How To Pickup Ukrainian Girls In The Club

The following is an excerpt from Bang Ukraine

Ukraine caused me to revise my theories about wanting to be in countries with a high female to male ratio. In Poland, the ratio was much worse (often at one girl for every three guys), but I picked up much easier. I learned that ratio is only one factor to consider when determining if a city is good or not. Being able to communicate fluently in a common language is surprisingly much more important than being surrounded by boatloads of women.

The style of night game you should implement is what I call “Weekend at Bernie’s game” or just “Bernie game” for short.

Weekend at Bernie’s is a wildly popular American movie where the main character, Bernie, a businessman, dies an untimely death. To keep up appearances and avoid getting in trouble, his two goofy underlings make it seem like Bernie is still alive by giving him sunglasses and manipulating his movements as if they’re controlling a puppet. On a beach resort they ended up making Bernie look like the life of the party. While dead, Bernie makes many friends and even hooks up with a pretty girl. In the sequel, which I believe was a box office smash, Bernie is brought back to life using a voodoo spell where he performs a strange tribal dance with his chest puffed out.

In Ukraine, the girl is Bernie. I want you to pretend she’s dead and that only you have the shaman power to make her undead. Follow these four steps:

1. Do most of the talking (at least 90%). She will give short responses that do not at all help you continue the conversation. Silence will be standard. It will seem like she has passed into the netherworld, but as long as her body is still there (i.e., she doesn’t walk away), you’re doing fine and should talk about anything that comes to your mind. Some silence on your part is okay, but too much silence and she may reanimate and walk away into the arms of another guy.

2. Touch early and often. Do you remember the scene in The Matrix where Trinity brought Neo back to life by declaring her love for him? Well you’re going to bring the Ukrainian Bernie back to life by touching her a lot. Start touching her arms, her back, her hips, and—once you’re on the dancefloor—her ass. Words will not reanimate Bernie, only touching. I’m convinced touch is the main way that a Ukrainian girl gets attracted to a man. Just understand that while doing this, she will not touch you back. As long as she’s still with you, however, you’re doing fine.

3a. When you run out of conversation (and this will definitely happen because of how little she gives you), suggest a dance. There actually should be less suggesting and more demanding. The girls are so averse to giving direct “Yes” answers that you have to constantly be leading the interaction. If any of your game moves are dependent on a Ukrainian girl saying “Yes,” they will not work.

To start the dance you can put your hand on her back and say “Let’s go dance” or pull her hand towards the dance floor. Once you get a look at how guys run their aggressive Bernie game, you’ll probably feel very passive and slow. Assume the “Yes” and proceed from there.

3b. Sometimes it’ll be a better idea to drink before dancing, especially if the music is crappy and she’s not yet in a dancing mood. After a ten minute conversation with her, once she’s shown her interest in standing next to you and listening to whatever ramble you’ve mustered up, ask her what she likes to drink and then make a move to the bartender to get it (unless she gives you a clear “No”). It’s generally a bad sign when a girl refuses a free drink from you because that’s her way of saying, “I don’t want to owe you a damn thing.” If a girl turns you down to both drink and dance, she’s probably going to walk away from you shortly. If she accepts both of your offers within the first 30 minutes or so, you’re doing great.

4. Attempt to kiss Bernie. It’s more important that you attempt the kiss than actually get it. This is because you want to establish a sexual frame to make it clear that friendship is not on the table. You don’t want to realize on the first date that you’re in the friend zone when you hoped to be in the fuck zone. I must say that I’ve never been friend zoned so much as in Ukraine,  basically because my sexual intent was too weak early in the interaction.

If you liked this excerpt then you’ll like Bang Ukraine, my 103-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to bang hyper-feminine Ukrainian women, with extra details not released on the blog. Click here to learn more about the book.

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  • Anonymous
  • Worldmusic

    Sounds like a masterpiece Roosh. Definitely getting it. I have Bang and Day Bang, this will be my first “country” book from you. I have two off topic questions:
    1) Have you visited or spent time Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn,NYC? They have large ethnic enclaves of Polish,Russians & Slavs. Recent arrivals seem to make a beeline for this area.
    2)Maybe in your ROK site, you can provide more practical advise on relocating overseas, the REAL obstacles of dealing with visas and how you have dealt with them. Teaching, working, things you would have done if you had decided to STAY permanently in one of these countries.
    Kudos, Roosh.

    [Roosh: 1) Haven’t gamed at length in those parts of NYC. I don’t prefer chasing foreign girls outside of their territory. 2) Yes when I pick a permanent place I’ll share how I did it.]

  • jones

    I have never been to an Ukrakinian club, but I can imagine the gaming is something like that.

    I think first observating the local guys is the best way to ‘decipher’ the code

  • Mr. Easy

    I can understand why you left out Germany (female barbarians), but what about France? Although I’m not a huge fan of the French, the language is beautiful and very similar to Spanish, yet more eloquent. I have an idea that the women there are quite bangable as well.

  • Donkey Dick


    Can this it be used with Russian women?Aren’t they very very similar, both mentaly and physically

  • Jeff

    So what’s the difference between this and other countries? Seems pretty standard to me?

    BTW, do you still recommend learning Russian… or do you think Polish is the way to go?

    [Roosh: Russian is more important since most Polish girls have an okay grasp of English. Most Ukrainian girls do not speak English.]

  • gavin madden

    Roosh, WHY haven’t you considered chasing foreign girls to their favourite holiday spots?

    I would argue that high quality girls are much easier to bang when they’re on holiday :)

  • Turner


    I can’t laughing at bringing in a Weekend at Bernies parallel. A true creative artist can make anything work. I would really like to see you bring in Double Dare on one of these posts.

  • Ruxman

    Sounds like walking a tightrope, if you stop pursuing the endgame and relax you fall off and lose. Who wouldn’t get this, every guy must have ideas to eventually travel Eastern Europe if they haven’t already.

  • Strickland

    Do the maximum 10% of the talk, put almost no effort on the interaction, “obsessed with money” and “sees men as a bridge to a better life”…

    I think I’d rather call a hooker.

    Definitely not my type of woman.

  • V

    I’m planning to travel to eastern Europe this summer but don’t think UkrainIan girls are my kind of shit. still will buy this book. I like your writing style.

  • Rocky

    All those Ukranian bitches you posted are bar skanks and a turn-off. This girl is 1000x hotter than all 25 ukranian bar skanks put together:

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Point 4 is something most guys continually getting in the Friends-Zone should apply as a general rule. Good stuff Roosh, look forward to reading your final guide!

  • Timothy

    Wow…it must be so strange trying to talk to these chicks at first, because you’re assuming they’re not interested. It’s got to be hard to fight through that…

  • TrueStory

    I just love the “circle jerking” comments above from guys that never been outside of their own City, yet State or Country have “game theories” on how to pickup girls in Ukraine.

    As an American who was born in Ukraine and constantly go back and forth, what Roosh describes is very typical. I am sure Roosh’s book is full of ACTUAL real life experience as a visitor to Ukraine.

    Also, on “bar skanks” comment. Apparently, Americans are so brainwashed by feminism and “like her for personality” bullshit, that any girl that dresses provocative is a whore. I got news for you, in European countries I’ve been (mostly Slavic ones) this is *normal* attire for a girl. Why, you may ask? Because, unlike US, where 1 out of 50 girls is attractive, Ukrainian girls face much fierce competition from her peers. 9 out of 10 girls will be smoking hot, tall, skinny, in shape, and dressed to the nines. Thus, girls take their appearance very seriously.

    Everytime I go back to Ukraine, it’s like all-you-can-eat buffet. Literally. I don’t even have to tell them I am from United States. In fact often, I try to avoid that fact as it later complicates my same-night lay. Believe me, too much value = he’s a keeper, no sex.

    I think you guys should visit Ukraine, Poland, or Russia, at least get out of your Midwest Iowa Farm mentality.

  • Kris Kemp

    Girls from other countries (France, Germany, Holland, etc) are nicer than American girls. I live in New York City and, although some of the girls are nice, a lot of them are self-absorbed and have this inflated-sense-of-ego. They act entitled and snobby. Because I work as an actor here, I meet a lot of them. Some are very nice, kind, friendly. But the friendliest girls I meet are those from other countries outside the United States. They are more open. Typically, European girls are intelligent, more feminine, naturally pretty, and just cool. After traveling to France and Germany for a few months with a former girlfriend, I wrote an ebook. Anyone can visit Europe for about a euro a day. Just visit: See you in the movies!

  • Ukrainian girl

    This miserable asshole is thinking that after visiting Ukraine he’s smartest man in whole world, so that afford any advices of pickup. Ha-ha!

  • 1488

    If I meet this bastard – his head unscrewed.

  • Mr. Wonderful

    Went to Latvia years ago and just read your material. I totally got blanked but I think I figured the place out. My buddy who was with me closed one deal so the trip wasn’t a total waste. That is the only country I ever got blanked in so I have to go back LOL

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  • paradise

    hello from Estonia!
    hm,,,speaking about this love guru….he’s not worthy a thing!just a male with 3 cm long dick who gives 5 min pleasure….and I was trying to pretend everything was great)))otherwise he would suck next time in bed!LOL

  • харьковчанка

    “Мальчик” за тридцать подпитывает свое материальное и психологическое состояние за счет “слабого” пола. По его же словам…такие бесхребетные мужчины американкам уже не нужны ибо уровень их экономического развития позволяет им растить самодостаточных женщин в нормальных семьях, из которых вряд ли возможно выудить “женственность” по меркам мужчин – слабость, зависимость, “замужественную недалекость”. Все цивилизации проходят пик развития и дальнейший упадок именно потому, что считают свое благополучное положение статичным, однако на данном примере видно, что неправильно воспитанный в условиях экономического пресыщения и безответственности за собственные поступки, мужчина, уже не в состоянии вырастить полноценное потомство, способное поддерживать уровень отношений между людьми и соответственно все остальные аспекты развития страны. Этот мужчина вместо того, чтобы соответствовать “своим” женщинам, ездит по странам с другим менталитетом и накладывает на других женщин правила поведения американок. По всему видно, что он не знает, что сравнение с США для нас скорее унизительно, чем престижно. Можно сделать вывод, что он в принципе не знаком с нашими суждениями на их счет.
    Приезжая в другую стану, не изучив язык носителей и минимальную историю, еще и ставя это в ущерб людям, к которым приехал, надо иметь недюжую наглость и невежество. США является откликом англоязычных отбросов общества, именно поэтому этот индивид владеет тем языком, на котором общается и это не делает ему никакой чести.
    Поставив в кон угла секс, мужчина наивно полагает, что преуспел в искусстве взаимоотношений, меняя молоденьких наивных девченок одну на другую. Давно известный факт, что этот цикл скрывает закомплексованного недомужчину, внутренний мир которого ограничен его потребностями на самом примитивном уровне. Слабый человек -это человек не способный взять на себя отвественность за другого человека, как это делают америкосы – секс без обязательств и секс-туризм. Уже сейчас на него можно смотреть с сожалением – он в этой жизни ничего еще не осознал, а через пару лет наступит черта невозврата, когда многое возможности в отношениях для него будут просто потеряны так и не открывшись.
    Идиот с возрастом становится старым идиотом! Женщины,наивность и вера в лучшее будущее, в любовь не порок…..вы красивы, в меру наивны и очень сильны, просто не жалейте мудаков!

  • Deb Auchery

    Roosh I see you posted my Weekend at Bernie’s joke and passed it off as your own. Not only that, your book contains much of my content.

    You “Tajik” tosser :)

  • mohammad

    i need ukraine artits girls for work in lebanon

  • : fvaetha: el

    Seems reasonably accurate to my experiences. I still don’t understand the “Poland” thing. I’ve been in Poland an aggregated 9 months, and I cannot lay a Polish girl to save my life. I’ve been in Ukraine (currently in Crimea), and I meet women everywhere; I went to bed with two women my first week here.

    And I for one, absolutely cannot relate to Roosh’s description of Russian women as “brick walls” of sorts. Russian ladies love me. I find it very easy to connect with eastern Slavs on a personal, human level (both men and women).

    Or maybe I’ve just been treating Poland horribly wrong for 9 months, and doing something strange with the Russo-slavs…

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  • Jay2358

    be the real badass that fucks all women

  • Jay2358

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  • Svitlanka Raimond
  • Max Bounty

    i got so many ukrainan girls this summer from this travel dating website it’s much easier to meet online, no stress and no waste of time, everything was quick to get the girl in bed in ukraine! 😉