Iceland Is Not A Sausage Fest

It’s only been two months but I’ve already forgotten how it’s like to be in the middle of a sausage fest.

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  • Härmän häjy

    Oww, the first impression is, Icelandic girls look fat.

  • Marmot

    Btw, I’ve just been to a Salsa course – there were about 50 women and 15 men, which was beyond brilliant, seeing how I had expected a sausage-fest :)

  • Bugs

    Very nice. My jaw still drops everytime when looking at the 2nd picture, sucks!

  • n. fortay

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how you’ve used your exotic good looks and pua training to plow through crowds like this

  • Sol

    Nice. But is it a feminist-fest?!?! With the new butch PM and her anti-strip club stance I am wondering what kind of country would elect someone like that…will be interesting to hear about how the women are from you.

  • Solo

    *grabs some popcorn, and waits for Roosh to shut shit down*

  • Gmac

    I haven’t been to ultra bar in ages, now I remember why. Leprechaun lap was pretty good last night, tons of quality females.

    Where are all the hot Icelandic girls? Two of them seriously need to fix that hair. At least you have more options.

  • quepaso

    Swedish then danish and norwergian women are better looking than icelandic women, it is a known fact because
    1) there is a lot of close breeding in Iceland(i.e. very homogeneous society)
    2) their diet is very limited and high in fat due to their location.

  • Roosh

    Icelandic girls lean towards the chubby side, though it’s hard to find one morbidly obese and “gross.” After a couple drinks, most girls in the room are bangable.

    “But is it a feminist-fest?!?!”

    It’s a different flavor of feminism… one that I haven’t encountered before. Example of one aspect: in America a girl will preach equality but not move an inch when the check comes. Here the girls actually buy you shit without asking for anything in return.

    Only two girls are fully visible in the above picture, so it’s not representative of the country’s talent. I’m still thinking about where to place their beauty.

  • Craig

    Is she wearing jean shorts with black stockings??

  • Shawn

    Roosh –

    Can you post a guide to how to depoil a woman’s hymen? I am talking about taking a girl’s virginity. A late bloomer, I missed that magical window where girl’s tend to be virgins. Maybe you can create a post regarding how to date young women. In MN, the age of consent is 16. So I would appreciate a post on how to date 16-17 year old women. I am 29 by the way, so it’s not easy.

  • Solo

    ^^why are you trying to bang 16/17 year old virgins? dude sorry but at 29 that’s kind of creepy

  • Shawn

    Why is it creepy?

    When I was 16/17 I would have loved to bang a 29 year woman, so why should the reverse be different, except for the fact that girls value maturity more than guys?

  • Shawn

    Solo –

    A 12-13 year age difference is not a big deal, as long as it’s legal.

  • Anonymous

    That Ultra Bar picture is a great example of why I don’t go clubbing in America anymore.

  • Rakishness

    Lmao! It’s hard to find a good ratio in DC.

  • rob

    I love how 3 of the 5 girls in the second photo are hanging on one dude

  • Anonymous

    hey roosh definitely need more on that virgin thing P.S. far from 29

  • Anonymous


    I’m pretty sure it’s against the law to bang a girl younger than 18. Cmon man, you don’t want to end up on a sex offender registry.

  • Chuck

    The dudes (and therefore the chicks) are grouped together in the Iceland pic. I wonder how early in the night the pic was taken.

  • Timothy

    One thing is for sure…if you prefer brunettes, you’re FUCKED! Just from the pic, these girls are definitely on the healthy side, but from what I can tell they aren’t sloppy. I’m good with that.

    @5…women are always paranoid about strippers because they know they’re hotter than they are, and want to eliminate any possible competition or distractions for men. I understand that Amsterdam wants to get rid of its redlight distract also, due to concerns with organized crime influences. I’m sure it’s also because they don’t like it that all people think Amsterdam is about is weed, hookers and Amstel Light. There are no problems with weed and beer, but just like in NYC, they want the sex trade off the beaten path instead of on full display.

  • Rakishness

    People always claim that there is more women then men in DC but you would never guess that after spending just one weekend here. Does anybody know why bars/clubs are such sausage fests these days? It’s annoying.

  • Anonymous

    If a big girl doesn’t look sloppy, I’m ok with her.

  • beta_plus

    @5 and @Timothy

    The anti-stripper ordinance probably also has to do with tax evasion. Strippers get paid in cash and unlike being a waiter or bar tender, their income probably varies a lot between individuals, making it hard to figure out how much they owe.

  • Gmac

    It’s actually pretty even in DC. reveals:

    Males: 282,361 (47.1%)
    Females: 317,296 (52.9%)

    District of Columbia median age: 34.6 years

    How many of those are young, attractive, single women? I have no idea, but that’s pretty even. MD and VA are about the same.

    NYC is the only major city I know overflowing with women (1.4 million more).

  • Shawn

    @ 19 Anon:

    What is your age of consent in your state or country? Mine is 16.

    Here is a link to a site which lists various age of consents for different states and countries:

  • Rudebwoy

    I knew a girl who danced in Iceland and was making tons of money. So maybe that was one way for the new PM to get rid of foreigners exploiting the country.
    In a strange way I agree with this!

  • Jack

    There are more women than men in NYC, but most of our bars/clubs are sausage fests too. The only ratio that matters is the ratio of white, single 20-35 year old women to white, single 20-35 year old men.

  • Rakishness

    Wow. Even in NYC? That’s crazy. I wasn’t even talking about the ratio of attractive women to men. That’s even worse.

  • ALF

    Jack,lol where do you hang out in NYC (midtown I presume)? NYC, namely LES, the Village, Western BK is PROPER good sir.

  • ALF

    *are all

    To name a few

  • Roosh

    Chuck: Good observation. This was taken at 2am, which in Iceland is considered early.

    Timothy: There are brunettes but they tend to be pale. There is definitely no sultry Latin vibe here.

  • DrG

    the Icelandic brunette chick in the middle front with her head turned seems to have a lot of potential. Darn, I wish the ratio was 70/30 (f/m) in DC I would make a killing however it’s gotta be the worst on the east coast of any large city.

  • Timothy

    @24…I don’t doubt that the tax issue can be a factor, but at the same time many other countries seem to be okay with it. My guess is the PM has a moral/feminist issue with strip clubs. Most women (other than strippers) would be more than happy to see strip clubs disappear. If the government wanted to, they could get their slice. This is how Amsterdam dealt with it:

  • Bob J

    In Europe there is usually a lot more chicks in clubs, I agree. That is why I decided to live here!

    Hot International/Iceland girls:

  • InterestedParty

    Damn, you walk into a crowd like that, you don’t even have to “work”.

  • Dan

    @ 26 Shawn, right but if you’re 21 or older you have to wait till they’re 18. its either 21 or older than 21, not sure. but you’re 29 so it doesnt matter.

  • Chad Daring

    Be right back, going to pack my shit….

    You hit one point dead on in Bang, about women getting to wherever earlier then guys.

    I went out after reading that to a bar in DC and when I got there around 9 There were easily three times as many girls as guys, but 11 I couldn’t even turn in place without risking another penis being uncomfortably close.

    I hope the the west coast is better…

  • Tim

    Sorry fella, the west coast is worse, EXCEPT for the Bay Area. Socal tends to be a sausage fest unless you are invited to exclusive(for men) parties.

  • asdf

    icelander here, u self-styled “pickup artists” fail@humanity… just a quick fact about the strip clubs policy, while i don’t know the exact letter of the law, they do exist only the girls aren’t allowed to dance fully nude, nor are there private lap-dances (officially at least). The reason for the policy is the fact that Iceland’s politics are about party coalitions in congress, so even a single fringe ultrafeminist congresswoman can wield a lot of bargaining influence to advance their agenda if the majority is slim or shaky

  • decomposer917

    I think that clubs turn into sausage fest because of the experience that women have when going there. Tons of lame, drunk guys who they want to stay away from try to pick them up. It’s a hard to place for us and it’s a hard place for them. I highly recommend wine bars and loungers. Easier to talk, and plenty more women. Sure, some of those bars are pretentious and douchy, but not all. Also, women are much more friendly. And a glass of wine doesn’t cost more than a cover charge and a shot. Also, there is many more ways and reasons to start a normal conversation.

  • Bill

    5 girls and 42 guys, Viva Las Vegas!!!

  • thomas

    First impression Washington DC people are not white. Blacks, Turks and good knows what.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Nope: these stats include all ages. Under age 40 almost every city in the USA has more single men with the average under 40 single Male / Female ratio being 115 / 100.
    Check out jonathansoma. com for the age adjustable single ratio maps.

  • Shantanu Ray

    Hit the nail on the head. Just looking at the DC picture, there are atleast 7 to 8 jealous, drunk losers without a clue, staring at the few girls there Besides the fact that most of the dudes are poorly dressed.