Introduction To Brazilian Girls

The way some guys talked up Rio it seemed like I’d be getting head within 30 minutes of stepping off the bus. It’s ridiculous that I have to state this, because there was a second or two where I was hoping it was true, but not all Brazilian girls are easy and ready to fuck you within a few minutes.

On one side you have the poor favela chicks. As a carioca (Rio native) put it: “For them it is a dream to go out with a gringo to a dinner that costs more than they make in a month. The sex is not important—they’ve been doing that since they were 14.” Poor favela chicks are very easy, but quality is a serious problem. It’s not uncommon to see a decent looking gringo getting with a girl he should not be touching. It would be a shame if you came to Rio to bang favela chicks.

On the other side is the rich and very beautiful girls that are out of reach to the gringo due to time or social status / circle issues.

Then you have the large middle where the girls are educated and have regular jobs. Some are very pretty with fantastical asses and some are frumpy and average. Some are easy but others are surprisingly conservative. But in general the girls are prettier and easier than American girls—at least 50% easier. They are more friendly, they makeout super quick, and give less resistance to the bedroom. While there is zero guarantee you will get action when you go out, you’re a huge idiot if you go out at night without cheap motel money and a condom or three.

Two things are important:

1. You must know where to go. If you go to the rich and snobby clubs then it may actually be harder. Go to the smaller venues not known for posing. Because it takes time to find good places, a gringo visiting for a short stay may miss out on the “friendlier” girls.

2. Game plays big. Lots of girls speak English so if you have decent game you will see a gigantic jump in the quality you get compared to the gringos who simply have drunk game. I shouldn’t have to say it but approaching is still the number one thing you do to help yourself out here. Just like anywhere else, the girls who approach you outright will be ones you don’t want.

Now it’s my turn to add to the hype. Until Brazil I’ve never in my life had a very pretty girl ask me to spend the night with her a couple hours after meeting. If you are American then you are trained to think that only desperate chicks would do such a thing, but it’s quite common for Brazilian girls to show affection very fast and do much (or all) of the work to take things to the bedroom. Desperate or not, it’s very welcomed. I’m not saying you don’t have to stay on point to make things happen, but you can relax a little. Again, you will have to work just like you would at home, and you will be rejected and flaked on like you would at home, but you are rewarded faster, more often, and with better quality.

This leads to the number one rule of Rio:

Do not date the first girl you have sex with, even if she is just as good or better then what you get at home.

Keep her on the side and go out even more. You’ll understand what I mean when you get down here.

I love Rio, and it will be the my longest stay out of all the cities I’ve visited, but I wish I came before South America beat the shit out of me. It takes a lot of energy to enjoy everything it has to offer. And if you come here with a competent wingman, you can do tremendous damage in a short amount of time.

While not every guy gets laid in Rio, it’s very hard not to if you put in some effort.

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  • Lemmonex

    I mean this in all seriousness: how is this different than anywhere, really? I mean, I think game plays big in the States as well…and it always helps to know where to go if you are looking for a certain kind of girl. Is it just the allure of travel and a new place that makes it seem exciting and fresh?

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Step One: We Can Have Lots of Fun.

  • D

    I’m going to go ahead and need pictures of the girls down there ASAP.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    Do you find a lot of gringos “dating” Brazilian women? Isn’t this somewhat counter-productive to the whole backpacking experience?

    Why mess up one’s CPN if theres an abundance of decent Brazilian booty?

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Game Time.

  • Jo

    I was having a discussion with a brazilian friend about this the other day and we figured it out: Brazilian women have higher libidos.

  • Raleighwood

    You have just convinced me to put Rio at the top of my travel list.

  • Roosh

    Benefits of rio over America was explained but i’ll repaste for those who skimmed:

    “ general the girls are prettier and easier than American girls–—at least 50% easier.”

    “ are rewarded faster, more often, and with better quality.”

    Most gringos i met stay for a short time so they dont have time to date the same chick, but it’s a very easy “trap” for longer term stayers.

  • roissy

    i’ve got vacation time to burn. how long you planning to stay in rio?

    roissy’s last blog post: Tom Brady Lessons.

  • Write your own paycheck

    Hey Roosh make sure to do a club post/must visit spots on Rio when you get a chance

    Write your own paycheck’s last blog post: Is a Bad Credit Score killing your chances as an Affiliate Marketer?.

  • Spaceman

    yeah south america is next up. i probably wont do a hardcore trip like you, more of a greatest hits trip. but my trip will be a round the world trip so i have to pick and choose. now i just need to quit my job……….

  • Bobby Rio

    I’ve done both in Rio… dated a couple chicks for the two weeks… other times I was bang bang bang… then out.

    Personally I’ve had the best time down there after meeting a cool hot chick and having her show me around..


    how about sharing some stories of what bars and clubs you liked… I haven’t been there in a few years and would love to hear whats good and whats not.. hopefully i’ll be heading back soon and would trust your opinion as a guide.

    Check out HELP yet? lol

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: How to Score College Chicks.

  • Beach Bum

    Us Brazilians have no problem in making out really quick. Jumping to the bedroom is another story, but if you talk to a girl and she talks back with a smile, you can safely move in for the kiss right then and there. Ah, to be in Brazil again… I never understood American women saying “I never kiss on the first date” — seriously? It’s just kissing, who cares?

    And yeah, the Brazilian friend Jo was referring to was me, who else? Our comment was how American men in general cannot keep up with us…

    Beach Bum’s last blog post: Losing Hope.

  • turd furgeson

    Roosh, instead of Russian mail order brides, maybe you should push ones from Brazil.

    An internet search led me to these:

    There were other sites, but the women were busted.

  • Joe T.

    The peoples wanna see pictures!!

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Briggs & Riley Touring Bag.

  • Donovan

    This was a good breakdown. It doesn’t seem like having game in Brazil is TOO different, but does have it’s quirks.

    Donovan’s last blog post: David Deangelo?s Man Transformation Live Event Sign Up List.

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  • Brasileira

    Beach Bum is right. Brazilian chicks would easily kiss a guy on the spot and make out just as easily, but going beyond is not very likely. If you’re a cute gringo with charms just say you’re catching a plane back next day and we might simply succumb. PS: American women have rules about kissing on a first date but don’t usually apply the same to giving head. Ugh.. amusing!

  • got tiby

    Ha well im lucky I didn’t half to go to Brazil, because Brazil came to me I met these Brazil girls that were doing au par. It is some kind of nanny service. At the time I met them(2), they were only here in the US for two weeks so I lucked out. I’m kind of a likable guy so the one I’m interested in is in love with me, I think (she made me a picture frame of us kind of weird). These girls move fast almost to fast, but it has been a fun ride literly (haha). Everyplace i take them to they are a hit, everybody loves there presence and the accent. They say there going to be here for a year so i’ll see how it goes. BRAZIL GIRLS ARE THE BEST!!!

  • Jenna

    Dude , ya dont know what u talking about .. I think in ur country is the biggest country with dirty slut.. lol .. you doesnt know anything about Brazil .. you should learn before write stupid shit on here..

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  • got tiby

    well jenna sorry i don’t know what i’m talking about because i have been dating this brazilan girl for over 8 months now and in love with a beautiful women from brazil. I live in america if that is what you mean and yes all the girls are stuck up bitchy sluts. I could not see myself going back to the gringa whore. I dated a white chick for 3 years and she had so many issues; no confidence, bitchy; could trust me and daddy issues. Well ya i dont know what i’m talking about but i know this i’m sticking with the brazilan

  • Anonymous

    i love brazil

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  • Anonymous

    I recently met a group of Brazilian girls who are studying abroad here. I have been seeing one of them for over a month. Everytime she comes over, we have such a good time together. I noticed one thing…they are damn affectionate. When I went to dinner with her and her friends, she was constantly kissing me at the table. This is something that american girls simply do not do. Every american girl I have dated hated to show anything in public. This is definitely a plus with Brazilian girls.

    The thing I am concerned about is how fast she seems to like me…I mean we have some trouble communicating because she has only known english for a few months…but she seems really into me anyway. Is this normal?

    Is there anything in particular I should worry about?

  • Puff

    That doesnt work !
    You all dont know about us brazilians.
    You must come to brazil and see it with your own eyes before you say something
    I dont know about the american girls but i have friends in england and russian and they are easier than the brazilians.So, shut up because there are many girls like that, wherever you go you see that. its not a peculiarity of brazilians!

  • Puff


  • Cassia

    Jesus Cristo, vocês americanos falam tanta besteira…

  • Rodrigo

    “Some are easy but others are surprisingly conservative. But in general the girls are prettier and easier than American girls—at least 50% easier”

    Well, as a brazilian who has traveled quite a lot I came to understand a fact! Sometimes the cultural diffences are so complex and hard to describe that it is common to fall for these poor representations of them.

    To me, and to some of my friends that live in the US, americans girls are easier and will get you what you want faster! A carioca friend living in California says he is seriously impressed at how easily he can get laid there. Same as some brazilian friends said after living in “cold” european countries like Denmark, Germany, etc.

    So, in order to balance this strange equation I came to the following conclusion: It is just different. The perspective and values of a foreigner in an alien country are already different! To me, European and american girls will be (and actually are) easier. To me, you get better quality with much less work when it comes about european women for example. To me, it may take a litle longer to kiss them but going to bed seems almost straightforward after the kiss!

    As latin guys usually got a lot more game than the northern countries’ average, getting with northern girls just seems like a piece of cake most of the time. Sometimes it is even a bit ridicuolous!

    This is from a guy who has been girls from over 25 different countries in the world!

  • Brandon

    Roosh is right. I know it seems too good to be true, but it isn’t. The third day I was in Brazil, not in Rio, but an hour outside of Sao Paulo, me and my Brazilian friend were out and he goes, “Hey, my friend thinks you are cute, you should go for her.” I go, “Alright, for sure, I will.” I had literally just met the girl when he said this. So I started talking to her, thinking I would have to spit a little game. After 5 minutes, my friend goes, “Why haven’t you kissed her yet?” I go, “Man, I just met her 5 minutes ago.” My friend goes, “No, here in Brazil, if a girl likes you, you don’t have to sit there and work on it, just go for the kiss.” When I was in Rio, I was pretty drunk and deffinitely not on my A-game. This girl approached me, obviously attracted to me, and I started talking and talking, and she eventually got sick of me talking and went and hooked up with some other guy. I blew my chance because I was too slow. That was a bummer too because she would have been the cutest girl I banged in Brazil. Hooking up there is a lot faster because Brazilian men are very agressive, so the girls are used to it. Plus, the Brazilian girls love gringos. The girls are easy, but still, they don’t come off as slutty. It’s really weird. Brazil is an amazing place for sure!

  • MrRocks

    I’m Brazilian, and I have another take on that. First, there’s a color issue: male Brazilians usually consider whiter girls higher value. So they go to Europe and find that girls who are unattainable to them in Brazil become reachable, just because there’s plenty of them and they are ordinary in those countries. The opposite happens in Brazil: The whiter European/Americans will come and the girls will be interested in them, because for those girls, they are rare birds. But they have never been in a situation where they are considered rare birds before, so they think Brazilian girls are easy. They’re easy for THEM.

    So the first point shows that Brazilian/European/American girls being easy is relative to the perceiver. The second point, though, is absolute: Brazilian men are more aggressive in their game, and Brazilian girls (and boys) are more emotionally open once they’re attracted. In the other hand, Europeans and Americans are more sexually open. I never cease to be amazed at the level of kinkiness outside Brazil, and how quick one goes from kiss to bed (usually immediate), but without making as a strong emotional connection as you would find in Brazil.

    If you’re kinky, forget Brazil. If your like cuddling, then that’s where you wanna go.

  • Brandon

    Really? The first girl I banged in Brazil was on a pool table. I think that is pretty kinky.

  • Ricardo

    Pure shit
    It´s not like that
    Each city in Brazil has different ways to behave.

  • Rapido

    hey to be honest the girls in Rio love american guys, even if you are African American or Caucasion. The truth is that if you want to have a good time fast in Rio, You have to go to Lapa especially if you’re from the Hood. I like the advice that Rooshv gave in his blogsite/website but the truth is if you are African American the place to be in Rio is Lapa. Stay away from nearly every where else or they are going to try and rip your ass off. ….and Learn as much portuguese as possible or Spanish..luckily i speak both

    Rapido’s last blog post: My first experience in Brazil.

  • MrRocks

    Hey Brandon, when I say “kinky” I mean S&M and gang banging. Sure you can have a fast one in Brazil, as you can anywhere else. But I don’t consider one on one sex kinky at all.

  • MrRocks

    Hey Brandon, when I say “kinky” I mean S&M and gang banging. Sure you can have a fast one in Brazil, as you can anywhere else. But I don’t consider one on one sex kinky at all.

    BTW, rapido, I didn’t mean to be racist. I just meant that, in Brazil, skin color is used as an indicator of social class. Of course, if you’re a black gringo, what stands out is that you’re a gringo, first and foremost.

  • Tee

    “hey to be honest the girls in Rio love american guys, even if you are African American or Caucasion. ”

    what some1 up there said is right…they seem easier because you’re the “exotic American”…it’s all relative…

    don’t think it would be the same if u were white from Sao Paolo

  • Brandon

    MrRocks, that’s straight with me, I’m not into gangbangs or S&M, I’m looking for gatinhas, not putas.

  • Camila

    Interesting thoughts…”they are more friendly, they makeout super quick, and give less resistance to the bedroom”…hmm not that easy, baby (unless you’re veeery irresistible, we tend to have some rules for different levels of…fun..haha). Good to know that american guys find us attractive, actually I SAW THAT, i’ve been in the u.s. twice, unfortunately it was too quick to meet guys…btw they look good…of course i took the time to flirt with them hahah ;xx
    beijos querido, aparece por aqui, gatinho!

  • Chuck d

    Yes sir ur boy has been reading these sites and came 2 the conclusion.. Chuck well be everywhere in Rio I will be in Rio April 20 to may 1.. I’m gonna see how much damage dis American boy can do.

  • gig

    the other brazilians in this thread are self delusional.

    Upper class girls like Camila, who’s going for the US for a year, won’t hook up with gringos and if they do, will be considered sluts by brazilian guys. So a gringo shouldn’t go to places like 00, baroneti, because the public there will be of Camilas. Some hookers go there, and they will approach gringos sometimes. Places like Lapa, Casa da Matriz or samba schools like Mangueira have girls much less beautiful but much more sluttier.

    The other way for the gringo, is to go after 25+ upper class girls. The coming cougar cohort of Brazil, the fruit of divorce laws destroying marriage in this ocuntry also (thanks America, for the inspiration).

  • gig

    also, there are gringo groupies in places like shenanigans, a PUB in Ipanema. Those are the green card girls.

  • david

    I notice many americans saying brazilian girls are easier, and many brazilians who traveled to america and europe saying american and european girls are easier…i have come to this conclusion, People are attracted to people different from them…this may be why brazilian men are having an easier time getting with american and euro girls, while american men are having an easier time getting with brazilian girls…and girls are more likely to give it up quicker to a guy on vacation, as opposed to a guy she lives near and may in fact date, then she will take it slow and more serious

  • CA

    HI David,
    You’re perfectly right in your conclusions.
    I’m brazilian and I have a question for you. I’ve been to US several times but in the last time I met an american guy and we had a good time together but there’s something he does that disturbs me a lot.. He’s always trying to let me know how successful he is and also how much money he makes. This is very inappropriate in Brazil, we only talk about money if we are dating for a long time with the intention to get marry.
    My first reaction was change the subject of the conversation trying to show him that I wasn’t interested but he always finds a way to let me know. The last time he did it I let him talking to see how far he could go with that conversation.
    I talked to a brazilian friend that is engaged to an american man and she told me that it is normal in US, she said the american woman want to know asap how financially stable the guy is.
    I’m must more interested to know if he is honest and hard worker rather than rich or poor. I would appreciate a lot your comments and hopefully I’ll understand his behavior.
    Tks, CA

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great information!, I shall put it to good use I hope. Thanks a lot friend!

  • Jeff

    I agree with the opposites attract theory. Brazil/US Brazil/Europe Canada/Australia, whatever. But, American girls taking it slower. Let me tell you. I like to run. I like to meet people doing things I like to do. So I go to NikeTown running group. The girls ask “what do you do”? and then don’t even talk to you. I thought it was just me until a friend of a friend – an almost GQ looking guy -very likeable, friendly, says “the girls won’t even talk to you here! Last weekend I was at a party and talked to 40 different people. I couldn’t stop smiling.
    Another friend years later belonged to a running group told me “we had several marriages in the group. After 3 months as a member of the group, they start talking to you.”
    3 Months!!!!!!????? Are you F’ing kidding me? 3 months and these girls in the activity I like will talk with me? To hell with that. I love America and being an American, trying to come up with a better idea, innovative business. But if this is what it has come to with the women here, then something is wrong. Also a big part of the problem is US women are not in shape. I recently had a US girl flirting heavily with me, but she just was not attractive to me.
    I lived in Brazil for a month. It is not a huge difference to me, but once you do meet the right girls, they are wonderful. I love the eye contact and gazes as we converse. It just takes my breath away. Not ALL of the Brasileiras, but some of them. Which is a lot more numbers than the US.

  • Anonymous

    Hello this is more of a question than comment I am american guy intrested in dating brazilian for a long term relationship. I went to a site called latineuro that sale the address and phone number of brazilian women. Ok i seen woman intrest that i would like to get contact with but dont know how to speak the language. My question is, are there any companies out that can help me with one on one introductions? If anyone can help with information I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Jeff

    If you are interested in dating a brasilian girl, then you should be interested enough to learn a little of the language. 200 hours and you should have some basics down. If you can’t invest that time, then why bother with brasilian girls? How about Spanish or a language you know?
    Its not just the girls for me. I like the culture, I love the music and learn more of the language from it.

  • Bryan

    People are people, regardless of where you go. It just remains a weakness of people that exposes their interest to getting something they cannot find in USA. USA girls aren’t as easily convinced by USA guys honestly and quite simply because of guys like Roosh. If you want fun, go to other countries where the people are curious of you and thea “way you are”. This is true of any country where the people aren’t as familiar with your nation’s type of people. If you are looking for quality, (speed is not the name of the game). As the saying goes, “Can’t make a ho a housewife” holds true for the majority and while there are exceptions, do you really want to take a risk with the quick ones to give it up and end up losing a relationship that could have otherwise been very fulfilling in more than a sexual way. What differentiates humans from animals is the fact that we can achieve higher levels of connection. Why not experience what being human is about and give a whole hearted effort at knowing someone and not being put off by their conservativeness. Engage in them mentally, and be yourself, enjoy the many things that will make you love life in a much more fulfilling way than just “getting it on”. Because for those who demand more out of life than what any typical animal can get, there’s serious disappointment in just screwing someone for the sake of an easy screw. You likely wont marry such a girl, and if you do it’s a risk. Anyway that’s my two cents. I’ve had it easy and hard, been to over 20 countries and understand what makes a relationship meaningful. Don’t down a specific country, because seriously people are just people. Being from different countries only give you an edge via curiosity, and an inherently larger margin of error for cultural misunderstandings. Take it from me, leave the quickies for the ones who have no priorities, and don’t mind learning the hard way what love is all about. If you’re looking only for fun, follow Roosh’s advice. Same is applicable to nearly all of the countries I’ve been to minus the especially repressive ones. Remember one thing. You get what you put into it. “similar to what you pay for” with merchandise. If it’s too easy, it’s not worth much. If it’s harder, it’s often a better overall deal, and not everyone and their brother has been in it when it comes to that point. For the kind who really don’t care, keep the condom handy, as the kind of girl you seek is in the higher percentage of AIDS/HIV & other STD carriers of that country do to their quick and uninhibited actions with strangers. Take care. Wish you the best! – Bryan

  • Brazilian girl

    I am brazilian, but I don’t live in Rio. I see that the author is especifically talking about Rio, which I have to say, most of the times is true. I’ve been there like a hundred times. They are easier there. Brazil is a huge country, with many states. If you go to another states I bet it wouldn’t be the same.
    99% of the girls I’ve known in Brazil, do like to make out quickly. Brazilian people loooove kissing, and always do when they first meet. It’s just a kiss for them…So they don’t care.
    I’m an exception, because I prefer get to know the person and if I really like it, then I kiss. And like me, there are a lot more brazilians with the same thought.
    So it’s not a rule that everywhere u go to Brazil u’ll make out with whateaver girl u want. There r a lot of exceptions. I live in US now, and I’m tired of going out and meeting people, when I say:
    “I’m from Brazil” and they r like: “wowww…Brazil, Caranaval…Cool!”
    –I wonder what they have I mind–Rio, Party, easy girls, making out, I might lay with her tonight!–THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS!
    Don’t go thinking that every brazilian girl is the same!

  • Anonymous

    In USA girls have sex as if dont mean anything. In Brasil we Kiss as if dont mean anything. If this “stupid American Guy”that wrote this piece of shit wen to the right places, with the right ppl insgtead of lousy places he would meet girls who would not even talk to him. Although american guys are lame, slow and not even close to be better than a brazilian one who knows how to treat a woman. Sluts, easy girls and whores they are EVERYWHERE in the world. This idiot does not know what he is talking about. LOSER.

  • Brazilian G.

    First the title of this article should be changing to Introduce to ALMOST all brazilian girls. because Sluts you will find anywhere in the world, including USA. I am brazilian living in USA. When I go to the clubs here I see the girls dancing as if they were having sex, I see girls that go and talk to the boys and leave the club in 5 minutes with them, I see that ône night stand^is very common for girls here. And let me tell youÇ if a girl do in Brazil what she does here she would be called a slut and be sure brazilianj guys think american girls are sluts when they go to clubs here and see how the thing happens. OF COURSE there are easy girls in Brasil, as there are in Canada, in USA in JAPAN. You cant write thiese things as if it was the truth about all the female population of Brasil. Also I ahve my thoughts about american guys (really bad ones) as I have dated many of them and that doesnt mean I think all of them are the same even MOST of them are bad in bed, cold, ugly, slow and do not know how to treat a women. Most of them also depends on their wives paycheck. Well most of guys I know here are like that, but I cant say All of them are like that. Pay attention to what you write, dont be a blind know nothing jerk.

  • mark

    I found this thread whilst strangely searching for an apartment for the Rio Carnival in 2011…think I’ve found a place.

    Difference here is I am English with brown skin and have no other real languages apart from superbly delivered English (& enough French or German to get by on…also a very little Turkish) Parents are from South American strangely, Guyana and Venezuela but was never taught the lingo.

    In a country with a darker population, say Cuba last year people would walk up and ask “you Cubanos yes?” I’d answer “Si” and they’d leave me alone. In Turkey they ask me if I’m Turkish and I say “Evet”…it’s great being brown! :O)

    But the strangest thing was that women in these countries are very dismissive if I ask them a question in their own language, they are suddenly fine when they learn I am English…which is weird almost like I’m a second class citizen.

    Anyway from my perspective (and I am coming up on my 45th birthday at the end of Jan so have an above average amount) having travelled to the Far East (6 months), most of the Eastern block (12 months) and lived in the USA for 3yrs (wife is American) and having visited virtually everywhere in the Caribbean (inc the small islands and Cuba)

    I have to say that apart from that I have never had any problems with women approaching me…usually when the wife is there which is V funny :O) However I have some rules whenever I am out…and in fact in life, namely:

    a) Never treat anyone like a piece of meat, it’s demeaning for them and you (even IMO if they want to be treated that way). Male or female…I say this as I think the most important people to speak to are the cleaners and doormen in my office building (you also find out all the juicey gossip :O)

    b) I will always buy a woman a drink when I’m out, a complete stranger, makes no difference to me what they look like but invariably they are average or pretty, talk to them for a few minutes and then make my excuses and leave most are really shocked when I don’t want telephone numbers.

    c)if I see a woman that looks down I’ll buy her flowers to cheer her up, never had the flowers refused and the drink maybe twice out of 250 times. Never once ever spoken to these people ever again….hopefully I’ve cheered some up, maybe caused a few complexes??

    d) I always drink a pint of water after each couple of alcoholic drinks…yes you go to the toilet more but I’ve never been drunk, had a hangover or dehydrated…and you get to blackmail all your friends as your the one with the pictures that can remember everything!! ROTF!

    The strangest thing is if you ask 100 guys what they look like 90% will say above average….when they obviously are not (esp with that supposedly slimming goatee…just try to loose some weight!). Conversely ask 100 women and 90% will be too self critical saying they don’t like their noses, mouth their breasts are too big small etc.

    I’ve never considered myself to be anything else between ugly and plain but apparently having good teeth (they look far whiter with dark skin!) and being slim with all my own hair and no wrinkles has meant that I get hit on even by 18yr olds. Yes it’s flattering (esp since I have a 25yr old son and 3 grandkids) but depends how you deport yourself. I for myself have never spoken to any woman with the ulterior motive of getting her into bed…or on a pool

    I just feel sorry for young women these days as all the romance seems to have gone out of the world…or else it’s the preserve of plain to ugly people who can’t be as shallow as their prettier peers.

    That said I am in full agreement that whatever the guys can do the girls can do too and also that anything between adults that’s legal where no one gets hurt (unless they want to be of course) is OK

    So have fun y’all :O)


  • Lynda

    Men talking about girls are always the same… My boyfriend (yes, he is american and I am brazilian) was my friend before, telling me how things on USA are insane cause girls act like boys, many of his friends(boys) still virgin and other have a untrustable and crazy sexual life, they are all around 25 or more, and the few time I spent with him there he introduced me to this two girls that are his friends, the other girls are all sluts… he still being gentle and polite with this girls, then said me that american girls are so easy to sleep with and told me terrible stories, some of this girls sleep with half guys on their work place and act like saints… read a reserch that say 55% of american wifes cheat on their husbands… man are around 25%… most perverted news I heard on news talk about american girls… drunken and f***ing like crazy… you came to find girls here on Brazil cause we are cute and gentle (and casual sex is not normal here as you said… actually on my city girls use to lost their virginity with more than 20 years old, many of my high school/college friends married virgin, I am 27 and still virgin, and I know what you are thinking, I am pretty, I hear it every day many times per day), what is rare up there! And boys there are gentle and afraid to raise kids with crazy girls… that’s why we will marry and live here… Brazil is insane, but is less insane than America.

  • Gobsmacked

    I think this whole thing is absolutely disgraceful, Roosh V. You should be ashamed of yourself but probably aren’t, in fact, with so many supportive readers it seems that you’re quite proud of your so called ‘achievement’. And the fact the you got a book out of this and might be even making money just makes matters worse. You ought to send some to the charities that assist single mothers in the favelas of Rio. I guarantee many of those fatherless children over there are American tourists offspring.
    I’m Brazilian and I’m a girl and think you’re so wrong. You cannot generalize women like that no matter where they come from. This is so sexist, man, so low and it says a lot about American people.
    I would never ever even touch an American guy in my life, nor even if they were the last men alive and that’s because you’re so bloody judgmental and hypocrites. American mentality freaks me out, always have, always will.

  • Bryan

    Gobsmacked, I think you are generalizing Americans. I’m nothing of the sort you describe, and people in every country do these things. Just some write about it, and flaunt it, and some hide it. You should realize there are good and bad people out there and many flavors in-between. Not all of them share your morals, (not even in you own town, city, state, country, continent, planet… Americans are not bad. I’ve never cheated or disgracefully handled women. I’ve been more than well traveled, and I’m not sure if you can say much about Roosh V. if you are going to fall into the same generalizing category. Difference is, he uses mild psychology and generalizations that he puts into practice that fits his lifestyle well. You are doing the same, but as a coping mechanism. I’d appreciate not to be involved in such a generalization. I’m not going to demand it, but I’m pretty sure if you knew me, you wouldn’t say that about Americans. Take care.

  • sirmarjalot

    Nice little post about rio brazil. Im likely to make my first visit this year 2010. Reading posts like this makes it even more likely.

    sirmarjalot’s last blog post: Odessa Streetwalkers.

  • She

    Im Brazilian living in England. Im from South Brazil which is has a hell more conservative behaivour than Rio (not saying that brazilians from Rio are sluts neither)

    I totally agree with Brazilian G. – “Sluts you will find anywhere in the world, including USA.”
    In the UK the situation is not different.. you go to night clubs in this country and you see things that would make lots of brazilians girls i know – blush!

    You guys cant imagine how hard it is being a brazilian living abroad..
    From the moment you say “Im Brazilian” the guys change..
    they try to hug you.. they try to kiss you..and they think they can treat you like they were in a Whore house!!!

    Had this kind of problems in a night clubs already
    which ruined my night.. went back home feeling annoyed and hurted.
    This is prejudice just like any other kind of prejudice!!!

    I know that not all the gringos are the same.. coz my fiance is English – and he is perfect!!!

    Really want that one day ppl will think about brazilian women in a nice and positive way, coz the majority of brazilians deserve it! 😉

  • Shane

    I have been to Rio several times and will return in April. Going to buy a house there. I love Brazilian women. It has nothing to do with being attractive or the fact I can kiss them within minutes of meeting them. Although I do enjoy this as I am not a shy guy. Brazilian women are passionate, feminine and in general seem to enjoy and appreciate life more than American women. I mostly hang out at higher end clubs Boox, Baronetti, Nuth, Nossa Semhora..however I find no matter what socio economic class a Brazilian girl comes from they generally are the same in terms of passion, femininity, and love of life. I would say probably the most fun I had was with a girl who grew up in a favela.

    Guys if you are an American thinking you are going to visit Brazil and get laid by a super model….think agian. If you dont have game and dont date beautiful women in the United States you are not going to get laid by Gisele Bunchen in Brazil.

    P.S. Learn to speak some portuguese…It will score major points with a Brasilayda.

  • Brasileiro

    Fuck you, americans idiots!!!!
    American womens are very ugly and fat!!!
    yours fat pigs!!!

  • Shane

    Brasileiro…WOW! How long did it take you to think of those insults? Thank you for showing everyone how intelligent you are with those comments. You have contributed greatly to this discussion.

  • 20 Beatrice

    Wow. Great discussion. I´m Brazilian and I lived in the USA a while ago for three years… just came back to Brazil from a two month vacation there. This last time I dated an american man and it helped me to get to some conclusions: it´s possible to find every kind of people everywhere in the world. I think no matter where, Brazil, USA… there´s the majority and the exceptions.

    People have a very primitive image about Brazil – Soccer, Carnaval, beaches and bitches. Brazilian girls ,in Brazil, are not easy, we are raised with a long list of must do´s and must not do´s, and everything we do everyone else talks about it, so we need to be very careful about the way we act. No buttie dancing, dressing cute and sexy but not as a slut, not getting in the car with someone we just met, never go to his house on a first date, and the list goes on and on… However kissing is very common, we love kissing (and here I must say – we are GOOD at it) and it´s normal to kiss on the same day you meet the person (that doesn´t mean we´re a whore!). That´s what we call “ficar” and as other people mentioned above, we are very affectioned, we like to kiss and hug, talk and have a good time, but sex is another story. If you meet a nice brazilian girl, have a good time with her, don´t ask to go to bed, that´s an offense. We (here I mean the majority)only do it when we trust the person, when we really know him and have some true feeling.

    So I get to the USA and the first thing I see at the club: girls wearing shirts as dresses, and guys dancing on their backs as if they were having sex in the middle of the club. P.S. I was only 16 when I first saw it. This last time I went there, I saw my american friend dancing like that with five guys in a night, she didn´t even look at their faces, she just felt them touching her butt and started dancing like crazy. And then my other friend comes to me and tells me she´s going to sleep at this guy´s house that she just met.And I start wondering what really means to be a whore.

    So I met this american guy, and he was very nice and smart, we talked a lot, went on four dates, and I had two weeks before I came back to Brazil and he hadn´t kissed me yet, and I couldn´t understand why. So we finally kissed two days before I came, and the first thing he tells me after kissing me (and I need to say, I´ve had way better kisses than the one he gave me): let´s go to my place, let´s spend the night together. That was an offense. On the other hand,I came back with a really good image of him, b/c he had his qualities, and I have to say, American guys are gentlemen and fun! I also met american girls who are very laid back and well-behaved when it comes to guys. But sex there is still more vulgarly treated than it is here.

    After all I have to say… we should stop trying to define what is it to be a slut or not, as an universal standard. Because some americans think Brazilians are sluts b/c they are “easy” (Define???) and they kiss on a first date, but they think it´s normal for an american girl to have sex on a first date. Brazilians, on the other hand, take sex more seriously, we don´t do buttie dance but yes we like smaller bikinis. And as the brazilians, american girls have their contradictions too. What really hurts is the generalization that people make about brazil. I don´t even dare to make a general statement about us,and I´ve lived here all my life, b/c again, there are always tons of exceptions. We should learn to judge what is good and bad FOR OURSELVES, based on our own morals, not as if we were the world´s voice.

  • Brasileira

    heeyy guys, i am brazilian and im loving one american boy .. and i dont know what i do to have his ..

    the american guys help me please ..
    what the american guys like when have a girl in your arm ??


  • Anonymous

    Brasileira – You should try learning better english first! 😉

  • the red fenix

    ahhaahhahaahahahha guys have no idea….

  • Typical American Man

    Spend some time with one of those Brazilian women after you are married and you’ll find out just how useless they are. Yeah, they fuck, but can they do much of anything else? You’ll be on your own and working your ass off to support her and the babies.

  • Jase

    Damn, why u have to go and say something like that? There are lazy women here. I bet there is lazy women on Venus. Ain’t no one talking about lazy women and here u go. Hey, if she can make me fall in love with her I’ll work my ass off to keep us happy.

  • Anonymous

    Say that brazilian girls are that easy is bullshit. One thing you have to know is that kissing happens much faster there than in other countries beacause brazilian, in general, are affectionate people. For them, it’s really acceptable to kiss someone you’ve just met (and even then there are exceptions). Despite it, it takes a lot for them to go to the sex. And about those places that were mencioned before… they’re poor places with huckers that would love to find some easy gringos. And even when it’s not a prostitute, believe me: she wants your money, is using you somehow, or drunk. And I am pretty sure you can find this kind of woman in your hometown.

  • Yasmin

    Gooosh! I can’t believe I just read that! My friends who are in the US said that the American girls are easier than brazilians… They said that they took a long time to kiss them, but after that, they did EVERYTHING the guys wanted to, in a way a brazilian girls would NEVER do. So, really, shut up. You just met the whores? Good for you, but not all the girls here are like that.
    E depois ngm sabe porque a grande maioria dos brasileiros, na verdade a grande maioria das pessoas no mundo DETESTAM os americanos!

  • lord quas

    ok let me speak from an american perspective……

    “easy” where im from means shes easy to talk to, get along with, spend time with, etc, because american girls are “hard” to get along with. simply because our societies have placed so much emphasis on status/social proof/game that both american men and women cant simply communicate to one another without an element of “the game” being present.

    also, in america men who actually become interested in a woman “just because” are shunned, even riddiculed in media/society. so most of the intrigue we americans express towards brazilian women is because simply spending time with a woman without all the excess baggage we’re used to is a foreign concept naturally.

  • daner

    i agree with some things but getting a girl in Rio is not as easy as you say. any self-respecting women will not just ask you to go to a hotel after five minutes – you need to put in the effort first, and ask yourself, if she speaks english, why is she fussing with you?? if she looks respectable genuinely likes you than great, but, depending on where you are, a nice, friendly girl could easily be a prostitute or “gringo-hunter”, ie wants your money and and wealthy lifestyle…if you want well-to-do cariocas then go to more upmarket clubs/areas where you would have to try like in most places in europe/america. Yes, in general, brazilian women are more forthcoming, but dont expect them to be bowing at your feet!! play it cool, learn some lingo and dress well and you have decent chance, but expect to put in the effort like anywhere, :) oh, and not all brazilians are supermodels, but there are places known for drawing good-looking girls :)

  • Stevie Graham

    Brazil is not all about Rio !
    I live up in the North East, in Recife. The weather is hot all year around here and so are the girls ! I came on a tour organised by and never left !
    The North East generaly cheaper than the South as well.
    Come visit Recife sometime !

  • Shane

    Yasmin…why are you hiding your insult in Portugues? Why not write it in english? Do not let immature people on this board upset you. Americans that spend some in Brasil really know what Brasil is about.
    Not all Americans are bad people. Do not make gerneralizations.

    Also, would like to make a point that many brasilian women that I speak with do not like Brasilian guys….for a number of reasons. One reason brasilian guys being abusive and controlling, which I have wittnessed many times.

  • Ray

    im looking for a fun beutifull girle who loves the water and social events the brazilian girls ive met seem to be this and more so far

  • Gusmans

    Well I’m from London, I’m mixed race and slept with quite a few white and black girls but it totally fucks me off when south American women come here n act as if their shit don’t stink – they need a slap

  • Gusmans

    I even lived in Spain for 6 months and ended up shafting a blasted Australian girl! – was hoping to grab a spicy Spanish but no chance.

  • Anonymous

    This article is BULLSHIT.
    i never saw such a ofensive point of view.
    Probably you are stupid guy, that just come to brazil to fuck with the women and in the end will be alone.

  • Gabriela

    This post is such an ass… you don’t know anything about Brazilian girls. Were you talking about “sex tourism” or anything like that? You can be sure that you can find that all over the world – not only in Brazil. Someone who treats a woman like that can’t be called a “man”. You’re a fucking idiot, so just stop writing bullshit ang go back to your porn.

  • Rubia

    I totally agree with you Gabriela, thats not a man.

  • prodigio

    I love brasileiras and they love me.

  • Anonymous

    This discussion is not only interesting, it is necessary, and thought-provoking regarding how societies view the world, each other thru their own slim perspectives on what relationships, sex, love should be.

    All these women who complain about Roosh, and his generalisations then talk about how they hate Americans, is very ignorant, insulting. Shame shame.

    We Americans dont represent the American Government, Americans dont even relate to each other in their own country, let alone abroad.

    Dont condemn him with the one hand, then act the same way and actually worse in other ways.

    All this animosity towards America, is understandable, but not our faults, we are just people living in America.

  • Gabriella

    Oh, “thank you”, I am a Brazilian and you are saying we are “easy and ready to fuck you within a few minutes”!
    That’s why *some* of you guys are so fucking known as asshole foreign, because you don’t know the difference between being sympathic and warm people from whores…
    People should stay longer in Brazil, then you might say something sure, after understanding better our culture! 😉
    Good luck and be very welcome to Brazil!

  • erik

    What Roosh wrote is correct – it takes work, but Brazilian women are fantastic. However, I would place Sao Paulo on the top of anyone’s list to visit in Brazil. I lived in Sao Paulo for two years, and also frequently went to Rio for weekend trips. While Sao Paulo has no beach, it is definitely more gringo friendly, as not many tourists go there. Plus, the nightlife is on par with New York, or even better. When I lived in Sao Paulo, I usually kept a pool of six women or so (whom I “dated”), and would rotate other in/out depending on my whim of the week. Brazil is amazing!!

  • erik

    just read the comment above – yes, in my opinion, Brazilian women are not “whores”, but definitely are sexually free. Eu adorei minha vida em sampa, e voltarei denovo sem minha espousa!

  • K

    This article is pretty much true. Not all brazilians, but most of them will throw at you. I’m not trying to call them whores, but it’s pretty close. I’ve been with lots of women o every kind so I’m kno what I’m talking about. But not all Latinas are like the brazilians. this is a how put it.

    1.The Latinas from brazil, and the carrebians are the easiest of them all. They just love to fuck. And are very outgoing, love to party etc. Colombians are pretty close but not all of them. ( it’s mostly the girls that have African blood on their background which most of the brazilans and carrebians do)

    2. Then there are the other Latinas from south America ( not central) like Argentina, Uruguay, chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc., and some of colombians. They really won’t throw themselves at you. They are more close and would like to know you first. But trust me once you get to know them and are dating and all that thy are much like the other girls freaky and hot in the bed.

    3. And then there is the rest, mexicans, and central Americans. They are pretty close to the brazilians. They are so-so. And they’ll probably give in pretty fast. Not that fun though.

    The best are the south Americans though.

    So from easiest to hardworking would go like this:

    1. Brazilans, carrebians Latinas ( some of clombians) easieast
    2. Mexicans, central American Latinas. So- so easy. But you got game pretty easy. But not the funnest.
    3 the other south American girls ( except brazilian) with some colombians. Harwork to get with, but once they trust you and are close they are as hot as the brazilans.

    So you looking to have fun choose the first one brazilians,carrebians.

    But you if you want the serious already and the mother of you babies the thrird one is for you. The other south American girls. If You don’t want a whore as your wife.

  • Renata

    I’m sorry that crap idiots like this Rooshy still have a book and credibility from the others who agree with him. There are easy woman all over the world. There are nasty and dicky man all over the world. You really dont deserve any respect from woman, I wished I’d know who you are and when you are coming to Brazil for sex tourism and then I would tell the Police your name and passport number to avoid an asshole like you to come here. WE DO NOT NEED FOREIGNERS! brazilian man are the best in bed, actually if you did sex with a woman from favela you’re are probably so down in self steem that ANY pussy would be good for you. I hope you take a disease anywhere you’ll go, such an asshole!

  • Anonymous

    im canadian i consider myself good person i love south american women they are the best hands down my Wife is from Venezuela she kicks ass i take good care of her everyday! sorry americans but please dont carry the canadian flag on you most the time at first sight they think im american open my mouth and then they know canadian! i wll say 9/10 canadian men kick ass!

  • true

    i will say please send me a Canadian man!

  • Shane

    Renata…I understand your anger with the guy that wrote this article. However do not be nieve that your counrty does not need foreigners. The United States President just gave your country two billion dollars for off shore drilling. Which will continue to improve the growing Brazilian economy. Brazil also, two months ago, signed a military agreement with the United States. Tourism in Brazil is a significant part of the Brazilian gross domestic product. Everytime I am in Brazil during the winter all of the vendors, resturant owners, etc….complain there are no gringos because it is winter time and they are making less money. The Olympics and the World Cup are coming to Brazil in a few years which will bring millions of “foreigners” dollars into the Brazilian economy.
    With that said….I love Brasil and brasilian women. : )

  • Darryl

    I have been to Brazil about 10 times on and off during the last 10 years. I have been married to a Brazilian, dated Brazilians & Americans, and now live and work in Brazil. I think I can talk from a nice perspective.

    Let´s face facts. Rio (the copacabana area) is a known “hoe” area. This is why the majority of Americans & foreigners go there b/c they know that if that have $$$, they don´t need a great game or need to know much Portuguese to hook up w/a pretty decent gal.

    Yes, after my wife I have strictly dated Brazilians b/c I find them to be more sensual and pleasurable in bed. I find them also easier to approach IF (and that´s big… IF) you know the language! If you don´t know the language, they will come off as cold as any other girl. One thing however I have noticed is that Brazilians in the U.S. have more of that “American attitude”. Since they “made it” or were born in the U.S., many deems themselves to be superior than their brethren in Brazil.

    The girls I am meeting in Brazil are a pleasure to get to know but not as easy to get in bed as one may think. Outside of known “whore spots” etc, many have a value system that IS more strict than a lot of American girls. My girl was over 20 and still a virgin when I met her.

    In my experience, I have enjoyed a better quality relationship, enjoyed better looking girls, but have dealt with a lot of jealousy issues with my Brazilian women. That being said, I´ll still stick with them b/c they´re what get my juices flowing (and 9 times out of 10 they´ll have that marvelous round butt as well! ha ha!)

  • Tom

    Everything you say is debatable. I think the attractiveness is better. As far as I’m concerned, Brazilians in America, especially if they been there a while, and their descendants, are not ”Brazilian.” Brazilians are a bit like southern Europeans – except even hotter.

    There is one thing the author of this article either lied, skewed or made a miserable attempt at. That is saying many girls in Rio and Brazil can speak English.

    You will be extremely disappointed if you’re naive and gullible enough to admit that. Now I’m not saying they won’t understand some words. Maybe even phrases if you’re lucky. But even relatively educated Brazilian girls are not going to be able to hold a conversation in English.

    This means if you actually plan on dating a girl, you’ll need to learn some Portuguese. It’s pretty obvious if you were going to live there. If you’re an American who knows Spanish, you will make it further. While Brazilians are probably as likely to know English as Spanish, Spanish is just naturally closer and more similar, which works better with those who only speak Portuguese.

    I’d really tell you the same thing about southern Europeans. Especially Italians, French, Spanish and maybe even Greeks and Portuguese too. You’d be lucky to get 1 in every 10 girls to hold a conversation in English.

    When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Practice Portuguese a bit if you plan on spending time there. There are ways to bang a chick just by non-verbal contact, but it’s not as intimate and can lead to a lot of miscommunication.

  • Tom

    The only places where English, or for that matter German, French or another language might carry you, is a very touristy area. Personally, I think it is a waste to go so far to be secluded from people who aren’t even Brazilians. Rio and Sao Paolo are great cities that have a lot to offer. If you’re going to go to a beach, just go to Florida, the Caribbean or even Cancun. That’s just about what most Americans do anyway. Only like 20% of us own passports.

    In regards to Canadians, they tend to be more inept to traveling and they have a more diverse group of foreigners in their own country. They are more lingually diverse.

    It’s a shame more Americans don’t travel to worthwhile places. Most I’ve met who do are working or are just going to the same areas that are on resorts.

  • Tom

    K – It doesn’t matter what their ancestry is. The only thing that might get a girl to jump at you quicker is if their poorer. You probably wouldn’t want that though.

    Race is really irrelevant though. Latin American women tend to have more flavor and spark then North American women.

    Unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money and show it, especially if you’re a guy in your early-20’s like me, you have to have game. If you don’t, you’ll get the same quality as here. Except less manipulative women. But more lingual barriers.

    The ironic thing about Brazil is though while it is the wealthiest South American and Latin American country, there tends to be the most violence and crime which is something to keep in mind. At the same time though, there is much of this in the US. Perhaps even more.

  • Anonymous

    You american guys are stupids! You should notice that here in your country the girls are much more HYPOCRITIES , that means, they dont wanna go to the beach with tinny bikinis BUT go to the club with almost no clothes and fuck with the first who appears after they get drunk( i say it coz i SAW!)…The problem is , ur culture is A LOT different from ours, we are not stuck up as those bitches here, we are not so pretend like they are, so we dont have any problem in being friendly and affectionate.
    You should go to Brasil and live there for a while in order to undertand why we are like that… and i had many problems with american guys coz i was so affectionate that they thought i was in love with them and i really wasnt, i just want talk as a friend… they coundt understand it!
    I like N America so much but the hypocrisy here is SO STRONG! I saw girls in the club dancing as a chicken, almost fucking with a guy and they say ” well, I dont kiss in the first date”
    f* u! I know so many girls that act like a bitch with their bf and few mothers that betray their husbands and fake as they were saints! This is ridiculous! There are easy girls in everywhere in the world, the difference in Brazil is that the percentage of pretty girls are much more than in another countries and u just notice more easy girls coz u cant believe, that pretty girl is flirting with u and easy with u, and she is no ugly how it supposed to be!

  • Anonymous

    Brazil is not only SP -Rio, there are much more places to go and to visit and in each state (27),ppl are different just like USA! do u think that ppl from washington dc are the same as ppl from Florida or California? It’s the same in Brazil, girls are different, and if u go to a “guetto” zone, u will find a lot of easy girls just like elsewhere!

  • Ludmila

    Hy, My name is Ludmila, I’m from Brazil.
    I just have one question for you, who the hell you think you are? how can you make such desgustings commentaries about a country that you’ve been only for what, a week?, that you don’t know NOTHING about it, neither about the country or its citizens. How can you show no respect at all about the others? you were saying about american girls? I can talk about them as well, BUT I JUST DONT, I’ve lived there, I had a job and a home there, but ITS NOT MY CULTURE, ITS NOT MY COUNTRY. that’s what you gotta think about before pretending you are the Mr. goodfucker and pointing out extremelly desgunting comentaries.

  • Tom

    Unfortunately, some of what he’s saying is true about American women. They are extremely manipulative and rely on the most vague barren undescribed ways of telling you how they feel. Go on any American dating site you want right now (ex. Plenty of Fish, which is free). You’ll see 75% of girls saying ”I don’t play games” or ”I’m doing playing games”, ”no scumbags”, ”I don’t want a guy to hurt me.” You’ll see a 19 year old girl talking as if she’s ready to get married and start a family. Unfortunately, we have plenty of young girls with kids in America, especially in ghettos and poor rural areas, but even most of them will admit that’s not how they planned it.

    1) What exactly is ”playing games?” What game is this exactly? And why did they play it to begin with?

    2) Who’d call or think of themselves a scumbag? Seriously?

    3) Even if they planned on ”hurting you”, which probably wouldn’t be intentional and may be mutual, would they ever admit it?

    Yes, our country is full of hypocritical women plagued by feminism and political correctness. A lot of them dress like men, get obese from really young ages and are very materialistic.

    Some of the upper class Brazilian women are a little materialistic too. Yet these women haven’t given up their femininity. Is it suprise that other Anglo countries like the UK and New Zealand have only slightly less obesity rates then us? The only reason why Mexico does is because of NAFTA.

    Women from Latin language speaking cultures tend to take better care of themselves and are more proud of their role as women. They aren’t like American women who’ll get mad if you don’t say ”police women” instead of ”policeman.”

  • Anonymous

    The Brazillian girls flooding the Guyanese market you can pick them up a dime a dozen. There very cheap, looks clean and stuff like that. flash a $5USD and have them for the whole night, so easy.

  • Tom

    I highly doubt that.

  • Anonymous

    Brazil and USA are very similar. Low level education, consumerism, people manipulated by mass media. USA is not selling its girls so openly yet.

  • Tom

    No, they are. We have all the movies that promote it. We have plenty of easy girls. Just American girls have this weird double standard coat they are wearing. They are as easy as the next girl but pretend to be the girl who rhetorically constantly says ”I don’t play games. I don’t kiss on the first date.” It’s really a shame. You can’t blame American guys to be sick with their own girls. It’d bad enough like 75% of them are overweight in some way. They are just downing their own stock.

  • Soldier

    This article is a bunch of crap. Whatever you think in your mind is true it will be. If you all you desire is sex all women will become potential sex objects, and sooner or later you will get what you want, except happiness.

  • Eder

    It`s true!! Brazillian girls are so easy to fuck…
    Gay loves man and women loves dick.

  • Brman

    I am a Brazilian guy and I live in the US. American girls are really easy in you are international here, they always say, I am tired of blondish look guys grown up in America, so yes, I am really exotic in this country and I get laid like no native American do.

  • Tom

    You’re probably right. It’s easy to be interested in something that isn’t the norm. In comparison to Brazilian chicks though, who’d want to do an American women? lol American girls are way too manipulative. And quite frankly, not very feminine. Not compared to Latin women.

  • Brman

    Yes, every body likes some diversity, me as Brazilian would rather be with an American girl because it is just different and it is lots of fun dating some one from another country. If I were a Brazilian girl I would go for gringos because it is exotic and different.

  • Tom

    Gringo is slang for foreigner. So while you’re in our country, you’re the ”gringo” 😉 According to racially obsessed Americans and all the Latin American expats they manipulate while living on our soil, ”white” even if a lot of Latinos and Brazilians happen to be white too. But yeah, I can see why someone would want something different. I hear European men (especially Italians and French) love the black ladies. They are seen as exotic there since there aren’t many there.

  • sean

    well it its great to read all the different views

    im an irish guy in a relationship with my brazilian girlfriend…

    i do think people have a bad view of brazilian girls

    you cant paint them all with the one brush,

  • http://sean sean

    To all brazilian people in here…… Americans think that there country is better than everywhere else …. it is good but just different ,not better.. if they say they are open minded why are there comment so small minded about brazil…. eu amo minha namorada

  • sirmarjalot

    I visited Rio for the first time in June 2010. I loved the city and not really looking for a girlfriend but wanted the company of girls.

    Ok its low season but not many available. The best places to meet garota’s was the balcony bar on Copacabana else take a visit to the Termas, bit expensive though.

    sirmarjalot’s last blog post: Dating or Mongering.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    That’s stuupid. Easy girls live EVERYWHERE REGARDLESS! In Asia where do the vietnamese hookers come from?Japan? Yeah it’s a role model country doesn’t mean it’s perfect!
    In europe you have got the netherlands. There are fucking whores everywhere. I would know cause I have been to those places. you have germany! hookers are all over. and dont get me started on greece.
    And who the fuck cares where your from? every one has a preference! i prefer exotic as wellbut don’t go to a country to bang chicks (in this case im a female so i wouldnt go to bang guys) yeah they are hot and all..
    you have africa! (not to diss my continent; I’m from Cote d’Voire) But I think american men are picky people. persanlly cause onne: you’re gonna get a girl to bang why does she have to be specific?
    2: wtf? its stupid! exotic and foriegn men take us as who we are especally africans!

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    And it’s a stereotype. I’m half french and they say us french chicks are feminine and we dontlike to get dirty. you know nothing about us. not all swedish chicks have blonde hair. and niether do all germans. just the majority. french chicks aren’t hairy and neither are chinese chicks. we are all the same. beauty and ugliness is in every race. now if you just wanna get laid then YOURE the easy one. half of them could be golddigeers including the ones from the favelas

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    and yes….foriegn guys find me very attractive (so do american guys; but they think since im so attractive im easy) lay the fuck off. not every hot girl is a slut. foriegn guys actually undestand where im comng from cause they have been stereotyped too.

  • Tom

    Who ever started a stereotype about French girls not liking to get dirty? lol I’ve gotten the vibe that there is a stereotype that they are the girls who know how to get dirty in all the right ways. The hairy thing is a bit over done. That is a thing that’ll vary from girl to girl in terms of what they prefer on their body. The difference is Frenchmen (Italians, Greeks, other southern Europeans) seem to not care as much. They don’t mind downstairs being more hairy… But I think most men out there don’t like noticeably hairy forearms. That isn’t something I’ve seen on most French women or women period.

    Vous sont mixtes ivoiriens et français? Que les sons sexy! lol

  • http://google raika

    OOOWWW gosh you americans talk tons of bullshitt god i cant believe it!!! brazilian girls easy!!

    such a fucking cliche what close mind!!! maybe u fucked with a girl that u had to pay after but u r ashamed to say it !!
    I dont like american they think only about money , status, cars and brands thats the razon we brazilians dont like you , cuz i guess only the mother fuckers came here to make sexual vacation… fuck off with your bullshit !!
    Thats why i love the german and i’m with my german boyfriend for 8 years by now! the europeans are much more cute taller and open minded!! fuck off u american idiot!!!

  • http://google raika

    the Us goverment gave us money ?? nobody gave us nothing theres behind the interests.. USA doesnt give anything .. they take it! they stole and make it legal .. you fck asshole !

  • Jeff

    @raika yes you are right Germans are so much better than Americans.
    Very Open minded too “Bulgarian Kids Sold to German Pedophiles – …”
    Look I am glad you found love in Germany but you are just as bad as what you are complaining about when you lump all Americans as this or that. Seriously, you don’t think German guys talk about what girls are easy or not? You are naive.
    German women travel to specific locations to enjoy a holiday and find a “temporary boyfriend” who will provide escort services as not only a dining companion, tourist guide, dancing companion/instructor and often procurer of softer illicit drugs like marijuana and ecstasy, but also to provide sex services. German women frequent Sosua in the Dominican Republic, Greece, and Morocco.

    Italian Pedophiles In Brazil

  • Tom

    Raika – I’d rather read what you’d have to say in Portuguese rather than see you write a texting type of butchering of my language. You don’t like us Americans? Why? You’re generalizing us. I’ll give you that Americans don’t travel enough and even when they do it’s more about weather/environment/partying than it is about learning cultures. We can improve there. Especially with learning languages and showing more etiquette. Maybe some people are overly materialistic too. But these are now characteristics unique to Americans.

    Seriously though, if you think American guys are searching for sexy easy girls, then German guys are in another category. They are steps ahead of us. Think about it. They don’t have the right wing weirdo puritan Christians that don’t want their kids to be taught sex ed like so much of the US. They learn and speak more languages making them more versatile. They got a lot less obesity there too so I’m sure it’s easier for the men to get the sexy ladies. Europeans are known for being more sexy anyway 😉 You got us there. But I’d still stay you Brazilian and South American ladies seem to have the most flavor out of everyone.

  • Tom

    Who cares if prostitution is legal in Germany, the Netherlands and a lot of other European countries? It’s going to happen either way. You may as well tax it and regulate that the women get medical check ups.

    They are so much comfortable with their sexuality that the women have made themselves less vulnerable to the manipulation of males. We all know women want sex just as much as men. And they’ll damn well find it. And it isn’t uncommon for the older women with a little more money to travel to warm countries to have a good time with good looking guy’s in their 20s in exchance of gifts.

    Sex is only sex. A d*ck going into a vagina. Or a butt or mouth if that is your thing. Why does everyone have to give it such special meanings? All it is sexual gratification.

    It doesn’t make a women easy if she is doing a guy she likes and finds attractive. It’s being easy when they are doing guys they don’t think look good and don’t like much. The favela girls probably use it for a nice meal and gift.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Raika I am 100% wiith you! They spend it on whatever (not that american guys are bad..)
    And yes euros are more handsome! I have a european boyfriend 😀
    Thwe germans are much much better when it comes to women. They are very, very homely…Now if you are french it depends on where you are from. If you are from Paris you’re worse than an american man, but sothern france you’re equivalent to a german man. very easy flowing and lovable

    @ Tom: That is true,…never thought of it that way actually..Then you’re just a whore.I mean favela I would understand but if you’re an escort…ehm there is something wrong with you.

  • Anonymous

    I am brazilian. I accidentally went to your blog. It is very sad to read your comments about woman. I can imagine how many and deep issues you have in relationship with woman. You must be an unhappy man and have no respect for others. There are so many important and beautiful things to talk about you, and the one you choose is about using and abusing woman.

  • Lara

    I am Brazilian, not from Rio or anywhere close, I am from northeast, and I must say I got very sad after reading this post and some of the comments here in thi blog.
    I lived in the US for 2 years and I had a great time living with my American family. I have to say I met very nice Americans and not all of them are as cold as I thought they would be. And I was shocked when I saw the way people ( especially girls) behave at the night clubs, the way they dance – almost doing the deed with the guys right there in the middle of the dance floor – the way they dress and get drunk.
    Okay, some cities in my country are more likely to find “easy” girls. Rio and São Paulo are the capitals with greater amount of people from other countries actually living there, not only visiting, and for that reason, they are more exposed to lots of different cultures and behaviors. Brazilians are more welcoming and open in general, and when they are so used to different people and ways to behave, they kinda tend to adapt to it too. Brazilians in general are conservative, and girls here are not well taken if they sleep around or make out with tons of guys easily.
    If you go to northeast, we are a LOT conservative, religious and girls keep our virginity longer, drink less, rarely you would find one that smokes…It is about the way you are raised. But if you also take southeast places like other cities in Rio state and São Paulo state, you’d feel the difference. They are conservative, religious…
    In Rio, you have this whole myth about Carnival and the small piece of clothes, and that builds the sex tourism: guys who go seeking sex, will find it, of course. And that will be easy, since girls that want money ( whether real hookers or just materialistic girls that don’t do it for living indeed) are out there searching for easy guys like the gringos that are there for that purpose. It is just a perfect match: the ones that look for sex and the ones that give it for a price.
    We are attracted to light eyes and fair hair. That is true. lol We like what is different from what we see more often, but even that is not a general rule. Let alone saying that Brazilian girls are easy.
    We do like to be appreciated, to hear nice things, to get compliments, and men can easily get our hearts if they treat us right, but if you are there just for sex, and you list the ways to find it in Rio (generalizing it as “Brazilian girls) you may find it easily because you go to the clubs and places YOU KNOW YOU WILL FIND THE KIND OF WOMEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.
    Of course you would not look for a girl at church, or volunteering at a daycare, or at college…You go to the favelas where the girls do it for living, or to the clubs with some drunk girls, and some that don’t even understand what you say…
    Just pay more attention to what you say and how you put words to describe people. It doesn’t matter where they are from, they deserve respect.

    Of course you may find some easy catches everywhere in the world, but be sure, the girls you find ” easy” and that you can take to bed the minute you meet, are not golddiggers or not really dating-material. Be it in Brazil, the US or anywhere on earth.
    Yes, in Brazil we are very huggy and kissy, we are passionate, affectionate, and we show it. We don’t miss the chance to show love and appreciation to the people we care about. And I know American guys mistake it from being easy or being into them more than just like friends, but that is because you are not used to American girls being that way.
    And having sex with someone in my country is something really serious. If you find a girl that goes to bed with you or even gets into your car the same night she met you, then, yes, you may have gotten a golddigger, a drunk, or whore-kinda girl, but you can’t point in the streets and say the other ones would do the same.
    Don’t generalize, please.

    Girls that are educated, that are honest and moral, would never fit into your description, that is, your theory will never work with most of the girls in the country, including Rio too.

  • Lara

    Of course you may find some easy catches everywhere in the world, but be sure, the girls you find ” easy” and that you can take to bed the minute you meet, ARE golddiggers or not really dating-material.*

  • Tom

    Religious? Catholicism and religiousness never seem to go together lol Only in title. Just look at all of the US cities that have the highest Catholic populations. NY. Boston. Miami. LA. The two majority Catholic areas in the south (New Orleans and southern Texas) aren’t even considered apart of our bible belt. Now look at traditionally Catholic countries in Europe. France? Italy? Spain? All countries with high Atheist / Agnostic populations today. Only 20% of people in Italy regularly go to church. You can be ”conservative” without being religious. Most people in Europe rarely associate the two anymore. Quite frankly, I’d be turned away at the thought of a girl is religious. Especially if it’s because her family or society influenced her to be. It means she’s brainwashed and can’t think for her damn self. By the way, if Brazilian women are smoking less, it’s because they are smarter and care about their health. Plus, it’s a waste of money.

    Still though, the overwhelming majority of Brazilians in cities like Sao Paolo and Rio are native born Brazilians. Sao Paolo has a little more. I’m not sure how though because most people around the world can’t speak Portuguese. I get mixed reactions on whether Brazilians are religious. In truth, it’s too hard to generalize 190 million people. And even their mostly rural / non-urban states still have too many people to generalize.

    You’re right though. Those guys aren’t looking for quality girls. Just quality looks. They don’t want to know her or see again. Women do deserve more respect. But who is to say those women don’t equally like getting plowed? Not all of them are paid hookers. Why is it that people (especially the conservative crowd) think sex is more enjoyable for men? Do you know that there are lots of upper-middle class older European women who give gifts to men in warmer countries in their 20s to have show them a good time? Why can’t sex be a mutually enjoyable thing? I’d give you thought that doing someone so soon is a health risk. But there is nothing wrong with having a casual friend you trust.

    Now I’m going to be brutally honest…

    American women actually are very easy. Easy to do. Harder to hold a relationship with. Brazilian women seem easier to get along with. Now the reason I say that is because I find Brazilian culture to be more patriarchal. Men seem to have more control in major decisions. There are things that Brazilian husbands can say that American men can’t get away with here… They’d get smacked lol Women tend to be more on equal grounding with men in Anglo countries. Some of that is due to women making closer salaries to men. Some of that is our culture isn’t as much a Romantic passionate one like yours. Most American men hate the idea of even trying that with their lovers. It’s like a job to them. The only people who try it are old people. Now our couples love each other as much as yours do. But yours seem to be more publically affectionate.

    Now to get even more honest…

    Looking for sex in America isn’t easy. The hard part is getting a girl who the guy desires. The good looking women in the US are the hard ones to get…

    To be honest, ”good looks” are subjective. Whether you’re talking about Swedish, Brazilian, Nigerian or American women, beauty is subjective. There seems to be certain things that universally prevent guys from thinking a girl is ”hot” though. The biggest being weight.

    Look around in America. Most people are somewhat overweight. We think it’s normal to be 30 pounds overweight. 1/3 of the population is 45+ pounds overweight. Another 1/3 is still somewhat overweight. Now you’d think ”Maybe those hot girls just want hot guys?” Usually… But they’ll settle easier for less then good looking guys will. The guys will just stay single. The other guys at the club are simply trying for what is out of their league. There are ways of still getting around it. But they look for alternative less challenging ways.

    Being seen as exotic or what isn’t the norm in Brazil or elsewhere may make them think it’ll be easier to hook up.

    In reality though, in Brazil and most other countries for that matter, obesity is less. Our food here in the US is poisoned with hormones that most other countries prohibit or limit.

    There are a lot of girls in the US you’d say ”They are cute/pretty and have potential to be hot”… They might even have the chest and booty too. But the guys don’t want to deal with the gut. In other countries, those same pretty/cute girls are more likely to be slim. And comparing the slim girls, Brazilian ladies do tend to have better bodies then most Americans lol

  • Dave

    Tom, HOW DARE YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU!! HOW DARE you call the women from my country FAT! Americans are skinny and nothing like you say they are. You just say that because you want sex with pretty girls. I expect all women on this board to come to the defense of these sorry helpless American women you called ‘fat’ just like they defended Brazilian women from Roosh’s description of them compared to American women. Come on women -Brazilian and American, let’s hear it, defend fat, er I mean the skinny American women.

  • Lara

    Not everybody has religion as something imposed here, Tom. And when I say religion, I don’t specifically say catholicism, bcz here there are religions you have never even heard about in your life. Everything must be respected, though.
    I am catholic, and I go to church, but not bcz I am expected to, I go because I like it, I believe in it…I do find a lot of contradictions and things I don’t agree with, but I take the things I believe and value to follow and I am happy with that. I am not brainwashed. And I am not judmental toward anybody, because more than saying prayers and going to buildings called churches or temples, being religious is believing in something Higher and good, and respect and appreciate that. Be it catholicism, jewish…Even if you believe in Mother Nature and not God, it is still very valuable and worth respect. Nobody can disregard what other people believe. 😉

    Anyway, the thing is:

    As you said, we can’t generalize 190 million people. That is why American guys ( not all of them!!) can’t think of Brazilian girls the way the owner of this blog portraits.
    I metioned the religious and smoking habits just as examples. People think because of carnival and our bikinis that we are easy or promiscuous or whatever, but we are not.
    And I don’t say sex is something that involves pleasure just for the guy, I meant guys can’t just go to Brazil or any country stereotyping girls and treating them as toys because not all of them are easy as the guy wrote here.
    Of course some girls will have one night stands for fun and not money or other reasons, but when it comes to “gringos”, they tend to think they are awesome and the girls jump on their bones because of their looks and such, but most of the girls consider the foreign guys as a trophy to show off to their friends later, or they want money,or they are drunk. I am not saying they don’t have fun, I am saying not all the girls would be that easy at all to take to bed.

    And I don’t think American girls are that fat! I saw some fat people in the two years I lived there, but I saw most girls in DC were fit. I traveled around the country too, but I can’t mention the girls from the other states to set examples because short trips don’t make me qualified enough to really comment on that. But I do think people there are getting more concerned about their body and being fit.
    I just think they are more concerned about feeling wanted and about material things, that they forget the beauty of being a girl, of being delicate, and sincerely give in to their feelings. I won’t say Brazilian girls don’t play games, we do, but it is just a natural flirty game to begin the relationship or interact with the guys, but when we like, we’ll just say it. Either liking as friends or something more, we’ll show how much we care about the person without even thinking that much before.

    I left the US two months ago. My American boyfriend is there, but he is coming to visit me next month and stay 3 months here with me. He can say I am everything but easy, and I was even very harsh on him at the beginning simply because I had my guard on with AMerican boys after realizing how mistaken most of them are when they think about us Brazilian girls.
    You know how he bent me? By being a gentleman, very sweet, and respecting me a lot.

    You are right when you said our culture is very patriarchal. But it has been changing over the years, and women are taking the lead in every aspect more often. Girls are not getting less when they know they can achieve more and more, and they are not accepting being humiliated or mistreated by any guys. The patriarchal influences were very strong in the past, now things are so different, especially when the family members are educated. There are more women with a major than men in Brazil.Girls study more, they are getting more qualified and they are getting better jobs than guys. They can speak other languages and travel more than guys do. Things are changing. That is why religion is not imposed anymore, they are not left to be houseviwes or just built a career as being moms…
    Guys here still would love to keep things the way they were, but now it is too late. lol

    If you just want to hook up, you can do it in every single country you go, paying it or not, but if you want something serious with a girl, you can’t treat her as garbage.
    We are very sexual and sensual, I know that, but it can’t be mistaken for being slutty.
    I am not blind and I know you can find some easy girls here, but not the way the guy wrote, let alone applying it to ALL the girls in the country.
    Girls want to feel loved and respected. Please, don’t take us as something plastic and worthless. :(

  • Tom

    Dave – First of all, I am American. Secondly, I’m still trying to decipher whether or not you’re being sarcastic or stupid. You should really watch last night’s episode of the Cleveland Show. It’s on Hulu. You should see how they show Wisconsin lol Seth MacFarlane (the writer) is an American. There was a clip at the end of the episode where the screen goes black and there was a message that said ”Come on America. Stop being so fat.” lol (Fat and Wet)

    Because I want sex with pretty girls? And what straight single guy wouldn’t? A Mormon? A Jehovah’s Witness? lol Even they might. Helpless American women? How about this? Petition to your government to make it illegal to put hormones in our food. I’d even pay extra taxes if each county in the US had a subsidized gym facility with trainers and good equipment. They aren’t helpless in the context you use. They are helpless and becoming hopeless because they gain more weight. It’s amazing. The majority of women here are overweight before even having a kid. Yet French and Brazilian women barely even gain weight after having one.

  • Dave

    @Tom about fat Americans
    @women complaining about Roosh,

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic and stupid about my rant against you calling Americans ‘fat’. I was just trying to show how stupid it is for anyone to rail against Roosh or anyone else giving a realistic account of their real experience in Brazil or any other country vs American women. If Roosh found it easier to get laid then that is the reality for him.
    I suppose the women complaining will also complain against this quote by Marlene Dietrich
    “In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.”
    So. Let’s hear it ladies, tell Marlene what a pig she is for saying women are easier in other countries than in America. Or said in another way, sex in America sucks. Go ahead, get yourselves in a tizzy.

  • Tom

    ”Not everybody has religion as something imposed here, Tom. And when I say religion, I don’t specifically say catholicism, bcz here there are religions you have never even heard about in your life”

    Yes, I know Brazil has other religions and denominations. It’s a culturally, ethnically, racially and religiously diverse country. Perhaps more then the US. I’m surprised to actually know Brazil is 6.5% Mormon which is 3X the amount of us and Americans created Mormonism. But my statement was geared toward the majority of the country. 74% of Brazil is Catholic.

    ”I am catholic, and I go to church, but not bcz I am expected to,”

    As I am American, I also happen to be of a Catholic background too. I don’t consider myself personally to be a Catholic though. I suppose I’m a mix of Atheistic and Agnostic elements.

    ”I go because I like it, I believe in it…”

    Even if I were religious or liked it, I wouldn’t go to a church that has let pedophilia among their priests go for so long. It’s bad enough that happens. But they even employ some of these priests again (although not usually as priests but other roles) after serving their sentences. Nothing like picking a leader who was apart of Hitler youth and does what ever he can to piss of Muslims and Atheists with his remarks too.

    ”I do find a lot of contradictions and things I don’t agree with, but I take the things I believe and value to follow and I am happy with that. I am not brainwashed.”

    That is because you were taught it was right. Your society is majority Catholic and you feel many of the practices as comforting. Now I’ll admit that the western hemisphere as a whole doesn’t seem to have as many Atheists as Europe and other parts of the western world. The only exception possibly being Canada (which doesn’t surprise me why they have the most tolerance and give the most rights to homosexuals on this hemisphere).

    ”That is why American guys ( not all of them!!) can’t think of Brazilian girls the way the owner of this blog portraits.”

    Honestly, generalizations and stereotypes may not always be ethical or completely correct. But it usually has some truth. For example, it’s not just Americans who think Brazilians and South Americans altogether are maybe the sexiest region of people on earth. It’s not just looks. It’s style and flavor too. Is it a fair generalization if a lot of the rest of the world thinks so? Maybe. Is stereotyping Americans to obesity fair? Maybe. Is it fair to say almost all Muslims deny evolution and hate or dislike homosexuals? Maybe. Is it fair to say almost all Jews acknowledge evolution? Probably. And what about most Americans not being much of international travelers (excluding military)? Yes. I’m an American who travels a lot. When you’re a country of 310 million people you still might be visiting another country (ex. Japan) as much or more then the UK (~60-65 million). But it doesn’t mean most of us travel. Most of us don’t even own passports.

    Of course each person (regardless of where they are from) is an individual and should be treated as such and be given a chance to express their personal views. But people will use their prior knowledge to facilitate new experiences to fit their overall interpretation.

    ”I metioned the religious and smoking habits just as examples. People think because of carnival and our bikinis that we are easy or promiscuous or whatever, but we are not.”

    Easy to you may not be easy to us though. For instance, you mentioned it’s easier to get a Brazilian women to fall for you because they are a loving people who give you their trust. Americans really aren’t like that. Not necessarily about falling in love. But just relationships altogether. A lot of people here see communication with strangers as a hassle. Many people (especially people in small towns) are set on who they know and don’t want other friends. It’s not a matter of us being rude. But we’re just not that open. Brazilians or Latin Europeans / Latin Americans might call that being cold. Yet we’d take ”cold” as being insulting. That’d make us sound like we’re heartless and mean. We’re not though. We just aren’t as expressive.

    Maybe people do interpret Brazilians openness as easiness. Honestly though, most Americans have never been to Brazil and probably never will. So all they’ll know about you is the media and the experiences of a few friends. Most of whom probably were guys in their early-20s looking to party and get laid. I encourage everyone to observe how Rio di Janeiro is portrayed by our media when the Olympics is there too. That’ll only press the incorrect stereotype of all Brazilians among us even more.

    It’d be hard for Americans to deny or change their views of Brazilian women when they see samba girls dressed like they are almost naked. Or some of your game shows on TV. Just type the word ”Brazilian bubble butt” in on Youtube and look how many videos you come up with.

    ”And I don’t say sex is something that involves pleasure just for the guy, I meant guys can’t just go to Brazil or any country stereotyping girls and treating them as toys because not all of them are easy as the guy wrote here.”

    Maybe that’s just guys nature though. They are believing what they want. Not what it true. There is probably an American college student who’s thinking ”Everyone in Amsterdam must smoke weed since it’s legal in shops.” Yet once you get there you realize most people don’t. Yet those students would spend 1/2 their trip smoking weed so they’d think everyone must be doing the same as them. By the way, American guys aren’t the only one’s looking to go down there and have fun. South America isn’t that geographically close to the US. There are a lot of people from Italy, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Japan and other countries too.

    ”Of course some girls will have one night stands for fun and not money or other reasons, but when it comes to “gringos”, they tend to think they are awesome and the girls jump on their bones because of their looks and such, but most of the girls consider the foreign guys as a trophy to show off to their friends later, or they want money,or they are drunk.”

    I don’t think it is money most of the time. We (as I’m sure most people) associate money who take money a good chance for STD/AIDS. If you’re going to pay for it, you may as well stay here. It’s popular in Las Vegas. I don’t know why they think of ”gringos” as great. What does ”gringo” even mean anyway? Does that exclusively mean American or American / Canada? Or just white American / Canadian? Or just white foreigner? Or foreign period? Or white in general? Because there are a lot of white Brazilian guys in your country. Even with light hair and eyes.

    This word seems to be manipulated and changed in various places. Most people in Mexico seem to mean it as Americans in general (not just whites). But then when they get to the US they usually aim it toward whites (which you’d think is inappropriate to call someone a foreigner while you’re a foreigner, but I guess they manipulated the definition to ”white”). I don’t know how the word is used in Brazilian Portuguese though.

    ”I am not saying they don’t have fun, I am saying not all the girls would be that easy at all to take to bed.”

    Good then. They shouldn’t be. But it’s not the end of the world if they find a good looking guy who they have a mutual thing for.

    ”And I don’t think American girls are that fat! I saw some fat people in the two years I lived there”

    I’m surprised you only left 2 months ago then haha If it was before the mid-to-early 1990s, then that’s why you think that. Watch media clips of people from the 1970s or 1980s. It’s a lot different compare to now. It’s not just American girls. But American guys too. Technically speaking, 33% of men and 35% of women are obese (40-45 pounds above the boss mass index). This number is rising by the year. Although I’m sure obesity is an issue in your country too, I’d be surprised if the stats were 1/2 of that. It’s not just our cuisine too. Italian food can be as fattening as southern cuisine. Yet Italy is only 19% obese. Even light exercising like jogging or riding a bike can make a big difference. They drink wine which actually helps. We drink soda and beer which is horrible for your health.

    ”but I saw most girls in DC were fit”

    I actually saw an article on either Yahoo or AOL recently that said DC is the most fit city/metro area in the country. As a state, Colorado is. It’s only about 15-20% obese and Boulder is only 8%. The reason why this is so is because many people work out there. It really helps if you’re into skiing. Plus, Colorado has the toughest laws against some fast food chains in their state. My cousin who lives in the Northwestern part of the state said the closest Burger King is 2-3 hours away.

    ”But I do think people there are getting more concerned about their body and being fit.”

    I wish. People are doing everything to destroy their health care. Yeah, smoking is a little less common (probably because of expense). But people are now drinking these little shots of energy drinks (ex. redbull, Noz) that have way too much sugar in it. So much of our food is processed. 75% of foods have been genetically modified. Most people don’t want organic food because they think it either doesn’t taste good or it’s not worth paying a little extra.

    ”I won’t say Brazilian girls don’t play games, we do, but it is just a natural flirty game to begin the relationship or interact with the guys, but when we like, we’ll just say it.”

    Yes, they are more cut to the chase. We wish women here were like that. In the US, the guy has to do all the work and guess what the girl is thinking. This gets very frustrating if they are typically indecisive.

    ”Guys here still would love to keep things the way they were, but now it is too late. lol”

    Sucks for them lol Most American men would get pissed because then they’d have to pull the weight and live on a tight budget haha

  • Lara

    I am having fun discussing here because even though we don’t agree in so many points, nobody is being disrespected because is showing their point of view.

    I don’t mean to get in any argument with anyone here, I am just concerned how the girls in my country are seen because I am not like that AT ALL and I would be very sad if an American – or a guy from any other country – treated my like trash without even knowing me, just based on trip experiences he heard about and stereotypes because of the tiny clothes people wear on traditional parties here.

    I really though DC people were fit. I know in the US the obesety is high and everything, but I do think people are getting more aware of the health risks of abusing food. Also, what I could see, was that you guys have too much sodium in the food. And you eat too much stuff from cans. And you are right, American drink soda like crazy!

    When I was there I did put on some weight on the first 6 months, but I needed it, I am very thin. But then I adjusted my eating habits to normal ( after getting sick of fast food and soda!!ahah) and I lost the 2 pounds I had gained and – to my friends and family surprise – I came back home with 2 pounds less than when I went to the US in 2008. But that is also because of my genes. Nobody in my family is fat.

  • Tom

    I’m glad we agree on many points too. I’d also like to commend you on your extremely good English. You sound like you learned well in 2 years :)

    Actually, the way how you described not wanting to be treated like trash is how American women stereotype all American men. Or they call them ”pigs.” Until of course they fall in love with him. But then he reverts to being one or all of a scumbag, douchebag or dirtbag in their minds once they have a sour break up. American women tend to be very thin skinned.

    Also, the local residents in the actual city of DC are generally as or more obese as Americans. University students and commuters may slant the perception. Although DC has gentrified in recent years, the majority of the city is African-American and obesity is high. Obesity and poverty correlate in the US. West Virginia has the highest rate of poverty as a state (49-50%) and is also the poorest. Black Americans average about 3/4 of whites and the national average income (~$36,00) and have obesity rates of close to 45%. The DC suburbs (in MD and VA) tend to hold more of the population of the entire metropolitan area. DC is usually included with Baltimore for those purposes.

    People are becoming more aware of health and obesity risks here. Yet most don’t do anything. It’s like saying how easy learning a foreign language can be with the internet today and Live Mocha. Many people say ”I’d like to try that…” And perhaps they genuinely do. But most don’t make a real attempt.

    Americans are unfortunately the type that needs to be hand fed to do something. Or to even know a big problem is occurring. And that’s not just international news. Does anyone know that the living conditions on most of our American Indian reservations are horrible? Some of their life expectancies are 50 years old and average incomes of less than $10,000 per year.

    People are more concerned about watching weirdos show their abs on the Jersey Shore, listening to Kim Kardashian’s annoying voice and watching LeBron James make a decision on an episode called ”The Decision” then worrying about cholera in Haiti, AIDS in our country and around and the Pakistani floods leaving millions stranded and homeless.

    This is a true stereotype most of Americans should be embarrassed about. I had a kid in my community college who never heard of the Holocaust, a person that mixed up the words Austria and Australia, someone who never heard of Denmark and I’ve at least known a dozen people that didn’t know Israel became a country in the 20th Century or that French was spoken natively in Quebec and I lived with 6 hours of there at the time. People only care about a political issue here when it’s trendy. It was in style to hate Bush (and I’m a liberal who hated him for his political decisions saying that). Then it was the in thing to love Obama. Some people even on facebook write under the politics tab ”Obama.” Now that they realize he’s as incompetent and couldn’t live up to the dreamy expectations of the media and his one word slogans like hope and change, all the anti-Bush folks became indifferent. And now we got the pro-gun, homophobic, war-mongering, evolution denying religious weirdo Tea Party Republicans and Sarah Palin potentially taking back the presidency.

    There are a lot of Americans who can’t or refuse to speak their own native English language properly. One time when I put on this BET program on the middle of the night on Sunday where mostly white pastors promise mostly black crowds if they pray or buy miracle bottled water that they’ll get checks from Jesus and have their cures for diseases. That’s bad enough, right? Then the white pastor said ”I is who I say I is.” It kind of sounds like that rapper Paul Wall who says ”What it do? What it is?” or Jay Z ”Ladies is pimps too.”
    Sadly enough, many Americans seem to think ”conservate” is a word too. Our education system in this country is pitiful and it’s no wonder everyone else out paces us.

    In other countries, people having a sharper razor for drawing a line between real life and shit. In the US, people use a plastic knife. And sadly, despite technology helping us in many ways, it is destroying the social interaction of Americans and turning kids into hermits who think dating via the computer is better and more reliable than in the ”real world.”

    So take any criticism you hear from Americans with a grain of salt.

  • Tom

    You can’t expect to stay healthy either when Coke and Pepsi are making your water. Disani doesn’t even taste like water. It taste like a dirty bottle. And Wendy’s has a standard of making 99.6% of their food clean admitting that the other 0.4% may and likely does have cow shit in it.

  • Lara

    Oh thanks! It is very sweet of you saying my English is good. I have studied English since I was 17. It has been 7 years already! Wow! I had never realized I have been studying the language for that long. lol I am majoring in Liberal Arts with emphasis in Portuguese and English.
    I am glad I could improve it in those two years I spent in the US. I have always been a bookworm, so it is less hard to write and avoid some mistakes, but it is hard to practice listening and speaking skills in my country, that was why I went to the US. I have problems with English prepositions though. I hate them. ( I know ‘hate’ is a strong word. But I had to vent. lol)

    I am not very fond of soda. I drink it only occasionally, but in the US I abused it on the first months and I could see the effects on my body. lol I don’t drink alcohol at all though, which prevented the damage from being worse.

    “Actually, the way how you described not wanting to be treated like trash is how American women stereotype all American men. Or they call them ”pigs.” Until of course they fall in love with him. But then he reverts to being one or all of a scumbag, douchebag or dirtbag in their minds once they have a sour break up. American women tend to be very thin skinned.”

    I am a very sensitive person. I don’t know if I’d be considered ‘thin skinned’ too. lol But I may say I could see very wild American guys there that drank a lot and just wanted to sleep around, but I also met such wonderful guys! My boyfriend is very sweet! He has been very kind and respectful from the very beginning. And I don’t know if it is because of the way I am or if the guys just looked wild but were not, I was never disrespected by any even at the clubs. I am very talkative and I smile easily, but at the same time, I am very shy and I preserve myself so much that I kinda let it show naturally. They acted tactfully. And I think in a way American guys can be more respectful than Brazilian guys when they want to. lol
    Also, it may be harsh of me to say it, but I would not expect to be very respected if I was going to the clubs wearing shirts as dresses like the girls there do! LOL In my country girls with very tiny skirts or dresses are not well seen depending on where they go dressed that way.
    I don’t really know how you guys see it. I will ask my boyfriend what he thinks.
    But I am curious because I don’t know how the guys really think about girls that show too much skin and dance rubbing their bodies on guys’ without knowing them. Here girls can dance very naughty ( if I may say so) but it is alone. I know we have very sexual and sensual way of dancing, but it is alone, not in pairs. I am not saying it is a better way or not, please don’t get me wrong, because I don’t mean to be judgmental, I am just curious to know what guys think and how they perceive things like that. lol
    Forget I am Brazilian, and think I am just a girl. LOL

    Back to the subject, I honestly think that some American girls play too much, and they care too much about what their friends are going to think and say, and about the car and job the guys have… It is sad. Because the feelings seem to be neglected. :( I won’t say I don’t listen to what my friends say, but what I feel is more important.

  • Tom

    Sensitivity and being thin skinned aren’t always related. For example, someone not wanting to discuss a subject for personal reasons (ex. discussing death soon after a family member or friend passed). I wouldn’t call that person thin skinned. Just not in the mental state for that conversation at that time. Thin skinned is more like a basketball referee giving you a technical for light complaining.

    Women in America simply expect men to be perfect. They take their negative experiences in the past and hold pre-judgements on new guys because of it. That is why many American’s guys patience has run out. You say your boyfriend is sweet which is great. But to the average American girl he’d have to prove how he’s not a scumbag before moving foward. And to many girls here, good manners isn’t enough. They want men to be perfect. It doesn’t work that way though.

    It’s one thing once you’re actually involved with someone though. In terms of actually approaching someone, Brazilians are easier to speak to and approach. If they aren’t interested, they are a lot less likely to be a b*tch about it. They don’t walk around thinking they are better than everyone. Or as we Americans say ”Thinking your sh*t doesn’t stink.” The only Brazilians who seemed to do this when I were there were ritzy (rich or close to it). Not even all of them were though. But I can see that from all rich/upper-class people everywhere.

    Another problem in the US is people tend to stay in cliches. Not all the time. But let’s say 80%+. If someone’s a rocker and has tattoos, they want someone who’s a rocker and has tattoos. If a girl is preppy, they want a guy who looks like a meterosexual. Most black chicks only go for black guys (although I’d admit that is changing). In Brazil, it doesn’t seem like that. Interracial dating is very popular. People overall seem more warm and welcoming to new conversations. Many Americans would too… but if you ask for a number out of your cliche, it can create awkwardness. I and many others don’t exactly have a neatly defined cliche. It’s good because we can look across the whole board. But many people don’t like that.

    ”And I think in a way American guys can be more respectful than Brazilian guys when they want to.”

    Yes, we can. The reason being women have had more rights here longer so we know they are on equal grounding lol At the same time though, women seem to have more power in the dating realm. What I think makes American guys different though is we don’t walk around trying to be macho. Not most anyway. If I ever see a guy who’s got that facade on I always say to myself ”What a dick!” But a lot of Brazilian and Latin ladies like that. But seeing something different is less appealing.

    ”Oh thanks! It is very sweet of you saying my English is good. I have studied English since I was 17. It has been 7 years already!”

    Yes. And now it’ll be your turn to teach an American boy Portuguese lol Good luck haha

    ”In my country girls with very tiny skirts or dresses are not well seen depending on where they go dressed that way. I don’t really know how you guys see it. I will ask my boyfriend what he thinks.”

    It depends. As silly as this sounds, our sexual etiquette may be different. I really don’t know why this is. But I’ll give you some examples.

    1) Girls can casually wear very short shorts showing most of their legs and most won’t look at them like it’s slutty. The only one’s who might are really old people.

    2) The stomach/belly button area is seen a lot more sexual. At this high school I went to, they told a girl in my class she was out of dress code because her shirt ended slightly above the bottom of her stomach (which was luckily a flat one lol). When she reached up to write a math problem on the chalkboard, you could see to a little above her belly button. She had a belly ring on. This other girl in the back of the room had short shorts on (about the same length as Jessica Simpson in the left side of that picture below). No one ever said anything to her.

    Most people wouldn’t say anything to something slightly showing the bottom of a stomach. Probably not even in school most of the time. But a girl practically be walking around in shorts that cuts off at the end of her ass cheek in the winter and be looked at to be dressing more tastefully than a girl with jeans on with a mid-driff shirt in July. I don’t know if it’s the same way in your country.

    Americans also seemed to lose their minds when they accidentally saw Janet Jackson’s nipple for like 3 seconds during the Super Bowl 6-7 years ago. Millions of dollars in advertisements were lost due to that. There is also a lot of debate about whether or not a women should be allowed to publicly breast feed. Women are also looked at as whores if they walk around with no bra on a beach.

    Personally, it really doesn’t matter to me. Surely, it’s nice to see some hot bodies :) But some people do go over the top. Halloween in the US is basically the day here where women can dress like complete sluts and no one will judge them for it either.

    ”Here girls can dance very naughty ( if I may say so) but it is alone.”

    Girls in America say many things that are the opposite of the truth. In fact, if someone is going around always saying ”I don’t play games” or ”I don’t like guys who want to use me”, it makes them sound as though it’s happened and they are insecure. Dancing etiquette really depends on the club. People can get very physical there. Some girls tend to not count rubbing/grinding as doing anything though. Yet if a guy lightly touched a co-worker’s forearm that’d probably be enough for a sexual harassment suit here. There are some very hypocritically confusing standards here.

    As far as materials go, most girls tend to have as much money as guys today. So they’ll own the same cars, technology and what ever else. You’ll see more couples buying each other things and girls driving with a guy is going out (silly traditional etiquette for males if you think about it lol). There are some girls who still want guys to buy them a lot of things. Those are usually just moochers.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Yes…but not all things are sexual…it depends on how your mind percieves it. If you think wrong way you are pervert.

    Yes they can be. This goes to ask: Wait…so how are brazilian GUYS like? I find them attractive but I have no idea what they are like…Do you know?

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Then they have that stereotype that pretty girls are sluts…..
    I hate that sooo much!

  • Tom

    So you’re admitting to us you’re a pretty girl? lol 😉 Yeah, I guess some guys think they’ll be easier. But I don’t think that’s the case. Americans stereotype pretty girls to be high nosed and have crappy personalities. That really isn’t the case though. Pretty or ugly… it’s an equal chance across the board. We Americans tend to think fat people are funny too but I guess not most Americans can be funny now lol

  • Tom

    I mean funny as in their sense of humor. Not as in looks.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Hahahah! Every people say I am….but I don’t mean to sound like bitch.I think I am..I never am bitchy.
    And some ugly people can be stuck up!
    Like some guy turn me down cause mean girls tell him I’m slut. It isn’t the case :((
    yeah…But fat people ARE FUNNY! So adorable too!

  • Ray

    Honestly, this has seriously been one of the best discussions Ive read in awhile! It actually makes sense as well.
    Im from Norway which makes me used to a culture where its “hard to accomplish a kiss with a girl, but the sex leads straight after”, to a encounter with a brazilian girl where “kisses are nothing, more an expression of affection, where the sex doesnt follow”
    Pretty diverse dynamics…At the moment I live in Australia, fantastic country with a huge diversity of cultures and people, and of course I managed to meet a brazilian girl, that obviouisly doesnt “like” me since we´ve just kissed. Man those cultural barriers.. But even though its frustrating, Ive decided that If ill ever get married, its going to be with a Brasilian. Because, their “warmth” is amazing…but at the same time deceiving since from what I read is just a part of their culture, as of being warm and open.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    I have norweigian friend. But you people are quiet….And normally you people aren’t so pig like. He is like that. But it IS diverse. You know how to pin point. Yes…That is true. Freindly kisses are nothing more than a thank you. They do it all the time in France. They kiss you on the cheeck. It’s not like sexual or anything.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    But why is it frustrating to you to marry brasilian? You should be happy with the person no matter what yes?

  • Tom

    You make the Norse sound like a bunch of horn dogs lol Can’t say that’s a bad thing though. What I’m wondering is how you found a Brazilian in Australia haha

  • Tom

    Norweigens, Swedes, Germans, Danes and a lot of northern Europeans will come off as quiet. You might even think they look a little serious. They are really friendly people though. Even to people they don’t know. Now I’m not a guy who’s that into blondes. But I’d make some exceptions for some of them Scandinavian hotties.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Is true….All are beautiful. But every semms to love the russians and THEN the italians THEN koreans Then kenyans…Or Brazilians then Kenyans then Koreans….

    They are very veyr homely….and friendly of course

    But this site makes them look bad…none of is true!

  • Ray

    Well, fuzzywuzzy, by kissing I mean actual kissing, not like a kiss on the cheek, do that “happen” all the time?
    A kiss when your using your tongue means more for me than just a kiss on the cheek.

    But yeah, the majority of norwegians are pretty “quiet” and most of us are really humble and try to avoid “confrontations” at all cost, it´s a pity because sometimes we´re afraid to standup for ourselves because we dont want to stand out.

    And Tom, there´s actually quite a few brazilians here in Australia, but I would guess that the majority is to find in Sydney.

    And about norwegian girls, I feel that most of them lack the “affectionate” emotion, but now Im just making up generalizations of what I´ve experienced so far :) As a point of this discussion IT DOESNT MEAN THAT EVERYONE DOES :)

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Aaaawww…But why are you afraid of yourself? I am sad when people are, they should be confident! But avoid confrontation…sometimes it’s good. Norwegians are so so friendly! I hate to see them hurt!

    Yes…a kiss on the cheeck is a peck. Kissing is any moth contact though but it depends where..

    I like humble people. But sometimes they are too too caring.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    I like this discussion.

  • WhoreHunter

    Nice article, can’t wait to head to brazil and test it out. Gonna try to score with so many whores.

  • jon

    interested in finding a good wingman to pick up girls with, check out this site

  • Dre

    First of all being brazilian but born in america i can offer a few of my viewpoints. Slutty women come in all shapes size race location saying brazilian woman are easy just makes you look very ignorant and uneducated. There are a few things i saw on here that are true but most this all was bullshit. One thing i can deff agree on is the amount of power the man in the relationship holds in brazil compared to the u.s. This has alot more to do with cultrue and how the men And woman are raised to there parts. And the whole weight thing is very true alot of americans are over weight. Not to say there ugly or unatractive because to some they are perfect to what the define good looking. You cant get mad at someones preference for smaller skinner girls if thats how they like there woman. And alot of the american population is raised to see small and skinny is perfection. If anything it is instilled in them. ( not there fault ).

  • G

    I’m a dating coach from L.A. and it goes like this: The majority of women here in L.A. want a man that is bigger in stature, muscles, tatts, and good-looking. They don’t care that much about personality…mainly just looks. That’s why so many men say they’re bitches…

    Because if you don’t look like what they want they will not give you a chance to show them your personality.

    Women over here are bitches…I used to be a popular skateboarder and got all the girls I wanted from it but after I quit I saw how hard it was. That’s why I studied it and now coach it.

  • tinashe

    im a zimbabwean in the usa nd planin 2 go 2 brazil in 4yearz afta i complete my studies in management accounting…nd im grateful 4 ths article 4rm mr roosh,4 da different experiences nd perceptions dat hav left me druelling 4 an experience of my own… Eu amu brazil,u hav da most beautiful goddesses.

  • Ray

    So G, by coaching you mean by learning people how to pickup those “bitchy” L.A girls?

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    What happened?
    I thought you wanted brazilian!

  • Ed

    Forget Brazilian girls. It’s all about LA girls now. Hey things change.
    Roosh in LA, will tell how to get bitchy LA girls.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Well, why? All girls are the ame no matter what.
    But brazilians are exotic. I’m not a lesbian but they’re pretty.

    And it’s nice nice to use the term bitcy

  • Ray

    haha..I aint getting no L.A girl thats for sure.

  • Hanno

    I spent 3 months in Brazil some of it Rio in 2008 and another 3 months in 2009, im from London and have very blue eyes this seemed to be all i needed and i could pick anywhere…im far from arrogant and infact in England i really struggle to find anyone very nice at all and if i do i force myself to appraoch them but usually just look on patheitcally like a cockless wonder…however, in Brazil its literally mental I stayed in Sao Paulo, Rio, Ouro Preto even, Belo Horizonte, Floripa, Porte Alegre and lost count of how many nice girls i fucked as the writer says best to be very picky because if your half decent look and can say a few words of portuguese your in there ..BACK OF THE NET!!!been back in England over a year and have had sex less since then than i did in Brazil in the 3 months infact alot less not that im just a sex addict i dated a brazilian girl which was very cool 😛

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    That’s disgusting. Tht’s your private lie. Noone wants to know. And that only makes you seem easy, an jerk, and heartless. Keep your sex stuff to youself. I say if you do thi stuff don’t let the world know.

    You’re gonna have serious problems

    and Ray: you can hve whatever girl you want. noone is stopping you

  • Tom

    I think you’d have to know more than just a few words of Portuguese though lol I’m not saying you need a language to have a vibe going. But it really does help. And the idiot crowd that says ”Everyone speaks English…” will be largely disappointed when they see the average English skills of the average Brazilian girl which is close to nothing. It is no knock on them. We should know or study Portuguese before getting there. Regardless of how good you look and what kind of a game you have, your ability to speak Portuguese will significantly increase your odds at finding what ever it is you’re looking for (ex. sex, a long term relationship, even just friends). It’s not to say that you shouldn’t travel there without knowing Portuguese. But at least study a little and don’t come home unhappy that you couldn’t get laid because you couldn’t have even a broken conversation with 8 in every 10 girls.

    Now my English buddy, you’re right that all you have to do is really be okay looking. But you still need skills. You having blue eyes I’m sure helped since it is less common in Brazil than England. The women may approach you more… But you still have to know how to go with it. Those who aren’t good at this will have different things to say about their inexperiences. To each is his own.

  • Tom

    If sex is what you’re looking for, sex is what you’ll get in this world. Honestly, you’ll probably find it easier within your own continent. Sweet talking a German, Swedish or Dutch girl will get you to the bedroom quicker than the average Brazilian girl. Now I’m not saying that it’d happen immediately. But quicker. At least on average.

    Every country has easy girls though. Every country has guys who want to get it as quick as possible. There are sites looking to link these two groups together everywhere in the world. Brazil has it. England it. America has it. This isn’t unique. Go about your mission. But don’t generalize the population off of it.

  • Ed

    “Sweet talking a German, Swedish or Dutch girl”

    Why? I could sweet talk an American girl, but they are fat, not sweet, uninteresting and not fun. It’s not about sex, it’s about interesting, sweet and fun.

  • Tom

    Why as in the German/Swedish/Dutch girls or American girls? lol Because I never thought those European girls I mentioned were generally fat, not sweet or not fun. Not all American girls are all of that either. They are just hard to crack the shell of. They walk around thinking men are scumbags because their last relationship went like shit. As far as fat goes… Well, yeah. It’s kind of true about American girls. American guys aren’t exactly less fat tough. Those hotties overseas may not be digging that.

    I’d wish I could say Americans weren’t that heavy but that’d be lying. Most people aren’t excessively overweight. But most of the female population here is heavy enough that they wouldn’t feel comfortable in a 2 piece. And the obesity rates will get higher if people don’t change their eating habits and exercise routines.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Everywhere has fat people. Even Enland says so. I talked to an english person, and he says enlgish people can be fat like americans. Everywhere.
    Maybe Ed’s thing is foriegn.

  • Syd Trevy

    Man, I’ll be honest with you guys, there are beautiful women everywhere and exotic too, the thing about this situation nowadays is its not like it used to be back in the days whereby women had major respect for men and men had the same, the reason being all this equal rights bullshyt that’s what is messing everything up and especially the way these dumb ass american women yes like 96% are being controlled by the media and the fact that in this country(My damned country) sex is just portrayed in all ways so its like women here are getting accustomed to all this and that’s why its even hard to find a genuine long lasting relationship with an American woman, Brazilian women might come on easy as whole bunch of you guys say but its the fact that they are affectionate and they feel the real thing, and where there is love, there is submission, its that genuine feeling they have towards somebody and they want to show it and its just not about sex, but here in the US is vice versa, when you see a cute woman or man, the first thing fools think about is how they want to fuck them so bad, so when you already have that mentality there is no way this relationship will be strong once sex is involved too soon, honestly it won’t last and both parties will eventually cheat on each other or one will definitely.Sometimes you have to work hard on something in order to appreciate it with time and not do anything to mess it up and if it comes easy well its not going to last.So i personally agree that most American women, in terms of character(Lack it positively) and in terms of moral behavior(Lack that too) that’s why i said no matter how much i get laid with them or whatever, i will eventually have me an exotic woman for a wife who knows how to handle herself and background too is a major fact and if that doesn’t happen, stay single and keep doing you.

  • Syd Trevy

    and i must say, Brazilian women are blessed with a natural beauty, so fine, then I’ll go with European woman(Ukrainian,Russian,Polish,British then i will go with Caribbean women, then probably put American women somewhere on the list). If it only comes to rating true natural beauties of this world

  • Tom

    Exotic to us is what we aren’t used to. Some people are interested in that. Some people like what they are used to. The thing about Brazilian women that is unique is that there are so many looks. Really just like Americans. We are two very diverse nations. Yet I’m sure people try creating one image of a white American here and a woman who looks like Adriana Lima there. This isn’t the case though. You can find what ever you want in either country. We really both are spoiled in that regard.

    The problem with American women is that they’ve been trained to immediately put a distrusting label on men (and sometimes they’ll say this even if they feel opposite!). They are taught to exaggerate the crappy relationships they’ve bad (which mysteriously like 90% of American women thinks their last relationship was horrible). American women have been taught to be closed and stay within their own social circles. Than all the available tubby ones that men aren’t chasing end up on dating sites.

    Yeah, there are fat people everywhere. But the percentage is higher in America. And it is increasing. That is why it is important for people to voice their concern about the issue. It is just like the amount of energy being burnt. All countries burn lots of gas. There is no country on earth where people drive the size of cars like here. Some of these ”Yank tanks” could probably bulldoze homes. Some people even drive Hummers here now (even though the gas mileage is horrible and it really doesn’t look good). The car thing is just an example though. Americans saying ”Yeah, but Brits and Mexicans are fat too…” is just an excuse not to improve ourselves.

    Maybe people around the world are a little quick and over the top with the obesity issue here. I can’t blame them to use what they got when dealing with overly patriotic ignorant *ssholes though.

  • Syd Trevy

    good point Tom

  • Ed

    “Some of these ”Yank tanks” could probably bulldoze homes. gas mileage is horrible and it really doesn’t look good).”

    This was euphemism for the size of the women here in America right?

    ” there are fat people everywhere. But the percentage is higher in America”

    Oh, so it’s just that the ‘percentage’ of fat people is higher? Wrong! Try “Why America is the Fattest Country in the World”
    Look at it this way, on the entire planet of Earth, Americans are the fattest. Can’t get much fatter than that!

  • Tom

    I’ll give credit where credit is due on that euphemism. That was actually pretty funny. That isn’t what my intent was though. I think the bull dozing homes euphemism should be reserved for Rahm Emanuel’s part time job in Palestine.

    Yes, the percentage of obesity is higher in America is practically higher than most other countries in the world. I’ve read it is about 34%. However, I’ve read New Zealand and Mexico are both about 26-27%. The UK and Canada are close too. So it isn’t like we’re very ahead. It still doesn’t excuse this though. We’re just got a lot more population and seem to be more recognized in this world. Everyone seems to have it out for getting under Americans skin (not that many aren’t asking for it though).

    Their population may be small. But isn’t the obesity rates of Tonga and Nauru 70-80%? I guess we aren’t the ”fattest on earth.”

  • Syd Trevy

    Well tom at this juncture, you are right about america not having the fattest population on earth but if i can take it in this context that majority of our population are obese or in leyman’s terms fat and yes its the truth though not the fattest on earth and now i think we should stick to the main topic at hand there are beautiful women everywhere yes but sometimes character depicts a lot and also background, basically physically Brazilian women are blessed with a natural exotic beauty and i am not crowning them as the most beautiful on this earth but they are highly attractive, but beauty isn’t complete without the inner beauty of which most of them have and a lot of our women lack.

  • Tom

    Character of personality and subjective. Many of the same problems exist in US as they do Brazil (ex. extreme materialism, especially among the affluent). The difference is what you comfort zone is and what your preferences are. Brazilian women are generally more slim than American women so they have an advantage there. Whether or not Brazilian women are generally more attractive and feminine is still subjective though. Even if many agree Brazilians are, some don’t want to jump the cultural hurdles. Once again, ”natural exotic beauty” is subjective. I can bet you a bunch of white Americans with blue or green eyes and blonde or light brown hair would laugh if they were called ”exotic.” It is true they are attractive.

    Personally, I am a believer that mixing lots of ancestries, especially from lots of continents, allows you to absorb the most attractive traits. Brazilians and Latin Americans altogether are generally more likely to be multiracial. I can bet you if Americans went to Portugal too, they’d come home saying Portuguese women are thinner and hotter than American women too. What I think really gives Brazilians the uniqueness though is the Portuguese language and even their accents while speaking English or other languages. It sets them out from other Latin Americans. It is not a language Americans nor most other people anywhere are used to hearing because most Portuguese speakers are in Brazil. So that newness to people is appealing too.

    I do agree though that many woman in our country do lack something beyond nice bodies which is disappointing. Maybe it is a common thing throughout the Anglosphere. Maybe it is just something about American women. The same missing traits you see in women here likely exist in men too. American men may not think about it like that. Obesity too. So what makes them thing the woman are going to jump for them? I’m not talking about sex either. I’m talking about relationships. Each person is their own and will experience a place their own way though. The more worrying thing is why Americans really don’t travel internationally much.

  • Ed

    ” I can bet you if Americans went to Portugal too, they’d come home saying Portuguese women are thinner and hotter than American women too. ”

    I went to Portugal. Women are thinner there. They don’t ‘walk down the street with food’ like in the US I read. As I was walking down the street in Lisbon I saw some Americans at the other end of the block. How did I know they were Americans an entire block away? They were 300lbs each. As I walked by them I could hear their southern accents from across the street. I was so embarrassed.
    I encountered the 3rd Brazilian I ever met when I was in Portugal. A tour guide who told me how Poruguese are shy ‘I speak portugues but I am from Brazil!’ he told me with enthusiasm! Meeting him convinced me I must explore Brazil and meet more Brazilians. I haven’t been disappointed so far. Actually the 2nd Brazilian I met was somewhat of a disappointment, she was a little too timid. The first and then third Brazilians I ever met are the type I want to meet more of. THey are the kind of free, open, happy people it is so hard to meet in the US.

  • Tom

    ”I went to Portugal. Women are thinner there. They don’t ‘walk down the street with food’ like in the US I read.”

    Where in the US are you from? Besides Brazil, what made you interested in Portugal? What are you saying? Most women don’t walk around with a Subway sandwich or a bag of doritos eating while they walk? Most don’t do that. The problem in America is people drink too much soda, not enough and our food is genetically modified. My friend dated this girl who was 350 pounds. She wasn’t much of an eater. She was poor living off of food stamps. Yet she still didn’t eat much when offered food. The salvation army gave her ”mystery meat” cans (food with no labels on it because tags fell off in the supermarket). Why else was she big? She had this one draw full of so much candy! And always bought big bottles of Jack Daniel’s Tennesse whiskey with the little cash she had.

    ”How did I know they were Americans an entire block away? They were 300lbs each.”

    Despite the US being 34-35% obese (40+ pounds above BMI), very little of the population is 300 lbs+. Maybe 3-4% at max. Many people couldn’t ever get that fat even if they tried. You probably knew they were American from the way they were dressed. It takes a lot of people to really get a feel for a country. Honestly, I haven’t ever traveled to South America (although I really want to). I haven’t met many Brazilians in my life. The few I’ve met were very nice though.

  • Ed


    I am from the east coast. I wasn’t interested in Brazil at all when I went to Portugal. I met a friendly Brazilian there that made me think more about Brazil. I was going to anywhere in Spain but the flight was cheaper via Portugal, so I stayed there a week.

    ”How did I know they were Americans an entire block away? They were 300lbs each.”
    How could I see what they were wearing from a block away? All I know is they were ROUND. You could have tipped them over and rolled them down the hill, they were THAT round. Maybe they were only 275 lbs I don’t know but they were round. I never saw any other round people in Portugal.

    If you want to meet Brazilians go to meetup dot com and search for Brazil or Poruguese groups. But the real Brazilians are still in Brazil.

  • Tom

    Oh, ok. I was just wondering because Spain/Portugal isn’t really the most popular destination for Americans :) Hopefully I’ll get to see there some time too though.

    I know it’d be hard to see what someone is wearing from a distance. But some Americans really do give themselves away lol Whether it be flip flops, a cowboy hat or a baseball hat of a team no one in Europe ever heard of. Spend a little more time in Portugal or anywhere and you’ll get a ”round” person. Thankfully though, even most obese people haven’t hit that point in this country.

    I’ll check that out. Of course the real Brazilians are in Brazil haha Doesn’t it suck when you think you’re going to meet a girl who’s born in Brazil here in the US and find out she’s very Americanized? It compromises the sexy lol

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    if i must say….
    It depends on where you’re born
    if you were born with exotic people then you’re used to them
    if you were born with plain people you could be a xenophobe

    ive grown up around the globe for most of my life.
    I’m used to seeing alot of people from ifferent places.
    Brazilian giirls are only skinny cause it shows what you see on tv.
    I’ve seen a lot of brazilioans and yes they are “round” (actually its no stereotype, from light sinned to the dark) but some are really fat.
    Fat isn’t always a problem to some people

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    and besides brazilians aren’t the only “round” people. You have italians, africans, and south americans (argentina to be exact)

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    you don’t even have to be that!
    you could be asian and still have “round”

  • Syd Trevy

    lol @ fuzzywuzzy, you are right there are other round people out here from different walks of life or continents, but remember, we are talking about the majority of fat people and its a well know fact, its our people and not our women alone, men too but this blog is about discussing women and not men, so that’s what we are basically trying to stick to.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    oh….I’m sorry.
    But I was a bit right though 😀
    I thought you meant backside

  • Syd Trevy

    nope, i didn’t mean that but yes i agree with you.We just laying our opinions out.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    In that case 😀
    I’m going norwegian!

    sorry you said we could lay our opinions, so I feel the need to say my favourite people are norwegians and danes. and english

  • Tom

    FuzzyWuzzy – What do you mean it depends if you were born with ”exotic people” though? The whole point is if the majority of the people you grew up around were multiracial having skin complexions ranging from olive to mocha you probably wouldn’t think of it as ”exotic.” What is common is not referred to as exotic. Exotic is just a word to represent your interpretation for what you’re not used to. Brazilian see less men with lighter eyes and hair. Even most of the European background in the country is Mediterranean so it explains that.

    What do you mean if you were born with ”plain people?” Who are ”plain people?” Some white guy in Nebraska with blonde hair might be plain to us. Yet very out of the ordinary in Zambia. A lot of white men in America really like east Asian women or women of that descent. I can guarantee that if they made up much more of the population, they wouldn’t physically be regarded as more attractive. The same can be said about anyone. If more blonde haired, blue eyed or green eyed people made up Brazil’s population, they’d get bored of it.

    The way you describe this sounds like it is from the perspective of someone who isn’t a South America. So you should be more clear when saying things like ”plain” or ”exotic.”

    ”I’ve seen a lot of brazilioans and yes they are “round” (actually its no stereotype, from light sinned to the dark) but some are really fat.”

    Yes, I’m sure. Another thing to keep in mind about Brazil is many women who’d normally be considered overweight enough to wear a bikini in America still wear it in Brazil. This is what I heard from people who’ve traveled there. A lot of older people will dress in that same attire on beaches. It’s definitely the same in Europe and Israel. A lot of Americans get turned away by this. Others seem to do a better job tuning that out.

    ”its our people and not our women alone, men too but this blog is about discussing women and not men, so that’s what we are basically trying to stick to.”

    Syd – You’re right. The thing is though most people aren’t heavy enough to the point they’d be round. It is a small population where ever this is. I’m sure it has to do with genetics too. The more irritating thing in America is noticing that the majority of the population easily seems at least 25-30 pounds overweight. Many of these people are young and endanger of getting heavier too. Parents here are lazy themselves so it is hard to motivate their kids to exercise. Parents here feed their kids the same crap they eat. It is like most of these people gave up and say ”As long as I’m not fat to the point that it’s very detrimental to my health, who gives a sh*t?” All of Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Cleveland Brown aren’t portrayed to be heavy for no reason lol

    ”oh….I’m sorry.
    But I was a bit right though :D”

    Fuzzy – I wish he were! haha That’d be a much more pleasant thing to argue about. I can’t say Brazilians aren’t on the top of the ”good round” list though lol Your Norweigians and Danes know they are well beat there.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    First of all, allow me to correct you on something. We do have Favelas in Brazil where many decent people, who don’t sell themselves live on. In US you have five years old girls living in crack houses and been raped and turned into pro’s so mummy and daddy can keep on using they drugs.

    All over the world you will find, sluts and girls willing to get with guys in a second. But do bear in mind that neither of us in Brazil get raped by our brothers, father and so on like you do in US we don’t have inbreads or rednecks.

    I bet my hand on this that you are some little ugly man with low self steem who went to Brazil paid some pro’s down in Rio to sleep with you, then come here and post this to make it look like ” you had a great time, and what a man you are “.

    No chics in Brazil wants to marry or get on with American guys because you guys are far from good looking and really have no qualities like other guys do. Second of all mate, isn’t the USA one of the biggest PORN INDUSTRY in the world where girls are so desperate for a quick cash that they will do a gang bang movie for 20 dollars, and those same girls are also under age? You don’t see that in Brazil. So next post you decide to post it, you might want to focus on talking about USA first, as I think you have a lot of ground to cover it.

    And don’t bother replying back to my comment, because the world has pro’s but is worthless scums like yourself thats all even worse.

  • Ed

    @ A Chic who thinks your a Jerk
    I don’t know who you are responding to. But if you want to talk about bad things…. You are worried about ‘jerks’, well how about this..?

    “A document released in 2004 by the UN-Habitat reveals that Brazil has one of the highest levels of incidents described as rape, attempted rape, and indecent assault against women. What is worst, the report suggests that such crimes are normally underreported, with perpetrators unlikely to be punished.(2)”

    Oh Porn is big in the US?
    “Brazil’s adult film industry, Latin America’s largest.”

  • Tom

    While I can understand why you’d be upset at the image he portrayed of Brazilians, I think you really are getting irrational saying some of the things about Americans as you did.

    Americans (especially men) have this thinking that they are envied around the globe and that everyone wants them under the presumption that they are wealthy. This is a fantasy. It isn’t true. The average American isn’t wealthy. 1/7 of our country is impoverished and many more are working poor, 50 million people (1/6 of our country) can’t legally receive health care (because they can’t afford it) and 1/10 of our country is unemployed. Europeans (especially Brits) are always mockingly calling us Puritans when it comes to sex too (like we give it so much prestige as if it’s not a fact of life).

    We Americans do have many internal issues that go beyond obesity, crime and being lingually incompetent in other languages. Here in the US, we have a movement called the Tea Party (led by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, ect.) that is trying to take the countries decades backwards with it’s morals. I’m not sure how many Terry Jones’s or Clint McCance’s came out of the 2010 Brazilian media either.

    It also is true that we have one of the highest rates of homeless people in the developed world (700,000 to 2 million, about 0.5% of the population), we have the highest rate of cocaine usage (about 3 percent) and have the highest incarceration rate (linked with light gun laws too). All of this is generally not reflective of most of the population though.

    Less than 1/4 of Americans own a passport (not counting the military which is only about 1-2%). And the number is even lower when you exclude people who live near Mexico and Canada and dual citizens (common for Mexican-Americans). Please don’t being under the impression that Americans are such international travelers. You may see more Americans than Brits traveling to Brazil. But that is only because we have 5X the population. I’d be hard pressed to believe more than 2 to 2 1/2 X the amount of Americans travel there though in absolute numbers.

    Where did you get that 5 year old girls are living in crack houses? I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. I’m sure everything does. But that is not exclusive to America. People all around the world use drugs. People aren’t doing it out of moral deviance. They do it out of desperation. Pedophilia and incest is a much rarer and troubling issue. Don’t act like Brazilian Catholic churches (which dominate your country religiously) don’t have their pedophilia swept under the rug either.

    You may not exactly have ”rednecks.” But I know you have words you use for unsophisticated religious rural folks. Ironically too, Brazil is one of the only countries to ever take American immigration (the Confederados) who are from the south (where most American ”rednecks” live). As for pornography, that is popular throughout most of the world too. The US, France, Japan, Brazil, ect. It isn’t unique. 20 dollars for a gang bang? I doubt that. Porn stars generally get paid well. These companies generally refrain from using underage people too because of the legal risks. Unfortunately, they do get people from other countries (ex. especially southeast Asia and the Philippines) to do this. This isn’t just American companies though.

    You’re just looking to pick a problem with Americans. It seems like an easy thing for people to do in the world. But I’ve seem Brazilians say the same thing to European tourists in their country (especially Italians, French).

  • Tom

    Brazil’s adult film industry is probably largest because of their population. The US’s adult film industry is probably largest on this hemisphere because of our population. Plus, wealth factors into companies getting created and the US and Brazil have the highest GDPs on this hemisphere (also largely due to population). Japan is also one of the largest producers because of their high population. People need to put things into a proportional perspective before making a statement.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @Tom and @Ed, with all due respect my response was to the JERK who wrote this. And so you know not everything that you see on the media or read about it is true, maybe the pair of you would like to go to Brazil and stay there for a while and you will know that some of the things you said there, no matter how many articles you may have read is very untrue.

    And as for American guys, sorry to tell you this. But one of the things that you AMERICAN GUYS are seen for is ARROGANTS and PRATS, meaning you will travel to another country and take for a ride, which to be honest is true.

    Because you guys assume that because you are americans everyone likes you and wants to know you, you be surprise to know that majority of the world find American Man ( bear in mind I didn’t mention Woman not because I’m a female too) are the most stupid, arrogant, loud, ignorants who are wrapped around they little ideology that they are unable to see pass they own noses. And most haven’t left they state let alone they country.

    Pros, Sex industry, poverty or not. Is people like the person who wrote this that incourage under age prostitution and so many other things, and those who salute him and even agree with him are worse than him.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @Ed oh Ed if you notice on the article that you asked me to read it, wasn’t even writtin by a Brazilian. And second of all, for your information and man who rapes, abuses or hit a woman in Brazil is badly punished. Sometimes not by the police, but they own neighbours and inmates ones they get into jail. Man get beating up by the girlfriends more than the other way around, really don’t just base your opinion on one article do some digging. Be intelligent, do some travelling maybe then come back and debate something that you can actually back up other than using a post writin by some ” lucky” girl travelling trough Brazil.

  • Ed

    @A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    “majority of the world find American Man are the most stupid, arrogant, loud, ignorants”
    I’ve traveled the world. I find this NOT to be true. In your small circle of friends it may be true. But I’ve only experienced Brazilians who might think I am stupid to be the very few who might try to scam me.
    By the way, I’ve lived in Brazil.

  • Tom

    What is a prat? Did you mean brat? I’m a native English speaker and I never heard of that lol Does that mean like an asshole or something? I can see how some would take Americans for being arrogant. Our peoplle are certainly over patriotic. Especially white males of anyone. Like I said before, most Americans just aren’t traveling. Unless it is some beach or resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, most Americans traveling to Europe, Asia, South America and other places aren’t as representative of the negative stereotypes of Americans. The reason Americans don’t travel much is lingual incompetence (really no effort at all), a fear of anti-Americanism, cheapness (they’d rather stay within our country) and a lack of vacation time. So the Americans you see down in Brazil, especially if they are making a reasonable attempt at speaking your language, are actually some of our best. By the way, most Americans have left their state (unless it’s a large state isolated like California, Florida or Alaska and they are young). Many Americans never left their region though.

    I’m not like that though. I’d hope many on here are too. I know many people don’t like us which you have to be conscious of when traveling. But most people will give you a chance or at least nor harm you even if they don’t like you. Some people are culturally curious about us. Some may take this as being envious about our culture. I don’t think that is what it is though.

    Ignorant? Well, when I saw a poll that said 50% of Americans say man has no effect on global warming, another poll that stated only 40% of Americans acknowledge evolution and the fact Americans re-elected Bush after being upset with him starting a war after realize there were no WMDs, it is hard to deny there is a lot of ignorance here. Especially with the whole Sarah Palin Tea Party crap now. I also am still disheartened by our military not allowing homosexuals to openly serve. I constantly see bumper stickers or billboards that say things like ”Gods, guns and guts made this country great”, ”My heart beats after 18 days. Don’t murder me (with a picture of a baby)” and a picture of Obama next to some combo of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. An organized church leader Terry Jones wanting to burn 200 Qu’rans just to piss off Muslims was an international embarrassment. What really bothers me is that the social and intellectual process in this country appears very stagnant and even regressive at times. I still don’t believe most people are mean-spirited though. Most people here are good people. Maybe more simple than I’d like. But not bad people.

    There is a lot people in Brazil probably don’t know about Americans. I think they try to give Americans the same. As I said before though, Americans are some of the most stubborn people when it comes to lingual assimilation. Ed could probably tell you that. I can guarantee he began earning Brazilians respect when he actively went hard at speaking their language. In my opinion (and probably many others), you aren’t participating in the Brazilian culture until you begin to speak Portuguese.

    Living in another country is much more challenging than traveling to a place. If Ed said he has lived in Brazil, than I’d certainly give him the time to listen to what he has to say.

    Roosh isn’t trying to insult Brazilian girls here. He is just giving guys tips on how to get laid. Brazilians girls aren’t an exception to that. You don’t think there have been Brazilian guys on vacation in New York or Miami who’ve gone to clubs looking for some p*ssy? It happens.

    Everyone has their own mission. Chances are it’d be very hard for someone to find a soulmate in Brazil only traveling there for a week. You need to live in a place and be able to communicate to establish relationships.

    Women really shouldn’t be in denial about what some men (especially younger guys) are looking for though. I honestly think there is something in westerners on this hemisphere that isn’t in Europe that tells them to play the overly innocent ”Christian” girl. It’s an old act. Until a guy hits 25-30, unless he’s very mature, all he wants to do is ram some vaginas. And a lot of girls want it. So people find their way of shacking up. C’est la vie :)

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    Beautiful moving words Tom ( been sarcastic ) and excuse me for pointing out. PRAT is a English ( England ) term for IDIOT.

    AS much I would love to continue having the conversation with you, ED or the Jerk who wrote this I found it pointless at this time. You guys have a great way of thinking, and is so ridiculous how someone takes the time to write a blog on how to get laid. Anyway C’est la vie, mais nous pouvons changer la façon dont les choses vont.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    xD What are you guys so up tight about?
    what I meant was some people are xenophobes and that’s part of the reason why. That’s why you have racist people.
    When did we change to americans anyway? Why are we bashing THEM? I know I am not for them mostly but I mean other people are alot worse.

    But chic is right. They have favelas but Brazil is a bit of a lower country (I don’t mean to offend) and Besides if you think brazilans are fat in bikinis you should go down and see for yourself. half of those people could be lying

    there are 5 year olds in crack houses. And we’re supposed to be an examplary country. Peoplelook up to us. I ask everyone of my friends from other countries and they love us like crazy. I am a big fan of Europe but they’re like “why do you wanna move here? here is bad gevrnment and bad econmoy.
    And don’t say African countries are the only poor places. Where I come from, Ghana has a bustling economy but they are still poor yet they have good economy. Then you have Asia.

    and @ chic: oui c’est vrai. il est difficile pour les autres à changer la vie comme elle est.

  • Kathy

    I’m tired of you all stupid people in this thread, men and women, Brazilian and American (or people from other countries). I just can’t understand why you are SO stupid! Actually, it’s kinda funny because you make generalizations about others and get offended if they do so about you. Is it so hard for you to understand that there are many factors that influence how things are the way they are?

    It’s not just cultural differences but also the individuals’ background and expectations which make things happen. For instance, let’s face it, many Latin American girls approach gringos either because they want to try them and even brag about how they got the exotic foreigner while others will want to use them to come to the USA. The richer ones don’t really care about it since they already travel whenever and wherever they want and meet not foreigners but rich-like-them foreigners. Similar thing with American/European girls; some are so intrigued by a seductive foreign male that they will want him either to try “how different he is” and brag about him or to experience a new culture.

    It’s about what are the given circumstances also. In general, men who approach local women fearing of being rejected (and as the end product of their attitude end up being rejected) think they have the right to talk and generalize about foreign women because it’s the first time in their lives that a woman pay them attention so easily (which happens because of the reasons stated in the previous paragraph.) You are not a guy visiting a country with certain kind of women; you’re a guy visiting a country with different customs and thus, will be treated as the exotic one.

    By the way, if a woman can be considered “easy,” “slutty,” and other derogative terms, tell you what, men are twice as any of those things. If a woman goes to bed fast with someone, she can either think that it is a way to start a relationship or simply be satisfying her sexual need. If she is fast to kiss, she enjoys those affectionate demonstrations. Depending on their culture, she will do the thing less intimate faster. Maybe for the American girl giving a kiss involves more closeness so she will wait while the Brazilian girl can consider that sleeping with someone is more intimate. For me, I wouldn’t kiss everyone, but I would make out and have sex with an attractive male just to satisfy my sexual need, and I’m not even an American (I’m Latin American.) There is NO NEED to judge or offend women. I’ll say that men are 10x as easier as the easiest girl, so stop bitching about us you losers.

  • Kathy

    I didn’t mean to offend every person in here but the ones that insult others and not observe their own attitudes.

  • Kathy

    Tom, I don’t blame American guys to be “sick” with their own girls. I blame people who expect the best partner even when they’re not suitable.

    It’s surprising how many foreign girls like some American guys because they confuse their not-to-know-how-to act-before-exotic-women attitude as niceness.

    Most American people are very alike, women and men. It’s a very superficial society. You can see it on Craigslist: women waiting for the perfect man, who adjusts to their fancies, handsome, rich, and educated, and men awaiting for the perfect women, educated, young, hot, and submissive. They are looking for everything but a personality they can along with. It’s all about looks and status. What a shame!!! When they can’t meet their partner’s expectations or their partners don’t meet their own idealistic expectations, they end up hurt (or dissapointed) and bitching about the opposite sex. No wonder why there are so many lonely people in this country! Money and status don’t buy love and satisfaction. I didn’t realize that until I arrived in this city. Acquitances are more prevalent than real friends, and the ones that don’t have any of those, can even “rent a friend.” Haha, I think it only happens in here; relationships are such a failure.

  • Ed

    “Money and status don’t buy love and satisfaction. I didn’t realize that until I arrived in this city”

    What city are you in?

    “Acquitances are more prevalent than real friends, and the ones that don’t have any of those, can even “rent a friend.”

    Hey, I will be your Facebook friend! We can post useless messages like “What’s up?” Nothing. and I can let you know what I had for breakfast.

  • Kathy


  • Ed

    Come on Kathy, LA is notorious for people looking for money and status. Try a smaller town in the northeast where the intelligent people are. What made you move to LA to begin with?

  • Kathy

    Lol! Actually, I was talking about a city in the northeast.

  • Ed

    Decline of friendships in the U.S.

    According to a study documented in the June 2006 issue of the journal American Sociological Review, Americans are thought to be suffering a loss in the quality and quantity of close friendships since at least 1985.[2][3] The study states 25% of Americans have no close confidants, and the average total number of confidants per citizen has dropped from four to two.

    Kathy, thank you for being my friend, you too Fuzzy and Tom :)

  • Kathy

    Are you serious? Is THIS what you call “friendship”? I don’t want to know what it is like to be just an acquaintance!

    Actually, I think loneliness has much to do with individualism–which, along with competition, is said to be one of the fundamental characteristics of the USA(according to some articles). For instance, in this city people are so concerned about their own issues, competing for a place in society, and having very little time to spare that they can’t even spend it with quality close friends. Not all, but most.

    Then, after having worked hard to get what they have and setted aside “less important things,” many realize that all what they were looking for is not necessarily what they needed to be happier and feel fullfilled.

  • Kathy

    I’m sort of falling into the trap as well. I’ll have to volunteer somewhere, but first I must make the money needed to be able to do so. Those of us with little fortune have no choice other than that of continue this vicious trend. What an inevitable shame! Hope it won’t be too late when I start devoting my life to that thing that makes me feel fulfilled.

  • Ed

    “Hope it won’t be too late when I start devoting my life to that thing that makes me feel fulfilled.”

    Kathy, why aren’t you devoting yourself to that ‘thing’ now? Is it just money? Try to do a lower position or whatever until you can work your way up. If you know what it is you love, I don’t understand what stops you.

  • Kathy

    “Is it just money”? Well, I have no money at all, so following my dreams now would be kind of unrealistic. To provide free help you must have resources. And being that I have recently started to use my stregths to the fullest in order to (some day) make the money I need, I have to wait. (I’m just a student who started college not long ago; if I don’t finish it up, I won’t have any “position” at all.) Meanwhile, I’ll help the little I can.

  • Tom

    Why are you looking to insult Brazil though? There really is no need for a Brazilian to offend an American either. At least while we’re discussing this topic though it’s about women in Brazil. Who are you to say Brazil is a ”lower” country? What exactly defines ”lower?” And is that even a proper usage of the context of that word?

    Fuzzy – You’re saying ”people look up to us?” In what way? I don’t think people generally look up to us. How can you blame someone to stereotype you as the overly patriotic hillbilly when you say something like that? Even if some people did look up to us, it is tasteless to boast about it. Saying we have many 5 year olds in crack houses is another extreme though.

    What do you expect people to tell you when you’re on vacation? ”Hey! Americans suck?” That’d be rude. Some people will just tell you what you want to hear. I don’t think you could generalize an entire population though. Honestly, I’d say most people are indifferent on Americans. There are things they like about us, there are things they dislike about it (especially our government). But don’t expect anyone to kiss your *ss.

    You think people look up to Terry Jones? You think people look up to the fact Neo-Nazis, the KKK and hate groups can say what they want and be legally protected by police departments who are being paid for by our taxes? You think people look up to our freedom of speech that is granted to pedophiles who want to write books on how to lure and love children like Phillip Greaves (his arrest in Florida is only temporary because it was over state boundaries and his 1st ammendment rights were violated). You think people look up to the fact we have one of the highest rates of citizens who are on anti-depressants?

    We have a sluggish economy here in the US! That’d be like asking someone why would someone want to move here? There really aren’t many western Europeans in America and there aren’t many Americans in western Europe. There aren’t many Japanese in either place either. People really don’t move to countries with high standards of living. And if they do it may be to brain drain or political issues (ex. Israel).

    There are plenty of European countries that have better economies than us right now. The standard of living in northern Europe (ex. Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden) is generally accepted to be higher than the US and most other parts of Europe. You can internationally survey neutral people if you don’t believe me. The recession in the US is so bad they’ve wrecked other countries economies. Unemployment is high, workers have no rights since most companies are anti-union and our government is drying up Social Security and Medicare with wars and having to compensate for the hospital bills of all the uninsured bankrupt people that end up in the ER anyway.

    What exactly defines having a ”good economy” anyway? Because things improved over the last couple years? So if something gets a little worst of a couple of years, even if their country is very wealthy, people should than leave their country? Actually though, even though you’d think it’d encourage more people to stay in the wealthier countries of sub-saharan Africa to a growing economy and political stability, some of these countries (ex. Ghana, Nigeria) leave at higher rates than poor countries (ex. Congo, Ethiopia). The reason why is the only people who leave are the people who can afford it or people who get international scholarships.

    ”You can see it on Craigslist:”

    Kathy – Craigslist is for the very desperate lol You probably deserve a creep just for trying a site with so many deviant advertisements. People who use Facebook for dating are those who like to sh*t where there eat. Plenty of Fish is for the desperate fatties.

    Ed – ”Try a smaller town in the northeast where the intelligent people are.”

    We still have those? lol

    ”Lol! Actually, I was talking about a city in the northeast.”

    Must be New York, huh?

    Money can’t buy people happiness. It may be able to assist in what you want. People are what will make things complete at the end of the day though. Loneliness will ruin a lot of the fun it’d be hard to have by yourself. People have grown custom to using social networking sites as a consolation.

    This is true though. Many Americans really don’t care for having many friends. I’m sure most people at least have a few friends. They are usually within apart of a social click though. Than what happens is people get older, grow apart (ex. marriage, relocation) and some people just have no friends. Extended families don’t tend to be as close here as they are in other countries too. I know a lot of married couples who have no friend outside of each other. It can’t be a good way to live. People begin to develop this attitude that won’t allow them to trust other people. It’s like it’d be annoying and a hassle to start a new friendship. Trust me, the technological growth we’ve had since some point in the 1990s has really harmed the social infrastructure of this country.

  • Tom

    ”C’est la vie, mais nous pouvons changer la façon dont les choses vont.”

    A chic – Pourquoi si? Le sexe est sexe. Why does it have to be so personal? As long as people are enjoying themselves and having a good time, nothing else should matter. I understand people shouldn’t generalize and say things one may interpret as degrading. But come on. The days of men and women not wanting to satisfy their sexual needs won’t end.

  • Kathy

    Well, maybe I’ve exaggerated; there are some very nice people out there. Yet, as an outsider, I can’t help but notice and try to understand some cultural behavior patterns that caught my attention.

    But probably you’re right. Technology can be detrimental to a person’s social skills; especially if it’s used excessively. With the technology we have today, many people need not ever meet in person. It’s amazing how electonic communication has replaced (and is preferred to) real-life communication in many instances.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    I’m sorry. I didn’t see it that way. I mean the positive stuff, they look up to us for that
    And be happy we’re not Greece. Their economy sucks much worse.

    And Nigeria’s bad economically and socailly.
    I mean people come here for the good oppurtunities. And I didn’t say EVERY european country. I said some.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @FuzzyWuzzy Les erreurs qui se passe, tout le temps. Donc ne vous inquiétez pas et vous remercie pour le collage pour le Brésil.

    @TOM I don’t get you one minute you are like bashing the living lights out of my comments towards the speciment who wrote this post, next minute you are defending Brazil? Uhm but I must say your last post made me laugh ( doesn’t mean we are friends now :p )

    @KATY just like a child will have certain resemblance from its parents, the same happens with nations. Jamaicans people love reggae, Russians they like fur and Vodka, New Zealanders love Pavlovas and so on on. So when someone makes a comment about a whole nation, it isn’t always generalizing and telling a lie. Therefore I believe your comments where pointless when you said you didn’t mean to offend anyone but those who GENERALIZE and I take that was for me saying that all AMERICAN GUYS lack intelligence and so on.

    @EVERYONE IS 2011 why don’t you all sory I mean WE ALL just drop the subject and go and find something more rewarding to do instead of trying to bash each others heads. The speciment who wrote this is having a great time watching us debate over he’s masterpiece. So lets call it a day and pretend we all half perfect and we live in Nations that are good ( since we are almost happy with it ) and move on.

    Good 2011 to you all. Chic, the Brazilian girlxx

  • Kathy

    A chic…, so you’re suggesting that every single Brazilian is super intelligent and that that gives you the right to make stupid remarks about other people–millions of other people? Well, I don’t think so. I know by experience and common sense that things don’t work like that (and you’re proof that what I say is true.) In fact, if you have the guts to criticize other people, put some effort into it.

    First off, not all Jamaicans love reggae nor all Russians love fur and vodka (I do know Jamaicans and Russians who won’t just be offended by your remarks but also will think you’re just an idiot who talks pure nonsense.) If something is popular in a certain country, it doesn’t mean every single person in that country likes it. You’re categorizing people and stating what they’re supposed to be; who the hell you think you are! It’s like saying that all Brazilians love Zamba when in fact I know many that don’t. There are many geographic regions in which that dance is not popular as it is in Rio. You’re just a poor chic full of prejudice about things you don’t even know. I live in the USA and even though I’ve met some really stupid people, your comment offends me. You’re not just making generalizations but also showing off YOUR lack of intelligence. The fact that the stupid roosh created a stupid page doesn’t mean that every single American is like him. I don’t think that you would like it if someone states that Brazilians are all are thieves just because he came across one. Every country has shy, bold, violent, calm, stupid, and intelligent people, among others, and failing to admit so because of your simplistic way of perceive things is not our fault, it’s yours.

  • Kathy

    And no, my previous comments weren’t meant for you specifically, my dear chic… I was talking about all the people in this thread who do so (the ones who say Brazilian girls are like this, or the others saying that American girls are like that, or some pointing out how people from X country are blah, blah, and all the ones who just talk and talk about others with a complete lack of self-criticism), and if you took it personally, you must’ve had your reasons, right?

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @KATHY…. I apologise then. Have a great week, month and year :’) Ciao.

  • Kathy

    It’s alright! Don’t worry. I understand one feels insulted when a stupid person (aka Rooshv) offends whatever one feels identified with (gender, nationality or whatever), but it doesn’t mean one has to lower himself/herself to doing the same (or even worse) thing. It’s not fair to categorize an entire group of people just for some individuals. If you want to lay your cards on the table, attack his stupidness and mediocrity but people who didn’t ask to share a nationality with him.

  • Kathy

    You too, have a great week, month, and year.

    Happy 2011, chic… and everyone!!


  • Tom

    ”Uhm but I must say your last post made me laugh ( doesn’t mean we are friends now :p )”

    A chic – I guess I’ll have to work a little harder. Darn Brazilian girls lol I’m trying to put things in perspective for you. I’ll criticize and commend things you and anyone else says. You should do the same to me. It’s only fair. By the way, I hadn’t realized the Kiwis loved pavlovas. I barely even heard of it before (although I’ve seen similar foods around). When I saw the picture on Wikipedia I wanted to try it. How am I supposed to get that in Florida though? lol

    In regards to your comments to Katy, there is a fine line between generalizations, an accurate description or and a stereotype. If someone says ”Most people in India in the 1800’s had arranged marriages”, that is probably an accurate cultural description. Would it not be a fair generalization to say most people at least semi-regularly eat pasta in Italy? Is saying people in France drink wine more than England is a generalization and a truth. A stereotype? That depends on how you see the word stereotype. The difference between this is most people accept all of this.

    The line becomes more gray when people either they have a differed opinion or a lack of knowledge about a particular subject. For example, look at this following quote I just made up

    ”Statistically speaking, Jewish Americans average a higher per capita income than most other American religious and cultural/ethnic groups. Americans with higher education levels have a rate of getting married less and subsequently a lower birth rate. This ”generally” explains why American Jews have a lower fertility rate than American average.”

    I used evidence to back up my statement. I could have cited reasons for the per capita income and higher educational attainment too (ex. living in wealthier metropolitan areas). This statement is true. Yet if I didn’t exactly phrase it the way I did (and to some *ssholes it still wouldn’t matter), this quote can be consider politically incorrect.

    Let’s use two other examples that doesn’t have as discrete of evidence and is more potentially controversial.

    ”While not being able to speak a second language does no show one to necessarily be uneducated, the correlation between being educated and knowing several languages is strong.”

    It’d be hard to argue this isn’t true. People’s education can be geared into other areas. There is no question people who proficiently learn several languages (that aren’t related to their ethnicity) are likely to have acquire no worse than a decent education.

    ”Generally speaking, the more religious one is, the more likely they are to be homophobic, they’ll be less accepting of science and are more likely to live in a country that doesn’t give as many rights to women. In contrast, the less religious one is, the more likely they are to acknowledge gay marriage and rights, they’ll believe in many more scientific theories such as the Big Bang and evolution and they are more likely to live in a country that gives rights to women and the fact women are given better rights has helped fuel their economy.”

    It is controversial. It is stepping on the toes of religious people. But it is 100% true.

    In some ways, discussing the women of the countries we have is based on a mix of collective experiences, stereotypes or guesses. Regardless, it is subjective for the most part.

    Unless people either don’t have education or are deprived from it, it’d be hard to say a country doesn’t have intelligence people. And you really don’t need to have education to necessarily have that. Intelligence is what your society deems as knowledge for the able to survive and thrive. Every society has this.

    ”And Nigeria’s bad economically and socailly.
    I mean people come here for the good oppurtunities. And I didn’t say EVERY european country. I said some.”

    Fuzzywuzzy – What exactly are you judging though? 11-12% of the US is foreign born. 18% of Canada is foreign-born. Australia is 24%. Most of western Europe is as immigrated or more than the US. Even countries with languages that aren’t that globally popular.

    You said you’re from Ghana. Yet you’re saying here as an American? So I’m taking it you live here? So your interpretation is a bit bias? The EU is a big place. There are stronger areas. There are weaker areas. It is the same in the US. Less than 1% of the states of West Virginia and North Dakota are foreign-born because there is no money to be made there. We have plenty of other states that have very low foreign born populations too.

    Plus, immigration to the US is very lopsided to Latin America and especially Mexico which can be explained by geography. Especially since the areas where Mexicans go the most are usually close to Mexico. 60% of immigrants in the US are from Latin America and 40% are from Mexico. I’m not sure there is one country that eats up nearly that proportion of immigrants in any European country. And if there is one, it is probably another EU country which would be like an American moving from one state to another (since the EU is one economy like the US).

    See, people look at things the wrong way.

    A person in Nigeria might say ”There are many Nigeria living around the world. One of the countries many or perhaps the most live in is the US.”

    To who’s standards though? The US is a country with 310 million people. About 35 million people here are foreign born. We can physically take in more people in terms of numbers because our population is larger and can handle it. The US has the population of several European countries put together. So it wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

    The fact is there may be 3 or 4X the amount of Nigerians in the UK because of cultural ties due to colonialism. Yet because we have 5X the population of Britain, we might still have more Nigerians in America. The difference is though it’d be much easier for a Briton to come across a Nigerian than an American because of this.

    You have no idea how many times I’ve seen articles say things like ”New York City has the largest Romanian community in the US.” In absolute numbers? Perhaps. You can probably go weeks without meeting a Romanian there though without going out of your way for it though. Yet there might be communities where the percentage of Romanians is a lot higher that aren’t getting acknowledged here. New York City is a such a large geographically spread out city that it’d be impossible to call such an ethnic community though. It is like several cities in one.

    You’re saying people come to the US for opportunities? Yes, but they go to many other places to. Like Greece, Ireland, Iceland and other places, the US is in a recession. There are still plenty of immigrants who go to those countries just like the US though.

    Kathy – ”First off, not all Jamaicans love reggae nor all Russians love fur and vodka (I do know Jamaicans and Russians who won’t just be offended by your remarks but also will think you’re just an idiot who talks pure nonsense.)”

    You’re really critiquing her words in an inefficient way. She didn’t mean everyone single person did. She just meant each of those are more popular there than it typically would be in other countries. Would it be a false statement to say rap music, country music, eating fast food and ordering a pizza pie for $10 aren’t a bit more popular in America/Canada than it is in the rest of the world?

    ”You’re just a poor chic full of prejudice about things you don’t even know. I live in the USA and even though I’ve met some really stupid people, your comment offends me.”

    You’re asking her who she is to say what she has said? Yet now you’re throwing insults? I’m not saying there isn’t stuff she couldn’t have expressed a different way. But you’d have to have thin skin to get offended. Come on. You never even saw her face or heard her voice and you’re talking about getting offended? Technology has really taken over emotions now too haha

    There are lots of guys like Roosh out there who tell their stories and give ”tips.” It’s actually very common on the internet. Don’t let what he has said bother you. After all, he didn’t ask you to read and comment on his article.

  • Kathy

    Tom, you’re funny!! So asking her who she thought she was to generalize about people, I was in fact insulting her!!!?? Are you ok? And “yeah,” saying things like “Jamaicans love reggae” doesn’t make every Jamaican that reads that statement feel involved!! It’s like when some foreigners say “Americans are ignorant,” Americans should not feel affected because the speaker meant “ignorance is popular in the USA.” Or when another says “Americans love McDonald’s,” vegans, vegetarians and people who hate fast-food restaurants should irrefutably accept it because, no, they won’t feel the speaker is talking about them when they hear “Americans,” right?

    And no one needs to see a face to get his/her feelings and emotions aroused by a piece of writing. Don’t be absurd.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Shutupppp! I am only trying to prove a point.
    I do live here in fact.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Not you Kathy, I meant Tom.

  • Ray

    “And no one needs to see a face to get his/her feelings and emotions aroused by a piece of writing. Don’t be absurd.”

    That is true, just read a sexual romance novel 😉

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @KATHY, I really think with all due respect that you might need to read things more careful, or learn some history and geography of other countries. As stating that A Jamaican likes reggae isn’t an insult, and saying that all Russians like Vodka isn’t one either. You got offended for no reason at all, which I will not apologise.

    If you want to play Robin Hood the protectar of the poor and misrepresented please try that elsewhere or refer to someone else, because a true fact doesn’t became an offense. But if you in your head it does, than perhaps you should try and stop using the internet, phone, or anything else linked to the real world.

    @TOM, I’m almost sure you can find PAVLOVA at any Russian or Australian restaurants. Although the Russians are the ones who come up with it first, the Kiwi’s adpoted, not sure you can find that much left in Russia.

    But if you buy some Merengues you can easily do it at home, just follow some online receipt. I tell you this much PAVLOVA is super great. ( By the way we aren’t friends still, just helping out :p)

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @KATHY ” ” Or when another says “Americans love McDonald’s,” vegans, vegetarians and people who hate fast-food restaurants should irrefutably accept it because, no, they won’t feel the speaker is talking about them when they hear “Americans,” right? ”

    With all due respect I think you should have your own TV channel which would be super interesting. Because AMERICA USA if makes you feel better, has the FATTEST people on earth. Which means ( forgive my English is terrible but I will try and break this down in a rather clear way) the vegans, vegetarians and all those who claim not to like fast-food are minorite. You do know what that means right? A very small percentage, in another worlds, refering to the American people as FAT is not generalising is stating a fact.

    Now before you start to write down a bunch of words to which will express your tremendous anger, please good that and start by having a go at the first doctor, professor and so on who wrote the article linked to my comment.

    Now using the word MAJORITY, of the JAMAICANS do like REGGAE, MAJORITY are RASTA which is linked to REGGAE.

    RUSSIAN’s again MAJORITY have a shoot of VODKA in the morning specially on WINTER due to the cold, and because they body is so use to it they drink like it was water. That doesn’t mean I’m calling them Alcoholics.

    And if you continue of making comments of the kind, you will in fact prove my point that MOST AMERICANS are indeed IGNORANTS. ( See how I showed you a fact on that matter to)

  • Kathy

    A chic…, stop reading what you clearly DON’T understand. It seems that you interpret what you want, uh? Anyway, I’ll repeat again that I’m not an American; in fact, as a South American myself, I can’t help but perceive Americans from a south American perspective, which by no means will take away some common sense from it.

    I didn’t say that what you said about Jamaicans or Russians was an insult; I said that the many Jamaicans and Russians I KNOW personally and have befriended would feel insulted before such a sweeping generalization made by a person who clearly doens’t know anything about their cultures but what she sees on TV about them. Instead, I do know people from these countries and listen to anything they have to say, so unlike you, I’m not talking from a remote audience’s point of view but from the point of view of someone who INTERACTS with them and knows what they think. If you don’t want to understand that, it’s not my problem.

    And, no matter what you hear about this country, it’s obvious that you don’t live in the USA, so saying that most Americans are fat just prove your own ignorance. When you say Americans are the fattest, you’re indeed saying that among the world’s fat people, the 5% extremely obese Americans are fatter (not sure though, because the fattest person in the world is not from here) not that the 30% of obese Americans represent a majority, so please, stop showing off your ignorance.

    I didn’t feel offended by what you said but your boldness to state things you lack knowledge of. But you know what? You’re right, I shouldn’t have been offended by your ignorance, I should have been understanding and just felt sorry for you.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    Mate your are one confusing creature @KATHY one minute you as a AMERICAN the next guy and the next you are SOUTH AMERICAN.

    1 I don’t make my statement based on what I saw on TV. I have loads of friends from BOTH countries and have been to both too.

    2 AMERICA been the fattest nation is not my option you backward creature, google things before you open your mouth. And yes I did called you a name, because you starting to sound like a bleeding INBECIL.

    And finally you need to learn to put your point across without been offensive to the person who are having a debate with. That makes you an IGNORANT, and before you ones again open your mouth do bear in mind the word IGNORANCE doesn’t just mean lack of knowledge, open the dictionary and look it up. On that note, now you feel free to waste your time by ( trying ) to offend me other than acurate making your point in a proper manner.

  • Kathy

    Well, if you’ve been to both countries, you should reconsider the way you either perceive things or express them, my dear, because you’re making inaccurate remarks. Though according to your English level I might assume that you probably misunderstood what you were told. I have never said I’m an American, statement that proves that you just have poor reading comprehension skills. Same thing with “the USA being the fattest nation” because regardless of the fact that this country ranks number one in that matter, the majority of the population is NOT that fat. Didn’t you know that there is a big difference between being the number one with 30% obese compared to other countries and 30% obese against 70% in the country itself? If I were you, in order to not make a fool of myself, I would stop giving an opinion about things I don’t understand when I read them or simply stop reading what I won’t understand.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure I didn’t open my mouth the whole time I typed any of this. And if you want to brag about using the dictionary, show some competence at it:

    ig·no·rance [ígnərənss]
    1. lack of knowledge: lack of knowledge or education
    2. unawareness: unawareness of something, often of something important

    Don’t ever ask people not to respond when you start bashing millions of people you don’t even know. And even more, don’t ask anybody not to be offensive when you do so showing a complete lack of respect and class. It’s not about “trying to offend you,” dear; I’m just laying my cards on the table. You’re not that important to me, and I won’t lower myself to calling you anything because you just make me feel sorry for you.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    ” It’s not about “trying to offend you,” dear; I’m just laying my cards on the table. You’re not that important to me, and I won’t lower myself to calling you anything because you just make me feel sorry for you. ”

    Hahahahahahah @KATHY is like having a debate in high school with that girl who call you names, and then she has nothing important to say she goes “I won’t lower myself to calling you anything, after she has done a few times.

    Okay KATHY for the benefit of goodwill, lets say you are right. End this pointless fun-free debate between us ends here.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @KATHY just an observation you sound rather bitter in almost everyone of your comments? Is there something you would like to share with the group? :”)

  • Kathy


    I’m afraid you’ve mistinterpreted my tone, girl.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    OKay okay, I wave the white FLAG @KATHY :”) NONE AND DUSTED MATE.

  • Tom

    ”And “yeah,” saying things like “Jamaicans love reggae” doesn’t make every Jamaican that reads that statement feel involved!!”

    Kathy – Not necessarily. But a Jamaican would have to live under a rock if they didn’t think that it culturally impacted their culture. It’d be like an American saying Rock and Roll is not big in American culture and Elvis was a nobody. Not all Jamaicans like reggae. But a Jamaican would need to be a hermit with thick ear muffs to not here that music on their island.

    ”It’s like when some foreigners say “Americans are ignorant,” Americans should not feel affected because the speaker meant “ignorance is popular in the USA.” ”

    Yes, that is true. That is a little more gray though. The definition of ignorance varies. Many Americans would still take that comment as an insult. It’d depend on the context of how it is being said. Many people get very defensive about that subject quick though.

    ”Or when another says “Americans love McDonald’s,” vegans, vegetarians and people who hate fast-food restaurants should irrefutably accept it because, no, they won’t feel the speaker is talking about them when they hear “Americans,” right?”

    Honestly, I think people just purposely manipulate people’s words just to get under their skin. Maybe it is due to their own frustration with reality. Chances are a company like McDonalds is what pushed them even quicker to being a vegetarian or vegan.

    ”And no one needs to see a face to get his/her feelings and emotions aroused by a piece of writing. Don’t be absurd.”

    It definitely has a way of really rising emotions. Trust me. It is a lot easier X’ing out of a chat room with a bunch of d*cks you don’t like than it is walking away from someone you’re having an argument with in a restaurant.

    ”Because AMERICA USA if makes you feel better, has the FATTEST people on earth. Which means ( forgive my English is terrible but I will try and break this down in a rather clear way) the vegans, vegetarians and all those who claim not to like fast-food are minorite. You do know what that means right? A very small percentage, in another worlds, refering to the American people as FAT is not generalising is stating a fact.”

    Kathy – Let’s be subjective here. If I take 100 people from all random parts of Brazil from all ethnic and economic backgrounds, how many people will be over 40 pounds over weight? And than how many will be between 5 and 40 pounds overweight? Add the two together. Maybe 15% of each? I don’t care since I don’t live there but I’ve read stats in this range. In the US, 1/3 is 40 pounds+ and 1/3 is between 5 and 40 pounds overweight. You may not know those people that are 10-15 pounds overweight. My guess is obesity (and heaviness in general) is about 1/2 of what it is here. So it definitely is a difference.

    A chic – I’m really not sure if someone can fairly generalize saying ”Americans are fat” or say they aren’t fat. The two populations seem to be balanced. What is more appropriate is to recognize the issue of obesity. When discussing this kind of topic though, you’ll have to understand people get insensitive and defensive quick. You can probably talk to the average American about religion or race (ok, not politics) more peacefully than you can weight. It is because so many people are fat (or a spouse, parent or child who is) that they take it very personal. Some people got thinner skin on this subject than others though.

    ”Now using the word MAJORITY, of the JAMAICANS do like REGGAE, MAJORITY are RASTA which is linked to REGGAE.”

    While the majority of Jamaicans may like reggae or similar genres of music, the majority aren’t rasta. Many like the culture. But there is actually a lot of discrimination against rastafarians there. The majority of Jamaica is Christian.

    ”RUSSIAN’s again MAJORITY have a shoot of VODKA in the morning specially on WINTER due to the cold, and because they body is so use to it they drink like it was water. That doesn’t mean I’m calling them Alcoholics.”

    Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if that were the case. I’ve never been to Russia and have known more people from Jamaica in my life. I do know though that alcoholism is a big problem in Russia. Especially for men. Perhaps like obesity in the US. It is why the life expectancy of men is a lot lower than women there. Like the US, there are large disparities of wealth in Russia that cause a lot of poverty which leads to depression. This encourages drinking. To say that the majority drink Vodka in the morning like milk or orange juice to Americans though? That is probably a little bit of an exaggeration.

    The word subjective is very open though. I recently spoke to an English girl who said ”Wow. I didn’t know there was so much ignorance in America” when I told her only 40% of Americans acknowledge evolution. To someone who believes in evolution, they may perceive that as ignorance. Does it make one ignorant to deny something because of their religious beliefs though? That is a matter of opinion. Some people call things ignorance when people don’t agree rather than not knowing.

    Kathy and a Chic… How often do a couple of nice South American ladies speak in English to each other?

  • Anonymous

    i just saw the green bird hehe

  • Tom

    A chic – It really isn’t necessary to be trying to insult anyone. You’re saying she is ignorant. Yet you’re doing that yourself? I’m not meaning to defend her or go against you but that doesn’t make sense to me. By the way, if you are going to call someone an imbecile, you should spell it right 😉

    ”Though according to your English level I might assume that you probably misunderstood what you were told. I have never said I’m an American, statement that proves that you just have poor reading comprehension skills.”

    Kathy – Actually, I do believe her English skills have shown her to be consistently competent (unless she’s really good at using those Yahoo or Babble Fish translators that never give the right message haha). She just has a differing opinion. She probably is fuming more at the stereotypical Americans who’ve shown grotesque ignorance (we both know how many there are). I’m not sure of how much you can generalize this population. But it certainly isn’t as small as we wish it were.

    Seriously, in America, you’ll hear millions of people say ”But that is what the constitution says” to a thing like gun rights. Even if a nut like that guy in Arizona shot a congressman and a bunch of other people or a man in Florida shot a judge and others in a courthouse. It isn’t a coincidence that these rampages occur more in America than other countries. People here say they should have the right to defend themselves. Yet they don’t realize it’d be easier for the criminal to get the gun. They naively believe they’d manage to get it another way. Yet this isn’t the case. Americans would rather make excuses and leave things as are so a couple generations a well over due decision can take place. Their is a lot of fair criticism Americans deserve and we Americans should be the first to critique this.

    ”Same thing with “the USA being the fattest nation” because regardless of the fact that this country ranks number one in that matter, the majority of the population is NOT that fat.”

    Well, actually, those couple of small island nations out in the Pacific I mentioned actually are fatter. But the difference is they see it as a sign of beauty out there and countries that small will just go under people’s radar. Generally speaking though, the US is fatter than equally wealthy countries with the same sources and abundances for food. One would have to be blind to not realize the French (as an example) have much less obesity.

    Quite simply, I just think most people here don’t give a sh*t. A lot of people say ”As long as I’m not fat to the point it’ll harm my health, why should I bother losing it?” Than people call you shallow when you don’t put these people at the top of your dating list. People either have bad habits and just won’t exercise. It’s only going to get worse so it is better to remind people about it than ignore it. Like I said though, obesity does exist in other parts in the world (and sometimes to not much smaller degrees, especially in the Anglosphere which may tell you something about cultural acceptances or cuisines that lead to obesity). Obesity in those countries (including Brazil) is rising too.

    Even if people did everything they could, it is still going to rise. You need the will of the people to keep it in check. There are even many health risks for lower level obesity. I’d like to think the biggest reason people wouldn’t want to get to that point would be physical attractiveness though.

    ”KATHY is like having a debate in high school with that girl who call you names, and then she has nothing important to say she goes “I won’t lower myself to calling you anything, after she has done a few times.”

    Since when do they call it high school in Brazil? lol Are you secretly American?

  • Tom

    Glad to see you made up haha

  • Daniel

    As a South American Guy living in the United States I would have to say that girls in South America are sometimes frighten to “ice bergs” so beeing a little bit easygoing ,openhearted could amplify your hunts!;)

    Also don’t be the typical gringo that looks like retarded acting like if he is amazing and acting in a very immature way ( if you want really hot ones) Also unless you look like a SouthAmerican Model or let say Brat pitt try to show sophistication and respect, people here tend to think many Americans are stupid so that would be a great help(just youtube keywords: Americans are stupid) so thats it I guess easygoing lightaura gringos are very welcomed !

    oohhhh and dont forget to burn up that big bellys and look healty (not nesesarrily skinny but healthy)…. if you know what the word speedo means xD

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @TOM ( still we not friends) But yes by calling KATHY names I was doing the same thing I was critising her for it. SO I Apologise KATHY.

    And no TOM I’m not american, high school is high school. Is not an american invetion :’) . And I don’t even know where in South America KATHY is from but yea two South American chics speaking in English to each other is bit weird ( not really hahah) Anyway has been a pleasure.

    @TOM xx

    @KATHY x

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    heheheh! I like anonymous. I saw a red bird :)

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    vous êtes les bienvenus un chic. désolé pour la réponse tardive.
    je suis la personne internationaux Je m’en tiens donc à d’autres pays

    does anyone know how to say moi moi or what it means in suomi (finnish language)

  • Tom

    A chic – I still think we’re getting closer to being friends 😉 A lot of people in other countries call it secondary instead of high. Head master instead of principal in England. I can name you dozens of words that have the same meaning. Generally speaking, the English people off of North America learn grammatically leans British (speaking leans American/Canadian, but depends where you are are).

    I’d guess she is from a Spanish speaking South American country. Otherwise, if she were a fellow Brazilian lady, why wouldn’t she have just said she is Brazilian? lol

    TV shows do that sort of thing all the time. You’ll hear about the guy from America who ”moved to Europe.” Like I remember hearing them say that it’s in a wonderful life. Where in freaking Europe? haha At least if you say America there isn’t much difference between Pennsylvania and Michigan.

    Not sure how to pronounce that in French although I know it is nothing like in French :) Hopefully I’ll go there one day and find out (although not in January).

  • Cam

    Wow, I love brazilian girls and everything but I think people have misunderstood them big time here. It’s just their life style to be friendly and if they kiss you when you have only known them for a short period of time it doesn’t make them a slut and just because they kissed you it doesn’t mean they like you, nor will they sleep with you.

  • FuzzyWuzzy

    he has experience let him talk 😀

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @CAM Thank you, you said everything I been trying to say all along.

    @TOM ( fine we can be friends :p ) Yes yes, you do have a point in certain places like NZ and Aussie they use different terms. Well back in Brazil we use High School.

    @FUZZYWUZZY I think you right, TOM has way to much experience. I think TOM might be around 140 at this stage. Is good to have such vintage mind around ahhahahahahah ( SORRY TOM just teasing )

  • Leo

    Tom, you are so fucking wrong, Brazilian girls are normal ones, bitches, conservative, but the americans are waaaaaaay easier, and you, the guys paying attention to Tom, he is a dumbass

  • Tom

    Leo – Have you even read everything or most of what I’ve wrote? Or have you read one or two select messages and taken it out of context? I suggest you re-read everything I’ve written or at least quote what you think is wrong. I didn’t say American women were that hard. I just said they are extremely manipulative and are impossible to make happy. It’s like they are nurtured to have a narcissistic belief to believe men are ”heart breakers who play games.” Many women here give men an impartial chance. Ask American men what they think of women. The most common thing you’ll here is ”They are psychos.” The only reason why so many women eventually give into the men is because so many of them are fat or don’t keep up their image that men wouldn’t go for them if they didn’t ease down.

    Are American girls easy to get in bed? Easier than some countries. Harder than others. Within the western world (North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Israel, part of South Africa), they lean toward harder to get in bed. For two reasons. One, the men are less aggressive on the overweight girls and too many men go for a smaller pool of women. Two, because some women still trying playing the religious non-sense. The reason I say it is non-sense is because most people who say they are religious here wind up having sex in their mid-to-late teens. Most people do. Many people here are protecting to their identity because they don’t want to be judged by a segment of the population that’d look at them immorally. They just don’t realize many of those people who are judging are hypocrites and that percentage isn’t as large as they think.

    A lot of American girls will sleep with you if you deal with all of their shit. Are you going to tell me there aren’t lots of Brazilian women who have the same want and need for sex?

    As Roosh has said in other articles, it is all about math. If an American goes to Brazil, he’ll see that there is a larger pool of thin/average sized attractive women. Even if he had to buy a few more girls extra drinks, he’d get to it. It doesn’t have to come quick. It may not come at all. In fact, even a moderately skilled talker isn’t bound to get laid in the first name more than 50% of the time with his ideal preference. Maybe if he lowers his bar and tries even more. If that is a person’s strategy, that is why math matters. Not country.

  • A Chic who thinks your a Jerk

    @LEO – First of all, you should read the whole page before you going around attacking TOM. He didn’t write the article some other guy did ( We still aren’t friends TOM, but I will defend you).

    Second of all, in case you haven’t noticed TOM’s comments he’s rather intelligent ( still no friends TOM :’) ) so I think you should realise that your own comment, only reflects on you really. And no honey, I’m not an American Chic . I’m Brazilian :’).

  • CAS

    Hallo all. Oh my, had a great time reading here. BraSil has semi-tropical climate (sorry my poor English) and ppl from tropical or semi-tropical countries do love to flirt. It is almost a sport, a way to have fun and to make new friends, sure it can to end in the bedroom. wow, i almost got the idea that sex is a male prerogative!!!! Take good care of yourself all of you. Truly enjoyed the reading here.

  • Anonymous

    you’re an asshole, that’s what you are. don’t think you can write a book about how to fuck braziliann girls because you can’t.

    your website should be removed from the internet, it’s just sad that you look so pretensious

  • Tom

    He didn’t write a book though. Just an article. If you tell him don’t think you can write that, you’ll just give him motivation to write another lol No one has the authority to remove anything from the internet. The internet isn’t owned or controlled by one person. The best they can do is block their own country from seeing that. Just relax. It isn’t like he has much good to say about women in his own country. He said they are fat, have no social skills and play too many head games. At least he compliments Brazilian women on being more concerned about their image (Other people may find that subjective but I’d say it is obvious)

  • Tom

    To say they are 50% easier though? Come on. Regardless, whether anyone wants to admit or not, not knowing Portuguese is a killer there. It is rude to impose English and useless to impose it on people who simply can’t speak it. The question is how many people know Portuguese out of Brazil? Not a whole lot. Some of the guys who go to Rio wind up banging a fellow foreign chick who isn’t even from Brazil. It still is pretty easy to find a hot chick in places that have lots of young college students.

  • Sandra

    Americans are so stupid…

  • Tom

    What country doesn’t have stupid people? I just spoke to someone born and raised in Flanders who kept insisting to me that the majority of residents in Brussels are NATIVE English speakers. Yet 63.7% of the city was Belgian born. I suppose I should call everyone in Belgium stupid because of this one idiot? Maybe she lied about being fluent in English (all too common in this world, although generally not really from the Flemish) and didn’t understand the question.

  • Tom

    Do you see the irrationality with that though? 310 million people… Lots of idiots and smart people here. Duh.

  • Mila

    You’re a sucker gringo who knows absolutely NOTHING about Brazil
    or about cariocas, I think you should live here at least a year to get real and get out of your little nerdy American stereotypes, I’m from Rio and my friends would be scared and disgusted with you because you seem kinda desperate and sounds like a rapist or something.God,i’m disgusted! Argh

  • Lizzie

    Just for the record. I am brazilian, neves been a slut, in fact far away from that… I only had one guy , my husband, which is american. Ita. True that brazilian giros have a “thng” for american guys .. But because you guys are Fucking hot! And yes we may soube like “easy” but most of us -higher class, and white, with good education and college degree… Are pretty smart.. And wont let any stupid in our pants. If u feel that girls from rio are easy, kinky and slurry, you probably looking to those slum girls, that have no self respect and no education… They sleep with Anyone, multiple guys… Rio slums are well know for that… Go to a higher class neighborhood and you’ll be jaw dropped at how well taken care the girls are there.. Waxed, manicured, hair done, tiny, tan and tall.. My husband got lucky, he has a faithful wife that is all of that with a higher libido. …. Yes we like Sex… But with affection.. If u going to a fast fuck,,, then go to the slums and bring a condom and money… In addition to that, the girls from the country are very conservative …read :me. rio and other towns at the coast of brazil are well know for slutty girls… Beautiful woman are in the south of brazil where they are mostly white and in central brazil where they are tan and tall. Now north of brazil they are all ugly… And girls from Minas are ugly as well , short and curly hair… Based on colonization facts the north and coast have a lot African descendants… Middle of the country is more like native descendants, and south more like european descendants… In my opinion girls from goias are the most beautiful ones, but my judgement is if you ever get with a Brazilian, hell prevail over you, we are not needy, we don’t care about money, and we are sweet and not bitchy as most American woman are… We dint need a 15 k wedding … In brazil as long as you live together that is enough ,… You married… Yes like animals.. Once we truly mated and got bedded … That is all… But you get better handle of the girl… We Do like Sex.. A lot… And kisses.. A little kiss can turn us on.. And we don’t waste time.. Kisses in brazil are like a conquest… High school girls like to kiss and make out.. But most don’t lose virginity at the prom like here. We lose with love no matter who it is.. Then after that is all game.. In my case .. I got lucky… I tear my poor husband apart… Have u ever had a woman ask you for sex? We do…

  • Lizzie

    Ps: my computer automatically changes some words.. I know how to write but apartment not how to type.

  • Mark

    Lizzie, in some way I agree with you… MOSTLY of slum girls are trashy and easy NOT All , some of them live there for no other option… True is rare.. And due to their companions and friendships, life style they will end up as being portrayed as the ” Brazilian girls are hot and easy tone picked up”… My wife as you seem to be a lot conservative ” for a Brazilian” girl and she hates that men think All Brazilian girls are the same, but I have to say, you girls conservative or not do have a higher libido and how….she did say once .. That young girls are flirtatious and have this type of conquest about making out thought. Have to say: once had a Brazilian I will never go back to any other..

  • Laura

    Ok, I’m Brazilian, and I’ve been living in the US for over 15 years now. I’m married to an American Citizen and we have a 9 year old son.

    When comparing, Brazilians are less uptight people, specially when it comes to show skin. Brazilian girls will walk in the beach with smaller bikinis, for example. Exposed boobs in Carnaval is not such a big deal. Brazilian people will make out quicker. But all that doesn’t translate in easier girls, and ready to move to the bedroom. Not at all. If anything, I think American girls are easier in that department than Brazilian girls. Brazilians are raised in more traditional environment, and family values are very strong. Girls will live with their parents until they get married, moving together with the boyfriend is still a big no-no, to give an idea. So, guys, don’t expect to go to Brazil and be getting laid every other night. You will be very disappointed.

  • http://[email protected]Ú DEMONIO DO ESPAÇO


  • Tom

    Lizzie – I appreciate hearing your perspective. I believe much of what you say is subjective though. American men hot? I take it as a compliment. But I don’t think the bellies on loads of our men would even impress desperate ”slum” girls there. Maybe the Americans who go there are selective? Early-to-mid 20’s + male = better change to be in shape, white = more ”exotic” to Brazilian women (especially non-white or multiracial Brazilian women) and perhaps more iconic to economic success and stability (certainly not always true though). Naturally this means young white American men who are at least moderately attracted and educated are more geared to looking for girls overseas. In all honesty though, so few Americans do this that the selective few who do may even be more of a commodity.

    Think about it. Everything is about the context of how you’re received. Everyone has seen the guy in his 40’s or 50’s with some money and stability who thinks he can treat a lady 10-20 years younger than him. That isn’t love and attraction. It is about sex for the men and stability for the women. The women may psychologically gear themselves into believing it is attractive. They’ll know the passion in their relationship dies quick though.

    There are no South American women (especially attractive, educated ones) desperate for American, European or wealthy men. Even if they like them. Latin America is not a poor region. And if the women want white men – they have them in their own country (even if less of them).

    I wanted to touch on the subjective part though. First of all, you said: ”Beautiful woman are in the south of brazil where they are mostly white and in central brazil where they are tan and tall.” How or why does this make them more beautiful? Maybe this is your opinion. Maybe you are bias. I don’t know. Regardless, everyone is entitled to their own view. As an attractive white American guy with green eyes in my early-20’s, I’m just not that physically interested in white women (although I’d admit white Latin women do have more sexy style than white American women). Still, I find it more attractive to be with a women with a darker complexion. Either black or a brown (”pardo”) multiracial look. Maybe it is psychological. Maybe being with a white women (regardless of what country they are from) isn’t as ”interesting” since neither of us are physically or socially categorized differently. I really don’t know why. That is what I’ve been attracted to since I was an early-teen though :)

    ”Now north of brazil they are all ugly… And girls from Minas are ugly as well”

    I think it is safe to say you’ll be hard pressed to find ”ugliness” as in a generalization of women any where in your continent. I’m saying that from an American male’s perspective, anyway. Maybe I’ll hit the few ugly towns lol South America or central America having unattractive women though? Come on now. Don’t be afraid to jump off your high pedestal a little.

    ”short and curly hair”

    Curly hair is sexy! So is straight.

    ”Based on colonization facts the north and coast have a lot African descendants… Middle of the country is more like native descendants, and south more like european descendants…”

    Each part of the country is mixed in some capacity. As you know, many people from poorer parts of the country migrate to cities like Sao Paolo which create big mixes. Close to the majority of Brazilians in all regions are multiracial. Generalizing central Brazil to be predominantly indigenous would be a big stretch. Once again, most people there are multiracial.

    ”we are not needy, we don’t care about money, and we are sweet and not bitchy as most American woman are”

    All women are needy (well, emotionally). Good one with the money lol Your country is as capitalist as our’s. Bitchy? Yeah, I’ll give you that one. I’d say American women are more annoying than anything else (except for obese, but that isn’t a personality trait).

    ”We dint need a 15 k wedding”

    Depends on who you ask. That depends on class here in America too. It is becoming useless here since the majority of marriages end in divorce. So that is probably more a stereotype than anything else.

    ”Have u ever had a woman ask you for sex? We do…”

    Yes lol It’ll happen if you’re good at it. If you are real good though you’ll know her timing and she won’t even need to ask.

    You live in the US now? And where’d you meet your husband? At home or here?

  • Tom

    Kind of like some American girls though, I always do get a chuckle when South American girls (and especially Brazilians!) say they are ”conservative” girls. Once they mention, Catholicism, I definitely laugh. You with your kisses, hugs, intimacy and all. Not necessarily sex. But so ”conservative.” Really? Is this just a title of bullsh*t? See, Latin American men have Latin American women good. They actually can convince them that they only believe women can be ”saints” or ”whores”. Good one lol Most women end up right in between and we all know it. Maybe the fact most American and European are looser and don’t try that crap of you makes you feel like you have more liberty with us.

  • Tom

    ”Girls will live with their parents until they get married, moving together with the boyfriend is still a big no-no, to give an idea”

    Laura – That is changing. That depends on what part of Brazil you’re in too. Brazilian women aren’t Catholic school girls. Well, not all. And even though who are probably going to be a little naughtier lol Brazil has a lot of the same problems we do. Divorce, abuse, ect.

    If someone wants to get laid, they will. It won’t come as easy in Brazil as they’d wish it to be. It is kind of like the idiot immigrant who comes to America actually believing the words ”American dream.” Once they get into the rhythm of every day life here, they realize it isn’t as cooked up as it is to be. Your success here is all a matter of where you come from, what your education level is, your proficiency in English, ect. It’s the same thing in Brazil (except with Portuguese).

    Americans, Brazilians, aren’t as different as they’d like to believe. We have somewhat different ideas for how sexuality is shown. But the end results don’t vary as much as people would like to believe.

  • Serious?

    ROOSHV – I just found your Blog by accident and I have to say: very entertaining. Im almost sure that you intentionally exaggerate most of your posts —
    especially the ones that are extremely xenophobic and chauvinistic, why in the world would anybody act like that with women or whole nations — and then laugh about the guys who take it too serious! Otherwise you must have had a very tough childhood.
    To the people who commented – you really have to get a life! Seriously! Some of the stuff I read is just ridiculous…

  • Serious?

    Edit: MOST of the stuff I read is just ridiculous

  • Tom

    Roosh couldn’t have written everything to be taken literally. Not to say that all of it should be dismissed. But he wants to help give men more confidence when going abroad. We all know that people travel looking to get wasted and laid. It’s just a fine print of modern culture. Especially western culture like America, Brazil, Europe. There are Brazilian men doing the same thing going to other countries! Roosh probably laughs at people who get insulted by this. Honestly, I’d laugh anyone getting offended by a blog period. Unless someone is directing going after to me, it is hard to offend me altogether. It isn’t like he is an author or professor though. He is just a guy like the rest of us. You are reading his opinions. Not facts. And people want to get upset with that? That is just stupid. If I were Brazilian and put all the hard work into learning English, I wouldn’t waste those skills by clicking on opinion blogs on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    seus gringos de merda!!!!!! vem pra soth america pensando em foder….. voces merecem uma AIDS – SIDA….. pensam que o mundo é para sua diversao????? aqui tem gente que pensa e esta te esperando pra fazer voces de trouxa.. asss roll

  • uxhfhbjuvdi

    the person who wrote this is an idiot

  • Kt

    yep, brazilian women are whores. They have no brains and all they wanna do is show their bodies. They travel abroad and think every “gringo” wants to sleep with them and adore them. WRONG. Whores, slutiest girls in the world, stay away from them.

  • Sean

    I hate to say it but they do have kind of an ego and think that all the men in the room want them just because they are from Brazil. That makes them unappealing. There are girls from other countries who are just as pretty and sexy but they carry themselves better, not relying on their body image for everything. I’m not saying that every brazilian girl is like that but from what I’ve seen, that’s how majority of them seem to be – at least the ones I’ve had contact with in the US.

  • debora

    You have to remember that Rio is totally different. I mean, Brazil is huge and there are lots of cultures. If girls from Rio are whores, don’t think all the girls from Brazil are like that.

  • Tom

    I had a hard time distinguishing if kt was trying to be sarcastically obnoxious or if he was actually serious. Doesn’t the word gringo have something to do with being a foreigner? It’d be rude to call someone that if you aren’t in your own country. Honestly though, most Brazilian girls don’t go overseas. Most people in rural Brazil probably don’t own a passport or couldn’t afford to frequently travel internationally.

    People just need to stop with these stupid generalizations. No ethnicity of women are saints or sluts. Women will be as sexually open or as closed as their societies allow them to be. If fucking random people in America, Brazil or Norway as a late-teen is accepted, women will do it. If women are prohibited from doing this in Muslim countries, they won’t do this. Or much less.

    I really don’t care how much Brazilian women do or don’t sleep with men. I already know what the answer is and the answer is it is similar to Americans. What I get more annoyed at is when Brazilian or Latin men in general expect their women to be saints or not sexual hunters, when they pride themselves on their chauvinism. Guess what men. You got to be hunting a women when you’re being ”machistas” and it’s someone elses daughter or sister. So don’t go around being a bunch of naive fools.

    Honestly though, I think Latin men come to realize this. Especially the younger generation. This is a very sexual generation throughout the whole west. America, Brazil, England. It doesn’t matter where.

    The only other thing that annoys me is the whole ”I’m a devout or religious Catholic bullshit”. Seriously, it gets old. If you are going around fucking a girl you aren’t married to, why bother going to confession? You may as well taking a piss on your priest.

    The people I love the most in this world are those who tell it how it is, live by it and don’t conform to anyone elses bullshit.

  • http://n Laís

    this post was ridiculous, woman or Brazilian women are not objects (although some behave as such)

  • Aline

    It tells me a LOT about a guy when he has to have a book on ‘how to pick up women’. Really? American guys would become professional paratroopers; the best at what they do as Soldiers, Rangers and Special ops, cops and all kinds of life-threatening jobs, even speak in public but they would die before they have to approach a woman.

    It also tells me a lot about people who need to go on vacation to get laid… Really? Americans are either prudish or slutty; they cannot find a comfortable ‘medium’. So, sex, is a BIG deal to them. They generaly give a lot emphasis to sex. Because they do not have it. But yet, they have a problem with nudity, go figure. Pedophelia anyone? Incest? Check official records of the highest incidence of pedophelia and incest in the world: USA is top notch in the western world. They love flaunting it in their media as well, as if it is some sort of accomplishment. Americans are very much sexually deprived hence the need to go to a place where they can get it now!

    In any event. Major centers in Brazil (Rio, SP, Recife and even Florianopolis) became gentrified to welcome foreigners that are just looking into getting ‘laid’ since the 90’s and the advent of the internet. The caliber of Brazilians who frequent such places are there for a few things: find involuntary organ donors (yes, it still exists); human trafficking, steal $$$ by either having being spent on them or by robbing it; and finally, a potential green card. One would be amazed at what Brazilians would do for money. Not a lot of money but more than they can muster by working honestly. Americans are naively unaware of such. They confuse being sexually liberated with being sexually liberal. They think that ALL Brazilians are sexually liberated because they visited a cesspool of tricksters as well as tourit traps. Where do you think escolas de samba take the money to pay for all that spectacular Carnaval Show? Escolas de samba are headquatered in favelas. They steal the money from you naive tourists (thank you very much) and they sell drugs, to name a few money gathering activities that are notorious in Brazil.

    I gather that if getting laid only is the norm it does not matter who you lay with cuz it ain’t like these caliber of guys are going for a relationship, right? I get it. I am sure however, you are not going all the way to Brazil to have your kidney taken. So buyers beware.

    As a middle class Brazilian female; I had lots of fun growing up in Brazil, being able to kiss a guy and have no strings attached. Not feeling ‘obligated’ to sleep with anyone. I lived in Europe, Asia and finally the U.S. The U.S. is the only place where no flirting exists unless there’s alcohol involved. People do not mingle. Guys/gals marry their high school sweethearts with little to no ‘dating’ experience (something unimaginable for middle class Brazilians who value experience before marriage), there is no physical contact amongst friends, monolinguism is the norm, alienation is normal and they call themselves a ‘melting pot’ when they are actually a tossed salad. The U.S. is the kind of place where guys would not look at me twice but yet when I’m in Europe they get all courageous and managed to want to talk to me. In the U.S. guys have all these ‘rules’ of approach for females but yet they fail misearably at them. Hence American girls do the job for them by being aggressive and some become promiscuous. Once in a relationship, guys have all these rules to interact and maintain a girl so that they can continue to get laid, hence the ‘games’ start. In Brazil, I feel that middle class girls that have an upbringing, like guys for what they are and not what they have. In Brazil there is no ‘dating’ there is ‘namorar’ which means we already established a level of physical intimacy and it is alright to go ‘steady’. Whereas in the US there are all kinds of confusing rules of what dating really means. There is also a misconception that originated with the surge of Brazilian models who became known worldwide: They represent a very small segment of Brazil. The majority of Brazilian girls are not like Giselle, Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart and Isabeli Fontana. So I would manage my expectations with Brazilian Girls looks before visiting Brazil for the first time. The Giseles, Adrianas and Alessandra Ambrosios of Brazil do not want to get laid just because they met a gringo, they are the middle class girls who most likely are looking for a relationship. They might kiss you for bragging rights, but they will not have sex with you. IF you want to experience life in Brazil just go to live there for a year or two. Go to different cities so that you would have a better gage of how the culture is. Another caveat. Brazilian guys are aggressive and expected to pursue females whereas Americans are usually not. Brazilian guys can be very attractive as well and act much quicker than Americans. IF you go to Brazil during Carnaval there is really no need to act like a gentleman and have ‘game’. American ‘game’ is a bunch of rehearsed cheesy lines American guys put together to ‘get’ women. Women are not viruses, you dont ‘get’ them. Please, in Brazil, if you want a girl just come up to her, offer a drink or say HI and BE YOURSELF. During Carnaval parties all bets are off cuz no one cares, so you can for the kill and most likely will be welcomed. Brazil is a country that values youth. If you’re over 28 and look it you’re probably too old and will fall into the call girl, favelada and transgender trap. But again, if you dont care, hey, the gloves are off, I guess.

    I would say however, Braziliam women take more pride on their looks and shape than the average American woman does. Obesity and even being slightly overweight ‘gordinho(a)’ in Brazil is frowned upon. So if you are out of shape, pale and squared-ass like the typical white american dude be prepared to get laid with call girls, ‘faveladas’ and even transgenders you would not be able to detect considering American arrogance and ‘infinite wisdom’. If the foreigner is just looking into getting laid; and nothing else, sure by all means go ahead and read the books.

    But as it was said here by another poster, if you do not manage to get laid in your own country, chances are you will not anywhere else. Oh I forget Asia. If you want to get laid really easily go to Korea, Japan, Thailand and Philipines. Regular Asian girls would take any fat, ugly, smelly american or european (as long as you’re caucasian in Korea and anyone in Japan) and they will have sex with them.

    Good Luck and please keep on spending!

  • Ed

    Brazil incest is not a crime over 14 so how would it be measured?
    In the USA incest is generally prohibited.

    NEW ZEALAND has the highest incidence of incest. Get your ‘facts’ straight.

    Incest: Highest incidence

    Incest, evoking a variety of taboo responses, is condemned equally in primitive and advanced societies. International incidences have been reported as high as five per million population per year, and isolated pockets within a nation have been even higher, i.e. seven per million in the State of Washington. New Zealand has the record with a figure of nine per million population per year.

    In Brazil, incest is considered any kind of sexual interaction between two blood related humans being. It has no criminal punishment if the involved are over the age of 14, capable of acting upon their legal rights, and that consent means that the relationship is absent of any kind of coercion or fraud. An uncle or aunt is allowed to have a relationship with a nephew or niece provided that they have a health check. [7]

    United States

    In the United States, every state and the District of Columbia have some form of codified incest prohibition.[27] However, individual statutes vary widely. Rhode Island repealed its criminal incest statute in 1989[27], Ohio only targets parental figures[27], and New Jersey does not apply any penalties when both parties are 18 years of age or older.[27] Massachusetts issues a penalty of up to 20 years’ imprisonment for those engaging in sexual activities with relatives closer than first cousins[27] and Hawaii up to 5 years in jail for “sexual penetration” with certain blood relatives and in-laws.[27]

  • Tom

    Actually Aline, most Americans aren’t in the military, so most of us wouldn’t be willing to put ourselves in life-threatening positions. We don’t have a draft and haven’t had one for almost 40 years. If they ever reinstated it, so many people would be dishonorably discharged for not showing up, that they’d have to revoke it. So if 1-2% of the US are soldiers. I’d say it is safe that more than 1-2% is ”suave” enough to pick up a girl. Well, in America, at least.

    Most Americans don’t go on vacation to get laid and even those who do just go to areas where Americans dominate the population most of the time. Cancun. The Caribbean. Why even leave the US? Americans who go to Brazil are brave. Those who sexually succeed are either culturally adaptive to their environment much more than the average environment or their using their wallet to get sex. Brazil is not Norway. Few people in Brazil no English and the average ”Favela” girl probably couldn’t count to ten in English so the stereotypical American is highly limited in just about any situation they can’t get with flashing cash.

    This is why Americans don’t travel much. Certainly not to Brazil. Of course since we’re a highly populated country it’ll appear as though we’re everywhere. But we’re really not. Most Americans don’t have a passport and won’t get it. No one seems to like taking any of this information into account. People act like American men actually are significantly going overseas to try to get laid. They aren’t.

    Plenty of Americans are right in-between. Yes, some Americans are either prudish or some weirdo born-again Christian. They aren’t traveling overseas for sex. Those are the people who lose it if they did a women breast feeding in public. What country doesn’t have sexually inactive people? I keep hearing the ”Brazilian women are conservative rhetoric”. Really? How many? People have to make proportional sense out of their statements. Most Brazilian women are in the in between territory just like most other western countries. Only select girls are slutty. I’d say American and Canadian women in general struggle to communicate romantically though. At least compared to South Americans. Maybe it is because of the men. South American women are used to more romantically aggressive men. North American men are more laid back.

    I am not sure where your index for pedophilia and incest is. By the way, there is a lot of manipulation with the definition ”western world” that seems for some to conveniently exclude Latin America and the West Indies (even though they never give counter alternatives or explain why the cultural traits are practically identical). I’d have to think that throughout the entire western hemisphere, plus Europe, Israel, Australia and New Zealand, that the US may not rank as the top for those. In fact, unfortunately, Catholic priests seem to make up a decent amount of the cases of pedophilia. Most Latin Americans and Brazilians are Catholic. This issue with the church is certainly not limited to the US.

    The American media loves to mock America. Don’t ask why. It’s just a thing about us. It is like a form of entertainment here to ridicule ourselves. That is what Family Guy, the Simpsons and all those Fox shows do every week.

    According to the textbook in an immigration class I’m taking at the university, only 200,000 Brazilian-born people live in the US, which is very low. Unless you’re in an area where there are Brazilians like part of Essex County New Jersey or south Florida, it is almost impossible to meet a Brazilian here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a similar amount of people arriving to Brazil as people leaving Brazil. It’d make sense being a high-end developing country with high population growth. There are some more Brazilians in Portugal, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, among other countries, but respective to the Brazilian population, few go overseas. Not much more than Americans, if anything.

    You speak about the drug trade and prostitution in Brazil. Yet this is a major problem here too. And throughout many parts of the world. The truth is most Brazilians, regardless of the city, aren’t involving themselves in these illegal behaviors, and most probably won’t ever even run into an American. I’m sure the number of people who get their kidneys taken is statistically insignificant. Most tourists who go to Brazil from anywhere stay in nice hotels and are smart enough not to navigate through shitty areas. And even when they do it is usually in areas that are very public and have cops (ex. beaches).

    I love how people just assume all Americans are loaded though. With no regard to the recession that is going on our country. It’s like we can complain all we want about our unemployment, large disparity of wealth (which is close to Brazil, actually) and no health care, but you’ll think we have the money for an expensive flight, a respectable hotel, taking people out to dinner, ect. Don’t people realize most Americans don’t have this kind of money? Most of us don’t even get off a reasonable amount of vacation from our jobs. Most college students really don’t have this kind of money. A lot of the Americans you are seeing probably have more money than the average one of us.

    You say the US is the only place where flirting doesn’t exist without alcohol? No, that’s not true. I’d say that is more true to step two or three to flirting (ex. making out). Americans really aren’t that much different than Anglo-Canadians or Britons or the Irish. Actually, a lot of native English speakers have the same traits. Our other west and north Germanic cousins are a bit more liberated sexually. But they are no different to the criticism people from Latin European / Latin American countries. They always call all of us cold or think we are until they know us because we aren’t as flirty and expressive.

    The average age of marriage in the US is late-20’s. Most Americans who marry their high school sweetheart are from small towns. Legit small towns too. Not like a suburb 15 minutes from Chicago. More like the middle of no where in Tennessee. Once again, most Americans have sex before marriage. And I’d say the fact we have such a high rate of teen pregnancy shows that to be pretty evident. In America, we have people who are honest about their sexuality and than people who act ashamed of what they’ve done. The problem who act ashamed usually come from more religious parts of the country.

    Yes, there is little contact among friends. That goes along with other Anglo countries. Monolinguism is the norm? To a lesser degree, the same statement is true to other Anglo countries. Take into account though we do have a large Spanish speaking population. Although most Americans who do speak it are from ethnic groups that speak it, there are a decent amount of people along the Mexican border who can speak some. Remember that we have the Amish, Cajuns, Hasidic Jews, American Indians, Alaskan natives, among other groups, who speak their own languages, along with English. In fairness though, most people in Brazil (even in cities) are monolingual. Yes, they might know little fragments of English, Spanish, French or some combination, but this usually isn’t competent enough to handle a functional conversation. In India, the people who know English are educated. In Brazil, the people who know English are very educated. And not even all of them know it. Nor Spanish. More people along the borders know Spanish for geographical reasons though.

    I’m not sure if this statement makes sense. But the US is both a melting pot and not a melting mot. What I mean by that is with the exception of select groups like the Amish, all of white Americans have a consolidated identity. The only people who are an exception to this are recent eastern European and white Latin American immigrants and perhaps their second or third generation. Even most Jewish Americans aren’t culturally identifiable within whites. Although very similar to the mainstream, black Americans have their own cultural identity too. Recent immigrants descendants selectively acculturate. The pattern seems as though Asians acculturate/assimilate well because most are educated. Due to having more cultural similarities (ex. Christianity, Latin alphabet, lots of the same words), Latin Americans due acculturate. The US does a much better job at assimilating Muslims than Europe (but that is because we really only take the most educated and they usually are not from North Africa).

    I think it’d be useful for everyone to know how immigration to the US works. You may already know this. 65% of our immigrants come as family sponsored. 15% are professional / advanced degrees. 15% are refugees/asylees. Students don’t count. The rest of the 5% is other. A little bit of grants to non-traditional countries, retirees (especially from Canada) and foreign military workers. Some wealthy international companies have these visas too (ex. Bank of America).

    The only people who can sponsor someone is a parent, sibling, spouse or child. No one else. Before 1980, the US had no restrictions on immigrants from the western hemisphere. Between 1924 and 1965, the US virtually banned all immigrants from Europe and Asia. Because Latin Americans and West Indians have come throughout the mid-to-late twentieth century, they have the highest rates of continued available family sponsorships.

    This means that if you’re from western Europe, a non-traditional US immigrant receiving group like Brazil, Africa or Asia, the only way you’re getting in is either have a 6 year degree, a skill Americans don’t have enough of (technicians, engineers, doctors), or if you’re lucky/unlucky enough to be refugees (eastern Europeans, Cubans, some Haitians depending on era, Vietnamese, ect). You typically had to be a Communist country or one that had US intervention to be let in. That is why there are virtually no refugees from Rwanda here. America’s system is good for those who fit the structure. It is really against those who aren’t. America’s structure is set up to take westerners or the most liberal of Asians and Muslims, so this is a selected acculturation process. And I highly doubt this system is in place by accident. So we really aren’t a melting pot. Not anymore than Brazil, anyway. If anything, the higher racial admixture rate says that Brazilians are more involved with each other. Although the are racially related economic disparities, the diversity is more inclusive.

    I’m really not aware of Brazil’s immigration policies. I’d imagine it is strict (although it may be unreasonable to expect those to know Portuguese before arrival). I say this because very little of Brazil’s population is foreign born. And even wealthy major cities like Sao Paolo are still mostly Brazilian born (as opposed to NYC, LA, Miami). So being able to live in Brazil for a year or two isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people don’t have the patience for that. The conversion rate back into the US also isn’t that favorable. By the way, only about 2/3 of Americans are white and white Latin Americans who know Spanish will pick up on Portuguese quicker.

    I appreciate your insight. You’ve lived all over the world which is remarkable and cool. You lost a little bit of your credibility with what you said about Korean or Japanese girls. European girls are obviously diverse too and that’ll vary. Some are more easy going that others. I don’t think a fat, ugly, smelly American, is going to do well in Japan. The Japanese got more money than Americans and most of them don’t know English (their education is more geared toward technology).

  • Tom

    Compared to most of the world, incest is not really a problem in the US or Brazil. These aren’t the kinds of countries where people marry within first or second cousins to contain wealth. We’re also two very populated countries so there are so many people to pick from. I’d guarantee New Zealand doesn’t have the most incest. However, I can tell you that developed countries are more likely to statistically keep track of this sort of things. There is a thin line of what is considered incest, anyway. In the US, it is anything up to a 3rd cousin. 4th cousins are legal to marry. I’m sure that people have had sex with first cousins and even siblings before and gotten away with it almost every time though. Don’t they have a law in Sweden that allows for half-brothers or half-sisters to marry? I’m not really sure what the benefit to that is or what they do to discourage the couples from having children. But it is an interesting thought. That kind of thing would never become legal in the US. Certainly not with all the right wing Christian weirdos these days. They are down to one abortion clinic in the entire state of South Dakota now because of them and they require a women to go through 3 days of talking to psychologists before being allowed to get it.

  • Anonymous

    I am brazilian and Aline is completely right, brazilian woman are not hores, the only thing is that our culture allows more things that old-fashioned gringo might find weird

    Boa Aline!!

  • Julia

    You are absolutely pathetic. You and your followers. Who needs a guide to pick up women? It sounds like a joke. Actually, you are making a joke out of yourself. I feel very sorry that people like you need to rely on stereotypes to survive. Afterall, your thiking is completely distorted. My point is: there’s no such thing as “every brazilian girl is easy” the same way as there is no such thing as “every american is fat/obese”. Do you understand what I mean? I know your brain doesnt help much, but I tried to make it as simple as possible for you to grasp.
    Also, why would you write about something you dont know shit about? You are neither entitled to write about “picking up women” nor Brazil. You still think people there live in the woods, remember? You should dedicate some time trying to burst that bubble you live in because it’s taking you nowhere.

    Finally, I’d really appreciate that you never come to Latin America again. You don’t belong here and we don’t really want people like you here. You might as well shove these cheap articles of yours up your ass. Thanks.

  • Milk of Love

    Don’t bother with the whinny comments of some brazilians here, accusing you for being this or that without even reading what you have to say.

    I’m brazilian, too, from Belo Horizonte (yes, that huge ugly dirty crappy city where you managed to find some pretty although dumb and false commitment-seeker girls), and I found your conclusions remarkably precise for an usual “gringo” who had some life experience in this bittersweet tropical purgatory.

    I agree, though, that the argument of being automatically more attractive to the opposite sex while being in a different country (as long as you know how to speak the local language, have game and aren’t totally pointless about the local culture) has its foundations on truth. North american, european and even japanese and korean girls are in fact more likely to “put it out” when I, just an average guy, run some game on them than the brazilian girls.

  • I’m Brazilian.

    You all are ridiculous with this misconception about us, Brazilians.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Tom. He’s a typical liberal atheist/agnostic in his views and keeps on saying things I don’t like about the Catholic church and Christians in general (many of which I disagree or find to be untrue). I’m glad I have given up on guys like him.

  • Suelen

    I am a brazilian girl and I am totally pissed off with the things I just read!
    First of all, you know nothing about Brazil, if you knew you would come to South, where the most beautiful girls live. Don’t make all the girls from here look like girls from Rio or favelas, because we are not. I am from south, I am very well educated and it’s frustrating for me to read the stuff you wrote. We study and work hard and you come here and write these kind of things?
    Also, we are not easy, we don’t have sex as you said we do. We are passionate, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean we are whores and we will sleep with foreigners just because they are from another country. That’s pathetic for you to say.
    Brazil is beautiful and you should come to enjoy the country not to fuck around with favela girls and post stuff telling that ALL brazilians are like that.

  • Suelen

    One more thing, american girls pretend to do nothing! they don’t kiss, they don’t have sex and bla bla bla, but the truth is: they are the fucking crazy sluts, worse than anyone else.
    And everyone says that we, brazilians, are easy just because we kiss in the first date? That’s pathetic, AGAIN!

  • Tom

    I think Europeans girls are too broad to generalize. It is true more of them are sexually liberal than those in the Americas. But that all depends on country. I think people try simplifying things to explicitly religion or ”conservativeness”. Than if you ask for a definition of conservativeness, people just start out talking about religion. Things just are that simple though. Life would sure be easier if it were.

    Like I said before, the whole ”machistas” and chauvinistic stereotype of Latin American men means anything about being ”true Catholics” is absolute bullshit. Women don’t exclusively follow or expect to follow the roles and men do the opposite in an actually legitimately religious country or family. All it means is that they are Catholic in title and don’t practice the ideal values. Pretty much the story of predominantly Catholic countries worldwide.

    Americans can be peculiar because there are certain things that we do that get other westerners saying ”Why on earth do they do that?” Than there is bullshit we cut quite well (Thank you for all you Americans who didn’t give a shit about Prince William! lol You taught the media to learn about gearing advertising better. Attention to the tragic tornado victims in Alabama would have been more valuable).

    Honestly though, I think the point of being ”exotic” is what sticks out. You’re a Brazilian guy in Brazil. So you’re not out of the norm to Brazilian girls. Especially considering that your country’s foreign born rate is low. Being a ”gringo” (let’s say that means an English-speaking foreigner, usually white) is actually more exotic in Brazil than being Latin in America. Besides having a lot of Latin American immigrants here, we have a lot of culturally assimilated Latinos with generations in this country who have nothing Latin about them.
    But what some would call the ”exotic look” is still there. Even in the US, assuming the people are somewhat open minded, living in an area with less immigrants (ex. Montana) will seem more appealing to them.

    I can see why Brazilians (especially girls) think they’ve had their reputations bruised here. But I don’t think you can just say it is all the opposite. Roosh exaggerated. Not everything he said was a lie though.

  • Tom

    Well, hello Mr. Anonymous lol It would have helped if you gave a name in case you reply. I’m a typical liberal Atheist/Agnostic? Although I don’t appreciate the connotation, thank you. I don’t care if you don’t like me though. I’d rather you critique what I say. What in particular do you disagree with about Catholics or Christians?

    I actually come from a Catholic background. So this is not foreign to me. Anyway, I’m more concerned about people’s contradictions than their personal beliefs. Do you think I really care what you do or don’t believe in? :) I judge the content of someone’s character more on if they live up to their own word and beliefs. Don’t say you’re something you can’t commit to. Now how many people with Catholic background in 2011 do you think not wear a rubber or use some form of birth control? Probably 95%+. The only ones who don’t are people who don’t have sex and irresponsibile idiots who aren’t not wearing it for religious reasons. So is what I’m saying really that wrong?

    Most Christians live by the way of convenience. The only people who don’t are legitimately religious people. This rarely comes from mainstream Catholics. You only get that from new denominations (especially Evangelicals) and Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, some Seven-Day Adventists, ect. Catholicism and Orthodoxy are boring to most religious Christians. It’s all cultural traditions. It has nothing to do with religion.

    You gave up on guys like me? So you know what kind of a guy I am by my three letter name you can’t trace and my ”liberal Agnosticism?” I’m actually a nice good looking guy. Sucks for you 😉

  • Tom

    Suelen – By calling them the most beautiful girls, you’re just feeding into it. The fact is, the more men flatter women (especially if they look good and a good flirter), the better chance they’ll fuck them. Even if women are less slutty in Brazil than America, the fact they seem more feminine and take more pride in their appearance probably gets guys more aggressive, which gets them to the bedroom quicker. More times tried, more times done. Less times done (less flattering), more chance they say yes. This is why fat, ugly and average looking girls call ”hot” girls sluts. Yet guys call them stuck up bitches because they say no more.

    Regarding what you said about American girls, you’re 100% right that they pretend to do nothing. It is actually pretty sad. American girls are the biggest sluts though? How would you know? Have you lived here? You can’t even get an honest response out of an American girl so it’d be hard for you to know. Girls here can get vicious toward each other so they always say nasty shit about each other. Everyone! lol Even their closest friends. No girls admit to sleeping around. Only lesbians and Snooki.

  • Tom

    Meant to say Mrs. Anonymous haha

  • prince

    am singel seraching for wife in brazil i need a hostest girl that can keep home am form nigeria if i found i will go to brazil to do every thing needed

  • Anonymous

    Finally the kind of guy who posts that the angry girls won’t flame.

  • Chuck

    I was interested in acquiring input on Brazil. I find south american women attractive. Just to clarify I like all women no matter the nationality. After reading everyone’s post, I think none of you have any right to insult another person culture. I’m American and I’m proud to be same as a Brazilian is to their country. I’ve read many insulting post. If you were not born or lived in a specific country you don’t have a clue about what goes on there. Quit all these assumptions. America has many different people with ancestry across the world. One American may choose to wait until marriage, while another may have sex in under 30 minutes. Not all people think alike. I don’t know the first thing personally about a Brazilian, but I know I met some very respectful Brazilian women. My father is from an African country and you can find the most intellegent women or the most rotten women in the same place. Sorry to brake the news but no matter what country you’re from every inhabitant is different. You can’t generalize country with many different cultures within them. I’m there are Brazilian from various regions that react differently. I used to be in the military and reading insults about a country I went war for is really hurtful. My mother is American and she’s the most beautiful women I take offense to anyone blindly calling peoples families tramps because condeming a whole people is the same as insulting each one specifically. That goes for everyone including my people.

  • Fabiana

    Then people talk about Sex Tourism in Brazil, but who’s doing it???? You guys are the responsible for that. 15 years old girls having sex with gringos???? You guys go to Brazil to look for sex and supporting all this Tourism x Sex. It’s frustating to hear gringos talking about prostitution in Brazil when the ones who support it is from the “First World Countries” rsrsrs give me a break. If you cannot find anything in your country, guess what??? YOU WON’T THERE AS WELL.

  • Sam

    I am in Rio right now. Lovely place. Lovely nature and very friendly people even to a person who doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese. Girls are friendly. Too many tatoos. Too few realy beautiful. Many charming. Weather beautiful. Was unlucky so far to meet somebody who speaks English and to my taste, but met a few already who are just great to talk to. I’ve only been here 4 days. Anyone with warm blood will find the people here as warm as anywhere else. Men and women. More spontaneous and less clinical than other places where one need to calculate every move. I don’t think a guide to finding women is necessary and meeting a woman who read is great because of a guide to meet men will result in me having less appreciation for her and maybe more for the trainer! I guess women will feel the same…only guessing.

  • Tom

    Fabiana – Put things into perspective. Most Americans have never set foot in Brazil. Therefore, we really don’t have that much to do with your sex industry. Blame your politicians for not creating tougher blames that allow for the police to crack down on those industires in your country. Less than one-quarter of Americans own a passport.

    And I hate to break it to any idiot who thinks Americans are rich, but most people here don’t have the extra spending cash to go to Brazil. People are getting broke here real fast. There are probably more of you who travel here than we go there.

    By the way, most girls having sex illegally aren’t 15 years old. Age of consent varies in eac country, anyway. By the time a girl is 15 years old, she is mostly physically matured and aware of the decision she is making. That is on the blame of the parents. I am sorry but Brazil just isn’t a poor enough country where a girl needs to go out and do that to make a living.

    Brazil may not be ”first world” yet (or developed world to be more accurate), but it is probably the closest of all the newly industrialized countries. The only other newly industrialized countries with matching rates of life expectancy and high literacy are Turkey and Mexico which are relatively wealthy for world standards.

    Sex isn’t that hard to find Fabiana. Go to a strip club anywhere in Florida. Lots are all nude. They’ll take you right to the champagne / VIP room and give you anything you want. You’d save a whole lot of money than paying for the flight and nice hotel in Rio.

    There is a sex industry everywhere. It will continue. If you’re worried about men going there to have a good time, don’t look to us. Everyone knows Europeans are more explorative there.

  • Tom

    People just want what they don’t know. Once you get a taste, the mystery goes away. We’re all human. We all have sex or think about sex. The better you look and the more aggressive you are, the more likely it is you’ll get sex if that is what you’re looking for. Each place has a different strategy of how to get there. Women got their own strategies too. They’ll just call it ”short term dating”, ”wanting to have fun” or ”just looking around” to cover up for their sexual interests. Why does everyone need to take sex so personal? One thing going into another. If you put yourself out there, someone is going to ask for it. What men need is for women to be more sexually assertive so we don’t have to do all the mind games. Brazilian women do have the intimate advantage so maybe they have a way of letting their man know when the time is right more. Just a thought.

  • Zeek Papi

    I am really interested in going to Brazil in the next 6 months. Can someone tell me a nice place to go to find women and Also have a fun time at the clubs and beach. Just a city list and nicer hotel to stay at will work. Also some club or bar names would be helpful as well. Thanks!

  • amplewaters

    wow…. i just read this whole thread… I feel so sad now. What is it about the human mind, that wants to generalize so much. When we see each other first based on nationality, race, gender, i think we just miss the boat. Ive done this plenty in my life and it just hasnt made me happy…. and its EASY to get laid… anywhere in the world… by even the hottest people… BUT so very hard to really love someone and to let them love you… Today, I believe in love.

  • Anonymous

    I’m from Brazil but I’ve spent 5 months in the USA.

    It’s kind of obvious that girls are easier with guys from other nationalities, simply because it’s something different from them. That does not say anything about Brazilians in particular, though. We should keep in mind that when American guys to another country to basically bang girls, that also says something about them – why couldn’t they do it in their own country? So both of them want something. Brazilians want gringos because they’re gringos (so they assume they’re rich, etc.) and gringos want Brazilians because they think they’re hot and easy.

    In Brazil, yeah people like to kiss a lot. I consider myself an exception considering I haven’t kissed a lot of guys, but still I realize that most Brazilians work this way. If they go out, they’re supposed to make out with a guy. However, that’s not slutty for them because, after all, that’s common sense “we’re just having a good time”. What also happens in Brazil is that usually guys are way more obsessed with sex than guys from other countries (actually, I would say America, as a continent, has a lot of guys who are simply obsessed with sex – just look at our cultures! While Brazil has funk songs and songs that are obviously slutty, every American singer is singing about sex and provocative stuff, basically.

    But then there are European girls and I was actually surprised to find out that most GUYS ARE VIRGINS THERE while girls are those who usually aren’t. I think that a younger me would have classified them as “sluts”, but nowadays I just understand one thing: there are sluts everywhere, AND EVERY GIRL IS A WHORE. There are just different levels of “whoreness”.

    So, yes, Brazilian girls are whores because they make out with guys very easily. European girls are whores because they’re losing it after all.


    American guys should not be viewed as “saints”. They’re just getting what they want: easy women. And, of course, they could’ve found that in their land, but…the grass is never green enough =)

  • Tom

    ”It’s kind of obvious that girls are easier with guys from other nationalities, simply because it’s something different from them.”

    True. Because it is exotic. But I’ll add onto your point. When you are from a country you don’t get to see much of (especially if you’re living there), it is especially exotic. Say you’re from Mexico in the US. It isn’t that ”exotic”. Even people from the Caribbean aren’t really viewed that way here. Not on the east coast, anyway. Say you’re from Brazil and it is exotic because there aren’t many here. People expect Brazilians to be really hot. So when they see someone who lives up to that fantasy they get really excited.

    People oversimplify things by saying Brazilian women want men with light hair and light eyes. There are enough men like that in Brazil and even the darkest Brazilian women can pull it off. Seeing American, Canadian or European men is more interesting though. You unintentionally learn about the person’s culture when you’re casually dating. It is like fulfilling curiosity.

    Americans and Brazilians really do have different psyches on sexual identities though. We see sex as something you don’t need to build up to. You really don’t need to be that affectionate with someone to have sex with them here. All you do is need to go on 2-3 dates and try. Girls here will say ”I don’t play games. I’m not that kind of girl” but if you’re nice, confident and simply try you will get everything you want 8 or 9 times out of 10.

    The reason American men (or other men probably more than us proportionately) look abroad for sex is because they are looking for something they can’t find at home. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t get laid back home. They probably could. They are just expecting better quality abroad. Or easier.

    I don’t think Brazilian women are easier though. It is like a puzzle. Brazilian women are easier to get to know or to introduce yourself too. American women are easier to get in bed once you’ve actually caught and held their interest. How is it easier to introduce yourself to someone you don’t have a common language to speak with though? It will only go so far unless you are looking for a slut who doesn’t care about getting to know you.

    ”Brazilians want gringos because they’re gringos (so they assume they’re rich, etc.)”

    Than those Brazilian women who think they are rich are as much of idiots as the guys who think that Brazilian women are easy. I guess it is just a matter of the right pair hooking up lol Than she wakes up in the morning and realizes he has a $100,000 student loan and gets paid $8 an hour working for Walmart.

    ”If they go out, they’re supposed to make out with a guy. However, that’s not slutty for them because, after all, that’s common sense “we’re just having a good time”.

    We are the same way though. If you aren’t making out with who you’re dating by the first couple dates here you’re assumed that there is no chemistry or intimacy issues.

    ”But then there are European girls and I was actually surprised to find out that most GUYS ARE VIRGINS THERE while girls are those who usually aren’t.”

    Most European men are not virgins lol I don’t know where you heard that. It wouldn’t be possible for most girls to screw a small sum of guys. Europeans are just more honest than people on the western hemisphere. They’ve taken the immortality out of sexuality. People here still got the Jesus bullshit cloud or society’s unreasonable expectations looming over their head.

    ”AND EVERY GIRL IS A WHORE. There are just different levels of “whoreness”. ”

    So you are at a mild level? lol

  • jason

    yes, they can be pretty easy once they are in the US looking to hook up just for a green card. They go to clubs wearing the most revealing outfits, thinking that they are the shit. Get real, brazilian women are soooo overrated.

  • Kaiy

    Ahem. Don’t really know/remember how I stumbled upon this article but the one thing I know is I’ve been reading the ~3-year discussion here for like the last two hours maybe? Amazing. I’m a bit bored now so I’m bookmarking this page. 😀

    I’m interested in Brazilian booty too 😛 but haven’t yet come across any real specimen outside of the ‘Brazilians’ in porn tbh.

    But I’m more interested in the discourse about other peoples and their cultures esp. the perspectives of biased foreigners and their stereotypes…..

    Most interestingly I’m a male in my mid-twenties graduating from university in the next couple of months..a Nigerian living in Lagos..aha!! I know I’ve gotten someone’s rapt attention…

    Have your say Tom.
    And Kathy.
    And I miss Lara-the-uptown-Brazilian-chick’s comments. :)

  • Tom

    Jason – I’m just going to try to help clarify things for you and other people. Green cards or legal resident status is complicated. Only parents, children, siblings and spouses count. In this case where you think of a Brazilian girl ”hooking up”, it doesn’t even sound like you’re implying that they want to get married. So how else could they legally get stay in this country (if they wanted to)? Better yet, how’d they get here in the first place? I’m not sure what Brazilian law is regarding traveling, but if you can’t afford to travel here your ability to travel to this country probably wouldn’t be granted. And even if it were, if you didn’t return home they might put out missing person things which can really complicate things.

    You always hear people say ”I’ll get my papers together”. Yet they never under the rules and bureaucratic process involved. The US is easy to immigrate to for who it pertains to. A Brazilian with a sibling or spouse here or a Brazilian with a 6 year degree will get in real quick.

    If you were insisting they’d want marriage, than they sure as hell aren’t coming here for it. There are 200,000 Brazilian born people living in America which is very marginal for a country of 190+ million people. Jamaica only has ~3 million and over 550,000 Jamaican born people are living here.

    If there are only 200,000 Brazilians living here, it simply means that the professionals (people with advanced degrees) don’t want to move here. Because it’ll be impossible for anyone to get sponsorship until they first come. That is how it is for every country that doesn’t have a long and populated history of migrating to this country.

    Sorry to ruin anyone’s dreams who wants to come here out there who doesn’t have a 6 year degree, who isn’t married to one of us and doesn’t have any ”signifcant” family here. Since Brazil and virtually all of South America for that matter aren’t refugees (or don’t count as such to US policy), the only other way in to this country is in the diversity lottery program. 50,000 people in a randomized selection. No more than 7,000 are allowed from one country. They don’t even need to take new applicants. They got a backed up list of 14-15 million people. The chances of winning if you are from Latin America is about 1.5%.

    Now you can come to our colleges assuming you speak enough English to take classes in it. But once you get out, it’s time for you to go home. Most people in between 18-22 don’t find their spouse in that time in this country so there is really no hope for a ”green card”. And if you do get married that early, your chances of divorce are of course very high. You lose your permanent resident status upon divorce if you haven’t been here at least 10 years.

    Therefore, the ”green card” thing doesn’t really work. Think about it. How many Brazilian women out there know decent English? The only ones who do are at minimum middle class and educated. Are they really desperate enough to marry someone they don’t love just to say they live in the US? Middle class Brazilians don’t live much different than middle class Americans. We make more money. But it is more expensive here.

    The only person who is desperate or idiotic enough to believe that the American lifestype is so great they’d put themselves in that horrible position would have to come from a pretty shitty situation at home. Guess what though? Poor Brazilians rarely leave Brazil. They just move the countryside to Rio or one of the major cities.

  • Suelen

    Wow, I got a reply, I am chocked! hahaha
    Anyway, Tom, querido, I spent a year in the USA as an exchange student and I gotta tell you that american girls used to scare me! lol. We were all like 17, there were those basement parties and they always kissed each other!!!!!!! Not to mention what they used to do with guys. And I lived in OHIO! lol again!
    I went to Hong Kong last weekend and I was talking to an american. He was pretty nice. When he asked me where I was from and I answered him, he was like: “huuuuuuuuum” and gave me that smiling face, like “I am gonna get some…” I was so pissed (and drunk) that I started yelling at him: are you trying to say that I am a whore just because I am brazilian? hahahahaha I was pretty embaressed the day after. Anyway, I think we are friendly, that’s about it. And the weather is so hot, we do wear differently from other countries. We like to show our curves and everything. But it doesn’t mean you will come to Brazil and have sex 24 hours per day with the most amazing girls ever! If you think that, you will be sooo desappointed! :)

  • Suelen

    hahahahahhahahhahaha ok, Jehovah’s Witness???????
    I dated one for like 2 months, he was brazilian, of course, and he was kind of weird! I think he was feeling bad because I am a catholic.
    And yea, I meant “Shocked”, not “chocked”!!

  • Suelen

    This is fun! OK, I am in China! You all should come here, chinese girls are easier than brazilians! hahahhaa
    Comparing to them we are whores, that’s true.

  • Kaiy

    Chinese girls. Psst. Flat I say, FLAT!! No tits, no butt, and lots of attitude!!

  • Helena

    Roosh I actually think your just a pervert and your basically just promoting sex tourism in Brasil which is actually a major, major issue up and down the country. You know little or nothing about Brasilian culture and as it would seem, little or nothing about Brasilian women. Maybe you should spend some time in Brasil without actually thinking first and foremost about your penis and then you may actually learn something. Where are you from, Jersey Shore? Thats how your blog reads.

  • Roosh

    Helena: How many Brazilian women have you dated? Had sex with?


    I know more about dating Brazilian women than you.

  • Tom

    Yeah, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and some of other groups are kind of the same around the world. Low in percentage compared to the nation at large. But definitely more commited to their religion. I come from a Catholic background too. Catholics are probably the least religious Christians. I think they are the only ones to officially support evolutionary theory (not that all Catholics are all aware of that, sadly). So being Catholic to a Jehovah’s Witness (well, the stereotypically strict one) is like being Atheist.

  • Tom

    Which is why I don’t get it when people say things like ”I’m a conservative Catholic girl from a smaller area in northern Brazil”. Yes, who ever that is would be more conservative because they are from a small community where everyone knows everyone. They might even go to church out of boredom. To throw the words conservative and Catholic together (at least in comparison to other groups, especially) seems like a joke. And even if Catholic countries in Europe (ex. Ireland, Portugal) seem slightly more religious than Protestant ones, none of Europe (as a culture) is religious.

  • Tom

    Helena – I don’t know if it is a problem up and down the counntry. It is worst in the port cities or party cities that draw tourists. There are lots of parts of Brazil with even large populations that hardly ever encounter a foreigner. By the way, ya’ll get the Jersey Shore now? That show sucks and is yet enticing to watch. Probably because Hollywood ran out of ideas. People from the Jersey Shore don’t act or sound like anyone from that show though. If you’re going to find anyone who acts like that they’ll probably be in outer boroughs or suburbs of NYC.

    Roosh – Being that Helena is a female’s name and most people are heterosexual, it’d be unreasonable to expect her to have experience in that way. I’m sure the lesbian ground for attracting sex is a bit different than for straight people.

  • anon

    Roosh you are a male slut, i hope you get syphilis.

    Romance really is dead, with men talking about women like that. Such a demeaning blog.

  • Anonymous

    well im biracial half Dominican and half Haitien but im from US. i have to say its not easy to get brazilian girls in bed but its easy to kiss.if your swag is sick you good looking, got great phisics and you smooth, your game is thight it wont be too hard.

    when i went there i bag so much girls it was unbelievable but they were hard to get believe me.there was this chick we didnt have sex till after a month and it was because i was comi back to us.i dont waste my time with girls but she was da baddest chick i’ve seen and she had personality + her famely was rich so she didnt want nothing but amor

  • rola

    well im biracial half Dominican and half Haitien but im from US. i have to say its not easy to get brazilian girls in bed but its easy to kiss.if your swag is sick you good looking, got great phisics and you smooth, your game is thight it wont be too hard.

    when i went there i bag so much girls it was unbelievable but they were hard to get believe me.there was this chick we didnt have sex till after a month and it was because i was comi back to us.i dont waste my time with girls but she was da baddest chick i’ve seen and she had personality + her famely was rich so she didnt want nothing but amor

  • Tom

    Anoynmous (American of Dominican/Haitian descent). Being 1/2 Dominican 1/2 Haitian doesn’t make you biracial becuase we don’t know what races you’re referring to since the Dominican Republic is very multiracial and even Haiti is to a lesser degree. Like you said though, Brazilian women really aren’t that easy. They are easier than American girls to start communication. In other words, assuming you’re physically attractive enough, they seem more likely to give men a chance. Whereas if the American girl gives you a chance, there is a better chance you’ll get in bed with her. This depends on what part of Brazil and what part of America though. Notice what I said though. They’ll give you the chance at communication? How many American men know Portuguese? How many Brazilian women know English? Or for that matter, how Haitian and Dominican men know Portuguese? And how Brazilian women know Spanish, Creole or French? The chances in every single direction are low and get even lower when you need to two people to have a common language.

    The only women you will get to sleep with you who you can’t even establish any type of coherent verbal communication will be a slut looking for money or dinner. In these types of situations, the best you can do is be at a club and dancing. You can’t even ask for a girl’s number though because even if you learned how to ask that, you wouldn’t know what she is saying when she responds. It’d make it even harder in a loud place and some people in Brazil speak their Portuguese very quickly.

    If a women knows English in Brazil, she is educated and most likely not a slut. And probably won’t be hanging around the areas where you would find a girl looking for a free meal. Excluding English teachers and interpreters, the English Brazilians know is the equivalent of Spanish in the US to people with no Latino background who live no where near Mexico. You’d be better off exchanging notes with the girl than actually talking because the English taught in Brazil is very inefficient verbiage wise. Probably because there are few natives around to teach it.

    The truth is everyone lies or exaggerates about their experiences when they travel. They want to make it sound like it was such a wonderful experience. That is the nature of men’s egos.

  • Mikeyy

    Wow, I really like your post even though it is years old. I’ve been traveling to brazil for years, at least once a year, and usually before I even leave the country of brasil I always must goto rio de janeiro before I head back north to my country. This is my opinion, if you goto brasil for sex tourism you are in brasil for the wrong reason, unless you are a porn producer. I think rio de janeiro is the hardest place to pick up women vs. Other states, the reason why is because it’s a tour state, actually the city of rj is tourism including zona sul. As of today walking on av. Atlantica at 2 in the morning on copacapana is safer then it was two years ago around this time. You might see a group of pick up girls here and there but not like it was few years ago. Also trying to pick up a girl in anywhere in zona sul iff you there for a week is impossible. I have though and she was not even a Carioca but she lived there and yet she had three men in her life. So rio don’t have girls like that unless you know people who live in rio and you are hanging out with them, so you can meet locals. If you looking for girls in brazil to wife up, go to Fortaleza, Joao Pessoa, and my favorite city belo Horizonte. I’ve been approach by women in belo Horizonte the first hour of stepping out my apartment. They are also many girls for u in that city. As of 2011 I know this :) also girls from belo are nicer then cariocas. Cariocas and paulistas have the worst attitudes. A few things I recommend is know the culture, the language and your pockets. Also if there anything that you should be doing in rio is vacationing or investing, but not picking up girls because it’s not like that. However this blog post this author wrote is true! 100% and I like it.

  • http://[email protected] Brazilian girl

    How to dating a Brazilian girl interesting topic:) this old view of my country Make me laugh, what a brazilian will think about an American guy who write things like this ??? poor favela girl can’t understand enough this analogy… Brazilian women’s protect each other, doesn’t matter poor or rich we are Brazilian, we hate asshole man and Is just like brazilians says : who really love penis are gay cause brazilian women love money…

  • Nativo do Brasil

    His American Idiot. You are all idiots right?

    You are pathetic. For this reason our women just want your money.

    Quality to have sex, Brazilian women (and all the world) prefer men of Brazil.
    We have the best girls in the world, because we know how to have sex with them.

    And to win luxury and expensive gifts, they chose an American idiot like you. rss
    Stay with their white whores, and let the hot Brazil to maybe appreciate them.


  • Tom

    America doesn’t equal white or non-white. Brazil doesn’t equal white or non-white. So I don’t know why you synonymously refer to those two together when speaking about ”American whores”. I feel find it funny how most people around the world are oblivious to American demography and just expect everything to be white. For what it is worth though, even within Brazilian women of any race, they seem to prefer white Brazilian men. Maybe it’s looks. Maybe it’s money since they have more of it. This is a much larger concern for you than worrying about the small amounts of Americans who visit your country who probably won’t ever even be able to have a conversation with a Brazilian women because of language issues.

    Most Brazilian women meeting foreign men living in cities. Or they are visiting those cities. Most Brazilian women will never meet any American man so just keep that in mind.

  • Tom

    By the way, lots of Americans who do travel there don’t have much money. They are college students with student loans up to their necks. They aren’t buying anyone any gifts. Not even themselves. We really don’t get that much of an advantage of the conversion rate there. Few American men can buy a nice gift for a women. Most Americans aren’t rich and live the same kind of lives as most Brazilians.

  • Nativo do Brasil

    Do you watch the TV in our carnival and find that all the Brazilians go naked in the street and have sex with anyone at anytime.

    This is not true.
    And that makes men of Brazil very disappointed.

    We are a people happier and more receptive, and it makes you Americans think that Brazilian women are all whores.
    Will get serious problems if they arrive in Brazil talking to our women like whores.

    I’ve seen research about sex in other countries, and women start having sex earlier and have more sexual partners than girls in Brazil.

    Also we are a people with much more religious freedom, much more racial equality, freedom of expression, we reference in ecology and medicine …. Why not talk about it?!?!

    We have no prejudice against whites. Our people are the union of several races.

    But the world has a certain aversion to you Americans, precisely because they treat other people as if they were superior.

    We get people from all over the world with open arms.
    And we will remain so.
    Because what is best in Brazil, the Brazilian people.
    And that can not be said of America.

  • Tom

    Don’t feel too insulted by it. These really aren’t even stereotypes. They are more like fantasies. If it makes you feel any better, most of your women won’t know when our men are talking to them like whores since most can’t speak any English. It is hard to say whether or not women in other countries have sex at earlier ages than Brazil. I know for certain that you’ll see more single teenage women in America with babies than you will in Brazil. We seem to be a lot of countries in that though. That is more a matter of being uneducated in sex. It really is just person by person. I’d think most people in the US, Brazil and Europe have sex between their mid-to-late teens and early 20’s. Basically high school or college. As far as having more sexual partners go, that really depends. Sometimes I hear that Latin men are supposed to be chauvinistic and women who marry men in their 20’s are more tolerant toward them ”chasing other women” as long as they are providing for them and/or being a good father. I personally only this think is accurate about desperate women who don’t work who are in shitty marriages though.

    Both Americans and Brazilians have complete religious freedom so that really isn’t an issue. I don’t think there is any predominantly Christian country in the world that doesn’t have this. The only point I vary with you is racial equality. I think the US and Brazil have similar levels of racial equality.

    Other people may think Brazil has less racial equality than us. I’d disagree with them because they are mixing that up with class inequality. There is more class inequality and a slightly larger disparity of wealth of Brazil than in the US. If you are poor in Brazil, you’re more likely to remain poor. It is Brazil’s middle class who has made much progress in the beginning of this century. The poor are still poor though. There are much wider disparities of wealth between region in Brazil too. Our problem in the US is that people who weren’t poor are now becoming poor. Brazil is going in an upward direction and we’re going in a downward direction.

    Like the US, Brazil is a very diverse country. In fact, more of their population is multiracial. However, it is still whites who politically and economically run your country. Just look at what all your presidents look like. Do you believe Brazil will have a black, multiracial or non-white president any time soon? Perhaps there is more gender equality in that you’ve elected a women as president which we’re yet to do.

    So it isn’t that there is more or less racial inequality or racism in Brazil than the US. The racism is just different. Racism you’ll see in America is more overt. Because it is overt it makes it easier for us to directly address when something is wrong. But it can also create more hostility among different races. In Brazil, blacks and darker-skinned Pardos have less of an ability to societally challenge the racial hierarchy. The most common way for them to is to marry whites and lighter-skinned Pardos.

  • Carl

    First, If you really are going to get a real nice girl who is cool and show you around to many cool clubs(few if any gringos are there) THOU SHALT SPEAK PORTUGESE! This must be understood first. Even here in the USA where i have a brasilian girlfriend, i could not have pulled her if i didn’t have language skillz. So i say to any person going to South Am, Brasil in particular study some of the portugese language, that will put you in a different class and give you access to women that you would otherwise have no chance with.

  • Nativo do Brasil

    Tom, you seem to have a good grasp of the real situation of Brazil.

    For us to have a white president, black, woman, or blue with yellow polka dots does minimal difference.
    In Brazil it is not important to their race.

    The social desiguldade is our problem. the rich are very rich and the poor are very poor. Almost miserable.

    Although this is changing very rapidly in recent years, with the government of President “Lula” (Luiz Inacio da Silva) and now, after him, the government of Dilma Rousself.
    They are doing a wonderful job. Brazil has never advanced so far in 500 years of history. 1 / 4 the lower class moved to the middle class in 8 years.

    Brazil is a difficult place to live, which still has many problems, but it is a beautiful place too, people are very happy here.

    Do not want to be treated as the “banana republic” where there is only carnival naked women and football.

  • Anonymous

    I notice that everyone here is talking about (and defending) whether this girl or that girl is easier, whether this one or that one is a slut, an easy fuck, a whore, etc. I think we are totally missing the point!!! What we are failing to discuss here, is which MEN are the biggest whores, and which MEN take advantage of the fact that they have money and/or status, and abuse this around young/naive women, or women from poorer backgrounds! No one asks to be born where they are born!! Put yourself in a poor woman or MAN’s position, it is only natural that they would want to meet someone who might be able to help them… not to say that it is right. But before you judge, put yourself in other people’s shoes. I know this just started out as a somewhat innocent chat, but it has escalated to racism and sexism. I am honestly SICK of hearing debates about which women are sluttier… why don’t we discuss which men are sluttier!! A man bangs 10 women and he is a stud, a women does the same and she is a slut… We are living in the 21st century, why do u men still all have a double standard!!????? Let me tell u, most of the disease spreading on this planet has been done by men, who are the real sluts!! PS- this is not to put down all men, just the ones that prey on women, deceive them, use them, and juggle. Women are not objects.

  • Ana

    By the way, I am Ana, the one who just posted above. I figured I might as well leave my name, instead of hiding behind “anonymous” like a lot of the cowards above. They are not afraid to voice their sexist and racist opinions, yet they are too afraid to leave their names… these are the kinds of men that are likely terrible in bed, or too ugly to get a woman in their own country, hence running to a place where they can show off their american (or other) “status” and “wealth” and use women like objects, regardless of their feelings. These men are the REAL sluts! So shameful! Ok… enuf for one day folks! LOL. ps- I am not American, or Brazilian.

  • Big Tone

    Hey Ana, want to get together sometime?

  • Tom

    ”For us to have a white president, black, woman, or blue with yellow polka dots does minimal difference.
    In Brazil it is not important to their race.”

    It’d be easiest for a white Brazilian to say such. If that were the case – then why hasn’t there been a black or even non-white president? You are talking about almost 50% of Brazil having much less or no representation. Look at who runs your government and who owns your major businesses. The same as in the US – whites, usually white men. Now I don’t think that most Brazilians would purposely not vote for a black candidate on the grounds of being black. I am saying the system structurally disadvantages them and dark multiracial people. In other words, because of their disproportionately low levels of prosperity and educational attainment (which go hand-in-hand with being a politician at the national level), they’ll never be in contention for the top political spots.

    Honestly, I think it is much the same way in the US. Barack Obama is the president of the US – but there are two points that contradict this as showing it as progress to racial equality in the political sphere. One, Barack Obama is the son of an immigrant from Kenya.

    Despite African-Americans (Black Americans with long roots in the US) averaging 2/3 the income level of white Americans, all of Kenyan and African immigrants and their following recent generations average higher incomes and have higher educational attainment than both whites and American average (similar to East Asian and Indian immigrants).

    The reason being the only people from Africa (especially Sub-Saharan Africa) who are able to move are people who qualify with professional status (usually 6+ years of college) or people who are related to them (a guarantee to have similar class status to the relative, especially in lowly developed countries).

    Barack Obama actually isn’t ”African-American”, but rather a second generation Kenyan-American and white American (his mother is white). Until well into his adulthood (when he was rich and spending most of his time with rich whites), he lived in areas and attended universities with low black populations. My point in all that is that this progression is more relevant to the quick social progress of an already advanced immigrant than it is to black Americans achieving political equality. There are no US senators (out of 100) who are black. The last one who was black was the senator who replaced Obama in Illionis who was recently voted out. So I don’t know if it is that the US is more or less politically equal to Brazilians. It is just that we both have systems that largely disadvantage the political voice of our black populations.

    ”The social desiguldade is our problem. the rich are very rich and the poor are very poor. Almost miserable”

    It is really getting to be that way in the US too. The top 3-5% of the US owns 44% of our wealth. Brazil is in the low-50’s. In my opinion, Brazil won’t be considered a developed country until they can at least get to the point where the US is (the country with the highest disparity of wealth). In event country though, there is a disparity of wealth. The best are countries like Swedish and Norway. One-quarter of their population is still consumed by that same small percentage though.

    ”Brazil is a difficult place to live, which still has many problems, but it is a beautiful place too, people are very happy here.”

    We have many problems here too and many of the same problems. The encouraging thing about Brazil though is they don’t waste their money on wars and giving truckloads of aid to countries just to hold political alliances. The wealth Brazil is accumulating is staying there for the most part.

    ”Do not want to be treated as the “banana republic” where there is only carnival naked women and football.”

    There are a couple things I can say about that. One, evaluate how Brazilians look at Americans. There are the stereotypes that may appear positive (although no stereotype is positive). Such as that we are rich. That one gets many of us to laugh, actually. What are the negative stereotypes though? That we are ”fat”? Yeah, we have more fat people, but each person is an individual and many of us aren’t.

    I think the only reason why Brazilians aren’t as knowing of more of our negative stereotypes is because of the lingual barrier. Europeans seem to have all our negative ones more down (such as that lots of people own guns, there seems to be a mass shooting on a university every couple of years, culturally ignorant, don’t travel, have a ”colonizing” thinking style).

    Brazilians actually have a lot more to learn about Americans and there is a lot more for Americans to learn about Europeans. Think about all the negative stereotypes of Brazil. I’m sure you can personally name at least a dozen off the top of your head. Most Americans can only name 2. One, that so many tourists get kidnapped (very exaggerated, but they get this from Hollywood movies). Two, that they are sexier than many other countries, go crazy in Carvinal, ect. Many Americans seriously do not know what the main language of Brazil is. Many believe it is Spanish. So our stereotypes of Brazil are very limited.

    The stereotypes Americans have of Brazil are very similar (if not identical) to the rest of Latin American and Latin Europe. That stereotype being that the men are extra-masculine and the women are extra-feminine Americans believe every Frenchmen has several girlfriends and that all French people think it is okay to casually have sex with their friends. It isn’t that the French do this more than us though. They are just more open about it if they are going to do it. We Americans do that too. ”Casual sex”, ”Friends with benefits”, ”cheating”. All different terms to describe the similar actions. The only Americans who stereotype everyone gets laid or is screwing each other in Brazil or Rio are people (mostly guys) in their 20’s. People believe this because they want to. Not because it is true.

  • Tom

    Carl – Yes, exactly. There is an objective and a subjective part to language etiquette which is important for every traveler to remember. Objective is reality. You can’t do anything to change it. There can be the nicest Brazilian girl who’d love to try to speak English to you. The fact is if she actually knows such little or even no English at all – she can’t actually speak to you. This is true of most Brazilian women – even in major cities. Even women with education.

    An American man who can find any Brazilian women to actually have a functional conversation in English is actually more lucky than finding the hottest Brazilian women. Then you’ll have a chance to actually speak to her and get to know her. Even if you just want sex, you’d have a better chance since you don’t have to rely on only body language. If a women is willing to have sex with you and both of you haven’t even expressed more than a couple of sentences you both understood – then she is a likely a slut and you’re asking for an STD.

    Proper etiquette – When in Rome, do what the romans do. That means when in Brazil, do what the Brazilians do, which means speak Portuguese. When Brazilians are here, we should expect them to speak English. If you think the chances of a Brazilian women in Brazil knowing English are low, it is even much lower for an American man to communicate with a Brazilian women in English (or Spanish if both the Brazilian and American are lucky enough to know it). Even if you were lucky enough to meet a Brazilian women who spoke decent English (or Spanish, assuming the American knows it too), you’re indirectly saying to Brazilian culture ”I expect you to know how to speak my language. Your language (culture) isn’t important to me”.

    How exactly is an American supposed to learn Portuguese though? Honestly, unless you’ve taken it at the university level (which is not as available as Spanish, French and German) or you’ve studied hours and hours every day on the computer, or you’re one of the rare ones lucky enough to live in a community with some Portuguese speaking people, there is no way. Being in Brazil, Portugal or Angola for a couple weeks won’t do you much if you haven’t studied extensively before.

    *That above is something for anyone who wants to or plans on traveling to Brazil to consider.*

  • Tom

    ”What we are failing to discuss here, is which MEN are the biggest whores, and which MEN take advantage of the fact that they have money and/or status, and abuse this around young/naive women, or women from poorer backgrounds!”

    Maybe. But aren’t Brazilian men ”whores” too? Even the poor ones? I disagree with this style of thinking because I don’t look at women as any more naive or innocent than I do men. Maybe if there are large age disparities. It usually isn’t to this extreme though. Most American men on here aren’t old men looking for a border-line prostitute. Most American men (especially those with money) do not want to go to where the poorer women live because they are more vulnerable to getting robbed. Especially if they can’t communicate with people who may rob them (likely uneducated and even less likely to know English or Spanish). The only way they can be somewhat safe in the favela is to walk around with a body guard. They’d probably have to be rich to have that though and it wouldn’t be romantic to court a women with another man right there. If they had enough money for security, they’d either want a women with money or get someone to bring the girl to them (probably an escort). All of this sounds like too much trouble to go through which is why it isn’t practical for most scumbags.

    ”A man bangs 10 women and he is a stud, a women does the same and she is a slut”

    Probably the man with herpes too lol You should encourage people to evaluate and collectively change their approach to this cultural element rather than putting the guilt on men. If everyone wants to be a slut, then I guess no one is a slut. I don’t think people call women who sleep with just one guy (their boyfriend) a slut.

    Unfortunately though, people really can’t individually change this norm and definition of what a slut is though (which is similar in both Anglo and Latin cultures).

    ”We are living in the 21st century, why do u men still all have a double standard!!?????”

    Because women have their double standards on men. Like a women can hit a man, but a man can’t hit a women. And the only way for it to become mildly acceptable if the women is masculine/strong looking or she has a weapon. Men aren’t going to give up their leverage on women. How about that men are expected to be the ones to go up and approach women? It puts a lot of pressure on them. Then they are criticized for being shallow and going up to the pretty one? Even though they know nothing about either one before they made their choice? It’s like telling someone ”Yeah, takes the job that pays $10 an hour instead of $20 an hour because you may wind up liking her more”. And why is there this automatic expectation that more physically attractive people are expected to have shitty personalities? Society has all these absurd rules. The thing everyone and many people should do is just forget about it. Do what you to do, but be conscious of what the other person is thinking and feeling.

    ”Let me tell u, most of the disease spreading on this planet has been done by men, who are the real sluts!! PS- this is not to put down all men, just the ones that prey on women, deceive them, use them, and juggle. Women are not objects.”

    I hate to sound crude but it is a bit easier for a hole to get dirtier than it is for an object. Men and women are equally responsible. Or men/men and women/women. What ever it is. It takes two to spread an STD. The biggest killer for diseases though are drugs, needles and just the environment.

  • Tom

    ”I am not American, or Brazilian.”

    Where are you from?

  • Nativo do Brasil

    And you Tom, where you are?

    I see that I studied a lot about our geography, politics and various issues in Brazil.

    But realize that your perception is academic. Guess you never lived in Brazil.

    I’m sure for most Brazilians, it makes no difference to have a black president.
    For this is no guarantee that something will improve things for blacks.

    You can not say that 50% of Brazil’s black, because white people here get married and have kids with black people generally.
    In fact most of the Poorest and black. Although this is not a rule.

    It’s not like the U.S., where I realize that only blacks marry blacks and whites with whites only. It does not exist in Brazil.

    The fact is that black people suffered under slavery for 500 years while the money gathered white families and educated their children.

    So most of Brazil’s poor and black. And that is why there is inequality between races.

    Please do not compare the standard of living of Americans with the Brazilians … you seem to know what he says.
    Even an American who “laughed” when the rich call, lives much, much better than a poor Brazilian.
    Even the U.S. being the country with higher monetary disparity, most of the money in the world is also there, and this ensures all these cars and festfoods that poison you but that you love so much.

    I am Brazilian, I’m 26 and I was born in Curitiba, Parana … I live in Florianopolis, an island in the south atlantic. I know all of South America and met many of you Americans.
    I do not intend to visit your country ever. Why do not I would welcome being a Latin American.
    But you guys are welcome in our country. Always. Not because you are American, but because we are Brazilians. We are so proud of it and we

    My message is to stop treating other countries as their subordinates.
    So why the American empire is crumbling, and that kind of attitude starts to sound ridiculous in world opinion.

    Este papo me cansou, pois não posso encher um copo que já está cheio.
    Espero que o Brasil vença as suas dificuldades, e sobre isso podemos aprender muitas coisas com voces americanos.

    This chat I got tired, because I can not fill a cup that is already full.
    I hope Brazil wins its difficulties and become a better country for everyone.

    And I hope that Americans learn to be humble and love everyone equally. Blacks, whites, Muslims and atheists, men and women. What about that, Americans can learn much from the Brazilians.

  • Isabella

    Que porra é essa?!

  • Carl

    TOM…. you took some of the words right out of my mouth. Brasil has a very major color problem with respect to race and it always has. This “we don’t care if you are ploka dot” and all is pure bullshit. Eventhough many brazilians have some african blood, the lighter the better and yes racism is alive and well “no Brasil meu amigo”! There are much whiter parts of Brasil, like in Florianopolis and the more southern parts of Brasil, is much Whiter and more wealthy. Whereas one might go north to Salvador and much further up like Paragiba(mostly indian mixed with some black) very poor. So race is a big issue in brasil, not so much from a blood standpoint but from a color standpoint for sure. NO black man can get elected President in Brasil as of now, that is for certain. The powers that be would not allow it.

  • Carl


    I say to anyone who wants to learn Portugese, by the Rosetta Stone CD’s and work with those for a few weeks before you go down. I had an advantage, i spoke spanish so I went to brasil first, then came back and hired a professor for one on one lessons with a programmed text and got serious with it. The kind of women i had a chance to meet and deal with was much different than the ‘Putas’ the regular gringos were messing with. I was also able to go to some different places where there were no gringos at all really, but you had to speak portugese because few if any spoke any english at all.. But the “hit” ratio went up like crazy with real girls that were giving me far better lovin’ than some prostitute on the ORLA’. Since i was “different” and spoke the language, most of them thought like i was a man from Mars and how intelligent i was and all of that. Man I love some brasileiras but they have their issues too like all women. But as far as the laanguage was concerned, i spent some real hard study time to get where i got and then i just started to speak and when i made mistakes, the women helped to correct me and my language I.Q. went up even further. I would also suggest to anyone studying the language to take sometime to learn the subjunctive tenses early, they help in gaining fluency. Like ..since we talked about politics for a bit ” If you were an american how would you vote?” Si voce fosse um americano como voce voteria” and feelings of doubt and sentiment really help one to communicate with people much better and women especially.

  • Tom

    ”And you Tom, where you are?”

    Nativo – United States (Florida).

    ”I see that I studied a lot about our geography, politics and various issues in Brazil.

    But realize that your perception is academic. Guess you never lived in Brazil.”

    Aren’t you speaking on American issues of race though? How would you know of race related issues in the US as well as an American? Just as I wouldn’t know as intimately these conditions as you in Brazil. If I may ask though – what is your ethnicity in Brazil?

    My perception is as much objective as it is academic. Objective in the sense that black and Pardo Brazilians have much less wealth and political voice than white Brazilians. If race does not matter in Brazil why don’t all Brazilians have the same equality of opportunity? There are levels of inequality in both the US and Brazil. Perhaps the point you are making is that in a social setting race is less inclusive. People are more integrated in their social worlds. Not entirely because there are class boundaries. But much more in the US where voluntary social racial segregation is norm and unfortunately accepted.

    ”I’m sure for most Brazilians, it makes no difference to have a black president.
    For this is no guarantee that something will improve things for blacks.”

    Who is president is not as important as who has the resources the become president. A president is one person. Even if a black Brazilian were to become president, it’d likely be from a person who was already wealthy. When do you think there will be a point in Brazil when blacks and Pardos have the same college graduation rate as white Brazilians? Or the same income level? You’re right that it is improving. The US has improved in this sense over the last few decades too.

    ”You can not say that 50% of Brazil’s black, because white people here get married and have kids with black people generally. In fact most of the Poorest and black. Although this is not a rule.”

    No, that is not what I said. I said 50% of Brazil was white. That is what your Census says at least. Among the remaining 50%, ~40% are Pardo, 7% are black and the other 3% are Asian, Arab, indigenous.

    No matter where you go in the world people marry in class patterns. It is true that interracial marriage is more common in Brazil than in the US and many other places. Yet people are not crossing class boundaries much (despite being able to). The most likely white Brazilians to marry poor black Brazilians are poor/working class whites. Likewise, the most likely black Brazilians to marry middle class white Brazilians are middle class themselves. The problem is that blacks (and Pardos) are over-represented among the poor.

    ”It’s not like the U.S., where I realize that only blacks marry blacks and whites with whites only. It does not exist in Brazil.”

    I’m not sure where you got that. Isn’t our president biracial? Or many common actors like Halle Berry, Vin Diesel, ect. Intermarrying happens plenty in the US. Not as much as Brazil. Interracial marriage has become more common in the US over the last few decades though. Like Brazil, part of the reason interracial marriage is still not as common as it could be are class related issues. Often times black Americans live in poor segregated parts of cities. There isn’t as much social segregation in Brazil so it is easier for people to meet people (i.e. genres of music aren’t racially typified there like it is here).

    ”The fact is that black people suffered under slavery for 500 years while the money gathered white families and educated their children.”

    Yes. And the history of slavery in Brazil started well before our’s and even ended over 2 decades after our abolition. The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade ended many years later too. Perhaps this ingrained classes more. However, I wouldn’t attribute this as the primary reason why black Brazilians own less proportion to wealth to white Brazilians versus black Americans to white Americans. Industrialization occurred much earlier in the US than it did in Brazil which provided opportunities out of the agricultural industry providing some upward mobility.

    ”Please do not compare the standard of living of Americans with the Brazilians … you seem to know what he says.
    Even an American who “laughed” when the rich call, lives much, much better than a poor Brazilian.”

    Most of Brazil actually isn’t poor. Most of Brazil is not below their own poverty line. A middle class American (most of the US) lives similarly to a middle class Brazilian (not as large of a percentage, but certainly getting there).

    Most of what Brazilians know about Americans is on TV and those people are rich and white which is why they irrationally expect or think of us to be. It is always easier to think of a place outside of your home as wealthier if one pities or exaggerates their own poverty.

    ”Even the U.S. being the country with higher monetary disparity, most of the money in the world is also there, and this ensures all these cars and festfoods that poison you but that you love so much.”

    Fastfood tends to be what our poorer people eat lol In America, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to be fat. In many other countries, it is the other way around. Most of the money in the world is not in the US. For example, the EU has 1 2/3 the population of us with similar wealth. The Chinese economy will outpace our’s within less than a decade.

    Most of the money that actually does exist in the US is not in the hands of Americans. Another thing to consider is that Americans tend to poorly prioritize their money. Even an American who is poor is more likely to get cable or a computer than buying quality food or paying for college. So many of the technologies you think we have are things that are eating away at things we don’t have.

    ”I am Brazilian, I’m 26 and I was born in Curitiba, Parana … I live in Florianopolis, an island in the south atlantic. I know all of South America and met many of you Americans.
    I do not intend to visit your country ever. Why do not I would welcome being a Latin American”

    It doesn’t matter to me if you ever travel to the US. Most Brazilians and South Americans do not in their lifetime and most Americans don’t travel to South America or really anywhere in their lifetime. Yet you’ve met Americans? And I’ve met Brazilians. The amount we’ve met of each other (not counting the internet – that is too anonymous) are too narrow to make generalizations.

    ”My message is to stop treating other countries as their subordinates.
    So why the American empire is crumbling, and that kind of attitude starts to sound ridiculous in world opinion”

    You should tell our government that. Most Americans are so oblivious to what goes on around the world that they don’t consider others ”subordinates”. It sounds sad but it is true. The idea of Brazil never crosses the average American’s mind unless it is totally unavoidable (i.e. the olympics). I will admit though we have our share of *ssholes who do think the US is ”the best country to live in the world”. They aren’t our brightest.

    Maybe you’ll find this interesting. I actually really look forward to the crumbling of the US. I hope it happens quick too. It is like witnessing history before my eyes. It’ll really shut the *ssholes up too. I look forward to see your country emerge too.

    Carl – I don’t know if a black president could be elected in Brazil or not. I just know that it is unlikely to happen because the channels don’t exist. If you don’t have an equal share to education or you disproportionately live in poor areas, how can you progress? If someone did make it through all these channels, they may be given a fair chance. We will likely never know though. Maybe Brazil will be like us and their first black president will be the son of an educated African immigrant from Angola or somewhere.

    Rosetta Stone only works if you actually initiate yourself. It takes the person devoting a lot of time and energy. Rosetta Stone is the best resource available if one has several hours a day they can devote to this and pay attention to. It really does take an exceptional memory and work ethic to learn a language as an adult without having taken it at any point in school, not traveling much and having native speakers available to help.

    A person can use a mix of other resources like college classes (many use Maestro software), Live Mocha (lots of native speakers, especially from Brazil, who you can speak to). There are several ways one can go about learning a language but the most practical way for a people not inept to learning foreign languages (i.e. Americans and perhaps Brazilians) is to be immersed and have no other choice.

    You knowing Spanish already certainly did help since much of the vocabulary is the same and some Brazilians (especially in some parts of the country) know some Spanish. So the ”gringos” (assuming Americans) who messed with those girls really had no verbal communication? Most of Brazil outside of touristy cities doesn’t really have Americans and foreigners. All you’d have to do is pick a less popular traveling destination like some of the cities you mentioned.

    ”but you had to speak portugese because few if any spoke any english at all..”

    Where in Brazil does anyone really know how to speak English period? The front desk person at a hotel in Rio? Walk the streets of Rio or Sao Paolo trying to use English and you won’t make it much further than you would in a place with no tourists. You have to purposely overspend and stay in certain areas if you even want to get partly accomodated in Brazil. Most Brazilians in every part of the country (including most tourist workers) are monolingual.

    I can see your point in not having the safety net helped motivate you even more though.

  • Anonymous

    Go to Southern Brazil! The women are much more beutiful and easier than in Rio. Places like Florianopolis and Balneario Camboriu are the best. I´m brazilian. i know what I´m talking about. but don´t think you are god because you are american or foreign people. Brazil is much more rich than you imagine, so, don´t think as a superior person. They hate it!

  • Anonymous

    fuck you brazil!

  • Brazilian Babe

    Hmm..sorry but American girls are NOT easy???? HAHAHA I’m in college and wow if you don’t call these girls easy… WOW! Brazilian girls are just more confident and independent. Brazilian girls are very sweet and warm, that’s just the way we are. Brazilian culture is just way different than American. That is what makes the big difference. We don’t grow up with all these rules and restrictions. I’m dating an American guy for 2 years now and from what he’s told me and his friends and family…Brazilian love has changed his life.

  • beti

    So what if girls (brazilian, chinese, french, american…) want to do it with 1, 2, 10, 200m 2000 guys in a lifetime?

    Who are we to judge what one does or doesn’t with his/her own body?

    Girls who are fucking around are using guys just as much guys who are fucking around are using girls.

    SO WHAT?!

    I am brazilian, I am a WOMAN and an ADULT. I do whatever I want and with whomever I want and NO ONE can say shit about me.

    I can also dance in a slutty way if I decide to, or kiss thousands of girls, or gang bang.

    Why would you care?
    Just let people be and stop judging so much and feeling superior to other people – and there I am talking to EVERYONE.

    :) you can call me names now.

  • AussieGuy

    That was alot of comments to read through. Looks like I might save up and visit North/South America soon =P

  • Silvia

    Are you crazy man?
    Are you rich? I hope so, bc you are lying in this crazy book.
    I’m sorry If we are hotter tham your girls, yes I know we are.
    I am a brazilian and Hot girl (every gringo say this to me), and I’m not easy. I have a great job, and this tips are crazy. You think you know us… But really, you are getting the worse one girls, so you Will never be with a good one. So It will never be for real, You will never taste the flavor of passion we can have. You Will taste flash meat, just that!

    Your book is nothing!

  • Larissa

    I totally agree with the Silvia. You can’t say that all the girls from brazil are easy. Are you crazy? do you like when someone say stupid things about the girls from your country? I think no!
    men thinking about coming to Brazil to have sex for free with Brazilian make me sick! WTF. I don’t give a fuck if you guys from many countries think brazilians girls are easy but maybe you should look to your sister. I think she can be more hot with your friends than us!
    I’m tired. Everybody think brazil as a country with easy girls, beaches and parties.

  • http://Diane Anonymous

    Im brazilian, living in DC area about 8 months, I`m doing exchange as au pair to improve my english,some things that I noticed living in USA:

    1) Clubs here make me sick, girls dancing like making sex (I`m woman very embarrassing).

    2) When some american guy ask me where I`m from and I say Brazil they: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Brazilian!

    3) American Guys are cute, polite and very family oriented, like to work out and care to be fit and healthy, for me ..this is very sexy …

    4) American culture makes people to become conservative, morals and good customs. There is nothing wrong with that, but people getting cold! They donot touch each other, don`t hug each other, they are impersonal. I hug and kiss my hostkids all the time! and their parents…ahhaha dont to that!just different affect.

    5) I met an american guy, and we hung out 4 times, we are getting a good time together, he`s cute, polite…and we just had the first kiss in our fourth date (not french kiss, regular kiss) and he made the first move! it made ​​me surprise and shy at the beginning, cause in Brazil we are not used to it. I have been twice in his AP and NOTHING happened! So..some things said not true about brazilians!

    Anyway…we are trying to get to know each other, but Im afraid to fall in love with him cause I have to back home in 1 years and 5 months =/

  • Anonymous

    This is really stupid. Congratulations asshole (y)

  • Love

    nice and informative site about Brazilian girls..

  • RE

    Hello, women seek to meet the afternoon without any financial or sentimental. I want to have and provide pleasant moments in the two steady or occasional meetings. If you fit this profile and is a way out of the routine I write, I will be happy to stay with you.
    My characteristics:
    I speak of Sao Paulo – SP
    District: South Zone
    Age: 36
    Skin Color: Brown
    Height: 1.75m
    Weight: 78kg
    Dowry: about – 21cm
    Secrecy and description only ask fundamental things.
    Preference for meetings at lunchtime or mid afternoon. If your choice is not currently accept my apology for contacting.


  • jessica




  • marcelle

    I’m brazilian and it’s true, there’s many easy girls here, but I think this is so ridiculous, girls should be decent and smart and not just easy. Unfortunately brazilian girl thinks more with her big ass than her brain. (generalized)

  • Brazilian students

    I think the text is right in some points, but is, actually, very rude. A guide about how to have sex with women is something very unnusual and for many people it goes against the principles of a civilized society. And it affects you even more when it is about women from your country.
    Well, the thing is, everybody likes to have sex, but nobody likes to talk too much about it.
    Easy women are found all over the world, not just in Brazil, this idea is totally wrong. I agree when you say that there are some easy women in here and that Brazilian women like foreigners, but you cannot generalize it and, like I said, you can find them everywhere.
    So, this is not only about getting laid, it is about behaviour, culture, society and all the points of view that people have about our Country.

  • J 79

    Jesus cant we all just get along.

  • Cristina G

    Oh, so brazilian girls would do anything to go to bed with a gringo… Oh COME ON, REALLY? You guys are not such a big thing you know? Just because you speak english? Big shit, a lot of people here speaks too.
    Money? Again, BIG SHIT. Brazilian womans are independent and we don’t need your little “cheap motel” money. Okay, there’s some sluts here but… Well, I didn’t heard better things about the girls in your country, sugar.
    Is because of jerks like you that when a stupid fucking gringo come to my country (I’m not carioca but still am Brazilian) they start to say ridiculous things and pretend to be the biggest motherfucker in the whole earth with their little money just planning to take me to some cheap motel as if I was some slut even if I’m just sit in my place and don’t want anything with them. The last gringo who tried to go to bed with me was kicked in that place, so… Be warned that brazilian girls are not cheap sluts and they know how to kick…

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  • claudejose


  • marcos

    i am a brazilian man from rio , living in silicon valley , i am an engineer , im so disappointed with american girls , they are ugly , weird and fat , very fat. im sad here , i wanna come back , life here is good , but no friends , no woman , no nothing, everything closes at 2am , people dont party , dont drink , dont have fun. everything is law law law law…im so tired, im not sure if i did the right choice of accepting the offer to live in california really…

  • marcos

    another thing , girls are just easy with gringos because they are usually bit%^#$ that dont wanna work and want your money , the real carioca girls dont really care about that…..i mean girls that have a good cultural/economical level.

  • marcos

    brazilian girls in the u.s please save me, i wanna meet you, im brazilian from rio and i m so sad here.
    find me on facebook

  • Austrian

    Hi Sao Paulo Girls :-)
    Stay here, working at F1 in Sao Paulo|Interlagos.
    Looked to come together with Sao Paulo Girls, but met none witch is speaking English or German!
    Where I find? Is anyone outside? :-)
    I stay in Hotel at Santo Amaro!
    Sent mail, if you want to meet!

  • Marky

    go find prostitutes or shemales , brazilian girls are no bitches , go back to austria

  • Austrian

    Are u paranoid? Who said I´m looking for bitches?
    And sure I go home! Don´t want to stay where soooo friendly people like u…
    Thx a lot!

  • Marky

    europeans always come to brazil and think all woman are bitches , u’re all the same , specially italians , go fucking back to europe!

  • Austrian

    HAHAHA – now I know, why so many girls like Europeans…
    Because here are some Idiots like u…

  • Marky

    sure they like , your money bitch..

  • Austrian

    One have, other not…

  • Marky

    disgusting , you are all pedophiles

  • Austrian

    like I told – u are paranoid and also envious

  • Hele

    Disgusting. Im brazilian and i hate gringos .especially ones like you who come here abuse from us. We have a strong sense of family here. Keep yourself there in your country. You are not welcome.

  • Austrian

    Acho que você está errado! Teve nos últimos dias uma garota doce. Que vêem as coisas de maneira diferente!
    Mas não há problema – eu não estou interessado em gay!
    Obrigado por seu comentário – tolo

  • Marky

    go back to austria man , we dont want you here trying to rape kids and treat our women like bitches….u can do that back in east europe, russia and shit like that.

  • Austrian

    Sure I go back! Do ya think I want to stay in this dustbin???
    At first I fuck a few more of your chicks, and than I go home in my warm and propper home and you stay alone here – have fun, idiot!

  • Anonymous


  • Austrian

    And you are crying like women all over the world… *hahaha*

  • Talita

    My husband is american and I’m brazilian, people says most of brazilian girls are sluts but thats not true… every place there are all kinds of people. People are just hypocritical when they want label someone with some name.

  • h0h0

    brazilian girls who merry gringos , most of them are sluts or interested in their money or comfort :)

  • Talita

    im happy my husband is not idiot like some american guys =P

  • h0h0

    yeah and you are a bitch that needs your american husband to pay your bills because you cant do anything, i bet you dont even have a college degree.
    are you one of those bitches that hang in bars where gringos go?

  • Solomon

    Well I do agree that Brazilian girls are a lot more affectionate and friendlier than any cold hearted American girls that I have been with, I would not go that far to say that they are sluts just based on that alone. My past Brazilian girlfriend was very intimate with me on a level that I was not used to but loved for this fact. She would always would want me in her presence, there was this a couple of occasion’s were we make out in front of her mom. If anything though it seems like girls in my region of the area are the biggest sluts. Getting back to my point there is just something about Brazilian girls that stirs up me up, most notably it could be because they are not a dime a dozen like most other races were I live (no pun intended).

    Another thing I d like to mention here is most of the Brazilian girls that I have been around and got to talk with are just really open about there sexual desires. Meaning that they are open about everything they want and play less games than a majority of stupid American women who play games with the man all of the time. These women are direct and assertive, which is what I would love for any women to have as a quality, this to me is a lot more attractive than if a girl is “playing the game” making me think she likes me but all she really wants is something else.

  • Anonymous

    so where is the best place in rio to find the best pussy???

  • Lara

    Okay, as a Brazilian woman I have to give you credit for somethings…for example, it is indeed true that we have no problems with kissing or making out faster than you are used to with American girls. However, through comparisons I’ve made with women of other countries I’ve visited, Australia in special, we are somehow conservative, which of course goes against our comfortable way about our sexuality (whether it is analyzed through the way we interact or how we dress ourselves).
    I wonder sometimes if foreigner men believe we’re easy for this reason: we do have high libido, but there’s still lots of prejudice about it in our society. Nowadays, it is somehow fashionable to claim you enjoy sex, but those who really act upon it are frowned on. And even though Brazilian guys like a girl with initiative, that has no shame in asking what she likes and doing what he likes, after the act itself he will with no doubt wonder where did she learn that, with how many others she was like this, which is hypocritical. The other girls are also ‘amazing’ judges, even though they wish they had the courage.
    In this scene enters the foreign guy, a chance she has to do whatever she wants and know she will not be judged by her circle of friends, because probably he’ll go back to his country soon. It may seem cold, but I can affirm it isn’t. We’re very affectionate, but we still live in a sexist society. oh, besides, there’s all that thing about a different culture and the curiosity behind it.

  • marc

    well , i m brazilian and if a girl does sexy with me i dont say she’s easy or a bitch to anyone , only if she behaves like one and fuck my other friends (which happens a lot) , yes , i will be fair, if she’s a bitch i will treat her like one, if she’s not, i wont, there is no problem to have sex with a person on the same day, problem if it happens all the time, the girl looses her respect and put herself in risk , because most of them dont ask guys for protection when they are hot.

  • Carol

    You sucks! x.x I’m a Brazilian girl and the things are not just like you said.
    Don’t get confused. Just because Brazilian girls talk, laugh at your jokes(and often pornographic jokes ¬¬. I mean, dude,it’s incredible bunch of foreigners who come here thinking they’ll get a beautiful woman with big ass for fuck ¬¬”) and only because they are open for talks and are gentle, does not mean they are easy women ¬¬. Understand something, here in Brazil, be gentle and friendly with other people is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Do not think you’ll get something else just because she gave you attention when you decided to start a conversation with her.
    And if you’ll be perverted with them, most of them will kick your ass.

  • ANNA

    I never read such a no sense thing in my life. I am Brazilian and from what i know you should feel a shame to tell anyone that you went out with a Brazilian and your going back home single. The problem is what you come here to do in my COUNTRY,what are you looking for is what are you going to get it. If a brazilian guy go to USA to fuck the american girls believe me he will,even easy then you think… With drinks,thats how american girls are and i am not even going to get into to the fact that they make out with other girls to make guys happy. Brazil is a rich country with a lot of beautiful,smart,independent women. Gringos who are just “gringos” get what they deserve it…other gringos,the good quality ones, they know about Brazil,about the culture and the people,also they speak more than “gostosa”. What you said is just doesn’t only happens here,it happens in everywhere in the world. And about your trip to Brazil i guess you came here for women…next time don’t go far…stay where you are,i bet you can get any girl in your country with a bag of coke,or a bottle of grey goose.

  • Martin

    So I read like first quarter of this comment section, Most people are Brazilian, Americans and Europeans.

    Where do a good looking Taiwanese guy like myself get laid?


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    Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  • Brazilian Barbie

    I hate you fucking gringos peverts!! you scums are not welcome to our country!! Poor brazilian girls who are mix race only want you for your money nothing else!! I hope our government crack down on your perverts!!

  • Aussie

    WOW so many angry Brazilian girls, if it makes you feel better Brazilian women are considered very beautiful by many people around the world and i have to perverted intentions. Peace have a nice day.

  • Brasileiro

    Hi guys! I’m from Brazil and I can give you some adivices to how to pick up brazilian girls:

    Be a bad boy. Don’t be romantic or too polite, otherwise they will see you as a loser with no testosterone. You have to a little agressive and don’t care about what they (brailian girls) think about you. Don’t take them seriusly.

    Treat them like prostitutes. Don’t treat them like there were princesses. don’t do that. Brazilian girs(90%). If you treat brazlian girls like they are prostitute, they will fall in love with you.

  • Gabriela

    Hi Guys, I’m Brazilian too and I can tell you, Brazilians girls HATE when a man treats them like prostitutes, if you want a prostitute, ok, it’s your problem, we can’t do nothing about it. But if you really want to meet a NICE girl, you might to be nice too, and “be you” don’t try to be like a bad boy, it’s ridiculous. We like to meet different people and culture. Brazilian girls are smart, talkative and sociable. You should to have a good talk with her, it’s amazing!! (:

  • Anonymous

    Who cares we all die (all are shit smells the same) ! only differences please if you’re going to offspring at least fuck someone cute! we can generate more hot ass sex objects ! if you feel like a sex object then maybe you are – change get ugly – no one will want to offspring off you :)

  • Joao

    Stupid gringos. You are disgusting.
    Womans are not sexual objects. Respect them!!!
    I hate gringos.

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  • Kal

    Wow, i read this whole blog…very entertaining…informative? Well, that’s open to interpretation. I love Brasil and i’m American. The culture, people, beauty, vibe, etc. I feel that there is a lot that Brasilians and Americans can learn from each other. I have visited Brasil many times. I will probably marry and raise a family there someday. I have studied the language but i definitely need to keep studying…so I am.

  • claudejose


  • Brasileiro Realista

    Hi guys! Its nice you have been to Brazil and had some experience with brazilian girls. As a brasilian I can also help you guys by contributing with some tips about how to pick up some brazilian girls.

    The first tip is: lie. Don’t give a shit about that. Lie a lot. For exemple: you can say you are a rich guy who came to Brazil to enjoy the country. Tell them you are a business man in your country. But don’t say that you are rich in a directly way, like:”Hi baby, Im rich”. No, don’t do that. You have to say that in a indirectly way. For instance:”Well, one of the thing I like to do is to travel. Travel is my passion. After Brazil I’m planing to travel to Europe, you know, to get to know new people, new culture, new restaurants”. The braziliagirls will get impressed with that. You can also say: “My hobby is to buy cars. I love cars, just like a love beatiful girls”.

    Second tip: don’t be too romantic and too polite. Don’t be shy and quiet. Be confident, bad boy, womanizer, talktive, look to the girls directly into their eyes. As somebody said, treat them like prostitutes. It seems rude but it is the true. Most of Brazilian gilrs like that. If you treat them like princess they don’t see you as a real man. They will see you as a nerd or a eunuch friend. So, be a hunter, a lion, and see the girls as a prey. Don’t care about their fellings.

    Third tip: never get married, never fall in love.

    So that are my tips for you guys. Follow them. If brazilian girls and brazilain eunuch read that, they will get angry, but don’t care about that. The truth hurt.

    One question, why some white american like asian girls? I don’t undestand that. Here in Brazil we like hot girls, with big ass, hot legs, and asian girls are not hot. We have a lot of testostorene and we want hot girls with curves. My dick doesn’t stand for a asian girl, they have ugly flat body. Girl with flat ass here in Brazil everybody make jokes about. So I guess Brazil is much better is this case.

  • Antonio.


  • Eduardo

    Want to see beautiful and natural girls?
    Go to country regions of southerns states.
    Forget Rio (Fake blonds, sillicon tits girls with no brains), not to mention the sexual diseases like AIDS, gonorrhea, hepatitis are very common.

  • Anonymous






  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i,m Somali person like to married Brazilian girl unfortunately they far from me so like to contact

  • Anne

    Do u really think brazilians are easier? Just if u were looking for a slut! Yes, they are hot and beautiful, but it doesn`t make them one “puta”, If you go there just looking for “putas”, you will find, but you`ll have to pay like in your country. But if u wanna date a brazilian girl, they are really friendly, warms, and better than any girl I know, my girlfriend is brazilian, and she is better than every girl i know in america, She wasn’t easy, but really lovely and hot, like the normal brazilians girls

  • Richard

    Do u really think brazilians are easier? Just if u were looking for a slut! Yes, they are hot and beautiful, but it doesn`t make them one “puta”, If you go there just looking for “putas”, you will find, but you`ll have to pay like in your country. But if u wanna date a brazilian girl, they are really friendly, warms, and better than any girl I know, my girlfriend is brazilian, and she is better than every girl i know in america, She wasn’t easy, but really lovely and hot, like the normal brazilians girls

  • Nick

    I have dated a brazilian girl who came up to canada. I have met several more,, they are very different than cdn girls,,,more family oriented and more approchable…willing to try new experiences,,,I have fallen in love with brazilian girls. Treat them nice

  • Brasileiro

    Hey Anne. We do have easy girls in Brazil, of course. As well as there is no easy gils in Brazil. I would say 50/50. I think because brazilian girls in general are more easy going and friendly people think they are easy. I think some asian girls are easier then brazilian girls. When a white loser beta nerd red neck pussy with no testosterone can´t cat a hot big girl, they go to a flat ass little asian girl. One big point about brazilian girls is that they are hot, sensual, big. Brazilian girls like real man to have fun. Guys with testostorone to have sex. They want I stupid guy to take some money and a hot gay to have sex. So, these funny gringos think brazilian girls are crazy for them, but they just want to take your money when they have sex with a brazilians or other latino hot blood. So they go to a little asian flat ass because white girls, latinas girls don´t want them to have fun. This is the true. I hope you guys here liked that. You guys have written your opinion here, so I wrote mine.

  • Infernal

    This article does not reflect the truth for the most part, I’m Brazilian and I know better for actually living here.

    But I think whatever stereotypical views foreginers hold on Brazilians we’re certainly partly to blame for them.

    Such culture of samba,carnival, too much liberalism and music with sexual lyrics contribute dramatically towards reinforcing those labels. So I got to strike a note of caution for those stupid people (for some Brazilians who posted too)

    Não é só americano que pensa que brasileiras são fáceis, é gente dos piores lugares possíveis do mundo. Não é só america e europa. Tem povinho da africa, oriente médio e da conchinchina pensando assim tb e a culpa principal é de vcs mesmo.

  • Brasileiro

    Infernal, like I said, what these guys have written here about Brazil is 50% true. They are not totally wrong because this type of think does happen in Brazil. Go to some “baile funk” or some stupid carnival partie and you can see how brazilian woman behave. But it´s depends where you are in Brazil. Brazil is huge man. We are not a fucking small little shit country where everybody has the same shit face and have the same mentality. Brazil é very complex. If you are living in one states in Brazil and move to another one far away, you will fell a lot of diference. Maybe theses guys in these website here have gonne to some places like Rio, Salvador…you know that Sao Paulo and Rio are very diferente, even they are in the Southest of Brazil. In Rio people go to the beach, take sunbath, party more, go to gym every day, show their body. And in Sao Paulo people have a stressful life, work like horses, so they are more “cold” and stressed. I have a friend who is a skinny nerd loser. But he went to northest on vacation and picked up a lot of girls up there. It is the same when a loser white milk north american red neck who is a loser in USA but in Brazil he is like a king. Or a loser old bald european who goes to The Phillipine or Thailand to find a wife because none woman in his contry wants him. In USA girls don´t give him a shit. But in Brazil he is different and the girls want him. And when you say that people from many countries other than USA and broken Europe think brazilian girls are easy I disagree with you. Brazilian girls like guys from rich countries. Its like when they prefer a guy who lives in very good rich neihtborhood and a guy who lives in a stinking poor dump. Check out this for yourself. See if a brazilian girl wants a bolivian or other poor fucked up guy from a shit country or and american.

    Esses americanos estão perdendo as mulheres para latinos e negros cara. Mulher gosta de cara viril, agressivo, descolado, com bastante testosterona. O branco americano não é viril, eles produzem pouca testosterona. Logo, as americanas estão traindo eles com os latin lovers e os negoes sarados. Porque vc acha que esses branquelos americanos sem testosterona estão namorando e casando com asiáticas? simplesmente porque a mulher anglo saxonica mete chifre neles. Daí eles preferem uma asiática submissa sem bunda para casar e cuidar da casa. É a unica forma deles terem autoridade sobre a mulher.

  • Infernal

    Brasileiro, your opinion is not a fact. I’m Brazilian too and I know what I’m talking about. People from all over the world view Brazilian women as easy and available. Not only Americans and Europeans.Chinese, middle easterners, Australians and so on. This is what Brazilian idiots are selling to them with carnivals and free-for-all parties.So who must be lacking virility here are people like you seeing that Brazilian men are culturally portraying their own women here as sexual objects to foreigners.

    And one more thing, women whether Brazilian, American or whatever, don’t cheat on their partners with others because they simply lack virility. They would go mostly for men who have status. People who like well-hung thuggish macho men are called gay, so be careful about who you’ve been hanging out with. Some of them look like women, but there is certainly a difference lol.

    So if I go by your false, conflicting logic, Brazilian and American women would only be sniffing around latinos and Africans rather than American men.You stated otherwise, when you mentioned your friend, so get your facts straight, man.

  • Brasileiro

    Not at all. If you say people from USA, Europe, Australia and Canada see brazilian woman as easy and available I agree with you. But when you say people from all over the world you are exagerating. Brazilians woman are not easy with a bolivian, chinese, or other guys from fucked up contries. Put 2 guys in the front of brazilian girls. One from Bolivia (or filipines, camboja whatever) and one from USA (or Canada, Australia), and see which one they will choose.

    Regarding what you said about carnival its is partialy true. Yes, carnival show the brazilian girls as bitches, but it doesn´t mean that it is gonna be the same for all woman in Brazil. Like I said you you must know, Brazil is very complex huge country with many diferentes people. Carnival with naked woman dancing on the street it not a rule here. If you say that, it is like the cartoon Simpson showing Brazil with a lot o monkeys jumping on the street.

    woman don´t cheat their husband and boyfriend because they don´t have virility? In which world do you live? LOL! wake up, buddy. Don´t be too innocent. The past 2 weeks I was going out with a girl who had boyfriend. According to her, his boyfriend was “horrible in the bed”. I know many guys who are fucking with married woman. That´s happen all the time. It´s pretty normal this type of situation. Nowadays woman like to have fun, go party, they are not like in the past, they start making sex earlie and if their boyfriend or hunsband don´t satisfited them they don´t think twice to looking for a guy who has a good sex drive. What you say about a guy have “status” I agree with you. Status is very important to impress girl. But status is not the only virtue. Status can work to get to know a girl, but is not a enoght to keep a girl with you. If you have status but you don´t satisfy your girl in the bed, she will go for another guy who will satisfy her. This is the new world man! LOL

    What you wrote about gays it is true. Nothing against gays. I don´t know why you r soo concern about them. But yeah, they like the macho man, just like the girls do. The differece is that gays talk about that to everybody, so we all know that. But girls also talk about preffer heaving sex with a agressive, masculine and strong guy. the detail is that girls almost always talk about that between girls. So guys never know what they are thinking. It very normal a girl say something like “Eu gosto de homem com jeito de homem”. “Eu gosto de homem que tem pegada”, “Eu gosto de homem com cara de safado” and so on. Thats is the prove they like a womanizer guy to have fun. So to pay the bills the girls will choose a rich guy with status, but to have sex they will preffer a virile bad boy. The best part is for the virile guy.

    American gils fuck woth american guy. Thats happen. But like I said, if they don´t safisty them, they will go for a latino and a black man. Thats is the point. Thats because latinos and balcks tend to be more out going, funnier, have more sex drive, like to dance, have more testosterone whereas american are more “cold”, stressed and workholic.

  • Infernal


    Brazilian women are notorious for being sluts worldwide, dude.There is no exaggeration here. It’s plain factual, not only among Americans and Europeans. I’ve talked to people from all over the world, so I know better.Carnaval, funk and all that crap has been made known worldwide, so don’t fool yourself into thinking it was only a few foreign people who got to know about that. Whenever I talk with friends about Brazil, they ask about the Brazilian big bundas.I’m often telling them not to worry coz I’m taking care of them lol .Mind you,I don’t even have American/European friends. Such people I’m referring to are Pakistanis, Iranians, Russians, Australians, Indians and many others.So quit lying about something you can’t prove.

    About Brazilian women choosing Americans/Canadians over Bolivians/Filipinos, I have no freaking idea why you’re telling me such blatantly obvious things. Of course it’s true but then again it has a lot to do with status.

    Married women yeah they can cheat. I’ve already had sex with such women here but the reasons for which they cheated are many and sundry. It’s not simplistically restricted to one sexual issue.

    Women will not go for a guy simply because of his sexual appetite. This is not even a proof one is more manly than others. It’s kinda easy to make babies, but then again who will provide for them? Women are muuuuuuch more far-sighted and cunning than that when making a choice of a partner. The ones who get the best women are not the bad guys, but the rich ones, whether good or bad. This is amply confirmed in any countries.

    Take Brazil for example, soccer players are both besieged and chased after by ‘Maria chuteiras’. They are not picking them for the size of their cocks. It’s the size of their wallets that counts lol!

    About Choosing latinos/black men, this is not true either. People are unique, there are no proofs blacks/latinos have more testosterone or are more talkative than others.I’ve seen many blacks/latinos who are way different than that.Moreover, if women were mostly going for latinos and blacks, there would be only niggers in the world, coz white people have recessive genes.Did you forget Bolivians are latinos too? So why did you single them out? I’m telling you, because they are usually poorer than others.

    I’d like to ask you two questions now. Why are you generalizing about Brazilian women? You said 50 percent of them are slut, you’re just like the idiot who wrote the article above,it’s sheer generalization.It’s not like that, so you should get back to earth and stop labelling women like that.(Vc quemou seu filme dizendo que metade das mulheres brasileiras são putas! Se for assim, vc não acha que é vantagem de ninguém pegar vagabas que dão p/ tantos! Vai falar isso p/ elas, vai otário.

    Second question, why are you giving gringoes your ‘advices’ on how to pick up Brazilian women? Dude, do you have shit for brains? This is the problem I noticed here which prompted me to post, Brazilian men are primarily reinforcing the steretypes of their own women, further stimatizing them as sluts. You’re one of those posters, so cut out the crap, for gosh’s sake, man.

  • Infernal


    Brazilian women are notorious for being sluts worldwide, dude.There is no exaggeration here. It’s plain factual, not only among Americans and Europeans. I’ve talked to people from all over the world, so I know better.Carnaval, funk and all that crap has been made known worldwide, so don’t fool yourself into thinking it was only a few foreign people who got to know about that. Whenever I talk with friends about Brazil, they ask about the Brazilian big bundas.I’m often telling them not to worry coz I’m taking care of them lol .Mind you,I don’t even have American/European friends. Such people I’m referring to are Pakistanis, Iranians, Russians, Australians, Indians and many others.So quit lying about something you can’t prove.

    About Brazilian women choosing Americans/Canadians over Bolivians/Filipinos, I have no freaking idea why you’re telling me such blatantly obvious things. Of course it’s true but then again it has a lot to do with status.

    Married women yeah they can cheat. I’ve already had sex with such women here but the reasons for which they cheated are many and sundry. It’s not simplistically restricted to one sexual issue.

    Women will not go for a guy simply because of his sexual appetite. This is not even a proof one is more manly than others. It’s kinda easy to make babies, but then again who will provide for them? Women are muuuuuuch more far-sighted and cunning than that when making a choice of a partner. The ones who get the best women are not the bad guys, but the rich ones, whether good or bad. This is amply confirmed in any countries.

  • Infernal

    Take Brazil for example, soccer players are both besieged and chased after by ‘Maria chuteiras’. They are not picking them for the size of their cocks. It’s the size of their wallets that counts lol!

    About Choosing latinos/black men, this is not true either. People are unique, there are no proofs blacks/latinos have more testosterone or are more talkative than others.I’ve seen many blacks/latinos who are way different than that.Moreover, if women were mostly going for latinos and blacks, there would be only niggers in the world, coz white people have recessive genes.Did you forget Bolivians are latinos too? So why did you single them out? I’m telling you, because they are usually poorer than others.

    I’d like to ask you two questions now. Why are you generalizing about Brazilian women? You said 50 percent of them are slut, you’re just like the idiot who wrote the article above,it’s sheer generalization.It’s not like that, so you should get back to earth and stop labelling women like that.(Vc quemou seu filme dizendo que metade das mulheres brasileiras são putas! Se for assim, vc não acha que é vantagem de ninguém pegar vagabas que dão p/ tantos! Vai falar isso p/ elas, vai otário.

    Second question, why are you giving gringoes your ‘advices’ on how to pick up Brazilian women? Dude, do you have shit for brains? This is the problem I noticed here which prompted me to post, Brazilian men are primarily reinforcing the steretypes of their own women, further stimatizing them as sluts. You’re one of those posters, so cut out the crap, for gosh’s sake, man.

  • Infernal

    Take Brazil for example, soccer/football players are both besieged and chased after by ‘Maria chuteiras’. They are not picking them for the size of their cocks. It’s the size of their wallets that counts lol!

  • Infernal


  • Brasileiro

    Yes, you exaggerating when you say that brazilian woman era sluts all over the world. Have you been in every single country in the world talking to every single person in the world to say that? Probably not. So yes, you are exaggerating. I also have talked to many people from other contries and none of them told me about brazilian woman are sluts or something like that. So it doesn´t mean that all of those people from oversea see brazilian woman as sluts. Some do, some don´t. If I can´t prove what I´m saying here, you can´t not prove what are you sying here as well :)

    I wrote about canadians and bolivian just to explain the situation here. I know that is obvious but it is a simple exemple to write my point of view here. Canadians have more status than a bolivian. It is because Canada ir richer that Bolivia, this is the point.

    Woman go for other guys whenever their boyfriends and husband are not giving her enoght attention.I have many gils here in my msn and I have been going out with many of them. They say exactly the same: their boyfriend or husnband are very bad in the bed or are not giving her enought attention. As I said, when a girl cheat her boyfriend, they don´t tell to everybody like guys do. Guys talk to everybody so most people think man cheat more than woman. But nowadays its not true. Woman do cheat the samne or even more than guys and they don´t give a shit. So sex drive has a lot to do when a gilr cheat a guy. When a gils want to have sex, nobody will stop her. LOL.

    What you said about girls chosing a guy who have money to give a girl a better life I agree with you. Money is one important reason for a girl to choose a guy. There is no doubt in that. But if the guy has just the money, but no sex drive or attitude or doesn´t know to satisfy her, he cannot keep the girl just fucking with him. She will probably looking for another guy to fuck wit her. This is why many woman who are merried with rich guys but cheat them with a plumber or mechanical. So it is pretty normal a woman still living with her rich husband who can buy her nice clothes, expensive shoes, take her to restaurant, but have sex outside with other guy.

    Not all girl go for a latino or black, but many, many of them do. Oh yeah. Specialy when their boyfriends and husband are too cold or don´t satisfy her in the bed. Latinos and black tend to be are more easy going, they like to party a lot. Girls like this type of guys man. Many times their relationship are too bored and slow, so girls need to have some fun with a hot latino or black guy, of course, without their boyfriends or husbands know. When you go to the gym you will see that black guys get stronger than a white guy, thats is because they have more testosterone. Testosterone has to do with more self-steem, more sex drive and more agressive.

    Reguarding to the bolivians, yes, they are poor, so the girls will not choose them to be a husband or boyfriend. But the can be a good latin lover. When the rich husband pay her bills she is fucking with a bolivian.

    I´m not generalizing. If i say that all people all over the world see brazilian girls as slut, yes, I would be generalizing. But I´m not. This is why I wrote that about 50% of brazilians are slut and not 100%.

    Não, eu não queimei o meu filme aqui porque eu não estou igual um bicha histérica traída esperneado que todo mundo acha mulher brasileira puta, que toda mulher brasileira é puta. Geralmente quem diz isso é porque levou uns belos pares de chifres e agora está com o ego ferido choramingando as mágoas em um site gringo, o que não é o meu caso. Em uns pontos eu concordo com o que a galera escreve aqui, em outros eu não concordo. Radicalismo cego não leva a nada. Ninguém convence ninguém na base do berro.

    The reason I´m writting here some advices about brazilian woman is because the site is about brazilian woman and people want advice about how to pick up brazilian woman. If the side was about how to pick up russian girl I hadn´t wrotte anything because I´m not a russian. This advices by it self don´t make brazilian woman slut. When a gringo give advices about how to pick up american girls this doesn´t make american girls sluts an so on. Guys talk about girls, thats is normal. You talk about girl, I talk about girls, they talk about girls. So relaxe buddy. I´m not a blind pathetic patriotic as you may think I am. I do hate many think in Brazil, I do hate many fucking people here (politians), but I´m not a unhappy frustrade radical. I also like many stufs in Brazil. There is no perfect country. Every single country you will see fucking people, problems. Good girls, bitch girls. This is why I don´t step in the brazilian flag and brownosing a gringo ass.

  • Zorgverzekering

    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part :) I care for such information much. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    infernal- oh yeah they are picking blacks over you b/c of the size of our dicks you small, limp-dick lil white piece of shit. Fear of the black dick is why you come after and marginalize us black and brown men but you still can’t stop your women from loving us with all your money, so-called power, and esp ones like you who are pseudo-intellectual cowards. have a great day, signed the nigga ya love to hate.

  • Ecclesiastes

    I haven’t been to Brazil. I’m American.

    To the Brazilian women:

    Don’t worry so much about RooshV and other Americans who say you are easy. It’s a matter of perspective, of view point.

    Here, women are cold, mean, arrogant, paranoid, treacherous, and fat. Here, they have a huge political and legal framework to help them to be even more cold, mean, arrogant, paranoid, treacherous, and fat. So American men think this is normal.

    There is a popular saying here that a man will screw a snake if he can hold it down straight. Maybe that’s because a snake is only cold and mean.

    RooshV is selling information on universally effective psychological methods to get women to have sex with a man. These methods were developed where women are cold, mean, arrogant, paranoid, and treacherous, but he focused on the ones who weren’t too fat yet.

    Well, of COURSE he thinks you’re easy! He’s used to dealing with women that you’d think were deranged and evil … and fat.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are disgusting

  • Donald

    I respect women in general and have been talking to a Brazilian woman online for about 2 months and I like her a lot. She is smart, funny, educated and very pretty. I am an American and she speaks very good english as well as spanish and of course portugese. She is someone I care very much about and she thinks a lot about me. I want and tryiing to understand the culture of Brazil and she is helping me a lot with that. I do have a lot to learn I admit, but I do agree that Brazillian women are very affectionate, but that does not make them easy. She is a very warm and caring person and hope we can meet someday. With all that being said, there are good and bad in every country, you just have to be careful.

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    This is fascinating. The guy writes a short fluff piece on Rio and spent a little time there. Cariocas are a nightmare and are easy/snobby/untrustworthy. They are also hypocrites and quite possibly, the worst that Brasil has to offer. Paulistanas come in second because while they are the most metropolitan and plenty do speak English, they are usually very Americanized and do not take care of themselves. They are arrogant as well. I think all of the years of carrying the rest of the country on their backs has weighed heavily upon them and they all live for ‘the corporation!’ The country has some of the coolest women around but you can’t hang out in Rio. A little Pimsleur, a few hours at the gym and a smile will take you a long way in the north, south or interior. Brazilians have poor views against each and every state and biases just like everyone. What I can’t believe that I’m reading are Brazilian women getting so upset about Roosh’s stories. He’s not hiding anything from you. He’s giving you a personal account and his perceptions and this is his outlet. His job. You don’t like it, don’t read it. I find him to be pretty funny. I myself am not running round the world looking for hookups but that’s his deal and how he pays the rent. Probably helped some guys just get that thing back that left so many Americans and Euros thanks to feminism, self-esteem. Cariocas are like no other Brazilians. I should know. I’m American and have lived everywhere in that country. Each state has it’s own challenges and present different situations requiring different ‘game’ if you will. Funny how Brazilian girls here are chiming in and calling the American girls easy, ball breaking, feminist, sluts(how all four of those words could be rooted in one person is still beyond me. Roosh and the rest of these boys have ALREADY determined that for you so you are barking up the wrong tree. Just like in your beloved Brasil, different states offer different things. A cool, good looking girl from a town in Texas is nothing like the Miami, NYC or California girl that we generalize about. Same goes for a girl in Curitiba as opposed to one in Rio. Rio is a place that knows what it is….a tourist trap and a place to get a faux flag. Go there and enjoy yourself, just watch your back for EVERYONE. Motives bros, motives.

  • http://[email protected] Matt

    TO ALINE: You are so ridiculous and angry. Brasil is all about the youth ahn? Please…I’m over 28 and could and have gotten MOST of your women. You are not the most special women in the world kkkkk. I don’t throw money around, sleep with putas, faveladas o transexuals. You are what is wrong with Brasil…..and women on the average now. Bitter and non-feminine. Make sure you tell us exactly where you are from because I don’t wish to ever go there.


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  • Carolina

    Eu não acredito que li isso…
    Quero dizer, tem até um MANUAL de como dormir com nós, brasileiras?

    Vocês são uma PIADA.

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  • Renata

    As a brazilian girl I have to lol!
    Where have u been here in Rio? Name the places, bars… Well, maybe it will make ur text make sense.
    Sorry, I can’t help but lol. 😉

  • http://Nenhum Caroline

    Vocês são ridículos… pensamento de merda.

  • Wrong

    Man look, this thing about Brazilian girls is a damn work of fiction.
    I been to whole Latin America (all the way from our border to the South of Chile) with the only purpose of fucking Latinas in their natural jungle environment (besides making a quick buck selling cheap “American” – made in China – stuff to those low IQ latino-morons) and I gotta tell you: Rio, and Brazil, are a urban legend. I would agree if you say Santa Catarina and some parts of Parana and Rio Grande do Sul. Even Sao Paulo state like countryside, close to Americana, Ribeirao Preto and other places where hot country-farm-style girls live. But Rio and the Brazilian Northeast are a urban legend. Like, hot girls that USED TO LIVE THERE, are now living here in Miami, Florida. The Hot girls that are still there are either professionals (Escorts or GPs, as the locals call them), or rich girls that don’t want to have intercourse that easy. So, you have plenty of ugly all-muscle bitches that look like some south-beach-gym-fag out of a gay nightmare, but none of the famous “brazilian women”.
    I prefer Colombia and Venezuela, because there all the women, rich, poor, professional, amateur, some-random-girl-you-meet-in-a-bar, are hot all around, no muscle-girls that look like a man, as you see in Brazil. Besides being hotter, Colombians and Venezuelans are also smarter, as Brazil is known as a country of retarded people in general.
    Colombia and Venezuela all the way! Brazil is for losers.

  • Maringaense

    I’ve met a colombian girl in Canada and she wasn’t beatiful or hot. If she lived here in Brazil she would be ugly. But I just met this colombian girl and maybe in Colombia there are o lot of beatiful and hot (more important for us latinos) girl.

    What you wrote about Rio is true. Unfortunatly Rio right now is just a pigsty full of ugly people (guys and girls). Where I live in Parana there are a lot o beatiful girl everywhere. The girls here are hot and beatiful. The only problem here in my city (Maringá) is that there are a lot o bunch of patetics redneck closed minded living here. But like I said we have high quality girls. Nice ass, nice legs, beatiful face.

    The problem is that most people just want to go to Rio, they just now this funcking dirty city. So they get there full of expetaction and get disapointed when they see a dirty, violent and full of ugly people.

    But even with some cities with ugly girls, Brazil is still much better than all contries in Asia: the continet where losers, nerds, less testostorone gringos (american, canadian etc) go to find a submissive flat ass wife.

  • MarinGAYnse

    The last guy that posted definitely has a skull full of shit for brains. His grammar is horrible, and he probably used his little Latino pencil dick to chicken peck that message. All his testosterone comes from the dicks that he likes shoved up his arse!

  • Vanessa

    That’s fucking hilarious! You guys are such a bunch of losers…
    Brazilians aren’t easier, the cultural differences between South America and North America maybe make you guys think that!
    Right, it’s easier to make out with a Brazilian, but get her in your bed it is not a easy job! From what I’ve seen I could say that in this aspect Americans and Canadians are way easier…Do you know why? Because they don’t give a shit about what guys think…
    Brazil is a really macho society and girls are always concerned about what men will think about them. In the other hand, all these English speaker contries are more open minded and the gender roles are not strongly defined like in South America, Italy or Spain.
    I have to agree with the last post, this guy from Maringa is retarded! Not all Brazilians are like that :)

  • ishtiaq

    i am from Pakistan and my wife is Brazilian, i feel disgusting that people around the world think about brazilian girls are bad character, stop generalizing not all people are same,

  • Anonymous

    As a brazilian girl, I find this disgusting.
    First, you generalize a whole country. Then, you treat women like objects, some sort of ‘prize’. You talk like that’s all women are good for.
    Let me inform you, sir, that YOU are only good for sex YOURSELF. No girl in her right mind would want to date an entlited douchebag like you for more than a week. Brazilian girls are not “easier”. They’re using you for sex & drinks. You’re what we call a “golden-dick-syndrome-douch”, meaning you think you’re oh-so-superior and SUCH a lady-killer, when it’s actually ‘ladys killing you’.
    Get over yourself and get over your sexism.

  • Stefani

    I’m Brazillian. And this is RIDICULOUS.

  • Okasan

    You know nothing about brazilian girls. Hypocrite.

    Actually, you know nothing at all about women.

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The two major oil companies who also revealed that its refineries and circulation inventory does in the low water level is expected stocks short term is difficult to effectively rebound situation of tight supply of diesel throughout the fourth quarter. Wang rate of energy is expected of professional bodies, as of the end of October, China’s domestic diesel stock for five consecutive months of decline, the cumulative decline to 26%,air jordan pas cher. The agency said, but diesel truly ease the tight supply situation may have to wait until the end of November, two major oil company’s refinery processing load and diesel production will continue to rise. Currently, most of the country showed a diesel tensions, the two major oil companies in the gas stations around the universal stop granting or strictly control sales. As of Nov. 4, the wholesale price of diesel 7,634 yuan / ton, compared to the beginning of September surged to 818 yuan / ton, higher than the average national retail price of 154 yuan / ton, the wholesale and retail “upside down” phenomenon continues to deteriorate. Zhong Jian, chief analyst of East oil and gas, the wholesale price is higher than the results of the retail price is wholesale oil too expensive not sell, and the gas station because sell one ton deficit tons reluctant to sell, and so to “diesel shortage” naturally inevitable. In Zhong Jian, in addition to the supply and demand factors, the oil price hike is expected to exacerbate the spread of the “diesel shortage”. He said that quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve monetary policy impact of the recent large increases in international oil prices, “Zero upside down” phenomenon reflects the the operators expected late that their prices do not rule out the possibility of hoarding oil reluctant to sell. From 2 to 6 November, the international oil price has been rising for the 4th,abercrombie, from the previous $ 83 per barrel rose to $ 86,isabel marant.8 per barrel, the highest price of the year, and the market outlook is still bullish. From interest-wang energy monitoring data show that, as of November 5, the weighted average rate of change of the three international crude oil reached 2.42%, which was close to 4% of the price adjustment redline. Zhong Jian solve the gas station for a suspension of the limit for the problem, you first need to release late oil price hike expected. In late November after domestic a further rise in oil prices,abercrombie france, or the recent international oil prices fell sharply,lancel, then the power of two major oil companies to increase the supply will be enough to some,hollister france. In this regard, Lin Boqiang lag of domestic refined oil pricing mechanism is indeed unfavorable to ease a diesel shortage. “If the domestic oil price adjustment period is shortened to 10 days or seven days, then the domestic price of oil should be re-raised. Once the oil price increases, the demand for diesel will be some inhibition,abercrombie, and the supply will increase, although not completely solve the ‘diesel shortage’, but can at least ease the domestic diesel market supply and demand gradually appear from July, after September deepening contradictions. Although the state has raised the retail price of refined oil on October 26,isabel marant sneakers, but did not change the strain on the resources of diesel on the market situation, and escalating for the main gas stations limited wholesale limited, direct control sales, traders parked out phenomenon. “Diesel shortage”, Wang rate of energy refined oil analyst Liao Shun suggested that future diesel export controls should increase under the premise of national strategic and commercial reserves of refined oil, at the same time, the oil reserves should not only be open to the two major oil companies and the central enterprises should be open to private enterprises, so that the possession of oil in China,louboutin. “Light crude oil reserve is not enough, also need to reserve the refined oil if there is sufficient oil reserves, once encountered ‘diesel shortage’ to sell reserves, so as to effectively alleviate supply problems.” Said Liao Shun,oakley. In accordance with international practice, the establishment of the oil reserves of 2-3 months is relatively safe. Up to now, China has been building four oil reserve base, has a storage capacity of 10 million tons of crude oil, but China’s refined oil storage capacity has yet to be further improved. Related articles: City to establish a two-way relationship Medicare introduced China’s economic situation and economic policy. During the meeting ‘d known prosecution

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    ‘s father named Wu Jun, the 41-year-old the Henan the Luoshan people, names contractors. Already married to my hometown in Henan, Wu Jun, 2007, and soon after Ryu understanding cohabitation. In September 2008, Liu Mousheng next child. At this point, Wu Jun, business trouble, embarrassment coupled with economic origin has his wife and children, Wu Jun,hollister, they do not want to be raising this child. Subsequently, Wu Jun, Liu unknowingly by others will newborn son of ten days to sell 1.3 million Loufan County families. After returning home, Wu Jun,louboutin pas cher, the money to Ryu. I heard that the money was actually to sell son, Ryu was furious and repeatedly urged Wu Jun, the kids want to come back. The Wu Jun promised few days to go, but in fact there has been no contact and buyers. The meantime also constantly name to hold the child’s name to Ryu money,mulberry outlet. Finally, Wu Jun selling children all lose at the mahjong table. In early January of this year, thinking the child anxious Ryu again urging the Wu Jun Qubao children, Wu Jun,hollister, cheated,louboutin, she said: “They feed more than a year,mulberry, and now want to return the child must give people 26,000 yuan.” Ryu one another gas anxious,mulberry, went to the police station the police,ラルフローレン. Wu Jun’s whereabouts, police immediately investigate. In the early morning of January 14, the return to the temporary residence of Wu was arrested by the police. When Liu Wenting Wu Jun, on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in women and children,mulberry outlet, will be subject to legal sanctions, she regretted,バーバリー 財布, the police said, had to sell a child she also agree that the reason why she called the police,abercrombie, just want their children to come back. ” . The Heping Road police station,バーバリー, Interpol captain CONSERVATORY Although Liu has been through an intermediary children to back, but Wu Jun behavior has violated the law, must be punished by law. The case is under further investigation. Related articles: Liang unexpectedly asked reporters when an event occurs fill and gift Guo Mei personal information

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    ‘s mediation work. Further increase the people’s mediation efforts, vigorously carry out the people’s mediation special storming activities,abercrombie france, extensive in-depth investigation and mediation work to carry out the contradictions and disputes, and do a better job in the industry, professional people’s mediation efforts to resolve the contradictions and disputes at the grassroots level to solve in the bud status,air jordan pas cher. To effectively strengthen the management of the community inmates, emancipist education. Good community inmates through-labor, education management, the implementation of good regulatory responsibility to prevent off pipe, drain pipe, to ensure that the problem does not occur. Well Community inmates emancipist the staff assistance work, to help them solve their practical difficulties and problems. To earnestly petition work of the administration of justice system,hollister. Judicial and administrative organs at all levels should conscientiously implement the system of leading cadres liberating visit, a comprehensive investigation of the petition issues, to exercise leadership responsibility on the petition, and properly deal with mass appeal, solve masses petition,abercrombie. Guide public opinion to do good work. Insist on correct guidance of public opinion,air jordan pas cher, strictly abide by the news propaganda discipline,mulberry outlet, close attention to involving the public opinion, especially the administration of justice network public opinion, timely and effectively respond to boot,louboutin. Wu Aiying stressed the need to strengthen the organization and leadership on to do a good job of maintaining social stability. Judicial and administrative organs at all levels and various departments of the Ministry of organs directly under the unit leaders should effectively take on the important task of the first responsible person, personally study the deployment of direct front command, re-deployment of maintaining social stability, and then check, then push ensure that all tasks and requirements to the letter. Who is responsible for the principle in accordance with territorial management and who is in charge of, stable maintenance responsibility to refine the decomposition of the implementation of each unit, each post, each responsible personnel. To enrich and strengthen contingency plans, and improve the working mechanism,abercrombie, strengthen practical exercise, strengthening emergency duty, and to improve emergency response capabilities. To strengthen ideological and political work, concern and care for the majority of the administration of justice and police officers and legal service workers to help them deal with their work, the difficulties of life, so that they dedicated to do the work of maintaining stability. Deputy Minister of Justice, the Ministry of Party members Zhangsu Jun,air jordan, 中央纪委驻 discipline inspection group of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Party members Han Heng Lin,air jordan, director of the Political Department, Department of party members Zhang Yanzhen attended the meeting,sac lancel. The various departments of the Ministry of organs and units directly responsible comrades attended the meeting,abercrombie france. (Original title: make every effort to judicial and administrative organs to maintain social stability is the eighteen great victory of the party held to create a safe and stable and harmonious social environment) Related articles: and strive after 3-5 years of efforts improve the regulations and policies tourism

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    ‘s room is demolition, many the art sports Candidates demolition buried the admission notice, contact the school will also be reissued. The relevant department heads promised that the government will not be traced back to walking the responsibility of the students to express their opinions in front of the municipal government. “Orderly school, teachers and students emotional stability” Zhengzhou four teachers and students in a number of respondents said that the government demolition opinion obviously previously had agreed to the main gate of the college entrance examination and then demolished, so as not to affect students’ learning and campus order, and the last was back on its word choice in holiday night secretly demolitions. And the Erqi demolition Office Director Xu Lifu accept the Southern reporter they did not know this convention, saying “back on its word” school Agree demolished later do not agree by the end of March, “The demolition completely in accordance with the execution of the contract. In this connection, a person in charge of the relevant departments of Zhengzhou City,wage payment, yesterday said the Southern Reporter school demolition party had indeed agreement postponed to the college entrance examination after the demolition, but “do not know in order to finish the work, or in order to complete the task, the two sides on the demolition time not go completely agree demolition “The officials also said that after the incident Erqi relevant units subject to serious criticism, the head and deputy head of apology to the school on this special trip to Zhengzhou Fourth Principal Wang Zhongli school leadership team also from the heart to give a round of applause. ” According to local media reports, the principal Wang Zhongli apologize district leaders “expressed their understanding and acceptance, we are willing to demolition party to continue to strengthen communication, mutual understanding, mutual cooperation, and jointly safeguard the overall social stability. Currently,louboutin pas cher, the school’s orderly, teachers and students emotional stability . “student loss will be full compensation for May 2 demolition, the mailroom some students wrapped letters, as well as arts students admission notice and so buried in the rubble, as well as the students called home mailing the camera therefore lost this stakeholders Southern Reporter said the units will be full compensation of the loss of students buried by school admission notice Contact reissue,グッチ. It is understood that the Fourth Government will build a temporary gate to protect campus safety,ジョーダン, maintenance of school order. May 3 some students cite slogans to express their views in front of a walk to the municipal government, the students said the scene was unidentified persons threatened cancellation of enrollment. In this regard,air ジョーダン, the relevant department heads yesterday south are reporters said the students will not be held responsibility, “they are the future of our country,10 people were instigated two cross-border gambling weakness ransom was tortured,louboutin pas cher, to allow them to commit this little error Link Party Secretary: relocatees organizations illegal petition three times on the labor camp Southern Reporter on in Erqi district government website, see the Party Secretary Zhu West Mayor Peng the speech area demolition mobilization meeting on April 26, meeting with Zhengzhou Fourth gate belongs Jingguang Road broaden the demolition project unrelated Mayor Peng said in his speech,Event, enabling the robbers hid in dozens of people to catch, Jianshe East project demolition very difficult, one hand, compensation standards and want another two projects than “gap” and relocated residents, on the one hand, the present place of residence location better, lower incomes, smaller housing, resettlement housing large pool area, the location is more near the martyrs’ cemetery, “the people will not easily accept. addition to more elderly retired workers, poor mobility ideological work is relatively difficult to do … but in any case, demolition must be completed, “This is a political task are not allowed to talk about any conditions, no matter what the difficulties, how much resistance, quality and quantity to complete. Party Secretary Zhu West his speech entitled “Do not be victory will not withdraw troops vow to complete the construction of the road boutique street remediation tasks, speech, said the project involves three areas, only Erqi demolition tasks unfinished,” We are now to the point that must be won, take a step back is a deep abyss. October 26, 2009, the Beijing-Guangzhou Road broaden demolition mobilization meeting, Zhu also made a speech, when he stressed that “to adhere to the people-oriented, harmonious demolition” and “unreasonable retention policies on minority do not speak, the focus of wild speculations households “just asking” in a timely manner in accordance with the law to stop it. “This speech is severely stressed beyond the” Sunshine demolition harmony demolition,abercrombie france, affection demolition “, focusing on the work of malicious resistance, to take the lead in inciting disturbances phenomenon to crack down on,hollister. “Zhu on organizations petitioners and other members of the public opposed to the demolition treatment suggestions ” Vexatious even blackmail the government, organize petitions and manufacturing groups in the event of staff, the public security organs, the judiciary must be in accordance with the law quickly and severely dealt with,abercrombie france, absolutely Can not relent,hollister france. “Zhu said West, two people have been arrested in the previous two days, and last night was organized by dozens of people to the Municipal petition, asked to take the two men,グッチ バッグ. Relevant departments reported this matter to me, I said three sentences: “First, we caught accordance with the law, the offender must be punished according to law, it is impossible because someone organization petition to pressure on the government to release the I let our comrades in the petitioners evening mustered Jishihaoren petition to the municipal government has violated the relevant regulations of the State,hollister outlet, in accordance with the regulations, to be convened incitement organizers admonished conversation; If the second organization petition, instigator of the organization in accordance with the law of administrative detention,ナイキ シューズ; third organization is non-visit, organizers give labor camp for three years, never relent! Third, headquarters offices to pay close attention to prevent the worsening of the situation, to prevent mass incidents. News Review: Zhengzhou Fourth demolitions the students cite slogan to Municipal petition recently online heat transfer the Zhengzhou Fourth demolitions,ナイキ スニーカー, the janitor’s power distribution room demolished candidates results notice buried, the Vice-Chancellor is playing. Net posts, said on May 3 students holding “also my Fourth, also my entrance against violent demolition” slogan to the Municipal petition, the scene was the students shouted: “You do not go put your student status to the pin,abercrombie. ‘

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    Related articles: the college entrance examination is not the same Shihezi City People’s Court their actions constitute illegal purchase ‘s Hospital of Hannan emergency department,chaussures air jordan. On duty,hollister france, Dr,abercrombie france. Xiao, child right hand was wounded in the head subcutaneous hematoma, burns to the respiratory tract, in a coma. After emergency treatment, go to the City by the 120 ambulance to hospital for treatment. 16:50 yesterday, the reporter saw three hospital emergency department door, surnamed Cheng children lying on a stretcher lift to get off the car, nose lose oxygen gauze wrapped around his right hand, but also the name of the drip. 11:20 last night, three hospital ICU ward Director Xu told reporters that the children had just finished a craniotomy,louboutin, its body multiple superficial second degree burns, vital signs were stable, but not out of danger yet,hollister. Newspaper to remind: the traditional festival of Chinese New Year was coming, a holiday home kids like the discharge of fireworks,abercrombie, such activities can be fun, but also add festivity, but, at any time,abercrombie, the risk of discharge of fireworks,louboutin pas cher, firecrackers wounded hand,hollister, wounding the tragedy of the eye,hollister france, every year,hogan. Urge parents to avoid children playing whip, must have parents to guard their children,abercrombie outlet, to ensure their safety in the field, even if the discharge. (Original title: The blast set off a manhole cover and damaged boy)

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    ‘s growth,louboutin pas cher,Man founder of free kindergarten to do hard labor, I feed him for so many years,hollister france,Trucks evasion hit the police car red card retrograde four police cars in hot pu, and really want to let him justifiably my last name,hollister outlet,Village primary school principals adhere to 34 yea.”

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    ‘ve also come across as long as all of the power of the car off,hogan outlet, restart it back to normal,louboutin pas cher.” According to the master introduced, such alarm device installed on the left side of the driver’s seat of the bus, a controller control, three yellow and two blue five buttons above, under normal circumstances, only to press a control button, the glass on the bus display to appear for police assistance. However,hollister france, due to a fault in the controller,hollister, Just touch a button,mulberry outlet, the display will show the police for help,hollister outlet, this situation has happened several times recently. The reporter also contacted the person in charge of the bus two companies, the source said will be as soon as possible and contact the manufacturer to send someone to repair all the machines to avoid the recurrence of misunderstanding. People say good things have to make good use of the Reporters call yesterday afternoon Hefei Public Transport Group, a staff member told reporters that the current bus Hefei not yet fully installed alarm equipment,hollister. Many informed people have said on this bus the “alarm misunderstanding”,abercrombie france, although it is a “false alarm”, but demonstrated the important role of the bus install this alarm device,louboutin pas cher, this misunderstanding is actually like an alarm drills car ‘bad guys’ unaware the police but has come to the front, this device,abercrombie outlet! “or even a member of the public think of the end of last year, Miss Bing-Feng robbed almost died encounter,” If taxi can This alarm device installed right away. ” However, for this misunderstanding, many people think that the alarm device required serious to be taken seriously,mulberry, drivers should learn the correct operation of the machine is broken to timely maintenance, or else a “false alarm alerted police and social, occupy a waste of social public resources, is not desirable,louboutin. Related articles: a large number of dissemination of misleading information go before the key to high gold the police are on the case for further investigation.

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  • ngjialivbj

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For example, If I sell a car on Craigslist and I want $2500 for it, I wouldnt accept any less than $2000,karen millen, I would price the car at slightly higher than the Kelley Blue Book value. So the advertising price for this car would be around $2700. Try not to go too far above the Kelley Blue Book value because most people will search for your car on that site to get an idea of what they should pay for it. If you ask for slightly more, it will make your car seem like a reasonable deal,hollister france Japanese Used Cars For Sale At Lo. The worst thing you can do is create the idea that you are somehow trying to take advantage of the buyer.Next, create a listing for the vehicle on a site like Craigslist. Ever heard of the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? When selling a vehicle, it is EXTREMELY important to include at least one picture of the vehicle you are selling. Why? Craigslist has an option to search for results that only include pictures. And, when buying a vehicle,karen millen Transmission Repair – Avoiding A Sudden Breakdown, a picture instantly tells a lot about a car.Another thing to make sure to add is mileage, overall condition, and anything specific about the car like if it has an aftermarket sound system,hollister, rims, etc. When they come to see the car, be open,abercrombie paris. Avoid hiding anything from the seller. If they trust that you are telling them the truth about the vehicle, they will be more comfortable with the purchase, and may be willing to spend more. Be available for them to test drive your vehicle. Make them feel like they know your car.And always act confident. Act like you have something that they want. Dont be cocky, but dont focus on any flaws you may see with the vehicle. And when it comes time to settle on a price, be firm. Dont let them lowball you and get the car for less than you think it is worth. Also keep in mind,hollister, if they make you an offer, they want the car. 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THESE are the deals you must look for to find a mechanically stable, dependable vehicle.So here we are: Tips for getting a steal on a used vehicleAlways, in all circumstances look up the value on a vehicle on a site like Kelley Blue Book (kbb) so you understand how much is too much to pay for a vehicle. The main factors that diminish the value of a car are:High mileage Body issues, such as rust or dents, bad paintBody work is one of the most expensive areas in car repair. Rust removal and a new paint job can cost even more than the car is worth. Buy a car that is either worth fixing up, or one that you can live with. If you spend $3000 fixing up a car that is only worth $2000, you have thrown away three grand if it ever comes time to resell the car.Never,air jordan pas cher, ever, ever act excited to buy a vehicle. Keep calm. 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That, with added encouragement in seeing what he will get if he agrees to sell it to you, will make most people sell the car for less than they think it is worth.Be smart, be critical, dont get overly excited. Pay with cash, never settle on the asking price,air jordan. Even if you offer $50 less, you get some extra savings for your effort

  • Brazilian Girl

    You are such an ignorant douchebag. I am sure back home no girl wants your ass, and you travel around and think you can get whoever you want. For starters, not all brazilian girls are easy. I am Brazilian and Ive lived in five different countries in three continents. I met girls who were extremely easy and girls who were not – sorry to break down the news to you but thats everywhere in the world. This blog is a joke, you are fucking talking about women as if we are some sort of ”good” you can use and throw away and you give tips on how to get it faster and easier. A guy like you should get dissed by a girl real hard… and I really hope you do, so you can fucking show respect

  • Gass

    i understand , everybody here LOVE BRAZILIAN GIRLS! hahahahahahaha


  • how to talk to girls

    This is the perfect blog for everyone who wants to find out about this topic.
    You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really would want to…HaHa).

    You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject which has been discussed for
    many years. Excellent stuff, just great!

  • Norwegian man

    Just spent 1 hour or even more just reading a lot of bullshit and ofcourse a lot of smart ppl out there too, I mean we should respect the other part, even if it’s a male or female. Sluty ppl can you find everywhere anywhere. In Norway where I live, me and the moste of use learn at young age that we have to respect other ppl and for what they are.. Sorry to say it but it is just fading out and ppl are think more of them slef before other ppl. If you are one of those who are out just to bang as many chicks as u can and call them sluty/easy/dumb you really are one too. Be yourself, take your time, get to know other cultures and then you can go home with maybe a new friends for life or even better you might been a lucky guy or girl who had some fun too! Take care folks and respect ppl around you!

  • British guy

    Seems that the desperate here is the author, not the Brazilian girls.

  • Rishi

    Why should you even bother about what the guy has written in his blog. They are just his views. There are ways of looking at a thing where you think he is talking about women as if it’s some sort of “good”. Trust me all I could gather from his article is that Brazilian women are the hottest and most beautiful women in the world, who are bold and very comfortable about their sexuality, nudity, their body and enjoy life at their own terms unapologetic about their desire of having sex with as many they see fit who they consider are worth their time and exploit. A man expressing his desire to mate with beautiful women; I hope you would understand, is how he is devine designed. It’s his dream. His most inate fantasy and so it is vise – versa … It’s the most basic nature of men and women to have sex. Why get offended… This whole bullshit of being loose or not being loose is stupid and stems out of jealously in a form of propaganda to deny women their devine right to enjoy having sex with as many as she may like without being apologetic or guilty. It’s just one life as who one is in it and its colossal to waste this precious gift on someone’s notions of right or wrong exceptions being few of the things but sex in not one of them.

  • Rishi

    Why should you even bother about what the guy has written in his blog. They are just his views. There are ways of looking at a thing where you think he is talking about women as if it’s some sort of “good”. Trust me all I could gather from his article is that Brazilian women are the hottest and most beautiful women in the world, who are bold and very comfortable about their sexuality, nudity, their body and enjoy life at their own terms unapologetic about their desire of having sex with as many they see fit who they consider are worth their time and exploit. A man expressing his desire to mate with beautiful women; I hope you would understand, is how he is devine designed. It’s his dream. His most inate fantasy and so it is vise – versa … It’s the most basic nature of men and women to have sex. Why get offended… This whole bullshit of being loose or not being loose is stupid and stems out of jealously in a form of propaganda to deny women their devine right to enjoy having sex with as many as she may like without being apologetic or guilty. It’s just one life as who one is in it and its colossal to waste this precious gift on someone’s notions of right or wrong exceptions being few of the things but sex in not one of them.

  • Aonymous

    . . . I would rather not wake up with a missing kidney, or dead.

    I have tried to become friends with Brazilian women — didn’t take; those with whom I spoke seemed fickle and ungrounded, in my view.

    Yes, they were really, really beautiful people — perhaps that was part of the problem. Me, I’m just an ordinary Joe.

    That said, I do not think it wise to go to any foreign country with preconceived notions on this or that. Big country — generalizations of any kind just don’t wash.

    I would most assuredly welcome a Brazilian lady into my life who has her head on straight; so far, however, no luck.


  • Jenn

    Seriously, you shoudn’t talk about something that YOU doesn’t understand.
    It’s very simple, in America kissing in public places are NOT normal, not common, and not accepted.
    If you kiss in public places you’ll probably hear someone shouting “Get a room.” That means : Kiss= intimacy (in other words, sex).
    In Brazil, it’s a DIFFERENT culture, with different point of views. Kisses are OK! The LAP dance is NOT OK! kisses mean kisses, NOT intimacy. He just don’t get it!

    So, if an American guy, goes to brazil and in the first 20 minutes he kisses a girl, he immediately think: easy, quick, I am having sex. Bingo. But this is not the reality, kiss means kiss, it is called “ficar” with a guy.. It means ‘stay’ for that moment. It’s like boyfriend and girls friend for one night. The sex part it’s optional, and of course this guy didn’t actually had sex with any girl, because I can tell the way he distorts the whole concept of “ficar”. So get your facts straight before writhing BS about a culture you don’t even understand. Go dance you lap dance and on your american express girls.

  • Awesome

    You fuckin white people are GARBAGE. Your like gutter rats, you spread disease & filth. You travel to different south american countries to get laid?? Seriously?? The only reason why you do that is because most of the time you can get away with extremely illegal shit & most likely you’re traveling there to sleep with very underage girls & to buy & sell them like beer. ‘Cause that’s what white guys do. You go into these foreign countries acting your better than everybody else & treat their people worse than dog shit & on top of that you act like your doing them a favor by sticking your dirty, disease ridden, tiny ass dicks inside them. You’re a bunch of dumb inbred hicks & you are worthless to world. You’re beyond corrupt, racist, & greedy. What you are not, is the group of hot studs that you, so desperately, keep telling people you see yourselves as. It’s one thing to lie to others about how “wonderful” you think you are, but it is PATHETIC to lie to yourselves. You truly deserve to be infected with aids if you don’t already have it.

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  • Anonym

    Roosh is excellent, doing excellent and will be on! Now you girls like it or not, girls are giving pussy, and if you want stop it, eat all those pussies there to not leave for Roosh! You girl if gonna stay “good” girl, none of your biz if others don’ want to, or if MEN fuck the “bad” girls. Reminder: eat pussies! 😉


    it doesn’t matter ….. as long as we are getting laid…

    I just arrived Rio 2 days ago…. and I find much of what is written i here is true…. I even ‘myself’ like to spend on girls who i fuck .. it is something related to dignity 😀

  • The Truth.

    I find that this comment is the funniest of thrm all. He proceeds to call white people racist but is qouting stereotypes and calling us hicks. lol I mean cmon man whether you admit it or not your the racist. and I would assume your black by how you talked about us being white people I mean. Just so you know the hatred you have for us is illogical since it was your own people that caught you in the motherland and sold you to the ships to be sold to us. Then you piss and moan about 400 years of oppresion and act like you meaning black people were the only people to be slaves. Do you not know about the barbary slave act? You people enslaved the white people long before we enslaved you. oh and fyi africa still has white slaves to this day. But when we piss and moan about eqaulity were judt being racist cause thats an easy cop out for someone who is truly uneducated. Hick you say? if it makes you feel like the bigger man to insult then by any means. It just shows the absence of your intelligence. So you be anonymous and ill be the truth.

  • Alexandre Iglesias

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….. patética essa resposta hahahahhahaha… não consigo parar de rir..kkkkk… vc deve estar muito desesperada pra precisar usar uma babaca desse pra sexo .kkkkkkk … elas não são fáceis só estão te usando para sexo e bebidas hahahaha… elas que estão te matando ahahhaha… resumindo… vc apenas confimar o que ele escreveu, que brasileira é fácil.kkkkkk aceita a verdade que dói menos, brasileira não pode ver um gringo que abre as pernas muito fácil, lógico que não podemos generalizar mas os estereótipos nunca nascem do nada…. e desculpa lhe informar as brasileiras são sim as mulheres mais fáceis do mundo..kkkkk.. olha o que ele falou das argentinas hahahaha… por isso eu casei com uma..kkkkk .. casar com brasileira não dá não, a vida não é filme de hollywood… eu não sou o richard geere e vcs brasileiras não são a julia roberts aahhaha… depois do papelão das brasileiras na copa, vcs viraram notícia no mundo inteiro com esse desespero.. se já tinha fama antes..kkk agora então .kkkkkk

  • Alexandre Iglesias

    eita desespero pra dar pra gringo.kkkk até quando os gringos chamam as brasileiras de putas e fáceis, as brasileiras respondem atacando os brasileiros .kkkkkkkkk.. eu estou vendo que americano é open mind..kkkkk vai se informar menina… pesquisa na internet o que os americanos falam das americanas e como eles tratam elas..kk tem até campanha pra não casar com elas pq elas são whores, cant, sluts. .e por ai vai…. deixa os brasileiroas começarem a tratar vcs igual eles tratam as mulheres dos paises deles que vc vai ver.. o mais engraçado que é todo gringo que vem pra ca fala o contrário.. que as brasileiras são faceis pq aqui a sociedade é liberal e ninguem critica as mulheres …kkkk… se informa um pouco antes de falar tanta merda, daqui a pouco seu cú vai ficar com ciumes da sua boca.kkk

  • Alexandre Iglesias

    vc não deve ter lido o texto dele, ele o tempo fala de sexo logo de cara, não vem querer defender brasileira pq elas são as mais fáceis do mundo sim… não adianta tentar tampar o sol com a peneira… ou vc acha que esse estereótipo de mulher fáceil, puta e desesperada nasceu do nada ? para né… não se engana cara… aqui é o único país no mundo que a mulher literalmente ataca gringo… a copa ta ai pra não me deixar mentir… lê o texto dele sobre as argentinas e vc vai ver a diferença…

  • BBC

    fuck dem white trash dem brazilian gurls fine as fuck dey way easier to get in bed then sum american gurls dem brazilian gurls r cheaper mo fo my big black cock u shud hear how dey b moanin while i fuck dem lik crazy n spankin dem brazilian bitches phat azz

  • GT

    Roosh, I’m from Australia and I just cannot agree with you. I went to America and felt like a rock star, banging everything from hot Newport Beach cougars to sexy 19 year old College chicks. Seriously, I think America is the best place in the world for an Aussie guy looking to get laid. Brazilian girls are very hot but are much more conservative, the chances of you banging one you met out that night are wayyyyyyyy lower than in Australia or America!

  • GT

    Maybe it was because I went to the wrong clubs, the upmarket ones. The Upper Class brasileiras can be very snobby!

  • Renata

    You know nothing about Brazilian women!!!
    We are not easy as you describe.
    Never expect sex with a Brazilian girl before several dates and some commitment.

  • Funny


  • Alex

    You know nothing about brazilian women, maybe you’re not easy but try to fight back this is the same thing you come here to say brazil is a safe country, in world cup I´ve never seen so desperate girls in my entire life, they grab your arm, stare you and begging for kiss, a lot of foreigners had a queue of girls inviting to motel. Definitely brazilian women are not trustable because they don’t stop the dirty talking about brazilian men, the guys in brazil are really good friends but women are sluts.

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