Ironic Hipster Happy Hour

Me and Roissy (and possibly Arjewtino) are throwing a happy hour this Friday at Marvin.


Stop by and do the opposite of what this guy sings about…

Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

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  • KassyK

    Sorry I’ll miss it, have fun!

    I’ll be hanging out with Ironic Hipsters in NYC.


  • Arjewtino

    Holy crap, 9pm! This is becoming less and less a “happy hour” and more of a “night out”!

    I’ll be there…late.

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: Shamrock Fest 2008 as told by?.

  • Lemmonex

    Piercing my lip and purchasing a “D.A.R.E” t-shirt in anticipation…

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: A Sober Shamrock Fest.

  • virgle kent

    I’m only going if the DJ plays “She & Him”

    Sentimental Heart, all night BABY!!!!!!!!!

    Wait what

  • Tastemakers Blogazine

    Happy hour at 9 pm?

    Tastemakers Blogazine’s last blog post: Sennheiser PXC 450 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

  • BracketBuster

    I’m guessing you forgot the NCAA tournament will be on at that time…..and i’m guessing Marvin does not have TV’s

  • ListenToLeon

    Awww shit!!!

    That’s Leon-ese for “I’m there”

    ListenToLeon’s last blog post: Reminder For The Blogger Meetup.

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