How To Pick Up Girls On The Street

1. Consider another venue. Yes, the first step to picking up on the street is asking yourself why you want to pick up on the street. It’s the hardest venue, hands down, meaning every other day venue you can imagine is easier. Is there a mall or retail shop nearby? Coffee shop? Grocery store? Hell, even a Walmart will be easier. Street game will be the first venue you want to try, though it really should be the last because of its difficulty level. The only time it’s “easy” is when you’re in a foreign country and can act like a confused tourist.

2. Research a good spot. For most cities, the best time to do day approaches are Saturday afternoons. In college towns it’s the opposite where weekday afternoons are superior. Use your eyes to determine when you usually see lone women walking around. Pick a street or park that has at least one cute woman walking by every five minutes or so. You don’t want dense squares that are jam packed with people, because the force of the crowd will make a conversation uncomfortable for her. Once you find a good spot, camp out in a discreet area and wait for an attractive women to walk by. This method is far easier than walking around aimlessly in the hopes of finding women. Find a good spot in your city and master it.

3. When a cute girl walks by, follow her until she hits a Don’t Walk signal. This may take a few blocks of stalking. The logic behind this method, especially for you day game newbs, is to talk to girls who are already stopped because it has a higher chance of leading to conversation than trying to stop them while in movement. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stop girls, but it will be harder, especially if she’s walking fast. If you’re smart, you’ll choose to spit “lazy street game” by finding a bench next to a sidewalk. In that case just open her as she walks by while you’re seated enjoying a Big Gulp. This is my preferred method for both the street and mall.

4. Ask her where you can find a pet shop. I’ve tried a couple dozen of street openers and this one is the best. It’s weird, different, and takes some brainpower to answer, forcing the girl to snap out of whatever she’s thinking about to digest your question. Most often the girl will say “No, sorry.” This is when you step up to the plate and unleash mountains of ramble.

5. Ramble until you can ramble no more. Tell her how hard it is to find a pet shop. Give her a reason why you’re looking for one (to buy some fish, a cat, or a dog). Give a reason why you asked her instead of someone else (“you look like an animal person”). For two tough minutes, you will be talking about nothing but pets and pet stores, making it up as you go along, warming up the girl in the process for a more personal chat. Pet ramble is necessary to get her into a social mood where she is more likely to show interest in what comes next.

6. Drop big bait. Your first big bait will be, “When I was in blah, it was easy to find pet shops. But here it’s very difficult.” If she doesn’t mind that statement, give off another sentence or two about the place you were in and how it’s different. Make general comparisons between cities and use what she gives you to continue the conversation. If you’re a foreigner, mention how you “just moved” to the city and are trying to “learn the local culture.”

7. If you stall, hit her with the “don’t seem like” line. I guarantee you will stall because on the street girls don’t give you much to work with. If you hit a speed bump after two minutes of pet shop conversation and after dropping your first piece of big bait, say, “By the way, you don’t seem like you’re from here.” Now you can “guess” where she’s from based on something she’s wearing, her accent, or the style of her hair. Does she ask you where your from, or at least show some interest? Great, then go from there. But after all this if she doesn’t help you with the conversation, then she’ll probably end it soon.

8. Get her number. If you successfully got out of pet shop talk, she’s standing there with a half-smile on her face, and she asked you a personal question, you’re in the clear to get her number. Exchange information like age and name, ask her where she usually hangs out, then suggest a drink meetup. While you can get a street number after only five minutes, you want to push towards at least 10 minutes if you want a date out of it. This means approaching girls who are at least walking slow and in no rush to get anywhere. If she’s really into you, tell her you were about to grab a smoothie and if she wants to join you.

I don’t bother with street game unless I’m in a foreign country, where it’s ten times easier to pick up due to my shockingly confused foreigner status, but it’s possible your home city may not have many day options besides street game. In that case, do chunks of at least five street approaches at a time. The difficulty of this approach means you will definitely need a one or two approach warm-up until the ramble starts flowing. No man is born with the ability to ramble about pets and pet stores. If I don’t do a pet store opener in a couple weeks, my ramble on the first approach is horrid even though I’ve done this a million times.

The joy of this opener comes after you fuck a girl when she asks you, “So, were you really looking for a pet store?” Once I even had a girl say, “My mom doesn’t think you were really shopping for a kitten.” The fact that she will tell everyone about your unique pet store approach keeps you on her mind and increases the chances she will go out with you on a first date. Your approach can actually be a great conversation topic on the date since you can “update” her on your pet search status.

The above street game article was 1,100 words. My day game book, Day Bang, is 75,000 words, with 18 pages alone on street approaching with an additional 183 pages that teach you how to approach, ramble, drop big bait, and close. If you want to learn how to effectively pick up women during the day, click here to learn more about my book.

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  • Transmillenium

    What about Dangerous cities?

  • V V

    Another good one is go out with cheap camera and ask girls to take pictures of you for a dating site profile, your mom, grandma, whatev. if they’re into it, maybe ask if you can take a pic with her so that you can tell your mom you have a gf. have fun and lot’s of laughs when doing it.

    alternatively, you can ask retarded questions, ideally about her, which work equally fine if you are coming across as relaxed and natural. are you a security guard (if she’s standing in front of the doors), are you here for the conference?, i lost my golden medalion – have u seen it?, anything is fine as long it is not logical.

    i’ve done it in nyc only which is awesome for day game. the more naive dumbass and spoiled mama’s boy i play the better results i get. maybe because it’s disarming and they let their guard down. then once they’re comfortable with you, get their number or bounce to a different location. then you let your naughty side shine with sexual innuendos and prolonged silences and all that.

    i’m getting nostalgic for this shit.

    agree that street pickup is toughest but it allows you to grow pair of balls the size of watermelons. after that you are scared of nothing.

  • Wolf

    While this can work it isn’t optimal because you have to either follow her several blocks or talk to her while sitting and she’s standing with growing pressure for her to walk away while wondering why you’re blathering away about pets. I’ve found it infinitely more effective to go direct, Stop her with, “Excuse me, you have a fantastic sense of style and I think you’re very attractive and I wanted to meet you.”. She will be surprised, flattered, and immediately attracted to your ballsiness. Then spit game and lead her to a coffee shop or Froyo for an instadate.

  • Phillip

    I always prefer:

    “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

  • samseau

    Street game is rough. Most girls respond to the pet shop opener with confusion, and rambling your way out of pet shop talk is super difficult.

    I don’t like Street game.

  • Basil Ransom

    I was just thinking about trying this out. I was at a park near my house this past weekend, sitting at a bench working on my laptop. Their was almost no traffic, but if you sat there for a couple hours, you’d see several cute girls pass.

    IMO, the side-walk adjacent bench seems like your best bet. But not a bus bench. Somewhere you could plausibly lounge and read comfortably.

    Something I noticed is that after you’ve gotten past the first meeting, when there’s a lull in conversation, you’ll revert to talking about the thing that brought you together. That might mean talking about your work, the local bar scene, a sports league, etc. Pull this one off, and you guys’ll keep talking about street game. Not a bad deal at all.

  • 20th Level

    Me and my squad call them streelt pulls. We prefer to do it at night in a busy nightlife area where chicks are leaving a bar or walking from one bar to another. When doing this style of pulling I have found direct game works best. When my game was at an all time high I’ve gone from zero to the bed in under 30 mins with some pretty decent loooking chicks doing street pulls. Plus it saves on the cover and the bar tab. But make no mistake, your shit has to be strong to pull this off on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    You are about to get so much hate for the “follow her” part.

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of Paul Janka’s methods?? You think he success is because of his looks?? Guy has a decent system to it.

  • roissy

    i’ve used your pet shop line. it’s effective. here’s another one i found works pretty well when you’re standing next to a girl at a stoplight waiting for the walk signal to change:
    “how tough are the cops in this city on jaywalkers? i’ve got a long jaywalking rap sheet. can’t afford another bust.”
    this can also be segued into bigger bait, such as “when i was in X, no one jaywalked, even when the coast was clear”.

  • Tampa

    Damn that’s good Roissy. Damn Damn good.

  • joe

    the only reason I have not yet purchased your book, day bang, is that it is not available through google books.

  • Richie

    The indirect approach (pet shop opener, ask directions) kills me. I find the inane ramblings excruciating and therefore I never want to approach.
    The direct approach is equally ridiculous. If a girl came running up to me and told me she saw me and have to come over to tell me how hot I’d was I think she was desperate and slightly unhinged. No thanks. I want to come across a smooth motherfucker not a love struck teenager. It’s also awkward and puts too much pressure on both parties to say something to make the situation less embarrasing.

    I have found a good balance which is something inbetween the two.

    1. Walk ahead of your target or cross the road then back over again so you approach from an angle.
    2. Glance back towards her as if looking for something.
    3. Catch her eye and do a FAKE double take
    4. Still walking say “You have an interesting face”
    her “thanks”…
    “where you from”…
    (and take it away for as long as possible before number close)

    This process feels more natural, impulsive and shows you are interested in her right from the outset so asking for her number doesnt feel ridiculous after you have just asked for directions or some other indirect approach.

    Trust me.. its a winner ; )

    and I always go back to my same old method. The direct appraoc

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the last random sentence… computer crash

  • krv

    It’s certainly interesting how often Paul Janka’s system and Roosh’s are exactly contradictory. Janka says street pickup is optimal for various reasons. He effectively says “do not ‘ramble’, keep it short and sharp.”

  • 20th Level


    You sir are the real deal because that is exactly how my squad does it. Same direction and parralel angles are key…NOT aproaching from head on.

  • RooshV Reader

    I own both Bang & Day Bang. I am in my late 20s and I am trying to escape the modern entrapment like you did by developing a blog and a book that traps my experences that individuals can use in their lives. You’ve written on topics like what books you’ve read, but it’s been a while since you’ve written on the specific topic of writing. I’d like an update on your personal style, mentality, and actual process of writing both a blog article and your entries for the books. 75,000 word isn’t easy, how did you get there? So let’s hear about the process. Thanks.

  • The Mole

    Used to do that when I was a young buck – back in Germany. Actually worked pretty well. But you really have to know your venue and it’s very very situational. Hard to explain but it takes a lot of practice to not have your approach come across as premeditated. You have to project yourself into the role of ‘just happen to be there’.

    In my own experience the very best approach is to DO SHIT – meaning, to go shopping (arrgg – I know but the gals love shopping and they are usually in a good mood), walk a dog, wash your car, grab a bite to eat, in line for coffee, etc. This way you are not just some pussy monger out on the hunt which can easily show implicitly in your demeanor. It’s got to be casual and it has to be candid – so put yourself in the right setting by being active yourself. Heck – I have asked girls how they like a shirt or pants on me – you’d be surprised how much input you can get and it’s something THEY WANT to talk about. Easy segway from there to asking for a number.

    Roosh is talking about ‘street approaches’ and it’s the very hardest thing to do in the U.S. – much easier in Europe if you ask me. Make you smile a lot and you look relaxed. If you are nervous then it will project onto the girl and she’s immediately going to categorize you as some weirdo.

    IMHO there are much easier venues to practice your game. But if you’re the shy type and want to jump in with two feet then this may be a good way to get rid of your fear. If you can chat up a girl on the street doing it in a bar is going to feel like picking your nose.

  • Anonymous

    @20TH LEVEL

    Exactly. Just keep walking side by side, not too close not too far.. as if you are going in the same direction. No pressure.. No need to stop anyone in the street, just keep it natural and fun.

  • The Mole

    Most brazen approach I ever tried was to watch some hottie pass me by and then to go after hear calling out ‘Miss, sorry you dropped this’. Of course I was holding out my card and she usually says – no, that’s not mine. If you’re good at reading girls you can then either respond with a smile: ‘No of course not – it’s my number’ or you can just turn around and leave. I got pretty god at reading the girl at that very moment – if she was interested I was getting a smile. If she was the bitch from hell thinking I was some lowly bug then it usually wasn’t worth my time.

    It takes balls to do this – but even if your hit ratio is one out of nine you can do quite a bit of damage in one afternoon.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, it is one of the hardest locations to game, but, hell, that is where you learn the job. Somehow I am more succesfull on the street than any other venue (except public transport and some shops).

    Highly recommended for beginner to intermediate players: the street is where you learn to combat, the trenches of the battlefield.

  • Anonymous

    ona flaw in the pet store approach, say “the elephant in the room”: what if she finds out you DO NOT have any pets when bringing her to your place to bang her? Kitten is at mummy´s place? Any thoughts on how to proceed?

    [Roosh: You're not lying about already owning pets, just that you want to buy one.]

  • Zone

    @ 22

    If she’s at your place, it should be pretty much irrelevant. I guess you can lie and say it is at your cousins/sisters/parents house, but at that point, it does not matter.

    I have personally done both, indirect and direct. You can pull both off, indirect requires more time though, but you would be able to create rapport therefore decreasing the chances of her flaking. I personally prefer direct though, faster and to the point.

    “hey can I walk with you for a second”
    “i like your style by the way, who are you, I’ve never seen you before”
    “you have nice hair, where are you from?”

    I feel like im trying too hard with indirect.

    Good Luck

  • Anonymous


    You should ask Russian speakers how to get to the library (“Вы не подскажите, как пройти в библиотеку?”). It’s a canonized “fake” opener either for pick-up, or late night street robbery.

    Coming from a foreigner it creates an extra layer of play since girls can’t be sure if you know this bit.

  • Pickup Insider – Top Pickup Blogs

    I agree with your statement about picking up as a foreigner. Being an international just gives you a +1 to begin with!

  • jorge

    Recently slept with a virgin in an Asian country using a similar method. She still asks me why did I come to talk to her… it’s like the concept of street pickup is unheard of in Asia.

  • Anonymous

    thanks roosh, I was thinking pet food. pets indeed sounds more fun. I reserve the kitten food for the pussy :)

  • Bogs

    Looks like an ok advise for non direct game.

    The only bad bit of it is #3 to follow her for few blocks. That’s just creepy, put yourself in her place and imagine girl follows you couple of blocks lol

  • The Alpha Mule

    Love the asking about the Pet Shop Boys advise!

  • Anonymous

    hehe i have to admit it is a funny thought bogs ;) hey roosh do you think the methods named above work out in germany too :) i like the shopping method best to be honest i am going to give it a try next time

  • The G Manifesto

    “ona flaw in the pet store approach, say “the elephant in the room”: what if she finds out you DO NOT have any pets when bringing her to your place to bang her? Kitten is at mummy´s place? Any thoughts on how to proceed?”

    You are over thinking it.

  • The Alpha Mule

    Drop in a Pet Shop Boys CD
    Problem solved.

    Or break out one of those “pet rocks” from the 80′s

  • The Mole

    @22 Just tell her you are selling cat food as cheap paté – LOL :-)

    If she’s American she probably won’t even know what that is.

  • DK902

    @22 Whenever a girl calls me out, I usually say ‘I lied I just wanted to talk to you.’ I’ve never got a bad response from that.

  • The Alpha Mule


    Show her your Chia Pet

  • The Captain Power

    Happy Hour….. Anywhere but the gym, definately the worst spot!

  • LDub

    Whats so wrong with going super direct?? I’ve had a lot of success going with the “hey you’re super cute I had to come say hello” route, at least during the day. Cuts to the chase, ya know?

  • Transmillenium

    “ona flaw in the pet store approach, say “the elephant in the room”: what if she finds out you DO NOT have any pets when bringing her to your place to bang her? Kitten is at mummy´s place? Any thoughts on how to proceed?”

    It’s not lying, it’s flirting.

  • Brian Mark

    I don’t make up stories about pets. I would just say I’m not from this town, where do people go out at night? If she interested she’ll say what do you mean? Or she’ll ask you where are you from? If she’s not interested she’ll say nothing or be very terse with you. By just asking this you’ve left it wide open for her and it’s up to you to make yourself sound interesting.

  • Transmillenium

    I like to ask for cigarettes outside nightclubs (only got flakey phone numbers, working on it)

  • Pingback: Direct Vs Indirect Street Game « Chateau Heartiste

  • Roosh = Alpha

    That is all.

  • nothing a man do can bring a woman to bed if she does nott want to go

    There is nothing a man can do to make a woman fuck, if she do not want to, and if she want to fuck, she will seek out the man, the man will not need to do anything but take off his pants, the woman sometime take it off for him

  • Transmillenium

    “There is nothing a man can do to make a woman fuck, if she do not want to, and if she want to fuck, she will seek out the man, the man will not need to do anything but take off his pants, the woman sometime take it off for him”

    So are you saying that game doesn’t work? Then , what makes a woman want to fuck? and what makes her want to fuck with you?

    [Roosh: Looks, fame, and money!!]

  • Socialkenny
  • Socialkenny

    P.S.Great stuff as usual by Roosh.That pet-shop opener is solid.And although many PUA’s nowadays talk shit about the guy rambling too much,this is definitely a time to rample none stop after stopping the HB.

  • madmax

    ”The joy of this opener comes after you fuck a girl when she asks you, “So, were you really looking for a pet store?” Once I even had a girl say, “My mom doesn’t think you were really shopping for a kitten.” ”

    AH AH, I was laughing my ass off. Brilliant.

  • Flip

    The best shit is to go out on a place you mastered kinda hidden and there wait for girls but it’s up to you to pick the way what if just spank her ass and see what it does maybe it will lead to a fuck if she likes it it’s efficient if u got the balls to do it foreign countries are the best especially Europe there the girls are more wilder but you must be in a town or in someplace that you ate not gonna be for a long time in case something happens and the shit goes wrong you must master the tricks just smile and grabb her ass if she doesn’t say anything keep slapping :D she ll like it and it has a high chance leading to a fuck outdoor somewhere you have planned

  • cle

    hi roosh

    i want to ask you a question. if the street has a lot of bars and clubs is that still good? i mean does it still count as street game, cause near where i live we have some streets like that

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I mean wow, this is nonsense…
    Start watching simplepickup on Youtube!