How To Shorten Your Game Learning Curve

The way you study a game resource is just as important as the resource itself. You should approach game as if it was the most important subject you’ll ever study in your life—because it is. Unfortunately a lot of men put more time into studying for a freshman level art history course, whose subject matter they’ll never again encounter, than a topic that depends on the continuation of the human species. Ironic, I know, but that’s how much the corporatocracy has us tricked in acting like mindless clogs to keep the empire humming along.

Let’s say you bought Bang (or any other game book) and are ready to commit to getting this part of your life handled. Here are the steps you must take so that you absorb and retain the material:

1. Read slowly. Do not read more than 10 pages per day, and take the occasional day off. I get a lot of emails from guys saying they read my book in only couple sittings, and while that’s a nice compliment to my elegant writing style, how much of that material are they going to remember? With instructional guides, you need to stop once you’ve learned three or four main concepts, because your brain will forget anything beyond that. Let the information marinade for 24 hours as you rehearse it in your mind. I wouldn’t advise finishing Bang in less than three weeks.

2. Take notes by hand. Pull out some paper, grab a pen, and get busy. If it takes you over 5 minutes to get through a single page, then so be it. Cut down your daily intake to only a few pages a day if need be. Game demands concentration. Remember this is a skill you want to excel at until you perish from the earth. Whether you want to get laid like a champ or maintain a long-term relationship where you have the upper hand, you must approach the subject matter with the utmost seriousness.

3. Type up your notes. Then reread them and grab a handful of actionable items that you can do immediately (e.g. hitting the gym, working on your appearance, setting goals, approaching in the bar or coffee shop, etc.). Soon you’ll begin to learn or notice things you haven’t before.

4. Revisit your notes in a month, and every month thereafter. Reread them and then add or subtract things based on your new experiences. If you come up with a good follow-up to a line you’ve been using, note it down. If you created a routine that girls like, note that down too. Add material from observing successful naturals in the field. If something didn’t work for you, delete it. Bold and italicize important points so you don’t forget what works best for you.

5. Reread your game resource in six months. Your brain will notice things you haven’t before when you had less game experience. Add them to your notes. Even though I wrote a book based on my game, I have forgotten things I’ve done. Our brain is very choosy with the information it decides to retain, and if you don’t use a specific move for a short amount of time, it will atrophy, especially if you took a break due to a relationship or illness.

6. Continue the process of adding and subtracting from your notes. You’ll be able to taper down note reviews to once every two to three months. In under a year, your notes will be a customized game based on your personality, that is most effective for you than any other man. It will be a written form of your social self.

It takes a lot of time to write notes, continuously edit them, and analyze the effectiveness of your social interactions, but if you want to get good at game this is the fastest, most effective way to do it. Less than 10% of men will fail with the method I have just described.

I don’t take notes if I read a novel, but if I read a book on something important like Buddhism or how to breathe fire, topics where the information can improve my life, I take it seriously. Otherwise I’m wasting my time because as soon as I finish that book I will have forgotten 95% of what I just read. Thousands of guys have read Bang, but some have gotten much more mileage just by how seriously they approached it. I’ll be happy if you’re just entertained with my advice, but I’d be happier if you bang a lot of girls because of it.

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