How To Pick Up Icelandic Girls

The most important night to pickup in Iceland is Saturday, which I consider the night to get laid. Everyone goes out on Saturday night to get fucked up, so the night venues will definitely be more packed. Friday is still a great night to go out, but when it comes to fucking, it seems like girls have a plan to do it on Saturday.

On the weekends, Icelanders start heading out around midnight. By 1:00, places start to fill, and by 2:00 there are long lines for the most popular venues. Thursday night generally sucks, since only a handful of bars have people and everything shuts down at 1:00 instead of 5:00 on the weekends, but it’s still worth a try.

In America I’ve always recommended going out early, about four hours before closing. Since it generally takes a few hours of talking to get a one-night stand, it’s best to start a conversation with an open girl between 10:00 or 11:00, venue change to another spot a couple hours after that, and then close out the second bar before making the final venue change to your place or hers.

That’s not how things work in Iceland. There you have a 10-30 minute conversation, sometimes mixed with dancing, before relocating to your apartment and fucking. Because there are no “long” seductions like in America, there’s absolutely no benefit to going out early. All the action happens at the very end of the night.

My first two bangs came from girls I started talking to after closing, which definitely confused me at the time. It was surprising to learn that as the night goes on, girls get more and more friendly, hitting maximum receptiveness after five (in America, it’s just the opposite).

Icelandic girls have a term for the men they meet at a late hour: the “last-minute man,” sometimes also referred to as “the six a.m. man.” They don’t give a damn about rapport and personality because in their drunken state all they want to do is fuck (god bless them). All you have to do is present yourself as the best last-minute man option as the bars close. Do this by casually approaching girls as a normal, cool guy who drops the fact that he has nearby private lodgings. If you’re thinking, “Wow, this sounds too easy,” that’s because it is.

The best type of game in Iceland is therefore last call game, where you start approaching at the end when she’s at her drunkest while separated from her friends and possibly looking for a hookup so she doesn’t have to go home alone. It will seem weird to wait until the last minute to approach, since it doesn’t work in America, but it’s the way to go in Iceland if you want to get laid at night.

If you’re only in Iceland for a weekend or two, by all means go out around 1:00 and enjoy the nightlife, but it doesn’t matter where you are before 4:00, since it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sustain an early approach. I did all my venue experimentation early in the night, but come 3:00, I was on my way to my favorite spot to get ready for real work. All you need is one girl to bite by closing time to arrange for the afterparty move.

When you’re ready to approach, use simple, indirect openers. My favorite opener, which works on just about any girl, is “You don’t look like you’re from here.” Squint your eyes then make up another country that you “think” she is actually from. Act surprised when she says you’re totally wrong. Inquire about her ancestral lineage and ask her to say a few words in Icelandic as a playful way to give proof that she really is from Iceland. By that point she should ask where you’re from and how long you’re staying in Iceland (if not, she’s not interested).

In most countries a girl will get turned off when you say you’re only visiting her city for a short while, such as in Colombia where I’ve advised men to be as vague as possible about their departure dates. Not so in Iceland. Since girls value privacy in a town where she runs into former lovers on a weekly basis, she’ll be excited to hear that you’re going to leave soon. Because I was staying so long, I actually insinuated that I was leaving sooner that I was, the first time I’ve ever done so. Iceland could be the only country in the world where the women don’t like it when you stay.

While opening Icelandic girls is incredibly easy, making headway with them is another matter. I had a lot of conversations that would simply die around three to five minutes, especially early in the night. I’d go on and on about my observations or opinions and she would just stare at me and nod, offering absolutely nothing that I could use.

Only if she has lived abroad will she respond in a social way that you’re used to. For that reason I became averse to opening girls before they were at their maximum drunkenness, when ironically they were more capable of having a conversation. Your chances of getting a basic chat off the ground after four a.m. is dramatically higher than before.

The main reason it’s hard to converse with an Icelandic girl is that she’s so used to meeting people who already know her friends. I noticed that most Icelanders start conversations by talking about who they know and what school they went to. A ten-minute conversation is just about guaranteed.

She likely won’t have the tools to build a connection with a completely random man who isn’t connected to her life or social circle in some way, regardless of how good his conversational skills are. It doesn’t mean she won’t fuck you (she definitely will), but it does mean she won’t do so from the value you’ve built through a long conversation. What you must do in Iceland is go back to the Stone Age by using less language and more persistence in dragging her back to your cave.

The second reason it’s so hard to have conversations is that you’ll be interrupted every other minute, since she literally knows half the people in the bar. She won’t be so keen to resume the conversation with you especially if you’ve been talking for a short while, which will probably be the case since the interruption will come soon. Thankfully, at the end of the night, most of her friends will have already left or have been neutralized by too much alcohol. Approaching at that time is money because the chances of an interruption are greatly reduced.

Keep all your conversations basic and refrain from teasing too hard. Hit her with questions about things you’ve seen during the day. Joke around by asking if Icelanders really believe that elves and trolls live in the hills (many do). If there’s a dance floor and she’s in the mood to dance, use it, because it can only help you.

You’ll know you’re putting out the correct fun, laid-back vibe if Icelandic guys or girls are offering to buy you drinks. At first you may be reluctant to accept a drink from a stranger, but in Iceland it’s pretty close to an insult to refuse. Accept graciously. Think of Icelandic nightlife as a happy party where alcohol flows and strangers buy other strangers drinks. When it comes to buying girls drinks, though, I recommend you do it only after she buys you one first.

If she has bought you a drink and the conversation is still going after ten minutes, she probably has serious interest in you. Your instinct may be to get closer for a kiss, but you have to be careful about this. While touching and mild groping is acceptable, trying to kiss girls in bars shows you don’t understand how big of a problem gossip is on the island. While she’s a card-carrying feminist, she still doesn’t want the slut stain because her community is so small (it was common for me to repeatedly run into girls I had previously fucked).

It’s no big deal if you don’t get the kiss out of the way when you’re in the bar since it’ll happen quickly once you get her isolated. Sex will follow the first kiss within minutes. Definitely touch her to establish an intimate vibe, but if her friends are around and you’re in a crowded place, the risk of going for a kiss far outweigh the benefits (if she doesn’t mind being kissed in public, she’ll definitely let you know by coming within a couple inches of your mouth).

A good prediction of how far you’ll get with a girl is by counting how many of her friends are circling around. If you decided to murder the Icelandic girl you’re talking to, how many witnesses would have seen you with her? The fewer witnesses there are, the more likely she’ll accept your afterparty suggestion. If there are too many witnesses, she’ll be hesitant to show genuine interest since she’ll be so worried that members of her tribe think she’s easy.

While she’s in denial of the fact that she’s a slut, we know she is, and all we need to release that inner slut is to get her isolated and away from prying eyes. Though Icelandic girls are wary of foreigners, we have an advantage over local guys since fucking us won’t “count.” If she wants to fuck just to fuck, which she will if she’s out drunk on a Saturday night without a boyfriend, then you’re her man… her last-minute man.

One Icelandic girl told me, “Everyone thinks we’re sluts, but that’s a misconception. There are consequences to sleeping around.” While I disagree with that statement and think that the girls are indeed hardcore sluts, there are almost no consequences for her to sleep with someone who is going to leave the city soon, which is why we make it clear we’re not staying for long. These girls want one-and-out fucks, not potential long-term relationships. At first I was slightly offended at this, since I think I’m a good catch, but when I realized how little work I had to put in to get laid, I quickly got used to it.

Let me sum up how your average Saturday night in Reykjavik should look like so far. You had a couple of drinks in your room then walked out the door around 3:00 a.m. You got in line at the bar and eventually wound up inside with another drink in your hand by 4:00. You picked a prime post-up spot and made small talk with the Icelanders around you to get into a social mood, letting them buy you drinks and buying them drinks in return. Around 4:30, you increased your alert level and made a more conscious effort to approach cute girls close to your spot. You did not run around the bar approaching girls like a monkey, but remained cool, casual, and tethered to either one or two locations. When a girl bit by asking where you were from and what you were doing in Iceland, you pulled her chain by hitting her with humorous responses. She proved to be too drunk to talk further, so you suggested some dancing, which she accepted. Your faces got slightly close, but you didn’t try for a kiss. The clock now strikes 5:00 and the bar is closing. It’s time for the afterparty move.

If a bar is closing and you haven’t gotten any bites, pick a new spot by the exit and approach singles and pairs on their way out. Increase your hustle and, if necessary, run around the bar like a monkey to find women. Here’s the opener to use after last call: “Do you know if there’s another bar that’s still open?” You’ll either do this in the bar or, if the barman kicks you out, in front of the bar where people gather in impromptu street parties before heading off. If she’s helpful, go on about how you think it’s still early and wouldn’t mind having another drink. If the girl continues to engage you, asking more than one personal question like your name, job, travel plans, home country, or place of lodging, do the afterparty move, which I’ll describe next week.

The above article was adapted from Bang Iceland, my 80-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Icelandic women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to pillage creamy white Icelandic women, with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in paperback, Kindle, and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • sardino

    I almost died of laughter when I read this, given all the controversy going on in Iceland. You’re really gonna have an interesting time when you go back.

    “A good prediction of how far you’ll get with a girl is by counting how many of her friends are circling around. If you decided to murder the Icelandic girl you’re talking to, how many witnesses would have seen you with her? The fewer witnesses there are, the more likely she’ll accept your afterparty suggestion. If there are too many witnesses, she’ll be hesitant to show genuine interest since she’ll be so worried that members of her tribe think she’s easy.”

  • Naughty Nomad

    Solid stuff. You’re starting to sway me towards heading over you bastard!

    Hope the negative publicity is generating sales :)

  • samseau

    This is really good stuff. You’ve got a way of figuring out the game is almost frightening.

  • Solo

    Roosh, how do you think a black guy with average game would do in Iceland?

    real talk

    [Roosh: You should be able to pull at least equal to what you can get in the States, but probably slightly better]

  • DoesNotMatter

    Brilliant post……. Superb, practical, humorous! You still conducting workshops? Would like to get night game handled.

  • SamBellamy

    “At first I was slightly offended at this, since I think I’m a good catch, but when I realized how little work I had to put in to get laid, I quickly got used to it.”

    Man you are too funny. I do think I am a good catch and might get offended if girls don’t see me that way Hahahahaha

  • Anon

    Damn. Very nice breakdown.

    I guess in Iceland you can pretty much go to bed after dinner & wake up at 3 am & get laid a few hours later. Sounds A LOT better than the American version, which takes more time and leaves you tired, which is even worse when it’s 6 am, you’ve spent the last 7-8 hours out, & it doesn’t go down.

  • pepini

    One Icelandic girl told me, “Everyone thinks we’re sluts, but that’s a misconception. There are consequences to sleeping around.” While I disagree with that statement and think that the girls are indeed hardcore sluts, there are almost no consequences for her to sleep with someone who is going to leave the city soon, which is why we make it clear we’re not staying for long”

    Everything posted is true!

  • Tony D

    Great little guide. It really sounds like small town game to me.

  • Basil Ransom

    “The main reason it’s hard to converse with an Icelandic girl is that she’s so used to meeting people who already know her friends. I noticed that most Icelanders start conversations by talking about who they know and what school they went to.”

    Astute. This describes a lot of JAPs and preppies I’ve met over the years, people who spend lots of time in insular subcultures where the flow of new faces is very low. They haven’t made new friends for years, if not decades. And when they do, it’s through repeated, continuous exposure via pre-existing friends. I’ll know people like this for years at a time, yet can’t maintain more than a 30 second conversation with them.

  • (r)Ev

    Cripes. 4am? Shit, I get up that early when I go big game hunting. Fuck, I’d probably go to bed early, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up at 3:30 and dash over to the club.

    Hell I ought to start trying that in the states, Dudes are staying out till 6 am, I ought to just show up fresh, at 4.

    Hunter game: dawn patrol.

  • Caveman

    “What you must do in Iceland is go back to the Stone Age by using less language and more persistence in dragging her back to your cave.”

    One of the funniest posts ever!!!

  • Latvian woman

    You are not a good catch, you dumbass. And you have no business in Northern Europe, you sand nigger. Get a wash.

  • Marco

    Hahaha, that was good old Roosh acid humor, one like from me

  • SamBellamy

    Latvian woman,

    And what makes you such a catch huh pumpkin?

  • Latvian woman

    Was I bragging about being a “good catch”? I don’t need to. He is simply delusional, there is absolutely nothing desirable about him.

  • SamBellamy

    Latvian woman,

    LOTS of girls obviously disagree with u Hahaha. They also don’t seem to throw around words like “sand nigger”

    BTW are you really Latvian or actually Icelandic?

  • Latvian woman

    I’m a real Latvian.

    The Icelandic flag does not belong under his alias. He should have the US flag there or the Iranian flag or smth. He has no place being with a blond woman to begin with. I know how Icelandic women are and most wouldn’t date him, same for the Swedes and Norwegians. He shouldn’t be allowed into Latvia either and I sincerely hope he gets a sound beating from a local Russian.

  • SamBellamy

    Latvian Ho,

    “He has no place being with a blond woman to begin with.”

    You have made your racist low class attitude abundantly clear. I think we have corresponded enough. Funny thing is that Roosh actually looks white.

  • Latvian woman

    And you should really think about what kind of an image of the Western, particularly Anglo, man you are presenting with all these activities. It will make you undesirable in the end. Latvians are now well aware of some of the foreigners’ behavior and there are clubs in Riga that would not let foreigners, esp. Brits, to enter.

  • Latvian woman

    No, he doesn’t. He looks Middle Eastern. And he’s been open about women’s appearance, why can’t I be open about his appearance. Latvians have pretty high visual standards and he better shave and have some nicer clothes on in Riga, otherwise he’ll just be viewed as another frumpy sex hungry Western dude.

  • Local Russian

    Just L3t th3 man f1n1sh his buk “Bang Latvia” … Uhat’s the vig deal?

  • Ryu

    It is true, Roosh looks white.

    Take a closer look. Read Bang and learn of his connection to the middle east. First name Roosh. The last name is middle eastern. Do you think he’d go to his home country and fuck his women in this way….or is this just what slutty white women deserve? BTW, this is what Muslims in Europe think, and do.

    To put the bow on the argument, read the article where he talks about his sainted sister. He doesn’t want her to become a whore. He wants her to be in nice, long relationships with beta men. He’s so proud that she’s a good girl.

    There’s nothing low class about being a racist. You’ve been listening to the feminist media again, believing every word.

    Black racists include Malcolm X, Obama, Herman Cain, JayZ and Tupac. White racists include Jefferson, Washington, Lee, Albert Schweitzer, Jared Taylor and Steve Sailor.

  • Roosh

    Latvian woman is posting from…. Seattle. :laugh:

  • Timothy

    I think folks need to check the definition of racist. Having pride in your race doesn’t make you a racist. Believing your race is SUPERIOR to others, just because, DOES make you a racist. Anger and duress of some sort usually brings it out, like when Latvian Woman thinks about Roosh smashing one of her Latvian sisters, out it comes. You hurt me, so I try to hurt you worse by hurling a slur at you. WEAK.

  • Latvian woman

    That’s right, Roosh. But I’m still Latvian, and live there most of the time. For instance, I know that Pharmacy bar you mentioned pretty well (called Aptieka). It’s in the old town, in a little side street next to the Dome square, run by a Latvian American from NYC. Have spoken to him a couple a times. The Cuba bar is just across the square on the other side. The Pharmacy bar is not the best place to pick up chicks, btw, as it is mostly hipsters that go there. A place such as club Essential is better for that.

  • Timothy

    Wow…I think Roosh just gamed Latvian woman subliminally. One moment she’s calling him an ugly racial slur and hoping he gets beaten down by Russians, and the next she’s actually giving him advice about the best places to game in Latvia. Now THOSE are some real skills!

  • DistinguishedGentleman

    Drunk girls who don’t think anyone will “find out” are easier to bang; news at 11. :)

    Still, I like how you break down their mindset. Just knowing that will be very helpful to anyone wanting to visit.

  • Shawn

    Roosh, how can you make generalizations about the “States?” Each state in the USA is pretty much a different country, with different demographics and different cultures.

  • http://HowCool Local Russian

    Now Latvian Woman is one of us … Welcome to the blog!!!

  • Latvian woman

    Roosh doesn’t deserve those women. They are not for him. The most beautiful ones are also very high maintenance. The beautiful women in Latvia go with athletes or good looking classy men, not some sloppy looking dark foreigner or sex tourist. The women are not as available there as in Ukraine. But ofc there are always the Russians. Actually, the women that Roosh truly deserves are his own home made “whales”.

  • Latvian woman

    Tim, I do hope that’s what happens to him, I don’t take it back. The reason I mentioned club Essential was because it is the worst advice you can give to a sex tourist. There are glamorous girls there, but it is full of hungry sex tourists just like him, the drinks are like 10$ and the girls will expect you to pay. There are much nicer down to earth places with friendly girls which I ofc will not mention. Besides he picked the worst time to go to Riga, November is the gloomiest month of the year, there are very few ppl in the streets, some of who will be Scandinavian or Germans tourists or business men. Normal American men (not bitchass PUAs) are welcome to visit Riga from May to September.

  • Ryu

    One thing that alpha men do is believe that they are superior.

    Number one thing! Confidence, up to arrogance. It’s not just for fucking women.

    If you don’t have that confidence, you can’t approach. Now think about race and heritage. The race with the most confidence, the most positive outlook and the most energy wins. It works on the personal level, and the national level.

    And then the betas come marching in. You can’t feel superior. You need to feel as worthless as we do. We were slaves 500 years ago. Pay us. Give us jobs. Give us affirmative action.

  • BornAgainAlpha


    When I did an internship in Europe I became good friends with an Icelandic girl who had a strong attraction to darker men. I used to tease her that big brown cock was a gateway drug to the real BBC. She hooked up with a few brown guys over a two month period and admitted to me that she’d love to ride some BBC but the right opportunity never came up. She also told me she had to be very discreet so people back home didn’t find out. She definitely avoided one guy who was too serious and suggested he’d love to visit her in Iceland. I would second roosh’s advice to be very discreet. Have a discreet place, approach discreetly and find a way to communicate clearly that you offer discretion. Married woman game! And no one wants a beating from some guy whose hands smell like fish. :)

  • Southern Man

    That “beautiful women are high maintenance” is irrelevant. Our hero Roosh doesn’t make any effort to maintain them; he just bangs them.

  • Southern Man

    Also, there is no doubt that we Irish are the pinnacle of human evolution. It’s not racism when it’s true.

  • Latvian woman

    Fantastic write up on Latvia, R. Exactly how I thought (and hoped) it was gonna be. Bullseye! And yea – our guys are pretty hot. They are genetically handsome, plus Latvia has high fashion standards and the general rule in the city is to dress up, esp for the young ones and the business types. (Only the guys in Stockholm are hunkier and better dressed. What is good about Anglo guys though is that there are many of them. Americans would fit in well there though, since mainstream American men are very polite and appreciative of women, the white knighting element would work very well with Latvian ladies.)
    We also have a pretty sound “hipster” (or what you Americans would call SWPL) scene with funky dress ups and vintage styles. Great to hear that our place is more like Scandinavia and has less of a Slavonic influence. You are much too late and, yes, the Brits ruined everything (they still show up in droves though). You need to use entirely different game now (which I won’t tell you ofc), but the best advice would be to go to Russia or Thailand.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Latvian Woman so obsesses with Roosh?!

  • Anonymous

    Quick reminder: you fukt up your life and will NEVAR amount to anything

  • @theakinet

    “Iceland Game” sounds like College Game. I think the Apocalypse Opener would actually work there. I’m motivated to visit after reading your reports Roosh.

  • @theakinet

    Roosh, do these girls represent what you’d find in Iceland on a typical night out?

    [Roosh: Yes, I find those pictures to be highly representative.]

  • Paquito

    Holy crap, I must go to Iceland…

    BUT, after I go to Poland !

  • DirkJohanson

    80 pages is too many for me to read – I don’t have that kind of time: when are you coming out with Bang Lichtenstein?

  • K-Man

    Since you were there in the winter, I wonder how that affected the logistics. 4-5am is still nighttime and pitch dark.
    But after April-May, and over the whole summer, 4-5am would be practically day time.
    How will coming out of a bar and being greeted by the sun shining down be conductive to taking a girl home and going to bed with her?

  • anonymous

    Question: If whilst on the prowl you came across a girl who was attracted to you but also liked you and did not want to sleep with you, but made it clear she wanted a relationship with you, would you
    a) Pursue her until she yielded, then dump her
    b) Not bother with her
    c) Try to have a relationship with her
    Honest answer please! Has this actually happened to you?

    [Roosh: I’d keep her a side project then evaluate how I feel for her after sex.]

  • tess

    Hey Roosh i’m thinking about heading over there in June what hotel and what club are the best to get laid? I’ll be there for a week

  • icelandic girl

    If you look like Channing Tatum then it is no problem for you to get girls but.. if you look like Roosh hahahahahhahahahah forget about it!

  • Thor

    Come back to Iceland and you will not return home.

  • Coran

    Do icelandic women love anal sex?

  • Jordan

    This is so fucked up. I just showed my girlfriend this article and she laughed so hard. From what i have been told those using The Game tactics are really transparent and more often than not it WONT work. Try being yourself and backing your OWN personality. man up fellas I know yall have it in you!

  • An Icelandic girl

    It is unfortunately a big misconception to view a woman´s sexual freedom as slutty. Funny enough this term is seldom used for a male that likes to have casual sex, such as yourself. I thought you had a lot of good points about how the social circles work in a such a small society and it actually impressed me that a drunk foreigner was able to observe and understand that. However, you miserably failed to realize just how far ahead Icelanders are in gender equality. Women of Iceland are free to express there sexuality and act on it in a casual manner just like men, should they choose to, with out there being any consequences. In fact, Iceland is the best country in the world for women to live in. This, of course, must be hard for you to understand given that your are raised (like the rest of the world) with the ancient idea that casual sex “cheapens” women in some way. You also failed to see that YOU do NOT pick up an Icelandic woman for a one night stand. You GET picked up. It is totally irrelevant that you have a so called “game” or some kind of a plan to approach a girl. If an Icelandic girl is looking for sex, she either likes the looks of you or she dose not. Simple as that. Tourist are an easy way to have a casual hook up. Sleeping with a tourist is a guarantee that there will be no emotional drama from the male´s side. Girls do not choose to sleep with tourist to avoid gossip for there is no avoiding gossip in such a small place. It is not preferable however, for non Icelandic men are said to have a lot of bad bedroom habits. That is probably due to the fact that women in the world tend not to be as expressive about their sexual needs as women in Iceland are, for if they are, they might be considered sluts. I hope you get to actually talk to an Icelandic woman next time you visit and won´t get sexually used as much. I fear that you won´t however, for you seem like a very shallow person. I´m proud to be born and raised as an Icelandic woman and I look forward to when the rest of the world catches up with us on equality and feminism. Hopefully women will one day be free of such terms as slut or “being easy” for having a healthy, active sex life with who ever they want to, whenever they want to.

  • Will

    An Icelandic girl owned you

  • Dolph

    Irish Ladies I have met are contemporary and be

  • krok

    Another ‘Bang for dumb’ book. In my pov there are no rules. Be yourself and forget the ‘damned game’. Btw how many of this ‘guide’ have you sold ? 10 ? 1000?

  • rich

    Just saw this post for the first time. Its funny as hell. This sounds like any other european country ive visited.

  • kevin

    Why not get someone to write your address for you in icelandic before you go out. At the end of the night just walk up to any single girl announce hey Im from (insert country)I have my address here but dont know where i am or how to get there. She will then either give directions or bite and walk back with you. If she walks you back shes game and you invite her in.



  • Icelandic woman

    Lol. You are adorable.

  • Icelandic chick

    I think that us Icelandic women are independent. Not “slutty” or “easy”.

  • Cecil

    I think Icelandic women are wonderful. I was stationed there with the U.SA.F. in the late 90’s. They are straight up honest and mostly very attractive. Not as fake as most western women. I would like to go back there again for about a month in the summer. It’s a different world there.

  • Scottish Boy

    This is very interesting.I studied with Icelanders in Edinburgh way back in the seventies!!! They were some of the most honest and forthright people I have met. I knew two Icelandic ladies, thy were clever, independent and had a clear view of themselves. Boy, could they drink!!!

    They were prepared to discuss any subject without any fear or inhibition I think the original poster’s comments are sexist, racist and just downright offensive. He sees women as objects.
    I am not sure which culture he comes from.

    In my younger days, I would regularly go to Spain and inevitably there were Danes and Swedes in my hotel. The women were very direct (and sober), if they liked you they made it very clear. At first, I found this disconcerting, later on I realized that this was how such things were done.

    Edinburgh (a small city) incidentally has more people than Iceland, which explains the comments made about the claustrophobic nature of the place. Everybody literally knows each other.

  • Scottish Boy

    incidentally…..What is the racial ‘make-up’ of the Icelanders? They are clearly of Viking extraction as they speak an old form of Norse. One of my former Icelandic classmates told me that there was a significant Irish DNA within the Icelandic people!
    He told me that the Vikings used to raid coastal Irish villages and take Irish women for breeding purposes. Any truth in this, or was he winding me up! A number of my Icelandic friends did have red hair!!!

  • icelandic girl

    This is a bullshit. -_-

  • Completely True!

    For wheeling and fucking broads, this is so true… I laid a beating on Iceland. The girls are awesome too. Take this advise, some $ and get a lifetime of sex in weeks… With rocket women.

  • Richard

    This type of dialog strikes me as similar to the “we both know you’re a hooker, now we’re just negotiating price” construct.

    We both know you’re a slut, now we’re just arguing about the terminology. Those who really buy into the “feminism” tripe don’t realize how guys view them. Do you really think they care if you think it’s “empowering” to you or how “free” you think you are? For thousands of years, it wasn’t that easy to bang a chick. Now you’re brainwashed with feminism and girls are giving it up everywhere. You think a guy is going to complain? Believe whatever the fuck you want while you’re being used. This shit is too hilarious.

  • ho

    “If an Icelandic girl is looking for sex, she either likes the looks of you or she dose not.”

    I lol’d.

    Also, if the rest of the world catches up with you, they will collapse and those woman hating cultures will replace them.

  • LondonTiger

    I agree with your point that men don’t “pick up” girls, it’s women that decide whether they like you or not and choose to say “yes”. it’s a numbers game for a guy, maybe 10% of girls think you’re hot.Women have very polarising tastes so even with Brad Pitt some women will think he’s too good looking and “effeminate”. So as a guy you just have to get out there and socialise and see what kind of girls are into you and take your pick from there.

    Even from the guys methods it’s evident that this is the case as he advocated just going round and seeing if you can “pick up girls”, and if you cannot by the end of the night you should stand by the door and speak to lots of girls and try your lock. LOL.

    There’s not a whole lot a guy can do to “influence” a girl into wanting to sleep with him. The reverse is true I suppose. Just meet a lot of girls and play the numbers game you will eventually come across a girl who is really into you and one that you find hot too.

  • gary

    You should be thankful that the girl is having sex with you .instead of that you are calling her a slut .what the fuck is this ?if someone is having sex with you and kisses you doesnot mean that she is a slut .if you call people who like to have sex sluts then what about you ?you have had casual sex and apply your ideology on yourself then you also become a slut .atleast have some respect for women .

  • Kay

    Lol… you really don’t get it, do you? Women are not being “used” because THEY WANT SEX TOO. And this might be a massive shock to you, but they don’t define themselves by what guys think of them, rather by what they think of themselves. Frankly, if a guy is immature enough to regard consensual sex as some kind of conquest, his opinion is really not worth paying attention to.

  • BassFreak

    Sorry, there are 2 standards for men and women, always has, always will be. Part of it is that sex is much more invasive and intimate for a woman. After all, the action happens at her “house.” Part of this has to do with evolution, women are supposed to be very selective with who they mate with, since they don’t want to carry a baby from some loser who won’t take care of her. Of course now there is birth control, but evolution hasn’t accounted for that yet.

  • Amisha

    nice your submitted information against pickup of Iceland girls, if you are coming on the tour of India and want such fun with hot and sizzling girls, then most welcome to our agency. visit:

  • jan zizka

    Russian girls are far more slutty/whorish on par with Italian and Austrian girls…

  • David

    I think it ‘s very sad that you make a living writing books about banging drunk girls. I find it even more sad that you take pride in it.

    Banging druk girls doesn’t require skill.. if you find that it does then you must truly be one very ugly fuck…

    I find it even stranger that you travel the world to find girls to bang. If you truly had Any form of game you wouldn’t even need to leave your own city..

    Greetings from the Netherlands you respectless piece of desperate American shit

  • johann

    are Austrian girls really like that ?

  • jan zizka

    just look at them coming in droves with bikinis and high heels to churches and museums in Austria..Italy is also nearly the same.

  • Rich

    Everything you say is just very nice. But a question still remains: what if those girls have their boyfriends? Would it still be counted as innocent as you describe?

  • Hank MoHank

    This author dude is a fraud, anyone who has been around can spot this. The only chicks he’s going home with late at night are prostitutes.

  • jan zizka

    Yes Absolutely…just watch them drool their national museums in bikini and heels!!!

  • jan zizka

    Yes,absolutely.The recent seduction of God TV founder by an Austrian singer slut confirms this.It’s commonplace to find bikini clad women in high heels everywhere in Austria…Hitler’s nation is also on list for revenge by Slavic and Jewish people in WW3(11 million of these people were massacred by Hitler’s NAZI regime in WW2 ).

  • andmick4

    Iceland, the woman are incredible. I testify to this article, its easy to get laid in Reyjavic, I was in a bar called B5, it was four or five gorgeous women to one guy, that’s the bare bones of the matter!

  • Richard Birecki

    A bit more on the discussion as to how hot Icelandic girls are … … still, decent column amigo

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  • Helmuth the Elder

    Frankly, if a guy is immature enough to regard consensual sex as some kind of conquest, his opinion is really not worth paying attention to.

    Wait, so your logic is only Rape is considered a win for me? I’ll remember that next time I go to a bar.

  • Kay

    …wow, it’s terrifying that that’s what you got from my post. I’m saying sex, for mature human beings, is not a “win”, it is a mutual interaction. Please seek help xo

  • Helmuth the Elder

    You’ve missed the entire premise. I’m unsure whether that’s due to low IQ or even lower reading comprehension but “winning” sexually has a biological basis in nature and thus reality (see: Darwin’s thoughts on sexual selection). It has very little to do with maturity, empowerment or your vapid female sentiments. I’ll stop right there. If you can’t see it, I won’t spoon-feed it to because you’re unlikely to gain from it anyways.

  • z0ltan

    @Latvian woman
    I doubt that you’re a woman. Probably some Nazi troll who’s out to save (or so he thinks) “our women”. Pathetic cunt, fuck off.

  • z0ltan

    Liechtenstein, you dumb cunt.

  • Adidjah “Vybz Kartel” Palmer

    Hey babe, don’t worry very soon your women are going to be pummled by me and by Jamaican prick, once I get my Schengen Visa and a job. I need a job.

  • Yohan Burton

    European bitches better prepare their pussies 😀

  • Portmore Empire

    I wuv cute and cuddly Latvian cuddle muffinz!
    Seriously Latvian women can really cuddle. They nibble on your earlobe and give you soft sweet kisses on your nape!

  • Jamaican Sex Tourist

    What about guys from the Caribbean? Specifically Jamaica?

  • AfroJam

    I am African.

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  • Laquisha

    The crazy thing is that you truly believe your own hair-brained delusions, probably since they allow you to be the frantic keyboard warrior you truly are. Don’t worry, I’m sure one day you’ll find a woman who can overlook your tiny shriveled little penis and put you in your place.

  • Laquisha

    Men spend every waking moment thinking about sex and would bang any and every desirable woman they could. They desperately plot and scheme, write articles and books, and embark on world tours … all for sex. And yet somehow, women are still the hardcore sluts.

    Sex is something women have and men want, and men hate that they would stoop to the lowest of lows to get it. Men have always projected their sexual insecurities onto women. Maybe if they’d just embrace their nature and stopped denigrating and slut-shaming women to feel superior, then women would be more willing to have sex, and guys wouldn’t have to run the gauntlet to get laid. But that would require men to actually think, which they don’t do so well.

  • arnapuck


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  • U nasty

    I just met an Icelandic girl in my city thru tinder and the only thing her profile said was that she’s here for 2 weeks. I think I’m in there boys.