I Think, Therefore I’m Erect

My libido, as I enter my mid 30s, is not as strong as it once was. While still robust, I find it easier to talk myself out of bangs and go longer periods without sex. I figured this was a normal result of aging that, beyond working on diet and exercise, fell largely outside of my control.

Another factor that contributed to my decreasing libido was penile desensitization. Indiscriminately banging so many different women for so long means I receive less pleasure from new bangs. It became easier for me to stay home on a weekend night knowing that I wasn’t missing out on something I haven’t experienced many times before.

The months went by and I gradually accepted this change, but then I began to wonder. In Chisinau I partied with two Brazilian guys, one of whom was in his late 40’s. He had twice as much energy as me. He danced, approached, and drank all night. It’s possible he was the oldest guy in the club, but he didn’t have problems receiving affections from young women. Later, in Odessa, I met two guys who were chasing poon nearly every night, and they were about the same age as me. Why was I less motivated than them?

We like to think that testosterone levels are dependent on genetics or environment, but I asked myself if there is a mental component as well. Could testosterone production ramp up or down depending on how you think? I believe the answer is yes.

In unfavorable sexual environments, where you resign yourself to less sex, your body will produce less testosterone as a self-protection mechanism. If getting laid is difficult but your body has ramped up T production in the anticipation of penetrating a real vagina, its efforts will have been in vain when that sex doesn’t occur. Once your body no longer expects easy, random sex, it decreases your T concentration to a level that is not optimal for the challenging endeavor of hunting women. This is why getting laid multiple times a week keeps your T sky high—your body knows that sex is upcoming. Without that expectation, I hypothesize that your body diverts resources away from T production into foraging or intellectually-heavy tasks like mathematics and philosophy.

Whenever I enter a new city with beautiful women, before the local sex economy is made apparent to me, I’m essentially a walking boner. Once my first few experiences tell me that actual labor is required to lay the women, my daily boners subside. Why should my body continue pumping out T if it can’t see a pretty girl and engage in immediate reproductive activity with her? My horniness falls back to a basal state that, while biologically sound, doesn’t exactly make me animalistic. While environmental chemicals can reduce T levels, a man’s body is not going to pump it out if he’s surrounded by unattractive women who are not easy to lay. It’s possible that being surrounded by unattractive women alone is just as damaging to your T levels as soy milk (good luck finding a university to explore that notion).

I decided to do a simple experiment on myself: nurture the boner. I usually wake up with morning wood, not thinking twice about it, but I started to hold the boner by reliving a sex memory with a girl in my past while humping my pillow. Later, when walking outside, instead of looking at a pretty girl and imagining the long process of getting her to my bed, I’d try to imagine her naked, completely forgetting about any difficulty it would be to lay her, no matter how unrealistic. Within a week, without any changes to my diet or weightlifting routine, my dick was acting five years younger. I was once again achieving random boners. My thinking influenced my horniess, and therefore my desire. Approaches were more effortless because my logical brain, which knows very well the difficulty in getting laid, was silenced in the face of the testosterone flood.

My renewed horniness demanded instant release, which meant I was being driven back to night game, where I had a higher chance of achieving near-instant sex. I thought I wrote off night game for good, but it took only three nights of going out for me to get my old game back, successfully convincing two girls to join me in my love den “for just a drink.” I realized that my horniness was as much mental as physical, and that I wasn’t entitled to wake up every day full of raw masculine desire. I had to incubate it with perverted thoughts and images.

Just like how you exercise your muscles at the gym or stimulate your mind with heavy reading, you have to work on your boner with horny meditation. Simply spend a few moments in the day to concentrate on sex to get your younger penis back. If you refuse to do this, don’t be surprised to find your horniness ebbing dangerously low. As soon as I got lazy and stopped nurturing my boner, my desire quickly decreased to a more flaccid level.

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