I Was Reported In A Bar For Political “Harassment”

In a recent visit to the States, I went to a small bar with a friend of mine while wearing a Donald Trump sticker above my right breast. Following the advice of a previous article, I wore the sticker to exclude conversations with undesirable women who hate Donald Trump.

It didn’t take long for a girl to give a disgusted look at my sticker. I asked her, “Are you an illegal immigrant?” She made a frown, suggesting that I triggered her. Then I replied, “Because if you are then you have to go back. You have enter the United States legally.” I long ago learned that there is no point in having a logical debate with someone who disagrees with you.

She opened her mouth wide and then walked away. I had a good laugh with my friend, and considered high-fiving him, but I didn’t. Out of all the crazy things I’ve done in bars and clubs in my lifetime, this was not shocking or even brave, and I was ready to forget about it.

Five minutes later, a black bouncer approached and asked me to step outside. I agreed to do so.

He said, “We got a report that you are harassing girls for not being Donald Trump supporters.” Incredulous, I denied the accusation because I don’t accept that joking around in a bar is “harassment.” He permitted me to stay, but gave a stern warning that I must not make any other patrons uncomfortable. I did not purchase another drink before leaving soon after.


Over the past fifteen years, I’ve grinded on girls asses in night establishments, touched them intimately in a myriad of ways, and made countless crass sexual comments, but this is the first time I was sent to the principal’s office for my bar behavior. It appears that Americans are now actively extending the childish “safe spaces” from campuses to private businesses.

Of course I was not trying to have sex with that girl, especially since she hated Donald Trump, but it’s worth reminding you of what you already know: if you make a girl upset for any reason, she will appeal to an authority figure to make your life difficult. The game is rigged against us, and you have to screen out these types of girls before sex, or the accusation won’t be one of casual harassment but something much worse.

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