Interesting Tattoo

“I totally want to get a tattoo. I know it has become a trend but I designed one on my own and feel like it would make me unique and not just another face in the crowd and it would even motivate me to keep my body in shape because if I get fat then the tattoo would probably look different you know? I’m a sexual person, definitely spiritual, a lover of nature, and I even write poems. I mean like guys always listen carefully when I read my poems to them and they compliment me on how good they are written. So now I read them my poems on the first date so they can get to know me faster and we can skip all that lame dating bullshit and go right into knowing each other. God I made the best design ever. I can only imagine the faces of the guys who make love to me from behind when they see it, and I’m sure they will love it and realize that I’m a prize as a woman and not all those other boring girls who are even too scared of a needle and who just want to fit in with their boring sun dresses and flip flops. I’m not like them at all because I’m an individual.”


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