I Was On Romanian Television

Usually I’d have to write a Bang guide to get a media outlet calling me, but on my fourth day in Romania I was shadowed by a news crew for the country’s largest television station. Here is the clip that aired on Sunday morning:

And the clip that aired on Sunday night, with different footage and also a map:

Last night I was on a date with a girl who wasn’t aware of all my secrets when a Romanian guy on the street said, “Hey aren’t you Roosh? I just saw you on TV!” I quickly shuffled her away and was faced with many questions.

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  • Hipparchia

    You look surprisingly Romanian.

    Have fun, but know that here in the Balkans, the true art of seduction must result in you marrying a stupendously rich girl from an influential family. Eventually ending up with a ministerial seat.

    And while you are at it, spare a day for Bulgaria. This will be something…

    [Roosh: You’re on the wrong blog if you think marriage in any form is a “true art”.]

  • Hipparchia

    But come on now, the way for foreigners to do the Balkans is to proclaim themselves political or economic experts and then move on to screw the entire nation.

    Didn’t you say a few days ago separate pieces of seduction were not enough? Time to brush up those expert credentials. From what I’ve seen, you may be a better advisor to a post-communist country than the talent that has come our way.

    You are a breath of fresh wind to our stone-faced Eastern European neck of the woods.

    You remind me of this, every time:


  • Hipparchia

    I’m Bulgarian but still aware of regional feminine body language. Those girls on the street were gaming you, while snickering hard in a hidden way.

    I don’t know if you are still in Romania, and I don’t know about the aggression levels of Romanian males. But in the case of Bulgaria, if your face was recognized, you won’t be having fun with the local hillbillies of the male persuasion, for whom game sometimes means proving their physical superiority over another male.

    Did anyone get territorial?

  • Old Glory

    You’re on your way to getting your own TV show. I can see it now.

  • http://AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    haha this was amazing. Props on letting them follow you…

    “So are you looking for your dream man tonight?”

    I want to just meet a girl and then take her to a corner of the club have sex with her…beautifully delivered.

    The one girl you met threw her number to you on a dime. Those ones are great because sometimes looking at these girls in eastern europe with their stone cold faces you cant tell if they are down until you open. But just like that. Closed.

    Well done.

  • Anonymous

    A 8? Seriously Roosh. Romanian girls are way hotter than Polish or another country in Eastern Europe.

  • http://AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    And you really dropped it on Denmark…

    “they pay 60% in taxes…I feel bad for the men to pay such high taxes for women that are so ugly”.

    I do believe you have flipped though. I think you used to refer to them as Pepsi cans, now they are coke. You might confuse them.

  • http://[email protected] Xx

    Lol buy her pizza

  • Phinn

    “Love is like a flower. … One way into a girl’s heart is to buy her pizza.”

    Let me get a pencil and jot this down … flower … pizza … OK, great! Can I be a master of seduction now?

    You trolled Romanian TV! I can’t stop laughing.

  • Senior Beta

    So now you can get celebrity snatch in the EE. Wonder if the quality will be any better.

  • Telco

    Tell us everything. How did you handle the guys that recognized you?:-)

  • Telco

    I read on twitter that you Roosh you already BANGED a romanian girl. You know we want to hear the whole story from the beginning till the end :-) Cheers to you our leader and inspiration. ROMANIAN girls from Bucharest are the prettiest in whole EE

  • http://www.freerice.com ana

    i am a romanian girl and all i can say is that i would rather die or be alone all my life than go with a stranger after 2 or 3 hours to have sex with him!!!! and…no offence, but i would rather throw myself in front of the train than sleep with someone like you. you lack character and you’re so damn superficial! i can sense that and ‘see’ it from 1000 miles away.
    and concerning romanian tv, that’s no wonder you were on, they are missing subjects & news and they fill in the blanks..so i wouldn’t get so cocky about it.
    and about the beard: are you sunni or something?!?! i think romanian women prefer a more chic , more groomed and tidier look..
    have a good life aaaaand…a piece of advice: if i were you, i would be carefull what i say about danish girls/women or other nationalities…saying that all are ugly is like saying that all have blue eyes, which is not true…and that things you state can attract you a lot of aversion..
    have a nice life, although i wonder….are you happy at all?!

    [Roosh: Ana, I am a very confused man. Send me some pictures and then we can meet at a nice cafe next to my apartment so you can help me with my issues.]

  • Telco

    Lol at the romanian girl comment. ROMANIA loves you already, you’ll soon have your own Tv show in Ro, Roosh. This is destiny because of your name . RO loves ROosh

  • Dr. Gonzo

    I cracked up at the pizza line. Well played good sir, well played!

  • Telco

    Yeah true in bulgaria just don’t go on the tv. In Romania you’ll be just fine but in Bulgaria things are different

  • Unfil

    Simply being american will get you laid NON STOP in Romania. The only downside is you becoming LAZY because of TOO MUCH SEX 😉

  • http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com/ rivsdiary

    kissinger was wrong. fame, not power, is the ultimate aphrodisiac. roosh will be banging miss romania in no time.

  • BDM

    “One way to get into a girls heart is to buy her a pizza.”

    I died laughing.

    Sometimes I can’t tell when you’re trolling and when you’re being serious.

  • lengend44

    Is it me or does roosh seem like hes 6’7?

  • Tampa

    You should try to bang the news anchor. Chick is pretty hot. Congrats man. Been reading your blog since the meetups and DC Bachelor.

    Hard work pays off. You deserve it. Awesome to see it…

  • Phinn

    “In other news, for reasons they can’t explain, Romanian pizza shops are reporting record sales this week …”

    [Roosh: :) I really do take girls I like to pizza, especially Pizza Hut. It’s not flashy but the pizza is tasty and the girls enjoy it. I do think good pizza builds comfort.]

  • DAP

    On Romanian TV, Roosh is like a cooler version of Borat.

  • Red Pill

    Pizza game? I had no idea…

  • Hipparchia

    Watched the videos again for amazing cuteness factor. Must note one very regional thing. If I ever met Roosh on the street, I would single him out as belonging to the Roma population. I would think he would be begging for money…

    He looks uncannily Romanian, possibly also Roma. One would think that a while ago, a Romanian pick-up artist decided to Bang USA…and now his offspring is back to his roots.

    Just don’t make the news by dying of sexual exhaustion.

  • Unfil

    The funny thing is that between pizza and pizda (WHICH MEANS “pussy” in russian, romanian, and many other languages from EE) is such a very short trip :-):-)

  • jas1

    The Pick Up Abroad TV show needs to happen.

  • Maciano

    I always thought Roosh should get his own tv show. I can see him doing some travel guide on the Playboy channel.

    He could visit other Playboys, like Neil Skywalker and Dirty Nomad.

  • Unfil

    Roosh will start a revolution. The public asks for BANG ROMANIA

  • Hipparchia

    We are already having a revolution around here.

    Roosh is just adding the surreal factor.

  • Serio

    You are welcome to Moldova to bang out bitches) and wrtite another book about that

    You were saying about a challenge, banging 40 years olds would be your next good challenge

    [Roosh: Yeah, a challenge for getting a boner.]

  • http://www.freerice.com ana

    i’ve seen my message made some waves…LOL
    i’m beggining to have fun!
    that’s too bad, i am not “the mother of all wounded soldiers” so….you’ll have to deal with your issues alone..or have to pay somebody specialized in some sort of psychology studies..
    anyways, for your knowledge, im beautifull enough and i feel good and sexy in my skin and shoes AND most of all i dont have to proove that to anybody by sending them pictures, hell, im not even interested anymore in posting pictures on facebook!!! i allready have a life, a boyfriend (sooooo… that means i have somebody willing to bang me lol and i do not have to search anymore!) and a child to come( 1 month pregnant)…therefore im allready on ‘constructing’ something good in my life.
    hey, but just keep my e-mail address, we will talk maybe later in life, when you’ll be bitter, alone and confused why nobody loves you.
    sorry i am so blunt, nothing personal, but it is just the way it is and maybe that’s a wake up call for you and maybe you’ll begin writing something worth reading!i might be interested in reading your books, who knows?!
    i saw you on twitter as you state you’re a love tourist, let me enlighten you: sex is not love!
    and for all girls who happens to trip and stumble on this blog, you will never encounter love in a club! you will never find your loved one in a club! that happens rarely…and its an exception from the rule…true and good guys you will always have to meet and know through a circle of friends…that’s when you know he’s not mentally chalenged and other dangerous things..

  • http://www.freerice.com ana

    P.S. Roooooosh. if pizza hut is tasty, then you should travel to Italy to eat some real pizza, not garbage!

  • kaunas

    loser come to kaunas again I want to beat your ugly hairy monkey face

  • Yeah..

    Please try to get over yourself.. it’s not the biggest Romanian television..
    Any moron that wants to get laid will eventually get laid in Romania, or any other country, because females are equally moronic – no discrimination in regards to stupidity! Even retarded people find a spouse, and that should get you thinking – it is possible that even you might find someone!

  • tim

    Roosh, I have to admit, I thought you were going nowhere with this website. But this has changed things. Remember this: it isn’t about game, and it isn’t about pussy. It’s about money. The more exposure you get -even negative – the more sales you get. Fuck the truth. Take the money and run.

  • tim

    *addendum* by sales I meant some shlub in Bucharest is now purchasing Bang Brazil, or Bang Colombia.

  • Ninja man

    Roosh, keep paving the way bro! 10/10

  • Gandalf

    Thanks for the inspiration reminding me of my goals to get out of the US.

  • Alex_Hyuj

    Romanian TV Presenters have great tits.

    Great form as ever, Roosh.

  • Illuminati

    Shhhhhhhh Roosh, you can’t let everyone know how awesome Bucharest is 😉

    I’m going to the Romanian Black Sea for a month this summer, it is going to be much fun!

  • http://www.raulfelix.com Raul Felix

    “The only things good about Denmark is high taxes. I feel sorry for the men, because they pay such high taxes for women so ugly.” Awesome line!

  • Samira

    I am impressed that Roosh picks up only very good looking girls. Or maybe all the girls in Romania are very good looking. Can’t wait for the Bang Romania stories. WAY TO GO ROOSH !

  • beta_plus

    What you said about Denmark is hilarious. I hope that it goes viral in Denmark.

  • Asteroid

    I don’t understand when Roosh’s enemies attack him by calling him ugly. He’s not a GQ model but he’s not a bad looking guy.

  • Anonymous

    Good call rocking the ill-fitting blazer.

  • beta_plus


    I remember Roosh saying that calling him ugly is essentially complimenting him, since it would make it harder for him to do what he does.

  • Zorro

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than Oprah!

  • Samira

    Wow ROmania is indeed the ONLY country in the world which starts the same as your name ROosh !

  • fakename

    “Untitled Roosh V TV Project” already sorta exists. It’s called “Next Stop Charlie,” but it’s a fictionalized version of a guys life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwFfJt_7ICA; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Mandt; http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2010/12/last-stop-for-charlie-no-frills-diy-travel-show-on-showtime.html

  • Samira

    Hey Ana you are so boooooring. I bet you are a very ugly 3/10

  • http://www.ruxman.com Ruxman

    There is a snowball effect going on here, things are picking up, the wheels are in motion. I get a feeling you’re more pleased about being on TV than you portray, but there’s perhaps a good reason for that.

  • Hencredible Casanova

    I died of laughter. Great publicity. You speak very well on camera and your confidence in your day game approaches was visibly very high. Good work!

  • Samira

    You should continue and go on to more televisions in Romania. Girls in Romania they LOVE stars but they want to meet the STARS in private and not in public. Girls in Romania are all about privacy

  • Fubsy

    The only difference for American women is you need to buy them two pizzas…

  • Quint

    roosh is back on track!

  • Samira

    I think USA women eat 10 pizzas everyday that’s why they’re so fat

  • space_monkey

    haha, congrats dude! hope more opportunities arise for you in the future.

  • Samira

    We want part 2 :)

  • bigxxx

    you da man

    Peace !

  • Anonymous

    You are hilarious, this was great.

  • http://N/A Psychonaut

    @ Tim

    “Roosh, I have to admit, I thought you were going nowhere with this website. But this has changed things. Remember this: it isn’t about game, and it isn’t about pussy. It’s about money. The more exposure you get -even negative – the more sales you get. Fuck the truth. Take the money and run.

    by tim on Mar 11, 2013 at 3:07 pm”


    You think like a criminal. I think that’s cool.

  • Anonymous

    That was unbelievably awesome.

  • Vicomte

    ‘Romania is in the top…eight…’

    Ha! Why did I feel like I was watching Borat?

    It’s interesting how you simplify your English to better understood. That’s a good tip.

  • Soup

    Great how Roosh says all this outlandish stuff (to blue pill people) and is so calm and collected about it.

  • James

    I bet he nailed that blonde TV announcer.

  • ;llkjsdf

    Congrats Roosh

  • ;llkjsdf

    Game is not my thing, and I do fine with women, but glad to see you’re achieving success with the path you have chosen

  • V

    why don’t you make some day game videos? I really like to hear more of your awesome lines.

  • AFemaleCat

    I love Danes, but just this morning I was hearing about a Danish friend who was kicked out of his apartment by his ex and he still can’t get over her. She was a bitch who kicked him out! Ahhh!

    Anyways, that was gold! That was awesome. You’re really tall!

  • http://www.gavinmadden.blogspot.com.au Gavin Madden

    Haha wow! Excellent stuff!

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  • Anonymous

    You must visit Cluj – because there’s a big difference between it and Bucharest, so you can compare the two.

  • not_alpha

    @ana: I am Romanian too, but you are wrong. The reason is that with your words you reject guys like Roosh, but in your behaviour you go after them. I have seen this many many times.

    @Roosh, I was the opposite of you regarding women. I believed in love, compassion, communication, etc. For me a woman was not just something to “bang”.
    BUT, people like you, Roosh, are right. You know what women goes after for. I didn’t and I was misguided by their words (like Ana’s words). That’s why I have sincere respect for men like you.

    I wish you a happy stay in Romania.
    A romanian

  • Hipparchia

    Romanian, just as a side note, Romanian men seem to have natural game. In fact, more game in their little finger than the whole of Roosh. I like you guys, in general. Easy on the eyes.

    Not that I’ve gone out of my way to meet any, but I’m happy when I do. I always ask them about Moldovan women. There’s something about Moldovan women…

    Of course women are not just something to bang! Women are a way to get into the family of a rich and influential father-in-law, thus securing for yourself power, influence and cash inflows, plus societal respect and a young lover on the side.

    That’s Red Pill, Balkan style, as I said before.

  • Derek

    Right Roosh.
    I live in Denmark and I suffer. No nice women. No good food. Cold.
    Looking forward to visit Poland and get someting to eat in a good company.

  • 20th Level

    If you get too famous your pickup results will be skewed, sort of like how Tom Green lost the ability to truly troll people because he got too famous.

  • Anonymous

    Continue the works Roosh.

    The world map must be fullfiled in red.

    The Weirdo part is have to write “bang Africa” or “bang Iraq” buahauahaua.

  • Anonymous

    It is easy to get laid in Romania, there are plenty of girls up for no-commitment-sex/one-night stands!

    Only that Roosh is not after getting them casually like that, he’s after tricking girls into it by lying and pretending he’s someone else than what he is (misogynous asshole and sexist).

    Then he goes on giving advice to men how to do the same … though it won’t apply in any other one’s case … what Roosh actually offers is some entertaining reading to asshole lonely misogyneous/sexist men around the world who have the illusion that applying Roosh’s learning in their life will work for themselves too! LOL

    Keep making money Roosh tricking those men! Keep selling illusions. Well done! (too bad you are actually inspiring those men to be assholes hating women too)

  • SJ

    Well Romanian is far easier to learn than Russian or Polish so this sounds fantastic! Funny a guy at work is from there and married an ugly Indian woman!

  • http://www.freerice.com ana

    why are you censoring things, roosh?!?!?

  • Double Monk


    Roosh looks like a creepy pervert in this vid.
    Ugly hair style, ugly beard and the most horrible blazer (the color man!) ever seen.
    And this strange accent.
    He looks like a sex tourist from the Middle East!

    Now I understand why he has to travel to countries like Romania and why he diss Denmark…

  • Abel

    Is Pizza Hut in Europe, good?

  • https://twitter.com/DSGNTD_PLYR Dsgntd_Plyr

    Glad you’re in Romania. I was sad you’re no longer writing books before visiting that country, but I’ll live with some quality blog posts.

  • K-Man

    Hilarious – well done, sir! It must have been a great feat remaining calm while dropping this on TV… too bad the Romanian viewers will not be able to appreciate its humor.
    Here’s for many bangs in Romania!

  • whatsamattayou

    clip 1: ‘how do i take a girl that i like away from her big group and then make sweet love to her’

    director’s cut: ‘how do i take a girl that i like away from her big group of friends and then make sweet love to her…in another part of the club’


  • the latent sadist

    Funny. Ive posted on roissy and krauser…but never in Roosh. Even tho i read just as often. Was cool seeing you outside of a video blog context. I never doubt your credibility, but its nice to see you in field like..aha! So theres roosh doing what we read about constantly.ya and i don’t get the whole ugly thing. You’re not bad looking…and i actually thought you looked pretty healthy. Cheers man

  • Axe

    Lots of butthurt Danish feminist here…love it, they know they are hated and worthless so they try to come down hard on Romanian women. I understand, they fell threatened.

  • Mate

    hey Roosh your stuff is great, and Romania is your country. You own this country. Have the time of your life !


    Roosh you should write the story of each time you have sex with a romanian girl, exactly how it went. Everyobody loves your stories and how honest you are in the descriptions

  • Mark

    Ana, you are just desperate for attention.
    Roosh has MILLIONS of fans, and just you as the desperate attention seeker. Nobody cares for your silly opinion. Go get a life Ana

  • the passenger

    Yeah, chicks like ana think their opinions matter :) Or men should pay attention to them. Of course, They don’t.

    Roosh is on the mission. His mission.
    Anybody who has any problem with it, has a problem with him/herSELF.


    it just occurred to me:

    You are either the STUPIDEST PERSON or BIGGEST GENIUS for being the first “professional love tourist” on the internet.

    I guess someone had to claim that title. But hey, whatever gets you laid man. After all..IT’S YOUR PENIS, BROTHAH!

  • Lika


    Roosh is hilarious in the videos :)

    And he’s right, night game in Bucharest is hard because girls are almost always in big groups, very much like Colombia.

    The bonus is that Romanian girls flake 10 times less than Colombian girls

  • Markie Antifeminist

    I was never flaked by a romanian girl in my whole life. They come to the date = they want to have sex with you. Period

  • paul

    If you ever come in Timişoara pls give me a reply, I can be your guide here. Also pls make a miniguide of banging romanian girls, im having some problem on daygame on the real good girls

  • Senior Beta

    What’s with the hate about Roosh’s looks? Don’t they have beards in Europe? Almost all of us clean shaven guys would take Roosh’s furry mug if we could have his extra 6 inches. Height, I mean.

  • Gunslingergregi

    i can see why you are willing to put as much time in as needed there

  • Joe Silva

    Roosh is a funny son of a bitch and a very smart guy.

    He is not handsome, doesn’t even talk in a seductive or charming way, and yet has such a chupatz and persistence that he gets his way. In Brazil we’d call him a “cara-de-pau”.

    An example for all the guys with low self esteem. Just do it.

  • Solomon

    No such thing as bad PR, baby.

  • Radiant

    Dude, Romanian girls are nice, all you have to say is “Ce faci Draga”, In English that’s pronounced “che fatch draga”, then game them, they all speak English but really love it if you show interest in the culture. Like the Chinese they have a little bit of complex. The clubs close late. 6 in the morning. I hate you’ve told folks on the forum, next thing they’ll fly in and spoil it like they did Latvia.
    Romanian men are aggressive, so you’ve got to be aggressive too. But remember, it’s not a culture that girls get drunk and act slutty openly like America.

    Talk about food: mamaliga, samale tell them you enjoy it ….small talk

    Driving an Audi helps too, Romanians like Audi’s

  • madmax

    ah ah, man it was very cool to see you in action! Sorry about the dick who attacked you, I can’t believe how many stupid people there are around. Man, be careful

  • madmax

    Radiant, Roosh and everybody else, be careful with Romanian guys. Here in the UK has been made a really surprising statistic: 50 per cent of all Romanian immigrants are involved in crimes.

    50 per cent!!!!

  • http://axasport.wordpress.com/ florentin

    Am vazut, reportajul! Televiziunea respectiva, e numarul 1 in Romania si se numeste ProTv…

  • http://calarasiunu.wordpress.com/ florentin

    Sunt roman si sunt mandru de asta, printre altele femeile din Romania sunt cele mai frumoase si nu ma intereseaza clasamentul tau:))))))))

  • http://redpillwoman.wordpress.com Red Pill Woman

    Haha, I recognize that way you’re talking…slow and simplified…I felt like I had to do that in Europe. Even when they spoke English. It drove me nuts. It was really hard to turn off when I got home. But you’re probably used to it now!

  • Anonymous

    @redpillwoman yeah, right, you’re so F. smart!!! :))
    @mark you’re making the same mistake as romanian girl ana does: thinking that your opinion matters.the truth is: it doesnt matter! LOL
    @roosh if i were you i would be carefull on the streets in SE Europe, the guys are allready on it.

  • Gmac

    Glad to see you are making headlines again in Europe. A TV show would be hilarious.

  • zbv

    madmax you made a big mistake, look at our features and you will see that the immigrants aren’t romanian! they are fucking gipsy, who unlike to work and like to beg and make a lot of crimes, if you will come in Romania you will see that we are different, we are friendly! If you ever would visit Romania I’m offer to be you free-host just to show you how we are!

  • http://www.federal-way-locksmith.net Danny

    I love This One Of The Nice Blog In

  • http://www.alpharettacitylocksmith.com Alpharetta

    in Alpharetta Its will Never Hapen

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  • alexandra

    Rooshv you are a piece of shit do you think we are stupid or something , uhhhh your walk kind of sad hahahahah for this line you deserv a purse on your head , get lost you scumbag and get a normal job and live , and it is not your business how she walks or speaks or whatever,nobody wants you here and nobody needs you here in Romania.

    PS for the guys that read what Rooshv vomits on the internet you might fiind some whores here to fuckk ,women who use what they have between their legs but you will never touch women who use what they have between their ears ……YOU PEOPLE ARE SUPERFICIAL ,go and fuck superficial american women