I Took An HIV Test

The last time I got an HIV test was in 2002, a year after I discovered game and began dabbling in sex without condoms. One early incident scared me: I played just-the-tip with a girl who was on her period. I waited a couple months then went to an anonymous clinic for an HIV test. The result was negative but the anxiety of waiting for it made me swear never to get tested again unless I had to.

I walked into the clinic and sat in the waiting room. My doctor was an attractive Polish woman in her 40s with blonde hair and high cheekbones. I told her that I wanted to get tested for every STD known to man. She filled out some paperwork and sent me to get my blood drawn.

I hated using condoms. It felt like eating steak with a bag on my tongue. I constructed an unscientific method to tell if a girl was “clean” or not, but I still contracted molluscum and nonspecific urethritis. I didn’t know who gave me either since both times I was fucking multiple girls without condoms.

I asked the nurse how long it would take to get my results. “One week,” she said. You’d think in 2011 the blood test would be faster. I had plans to travel to another city the week after; should I postpone the trip just in case I was positive? I didn’t want to make any big decisions until I knew the result.

I’ve long ago stopped examining my dick. Otherwise I’d be in the doctor’s office every other month for something I couldn’t explain. Three years ago I got tested for everything except HIV and was shocked that I didn’t have anything, especially herpes. I’ve also been through several pregnancy scares from using the pull-out method on girls who weren’t on the pill. I came out from those unscathed. I’d go stretches of being safe only to regress back to fucking every girl without a condom. I knew it was self-destructive, but I couldn’t stop.

Two days after the test I fucked a new girl. She was very pretty and seemed clean. She wanted it raw so I gave it to her raw. I got mad at myself for not waiting a couple more days for my result before putting her in potential danger. Already the test would not be current, but I needed to get the previous nine years off my back.

I like to think I’m an intelligent man. I know that I can fucking die from getting HIV. I know that condoms protect against that. When I go out at night I have a condom in my pocket and intend to use it, but something happens to my brain when you put a naked woman in front of me. I lose all logic and reason. If the girl seems clean and doesn’t make me put on a condom, then I’m not using one, even on one-night stands.

That week I patiently waited for the result. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. It was what it was, and no worrying would change the outcome. I stayed off Google and kept myself busy by focusing on work. Three days before the test, I had a date with my favorite Polish girl. She always forced me to use a condom so I knew she was safe, but I wondered what I would tell her if I tested positive. Our relationship would probably end.

I think I understand why Tiger Woods went raw on all those strippers and porn stars: it feels good. Yes, he could have put his wife’s health in jeopardy, and yes, he could be exposing himself to god knows what, but that’s not what we think about when the girl wants our naked dick inside her. You think about feeling good and nothing else. It’s like a drug.

Three more days until the result. I was less scared of HIV the disease than the changes I would have to make because of it. I didn’t want to change anything. I wanted to keep fucking as many girls as I wanted without worrying about having something that could kill myself or my partners. I didn’t want the party to end.

In the nine years I didn’t get tested for HIV, I’ve had over a dozen sexual encounters that deeply concerned me. It was usually the rough sex episodes that left my dick feeling like raw meat. During my second trip to South America, I had a couple of strange flu-like illnesses. I wondered if one of those could be acute HIV syndrome, but I was too scared to get tested. I continued fucking raw. It didn’t help that girls rarely asked me if I had been tested. If they did I’d say, “I don’t think I have anything.” That was good enough for them.

I had trouble sleeping the night before getting my result. What if? I lay in bed, wondering. I said to myself, “Stop being such a pussy. If you have it then you’ll deal with it just like everything else you’ve dealt with in life.” But how many girls did I give it to? Am I the grim reaper?

The anxiety of my unknown HIV status increased with each new girl I fucked, whether I used a condom or not. I would make myself feel better by reading articles about how hard it was to contract HIV from heterosexual sex, but that no longer helped while in Poland after feeling tired and weak for two weeks. It got to the point where I so convinced myself I was positive that I had to get tested to start treatment so I didn’t die. I couldn’t postpone it any longer.

I sat down on the chair outside my doctor’s office. My body was shaking. I saw the receptionist hand off my results in a sealed envelope. I felt like my future was written on that piece of paper. My life may come down to this one moment in a small Polish clinic. I wanted to run out of the building, return to my apartment, and pretend everything was okay.

One day everything will change, and I will have to say goodbye to the current life I have.

The doctor called me in. My legs barely carried me to her desk. I sat down and blurted out, “I’m really nervous.” She laughed and said, “You’re fine. You don’t have anything.” I left her office and bought a cone of ice cream.

One day everything will change, but not today.

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  • reality

    female to male HIV transmission from vaginal sex is about as likely as winning the lottery while getting hit by lightning on the day that congress all resigns in shame

  • http://therookiedc.wordpress.com/ The Rookie

    sobering. just reading it makes me feel like i have something.

    one former popular blogger said he was stopping having so much sex to avoid this problem.

  • Evan


  • Evan


  • Mig mack

    I’m not scared of HIV from unprotected vaginal. Like no1 said, it’s almost impossible to transmit that way.

    HIV is mostly an anal transmitted disease. I would never fuck a girl in the ass who I don’t know is safe or not. And I’m not taking any chances on that front. I’d rather risk pregnancy or wear a condom.

  • sine qua non

    Excellent post… honest, raw, relatable.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Not judging your life choices. Nice piece of dramatic writing.

  • Jack

    You’re going to get herpes. It’s everywhere. Sleep with 10 women raw dog and your chances of getting it are probably north of 70%. And if you have banged as many women as you say, i’m shocked you don’t have it already if you are raw dogging chicks.

    And about 80% of chicks have HPV, so you will definitely get that. You have to wear condoms. The pussies out there are downright filthy. Insane post

  • http://bogspua.wordpress.com/ Bogs

    Scary to be you, you really get in your own head.

    Start wearing rubber, seriously, otherwise it is only matter of time until you catch something.

  • Anonymous

    “If a girl doesn’t make me wear a condom I won’t…”

    Ok, props for honesty because condoms do feel terrible and no one wants to go into that.

    BUT… you just said on your well-read blog with your name on it, “Some day everything will change, but not today…”

    In other words, “I know I will get an STD and probably pass it to a lot of girls, and I want any girl who potentially reads this post to know that.”

    So… brave? (Is the nice word for it.)

  • straightken

    I’ve got a mind-fuck for you. You can go your whole life fucking random chicks raw and not get HIV… BUT… your site has how many tens of thousands of readers? How many of which tend to emulate your life decisions?

    So by telling them how much better unprotected sex is and how you almost always do it (you, their sex role model), it’s likely to the point of virtually guaranteed that you are ensuring that some of your readers get AIDS and pass it on to a variety of unsuspecting women.

    Yes we know that normal straight sex makes it hard to pass the virus, but you all are fools if you think the tens of millions of Africans who have it, for example, are only doing gay sex, butt sex or whatever.

    God have mercy on us all : P

  • Anonymous

    I think honesty in this post is good as it is a reality that most guys behave the same. But it is kind of puzzling to be self aware yet do nothing – not judging. I think that the fact is that 9.5/10 girls will not make you use a condom because they like it, its uncomfortable to askand for whatever other dumb reason. i would value my life alot more than this and think that you would have major regret if you did get something that was life threatening.

  • Yams

    I’m no doctor but scrubbing your dick in the sink postcoitus may cure a lot of shit including HPV if you were raw dogging it. I’m not too worried about HIV since the female to male transmission is the lowest risk.

    Still I’ve been there where I raw dogged a girl who I thought was clean only to regret it later when she tells me her high notch count.

  • Anonymous

    It might be in your genes. I read about the sex trade in Europe and the prostitutes saying that Arabs/Turks always wanted to f*ck without a condom and would pay a lot extra to do so.

  • Anonymous

    man your fuckin paranoid

  • Sam Spade

    Been there, man. No matter how safe you are, waiting on the test results can be tough.

    Personally, I’ve found the women I’ve been with to be more reckless about condoms than I was.

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com virlge kent

    Man, this was the most honest real talk post. Man you are brave and I give you props for even sharing this. I won’t even try to make a joke, it’s just that real.

  • Carmo

    I got the same problem, its just too good to use one. I decided that I was going to turn a new leaf and went and bought a 100 pack of condoms. Guess how many I have used? My inentions are good but when you are in the moment and the girl doesn’t give a shit, its way too hard to put one one. I just got tested and i’m 100% clean but this streak cant last.

  • Brian

    Condom or not, you are almost guaranteed to have some form of HPV if you’ve had sex with enough people. It can actually transmitted through skin contact with the affected area, not just through fluid transfer. Though the latter is a far more effective route.

    Genital warts are easier to avoid. But the other strains are easier to miss, because there are no external symptoms. Granted, the effect of those forms is about a .002% increase in your chance of penile cancer when you’re older. Nowhere near the increase in cervical cancer for women from the same strain.

  • http://johnnyshornofplenty.wordpress.com/ Johnny Milfquest

    This post is the perfect rebuttal to haters who claim that players don’t talk about STDs.

    Roosh just did. Props for honesty.

    In my own experience, I’ve raw dogged it and used condoms as well.

    Its very often the woman who insists on the guy NOT using a condom. I’ve never had a woman suggest condom use to me. Ever.

  • http://www.torontopickup.com Bigfoot

    Damn Roosh, I thought your blogging days were about to come to an end!

  • outlaw josey wales

    Very honest. The rational mind shuts down in front of a naked woman who wants it, and I think that’s just a primal biological urge.

    It’s easy to say this is stupid, but imagine a sexy girl grabbing your dick and chomping at the bit for you to put it in raw because it will feel so good. I’ve said “fuck it” many times.

    I can actually also understand knowing that this is a bad idea and still doing it.

    Also, Roosh is not a role model per se. He does what he does, and I don’t agree with all of it, and he puts it out there. You don’t have to do everything he does.

  • Castor Troy

    In my own experiences I find most girls say “get a condom” when sex is about to happen but then somehow forget about it and don’t object when I put it in raw. Though even that usually goes out the window when lots of alcohol is involved and they just don’t care period.

  • Epic

    You aren’t going to get aids unless you start raw-dogging really dirty bitches (aka whores) in the anus.

    How many heterosexual, non-druggie (IV needle using) HIV positive people have you ever met?

    The scare tactics used by the medical community are ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have an actual medical explanation of why HIV in Africa is as epidemic levels among heterosexuals? I know everyone is claiming that you can’t get it from women, but I am curious for explanation of why this is happening in Africa.

  • Mig mack

    If you’re black, wear a condom.


    HIV has dubious origins. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was designed as a race-specific bioweapon by black-hating Nazi crazy scientists.

  • Anonymous


    “Scientists estimate that the trait — which also provides protection against a form of malaria — might account for 11 percent of the HIV cases in Africa, the continent hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic.”

    Okay, so how did the other 89% get it?

  • Riker

    dude the story really sucked me in! I was super nervous for you

  • http://beyondpickup.net/ Marco Lee

    STD is really scary to a hypochondriac. Even when wearing a condom.

  • sanjay

    But not today.

  • HalfAsian

    You know the drill, wrap it up.

    Probability of catching anything from a single encounter is indeed low (as some love to point out), but given your lifestyle choices (mine are similar), going bareback will almost certainly catch up with you eventually, perhaps on chick #300 if not way before.

    Btw, does it really take so long to get results in the good old USA? In the 3rd world land I live in, HIV+VDRL test is a straightforward process — get blood drawn, pay $25, come back in 2h for the envelope.

  • Fireworks56

    Anyone who has banged double digits is extremely likely to have some strain of HPV. Most are asymptomatic, which is good since the virus is small enough to pass through latex. That’s why it infuritates me that so many political games are played with the cervical cancer vaccine that can stop the effects of those nasty 2 out of 60 or so strains.

    African HIV (just postulating) may be from underfunded clinics, lack of testing and awareness, dirty needles/clinics or being born with it. Also widespread war/conquest (rape) and forced directly or indirectly (economics) sex trafficking. A banged up prostitute turning multiple tricks is probably more likley to transmit via hetrosexual activity than a normal chick.
    Also somewhat unrelated but in the US the HIV rate is probably directly tied to being in prison and the rate of blacks incarcerated represents about half of the US prison population while blacks constitute only around 13 percent of the US population.

  • http://www.hokieblogger.com Gmac

    This is definitely my biggest concern outside of pregnancy scares. I’ve been banging a lot more girls raw and using the pull out method than I ever would have even considered in the past. It felt like I was reading my own thoughts throughout this post. I’m clean still, for now…

  • Cliff Arroyo

    Funny thing about Polish women.

    They’re not too Catholic to abstrain before marriage(even the church kind of tacitly accepts premarital sex) but they are way too Catholic to use any kind of birth control on a regular basis. The logic seems to be that conscientious use of birth control shows intent to sin while giving into passion is human and therefore more forgiveable.

    Also, most are not afraid of getting pregnant at all (no matter what they say). Consistent condomless sex with Polish women means you’re gonna be a daddy sooner or later (if you’re still fertile).

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Fubsy

    You’re immune from all STD’s, like Superman!
    You have Tiger’s Blood®

  • The HOUSE

    If so many people as of 2011 do not always use condoms while knowing that millions of other people have incurable STDs and that there is millions of new cases of STDs each year, then this shows that all sex education is a complete waste of taxpayer money, so cut all sex ed programs, except for watching porn in schools because they can at least learn that porn stars are tested for STDs once a month.

    I’ve decided recently to walk away from the casino while I’m ahead. I will not gamble a few minutes of pleasure for years of pain and suffering with HIV, Hepatitis B, HPV, genital Herpes. From now on I will only run Ultra Upper-Class Game and only have sexual contact with the few quality women who get tested for STDs before I let her in my inner circle (this STDs screening test is one extra way I am qualifying her, the results only take a few extra days between dates 1 to 3 while I already have other women in the pipeline, then we still potentially get to have the pleasure AND have more peace of mind, plus it increases my status as a higher value man), Win-Win. The House always WINS!!

  • Carmo

    Similar story but this dude actually banged a girl that had HIV with no condom. That would be a scray ass 3 months to wait. Note to self, dont fuck while in Africa.


  • Anonymous

    Look up the Padian study. No heterosexual couple ever transmitted HIV from the “infected” to non-infected partner. I suspect the early gay men who died of AIDS destroyed their immune systems through self-administering antibiotics which destroyed the good bacteria in their digestive system.

    Herpes, now that is a good reason to change your behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you’ve not contracted a serious STD because no other dude would penetrate any of the hogs that you bang.

  • blert

    HIV is a VIRUS.

    ALL viruses are way too small to be stopped by any condom on the market.

    What stops HIV are lubricants — the ones on the shelf all over town.

    It’s so simple: lube her up and then have full fun.

    As for clean-up: EVERY screw should be promptly followed by a body wash of MOUTHWASH. Use the non-alcoholic stuff.

    Just soak a paper towel and work it all over.

    That can be done any where you can screw.

    Such a habit thwarts other STDs, too.

    And for the last touch, dust with baking soda; which kills just about everything it touches — except you.

    The only thing a condom can stop is sperm and bacteria.

  • Diseased Penis

    I’ve gotten nonspecific urethritis too; as well as HPV (about 60 warts total) and a chancroid. Then I got a girl pregnant. I’m pretty keen on condoms and washing my genitals after sex nowadays. I wish I could unfeel raw-dog sex so I wouldn’t be tempted to rip it off and fill her with cum all the time. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    @40 Condoms are airtight. Viruses are bigger than air molecules.

  • thesecond

    Your brain knows the difference between sex with a condom and without. And it wants to get a girl pregnant.

    Also, on aids and condoms- they reduce transmission by 80%. They mostly work by blocking the bulk flow of semen. Some viruses get through but not many. Most viruses are in cells which are too big to leave, and the viruses free in solution only diffuse slowly out of the condom due to the high viscosity of semen. They likewise slow down the movement of air out.

    Condoms do leak sometimes, they do have holes, girls pin hole them. Avoiding risky sex is important for avoiding stds. They do protect you a lot.

  • Gabriel
  • Anon

    There is some remarkable ignorance here.
    Washing your dick after sex will not help.

    I like to raw dog just as much as the next guy.

    The best thing you can do, is invest in expensive condoms, the kind that are usually only sold at sex stores. Get the best you can, and it really does make a difference. You will feel much of the warmth and texture.

    Keep the raw dogging to a once in a while thing.

    Getting herpes or HIV is more than a little inconvenient.

    Yes, there are different rates for different situations, but it happens – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV#Transmission

    Also, keep in mind that its relative. While the risk for a single act may be low, the result is awful when it does happen.

    I’m also kind of surprised Roosh would post this. I think women will look past a lot of the stuff he posts here, but that kind of an attitude towards STDs could be a strong negative.

  • dragnet

    Honestly, the only women I have ever fucked without a condom are girls I’m in a committed relationship with. That’s only been a few girls. Every other chick I’ve ever nailed, every other time I’ve used a condom. No exceptions.

    I have an uncle that died of AIDS. Half the guys in my family have knocked up bitches are now on the hook for 20 yrs of child support. I take this shit deadly serious.

    I know it’s hard to make the rational choice in that vital moment. Believe me, I know. But I’ve never regretted not raw-dogging. Cause I still got to fuck.

    In any case, best of luck out there. Be smart about it.

    And stay strong.

  • Shawn

    I think you are overreacting. Aids is pretty much a gay disease with the exception of Africa. It’s a downstream phenomenon.

    Assuming the girl you raw dog has HIV/AIDS, which is very unlikely if you are with a girl with class, your odds of getting HIV are 1 in 2,000.


  • schwanson

    Very nice writing. The format in which you paced this narrative is excellent. Did you come up with it yourself, or is there another example where I can find stuff written in this manner?


  • Anon

    re 47

    Those transmission rates are per act. And they are not negligible when measured over time.
    Let’s say for the average one night stand you bang 3 times.
    Let’s say you rack up 100 of these over a ten year period (some people on this site and forum have a considerably higher rate).
    So your exposure risk is 300/2000= 15%.

    Also, AIDs is not a gay disease in the USA, that is just wrong. I have worked in summer camps for HIV positive children and families, and most were not gay.

  • j r

    Interesting. Am I the only guy who thinks that raw dog feels better, but only marginally so? The physical sensation is stronger, but there is something to be said for the extra staying power afforded by a condom.

    I’ve had a few STD scares only to find out that I have a clean bill of health. That sucks, but to be honest it’s pregnancy that scares me the most. As a guy, you have almost no control if a chick gets knocked up. Maybe it’s my complete lack of desire to impregnate any girl anytime soon that makes wearing a condom feel just about the same for me.

  • Anon

    Oops, I should have multiplied that last number by prevalence of HIV. If its 1%, then your risk over ten years would be .15%, which is not likely, but still.

  • HIV is Not A Death Sentence
  • vb

    Bag it homie. Last thing you need is a kid.

  • Sid

    “Also, most are not afraid of getting pregnant at all (no matter what they say). Consistent condomless sex with Polish women means you’re gonna be a daddy sooner or later (if you’re still fertile).”

    I take it Polish women are Catholic enough to detest abortion, then.

  • Zunder

    Roosh – you are an intelligent bloke – you need to realise that there is MUCH evidence out there that HIV could not cause a common cold let alone AIDS.
    I’d be much more worried about getting gonnorhea or syph than contracting some virus which fails Kochs Postulates. Don’t know what Kochs Postulates are? Look it up.
    Do your homework – look up the writings of Dr Peter Duesburg, and also Gary Null for starters, – soon it will dawn upon you that the ‘HIV causes AIDS’ message that has been preached to us for 30 years is a big bunch of bullshit .

  • Cliff Arroyo

    “Polish women are Catholic enough to detest abortion”

    Most of them yeah. The whole Catholic things breaks down around premarital sex but holds up most of the rest of the time.

    Officil legal (free) abortions aren’t easy to get but off the records abortions are no problem if the money can be foun). But most young women just don’t think of abortion as an attractive option, the attitude is roughly: “if I get pregnant I get pregnant and I’ll have a kid”. It might be because traditionally in Poland having sex with a young woman was equal with agreeing to marry her if she gets pregnant. She’ll be suprrised and disappointed that it doesn’t mean that to foreigners.

    Oddly, married women (with jobs or looking for jobs) are much more nervous about pregnancy than younger single women are.

  • Ultimate beta

    Maybe this condom-thing have lot to do with being circumcised or not. I’m circumcised and I think sex with condoms doesn’t feel anything. I think USA this is also common, as are in Africa. In Europe however circumcision is rare and probably sex with condoms is better if you are uncircumcised.

  • Sherwood Schwarz

    I thought you were a scientist.

  • Anonymous

    roosh, i think you are a psychopath.

    seriously , you ought to go take one of the tests for pathological narcissism and lack of empathy. some people are born without a conscience.

    there’s a good documentary on youtube called “i, psychopath”‘

  • Mig mack


    No, psychopaths are ultimately self-centered people who care nothing about consequences, lie continually and engage in uncalculated risks.

    Roosh has calculated the risk. He also tries to better the world (read his posts about cockclock shaming or Cheap bottle of champagne). He has a strong sense of justice, and he’s very rational, unlike psychopaths.

    Narcissists wouldn’t beable to do some of the self-putdowns that Roosh does occasionnally. Narcissists think they’re perfect. Textbook example is Stephane Hemon.

    You don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

  • Brian

    Very suspenseful writing!
    I once got something on a finger that could have been Herpes Whitlow or a strain of HPV that extremely itched daily for over a year and it was terrible to deal with. Now I will not stick a finger in anywhere without a latex glove on my hand unless in a LT situation.
    A condom box I have says no contraceptive has 100% effectiveness preventing STD’s or pregnancy. The percentage of women in the U.S. who have an unintended pregnancy in one year: No Method 85%, Withdrawal 27% Typical Use to 4% Perfect Use, Condom 15% Typical Use to 2% Perfect Use, Pill 8% Typical Use to .3% Perfect Use.
    Therefore, if someone has had intercourse 100 times and not knocked-up someone else using just Withdrawal, then they are quite a sharp-shooter at when to pull the trigger.
    I’ve also heard to always use your own condoms and to throw them out yourself in a different location the woman doesn’t know about to avoid crazy women who may try to get a green card or attempt financial blackmail. I will not get married because I will not just give away half of everything financially I have in a divorce. Similarly, I do not want to be forced by the legal system to make payments for 18 years, so I will use contraception.

  • Gary
  • Anonymous

    There is no accurate test for herpesvirus, unless you have active sores. You can have asymptomatic herpes, never have sores, and still infect others. You can have symptomatic herpes, with weeping sores, and never infect others. Herpes is the king of all fuckdiseases. Most of the time you can’t detect it. All of the time it lasts forever. Perfectly clean looking pussy can give it to you without knowing it has it itself. And if you get it, outbreaks can be triggered by the most random shit. Sunlight. Food. Stress. Injury. Illness. The only boon is that it gets less severe the longer you have it. Thus, in a world where very soon almost everyone who fucks will have herpes, it’s almost better to be an early adopter. If you get it at age 16, by age 25 you might be down to one or two outbreaks a year.

    I can nearly guarantee that you have herpes.

  • Marian

    Huh, colleague scientist, you’re playing with fire and you know it very well.

    There are very good condoms out there, and, as @50 mentioned, the extra staying power offsets the reduced sensitivity.

    Visit Africa and get into a dying house which cares about last-stage HIV patients. Imagine yourself in place of one of those living putrid skeletons. Your attitude to raw-dogging will change for good.

  • Adventure21c

    “One day everything will change, but not today.”

    Sounds like you know what’s coming eventually.


  • Adventure21c

    Additional comment:

    This is why we need the cures to every STD including AIDS.

    $50,000 AIDS cure a pop.

    Who wouldn’t pay for that?

    Let’s get to inventing those cures.

  • Sherwood Schwarz

    perhaps you’re suicidal and want to go out with a…

  • The Man Who Was . . .

    Does anyone have an actual medical explanation of why HIV in Africa is as epidemic levels among heterosexuals? I know everyone is claiming that you can’t get it from women, but I am curious for explanation of why this is happening in Africa.

    1. AIDS stats from Africa are wildly unreliable. A lot of people dying from “AIDS” are actually dying from something else.

    2. People in Africa are already quite a bit unhealthier than people in the developed world, so their immune systems are already compromised.
    Also, having another STD like Herpes makes it easier to spread HIV.

  • The Man Who Was . . .

    There is no accurate test for herpesvirus, unless you have active sores.

    This used to be true, but isn’t anymore. There are bloodtests that are very accurate after 4 months past infection.

  • The Man Who Was . . .

    Condoms only cut the risk of herpes transmission by 50%. It can be transmitted by skin to skin contact, though normal skin, including the skin on your penis is usually able to repel the virus. It needs to go through a mucus membrane like your urethra or find a break in the skin.

    In addition to using condoms, you can cut your risk by:

    1. Washing your genitals within a few minutes of having sex.

    2. Peeing within a few minutes of having sex.

    3. Not having “rough sex” that could tear the skin.

    4. Not having sex when you have a rash or abrasion in your crotch area.

  • Brazilian Girl

    I hope you get Aids soon

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpress.com Willy Wonka

    Damn, Roosh and some of the commenters are scaring me now

    I was definitely planning on rawdogging this girl anally tonight….

  • Thor’s Screwdriver

    #19 I believe you are correct. If Roosh is being even remotely honest in his stories which I believe he is, he has been exposed to HPV. Statistically, this is a definite. One of the good things about being a guy is that it doesn’t really affect us. I don’t think there is a test for it either. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

    #50-for me, there is a big difference between wearing a rubber and not. I had a girlfriend that I was seeing for a few years. She had an IUD that she used for birth control but was giving her troubles and had it removed. Since I wanted to make sure my baby making days were over, I decided to get a vasectomy. (great decision…no regrets) If you don’t know, you gotta clean the pipes 20 or 30 times before you are free of swimmers. I was wearing a condom and was not enjoying myself all that much but eventually it started feeling better. Sploosh. I get up to throw it away and realized that the reason it started feeling good was because I had ripped the tip.

    As for extending your performance, if you have problems being a short timer, just recognize that when you get to about a 7 out of 10 on the penis-feel good scale, pause for a few seconds. I am the opposite. Sometimes it feels like I go too long and I am hurting the girl.

  • Thor’s Screwdriver

    #72- Is she a cute Haitian prostitute?

  • Logan

    Could u please post statistics on contracting these diseases? Also, I’m paranoid in getting a girl pregnant I’m surprised there are no rooshlets yet. What is the probability of getting a girl preggy and how to decrease it? I think I’m gon raw dog this girl and pull out after reading this. I think she’s clean. Wish me luck! Great post!

  • Sherwood Schwarz

    syphillis little buddy

    rots the brain

  • West LA

    It’s fascinating when a smart individual has a pattern of foolish behavior in one particular area (or when a strong person is weak in one area, or an admirable person is being pathetic & awful in some recurring way, etc).
    The high contrast is intriguing.

    No disrespect intended Roosh.
    Of course we all have our flaws, limitations, weaknesses, etc (and I have plenty myself).

    Roosh, do you know Homer’s The Odyssey?
    The story of Ulysses facing the challenge of the Sirens might interest you.

    Your acceptance of the risks of fucking w/out condoms reminds me of a fat guy who keeps failing to follow his intended weight loss diet.
    He waits until he is hungry, then ambles into the kitchen, and wonders ‘Hmm, what will I eat?’.
    Then his impulses always rule him and he eats the wrong food and stays fat.

    I wish you (and the rest of us!) could get away with raw sex without any consequences for the rest of your life…

  • West LA

    Your discussion of continuing a behavior which you know is very risky reminds me of a favorite scene from a favorite movie: Midnight Run, where DeNiro & Grodin are in train dining car, talking about “living in denial”.
    Do you know that one?

  • Buitre

    We are glad everything is good with you man … We need you healthy to go to Ukraine/Russia and provide us with good data on dealing with the sweet cookies there, best places etc … Not sure about why choosing Poland anyway, hopefully you won’t waste much time there dealing with average girls and will soon head where the real babes are!!! :)

  • http://m4monologue.wordpress.com Ryu

    Boy, the mood changed in here!

    I mean, this side of the game is always there. When you read a story like “Yo. I hit up this Polish babe and took her home…..” the sex is the exciting part. That’s the flash.

    The part you don’t read about, except today, is the STDs, is the losing of self worth with each new notch, the giving away of your soul. Every notch guarantees that Roosh will never be able to remain faithful and have a real marraige. That’s the price, that’s the hustle. Nothing is free.

    Every one here knows the stakes. Are we going to celebrate when we win and cry when we lose? Magic, voodoo, peter pan don’t exist. There’s reality and consequences. Face them.

  • http://sjones84.blogspot.com/ Solo

    It’s post like these why Roosh is one of the realist niggas in the blogworld. STD’s aint no joke I get tested once a year and have started doing so ever since 2005. I have boned some chicks and the next day just to face the paranoia of checking my dick for bumps (got mollscum once) real talk when I wear a condom my shit goes limp. I hate rubbers. Shit kills my vibe I rather go raw in a ho, but fuck these girls are so scandalous a brother might catch something just standing in the same room as a hooker ya dig?

    Roosh if you need rubbers let me know bro I got a connect I get my shit for cheap son, I can cut yo a “deal” bruh


  • Timothy

    Edward Hooper’s book, The River, delves into the origin of HIV in Africa. I believe a film or documentary was also made based on the book. Though it’s disputed in some circles, the introduction of the virus into the US was traced to a gay French-Canadian flight attendant named Gaetan Dugas, who galavanted around the world having sex with various men, and picked it up in Africa.

    My understanding is that latex condoms are the best protection from HIV, as they prevent the transmission of fluids. Lambskins will prevent sperm from passing through, but since they are made of a porous, natural skin, viruses will still pass through them. Other STDs can be transmitted from simple skin contact, so condoms may not prevent them. I’ve re-evaluated my attitude towards pussy eating too due to recent articles about oral/neck cancer in men from HPV. I used to feel that you weren’t really a man until you licked the pearl. Fuck that – I’ve changed my mind. For all you dudes that won’t eat pussy, I no longer think less of you.

    I had my own scare about 10 years ago. While I was in Brazil, I had a condom break while I was smashing this honey. When I took her in the room, I just grabbed one of the condoms that was laying around, instead of going into my things and grabbing one of my own supply. The one I used was probably old. Anyway, I busted in this chick. She jumped up and ran into the bathroom, but came back and we fucked some more. A couple of days after I got home, the tip of my dick, just under the skin in the tip, started itching. I’m sure a little of her vaginal fluid got trapped in there and took a few days to fester. I WAS SCARED SHITLESS. AIDS is pretty rampant in some parts of South America, and the largest number of reported cases come out of Brazil. I’m sure Rio contributes heavily to the count. The itching stopped after a couple of days, so whatever minor thing it was my body fought it off. The only other time I intentionally raw dogged was with a woman I was seeing that was recently separated, with a young child, who was on the pill. It was BEAUTIFUL, but before her and since, I’ve never hesitated to reach for the jimmie when it’s time to penetrate.

    What’s shocking is that women don’t DEMAND that men use condoms. Knowing that it’s so much easier for them to contract certain STDs from men than the other way around, and the fact that they’re the ones that get pregnant, you’d think they would ask him to put one on. A few years ago I was down in Houston, and scooped up a chick from a nightspot and brought her back to the hotel. We get into it, and she straddled men and was about to put me inside her raw. Just like that. At the time it was shocking to me, but I hear more and more stories about chicks not caring if a guy uses a condom, or allowing him to talk her into letting him go raw. That’s why as much as I love women, it can be SO hard to respect them as responsible individuals. They have so much more to lose regarding the negative consequences of sex, yet they don’t protect themselves.

  • Sid

    “It might be because traditionally in Poland having sex with a young woman was equal with agreeing to marry her if she gets pregnant”

    Very interesting, thanks.

    I have no data to back it up, but I remember hearing awhile ago that most abortions in America are carried out by married women with children. It seems that the initial pregnancy gets them giddy, but then they realize how financially expensive children are, and discard the others.

  • Anon

    1. Did a lot of people miss the part where he said he already has molluscum, which is HPV?

    2. Child support is a NON-ISSUE. How does a Brazilian or Polish girl who doesn’t even know his last name track him down for child support? The beauty of banging foreign chicks is being able to blast away all you want & make as many kids as possible.

    3. PRACTICALLY EVERYONE, guys and girls, raw dogs it most of the time. Sluts will agree to it, virgins won’t have condoms on hand.

  • http://artofclueless.wordpress.com Remy Gibson

    lol @ the ice cream

  • RaulValdez739

    Aren’t you worried about Pregnancy?? lol

  • Anonymous

    @60 Mig mack

    “[roosh] also tries to better the world (read his posts about cockclock shaming or Cheap bottle of champagne). He has a strong sense of justice, and he’s very rational, unlike psychopaths. ”

    srsly? maybe roosh is just a narcissist, but yr saying you better the world thru cheap bottles of champagne and lying to oneself (and others)? lol . if that’s God’s work then you’re following the wrong entity.

    “with each new notch, the giving away of your soul. Every notch guarantees that Roosh will never be able to remain faithful and have a real marraige. That’s the price, that’s the hustle. Nothing is free. ”

    Yup. With every ‘notch’ you have an impaired long-term ability to bond with someone — especially for women, but men as well. Look at the work of Bertrand Russell in the experimental schools he created under the RIIA charter ; they destroyed long term pair bonding in society through 100 years of cultural warfare, very successfully.

    See if roosh ever finds someone he can love and be intimate with for any significant period of time. Signs point to ‘no’. Call it a probability density function that goes f(t) = 1/t , f(t) = probability of roosh pair bonding vs time ; i’ll graph it for you, the odds are piss-poor/

  • Pingback: Linkage is Good for You: Vacations Are Also Good for You Edition

  • Dermanus

    I’ve got one main girl I’m banging (former gf; mother of my kid, and yes I’m very sure it’s mine). I go raw with her but wrap it for everyone else since I’m pretty sure and “I gave mommy an STD” would be an awkward conversation to have with my son.
    I’m snipped, so pregnancy isn’t a concern.

    I’m curious about the distribution of STDs. I haven’t really seen any reliable information about what groups of people get what diseases. When I got tested last the nurse said syphilis is circulating in the gay community of Toronto (my city) but it was less common elsewhere.
    There must be similar stats for the straight population.

    Also: HPV can cause throat cancer in men. Solution: don’t go down on her.

  • JohnnyRyall

    been there , done that.

    The waiting is the hardest part (to quote Tom Petty) , when I got my result (negative,yay!) i was so relieved I hugged the doctor.

    seriously, I think the fear of contracting HIV is rooted in our minds after growing up with constant reminders (at least over here in europe the sex ed focuses heavily on HIV and there are millions of public awareness programms, billboards, ads in magazines etc) but its overexaggerated. Still, it feels great to know you re not dying.

  • Anonymous

    Have you considered that the inability to feel much with a condom might be the result of being circumcised?

  • Timothy

    @90 JohnnyRyall…we are bombarded here in the US with the same information regarding HIV/AIDS, but I don’t think it’s over-exaggerated. It’s a largely fatal disease for which there is no cure. It’s a fucked-up way to go out. Sure, there are some that are able to “live” with HIV for a long time, but that’s not living. You’re existing. Your days are consumed with taking meds and getting your t-cell count taken. Fucking someone when you have HIV/AIDS is akin to attempted murder. If you’re going to fuck in countries of the world where the HIV/AIDS count is high, it’s better to be as safe as possible. For the most part, in the US, if you avoid fucking with bisexual-types, you’re probably safe from HIV. But like we discussed, there are a few other STDs you can pick up, with herpes being the worst because it’s also incurable. While I would prefer to be able to go raw (there’s nothing like the feeling), I’ve never had a problem wrapping up. It’s never been a problem for me.

  • D-railed

    Molluscum is not the same as HPV, once the warts are removed there is no danger of spreading it to ur partner. So roosh, do you bring up the fact that you had/have molluscum? I just learnt from the derm that I have it. How would you handle it?

  • Timothy

    Don’t forget that not only are you fucking the chick you’re fucking, you’re fucking EVERYONE else that she’s ever fucked also. While it’s harder for a man to contract HIV from a woman, a man with HIV is basically a weapon of mass destruction. When you have HIV you’re asymptomatic for MONTHS (I believe it incubates for a few months), if not longer. And even after you start getting some symptoms you may ignore them, because you don’t feel sick. You could be blasting away and spreading it to chicks and not even know it. And then you have dudes that are closet cases – letting dudes blast in their asses, then crawling back into bed with their girlfriends (which along with intravenous drug use with dirty shared needles, is how HIV/AIDS got into the straight community). Unless you’re with a long-term girlfriend, and you’ve both been tested, you just don’t know what someone may have.

  • JohnnyRyall


    You got me wrong, all I was trying to say is the amount of awareness programs directed at heterosexual middle class people does not reflect the actual probability of contracting it, when fucking around in your own “class” (for lack of a better word) , even the lower class (prone for teenage pregnancies) do not get it, although they start fucking way earlier than the sheltered middle class kids.

    you are right, in third world countries you should take extra care to be safe and generally its better to err on the safe side.

    still, it is largely a gay problem, but the media is afraid to adress it this way.

  • Timothy

    @JohnnyRyall…in the 80s, when AIDS first hit, it was reported as a strictly gay disease, because it was. Before they called it Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, doctors referred to it as “Gay Cancer.” The only heterosexuals that got it were intravenous drug users. No one really gave a fuck because it was confined to “undesirables.” The government ignored it, and it really didn’t hit the public consciousness until Rock Hudson died, and Elizabeth Taylor rallied Hollywood to start raising money. The arts community was hit hard by it, but it didn’t resonate until someone famous died from it (and even he kept it secret – he was flying back and forth to France for treatment, as they were more advanced in their study of the disease). It was REALLY when it started bleeding into the heterosexual community that the awareness programs went into overdrive. Gay males will ALWAYS be the highest risk demographic, and everyone knows the safe sex message falls on deaf ears there. They won’t sacrifice pleasure for safety. I agree that the message should be targeted differently. Not so much with regard to class, but gender. Women should be targeted to use condoms, as they are the growing heterosexual demographic of new cases. Closeted males that fuck around with dudes (a great many could be considered middle class) then go back to their girlfriends/wives or fuck around indiscriminantly with random women are the greatest threat to heterosexuals in general, so that’s where the focus should go. As for heterosexual men, we should be using condoms for the traditional reason – to prevent unwanted (by men) pregnancies. That’s a different kind of slow death. You’re writing checks for 22 years to a chick you may not even like very much, and only wanted to fuck a couple of times.

  • Luc

    Don’t worry about HIV (unless you are gay, IV drug user or regularly sleep w prostitutes). Worry about Herpes. 25% of Americans have genital herpes and most don’t know it, most people who checked for STDS are NOT tested for herpes because if you are asymptomatic only an expensive blood test that checks for antibodies will let you know for sure.

  • OG Scudbone

    @ D-Railed

    I had molluscum last year. Shit sucked and made me neurotic as hell because I thought it would never go away. I also never got laid until it left my dick and only was on my chest, after which I kept my shirt on during sex. It tends to come and go. You think it’s gone for two weeks and one day you wake up and a few little ones appear. I had never even heard of it before I contracted it and I don’t know for sure where I got it. The sketchy thing about it, even though it’s harmless and purely cosmetic, is that is incredibly easy to spread to yourself and others. You have to maintain a psycho cleanliness regimen to keep from spreading it to other parts on your body. I treated it with a combination of apple cider vinegar to bring the virus cluster to a head, a needle/sharp blade to physically remove the “cheesy” inside (which contains the virus and is the contagious material), and tea tree oil to sanitize and keep the area clean. Regardless of its harmless nature its psychological effects fucking suck.

  • OG Scudbone

    Forgot to mention it lasted almost exactly a year, and I was going through the aforementioned regimen as well as taking multivitamins in an attempt to boost my immune system. Not to mention I had recurring staph infections going on at about the same time. I guess that’s the shitty thing about the sexual environment these days. You can have 5 sex partners and catch something terrible or have 500 and just get lucky. Really amazes me that a lot of girls don’t MAKE you use a condom; this is my experience as well. You would think they wouldn’t be that goddamn stupid when they have everything to lose in the situation.

  • incubus

    One sure way of never going commando is to have a kid. You’ll never rawbone again.

  • D-Railed

    @OG Scudbone,

    Not to turn this in to a STD help thread, but you need to see a derm and get it professionally removed, squeezing out the waxy discharge never helps as they always come back, they have made me hugely paranoid, I wake up every day and check my scrotum, I even do that before going to bed.

    The worst part of all this is I got it a couple of years ago when my game was so bad that I was averaging 1-2 women per year.

  • PB


  • Doc

    Roosh. I hate to break it to you, but you are a textbook sex addict. I have read many of your articles about the dark side of your addiction. It will you. Seek treatment.

  • W

    Reading your stuff is pretty hilarious, but if you actually caught HIV, I’d say you probably deserved it.

  • Anonymous

    i fucked bitch pussy.i will come aids.

  • Anon

    Herpes my friend, i got it and so will you.

  • Anonymous

    Holy fucking shit! The fact that you WORRIED about giving GIRLS HIV is pretty fucking shocking? If they died from HIV you might of given them, at least you can say “I fucked them good and I am content with that.” I’m taking in the fact that you worried about that happening.

  • G

    I seriously hope you get penis cancer from the HPV you most likely already have (you know you can’t be tested for that, don’t you, dear?), and I’m going to bed with a smile on my face knowing that you’re actually likely to one day have your dick chopped off because of that. :)

  • Martin5750

    I would fuck an HIV positive woman raw while on her period In fact I’m sure I probably already did at least a few times. I’m not afraid of no HIV. I’m not some ignorant fool either having a background in molecular and cellular biology.

  • Martin5750

    HIV is a fucking joke. Yes I am a follower of Dr.Peter Duesberg.

  • RODA

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