I Found Something Better Than The Female Wingman

I have accidentally discovered the logical progression to a female wingman. Remember the Saudi groupie chick who was pawing at me in a bar? It got the attention from a few girls, including one who kept bringing it up on our first date. “I have never seen anything like it,” she said.

Instead of a female friend, what you want is a female sponge who smothers you in public. Go to Craigslist and pay a cute woman to throw herself at you in a crowded bar. You only need her services for one hour (estimated cost: $20-40, lower is she’s unemployed). Act indifferent during her affections and let the numbers roll in after she leaves. It’s best if she’s not too hot, or else it won’t be believable, especially if you have no game and are a loser. I’m a special case so it’d be best for me to enlist the services of the hottest chick possible, since the sight of a dime piece throwing herself on me is very natural.

To save some money I have forwarded my entire nightlife itinerary to the Saudi chick.


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  • http://www.blackmenabroad.com Grimytraveler


    This is exactly right, a friend of mine did it another way. He put an add on craigslist saying “Get Paid to Party” and he even had an interview process. He chose about 3 good looking girl next door types to go out with him in NYC. He said he was able to get access to certain parts of NYC that he has never seen because of “THE MACHINE” he calls it. He “UPPED THE ANTE” offering 50$/hr to party with him. He was going out with MODELS and now he’s actually Dating a MODEL. Hes even bringing “THE MACHINE” on the road down to DC soon. I’ll keep you posted.

    Grimytraveler’s last blog post: NEW HOT SHIT-Dwele-WAITING ON OBAMA!.

  • Anonymous

    roosh, this idea of course would be better than the guy who has”girls who are his friends”go to the bar with him, even though they are your “friends “they would cock block any action you would get.
    paying a women is good.thats why i pay for pussy.

  • http://chuckross.blogspot.com Chuck

    Could we take this a little further? Run the “employment of services” tactic on a chick that you actually DO want to bed. Tell her you’re at the bar to pick up women that night, could you borrow her in order to attract other women because her scent and sexiness will make other women come around. Some bullshit like that. I don’t know. She may/may not respect your brazeness. She may/may not think you’re creepy. She will feel slighted that you don’t think she’s worthy to hit on, but there’s also the back-handed compliment of you using her as a decoy due to her sexiness.

    Chuck’s last blog post: Funeral Procession Narcissism.

  • RW

    #1 That’s a thing of beauty!

    I can say that in NYC it is nothing short of amazing how changing something can impact the attention level. Met this teacher who was a little older and she had a gymnast’s body and for a woman in her 30′s she looked really good because her figure was super.

    Walking around with her in Greenwich Village it was very obvious how other women were being very studious of us walking by and I think it was because of her figure. She was a blonde too and they get much hate for that too. Even though I thought that was cool I wasn’t really into her. I let it go and didn’t push it as I felt it was going to be contentious.

    Sometimes when you don’t exploit a woman they are as angry as if you had. That I didn’t advance things physically caused some stalking phone calls and I knew it was her.

    Anyway, women in NYC are so suffering from envy on every level that this in fact would most certainly open some doors to interaction without a doubt.

    The only question is do I want to shell out the dough to create that and from an ego level do I feel it’s needed? That’s a tough call but from your sidebar benefit, it’s certainly a good thing for your buddy.

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  • AA

    so I get all this flak for cockblocking and now I’m some kind of magnet and fodder for date conversations even?
    It’s a pretty paradox we live in.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto


    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Dope Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier.

  • el chief

    I arranged something like this in Palm Beach about 1.5 years ago. My buddy and I met two hot chicks on craigslist to social proof us at bars. We paid for drinks. It made it easier for sure.

    He’s an average looking guy, but a natural. He was pissed when Mystery Method came out, cuz he thought that HE had invented the neg :)

    His opening line is always…”hey i just wanted to say that you’re BEAUTIFUL. i have a girlfriend so i’m not hitting on you, don’t worry”, and go from there. he got laid a lot.

  • ResidentCynic

    This is kind of brilliant, roosh. Simple, yet I don’t even have to see it in action to know that it would work.

    I guess the only downside is there’s a lot of overhead in making this happen, and you HAVE to make sure you got somewhere with lots of HOT chicks (ie. don’t do all this setup and go to TGI Fridays). Lame or merely average places will kill this otherwise brilliant plan.

  • Brandon

    Man, this is true. Last season I had a smoking hot girl and so many chicks would hit on me(I live in a small town). I could probably bang twice as many chicks if I had a hot girl than if I was single.

  • Brandon

    One thing in here is not making since. You said, “I’m a special case so it’d be best for me to enlist the services of the hottest chick possible, since the sight of a dime piece throwing herself on me is very natural.” But if it is so natural for a dime to throw herself at you, why the fuck would you spend money to get dimes?

  • http://http//www.expatrockstar.com James – Expat Rock Star

    Man, the BS games that you have to play with women in the states

    Men, come to Asia and you wont ever have to deal with the BS hoops that you have to jump through just to attract average western women

  • http://chuckross.blogspot.com Chuck


    Yeah just convert all of your dollars into yuan and you can get all the Asian pussy you want.

    Chuck’s last blog post: From the Mouths of Babes.

  • Anonymous

    #5 Wow,you want a cookie?
    #6 women are a paradox,and pretty much worthless in the grand scheme of things,unless put to good use,thank you.

  • http://www.projectinfinity.me Infinity

    That’s pretty damn hilarious. And so true. The value of having women see a hot girl all over you is more than can be described.

    Infinity’s last blog post: Are You in Tune With Your Star Player? [Video].

  • Anonymous

    You know,i swear i heard Rooshs name once refered to on a Dr.phil show once .it was a show on pick up artists and i also dont remember the name of the guys on the show but they were 2 guys in thier 30′s who wrote a few books and tought seminars etc…on pick up. and the last guy interviewed was an old school guy sorta balding,who they railed against because he advertized,men get laid tonite with my course etc..
    basically they younger guys mentioned, de angelo,and others including Roosh.
    Maybe someone on here could find more about that.but thats is cool Roosh is da man.

  • Anonymous

    hey this guys has exellent NYC street game.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah but this guy has better game.


  • Anonymous

    you just discovered that? hahaha…. i guess there’s a big difference between the notion of this and the practice. but, duh, mimetic desire

  • http://www.globaldatingrevolution.com Dan DeLa Cruz

    Good idea. Along the same lines as a toned down version of this that works especially well in Latin clubs and culture where girls love to dance. Have her (or a real wing woman/friend) while your talking to another girl, come up to you and have her ask you to dance. First of all this is powerful because in Latin clubs and culture the guys always ask the women to dance. Then tell her you’ll dance with her later because your talking to so and so, introduce them and then have the other excuse herself on her own… Works wonders, and is a bit more subtle.

    Dan DeLa Cruz’s last blog post: What Happens To Game And Pickup During A Recession?.

  • Anonymous

    So you pay girls to party with you to get other girls for sex?