Introduction To Danish Culture

Denmark is one of those countries that saw glory several hundred years ago, lost its power, and then reinvented itself into a mostly pacifist nanny state. Thanks to its participation in the NATO alliance, Denmark has reasonably low military expenditures that—with its high tax rates—allow it to divert funds into social programs, in which it ranks among the best in the world.

The Danish welfare state is admirable: every citizen receives fully covered cradle-to-grave services. A Danish person has no idea what it feels like to not have medical care or free access to university education. They have no fear of becoming homeless or permanently jobless. The government’s soothing hand will catch everyone as they fall. To an American like myself, brainwashed to believe that you need to earn things like basic health care or education by working your ass off, it was quite a shock.

The biggest surprise was that the Danish government pays people to attend university for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to having health care costs covered and access to cheap rent, all students receive at least a $1,000 a month stipend to attend class. Along with part-time jobs that pay high wages, the average Danish twenty-something lives a pretty comfortable life getting educated to eventually follow a straightforward career path in a country where nearly full employment seems to be the rule.

Even if you don’t get a job, the government will pay you each month until you do. Do you feel like taking a little hiatus to a foreign country? As long as you can show you’re taking part-time classes, the government will keep the cash flowing. For a lower-class American, becoming a Danish citizen is almost like winning the lottery.

How is Denmark able to afford this? Two ways: they spend a third less of their GDP on the military than we do, and they tax the hell out of their citizens. Tax rates start at 40% and tilt above 50% for the top classes. My effective tax rate last year as an American resident was 20%, so the question I’ve asked myself is if I’d want to double my tax for not having to worry about being homeless or getting a serious disease. I’m leaning towards no, since of course one day I’m going to be a billionaire like every other American and don’t want half of it taken away. I would actually save money by being taxed at 20% and getting private health insurance, but then again I’m middle-class and can afford it. America is great if you have money, but Denmark is great for everyone.

What surprised me most about Denmark is their healthy job market. It’s almost guaranteed that a job will await every Dane after graduation, and I’m not talking about crappy jobs at McDonald’s or Walmart, but well-paying career positions. After taxes and the exorbitant high prices for basic goods, Danish people still live comfortably. No one is starving and you’ll have to look hard to find homeless people.

It’s no accident that the American media isn’t eager to discuss the many citizen benefits that countries like Denmark have. They are quick to do profiles on poor countries in the third-world, but they rarely write about the extensive services Scandinavian countries provide for all of their citizens, regardless of race or class. When they do talk about these countries, it’s usually about how budget cuts are looming for their “ailing” social models, as if the average American citizen is doing far better.

Unfortunately, there is a cost to providing your citizens everything they possibly need: you make them averse to taking risks. Why bother when you got it made in the shade? There is little incentive for entrepreneurship and striking it rich, even though the Ease of Doing Business Index ranks Denmark as number six, only one behind America. Danes would rather work for the man and do the minimum required of them to coast through the system than take a gamble. Being aggressive and taking risks may cost them some serious benefits, so they do what they need to in order to maintain a decent middle-class existence. While I don’t blame them, this mildly offends the entrepreneurial spirit within my American core.

The Government’s Role As Mother And Father

Thanks to its extensive services, the Danish government has replaced parents as the primary caregiver. The Danes decided that there was too much inequality in the system with the rich having access to all the benefits, so they constructed an egalitarian society. The government’s utopian visionaries told parents, “You don’t have to do anything but love your children. We’ll take care of the rest. Oh, and when you get old, we’ll take care of you, too.”

Since family is pushed out of the picture, one consequence is that Danish people very seldom talk about their families. I never saw a 20- or 30-something Danish adult with an elderly person, whereas in Poland I saw it a dozen times a day. The old people are pushed aside to be taken care of by the system, not by the kids, the opposite of what I saw in South America where the elders are cherished, often living in the same household as the younger generations. I’d bet that the average Danish person interacts with the government more than with their parents.

Another consequence of the Danish system is that women no longer need men. For hundreds of thousands of years, women have sought to marry powerful men with strong financial means in order to live a comfortable life (or to merely survive), but in Denmark this is not at all necessary. Danish women don’t need to find a man, because the government will take care of her and her cats, whether she is successful at dating or not. Her quality of life won’t be negatively affected if she happens to remain single until death, whereupon her cats will inherit her possessions according to Danish law.

Since a Danish woman is in no rush to find someone, she wants to hold out for her top choice instead of having to “settle” for any particular man while she’s still in her physical prime. The result is that Danish women like to sample men and play the field, thinking they have all the time in the world. They’re also less willing to change their behavior by adopting a pleasing figure or style that’s more likely to attract men. It’s no surprise that there’s a flood of sloppy 30-something women on dating sites, making Denmark one of the most popular countries where the Internet is used to find a mate.

In spite of the negatives, I think the Danish economic and welfare system is superior to the American system for one simple reason: it’s fair. They have achieved a near utopia of human equality, where everyone can educate themselves and seek employment without fear of possible bankruptcy from illness. Even the mentally decrepit and drug addicted are treated like human beings, meaning that everyone has an opportunity to rise up above their station. In the United States we have a bad habit of kicking people when they’re down. Watching people fall, especially the famous, is almost a national sport, but in Denmark, they put out a strong hand to help you back onto your feet.

I liken the United States to a jungle where everyone must fend for themselves. A lot of people don’t make it, but the ones that do can roam the land freely and suck on its glorious fruit. On the other hand, Denmark is like a pleasant zoo with scheduled feeding times and twenty-four-hour veterinarian care. While I’d prefer the American system if I was on top of the food chain, the average human being would be better served by the Danish system.

The above article was adapted from my newest release, Don't Bang Denmark, a 72-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. It gives you all the information you need to dislike Denmark with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in both paperback and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • odds

    Oh boy here we go!

  • Jeff

    Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • DW

    Denmark sounds like an oppressively boring place to live.

  • Carlito

    I think that the Danish must have strong ethics, otherwise the free-riders would make that system inoperant; also I guess it must be very difficult to become a dannish. Am i right?

  • Alpha

    Sounds like the place for beta herbs to roam free – white knighting to their heart’s content.

    I’m gonna buy this one.

  • Thorfinnsson

    Interesting to see the relatively accurate take by a non-Scandinavian. Two points where I think you erred:

    – Denmark’s relatively low expenditures on defense (which violate its NATO obligations) are not really a part of this story. The United States spends less than 5% of GDP on defense (that’s including off-budget stuff), but over 16% on welfare services. Denmark spends less than 2% of GDP on defense, but nearly 30% on welfare services. While 3% of GDP is nothing to sneeze at, it’s relatively trivial compared to the expenditure on social services.

    – America isn’t really a jungle where you have to fend for yourself. It’s perhaps a jungle to maintain a middle class existence, whereas in Scandinavian countries the welfare state is so strong that you can maintain a middle class existence from it. In America the welfare state only allows you to maintain a prole existence, which is one reason why middle-class Americans work so hard to avoid falling into poverty (few want to live around white trash, and fewer still around blacks).

  • doclove

    I’d like to see a follow up post on how all of this affects GAMING Danish women in greater detail. How did this affect foreigners’ your GAME? How did it affect the native Danish men’s GAME?

    [Roosh: Patience. The hate has just begun.]

  • beta_plus

    Don’t Bang Denmark captures Denmark perfectly. As a half dane, I can say nothing that I could not already confirm rang a false note. It is an absolute must read if you intend to visit Denmark, even if you are not going there to game, since it lays bare the true nature of the Danes. It may be the only book written since World War II to be unreservedly critical of the Danish society by an outsider who has no stake in it.

    That being said, it’s only minor flaw is that it is a little too complementary of the Danish Welfare State.

    For a different perspective on the Scandinavian Welfare States:

    Spearhead Article

    Spearhead Article

    A critical view of Denmark by an actual Dane. A very rare thing.

    Basically, if you are a low status Beta Male living in Denmark and paying Danish taxes, the state will take so much of your resources that your ability to truly master game, or even act beta and have a wife and a family, may be so hindered as to make that wall effectively impossible to climb. If all you can afford is a shared room in Bronshoj and have to bike miles in horrible weather to the nearest place to game, you’re probably not going to get very far.

  • Gunshow

    I live in Denmark and what a pleasant picture you paint. Too bad its bullshit. You got the tourists quick impression and bought the standard line completely.

  • Pete M

    @doclove – Buy the book!

  • beta_plus


    Buy the book. It’s all there and a fantastic read. His stories at the end are both hilarious and horrifying and worth the very modest price alone (6.99 on Kindle).

    Roosh’s revelations on how to game in Denmark are astounding and while he says nice things about the welfare state in this post here, he does acknowledge a little bit here (“Since a Danish woman is in no rush to find someone…”) and more in the book that it has negative impacts when it comes to game.

    In defense of my previous post, my only criticism is that I don’t think Roosh fully realizes how far those impacts go if you actually decided to live in Denmark as a working professional and pay Danish taxes. I’m pretty sure paying Danish income tax was not one of the things he experienced in Denmark. I should have been more clear about that.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    In the framework used by the Dutch sociologist Geert Hofstede, Denmark is a feminine country where taking care of people (and the natural environment) is generally more highly valued than ambition and competition.

    One problem is that the social cohesion breaks down when you introduce free riders (those content to milk the system for what they can get) into it. Denmark, like some other european countries, has been importing people for whom social cohesion isn’t a value (esp muslims and africans) and social cohesion has taken a big hit and some less than savory feminine characteristics have been strengthened.

    It’s always been a conformist society (just as most women are conformists) and those who stand out too much in dress or appearance (including skin color) are mostly politely shunned.

    It’s also very much an ingroup kind of place (strengthened by the permanent presence now of a lot of outsiders). This means it’s extremely difficult for a non-Dane who moves to the country to find a job commiserate with their qualifications (even when the language barrier isn’t an issue).

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t we expect to see a stronger correlation between the strength of a state’s social safety net, and the degree to which women are willing to ‘play the field’? I agree with the US as being fantastic if you’re born with the right genetic code, and horrible if you’re not endowed with the right social pedigree. It seems like the traditional male-female dynamic has become obsolete no matter where you are, whether in strongly supported societies or in ‘fend for yourself’ places like the US. I like your hypothesis about the government’s replacement of the male in this relationship, but you might be making a premature causal connection. Interesting post nonetheless. I’ve heard Copenhagen has some quality poon.

  • Justin

    Good points. The way I read it, if you’re competent, then the US system will allow you to go further. If you’re mediocre, then Denmark is more suitable.

    But as to everyone getting free university education and having plenty of jobs. Who works in the menial labor jobs like cleaners and cashiers? Is that what the immigrants are for?

  • Southern Man

    The subsidies and benefits that the USA provides to Europe, both overt and hidden, are much larger than fifty years of defending them from the Russkies. Not to mention what we give to the rest of the planet. And do we get any credit? Eight years of full-out Ron Paul-style isolationism would teach some harsh lessons.

  • Amour Fou

    This “don’t bang denmark” is really getting into me. I befriended 3 great Danish guys in my recent travel, and banged a chubby Danish girl. I know that eventually (like Roosh), I’ll make an effort to go to Denmark visit my friends.

    BUT… Roosh doesn’t mention the city of “Odense”, where Hand Christian Andersen lived, where I’d go spend more time than Copenhagen.

    God bless girls on Odense are better…

  • Adam Michaels

    Just picked up Dont Bang Denmark in the Kindle store. Congrats Roosh its number 1 in both Books and Kindle Categories for Denmark. Atleast people can hear the unbiased truth

  • Uri Katsav

    If only you could have the Danish Welfare System and Brazilian women in the same place… It would be Paradise on Earth!

  • beta_plus

    @ Uri Katsav

    He actually talks about that in the book. It doesn’t work out the way you would hope.

  • krv

    Bringing up military spending as a factor vis-a-vis social welfare spending is essentially wrong. In the USA welfare state spending utterly dwarfs military expenditures. You could zero all military spending and we’d still be rapidly going broke due to medicare and its friends.

  • dickbutt

    give us moar

  • DoesNotMatter

    If I lived in a welfare state, I’d be a free rider. Why spend time working and get taxed 60%. instead use the time to learn game and bang women. They can take 60% of my money from honest work. But they can’t take 60% of the pleasure i get from fucking women, can they? Neither can they insist that I hand over 60% of the women i bring to bed over to the state to bang. I feel danish men are stupid. Since they spend their valuable time working and paying taxes leaving no time to fuck women. The smart danish man would collect welfare payments, learn game and fuck the wives and daughters of the man who pays his welfare check. hehehehehhehehehe….Dumb Morons

  • Marco

    Fair my ass.

    And the US IS a welfare state. For rich folks, that is. :-)

    The writing style and the dry humor is spot on tho, cgz

  • beta_plus

    @ DoesNotMatter

    There are guys who do precisely that. One guy (a white dane – not an immigrant) I knew had 5 different wives (one at a time – not at once) and several kids with each wife while not working and having the state (read beta males) pick up the whole tab.

  • The liberterian Dane

    As a Dane I can tell you that Denmark is utter paradise for moochers whereas the few remaining Danes who work in the private sector are treated as beasts of burden.

    Recently there was an unemployed single mother who became famous as a socialist party (SF) used her as an example of poverty in Denmark.

    Despite never having worked a day in her life, the single mother (fattig Carina) had 2700 dollars each moth after taxes.

    Instead of gratitude to a system that allows will allow her to freeride for the rest of her life, she had the audacity to bitch and whine about the inhumane cruelty of a system that let her live in such poverty.

    Basically she had the same disposable income as I did, working full time in the private sector.

    The system is broken and extremely immoral.

  • Ormstunga

    OK, some of the obvious libertarian retorts have already been made, and even some non-obvious retorts, so I’ll try to be more original.

    Let me be honest: the primary reason I decided to leave Denmark is not the taxes: either the poor housing or the poor communication skills of the Danes would have been enough to drive me away.

    Nonetheless this is irrational:
    “While I’d prefer the American system if I was on top of the food chain, the average human being would be better served by the Danish system.”

    The average human being, when given the following choice:
    1. stash 20% of your income in savings, investments, gold, or whatever, for rainy days;
    2. hand 20% of your income to the State, which you can get back only if you can prove that you need it (and the State has not gone bankrupt in the meantime);
    would undoubtedly choose option #1.

    I also note that much of what is written in this post could have been written by millions of Americans who have never left the USA: I heard it from an American academic who had been in Denmark just a few days (only a few hours outside hotel and conference center). Which proves that the American media IS, in fact, “eager to discuss the many citizen benefits that countries like Denmark have.”

  • Tampa

    Yea – we spend 700 billion a year on Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP….(health insurance for the poor and elderly)

    We spend just over 700 billion on defense.

    Just trying to clarify the numbers.

  • Peter

    Roosh. I thought you were smarter than to think a nanny welfare state is an admirable achievement since you read a lot. >_>

  • skeptical

    I love Roosh’s work, but am skeptical about this one, although I’ll have to read it first.

    Why should I purchase a book about a country I SHOULD NOT visit? I mean, what’s the point of reading a book that says: Don’t visit Irak, Malawi or Siberia?

    I see some interest in reading this book just because your game has to be pretty tight in Denmark in order to bang…whatever below 6.

    Not for me. I prefer to wait for Bang Poland.

  • absinthe

    What you describe about Denmark sounds like something right out of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. Its quite scary really. Whereas one could argue that the government provides for everything and thus one does not have the fear of unemployment or lack of healthcare, nonetheless it sees like a person makes a deal with the devil when they live in such a society. Governments own you and the fact that families are not close due to government intervention is very Marxist. I’ll be anything that the churches in Denmark are given a really hard time in that country.

  • Anonymous

    Does it count as a tour guide if the writer is a below average looking blogger who sits in bars preying on women all night and sleeping all day? Wow. How interesting.


    How much longer until we find out Roosh is either gay or a serial killer? Anyone who spends his life trying to capture what he dispises is called a psychopath.

  • Corey

    Did you know that Danish men can suck their own cocks? The government probably pays for their yoga classes so they can become limber enough to blow themselves. Danish women are among the mannliest looking pigs in the world. But it’s all part of the Marxist-Fag agenda.

  • DiamondEyes

    Look how quickly the liberal feminist resorts to calls for censorship (“hate speech”). So predictable. The feminist left is anti-freedom, anti-family, and anti-American.

  • DiamondEyes

    @ 37 the problem is clearly with WOMEN since Joran Van Der Sloot had beautiful girls beating down his door to be with him even AFTER he was accused of murdering one of them. Nothing gets a woman hotter than an honest-to-god psychopath. You should check out the data on how many love letters and marriage proposals convicted death row rapists and murderers get. Then compare that number to how many random love letters your typical community-leading, family-oriented, honest and faithful chemical engineer gets. The problem begins to become clear, doesn’t it toots.

  • Anon

    So, you greatly admire a society that generates women you hate?

    You think it’s fair that half of the fruits of some people’s labor is taken from them, while others get a free ride?

    I openly admire and envy your ability to get laid, but can’t say the same about your view of society.

  • DiamondEyes

    What the fuck is a girl doing wandering around drunk at seven AM by herself unless she is a total piece of trash whore? She would be lucky that Roosh got to her before a REAL rapist did. Again, your perspective is from a place where women bear absolutely no responsibility for their own choices and actions, and are taken care of by society, while simultaneously expecting to be treated as intellectual and physical equals. It is faulty math bitch. You are either subservient or you are treated as a full EQUAL, which means if you choose to have sex because you are drunk at 7am, it is 100% ON YOU.

    [Roosh: Don’t feed the little trolls!]

  • DiamondEyes

    I’ve had quite enough of the female style of debate. They never address your pointed questions. Never acknowledge your superior presentation of facts. Never question their own certainty in their righteousness. Never admit when they have lost a point. Never stick to the subject. Never debate without use of ad hominem attacks. Never avoid logical fallacies.

    My IQ gets lowered a couple points every time I’m drawn in to a discussion with a woman about anything except celebrities and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t relevant to the blog post, but I just came across another example of a crazy american bitch: cheating on her husband and pregnant with another man’s child while still married. And then there’s the (physical) torturing.–man-brutally-tortured-by-his-wife-and-her-boyfriend-in-toronto-apartment?bn=1

  • Ralph

    I remember a while back there was a show on TV profiling college students in Denmark. When they told them that American college students often graduate with 200k+ in debt after college, they couldn’t grasp the concept, like they didn’t understand how you could pay 50,000 dollars a year to go to college. It’s crazy to us that the STUDENTS over there get paid to go to college, but to them it’s crazy that in the US we have to pay huge sums to get a degree. Just shows the socio-cultural differences between the US and Denmark, Roosh’s post served to remind me of that.

  • Race

    @ diamondEyes:
    “7 the problem is clearly with WOMEN since Joran Van Der Sloot had beautiful girls beating down his door to be with him even AFTER he was accused of murdering one of them. Nothing gets a woman hotter than an honest-to-god psychopath. You should check out the data on how many love letters and marriage proposals convicted death row rapists and murderers get.”

    QFT- a decent man has the same effect on a female that daylight has on Dracula.

    Seems as if a chick can’t have an orgasm unless she’s being beaten half to death.

  • Anonymous

    So my choice in Denmark is to be treated like a child and live as either a parasite or beast of burden? Then for me the only sane choice is exile.

    The Danes are right that Americans are crazy to be spending huge amounts on college…in the USA it isn’t worth it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I’m German and we also enjoy a welfare state here. And Yes, I think It is crazy to pay that much for college and to have to worry about getting medical insurance. I wonder, why you Americans feel so proud of your country, because obviously it is not helping you in any way. Im a student and I dont get paid for studying, but I only pay 400 euro a year to go to college and I get free books, transport, food and discounts in almost everything. I study very hard because I want to be a good engineer and of course, earn good money that I will spend not in expensive health insurances or educating my children, but in a house that i like, holidays, travels, and so on… And I am ambitious, because even If I will pay high taxes, I still want a good job AND mostly because It will satisfy my professionnaly but ALSO because I will earn, like I said, good money, much more money than a cleaner or a nurse, but them of course, they will be supported and taken care of…this is a human society not a jungle.

  • an american

    @42 That sounds great, and you should be commended for having ambition to make something of your life, but I have to point out that you WILL spend your money on expensive health insurance and education for your children. The money has to come from somewhere, and you as a productive worker will be taxed to pay for it. Why education and healthcare are so expensive in America compared to other places is a different discussion altogether.

  • Rudebwoy

    Great writing Roosh!

    Trust me you could replace Denmark and fill in a few other countries in Europe.

    In Canada it is taboo to talk about welfare, of course women here will ask you what you do right out of the gate.

    In the UK, job seekers allowance is often talked about and everyone knows someone who is on it. I know people who have been on it most of there adult life.

  • Donkey_puncher

    The bigger the government of a nation becomes, the smaller and more dependent the citizens of that nation become. How is it fair to steal from Paul (who works hard in a full time job) to give to Peter (who doesn’t work)? Every individual is responsible for themselves.

  • DoesNotMatter

    @ beta_plus and @the_libertarian_dane, I still think Danes have a strong work ethic. You know why? Because if you had a similar welfare state in India, the country would not make it to the next crop harvesting season.

    @ marco, you’re absolutely right. The U.S IS a welfare state but not for the rich. It is a welfare state for the politically connected, who use the state ……. to get rich! I wish somebody would highlight more of this aspect of the welfare state more.

    Roosh! I’m surprised at you. A welfare state is a good idea the same way eating lots of chocolate cake and junk food every day is a very good idea. It feels great at the beginning in every way. You get to eat this delicious stuff and don’t gain weight… first! But over the long term, your’re gonna need a welfare state jihad much like your fat girl jihad. If the danes don’t roll back the welfare state, in two generations, the face of denmark will change, literally. They are not having kids. Why bother with kids when the state will look after you in dotage? This is just demographic suicide. They are now importing immigrants in mass numbers to keep the welfare state up. How do I know this? I just applied for one. It takes one year to get a decision. You really think I’m gonna work when I get to denmark? You’re dreaming!

    All you MoFos who claim to love the welfare state so much. When is the last fucking time you dipped into your own savings and helped out a friend in need? When is the last fucking time you put in extra time at work so you could make more money to help those in need?……………….Yup! I know! So don’t preach to me. Just shut up

  • Darren

    Tax rates start at 40% and tilt above 50% for the top classes.


    The top earners in NY or CA have such a high state income tax that they pay this much as well.

    So Denmark is not worse than California or NY, in tax terms.

  • Darren

    I think the Danish economic and welfare system is superior to the American system for one simple reason: it’s fair. They have achieved a near utopia of human equality,

    This is ONLY because Scandinavian protestants are productive, frugal, and intelligent.

    If black people start entering Denmark, the whole system will collapse quickly.

  • Darren

    The pattern I am seeing from Roosh’s writings is :

    The more that the state props up female needs with taxpayer money (Urban US, Denmark, etc.) the less effective Game is on them.

    This is why Roosh finds Brazil, Poland, Latvia, etc. to be better than the wealthiest countries. It is because the prosperity is not high enough for the government to institutionalize feminism/misandry (as well as subsidize obesity).

    If Roosh could travel back in time to 1964 America, he might find that to be excellent. Gender roles were normative, and obesity was rare.

  • Darren

    It sounds to me like the Danish system works only because of Scandi-Protestant values and intelligence, and is burning through this social capital to create an illusion of prosperity.

    Sort of living on credit cards to look wealthy today.

    I think a lot of Danes from 50 years ago would be appalled at the amount of freeloading in Denmark today, and would quickly diagnose that a hard landing was coming within a decade or two.

    America, for all its flaws, is the more durable system.

  • Darren


    Why mess around with tiny countries like Iceland, Latvia, and even Denmark?

    Big countries are the ones for which your readers might benefit from your knowledge. What you wrote about Brazil, Colombia, and Poland would be useful to many men.

    So quit the two-bit countries and make your next stop Russia. That is the place for which reader curiosity is the highest.

  • Foosh

    To the German and others… American presents freedom. Equal opportunity (if you’re willing to transcend the mental limitations placed on you by yourself or others). Not Equal Outcomes… This provides people with the joy of accomplishment and there are abundant resources available to achieve your aspirations. This Nation thrives on plurality, choices, you can blend ideas and blaze new trails. This comes from the People and culture, not from central planning. Did you know 80% of Danes are members of the official national church? 90% of Danes are of Danish decent? The country is only 5.5 million people in an area the size of Scotland? They are a net exporter of oil too. The US Constitution hasn’t been embraced fully in about 100 years. We are a Republic of States, not meant to be a one-party empire.

  • Foosh

    Also, there are plenty of charities in America and a large portion of Americans give about 10% of their after tax money to charities (not just to churches). Most left-leaning Americans only give a few % though. Sometimes the hardest part of getting help is asking for it. For example I give $50/month to a food bank that distributes donated food (mostly company surpluses) and it works out to feeding three poor people continually. America works best when self-promoting do-gooder demagogues stay out of the picture.

  • beta_plus

    Det er fantastisk! Danmark er den verdens st&Oslashrste p&Oslashlsefest!

    You’re preaching to the choir. Denmark, Scandinavia, and Germany are not nice because of their laws and welfare states. They’re nice because they are full of Danes, Scandinavians, and Germans.

    The basic biological fact that the PC world ignores: If you force men to pay for children who are not their own against their will, the less those children look, sound, and act like them, the less willing they will be to accept being compelled to do so. They will not go the extra mile necessary for the gold plated welfare state to exist.

    Not surprisingly, both Sweden and Denmark have fascist parties with real political power in their parliaments saying that their welfare states cannot continue while allowing immigration. Those fascist parties are 100% correct.

    You can read my statement two ways. One, you can just dismiss me as a racist. Two, you can see just how much contempt that I have for the welfare state since it can’t function without racism.

    With the Great Society, America tried to create a welfare state at the same time as ridding itself of racism. Guess which most developed country has the shittiest welfare state?

  • Magnum

    Have to disagree with Roosh about a welfare state being fairer than a survival of the fittest type state.

    The welfare state erodes free thinking and stifles creativity.There is no incentive to rack your brains to come up with new ways of doing things and new ways to make a buck.

    Citizens are little more than virtual pets of the government.THe sad part is all western countries are heading towards this system now as big business and the government are working hand in hand to enslave everyone.

    The whole world is going to be fucked within 20 years the way it’s going.Better enjoy places like Brazil and Poland while they last.

  • Marmot

    Superbly written! I wish this was published in some more popular venues like NYT :)

  • John Smith

    It’s no accident that the American media isn’t eager to discuss the many citizen benefits that countries like Denmark have. They are quick to do profiles on poor countries in the third-world, but they rarely write about the extensive services Scandinavian countries provide for all of their citizens, regardless of race or class.

    Haha, funny. Let’s see how Denmark would do if they had a 13% black and 15% Hispanic population (like the US) at that welfare state thing. I’m pretty sure the system will collapse. Just look at how Germany and France are doing, even with much smaller percentages of minorities.

  • Amazon

    Book is currently #1 Amazon Best Sellers Rank – Travel in Denmark:

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Travel > Europe > Denmark

    Go Roosh!

  • Tania

    I am a woman and I know how it hurts.
    You will only realise what you are doing and how it hurts, when you will have a daughter. Karma is a bitch!

  • Hencredible Casanova

    Very insightful writeup man. I’ve had these discussions quite a bit with travelers and friends both in the US and abroad. You really did an excellent job in comparing the merits and shortcomings of both systems. A+

  • TheWorldOrBust

    I was just in Istanbul and was hanging out with a Danish guy I met at the hostel and was utterly shocked about all the stuff the government provided him.

    They were paying for him to get his PHD, giving him a monthly stipend which obviously was enough to afford an international trip, and all his health care services (even though the bastard had a cold that I caught form his incessant sneezing.

    While that system seems truly utopian and I think a large middle class is the way to go, it quells the entrepreneurial spirit.

    I myself am a serial entrepreneur, but I have to say I was set up from success coming from an upper-middle class family. No student loans, good college education, high level network off the bat. It’s not the same for a poor black kid in the inner city.

    I would like to see some sort of hybrid between the American and Danish system.

  • Rivelino

    i learned more about denmark right now than i know about basically any other country.

    roosh is a great teacher of history and politics.

  • Rudebwoy

    John Smith you are talking out of your arse,you seem to left out the 30% white trash.

    Doesnotmatter – well said my friend!

    Equal opportunity for everyone is a fallacy that so many people buy into, we do not all have the same opportunities in life.

  • Random

    I am half Danish and half Swedish and I have to say that Denmark is actually pretty damn ideal as countries go.

    Here in Sweden, we have just has as much socialism but we also have high unemployment and social unrest. Denmark has it all sorted out.

    It’s also funny that you see Danes as comfortable slackers in the workplace. The Danish job market is considered hardcore here in Sweden :)

    Oh and Danes are often said to be the anarchists/individualists of Scandinavia. So you can imagine what Swedes are like…

    Anyone wanna hang out in the Copenhagen / South Sweden area? Drop me a line at [email protected]

  • Random

    “Being aggressive and taking risks may cost them some serious benefits, so they do what they need to in order to maintain a decent middle-class existence. While I don’t blame them, this mildly offends the entrepreneurial spirit within my American core.”

    This is interesting. The feeling that Swedish society is crumbling is actually a big reason why I have gotten into entrepreneurship. If I had grown up in Denmark I might have been a lot more comfy.

  • @Tania

    What hurts? A bang? well it depends on the motion of the ocean, baby… 😉

  • Ormstunga

    “They were paying for him to get his PHD, giving him a monthly stipend which obviously was enough to afford an international trip, and all his health care services”

    You can do even better if you pursue a PhD in the USA or Canada. I know, because I did. (NB: “you can” does not imply that you necessarily will.)

    “I would like to see some sort of hybrid between the American and Danish system.”

    What I would like is a system that took both of them, as they are NOW, as negative role models.

  • Anonymous

    Tax rates for the rich are not much higher in Denmark than in US.

    Tax rates for poor/middle class are much higher in Denmark relative to US…

  • speakeasy

    @55 Magnum said:

    “Have to disagree with Roosh about a welfare state being fairer than a survival of the fittest type state.

    The welfare state erodes free thinking and stifles creativity.There is no incentive to rack your brains to come up with new ways of doing things and new ways to make a buck.

    Citizens are little more than virtual pets of the government.THe sad part is all western countries are heading towards this system now as big business and the government are working hand in hand to enslave everyone.

    The whole world is going to be fucked within 20 years the way it’s going.Better enjoy places like Brazil and Poland while they last.”

    Yeah, because the Brazilian economy is really a model to be emulated. A place where the rich have virtually all the money and live behind barricades while the poor eek out a miserable existence in hillside shanty towns full of gunfire between drug lords and the BOPE. Fuck the welfare state, let’s model ourselves after Brazil!

  • Adrian

    A Scandinavian economist once stated to Milton Friedman: “In Scandinavia we have no poverty.” Milton Friedman replied, “That’s interesting, because in America among Scandinavians, we have no poverty either.”

  • Roosh for President!

    There, I said it.

  • Magnum

    @ speakeasy,what are you on about? I never said anything about emulating the Brazilian economy.

    I said enjoy the women before the welfare state and feminism take hold everywhere.

    Having said that,poor lazy fat fucks who are capable of working but wont can starve for all I care.I dont want most of my taxes subsidizing them.

  • DiamondEyes

    apologies roosh I had a beta moment and lost my temper with a troll

  • Darren


    You will only realise what you are doing and how it hurts, when you will have a daughter. Karma is a bitch!

    You just admitted that men are more moral than women.

    Women don’t care about how feminism destroys their sons. But as you admitted, men are the responsible adults.

  • Anonymous

    Denmark is like every other Feminist run country out here,(USA,New Zealand,Australia,Canada,England,etc…)and its is proof that women are becoming MEN.

  • http://. DoesNotMatter

    @beta_plus you are not a racist. And what the hell is a racist anyway? Like fascist and nazi, these are terms people throw at anyone they don’t like. You say you are half dane. I will assume you have some love left for Denmark and wish to help it in some small way. Then do this. Ask every dane you meet, to quit his job, get on welfare, learn game and screw women left right and center. Hey, if the dane is smart enough to earn money by designing integrated circuits, then hell yeah! he is smart enough to game the system. Tell him to quit his soul-crushing job, invent a mystery illness as a reason he cannot do his job and then enjoy life. I too want to see how long the system lasts. Remember people, it is better if the system crashes NOW. You know why, because if it crashes now, then denmark can quickly get on its feet because people still have their work ethic. If it crashes now, it did so because mart danes stopped working to enjoy life. The same smart danes can again rebuild the system. However, if it collapses later, it will be because the danes have lost their famed work ethic. When THAT collapse happens, then denmark may never recover. Look at Russia. I dpn’t think it will ever recover from what 4 generations of communism has done to Them. So if the fascist parties had any sense this would be what they would tell danish people

    Dear Hard working Danes,
    Invent a mystery illness. You are smart enough to do so. Then quit your jobs. Learn game. Build your body in a gym. Start gaming women. Start fucking them. Enjoy yourself. And in the meantime, laugh with your harem while the welfare state collapses. And after the collapse, come back fresh and rebuild denmark

    Danish Fascist party

    PS: What’s not to love? Destroy the welfare state while pounding pussy. Sounds like win-win to us.


    But ofcourse the fascists probably have an IQ in the single digits. So instead of following my brilliant plan, they will instead start a race war and then a real war. Godamnit! All this brilliance I have and no one uses it.

    Beta_plus, I’m depending on you to help denmark. Do your patriotic duty and start pounding pussy NOW. And while you are it, please share this with your brothers. I mean the knowledge as well as the pussy. Sharing, after all, is caring. Now would you mind starting right away?

  • Tania

    @ Darren
    I am not a feminist, I don’t like fat, ugly, agressive women myself but why do EE women have to suffer because of them? Why feminine, nice EE women are treated like piece of meeat? Just to feed your hate towards the women? Because you can’t put your have on these fat, ugly women? Sure not, there would be only a wet place out of you if you offend an aggressive fattie! Anyway – I didn’t say what you interpreted but let’s leave it as it is.

  • US

    All this welfare state criticism might be justified, but the US is ten times more inhuman. I just read Roosh´s twtter post “Britain has become a colony of the USA” . This is the US I am scared of. The US everybody hates. The paranoid US in the eyes of whom everybody becomes a suspect of terrorism. A US which is irrational and utterly inhuman, or flatly dumb.

  • Presto

    thoughtful post

  • beta_plus


    The reason America has to worry about terrorism which allows old media content providers to gain obnoxious regulatory capture like in the case you sight is because we need oil from the Middle East for our cars. The reason that we need oil from the Middle East for our cars is because in order for us to escape the horrors of the American welfare state (see Detroit, Newark, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Buffalo, …) we have to drive in far out suburbs where it can’t touch us.

    End the welfare state and you will allow US cities to become more consolidated so that we can consume less Middle East oil in our cars. This will end the political pressure to interfere with the Middle East and the rest of the world. If a world without evil America is what you dream of, ending the American welfare state is the only solution.

    Not to mention, it would really help us get rid of our fat chick problem.

  • Darren


    I am not a feminist,

    We’ll be the judge of that. A lot of feminists think they are not, but they are.

    ‘Suffer’? Lady, Roosh is so far out of your league that you are only coming to this blog to get turned on.

    You’re just bitter because you can’t get a man, and men learning to be pickup artists are leaving you behind.

  • DoubleMoral

    @29 Skeptical .. “Why should I purchase a book about a country I SHOULD NOT visit?”

    You can visit anytime for whatever reasons … just make sure you DO NOT BANG IT.

  • Falcon

    Basic welfare for survival for those who really need it, with access to food, shelter and decent health care is OK and can be funded by a consumption tax and reducing public spending in other areas (i.e. imperial wars).

    Anything beyond that though is counterproductive and will result in a waste of resources and lack of incentives/productivity.

    It’d be like demanding that guys with hot girlfriends hand them over to government agencies so that any chump can have his share of welfare bangs with 9’s and 10’s.

    Ain’t gonna happen folks!

  • Palantir

    All of what Roosh told about the Danish economic model and its effect on the Danes, applies to Finland and (probably) Sweden as well.

    Finnish women like stay single and play the field. They say they’d very much like to find a man, but behave otherwise. The net effect being a lot of single/divorced women in their 30-40s. Many are unmarriable, though, as they have ruined their looks with fat, odd hairstyles, tattoos and piercings. They smoke, curse and behave in manly ways, and wonder why “all the good men have already been taken”.

  • Rael

    I have to wonder if Danes as a whole will like the Roosh treatment any better than the Icelanders did?

  • TDG

    There’s an important inverse corollary to “Don’t Bang Denmark”: Danish girls abroad will often be one of the easiest pick-ups you will ever find. The roles and psychology are reversed, as they often are with ex-pat and traveling girls. Away from their native soil and culture, they’re looking for the excitement in foreign men that they can’t find at home: edgy, aggressive, alpha guys that haven’t lived their whole lives in the warm, emasculating womb of the Danish culture and welfare state.

    Personal anecdata: I once banged a Danish exchange student for four months visiting the United States. It was a first-night lay with very little work. She was 27 (IOW, approaching the last-hurrah), maybe an 8.5, tight body kept in good form by running and biking (biking is the default mode of transportation in Copenhagen), very much what you’d stereotypically expect of a Scandinavian girl. She responded perfectly to those edgy little bits of Americana that she wouldn’t see back home: big fast cars, guns, big city lights at night, slumming it in a town on the wrong side of the tracks, etc. She was shamelessly cheating on a committed bf back home, gave head at the drop of a hat, and admitted that I gave her the first orgasm she’d had in 2 years.

    I decided to check out Copenhagen a few months later the same year. Drought city. I ought to have read DBD first, but the bottle assessment of Danes in their natural environment is spot on.

  • Cicero

    If you add tax + health care, which is like a tax, the differential tax burden diminishes severely…

    Top tax rate in the US is now, what, 35%, plus say 12% on average for state & local, and then we spend 12% of GDP on health care. That’s 59%. Since health care is free in Denmark, we should compare that to their top marginal tax rate of 50% or whatever. They’ve also got a VAT, and their total taxes are higher, but the vast chasm of differences in tax rates doesn’t exist after taking into account health care.

    In some of the comments, conservatives write things like “why would anyone work?”. But, obviously, they do work in Denmark, although they work 1/3rd less than in the US but produce roughly as much due to higher productivity. This difference is entirely due to cultural norms on vacation days and government mandated work-weeks, which enjoys popular support.

    Imagine trying to pickup, and when a women asks you what you do, you say you’re 30 years old, and living off the government dole. Probly not going to help your game. Obviously there are still incentives to work…

    Therefore, the main difference between the US and Denmark is not the tax rates (inclusive of health care costs), but it’s on how much you like working. If you prefer 2 weeks of vacation a year and 60 hour workweeks, then you prefer the US. If you like 35 hour work-weeks and 6 weeks of vacation to travel through Brazil, then you’d probably prefer Denmark.

    But Roosh’s point is correct, if you’re in the top 1%, you’ll do better in the US, that’s for sure… You

  • Mr

    Roosh, get yourself to Australia some time.
    We also have a fairly strong welfare state and an increasing proportion of our women are striving to become the most self entitled malignant cunts in the world.

    I’d love to read your take on Australian women.

  • Jayson

    Being a Dane I find it really strange that many of you guys think that having a welfarestate causes you to be complacent, not want to work and to not come up with the best ideas possible, etc.

    On the contrary, when you don’t have to spend your time worrying about falling ill or not being able to support your family in the future, you have more energy left for being creative and giving it your best shot at work. Knowing that the system will support you if you fail, you are more willing to take a risk as an entrepeneur.

    How productive and inventive are all the poor people and homeless people in the US? Are they being pushed by the lack of welfare to be the most they can be?

  • Warhound

    Although the truth has a few more nuances to it, you come up with some pretty accurate observations. Some wrong one too, but hey, you probably didn’t meant to write a ph.d. in anthropology.

    The observation about the hot danish girls knows they are hot and has a small (or large) entourage, is on the spot. But as with all other women, they’ll want attention from someone they consider a prize: You! Being a danish alpha, just means to play down the attitude and be cool like hell. Less bravado. Then they’ll even pay the cab home to your place. Actually, being too much of a peacock, is seen as weakness whereas being funny, but calm like the eye of a storm, is mega alpha.

    but when it comes to neggin, you’re plain wrong because they are sick and tired of men agreing with everything. Showing them that they are hypocrites, that their beliefs are flawed etc. gets them off like hell.

  • Danish

    Just to explain: no dane get paid to get an education. It’s a loan. When you have finished your study, you got a heavy study debt.

  • LOEL

    If think that there is a strong connection between Denmark top prize for having the most unfeminine and androgynous robotic women in the world – and the welfare system!
    Such a system produces robots – all i Denmark look and behave alike!
    I live in Denmark and is one of the only 48% who has a job and contribute to the 52% who don´t as they get money from the state. So I pay the highest taxes in the whole world, the highest food, car, electricity, VAT – prices – just for at this extremely greedy and always hungry Danish system is running around.
    Germans are passing by in their hot Audis and Swedish in their cool Volvos – laughing at me sitting in an old Opel: I earn af lot but cannot afford a good car because I have to share my wage with 2 others who don´t bother to work.
    No, the system is not that fair as it seems to be. It rewards the weak and the lazy.
    It is absolutely OK to share with those who is in need.
    It is absolutely NOT ok to share with lazies – and there are a lot of them in Denmark.
    But the way, Roosh – I do agree as regards Poland. Quite nice country, feminine women, curious people and tasty beer. Next step polish mountains?

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    all the things his sad about denmark are 100% true.i know all the danish, are the same, proude about their one country and the uniq quin.

  • mie

    you are an arrogant asshole
    if i were you, i would take a look at USA before you say anything more
    yes we pay a lot of taxes, but that is way better than leaving people to die in the street because they cant pay for a trip to the hospital

  • Murray

    Someone said : ” American presents freedom. Equal opportunity ”

    So everyone has the same chances, IF your parents can afford paying 50 k a year for college.
    Doesnt sound like “fair chance for everyone”.
    MOre like, you only have a chance if your parents are rich. I like the Danish system better.
    Dont tell me that the Danish system transforms women into nazicunts…because you have the same nazicunts in US despite ultracapitalism

  • Johnny

    Denmark ? Culture in Denmark ?! give me a beak! :DD

    – Its just a little peace of shit country between Norway and Germany! :DD was there an exchange student they only got a shitty beer and sex in their heads…

  • Henrik

    I loved the reading, Roosh is absoulutely right, the danish girls is so much trash that the smart men here import the Asian, Brazilian or Ukrainian girls – As so many besids myself is tired of their crap. It makes a real man puke for their carlessly events of being a perfect wife or mother for the childrens. I am so excited to hear about Roosh’s story about the Ukrainian girls – am defently sure his dick is going to fall of hehe – GOOD job my man keep it up – I personally fu****ng love this – Best regards from a Positive Danish Male whom look at the beauty of the females with traditional family values – Aboard 😀

  • BeenThere

    You are rather good, one month in Denmark and you figured out (quite accurately) how it works. I lived there for 10 years in a small village called Aabybo. A Russian friend (female) who also lived there said “Danish Woman? Thats an oxymoron, a Dane doesn’t know the first thing about being a woman”. When reading your post you only got one thing wrong, tax, in reality the actual effective tax when taking all of their silly taxes into account, the ave. Dane pisses 87% of their life away to the government. In retrospect both the Russian girl and yourself are absolutely correct.

  • Maiken

    Too bad it’s not true. 50/50 truth and bullshit. Nice try though…

    You won’t get the true spirit of Denmark until you’ve attended school from (at least) age 8-16. And high school and college would help too.

    And before dissing Denmark remember… YES some things suck here… But fewer people die of gun shots than in USA (BY FAR), fewer people are on the streets, we’re not as stressed out and so on… But best of all is… Most of our young people speak better English than young people in the USA. We speak and spell your language better than A LOT of you do. Now that’s just funny 😀

  • A danish dude

    A few facts you might want to look into again:
    Maximum support for studying is about 900 dollars,
    unless you are fx disabled. Everything more than that is
    a loan.
    In the bigger cities (where the universitys are) rent is by no means
    low, only if you’re lucky enough to find a dorm room which they
    aren’t enough of at all. Most students share flats, just like in
    every other country.
    For the government to pay you when you’re out of a job you have
    to… well, work actually. You get used as forced labor, doing
    simple jobs.
    And no, jobs don’t just hang on the trees. A very big percentage
    of new graduates end up unemployed or doing exactly what you
    think they don’t do: working simple jobs that have nothing to do
    with their education.
    Oh, and the thing about women not needing men… That’s just stupid.
    But I guess this entire blog is. Why should women need men?
    It’s nice that women can take care of themselves, that way you
    know that when they’re with you it because they WANT you, not
    because they NEED you.
    Far better in my opinion.

  • Jozef

    A bunch of communists or hedonists in the hands of nihilists.

  • C N

    Don’t hate on people just because you are ugly and stupid and can’t get laid, Danish women are amongst the most beautiful in the world.. They just dont have an interrest in losers who are not even close to what the Danish definition of a real man is.. I’m suprised you did’nt get your ass kicked to death while you where in Denmark, just for looking like a fucking wimp..

  • shame

    u make me ashamed to be american..the land of the feel fucking free to be underaverege intelligent. making it known to everyone how u’ve changed from a shy ,”betatamale” being into an unsecure and senseless neverending searching fool of sexual confermation from women around the globe. And u dont even know that ur doing it. A pile of sex and the city for men. And just because ur male it makes it disgusting to wittness.reading about ur little navelpikking perspectiv is 30min of my life i wont ever get back..i regret it so much..never read something comming straight from a 14year old, bitter and scrambled mind before. Are u sure that’s ur own beard. I hope someone who cares about u will force u to read all that shit 10years from now . :)

  • Anonymous

    So …. you’ve met one swedish girl, she’s a little feministic and suddenly every swedish girl is a feminist? That’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard!

  • Correcter

    Beta Plus said:
    “That being said, it’s only minor flaw is that it is a little too complementary of the Danish Welfare State.

    For a different perspective on the Scandinavian Welfare States:

    Spearhead Article”

    You mean “complimentary”, don’t you?`I don’t see how it could be COMPLEMENTARY.

    From Wiktionary:


    1. Acting as a complement.
    2. (genetics) Of the specific pairings of the bases in DNA and RNA.
    3. (physics) Pertaining to pairs of properties in quantum mechanics that are inversely related to each other, such as speed and position, or energy and time. (See also Heisenberg uncertainty principle.)

    Also, the second link is to an article that deals with problems in FINLAND.

    Finland is _NOT_ in Scandinavia, as you mistakenly seem to believe. It is in Fennoscandia.

  • Ana Camejo

    Now that is the biggest load of bullshit i have ever read.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Denmark ranks as one of the worlds happiest countries, maybe there is more to life then Pussy after all….

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Yes, Denmark is a homogenous white country only in places like this would such a system even work. Unfortunately mostly male third world immigration is ruining it….

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    That 16% probably includes corporate welfare which I wouldn’t count but I am not sure where you found your “facts”…

    USA defense budget in 2014 is around $ 718 billion dollars.
    which is 20% of the federal budget and the most expensive program in the federal government. This does not even factor in veterans benefits.
    However 2014 defense has decreased to $ 643 billion which is still 19% of the federal budget

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