I’m Not Sleeping With A Brazilian Prostitute


So I met this Brazilian guy in the bathroom of a club through this belligerent Belgian guy who I met in the same bathroom about an hour before. Above is a picture of both of them that I took while we were all hanging out in that bathroom. :gay:

Since I want my next trip to be in South America, I thought it would be a good idea to pick the Brazilian’s brain. I started by telling him I don’t want to sleep with prostitutes.

“Oh well that’s a problem then. Even I’m Brazilian and it’s not that easy for me.”

“But I’m cool with lots of conversation and what not,” I said. “I don’t mind putting in the time.”

“No, that doesn’t matter. The problem is you are going to be seen as just another tourist. You have to stay there for a while to really understand them. And also a lot of these girls are just looking for a greencard.”

“How long do I have to stay down if I don’t want to sleep with prostitutes?”

“A few months.”

So to sleep with a hot Brazilian girl who is not a prostitute and doesn’t want me for my greencard, I need to live there. I don’t buy it. He did add that there are tons of South American women already here. That’s true, but the quality South Americans here are ambitious and have big egos because they know their competition is trash. I would only consider FOB’s with bad English. But if that’s going to be my standard I might as well go to the country to get the authentic experience. At least there I’ll be the exotic one.

It’s time to start thinking about an extended trip.

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  • Mandy


    The Brazilian is absolutely right! I lived there last year, and my guy friends all had the same complaints about the women. They would get hit on constantly, but the girls were always looking for money or a pass into the U.S.

    You’re gonna go down there, stay at a hostel, and end up hooking up with some American chick who doesn’t mind sleeping around. I guarantee it.

  • The Dude

    I think you should go down there this year and check it out. Sleep with american chicks in hostels.

    If you love Brazil then save up some cash and take a leave of absense from work or something and move down there for a year or six months.

    I know this is the kind of thing you want to do– you’ve been hinting at it for a long time.

  • mike says

    I’m working on a Brazil trip too. I’ve got a friend down there and she’s been tyring to get me to come visit for over a year and for whatever reason I’ve been faking.

    I agree with the Dude, you’ve been sounding like a sabbatical is on the horizon for a while. Live the dream, man, go for it.

    No Brazilian prosties, though. Not a good look.

  • CR

    That’s BS. Sorry, but I’m Brazilian, and though I know girls there go crazy for Americans, they’re not all prostitutes or green card whores.

    Hang out at the usual places Brazilians go out to and you’ll be just fine.

    It’s people like the shitty Brazilian dude you met that makes us all look bad.

  • inowpronounceyou

    Seems like everyone is going to Brazil these days. I’m heading there for my honeymoon. No prostitues on the agenda…unless it goes horribly awry.

  • mike says

    or incredibly well…. :banana:

  • http://angelfish21.livejournal.com LaPay

    Was this at Buffalo Billiards? That is the only place I have ever seen a line for the mens room.

  • Optimus Prime

    Brazilian women-Just plain ol good side effects of interracial dating over the course of a few centuries. Best parts of all people slid into one chic. But your probably gonna have to hang out in San Paolo or some other city and not RIO where all the tourists and pretentious people live. But be careful dude because kidnapping is a big thing down there of Americans and they have a huge Gang problem with the flavela’s and city’s……

    Oh strap up too Hiv is crazy and for some ungodly reason Brazil has a huge Tranny population, so look out for the decepticons.

  • Jo

    As a Brazillian women, I also think you’re SOL. Unless you hang out in the rich suburbs. Women in the city who have less money are looking for a ticket (greencard) out. Then again, the richer women are even bigger snobs than they are here.

    The other difficulty is differentiating every day women from prostitutes. Not an easy task. You’re dark skinned so you might not be immediately typecast as a tourist, but the minute you start talking you’re done.

  • Jo

    Oh, I should add that all my comment was meant for Rio not Bahia or anywhere else.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Good advice so far, but I’d stress that you ought to take the same tact with the local women in Brazil as you would with attitude-bearing American women. If you go to Brazil with desire written all over your face, you’ll probably get the same response as you would in the U.S.

  • CR

    Hey “Jo” let’s clarify one thing: BRAZILIANS ARE NOT ALL DARK SKINNED! I’m as white as they come, my dad is blonde with blue eyes, and guess what? We’re Brazilian. Did you know that the Brazilian passport is one of the most expensive ones in the black market? Why? Because Brazilians can look like anything.

    I’m getting sick and tired of getting the “Oh, you’re Brazilian? How come you’re so light?” Guess what? There are millions of me back there in Brazil…

    Anyway… On another note, if you’re in Rio waiting in line for a club and you start speaking in English, the bouncer will pull you off the line and let you in. Are you can even do better and ask the bouncer a question in English. This works for me every time :)

  • Jo

    CR, I’m also Brazilian and I’m also light skinned. No need to emphasize that, most of the time no one believes I’m Brazilian because of it. But if he were a “white” american he’d REALLY stick out… you know like the Brits who turn pink at the beach.

  • CR

    I turn pink at the beach too…
    *hang my head down in shame*

  • mike says

    Everybody talks about Brazilian women being the best of the best physically, where are people getting this? Not arguing it, just looking for reference points.

  • cob

    Mike, to each to their own.

    Personally I think Chinese, Japanese, and some Koreans are the best physically. It’s all about preference.

  • cob

    Actually westernized Asians are the best, overally. Not just physically.

  • DF

    cob, you’ll be happy to know that Brazil has the largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan.

  • Jewcano

    Fuck Brazil. Go to Peru. Dress like an American white man, hang out downtown in Lima and you’ll have at least one girl dragging you home within 4 hours. The quickest I saw a guy get laid was within 45 minutes of leaving the boat, and the guy was a gameless putz. I can’t even recall seeing any whores in Peru, there wouldn’t have been any point.

  • Jewcano

    Oh, and note to self, Roosh apparently takes pictures in men’s bathrooms. Stand close to the urinal, lest your identifying marks make the next Player or Poseur.

  • Jay Gatsby

    “After watching Mulattas shake it, I can totally understand why Brazil is devoted to my favorite body part, the ass.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Anonymous

    “Third world” women are only interested in a greencard or money and not the real you? Mmm … an interesting generalisation!

  • Anonymous

    80% of Brazilians have black blood. There’s no way to know if someone has black blood sometimes uless you get a DNA test. Tis is why Brazil is one rime ridden country

  • feeleffect

    I have been to Brazil 10 times and the women “HANDS DOWN” are way more beautiful than women from the USA.Its just a fact!And they are more romantic. Yes in Brazil you got the opportunist and prostitution is legal from what they tell me but not all are like this.You can’t fake love because “Love is how you treat people”. Selfishness always eventually comes out. I have a girlfriend in Brazil and she is “beautiful” and caring. But outside of being more romantic and family oriented she is like most women in USA. And NO I am not a guy who wasn’t blessed with good looks trying to get someone in Brazil. She also wants me to MOVE to Brazil. She doesn’t want to come to USA. Now I have had many beautiful women in USA, its just they just didn’t understand what romance is about!(The ones I dated.)Asia women,come on, I love a woman with a nice bottom and the orientals “DON”T HAVE IT”. It is my opinion. What it is in Brazil is the melting pot of racial mixing that sets then apart from USA. We still are “The Divided States” where most ethnics live in the same area. In Brazil everyone lives in the same area regardless of color. But the rich Brazilians are REAL SNOBS! from my experience. Two kinds of major hatreds in the world;Racial and Economic. To sum it all up almost all the men that I meet from all around the world in Brazil said “BRAZIL HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN” on our planet”.

  • nickalus

    To whom it may concern,
    Damn i tired of the american women attitude.My name is nickalus and i run my own business been doing so for six years and growing.And ive been thinking of going to brazil and if i like it i plan on purchaseing a small apartment there.Now dont get it wrong i have no problem getting a date.But i tend to go after the corporate type the pretty and smart one.And not intrested in being a stay home mom are the take care of my man type.Now if theres anyone who traveled to brazil and can give me some insite holla at me.And if i makeing the right move by going to brazil to find the love of my life.

  • feeleffect

    Go to brazilgirls.com website and look for professionals but watch out because they will lie sometimes. The women in Sao Paulo are probably what you will be looking for. As was written, Rio women (Most of them are prostitutes)are easy sex object for the right price but this isn’t what you want.Now some ARE professionals and you will know once you start to talk to them. I have met some great personalities and some “Selfish” women through this website. Brazilcupid is highly used by the prostitutes according to a prostitute I met there, so be careful if you go there. Also be careful with brazilgirls.com and NEVER send money. I don’t care what they say!

  • feeleffect

    Also make sure she speaks english! If she doesn’t speak english, don’t talk to her!I f she wants to come here she should know enough english where you don’t have to spend money (Like I did!) on the translators. They charge CRAZY price! Peace

  • helena

    oh come on you guys, everything’s about stereotype. i live in rio, im brazilian, and it’s very unfair the reputation that we have. i mean, there are slutty women all over the world, how come only we get to have the bad reputation? just because we’re more outgoing than women in other countries – which, by the way, is cultural – it doesn’t mean we’re going to a bedroom. a kiss doesn’t mean anything, for that matter. you all should grow up and stop being so desperate to get laid, it’s pathetic.
    by the way, im as white as any german you might have met, and have got blue eyes as well – and i dont a have a huge ass.

  • feeleffect

    Pathetic and desperate? You are not talking about me. I don’t need to come to your country “To get laid” as you put it.However,yes you are right “easy” women are all over the world. I live in outside of the Chicago area and there is plenty of them.

  • wahala baby


    There really is a stereotyped image of the typical carioca woman/girl that can sound quite demeaning from OUR perspective (being a carioca girl myself).
    But let’s face it: we represent the exception that confirms the rule.
    Men in Rio behave like total pigs nowadays and the girls put up with some unimaginable shit all the while being very polite, at the very least completely resignated. I can’t even go out in this town anymore…

    Now, what is up with that ?!
    I could be wrong… but I really think that I am right! :)

  • wahala baby

    And yes, if taken seriously this blog could be quite pathetic.

  • georgesmiley

    After visiting brazil a few times the impression i left with is: worst mistake is to generalize. judge(if you must)each person you meet individually. .and please dont take your concept of what an acceptable lifestyle and choice is..you can meet women who sell ass for a living…sell ass because they are hungry….or sleep with you because they may be generally interested. american women sell their ass ritualistically and still hate the brazilian woman only because they look so good. if your man will fly 12 hours and spend money elsewhere whats wrong with you. we here in the US are programmed to accept daily sexual frustration-its total bs. And as for mr “i am not sleeping with a brazilian prostitute”-hell-dont..but please look a little deeper when you go..brazil is a poor country with a beautiful population of people. strange how we blacks set ourselves on pedastals. truth is black money is quite young. hasnt been that long since our women “were doing what they had to do to live” now we are too good to mix with the natives..man what nerve. now lets not be naive..some of these women will not be helped but hell we have the same set out hoes right here in the states..you dont have to travel all the way to brazil to meet a raggedy assed broad..with that said enjoy your trip.absorb the culture and keep an open mind..a real gentlemen we would try to educate some of these ladies who have the wrong direction instead of trying to set out as much ass as we can..oh and i am the biggest poon hound..pay for her to take a class or learn a language or something..not asking you to be captain save-a-hoe but make a difference in someones life man…

  • Camila

    HAHAha 😀 This is one of the most incredible offensive webpages I’ve ever seen…as a brazilian girl, I have to say, you should win a prize of the most offensive person on earth. You should really ask yourself why you post this things about us.
    But I have to say, I even laughed of some comments, they’re all so stupid…
    You think because you met some hookers in Rio you can talk about “brazilian girls” as if we had the same behaviour? a standard behaviour for brazilians..now thats something new..
    While you’re in your nightclub with your hookers, a lot of us, brazilian girls are coming back home from work, from college, just like american, japanese, italian, mexican girls. How many of us you think there are here in Brazil? five? ten? twelve maybe? :} hahah

    I’m going to live in u.s. next year, and – I can already see how it’s going to be – please God help me…

    Pardon my bad english…

  • João Paulo

    I agree with Camila,this is one of the most offensice pages i ever saw in my entire life,you can’t judge the Brazilian women just like the hookers from Rio that you met,that’s so unfair man.Do you know the girls from Minas Gerais?
    If no i suggest you to have more respect to the women of my country and my state,they are respecful and not easy,you can judge the whole country for what you saw in Rio,every state of Brazil is like a different country!

  • chiboy

    i am a nigeria looking for a brazilian girl who can actually perfect a samba dance for me

  • jb

    I lived and worked in Rio for the last 2 years and the women in Brazil are awesome. They are very passionate and intelligent. I worked in IT and the hardest and smartest workers were all women. I visited Salvador and the women there were just as nice as women in Rio. In general all people of Brazil are very friendly and love Americans…it’s just the culture. Oh yes, the women in Brazil are the most beautiful women in the world…and the nicest.

  • lu

    Jesus , as i can see the most of you don’t know what you are saying, just because you go to Rio and go to bed with some slut doesn’t mean that “brazilian girls” are bitch, probably you were hang out exactly in the place where the prostitute are located. that’s what happens with the tourist you go to places where is easier to find them.
    I’ve living in USA for 5 years and i am always impressed with their behave the “most” of people that i know use drugs, drink a lot, get laid so easy that i feel embarrassed for them.
    And guess what i am brazilian.. please don’t be stupid , each person is different.

  • Fabiana

    Some of you are just ignorant and immature. Just boys who don’t know anything about South America culture and issues. Read the paper before you travel, get some information about the country that you are going to and you will understand brazilian social profile.

  • ropewizard

    interesting posts

    I’m an American who has worked in Brasil part time since 2003. Mostly in Minas, Bahia and Amazonas…..beyond working there I have traveled many places in the country and spent loads of time in Rio and Sao Paulo. I’ve met (and worked with) lots of Brasilians, I speak Portuguese and have had various relationships and affairs with many Brasilian women of different social classes.
    I’ll just say that in my experience…..there are many different types of Brasilian women…just like American women. Some will fuck the same night they meet you. Some….it’s better to put the time into getting to know them first…..at least one date. Some will not give you more than a passing glance and a polite refusal at your advances, and some can be outright rude….what does it all translate to? Everybody is different. If you’ve got game and you speak some Portuguese, you should have no trouble with the girls. If you have hardly any game and speak no Portuguese…..you may get laid but usually at a cost. I suggest if all people want is sex…..go to some of the very cheap (10 dollars….more or less) whore houses in any city in Brasil. It’s cheaper by far and it’s only a business transaction that ends with you getting your rocks off…..wear a camisinha!
    I would also say that one has to really spend time among the people and culture to really get a flavor for Brasil as it is a very complex culture and very different than the states…..dont generalize if you’ve only been to Rio once and a hooker or a gold digger picked your ass up. Thats like saying….I’ve been to New Jersey and the states are like this. It’s a big country folks.

  • flak

    victoria’s secret models mostly hail from Brazil

  • American Boneco

    YES!! Right on the money. I lived in Brazil for 7 months and it took me 3 months to get laid with a Brazilian (non-prostitute) girl. Is not easy, but with time and patience…it will come.

  • Other nation

    The Brazilians are the most beautiful girls in the planet??????!!!!!!! Are you joking? I am very sorry, but just being honest as the most of you here: I found them one of the most NOT NICE LOOKING woman in the world!!! I have been to so many countries, so I have seen the real beauty. Brazilians are fat, short, having bad taste, not good educated (70% of population), primitive, vulgar. Sure, not all, but the most.There are almost no beautiful faces there, beautiful eyes are very rare,you can see sometimes nice body, if you have luck, but face – very seldom!!!!
    But, I LOVE BRAZIL, and the people are soooooo nice, BUT mostly this is inside beauty……

  • http://sirmarjalot.sensualwriter.com sirmarjalot

    I not have a hangup about banging prostitutes. Its just a business transaction really, the problem comes when guys cant tell the difference between a working girl and a regular girl. If she feels you want to to get emotionally involved with her she will let you coz once you go back home in a week or two you may send her some money if she tells you she is crazy about you :-)

    sirmarjalot’s last blog post: Odessa Streetwalkers.

  • i love americans

    brasilian womans love american mans with money ONLY.

    a pussy is just a pussy, but money its always money.

    inteligent brasilian womans pick up all money you can from americans :)


    Nope… he’s wrong and ya’ll wrong. I met a Brazilian woman during a trip and got to know her over subsequent trips. Given that we live in a age of globalism and webcam the courtship wasn’t that different from someone in NYC and San Francisco dating. I do admit that I used almost every ounce of game that I had but it was well worth it. Now I have an intelligent and lovely DIME at my side.

  • FABIAN 70

    Im a black man from london,england,i will have have agree with some of the comments not all brazilian women are hookers.it just depends with were you hang-out.a good street-wise pro can spot a desparate tourist a mile away.respect the woman and you will a great brazilian woman.period!

  • GP

    Hi, I would just like to point out one thing.

    Brasilian women are hands down the best sex you will ever experience.

    On average. Doesn’t mean they all are. But stay here for 2 weeks and tell me you havent had the most fabulous time of your life – sexually…

    It doesnt matter if you rabbit on about hookers or non-hookers or sexual tourists etc etc. we all travel for different reasons.

    You dont have to give anyone a greencard. Sure most folk in the world want a better life. Who doesn’t. Sure, on average tourists have more money to flash around while they are on a holiday. That’s the way it is.

    So, if you rate sex at the top of your list. Brasilians are at the top of that tree. They KNOW how to make love.

    If you don’t like Ferraris – and you prefer Volksvagens… no need to go to Brasil, stay where you are…

  • beentheredonethat

    Brazilian women love american men. Period. As long as you arent a complete dick or grossly overweight, getting laid there should not be a problem. Yes, there are money grubbers and gold diggers, but far more in the States in my opinion. Beautiful women, usually better educated too with less than 1/4 the attitude of American women.

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  • Shaz

    I’m so happy my husband just went there on a “business trip”

  • GT

    I have spent time in Brazil, and the conditions are incredibly tough. The girls are drop dead gorgeous, oozing femininity. The problem is, they are damn tough to sleep with, compared with Aussie, American or English girls, who are a piece of cake. I kissed about 12 chicks in Brazil, but couldn’t bed any of them – talk about frustrating. In Australia, if you kiss a girl you meet out, you have about a 90% chance of fucking them that night! Same deal with when I was in America, it was that easy to get laid, I felt like a celebrity! But Brazilian chicks are soooooo hard to get home to bang, you seriously have to put in tonnes of groundwork, and have multiple repeat meetings – and that is tough because they have short attention spans, they will probably meet another guy in that time. For that reason, all the Brazilian guys I met seemed to shag prostitutes, out of frustration as much as anything else. For what appears to be a highly sexualised society, the reality is anything but. Maybe it is the fact it is much more religious, maybe it is the fact it harder to get a quiet space in a crowded city, maybe it is the fact Brazil is a much more dangerous place. But for whatever reason, don’t for a second think that shagging Brazilian girls is easy…