I’m Ending Cockblocking As We Know It

It took eleven days until I could put forth my contribution to ending cockblocking as we know it. In case you missed it, here are the words which I know will accomplish this goal:

“Did you really just do that? I’m being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents teach you to be anti-social like that?”

My friend was basically castrated. I was doing something when I look over and he has this shell-shocked look on his face. He said, “I don’t believe how badly I just got cockblocked. Jesus Christ.” It’s like he saw a ghost.

“WHO? WHO DID IT?!” I yelled.

He glanced at a short blonde nearby. Next to her were two girls, including a brunette that I know from experience is probably the one he was going for.

I tapped the blonde on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, my friend was being respectful and you rudely interrupted him.” She looked away from me, but I wasn’t done. “Did your mom and dad teach you to be anti-social like that?”

I gave a disgusted look and walked back to my friend. I kept an eye on her and the best way I can describe her facial expression was someone who felt like they were unjustly accused. If I could read her brain I would say she thought this: “What the fuck I always do that, why are you picking on me. I don’t understand.”

That’s what I expect. Girls are so used to cockblocking and never getting challenged on it that it doesn’t feel right when they are called out for being the psychopathic cunts that they really are.

A minute later and the cockblocker still looked extremely upset. I don’t think she cried but if I kept pushing that’s what would have happened. Making her cry though is not my goal, and notice how I didn’t use foul language or make fun of her appearance. She couldn’t write me off as a drunk asshole. I was 100% reasonable with my comments, which is why it bothered her.

I put my hand on my friend’s shoulder and said, “Bro, I ruined her night.” He thanked me and we laughed.

I wonder if any other guy out there has defended their honor against a cockblocker yet, but I don’t mind changing the world on my own if I have to. This coming weekend there is going to be one guy out there who doesn’t get cockblocked because of what I did. And I sincerely believe that.

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  • http://lemmonex.com Lemmonex

    I am sure you ruined her night, but I am also sure she wondered why he needed his friend to do his dirty work. He is a big boy…I am sure he could have taken care of business himself.

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Ask Lemmonex: The Weight Post.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    This is a pretty interesting topic.

    My thoughts are: Did your or your friends night escalate from the dissing or did it ruin your nights as well?

    If your night got better, then it was a good move.

    (I get the whole “change the world for the better thing” but it really comes down to your night. Life is short.)

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to cook a steak…The G Manifesto Way.

  • Anonymous

    Revenge feels good but women are natrual born whores so its like trying to change something thing that is set in stone.

  • http://thisisnotimefortheinnocent.blogspot.com Benedict Smith

    i’ve got a particular friend who for whatever reasons attracks broads that lead him on, and i’ve called out a few of these slags on his behalf, tears have ensued, and i’ve been mildly derogatory in my remarks to them, 1/2 the time they cry and leave, the other 1/2 the time they either come onto him with new vigor, or come onto me. i demure any approach as he’s my boy, but either way, vindication occurs.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Why I Love Brazil” Reason # 5,982/Fuck Social Networking Sites.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    i’m looking forward to my first chance to deploy this ego-smashing missile. for the good of humanity.

    roissy’s last blog post: A Test Of Your Game.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Nice move, but it was delivered a bit after-the-fact, thereby losing some of its impact. It’s a shame you weren’t nearby and overheard the c-ckblock yourself, thereby allowing you to spring into action as Captain-Slap-A-Ho.

    Regardless, what were you trying to accomplish? I understand that you are on a mission to call out women who c-ckblock without a second thought, but how did it help your friend? By calling out the girl in front of your friend’s target, you’ve alienated both. If they are regulars at the bar where this happened, then you may have pissed in the pool no matter how polite you were.

    As for ruining her night, I’m also not sure you did. Again, while you were polite in delivering your ego-crushing blow, it probably didn’t bother her as much as you think. Women have an enormous capacity for rationalizing their behavior. Since she clearly could not have been wrong to c-ckblock your friend, then it stands to reason (in her mind) that you were wrong to call her out for doing so. Ergo, she was upset with you, not with her behavior.

  • http://Arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    It’s a good line, but only if you use it against someone who cock-blocked YOU.

    Why defend your friend? You should have told him what to say and had him convey the message.

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: How does one invent jogging?.

  • http://themodernsavage.com Matt Savage

    I agree completely that we should try to stamp out cock blocking by calling them on it but, on the other hand I don’t see how a tactic like this will improve a guy’s chances with his main target.

    If you offend your target’s BFF then what are the chances that you will be able to smoothly escalate with the target, because now you’ve made an enemy out of the friend. This goes against the whole “befriending the obstacles” concept.

    There must be a better way to combat cock blocking without creating a mortal enemy at the same time, no?

    Matt Savage’s last blog post: Finding Out Your Friend is a Pickup Artist.

  • http://vksempireofdirt.com virgle kent

    Dear Lemmonex and your Brody loving crotch

    You are a girl and therefore don’t understand how it feels to be cock blocked…. by the opposite sex. Sometimes you can see it coming a mile away, you’re talking to a group of girls, there’s a fat one who has this look on her face like someone pooped in her corn flakes and she starts trying to shit test you too early and take things too seriously.

    Other times it’s a ninja attack, you’re talking to a girl her friend comes up doesn’t say anything to you just grabs her friend, looks at you, and then drags her friend away. It’s like a Middle Eastern kidnapping. Ad alcohol to the fact and a slower reaction time, by the time the dude even realizes he’s been cock blocked it’s too late. He’s been a victim. In a situation like this reentering the group is a no go. That’s when the vengeance by your boy is acceptable. Please believe if I had known what was going on at the moment… words would have been said… I’ve taken a blood oath to end the block in 09

  • http://lemmonex.com Lemmonex

    Vk, damn! Why you gotta bring Brody in to this.

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Ask Lemmonex: The Weight Post.

  • Roosh

    If you read the original post you’ll see this is NOT to get with the girl who you wanted. This isn’t a “game tactic.” Once the cb happens the approach is done anyway.

    This is to prevent future cb’s for all men. Big picture.

  • http://lemmonex.com Lemmonex

    I did read it and I get your point. I am just saying, from a female perspective, I don’t know if it will prevent future infractions. She may think you are just a doink.

    Cockblocking ain’t my style. Just trying to help here.

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Ask Lemmonex: The Weight Post.

  • Marc

    @ Lemmonex

    Actually, if she hears it something along the same lines from 2 or 3 other guys she cockblocks (and she can see no connection between them) it just might have an impact.

    The first time it might be easy for her and her friends to brush it off as “that guy being such an asshole” (projection if you ponder on it). Now if she and her friends go out and it she’s the one that keeps getting called out, then it’s gonna get mighty hard to ignore the elephant in the room.

    Bonus points to the guys that call her out if they can get his reaction each time:


  • Jeanne Marie

    Why not a 2 prong approach?

    Calmly call out the rude friend like Roosh did.

    But also, Roosh could have gone up to the girl his friend targeted when she was without her “buddies” and with compassion, explained to her that she should stand up for herself and not allow her friends to disrespect her in that manner.

    Double your contribution to your cause with each infraction.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    this isn’t my idea, but one way to humorously preempt a CB and make the world better for men everywhere is to say something like this as soon as you catch a vibe that a monster CB is approaching your target like a shark fin cutting through the water:

    “hey, you must be the designated cockblock! well, if you’re gonna do it, might as well do it now and get it over with. i’ll be grading you on your performance.”

    this maneuver calls her out while keeping the set open for further gaming.

    roissy’s last blog post: A Test Of Your Game.

  • my dick is bigger than your dick

    I normally just look at the blocker and say ” fucking cockblocker” but I think your way might have more effect.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Actually, I like Roissy’s suggestion. It will provoke that deer-in-the-headlights expression that I find so amusing on people who are ordinarily full of themselves. However, I’d shorten it to just “Hey, you must be the designated cockblock. Nice to meet you, I’m [fill in name here].”

  • Todd H.

    Roosh, Roissy and Gatsby:
    fine work. nice collaborative effort…
    this must be how penicillin was discovered

  • spaceman

    that would be really funny but what if she just wanted to talk to you and her friend…. wouldn’t that just come off badly..?

  • Anonymous

    @6 – Jay

    that is the whole problem with these “alpha-wannabes” or whatever.

    Who cares if he “alienated the girls” – point is something needs to be said. There will be other women.

  • Golden Seed

    @6 – I respectfully disagree with Gatsby that she was only upset at Roosh and not her behavior. Women are especially sensitive to social censure. Thus throwing a relatively public condemnation at her is like tossing holy water at a vampire.

    @8 – I dont think Roosh’s aim here is to improve a guys chances with his main target…at least in that particular scenario. The interaction was over anyway with seemingly little chance for further escalation, even without the call out. This is but one example in a broader, principled fight against cockblocking – a bid to end the phenomenon altogether. Commendable and hilarious… but ultimately, in my opinion, futile. Ending cockblocking requires fundamental changes in the female psychology and behavior that causes it. You might as well fight the tides with your fists.

  • z

    I think we have overlooked one reason women cockblock that doesn’t have anything to do with the men.

    She is JEALOUS. A nice-looking-smiling guy with masculine posture is talking to her aquaintance (so-called friend who she resents for being pretty and resents for being destined to get married and have a family, etc.), and her jealously can express itself by inserting herself between her and her potential happiness.

    “I told you that you wouldn’t meet any really hot guys if you wore THAT tonight”.

    “If you’d just trust me and go for the guys I tell you are hot”

    Some women cockblock BECAUSE they are simply jealous of their fellow female getting attention from a guy that they would want themselves.

    Women can be absolutely savage to each other. Remember guys, bouncers have sometimes been called to bathrooms to break up fights between girls fighting over some clueless guy out there on the dance floor when neither one of them is his girlfriend or even fuck-buddy yet. They compete, and sometimes a princess wont know she has a jealous Malificent in her circle.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Golden Seed – your disagreement makes one critical assumption, namely, that she actually cared about condemnation from a guy she had never met before and whose opinion didn’t matter to her. Regardless, Roosh’s call-out wasn’t public (but rather only in front of her friend), who may or may not have non-verbally called for a rescue.

    As for simply calling her out for the sake of calling her out, that’s fine if doing so is the endgame. If, however, the endgame is to take her down a notch and allow either you or your buddy to reinsert (to regain some measure of respect) then you must get the timing right. You have to be there when the cockblock happens, and better still, you have to nip it in the bud before it even happens. Hence, Roissy’s suggestion that you identify a chick as the cockblocker before she can say or do anything to carry out her mission.

  • Roosh

    “Ending cockblocking requires fundamental changes in the female psychology and behavior that causes it.”

    Incorrect because I noticed that girls from other girls DO NOT cockblock. I’m undertaking this effort because I know it will make a difference.

    Cockblocking is cultural, not innate.

  • Anonymous

    Well Roosh I agree, but brazilian girls do this kinda shit too.Maybe not as much as american bitches.
    But its a good cause to pursue.

  • Shaman

    Jealousy is the ONLY reason, it is THE reason, that women cockblock–why the fuck do you think it’s almost ALWAYS a girl who is less attractive than the girl you’re talking to, in fact usually THE ugliest girl in the group??! Huh?!

    I’d like to know what Roosh thinks about that, he’s got way more field experience than me: Roosh, what are the odds that some chick who’s friends with the girl you’re talking to AND hotter than the girl you’re talking to is going to cockblock you vs. the other way around???

  • Todd H.

    i think i read that the Gates Foundation is planning to tackle this scourge (CB’ing) once they eradicate malaria. They are probably recruiting Molecular Biologists to help with this

  • Anonymous

    When are you going to get back to writing about South America? I’m looking over buying an apartment in Cartagena. Let the good times roll.

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    I predict upping the ante like you suggest may lead to a cockblocking arms race. In an all out war of escalation, men will lose.

    I foresee new cockblocking innovations and rallying cries as fat, ugly and jealous friends worldwide adapt, share strategies and commit themselves to blocking more than ever.

    Songs like “I’m bring blocking back…These PUAs won’t know how to react” will flood the airwaves. I think blocking is almost as old as prostitution, it’ll never go away.

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: The One Drive: Immortality, Pt. 2.

  • Roosh

    Ricky: women are nowhere near as innovative as men. they will not have a suitable counterattack

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Yeah, who am I kidding. You’re right. :lol:

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: The One Drive: Immortality, Pt. 2.

  • Todd H.

    um… “suitable counterattack?”

    we’re the ones who are pooling our brain power, trading tips, reading /writing books, going to boot camps and turning to retired molecular biologists for answers.

    Don’t underestimate them… remember in Alien… when it’s wounded… it’s blood is acid. Dont forget it…

  • http://akinokure.blogspot.com agnostic

    Are blonds more likely to cockblock? That’s been my experience.

    If so, it’s worth taking into account when approaching a group.

    agnostic’s last blog post: A deceptive signaling theory of The Eternal Ingenue.

  • Anonymous

    @30 what Roosh is saying in easier terms is once you give the “verbal Hulk Smash to a girl she’ll pretty much give up and either cry or go away.
    either way it’s basically standing up and being a man!Something most(feminized) men in the US dont do.

  • Sandra D.

    this made me laugh a lot. i wish i had an opportunity to try this. =]

    love it.

  • Andrew

    Hopefully you also negatively impact the friendships between the cockblockers and the cockblockees – or the cockblockers and everyone they know.

  • Shaman

    Samuel L. Jackson perfectly expresses how I feel about cockblockers:


  • http://www.tin-heart.blogspot.com Ida

    That’s a really silly way of going about it. Most cockblocking is not initiated by the friend, but by the girl you’re talking to. There are signs involved. In rare instances, when a “friend” did have bad intentions, she’ll be blacklisted; no one wants to go out with a cockblocker.

    There will always be cockblocking, much like there will always be unemployment, and a natural rate of it isn’t necessarily bad.

    Ida’s last blog post: This is your brain on drugs….

  • Roosh

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    You are explaining how you and your friends operate. You can’t assume that’s the rule.

  • AE

    Yay, please men everywhere… end the cockblock. One of my closest usually normal friends just did that to me the other night… she wasn’t getting any attention (gorgeous face but chubby). I was and here she comes saying the guys coming up to me are losers… weirdos… low class… and goes around convincing our whole group that the club we went to had only weirdos there that night.

    And she OBSESSIVELY starts calling her beta hanger ons to get validation when I started getting attention… she was desperate for validation.

    This is a girl who mostly meets guys through her Internet profile (with photoshopped pics of her – surprise to the guys that meet her in person! and her excuses about being hospitalized recently and gaining weight shyeaa right). She also approaches most guys rather than they her.


  • swaggerchamp

    ridiculously called out this girl who was cockblocking my friend, all the honeys in the group were on me after this. I simply shook my head in disgust and walked away

  • embee

    AE…wow, what a friendship. It sounds like she’s not being a friend to you, but you’re not being much of one either – just mean. With friends like that…

    BTW, it’s not only the “ugliest” or “fat/chubby” women who are cockblockers, and it’s not like those who are skinny and/or pretty always get the men. Different strokes for different folks, people. Besides, sometimes the cockblocker can come in a form of an attention whore who is used to male attention, and if her friend gets it and not her, she finds something negative to say about it.

    Let me give you an example. My friend I’ve known since middle school usually dates a lot more than I do. She was always finding men, I wasn’t, and that was how it went.

    Then I met a guy who is attractive, doing well for himself (in college and close to finishing as am I), genuinely interested in me, and we have a lot in common. It happened to be at the same time my friend found herself unsatisfied with the men she was meeting (lots of losers, and just all around bad guys, but I never cockblocked her). I thought that since I had finally met someone really great and I was enjoying the relationship (and still am many months later), she would be happy for me.

    WRONG! Immediately she said she had a “feeling” he was a bad guy with something to hide, and then said he was weird, psycho, and a stalker, even though she didn’t even know the guy and she had no information with which to come to that conclusion. And she would get totally pissy if I would tell her I was spending time with him instead of staying on the cellphone with her all day long.

  • Tinderbox

    Several have voiced concern that the counterattack could imperil the friend’s chances with the main target. It’s irrelevant what effect this has on the main target. There are always other targets and he can just move on to the next one.

    The point is to not let a woman get away with humiliating you in public with an unsolicited cockblock.

  • nyc blocked

    Dude, this happened to me just a few days ago in the worst and most frustrating way. Contrary to what has been said, it is not necessarily the less attractive friend who gets jealouse.

    These two women both of whom were attrative were at the bar. The one i approached however was the less attractive of the two. We hit it off VERY quickly and she was very into me. We danced and SHE initiated some kissing.

    Her friend returned and she was not getting any attention from other guys during that period, even though I suspect she is accustomed to getting more guys than her friend, that night her friend was the one with the attrative tall guy & there was a really good connection there.

    well guess what. her “friend” takes her to the restroom and they simply neve return. I am standing at the bar with mine and their drinks waiting and after a while i realize what has happened and am very disturbed because this girl was seriously into me and definately had romantic and sexual needs she saw me potentially fulfilling.

    After that I was kinda shook, i am definately NOT a creep. I am a professional educated guy and was kind to her friend. But still her friend took her to the restroom and no doubt bad mouthed me and forced her pal to come away with her.

    the thing that upset me was not my loss, but that this woman had something she CLEARLY wanted badly (me) snached away from her by a jealous friend.

    I dont know if i should be more upset with her actually for not being a real woman and simply going for what she wanted despite her friend.

  • mike

    Roosh, i vow to spread these awesome words of truth to silly cockblockers here, across the pond down under.
    We takin’ over..

    ~mike, sydney Australia

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  • Anonymous

    Look, cockblocking is wrong and all, but how the hell is it psychopathic? You really think your penis is THAT important?

  • Camran Manikfan

    Yes, our dicks are that important. :D If they weren’t, all these girls who haunt clubs in hopes of getting dick or getting validation from some dicks wouldn’t be there, and all these cockblockers who do their thing wouldn’t be just to prevent their friends from getting some.

  • Camran Manikfan

    Edit to my earlier comment: I meant to say that ‘these cockblockers who do their thing wouldn’t be COCKBLOCKING just to prevent their friends from getting some (dick).’