I Hate Roosh

A girl blogger has this to say about me:

If you spend some time reading his blog you’ll find that he is a true misogynist. He never says he hates women, but it is between the lines in every entry. He has been spurned by women and now has chosen to subjugate them in lieu of therapy. Women are no longer people in his blog, we’re dehumanized, gutted, and decapitated for his pleasure/sadism. We are broken down into color, ethnicity, age, number of sexual partners while the bloggers own color, ethnicity, age, profession, number of sexual partners are inconsequential. I think he should do women a favor and visit a whorehouse with a diverse cornucopia of employees. Maybe if they simulate a bar-like setting and slip him their number, it will have the same effect and he’ll be removed from the effective man-pool. Because college, post-college, and young professional men are of the same mindset I think most of them are a waste of time. To be fair, Roosh says as much in the above entry. I hate him and yet were it not for the blatant honesty of his blog I think I would still be wasting my time on male attention.

I feel somewhat responsible that I sent this girl down some rabbit hole of man hatred, but sounds like that was the direction she was heading.

Speaking of DC blogs, a new one I’ve been reading is Jack Goes Forth.


Strong comment left on her post…

I wouldn’t call Roosh’s writing misogynistic, I’d call them observant.

He writes about his experiences trolling for snatch at bars and clubs.

The women he writes about go out to bars and clubs. They let Roosh game them and then go home with him. They make it easy.

You want to be valued for your mind? You want to be respected for “who you are”? Do you imagine that your career impresses people?

Don’t go to bars and clubs and let the Roosh’s of the world game you.

If anything, you’re the misogynist – you hate the girls who let him get exactly what he wants for only minimal effort. You hate these girls for letting men treat them as orifices to masturbate into. You hate them because large numbers of men will never waste time on girls who demand to be treated “like a human being” – a category to which I presume you belong – when there are so many girls who go out every night and spend hundreds of dollars a year for the privilege of being pumped and dumped by alpha males. I won’t even begin to mention the blatant misandry exhibited by this post. But then again you’re a woman so you don’t have a problem with double standards, right?

Look, every single person in this world is looking out for themselves. Roosh wants pussy. You want to be valued. Although you have a pussy I don’t think you and Roosh would make a good match. You will end up with a beta and Roosh will end up with herpes. In the end, your desire for men who treat women as princesses is no better or worse than Roosh’s desire for women who just want a one-night stand with a rugged ambiguously darkish guy.

In the end, you can’t blame Roosh for telling it how it is. As you admit yourself, his blog is brutally honest. Read more of it. You will learn how men really have always felt about women and will probably always feel about women no matter how many times the Vagina Monologues are performed at college campuses and no matter how many women leave the house every day in power suits.

Could it be that everything about women’s liberation is one giant experiment that couldn’t ever have possibly worked? Strange that 40 years later Roosh speaks for all men, isn’t it?

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  • http://vksempireofdirt.com Virgle Kent

    If she thinks your sadistic wait till I donkey punch the bia in the back of the head.

    Jack goes forth moved to Richmond. Just sayin

    Have you heard this one song, “low” in South America yet? It’s by some dude called dick rider

  • mike says

    “Because college, post-college, and young professional men are of the same mindset I think most of them are a waste of time.”

    and here I thought she was anti-generalization. I must have misinterpreted.

  • http://blonderthanyou.wordpress.com suicide_blond

    i dont hate..id have to care to hate…

    suicide_blond’s last blog post: My Porn Made a Gay Man Blush?.

  • LOL

    HAHAHHA…wow hearbreak sure does make you bitter.

  • D

    100 dollars says she’s butch and has been debating on turning into a lesbian because she ” can’t figure guys out” and you just pushed her over the ledge… thank you Roosh its appreciated from the ” man pool”

  • http://jackgoesforth.blogspot.com Jack Goes Forth

    We are “wastes of time”. I agree. Luckily only 1 percent of the female population knows this so lets keep it hush hush.

    VK–I did move back to Richmond. I’m back and forth as of now. I will make a trek back up for a blogger happy hour so I can use my youth to outdrink you all though.

    Roosh-Thanks for the shout out

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: The State Of Jack Address.

  • The Dude

    Her writing is pretty poor. Maybe she should take a grad course on writing before continuing with her already uninteresting blog.

  • Ribald

    hahaha… dude just read her other post, this girl is a total tool:

    Sometimes I wish I could take a pill and be numb to the day. I hear they make things like that, though I do find the concept slightly disturbing. I don’t agree with the rat race that comprises much of American life and I find it worse, still, that many people need to be on meds to survive it. I was not cut out for this type of living and have had plans to leave for a very long time. Meanwhile, what am I to do to survive my current environment? I cannot, plausibly, be drunk all day. I take nearly every opportunity to drink when I have an off night and even that I find to be unhealthy. I also cannot cash out my financial aid and buy a one way ticket. That move is saved for when things get really bad.

    The ways I have tried to avoid my life here: sleeping more than a newborn infant, drinking like a freshman frat boy, finding corners of campus that slowly become invaded with my classmates… none of them are working for longer than a few hours…

    I think I do need to join the Peace Corps. 24 months of a 3rd world country and blind idealism might do me good.

  • Peter

    Wonderwall. I rest my case.

  • Roya

    wow, guys. I can’t comment on a blog w/o so many people taking it personally…

    I think it’s pretty obvious I appreciate reading what he has to say b/c I’m one of those ‘girls at the bars’ on many occasions.

    Taking entries out of the greater context of my blog does not make a HUGE amount of sense. If you knew me you’d know what I’ve been through and then maybe you’d have a different opinion. For the record, my blog is usually only read by a few friends, I don’t make money off of it and I don’t advertise it to anyone. So relax, I don’t have the far-reaching capabilities of Roosh and I wouldn’t impose my thoughts on anyone. Take it apart if you like, but it’s a waste of your time.

    I think most people can agree that how you feel for 20 minutes on a particular day is not how you feel in life, in general. I just happen to blog about it from time to time. I don’t hate men but I do have low points and appreciate gaining insight from those moments…

    so lay off…I’m curious as to how Roosh found my post in the first place.

  • http://arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    I love how your related posts sounds like a broken haiku: “You, gay pictures, new domain”.

    It also sounds like someone’s Facebook status message.

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: 8 crazy Presidential hopefuls you have never heard of (and why you should probably vote for them).

  • irina

    There’s truth in what she says, you know. That’s why it touches you enough to post this. If she was totally nonsensical, you would write her off.
    But to his credit, lady, look he’s singled you out and not just lumped you into the “broad” category. So I guess you were partially wrong.

  • Ad4m

    “I think he should do women a favor and visit a whorehouse with a diverse cornucopia of employees”

    Damn, now that is something I would like to do 😀

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    “decapitated” 😆

    roissy’s last blog post: Withholding Sex.

  • Anonymous

    you’re in Rio and you’re reading other peoples blogs? RIO pics !!

  • http://spellyourcast.blogspot.com/ Roya

    Definitely would like to see some Rio pics. Oh and I wrote a response…feel free to tear that to pieces too :)

    Roya’s last blog post: the blog war is ON… kidding.

  • http://www.volette.com Joe T.

    Both Roya’s rant against Roosh, and the guy’s response that Roosh exerpted from Roya’s blog, were trite, rambling, disjointed diatribes filled with flawed logic and generalizations, plus neither added anything new to the tiresome dialogue about this so-called “issue”.

    They sound like Hillary and Obama arguing over MLK… Much ado about nothing.

    Hardly worth anyone’s attention here when Roosh is cavorting among the nubile Cariocas in Rio, but that’s just my take.

  • Sweatpants

    “wow, guys. I can’t comment on a blog w/o so many people taking it personally…”

    If it’s any comfort, I am not one of those people. I truly could not care less what this person writes on her blog or thinks.

  • Stealth

    Roosh … you’re a MAN , you speak your mind and say it like it is.

    Who cares what that silly biatch thinks.
    To hell with her and all those like her.


  • http://bunifah.blogspot.com bunifah

    I left a comment before, but it didnt show up…

    I don’t think she is giving enough credit to what Roosh has done for femalekind. For instance, I now know that when I desire to criticize a man it must be because I’m not as attractive as I think I am. We’ll never win this sex war! It’s time we learned our place as “orifices to masturbate into.”
    I mean of course Roosh is right about women, look at how scientifically he conducts his research!

    And that commentor is totally right: wanting a guy to treat you like a princess is EXACTLY the same as a guy wanting to treat you to a whore.

    bunifah’s last blog post: Christmas Shoes.

  • Kyle

    My favorite part:

    “Maybe I have felt in control, or admired, or loved by male-people but those were all means to an end for them, regardless of if there is/was an end.”

    Means to an end without an end? Wha… ?

  • http://urbanrealist.blogspot.com John Smith

    “I truly could not care less what this person writes on her blog or thinks.”

    Sure we don’t care what she PERSONALLY thinks. It’s just that her ideas are a representation of a good slice of American feminists who vilify people like Roosh.

    John Smith’s last blog post: Human Nature Trumps Culture (shocker!).

  • GetSome

    yea roush your a manwhore hahaha sike this girl is just mad cuz you didnt stick ur cock in her ass when she begged for it

  • http://www.onlinedatersannonymous.blogspot.com Sassy

    You crack me up soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! I love this blog. seriously!! i’m too fabulous to be offended………..LOL

    Sassy’s last blog post: RIP Heath Ledger.

  • Mel R.

    And here I thought I would be going on about all of the assumptions that the bloggers involved seem to make about each other, but Joe T. summed it up pretty well.

    Roosh makes himself out to look like a total misogynist, but then again, so does Maddox. Even if Roya was just writing this for a few friends, it struck her enough to write about it and then respond to this post, so she’s probably taking it a little to seriously to start with (as we probably all are).

    I’m kind of disappointed in the way misogyny is thrown around these days. To hate women means to hate /all/ women. To hate the kind of women who don’t know how to find the happy medium where they have an enjoyable sex life without compromising their pseudo-meaningful existence just means you hate morons. If you’re going to use politically correct terms you could start by not using it in a blanket statement.

    It’s stupid shit like this that makes me frequently ashamed to even be a woman, since it makes it look almost impossible to find other women who aren’t whorish snobs or righteous carpet munchers (or a step away from either extreme). Oh well. While these two types go at each other’s throats over guys like Roosh, I’ll be out sweeping up what’s left.


  • Micheaux


    1) It’s ok to be a slut.
    2) If someone calls you a slut publicly, delete your blog like a boss.

  • Jamon

    “In the end, your desire for men who treat women as princesses is no better or worse than Roosh’s desire for women who just want a one-night stand with a rugged ambiguously darkish guy.”

    The end. This is all the ever needs to be said. Of course she is probably part of the “don’t judge” progressive crew, except when she is the one doing the judging.

  • Anonymous

    roosh bluntly explains how the world works, some girl doesn’t like it and blames…

    wait for it…

    wait for it…

    (it’s not the people or institutions who misinformed her)

    wait for it…