I Picked A Cover

I decided to pick the lowest rated cover:

I made my decision to please the guy who left the following comment…

Can you pull this off? Can you honestly see yourself holding this book up in front of strangers and telling them that you wrote this book? Id snicker at the title. Hell I’m laughing now. The huuuuuuge frown on the “bats” face. HAHAHA. Fuck it, Roosh. Pick this one just to make me laugh.

Of course I didn’t select this cover, but I do like its whimsical, almost sad nature. Too bad it wasn’t well-received by the masses.

Out of the four covers I liked best, the first one I eliminated was 4, which was rated second-best by everyone.

Artistically it’s an incredible cover that captures your attention, but it’s too spiritual and doesn’t go at all with the book. A handful of voters made comments about the cover…

Seems pretnetious like you’re taking the whle I look like Jesus thing too far

Connotation for me is catcher in the rye, not the lady killer explorer feeling I think you want.

great artwork…love how the title was done, but the pic of you seems too much like some kind of fantasy novel…with sorcerers and goblins.

I eliminated 1 next. I thought the concept was clean and crisp, but a bit too minimalist. I needed something more emo.

The designer actually has a blog where he redesigns book covers for fun. It’s through his site that I invited him to participate in the contest.

It came down to 2 and 3. If I were a boss at a publishing house, the choice would be 2, since it’s a “safe” design that would appeal to the greatest number of people.

The typeface is magical and I really dig the Traffic-inspired yellow filter on the photo, which I took while in Rosario, Argentina, but unfortunately the cover didn’t really capture the mood of the book. (The designer behind it is a great guy I’ve used several times in the past.)

When I saw cover 3, I asked myself if the author read the book before he did the design. Here’s a reader comment that captures my sentiments:

This cover is “it” hands down. The dead bat leaving a flight trail behind in the shape of South America is just so elegant and ties into the title and theme so beautifully. The actual illustration of the bat, as well as the color scheme, gradient, and subtle line work in the background are well crafted as well.

I like how the dead bat has an almost comic feel to it, since the scene the book title refers to was a bit comical. This is the cover that says, “You’re about to read an amusing book that has its serious moments.” I feel good about my decision to go with cover 3, especially since it was rated highest by everyone who voted (by a hair). Honestly I could have picked any of these four covers and still been able to sleep well at night.

Here’s another comment:

i still like the original cover best; your book is not a wes anderson movie. you know your place in the zeitgiest – controversial, self-made from the internet. the original cover reflects that hustler’s attitude. the book was about the text, and i liked that the same mind who wasn’t afraid to spill his guts (and come out a bigger man than the rest of us) was the same one who said “fuck the cover” and just pasted the title and his face on the cover. if i had to choose, this one.

Funny thing is when I did the original cover I thought it was awesome, but I could no longer ignore all the complaints, along with evidence that cover does matter when it comes to sales. It may take a month until the cover is updated on Amazon, so if you’re thinking of buying the paperback, I’d hold off a little.

In other news, on November 15 I started writing the day game book. You can take a peek at my progress log (a little habit of mine is to track how many hours it takes to write a book). For the first draft I go for speed, just vomiting all over the keyboard. I slow it down when it comes time to edit.

No more bullshit—this book is finally happening. Looks like it’ll be about the same length as Bang.

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