I’m Not Sleeping With A Brazilian Prostitute


So I met this Brazilian guy in the bathroom of a club through this belligerent Belgian guy who I met in the same bathroom about an hour before. Above is a picture of both of them that I took while we were all hanging out in that bathroom. :gay:

Since I want my next trip to be in South America, I thought it would be a good idea to pick the Brazilian’s brain. I started by telling him I don’t want to sleep with prostitutes.

“Oh well that’s a problem then. Even I’m Brazilian and it’s not that easy for me.”

“But I’m cool with lots of conversation and what not,” I said. “I don’t mind putting in the time.”

“No, that doesn’t matter. The problem is you are going to be seen as just another tourist. You have to stay there for a while to really understand them. And also a lot of these girls are just looking for a greencard.”

“How long do I have to stay down if I don’t want to sleep with prostitutes?”

“A few months.”

So to sleep with a hot Brazilian girl who is not a prostitute and doesn’t want me for my greencard, I need to live there. I don’t buy it. He did add that there are tons of South American women already here. That’s true, but the quality South Americans here are ambitious and have big egos because they know their competition is trash. I would only consider FOB’s with bad English. But if that’s going to be my standard I might as well go to the country to get the authentic experience. At least there I’ll be the exotic one.

It’s time to start thinking about an extended trip.

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