I Hate Roosh

A girl blogger has this to say about me:

If you spend some time reading his blog you’ll find that he is a true misogynist. He never says he hates women, but it is between the lines in every entry. He has been spurned by women and now has chosen to subjugate them in lieu of therapy. Women are no longer people in his blog, we’re dehumanized, gutted, and decapitated for his pleasure/sadism. We are broken down into color, ethnicity, age, number of sexual partners while the bloggers own color, ethnicity, age, profession, number of sexual partners are inconsequential. I think he should do women a favor and visit a whorehouse with a diverse cornucopia of employees. Maybe if they simulate a bar-like setting and slip him their number, it will have the same effect and he’ll be removed from the effective man-pool. Because college, post-college, and young professional men are of the same mindset I think most of them are a waste of time. To be fair, Roosh says as much in the above entry. I hate him and yet were it not for the blatant honesty of his blog I think I would still be wasting my time on male attention.

I feel somewhat responsible that I sent this girl down some rabbit hole of man hatred, but sounds like that was the direction she was heading.

Speaking of DC blogs, a new one I’ve been reading is Jack Goes Forth.


Strong comment left on her post…

I wouldn’t call Roosh’s writing misogynistic, I’d call them observant.

He writes about his experiences trolling for snatch at bars and clubs.

The women he writes about go out to bars and clubs. They let Roosh game them and then go home with him. They make it easy.

You want to be valued for your mind? You want to be respected for “who you are”? Do you imagine that your career impresses people?

Don’t go to bars and clubs and let the Roosh’s of the world game you.

If anything, you’re the misogynist – you hate the girls who let him get exactly what he wants for only minimal effort. You hate these girls for letting men treat them as orifices to masturbate into. You hate them because large numbers of men will never waste time on girls who demand to be treated “like a human being” – a category to which I presume you belong – when there are so many girls who go out every night and spend hundreds of dollars a year for the privilege of being pumped and dumped by alpha males. I won’t even begin to mention the blatant misandry exhibited by this post. But then again you’re a woman so you don’t have a problem with double standards, right?

Look, every single person in this world is looking out for themselves. Roosh wants pussy. You want to be valued. Although you have a pussy I don’t think you and Roosh would make a good match. You will end up with a beta and Roosh will end up with herpes. In the end, your desire for men who treat women as princesses is no better or worse than Roosh’s desire for women who just want a one-night stand with a rugged ambiguously darkish guy.

In the end, you can’t blame Roosh for telling it how it is. As you admit yourself, his blog is brutally honest. Read more of it. You will learn how men really have always felt about women and will probably always feel about women no matter how many times the Vagina Monologues are performed at college campuses and no matter how many women leave the house every day in power suits.

Could it be that everything about women’s liberation is one giant experiment that couldn’t ever have possibly worked? Strange that 40 years later Roosh speaks for all men, isn’t it?

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