanks. Why bothering picking them up?

  • Norseth

    merican girl (but atypical) who now lives in dk with her man linked bang denmark on fb with this comment:

    HAAAAHAHAHA soooo mean! So…this is why so almost person in my Danish class is a foreign woman with a Danish man. 😉 Coincidence? mehehehe

    roosh, you’re going up up up.

  • The Mole

    Rosh – I love you man but you have GOT to do something about that haircut :-)

    And narrow ties like that belong to the 80s – drop the tie and just wear a classy shirt with the two top buttons open. No, I’m not gay but was raised in Europe and have lived in the U.S. – this man knows style and that’s what turns European women on. Not necessarily the Danish manbeasts you encountered – LOL

    What’s with going to Denmark in the winter? Are you a sucker for punishment? I think you’ll love Estonia though – the women are HOT HOT HOT – if you like long legged blonds that is – I know almost nobody but me does.

    Kepp up the good work and don’t let those Danish bikers get your ass.

  • Lene

    Oh my god! I’m so sorry. On behalf of all female danes (or partly female) I deeply apologize.

    We should really get out more.

    I do believe we are a bit varmer in the summertime – on the beach – in our bikinis.

    Basicly I guess we all need to atend a summerclass in flirtatous, warm manners.

    We will improve – I promise – please come back

  • Beowulf

    You are so spot on about the group cohesion thing. Biggest cockblocker in Denmark.

  • blert

    My niece ( HB10 ) spent a semester picking up Danish — from scratch — while living embedded in an exchange home.

    Her story: the bar scene is not used. The country is so small/ provincial that the culture never adopted American norms.

    Like Iceland, it’s pretty much a city-state. The countryside is a wholly different ethos.

    In any event, if you’re a HB7 or better… talent is at hand… far from the bar.

    Beyond even that, Denmark is a full-booze-flowing zone.

    They hand out near beer to children like it’s the water of life.

    This is one of the reasons for the culture of both Iceland and Denmark.


    While off topic – – this might amuse:

    Moscow and Kiev were both founded by Vikings — traveling the riverine systems of Russia ( itself a Nordic term ) en route to Constantinople and back.

    Who says so? Moscow State University! They’ve dug up the oldest tombs of the Tsars –and they are laden with Runic objects, circa the tenth century. (ish)

    It seems that both cities were established because they were, like Akron, Ohio, critical river nodes. Kiev is the site of rapids — which impelled the locals to help out the Vikings ( in trade ) who needed to continue up river.

    Moscow is also a node, like Akron, that permits one to jump from one watershed to the next. ( Subsequently, everyone from Peter the Great to Stalin has embellished that connection. )

    After a century of marriages, the Slav bloodlines entirely swamped the Vikings — to the point that they went native.

    As for Europe…

    The Norse/Danes were the scourge of God in the tenth and eleventh centuries.


    They stumbled upon natural iron ore deposits — in the peat bogs of the area. Crazy, no?

    It turns out that dilute iron, up the hill, washes out into solution, and then congeals in the reducing environment of peat bogs in the flats.

    Such deposits still exist.

    All that you have to do is dry out the peat — in a bonfire — and by morning you’ve got a slug of glowing iron, a boule, at the base of your fire — whether you intended it or not. (!)

    THIS is the explanation for Viking success: they had much more iron weapons than anyone else — per capita.


    They went on to dominate coastal France: William the Bastard — became William the Conqueror. ( 1066 )

    Subsequently, Norse bloodlines run across Europe, entire.


    Roosh: don’t get these fellas going Alpha. Look at the track record.

  • Dins

    @ Lene,

    Attend flirting classes? Erm, no… Just get in touch with your feminine side, and don’t take yourself all too serious. 😉

    It really -is- true that us Danes have a tendency to jump to conclusions, instead of just ping-ponging as the conversation flows back and forth. To not show vulnerability, we call out what we consider bullshit right away, when it’s really just flirting.

    My advice to Danish women; Let your guard down. Showing femininity will not get you hustled. It will not land you fewer high-profile jobs, even though this is a very commom prejudice. It will not get you taken less serious.

    Playing the differences between the sexes, the subtle, elegant way, will, in fact, get you further and give you an egde, compared to the competitors, whether we’re talking at the office or when it comes to men.

    Oh, and I just saw an interview with a Danish actor living in New York, who has an American wife. The headline was something along the lines of ‘Danish women need to be more feminine/get better at flirting’. Couldn’t help but chuckle a bit… 😉

  • Beowulf

    @25 Blert

    If Denmark is so small, why does the bar scene work in picking up girls in even smaller countries like Estonia?

  • blert

    Estonia, per se, has been subsumed into Russia.

    Not surprisingly, this entails a LOT of bitterness.

    Stalin invaded Estonia and forced Russians to re-locate there, like it or not.

    Now, their descendants don’t want to leave.

    In any event, Estonia has lost its culture to the Communists — a long time ago.


  • j

    man, these posts about Denmark have me laughing my ass off. It truly sounds like a nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone had any experience with Finnish women? I’ve only ever met one group of them on study abroad, and they were all absolute bombshells. Well dressed, 9-10/10 faces and bodies, with friendly personalities to match.

    Caught me off guard because I was expecting half Scandinavian/half Russian personality traits, i.e. raging feminists with a cold and awkward social presence unless shitfaced drunk. When I commented about it to my Swedish friend who introduced us he nonchalantly said they were pretty typical Finnish girls.

    If even 10% of Finnish women are like these chicks I’m booking a plane ticket ASAP.

  • Pingback: An Open Letter to Men’s Rights Activists | THE UNIVERSITY OF MAN()

  • Mighty-torpedo

    @ 30
    well, i used to live Finland 4 years and something and actually it’s a beautiful country with thousand od islands and lakes but only 2 months of summer, the place so cold that even russians gave up and gave them independence, beside the weather, let me tell you about the people and the culture, social life and of course getting banged those bombshells, well. 1st finns are so honest that if you lose your at most over crowded place with full of cash and all, surely you will get it back safe all you need is to inform the nearest police station and then u’ll get it back that’s how honest they are, 2nd the culture is godamn retard and i still dont get it it’s more like swedish culture mixed with russian, they drink so much and when they get wasted is their time to socialise with out alcohol there’s no such thing called normal talk not even short talk, i mean even when you are in public transport you ‘ll be mistaken that you are a funeral or something, the entire nation is silence and this is totally depressing that’s why finns have the highest suicide rate in western countries.3rd is more like 2nd they are just same, but here is what you want to know 4rd…oh my God being to holland and being to sweden but dammit Finland is the pussy paradise for foreigner men, i swear you dont even need a game to fuck a finn hot babe, being a foreigner would suffice and just like Roosh mentioned finns women are more like danes but when it comes fucking they are more slutish than all sort of women i ever seen. if you want to bang finn then make your booking asap and you will be thankful for my info, but be warned bro. # dont talk politics, dont critise their country, they just cant stand criticism, talking shit about race is ok since and anti gay jokes since 80% are xenophobic and homophobic BUT MOST IMPORTANT WATCH YOUR BACK BRO, CAUSE FINNS DUDES ARE THE MOST JEALOUS DUDES IN THE ENTIRE HEMISPHERE some of my friends get badly beaten cause they were banging finns birds…anyway good luck and welcome to scandinavian-pussy-paradise.

    P.S hope roosh will visit there sometime.

  • Anonymous

    @32 Mighty-torpedo

    What country are you from and what’s your ethnicity?

    From the sound of things, it seems my impression of Finnish women is correct.

  • Anders

    First off: To me, Roosh seems misogynistic and like he only wants to use women for sex and to denigrate them so he can feel superior. My motivation was love, and love is the greatest feeling you could ever have. Roosh and I seem to have completely different values.

    Nevertheless, I agree with many of his observations. I DON’T agree that Danish women are ugly. I believe Scandinavian women in general are among the most beautiful women in the world. The one thing I don’t like about their looks is this current fashion where everybody dress like it’s 1985 (guys included). Yuk!

    I have met many wonderful women in Denmark, and MANY Danish women are not like I’m about to describe, but in general I do agree that Danish women are stuck-up, bossy, manipulative, arrogant, disrespectful, impossible to please, and bad at flirting, and they get offended no matter what you do. They have misinterpreted the feminists’ desire for EQUALITY to mean that women have to be in charge, and that they can treat men like shit.

    I’ve only read Roosh’s comments about Denmark, not his comments about other countries, but if he had a lot of success in many other countries and not Denmark, doesn’t that say something?

    I have lived in four different countries (I currently live in Spain), and I’ve never before lived a place where it has been so difficult to get women to respond to text messages, pick up the phone or just take ANY form of initiative to meet up as in Copenhagen. I’m not just generalising after one bad experience, and I’ve met many people with the same experiences as me. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been ignored or have been told lies, gibberish or lame excuses (which is lies too). It’s fair enough that you lose interest (it happens to me too), but it’s not fair if you tell or show it in this way.
    Yes, I’m bitter and angry because I “didn’t get any”, but I’m more bitter that Danish women think this type of behaviour is perfectly acceptable. I hear the same thing over and over from Danes who’ve met foreign women, Danes who move to other countries, and foreigners who move to Denmark: Danish women are impossible.
    The Danes who say Danish women are great and easy should go to for instance Southern Europe or Latin America and see how “romantic”, open to meeting strangers, and eager to take initiative women are there. Other Danish people also say that moving from other parts of Denmark to Copenhagen makes it more difficult to meet women (and apparently women find it more difficult to meet guys there as well).

    The worst thing that could EVER happen to ANY woman (and ESPECIALLY in Denmark) is that she appears slutty or desperate. In Copenhagen, she would rather go home alone than risk that maaaaaybe it would look awkward if she came onto someone or that she told a joke that wasn’t funny. Yes, they act like robots that cannot choose another programming.
    I’m good looking, but I can count on one hand the number of Danish women who have approached me throughout my entire life. That good-looking Joakim guy on that spot on Go’ Morgen Danmark said the same thing. I’ve only gone to clubs a few times in Spain, but nevertheless I’ve already been approached several times here.

    Yes, I was needy and desperate when I lived in Copenhagen, and nobody wants somebody like that, but the women there were much worse than any other place I’ve ever lived (including other parts of Denmark). The women in Copenhagen don’t look for the potential in guys – they want somebody who is already 100 % perfect, otherwise it’s over immediately. Danish radio did a spot a few years ago, and had women mention some deadly sins on a date. Here’s a sample: 1. Asking to split the bill. 2. Touching an orifice (this meant, putting a finger in your eye or ear or adjusting your boxer shorts). 3. Showing up in ugly shoes (and what exactly is ugly shoes?). If you did any of these (and there were several other “sins”), it was over between you and her IMMEDIATELY! They said this verbatim!

    Danish women lose interest on a whim and never tell us about it. Then we call them several times and send them text messages, and they simply ignore us. They apparently think this is perfectly acceptable, and that they’re the talk of the town, but they’re gonna end up being 40 year old bitter, lonely beings. Their demands are impossible to meet, and they are impossible to figure out.

    If you call her for the first time after three days, you’re desperate. If you call the next girl for the first time after three days, you’re too distant. If you call instead of sending a text message, you’re aggressive and desperate. If you send her a text message instead of calling, you’re not serious.
    Are they the first to call or text you after exchanging numbers? No. Do they call or text you after you’ve spoken on the phone once or twice? No. Do they suggest that you meet? No. Do they say yes when you suggest that you meet? No. Do they tell you the truth about why they don’t want to see you, even if you ask them to? No. Do they ask you if you can change instead of dumping you right away? No. Will they admit they were the ones who fucked this up? No.
    Do they get scared if you say or show you like them? Yes. Do they tell you that, whoops, they actually have a boyfriend when you call or text them? Yes (if they don’t ignore you instead). Do they ignore you if they lose interest or remember that they actually had a boyfriend when they gave you their number? Yes. Do they give you their number even if they have no intention of ever seeing you again? Yes. Do they give you a fake number instead of just saying they’re not interested? Yes. Do they string you along with false hopes? Yes. Do they prefer to give lame excuses or tell lies rather than tell the truth? Yes. Do they play games that they don’t tell us how works? Yes. Do they believe this type of behaviour is perfectly acceptable? HELL YES! Do they say it’s your fault that they act like this? HELL YES!
    The bottom line is: They want us to be mind readers. If we don’t take initiative, they dump/ignore us for being weak. If we DO take initiative, they dump/ignore us for being aggressive and needy.

    And yes, Danish men are wimps. They let women act as they please and let them control everything. If we don’t do this, we are not “getting any”, as Roosh discovered. Why is “gaming” so big in the US and Scandinavia? Apparently because the women here are worse than anywhere else. Women are always in charge of sex and relationships, and men follow them blindly like lemmings. Men are to blame too.
    Roosh trash American girls too. I’ve exchanged numbers with four American girls. They all responded and called back (CALLED, not texted). I had sex with one of them. Four people is not basis for a statistic but nevertheless, American girls showed themselves to be better: a 100 % call-back rate.

    Living in Spain and having been to Iran a couple of times have taught me that in general Danes don’t know who they are as a people, nor as individuals. If you ask a Spaniard or an Italian: “What is Spanish/Italian culture and Spanish/Italian cuisine, and what do people do for fun in Spain/Italy?”, he will tell you a lot right away, and he’ll be proud of it. Ask a Dane the same questions about Denmark, and he will have no idea what to respond. We don’t have much culture, tradition or history in Denmark, and what we do have we don’t give a shit about. That is why everybody there loves American pop culture, and why half of the vocabulary of Danish youngsters is English: We want to be somebody else, because we have no idea who we are. Paradoxically, Danes are both indifferent and perfectionists (myself included), so by definition they can never be happy, as nothing will ever be perfect.
    In Scandinavia we have all the freedom you could ever wish for, but freedom also comes with a price. Danish women are spoiled and think they can get everything they want: You have to look like Brad Pitt, and you have to live the life of Brad Pitt. Otherwise, they dump you. They think they know what they want from a guy, but they don’t tell us about it, and then two minutes later they change their mind. AND they never say what THEY are willing to give!
    As the comedian Torben Chris said in the spot on Go’morgen Danmark: Even if you’re discussing a fact with a Danish woman she will never admit that just maaaaybe she’s wrong. As he also said, the only thing the panel on that show basically disagreed with was the looks of Danish women.

    To me, it’s no coincidence that my fiancé is not Danish. I’m glad I never have to deal with Danish women again.

  • Johnny

    Well i been in Denmark as well and i been in other european countries too.

    – Well, what can i say: Danish girls got very very few what attractive woman has. They quite arrogant, feminine and STUPID!! :DD.

    Got really bad sense of humor. They do not get jokes !! only danish… c’mon! :DD they act: Serious and Cool always and everywhere. The way they look i’d give 4 out of 10.

    – Dumpy famers daughters… TOTALY! :DD

  • Thomas

    It’s pretty obvious that ALL of you, practically, are quite ignorant. You judge Copenhagen from visiting ALONE (Or not accompanied by Danish guys). THEREFORE, you don’t visit the right places. Let me assure you that there are plente of hot girls in Scandinavia. They’re hottest in Norway and Sweden, but they’re most ‘slutty’ in Denmark, and there are a lot of pretty girls too.

    Danes between 13 and 17 have the WORLD record in drinking, and they’re not exactly cutting down when they’re 18-19-20 years old. YOUR MAIN MISTAKE IS: you go to bars! Of course, if you’re 30, you have no other option, I guess (or you do, but it’s difficult), but if you’re, let’s say -25, then go the right clubs. Ask some locals, they’ll give you some tips. I PROMISE you that by dancing with a Danish girl, you’ll get a kiss within 15 seconds from initiation, 30 if she’s hard to get.

    I’m from NY, so I’m not just some cocky Dane…

  • Anonymous

    Haha, you have no idea what you are talking about. This sounds like Germany or some other place on earth. Clearly you have no idea how to get laid by a hot Danish girl.

  • Harry

    I have lived in almost 11 countries for long time (around 2 years in each)
    I can Brazilian girls are best and most easy to approach.
    And DANISH girls are most worst, stupid and can’t be approached at all.
    I am still in Denmark for last 9 months and lo luck with any girl. What the Fuck !

  • Christoffer

    I totally agree with Thomas and i’m from Denmark. It really does depend on where you go. Harry i don’t know how old you are, but if you are looking for a good club to pick up danish girls, and you look okay, visit “kulør bar” near the metro station “konges Nytorv”. It is important that you visit before 23.00 or else it will be full and you will have to stay in queue for at least a hour or so. every Thursday a lot of schoolgirls (18-22 years old) visit kulørbar, and the best place to get them turned on is definetly on the dancefloor,(you can definetly go for a kiss here if they are turned on(look in their eyes you will see)). if you get the kiss, ask if they want to go get some air. it is important to get away from friends and stuff, makes it a lot easier.

    If u didn’t get the kiss it doesnt mean they are not into you maybe they are just shy, so ask them if they want to go buy a drink, and do NOT pay for their drink. this is where you leave the trash or where get to the next step. If they want to pay for their own drink then they are interested in more than just talking… if they don’t want to, leave them, or try ask if they want get some air. In Denmark we understand that like, lets go to a place outside where there is not so many people around. I dont know if you understood this, i’m pretty bad at english.

  • Michel Thomas

    Danish women are the most arrogant and stupid worldwide. Their punishment will fall on their equally stupid country. Lack of sufficient procreation and eventual disappearance. And, good riddance.

  • Whateverthewether

    Ok i just want to say omg what a bunch of arrogant idiots you guys are yourselve! Just because you cant let your masculinity rule the whole place. Come on grow up little boys.
    Infact they are not rude but YOU are.
    And dont comment on my bad spelling just listen to the fact.
    What you guys support is sexism. Seriosly how can you go to bed at night.

  • Backinbusiness

    Interesting stuff to read over here… But actually, I totally disagree.

    I’m a guy from Amsterdam, living/studying in Denmark for about half a year now. Never before did I sleep with pretty girls so easily. Indeed, it helps to tell them how welcome you feel here – and how well organized Denmark is etc. Practicing your first Danish sentences on them is also a good one.

    From my experience, the pretty Danish girls have such a huge amount of confidence in themselves. Several times I just got approached by them, standing in the corner of a CLUB. Being good looking made them come to you, and If you’re nice, slightly interesting, slightly ‘mysterious/foreign’ and have a good apartment in the city (WALK/BIKE DISTANCE!) – they will join you without any hesitation.

    After spending the night with about 6/7 Danish girls now, I can say 1 thing: I’ve never met such kinky open-minded women anywhere. They share their fantasies, half of them had lesbian experiences, they don’t give a shit about safe sex, they talk dirty (even better when you don’t understand a single word of it), they don’t mind barely being in touch afterwards and 2 of them even brought up their interest in anal sex during a one night stand. O and they like being dominated.

    I’m surprised by Danish women in a positive way… wonder how our experiences can be SO different. Have to say I’m quite a different type… I’m the kind of guy who admits loving romantic movies, makes them breakfast on bed and has more shoes than most of those girls have. I am – how arrogant that may sound – tall, good looking and well-spoken. That’s pretty important, since I’ve seen many handsome and stylish Danish guys around as well.

    Other important note: I don’t live in Copenhagen, but in another big city. I’ve heard the people in CPH are quite different/arrogant etc.

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  • Danish are awful

    I TRIED to get w/ a Danish guy. Absolutely horrible. And by get, I mean just to sleep w/ him/ a one-night stand. He played games, ignored me, disrespected me, and left me with nothing. I’m a VERY good looking woman, I can get any guy I want….except for him. I did’t even want a relationship, I just wanted him to bang my brains out b/c I thought he was attractive: tall, blonde, blue-eyed, gorgeous and I failed miserably. I don’t think I ever worked so hard for sex in my entire life! How awful.

    So he flirted with me at first, but then when I proceeded to flirt with him, he started to ignore me. Wouldn’t answer to any of my sexual advances. Wtf? Any other American guy would be all over me. I swear.

    One minute he was nice to me, the next minute he was a total jerk. I hate their games. They’re not worth the trouble, one is better off going w/ a REAL MAN from another, better country.

    My conclusion is that he was probably racist, if you weren’t tall, blonde, blue-eyed you had no shot with him. I’m medium height, brunette…so as you can imagine.

    But honestly, if you aren’t interested in a woman, PLEASE just politely say “I don’t want to, stop” and I will back away immediately…instead of playing hot and cold, confusing me and making me feel worse about myself.

    I tried to date another Danish guy; similar story. Rude, disrespectful, fake, and nasty. He was seeing multiple women at the same time, particularly a pornstar and had serious hate against black people. He would sometimes text me and never respond to my questions.

    Danish men are disgusting. I don’t know about the women…but from the sounds of this, they sound pretty bad as well. The whole country is messed up. I guess that’s what happens when you try to make two things (men and women) become equal when they clearly are not!

  • 24601

    ^u mad bro?

  • APB

    Oh yeah, she be mad.

    No, more like IRATE. She is IRATE for getting rejected stone cold while trying to pursue…yet, he’s the one playing games.


  • beta_plus

    @45 Danish are awful – As a half-danish man, I want to believe you, but I’m not just sure. The behavior you describe is, while not unheard of, rather unusual in Danes. It certainly doesn’t jibe with Roosh’s book about Denmark.

    Plenty of Danish men go for brunettes since they are from a country where they aren’t so common (kind of the flip of everyone else obsessing about scando blondes). Lots of them like Asian chicks, too. My Danish cousin married a stunning black east african woman. That being said, the allegations of Danish racism are quite true, but certainly would be ignored by most Danish men if simply sex was on the table. Danish racism has nothing to do with banging girls of other races – it’s not the Nazi racial purity kind. They simply don’t want to pay for those girls of other races kids through the welfare state and would rather not live among those other races’ cultures. But having sex with other races’ women is not a big deal.

    I noticed that you brought up height, which is obviously why you were attracted to both of these Danes. I suspect that this is the source of your anger. You need to realize that Scandinavia and the Netherlands have a control on male height that rivals OPEC’s control of oil, which is the physical characteristic of men ALL women value the most and the one female physical characteristic men couldn’t care less about (if a girl is hot but taller than me I’ll still happily have sex with her and I have – tough it does make doggy style sex awkward – only reason why I would prefer an equivalently pretty girl shorter than me if one was available). When Danish men travel to other countries, what used to be really difficult at home tends to become much easier since male height is a much scarcer commodity in those local sexual market places. If both of these Danes were as tall as you imply, chances are they were simply being swarmed with opportunities and you just couldn’t compete with the other opportunities. I very much doubt eye or hair color (well, unless your hair is gray) or even race had much to do with it. The other girl(s) probably just had prettier faces and better bodies than you. They were acting no differently that you would in Toronto or Copenhagen and probably just using you as a way to get back at all of the women who had sexually manipulated and rejected them over the years, especially if you were being as aggressive as you claim.

    Even the Onion spotted this 10 years ago.,1470/

  • WOW

    So, 45, someone is racist for not wanting to sleep with you? Also, rude, disrespectful, fake, and nasty, EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT WESTERN GIRLS! LOL

  • @45

    “I’m a VERY [bitchy] woman, I can get any guy I want”

    lol From a black guy, you sound like the typical attractive, attention-whoring, spoiled, self-entitled American black woman. The worst of the worst. I’m sure he was just turned off by your ‘look at me, I’m so pretty!’ vibe and your terrible personality.

    P.S. I went out with a pretty attractive, tall, blonde, blue-eyed Danish au pair last night. She was beyond pleasant.

  • Some guy

    Well, Denmark is an GREAT COUNTRY, but it`s also AWKWARD.

    It`s the only country were you can get rejected by girls although you have a Ferrari, but you can get hot girls if you have a bicycle.

    I must say that Copenhagen girls are damn tough to approach, but fortunately in other cities girls are much easier to approach (still, they are colder than in the rest of the Europe).

    I`m a average looking guy, average height (170cm), and slender towards athletic.

    I don`t want to look arrogant or something like that, but I have money.
    Still, this does not always guarantee a success with women.

    My advices to everyone who wants to be in a relationship with a danish woman:
    1. Be confident, but not overly manly.
    2. Be nice
    3. Be sincere
    4. Don`t be an arrogant person
    5. Of course, women will love to be approved always, even when they are 100% wrong. Approving all the things she says and approving that her country is the greatest country on the face of the Earth will get you were you want.

    One thing is very very odd in Denmark.
    Here, girls think they are insulted if you offer to pay their bill or if you offer to help them.

    That being said, in Copenhagen I have been treated with extreme arrogance and contempt by most of the girls I tried to pick up.

    And believe me, I`m always nice and polite to girls.
    That being said, I did managed finally to pick up 2 very hot girls in Copenhagen, but it was an uphill battle.

    In other cities, I had no problem picking up nice danish girls.
    One time I have been picked up by a beautiful girl. And I was on foot.

    I love that danish girls are very kinky once you get in bed with them, and being piss drunk every night and one night stands are seen as something normal for them.

    Another thing that is quite odd, is that in other European countries I just have to be seen getting out of my 458 Italia and the hot girls in the club/bar would make circles around me.
    I swear to God, I hooked up with insanely hot girls just by getting out of the car, going to a hot girl and starting the “game” with a simple hi.

    Here, the situation is very different.
    People look awkwardly at me and I almost feel ashamed by driving the car.

    I have only been in European countries because I travel exclusively by car, as I`m scared to death by planes and boats, and I don`t like trains either.
    So I can not tell how the situation is in other parts of the world.

    OVERALL, Denmark is a beautiful country.
    Different, but beautiful.

  • lilredrooster

    Roosh, I would say you’ve misunderstood things.

    Without question Danish people are easily the friendliest people in Europe, and Danish girls are among the most beautiful in the world. But the population of Denmark is small, compared to many other countries. It is reasonable then to expect that Danes, particularly the women, would want to resist having the bonds of their culture diminished or influenced by people outside their country.

    The generosity of the people of Denmark has been extended to people from other less fortunate countries with the undesirable after effect that Copenhagen is now covered with graffiti, people now have to lock their bicycles (a thing unknown when I first visited here years ago), while the trash that they have taken in from the continue to eat, house, and live off of public assistance – while maintaining the culture and lifestyle of the POS countries that they abandoned.

    It’s a credit to the forbearance of the Danish people that they continue to accommodate this, but not surprising at all that Danish women, intelligently in my opinion, for the most part elect to keep said trash (I could be generous and call the “foreigners”) sector from invading the inner bastions of their culture.

    Whereas I have to say I found some of your comments amusing, I also find it curious that you seem to expect that Danish women will let someone like you into their inner sanctum, their lives, just so you can turn around and glorify your exploits – and innermost feelings of satisfaction – to a bunch of other males. That’s just plain weird, dude.

    Anyway, have a nice day, I’m having one in Copenhagen!

  • Director

    That’s right on spot article Roosh! This is what I exactly experienced with the ladies in denmark, logistics problem but tried all the flirting game ways to get laid (hipster, intelligent, shy, stupid, sexy, cool, anything) and actually succeeded in the end with the barmaid chick in the pub after 8 hours waiting her shift end at 6am, hahaha! and afterwards I realized that she was Lithuanian! Lol!

  • Gry

    Well, Roosh, I guess you managed to create a good debate; there is nothing wrong with that. I’m a danish girl from Copenhagen, and I don’t want to deny everything; yes (SOME) of us are arrogant. But it’s the danes as a whole – maybe, if you ever thought of reflecting a little bit more (on what you’re actually experiencing with your anthropological “games” around the world) then you might understand that the reason danish people drink so much, is because we’re terribly awkward. We’re awkward – and many of us are shy, covering it with this arrogance your talking about – as hell. This I base on a lifelong experience of being a dane living among danes. What do you base your thoughts on?

    And does being shy/awkward make a person stupid? No. It’s just kind of sad. So pity the danes, but don’t talk trash about them. I’ve lived for a while in latin-america and it’s a whole other way of flirting. Danish people are not very good at letting loose, and that’s why we need to drink – or that’s my thoughts about it. But a lot of us do like guys who doesn’t immediately just nod to what we’re saying. A lot of danish girls like foreign guys exactly because they don’t keep this “beta”-game style. And I really don’t think they all care that much about logistics if they want to get laid. Danish girls want to get laid just as much as danish guys; at least most of them – and here I am basing this on quite a large range of my girl-friends (all from Copenhagen!)

    So, Roosh, if you want to speak up, please do, but get your research down. Come back when you thought about this:

    1. Base it on a lot more than ONE FUCKING CITY. And in general talking about people as if variations doesn’t exist is just plain weird. It’s horrible too; I hope you do know that thats the same retoric Hitler used? But all danish girls are the same homogenic size, of course…

    2. In general get your strange logic up to date. Kind of weird saying that if someone doesn’t want to fuck you, they must be stupid. Worst argument in the world.

    3. Eat a cracker and STOP WHINING. Most of the comments here is just generalizing about ALL girls in ALL countries based on frustrations with very FEW experiences. The only reason I think girls are playing games is to protect themselves from the games you obviously all play from various handbooks and Roosh here, to get them into bed; and ditch them afterwards? So it’s a bad circle. You play games, we play games. And am I understanding correctly that these woman are being called stupid for not wanting to get hurt? Based on the well known fact that woman DO GET ATTACHED much quicker?

    I guess I shouldn’t be debating this topic, because i’m just an over-opiniated danish girl debating an over-opiniated guy. Probably just implying that I am
    a human-being thinking and being more complex than “yes I want to fuck” or “no, ditto” and a girl at the same time…

  • gas3453

    Danish girls (and Scandinavian girls in general) seem to be so much more beautiful than in any other part of the world. I would expect them to not be “easy catches”. You SHOULD have to work for that kind of beauty.


    Personal experience. They smile at guys riding bikes in the park.

  • Anon

    Anon-kun here!
    I found your reply somehow funny (in a good way).

    “You play games, we play games.”

    Everyone plays games and then complain when things don’t go “right” (yeah, if I might ask, according to whom?). Well, life is not a game, so… fuck you people, I’m going home single and tired of games.


  • Ribbzzy

    Roosh, I think your trying too hard mate. Women can spot a man on the pull a mile away, and from what ive experienced, that is a massive turn off for women. Ive been in Denamrk 2 years, and LOVE Danish women. They are generally intelligent, ambitious, and damn sexy. Ive had nothing but luck, same when I lived in Holland. Ive been told so many times, ‘your accent is so nice to listen to’, so thats the start, the rest is up to you, but the more eager your are to get a lady back to your house, and letting her see that, the more chance you got of going home and pulling your plonker on your own infront of the playboy channel

  • joe

    honestly fuck danish girls, I have had it with their bullshit, never in my life have I experienced such arrogance as in danish girls. They seriously live on a pedestal higher than mount everest. And their personalities are so dry and boring that, after you got the girl you thought were so perfect, you’re just like… Wtf. My advice to any foreign guy, and even Danish guy. Find a foreign girl. Because danish girls are not worth the fight. It’s about time they cut their shallow bullshit and get down from their pedestal

  • john

    I got laid within about 2 days of being in Denmark. It was easy because I wasn’t trying to deceive anyone, there is no way to contrive that stuff and come across genuine. Maybe you’re just a sleazebag with no charm or ability with women- have you ever considered that? Talking about pursuing women as ‘game’ is creepy as fuck and you sound like you have some real issues.

  • Hank MoHank

    Young bloods, this writer is a loser, who will soon be some 40 something still single or divorced rebounder. This guy’s attitude is Exactly what gives Americans a bad name in some places.. Read and learn how not to be.

  • Know your place, dickhead

    Or maybe you just know shit.

  • Out of your league

    Wouldn’t help. What he need, is a total redo of his face. Maybe then he’ll have a chance

  • Out of your league

    Or maybe they’re just not stupid sluts, jumping on every ugly joe coming by. I’m not saying he’s ugly, I’m just saying he weren’t lucky with the face he’s born with.

  • Out of your league

    Doesn’t really give him a good reputation, and considered danes aren’t stupid.. Well.. He lost the game.

  • Out of your league

    “Hey look at me. I can’t pick up girls with dignity, so I’m going for the cheaper ones”
    Says more about you, doesn’t it? I’m sorry you couldn’t take the challenge. At least the Scandinavian girls doesn’t have to bother with trash like you.

  • Danish pastry

    You’ve been to the wrooong places, dude. Not a hint of truth, in what you’re writing.

  • Out of your league

    Thank you for avoiding Denmark.
    Finally all you desperate Neanderthal of men understands that Danish women are not interested in your unsanitary, seedy appearance, but prefer men with brains and their appearance in order.
    So please keep your ass in countries with women without dignity, which are easy to trick or pay for. The absolutely best would be you stayed at home, in your own country, and stopped bothering women worldwide, with your lies, deceit and unpleasant behavior.
    As long as you cry over defeat, you’re not ready for the game. The challenge is simply too hard for you to bear.

  • Sincerely, your dignity

    Oh dear. Please find yourself some dignity. This low level of a man – along with lots of his readers – aren’t woth anyones time. It’s a game. They’re not really interested in you!
    Keep your dignity in order, and find someone who’s NOT a lowlife hobo.

  • Axic

    This article is one sided. Denmark is full of beautiful girls, left and right. Trust me I live in Copenhagen. And that is one of the reasons I stayed. If you like shallow American hogs you’re in the wrong place. Danish girls are gorgeous, smart, quirky, and charming. Of course there are ugly people everywhere but the women in Denmark are definitely definitely not ugly and outnumbered. You just went to the wrong places :)