I Have No Style

1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
6 t-shirts, 6 pairs black socks, 6 pairs boxers
1 belt
1 long sleeves jumper
1 pair running shoes
1 pair casual Adidas shoes

That’s all I had for six months. I had to do laundry each week but I was covered for hiking on mountains, walking on the beach and drinking at bars and clubs. Everything I had matched everything else and I didn’t have to spend more than 10 seconds a day with my dress.

When a friend recently told me that all the pictures he has of me is in the same shirt, one my sister picked out for me in Macy’s that cost $25, all I could do was shrug. I’ve worn it at least a dozen times and will literally wear it out until it disintegrates, just like what happened to my last pair of jeans. It doesn’t bother me that a bartender at my favorite bar probably thinks I have no clothes. There’s no reason it should.

Guys have to be a little careful about what they choose to showcase. If it’s money then they will attract girls who like money. If it’s style then they will attract girls who like style. If it’s personality, then well, you get the idea. I can’t say any girls I’ve gone out with recently have been high-maintenance, and that’s just how I like it.

I think I will replace my old brown t-shirt next month. Let me gear up the budget for the $20 cost.

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