I Got Robbed

On my third day.

August 10 is Quito’s Independence Day, but the celebration started the night before. I was observing a staged reenactment in Plaza Grande until I got bored and decided to walk back to my hostel. One particular street crossing was very crowded and there was a lot of unnecessary pushing and shoving by teenagers. Two thoughts went through my head:

1. This feels like a mosh pit.
2. This is how people get their pockets picked.

I went back to the hostel and noticed my wallet was not in my front pocket. I went through three minutes of panic looking for it everywhere, even in places I knew it couldn’t be at—but it was gone. I always thought I’d feel a pick pocket, but I guess their business is making sure you don’t.

The damage was $80 and two expired credit cards I was using as mugger bait to distract the respectable stash hidden in a pouch next to my crotch. My innocence as a traveler has been lost for all eternity.

For more on Ecuador, check out my Ecuador travel guide.

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  • mike says


  • virglekent

    What was the last thing I told you when you left? Damn, sometimes I feel like we don’t listen to each other whatsoeva

  • http://arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    It’s almost like you knew it was going to happen.

    July 23rd, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Damn that really sucks. This is definitely a story I didn’t want to see.

  • dpdawson

    Better than getting mugged (Amsterdam), which isn’t even that bad as long as you are looking back on it as someone still, you know, alive.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Good idea with the mugger bait in the back pocket wallet. Likewise, good call on the crotch wallet. First, the neck/chest pouch wallet is usually given away by the string at the back of the collar. While it is a good deterrent from being the victim of a pickpocket, it doesn’t do much to deter muggers. Second, no self-respecting South American man (or any heterosexual man) will consider groping your crotch for other “valuables” (yes, this begs for a crown jewels joke, but it’s too obvious).

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com/ Roissy

    yo roosh, did you feel the lima earthquake?

  • http://collateraldamageblog.wordpress.com Genevieve

    Dude, like ArJew said- you should’ve been totes prepared for that. Still sucks, though.

    I’m never going to South America. Either that or I’m keeping my money up my crotch.

  • Roosh

    We felt nothing in quito.

  • http://www.playazball.com Phil

    The first of many, I suspect.

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  • anon

    Robbed does not equal pickpocketed. Getting robbed is more like a mugging or an actual assault. Looks like you’re still pretty innocent.

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